They played us like a damn fiddle


The prostitute was ugly


Wait, it's reverse NTR now?







Are the roles reversed in this one?
Because the woman makes the cuck faces



Yeah, but the husband doesn't make the whore face, so nothing happens.


you mean

Wait, so she read her husband h-manga of that loser faggot who wanted NTR and then think he wantthat too but she will be looking?

My mind is full of fuck

That's pretty cute

no, get your disgusting fetish of my /h/

brave, a parody of own work lol

She bought that manga

I like that prostitute.

Would buy.

It's fucking gasping/"NGH" sounds, for fuck sake.

So wait, the whole thing was just a story they were reading?

Are you really this much of an idiot? She is holding the book in her hands for fucks sake.

she sympathized with Shuu, the loser faggot of Netoraserare, because of the story she wanted to see her husband fuck another woman.