Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V

What's his endgame?

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Killing theese threads

He probably just wants to live out the rest of his life surrounded by brainwashed girls

JHe is Yuri's father in this dimension and wants to take the Ruris for himself

Fulfilling his mind control fetish

>*our* mind control fetish


Seriously, all it took for the Ruris to become interesting characters was a simple bug. Why didn't anyone think of that earlier? Serena were always good tho


Meanwhile Vanguard is absolutely raping Arc-V and pretty much every other anime this season.

Because unlike arc-v they know how to write, properly shill their cards, and don't have a shit ton of QUALITY

Is he Yuri 's grandfather?


I just checked all the Arc-V ratings since they started doing it for the show and not a single episode ever got that high. Not even the best of Standard could beat Vanguard. That's pretty sad.

Is Vanguard really that good?

with no survivors

I will post this every thread until the episode!!

Serena was nowhere near as good as standard Yuzu.


The finale could have been handled better, since it was literally just some little kid trying to pull a Madara but giving the MCs a chance to fight back on purpose.

The next season looks really good though. It's going to be animated by the same team that did the recent Pokemon season and it is back to tournaments. Vanguard was always shit when it was going with some world ending plot. That's why everyone hates Link Joker.

Nope, honestly the duels are horrible and the main character is a shit heel Well at least past S1 of the original Vanguard.

Is Hitotsu-Ni the greatest thing to come out of Arc-V?

Does Yu-Gi-Oh just get good when there is edge involved?

It's pretty good. I'd say its biggest failing is lack of a compelling plot or a basic plot but the fights are really good. The character work is very well done too. I would also say it has pretty good music also. Also not as much QUALITY either.

Depends on the show.

5Ds was good up until the Dark Signers ended, because then the strong plotting and storyline went out the window for stupidity and villains no one could care about.

GX went to shit in season 3, because a show who's previous message had been "It's a fucking card game you god damned nerds just have fun." And took ample time to lampoon and lampshade the more serious nature of the original series (Sho posits that he and Judai could be the reincarnations of an Ancient Pharaoh and his High Priest. Judai thinks that would be stupid.)

And then goes into its third seasons and becomes up its own ass serious. Only Edgefags like Season 3.



>Only Edgefags like Season 3
>Only people who like actual interesting plot in Yu-Gi-Oh like Season 3

Rip Asuka
Do it, Yuri! Make sure she doesn't get uncarded!

So what does Yuya's Fusion Monsters bring to the table in regards to his personality/development?

His XYZ monsters represent his inner anger. Rebellion and Rage, both strong qualities and representations of Yuya's depression and low self esteem.

His Synchro monsters represent his enhanced view on the world around him. Enlightenment and Nirvana, which are representations of Yuya's discovery of new things about the world and himself as he travels dimensions.

But what do his Fusion monsters represent? Beast-Eyes, Rune-Eyes, and Brave-Eyes just seem kind of random.


I to enjoy it when a show completely jumps the fucking shark, gets up its own ass with melodrama, claims the universe spawned from a card, reduces all of its cast into jobbers. And turns the protagonist into actually the reincarnation of some super powerful magical king.

Just admit you only like it for the crazy hermaphrodite waifu you shit eating faggot.


>crazy hermaphrodite waifu
Sorry I'm not gay, but I guess you are.

>turns the protagonist into actually the reincarnation of some super powerful magical king.
This. Supreme King wasn't even hinted to before season 3.
This is why GX feels like 4 different anime at a time. Each arc asspulls new concepts out of the blue and that's not what I'd call credible writing.

I'm more pissed because they joke about how dumb that would be! They fucking point out "This would be a silly thing to happen"

And then they do it without fucking irony!

God I love good card lore

Side note though, anyone else remember auto-losing/winning in a pendulum match with this card?
>Playing against fullpower Pepe
>they set scale to pendulum summon, I already have scales active
>have a strike and wavering eyes set, so I don't flip either
>Opponent plays wavering eyes
>I chain my own wavering eyes
>He chains a second one from his hand, wipes my board, banishes my strike, and otks me

Connection to Odd-eyes/Performapals. They're one with each other.

Tbh I thought the later seasons were the best. We got to see Judai actually mature and take on not only his inner demons incarnate (or at least that's what I saw Yubel as) but also Darkness himself. I still think the duel against Darkness is one of my favorite duels in YGO.

Don't get me wrong though, the earlier episodes had their merit as well. Case in point, Manjoume Thunder.

Pendulum. Think about it, his first ever extra deck monster other than pendulum was fusion. It doesn't help that all of this fusion monsters have pendulum in their names.

So wait, why were people upset over Yuya going nuts after hearing about Yuzu? Yeah, it's hypocritical, but it's consistent with how he always puts Yuzu over everything else.

It's a shame the actual game is hot ass

Jesus fuck. This nigga needs to die.

>interesting characters
Holy shit, Arc-V really has killed our standards.

The Synchro arc carded my standards.


I wonder why she's voiced next week, while Rin isn't. Either this means two things: Yuya has a flashback of her or they actually show a flashback of her getting bugged.

ARC-V treats synchros like shit compared to Fusion and Xyz.

>Yuya uses his Synchro monsters exactly once
>they're never even mentioned again

>butthurt GXfags
>salty Synchrofags
This is getting more and more hilarious.

When was the last time Yuya even used his Fusions? Right now the show is going full Zexal boner where every character uses Xyz

Good. We had an entire arc of it.

When he summoned Brave-Eyes

Manjoume was shit and a waste of screentime.

>Watches 5d
Jack is ok
>Watches Arc-V
Why is Jack the BEST character of this series?

Is this some kind of advanced bait?


its selena you dumb fuck

>previous message had been "It's a fucking card game you god damned nerds just have fun"

Yes, and Cobra/Professor mock Judai for that attitude of not having any kind of inner strength or motivation, and "seeing the trash on the ground, but not picking it up". Everyone has put their faith in Judai to save the school multiple times, and he does it all by himself, carrying everyone's expectations, without even trying to and without taking it seriously. He never did it for anyone's sake or to protect anything; he acted only because he was involved in the incident on a whim. He was given a key to the spirit gate, or a key to the satellite, or Asuka was brainwashed by the Light Society, or his friend Jesse was sent to another dimension, etc.

S1 and S2 Judai was a reactive protagonist. He would see the all the terrible things happening, but do nothing about it until they involved him directly. S3 is when he finds out he is not Jesus Fudo. He gets BTFO so hard that he uses his gentle darkness for power and revenge, before learning to use it as a power to protect and become his strength when he's in danger.

Blah blah blah edgy faggotry deconstruction wank wank

what do we think about Reddit taste?


I don't know what WE think but Arc-V has been stronger overall than 5Ds, but 5Ds has the strongest arc.

How did you escape the commons Sergey?

I think it's accurate except for Zexal II.

Original series is good because it's a manga, where the story is planned and consistent. For everything else, the plot is a giant mess of constant changes and things being added at the last minute. The least it could do is present that plot as something serious, and not give it the Judai/Yuya treatment of "just smile, have fun, it doesn't even matter lol".

If I wanted edgy shit, I'd watch all the other shows that do it better.

Mhm, So you're a faggot with a faggots taste who can't stand his anime about a childrens card game at a boarding school run by an egomaniac who has a jet shaped like a blue dragon who named the school dorms based on his unending hate boner for his rival and massive ego. NOT being super dark and serious. Damn those shows for trying to say "Hey maybe not try to take this silly game so seriously and instead have fun."


What? It's season zero?

Everyday until yuyafags get BTFO.
Apologize to 5D, the best YGO to this day.

I always knew arcfags were from reddit.

>unending hate boner
confirmed for not understanding why Kaiba is fucked up at the hands of his fathers treatment. read the manga, secondary.

If you want super dark shows, then that's your opinion; and it must be because you keep bringing it up. All I want is the plot to be serious. Despite all the shit Zexal gets, Zexal Yuma was awesome. It was never explained plot-wise, because the plot is a mess, but having a protag straight out of superhero comics is definitely something I can get behind.

Along with Yuzu retard. Cast list for 124 only had Serena.


Why don't you go suck the dick of
Yuya, homo?

serena was fucking physcho this episode

Because I don't suck dicks unlike a certain YGO protagonist.

Yuya literally has a boy inside of him. Can't get any gayer than that.

and both boys get massive boners over their waifu's

The last two episodes were great desu.

He also has a female love interest. Once again, unlike a certain protagonist.

>getting a boner inside another boy and getting a boner meanwhile there's a boy inside of you
I didn't know Yuya and Yuto could be any more gay, guess I was wrong.

Balls aren't touching though.

>Serena: And there's one inside of Yuzu!
It's like they made her the ultimate anger maker.

cho chooo

Almost all the protags have had another boy or half a boy in them.

Not yusei. He had a dragon.

And Yusei had a boyfriend.

>Not making either Leo or Doktor the sun
One job

nice meme

>there's a guy who seriously believes Yusei wasn't the gayest protagonist

she knows how to piss people off which I love

Someone give me a character to put on this

He liked spending time with Bruno so much that Aki was J E A L O U S. Face it, even Aki knew she had to stop when she learned he was a faggot.

When are we finally going to see Yoko again?

Other ruris


These ears are too small.

Which one, I'll only have time for 1 or 2 characters.


Obv Serena


this sorta semi-consensual thing is my favorite kind of mind control

Why was Yuto so surprised that someone as pretty as Ruri could be Shun's imouto?

Serena looks pretty happy with her cash there

Arc-V is again the most exciting time of the week.

A bunch of shows of the season have already ended, so that's not saying much

why does it always get good around then?

Because Shun isn't pretty.

Well yeah, that's because he's so fucking sexy

>That facial expression
>Those slit snake like pupils
Oh boy, can't wait for Yuzu to express those.

91 days is ending this week and that's way more exciting than this shit. Even Naruto has its final battle with promised god-tier sakuga that's more exciting.

Here's a shittily shaded citrus, Snack Queen coming up soon.

Wasn't Nardo going to be black and white only?

thanks user

With how much favoritism it got back in the Synchro arc, I don't blame it for being treated like shit.

Trips speak the truth. Gayest Protag confirmed

Cred Forums sings shitty rap op 6 when?

Here's a QUALITY Parasite Queen.

Shit, forgot a spot.


This is a goal I can get behind of.

It could also be that the Doctor makes her awake from the zombie-like state so she can talk shit to Yuya like Serena and Ruri were doing.

But in all likelihood, it will be just flashbacks.

Left or right?


I hope it happens. Right now I'm a bit afraid berserk Yuya will fuck up the Doctor and Yuzu won't get her chance to be evil. Can't have Yuzu do anything useful or interesting after all.

I choose the cute one.

Left, all things considered.

Even with how shitty the writing has been I still like Yuya's personality traits and design more.

>sponge bob memes

Fuck off.


Even if she does duel, she'll end up losing since the candidates are Edo, Kaito and Yuya.

What if Gloria and Grace came back to double team her?

They'll all end up losing. I'm just hoping it's not right now, as things are.
I want to see Rin one more time, and as mentioned see Yuzu at least once.

I also don't know what else they could spend the next 5 or so episodes after Yuri vs Yugo if they're free, which makes me fear another Battle Beast-tier arc. I don't think Yuri, Leo or Hitotsu ni will be doing the dueling for the entire final two cours, after all. Even if we count Barret returning, there's still room to fill.

If anything I see a hitotsuni rampage coming after their duel seeming how 126 is called "The day the devil was born."

Fuck you faggot, i liked the villians post-dark signers.
Suddenly being told that you're the reason the world is going to end and having a villian with a dedicated deck to counter the protagonist was interesting as fuck, and the neo-futuristic but chill setting of the neo domino city was fucking great, i loved 5ds past the dark signers arc.

Arc-v gave us some of the strongest synchros in recent history, it even gave us crystal wing synchro dragon which literally beats the shit out of quasar without trying too hard.

Any of you anons know enough Japanese to translate this page for me?

FemYus are pure sex to me, though the original ones are really good too. Genderbending has just become one of my favorites recently.

I don't think it'll be out of control for long.

I don't think Hitotsu Ni will be dealt with now. They'll just explain what it is and tease. I expect Berserk mode to go away after 2 or 3 episodes and then come back full force in the last 13 or so episodes and then get resolved for real.

Dealing with hitotsu ni also mean dealing with Yuri and I can't see that happening right now.

Is there a more artistic scene than that one in the entire history of yugioh? i can only think of Atem going to the after life but BRUUUUNOOOO is literally yugikino

I want Hitotsu Ni and not NTR'd/brainwashed Yuzu to meet face-to-face and actually talk.

Also what do you think guys, could the bracelets possibly (when all the 4 dragons are on the field) break the brainwashing, or will it just keep getting intensified/the parasite growing more or something?

>could the bracelets possibly (when all the 4 dragons are on the field) break the brainwashing
I wouldn't like that, but considering how vague the bracelet powers are they can easily write in this kind of thing.

But only temporary, when the threat is gone and the bracelets go silent the bugs take back control. Just like losing in a duel is not permanent. Of course, if that happened the doctor would probably get dealt with in the meantime, ending things for good.

So why do people watch Yu-gi-oh? I thought it was a kid's show with asspull cards (you know: no tension as the best card will always appear when needed). I might be wrong, so I want honest opinions. I'm not here to troll.

>Is there a more artistic scene than that one in the entire history of yugioh?

Literally the GOAT ygo scene.

You are wrong.
It's the same reason to why people watch shit like dragon ball super, it's fun and enjoyable, you're not supposed to take it super seriously, it's just anime after all.

t-thanks user i had managed to avoid all DSOD spoilers, atleast until this point.

You are right enough.
I just find it enjoyable to watch. No big reason.

Though I should make it clear there is some tension to the duels if the direction is done right. Even if you do know who eventually will win because the writing is obvious enough, it's fun seeing how they pull things off.

Sometimes they do throw you for a loop and give an unexpected result but it is rare.

It's fun, it has some hypes and some shit parts, people were calling arc-v the "EVANGELION OF CARD GAMES" until 2015 and now it scored the worst rating in yugioh series.

Well to be honest there were a lot of big signs Obelisk was going to be in the movie. The most glaring one being a table in the YGO cafe that had Obelisk's picture on it before the movie premiered. I think it was around the time Krystal Dragon's design was first revealed too.

Most yugioh series actually have decent writting, the problem is that because it's mostly an add to the card game there's a lot of dumb filler to sell cards but it's still good enough to keep people interested in watching.

Take arc-v for example, it started amazingly and it kinda dropped off hard in the middle but has started to slowly pick itself up and be interesting enough to keep watching.

Well, I can understand that.

>How they will pull it off
That's true. Assuming they don't do the same thing over and over or same card I guess or strategy, I can see that being interesting.

Sometimes hype is enough to drive a show.

I'm actually surprised there are so many Yugioh series.

Last question: Does each series have different gameplay or is it just card additions? I know the manga had different games at the beginning (I read it and liked it but stopped for an unrelated reason)

To me all Yu-G-Oh series, excluding the original manga and its adaptation that does have more consistency, are crazy rollercoasters. It gets good, it gets bad, has some great moments, then goes to shit, rinse and repeat.

I think Arc-V is getting this much backlash because the beginning was very strong and usually Yu-Gi-Oh takes more time to hit a stride, so the hype built up. When Arc-V drops the ball it disappoints and hurt more.

>Does each series have different gameplay or is it just card additions?

After the original is just card games, save the world because of cards,I'm poor but cards bring me freedom, cards as weapons instead of tanks or guns and etc.

Usually each new series comes along with the release of a new type of card that adds new rules and ways to play and some tweaks. But the core game is more or less the same.

I know that but does the card game itself change. Pokemon series is what I equate Yugioh series to mentally. They simply add pokemon and new foes.

Combat says the same.

Yea, I thought so. Thanks.

Which Ruri is the Ruriest Ruri?

Yes, every series has a different theme with new cards, rules and new combat styles, GX starts the archetype monsters and decks, 5D show us the Synchro summon, Zexal XYZ summon and Arc-V the shitty pendulum.

Serena Felina Celina.


The game is the same at its core for the most part, they just add new elements to it(The most noteable is the new summoning methods).

Just checked out the banlist for the first time in years. Why the hell are macro cosmos, d-fissure, and skill drain all limited in the TCG? Macro decks were my jam when I played, but they were never good enough to warrant a hit.

Does Tewart just hate anti-meta?

Alternative deck styles are a no no in the TCG. Floodgates are seen as bad for the game.

Will Yuri ever be united with his Ruri?

He doesn't care about her. But I'm half expecting them to have some type of forced back story added to aid in redeeming him.


If it'd happen I'd fap like a madman, but I don't think it will.

Things that block decks's flow. If a deck relies on the graveyard, a floodgate like macro-cosmos is very detrimental to the game.

>Does Tewart just hate anti-meta?
Yes. Jewart is the worst thing to happen to the game in years.

Fuck that

Phantom Knights never die

TCG hates anti-meta because it means they're actually required to make real deckbuilding decisions where they can't have a constant sideable/searchable out on tap against everything.

Tewart and his clown posse do a lot of stupid shit, but this one's more of the fault of the players they're paying host to more than themselves.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need the episodes sub. Why is Mono taking so long??

Finally we this Sunday we are getting the last OP and ED of ARC-V. I never expected the show to have more than 5 op/ed but whatever. I hope the visuals are good

Just watch fucking PoS if you're that desperate.

>So long
We used to not get subs until Wednesday or Thursday, and the past two weeks we haven't really had subs at all.

Only this kind of shit works in Yugioh.

Well to be exact it only works in every series after 5Ds. In GX and 5Ds world not everyone played card games despite them being very popular. It was even less popular in the DM world with someone of Yugi's fame only being noticed by other high ranking players. If Yugi walked on the street he wouldn't be flocked by dozens of fangirls or reporters. Yugi was basically the equivalent of a really good MtG player in our world.

Did they fucked?

>implying she isn't a thirsty, lonely, desperate girl, looking for a half decent boy to latch on and suck his resources dry
Yuto was the first one she saw that was approved by homicidal imouto man, so lil' gasper was the only choice. Although she would've preferred Cipher shills.
She's just baiting Yuto to love her with this card game talk. Fucking Ruri plays rank 1, for fuck sake.

>He doesn't like Lion Heart, Galaxy Queen, or Tiragon.
Shit taste, bropai.

I'm glad it's debuting in an ebina episode.

>thinking half of Cred Forumsrc-v actually watches other anime
More like arc-Cred Forums(p/).

Man, its like they realized they hadn't really developed Yuto and Ruri's relationship beyond Yuto doing his stalker shit to Yuzu like over 100 episodes ago so they just decided to reveal they were already going on dates and shit to make up for that.

The Akabas are actually the writers' self inserts. Because they just wing it through everything as they go along.

I'm watching DM Dartz Saga.

We are getting new OP/ED and Ebina episode so hype

The Akabas are basically the Arclights of Arc-V but even worse.

How about currently airing or backlogged anime that isn't related to Yugioh at all? Or even non-shounen?

More like they had it planned all along and we're a bunch of paranoid fucks.

I find that offensive to the Arclights even with the 'but even worse' clause.

I almost feel like IV's had more lines than Reiji has by this point.

Its weird cause in the first episodes Yuto barely mentioned Ruri or simply didn't seem to care much about her. Maybe he is THAT kind of boyfriend tho

I heard Super Dragon is doing the OP. What band is performing the ED?

In Zexal as well, it's just treated as a really popular hobby. Most likely because of the wide spread of AR.

Yuto was only stalking Yuzu and being overprotective of her like he was because he thought she was Ruri.

No idea and i don't care either. I just want good Visuals

Will this game ever come out?

Isn't it M!LK or something?

Actually I don't really watch anime all that much. I just come here to talk. I haven't watched a single episode of ARC-V yet.

I bet sex with this Selena would be amazing

Where is this beautiful bastard? Is he dead?

My love for anime in general is dying. Last thing i wanted was Mob Psycho and i still watch Yugioh because its fun but i doubt i'll watch the next saga

He'll come back unexpectedly to waste more time before the plot finally gets around to fully resolving Leo or Hitotsu nii.

M!LK. Both Super Dragon and M!LK are boy bands and their music isn't that great.

Anyone have the picture of Gallagher and his duel disk with a bunch of adjectives?

Officially it's just called Yu-Gi-Oh.

That said, it only aired in 1998, maybe it's referring to the first 60 chapters of the manga?

The band is called mi!k. They consist of boys. Infact, they're the ones that confirmed new ED and OP would debut on the 2nd.

>I'm actually surprised there are so many Yugioh series.
Basically the merch turned into the source material when the manga ended and Konami won't let Kaz bury it, for better or worse.

At least all of M!LK's members participate as singers. Super Dragon has 1 singer, 1 rapper, and then 7 other kids who just dance.



So no one plays any instruments then? Are they just going to use synthesized background music or something?

>Super Dragon has 1 singer, 1 rapper, and then 7 other kids who just dance.
Dude, this MV contain at least three singing members. So you are obviously wrong.

Usually these groups either use synthesized background or have a background band handle the instruments.

>off by one singer
>M/V looks and sounds like something highschoolers would produce in their spare time

Was that supposed to inspire confidence in the band in any way?

>not available in my country
Fucking Burgerland

You should move to some more superior country.

At very least, song itself sound pretty OK. I would definitely fine with something on that style.

One of their latest songs:

Well, I can still hope the visuals will be good. Or at least better than OP5.

With this kind of band in charge, whole quality of OP song will depend on who will be responsible for it's composition. On other words, literally same case as OP5. So is too early to be depressed.

I just hope OP 6 song isn't too happy and upbeat. Something like Overlap or Teardrop would be nice.

We can't get something like that now. The show is ending so the last op and ed need to be comfy and full of happiness. Get ready for more rainbows and Hippos like never before user

People have been saying that since before OP2 aired

Nah, we're going to get something more hopeful. At best you can hope for something bittersweet like Challenge The Game or Endless Dream.

It's called Pendulum Beat!
It sounds hot blooded than anything.

>The show is ending so the last op and ed need to be comfy and full of happiness

So what's the fucking point of this demon duelist shit. They should've never done it in the first place if it's going to be over so quickly and we get back to the usual smiles and rainbows.

But that effect is lessened when every opening and ending has been like that (maybe with the exception of the second ones).
Might as well go for something different, though I don't expect somethink like that user said either. I'm thinking a faster paced but not overly happy opening.

You should know by now that the OP and ED don't mean shit

>Hoped for RATE to have Dinosaurs
>Actually gets one
How is your day Cred Forumsrc-V?

>Hoped for a Black Stone reprint
>Got one

Pretty damn good.

I literally forgot this nigger existed.

I wonder what kind of banned cards are in that deck?

I bet it's just 20 copies of Ghost Ogre and 20 copies of Feather Duster.



Not bad, to be honest.

why are japs so much behind in terms of music

They're scared America will nuke them again if they play anything louder or more western


>Implying Yuya would want two sluts instead of his citrus waifu


>Yuya goes Super EGAO 3 mode and summons Odd Eyes Raging
>Instead of attacking the Ruris, he starts wrecking the entire school until he finds Leo's NEET cave
>He forces Herr Doktor into killing the bugs
>Proceeds to then have Odd Eyes Raging attack him until there's nothing left but a streak of blood on the ground

>waiting in vain for more Lunalights, D/D's, Fortune Lady support, and eternally waiting for good strict Archfiend support
Well I'm not dead yet. Also nobody in my top 3 Arc-V characters is dead yet. That's a plus.

So its safe to assume that Yuya and Co will defeat Leo in the first try? I know there are like 20 episodes left but everyone is already in Academia and Reiji/Yusho are already talking to Leo. I thought they would lose in the first try and try again later with all the resistance and the Synchro guys. Kind of like what happened in Avatar

>Just watched the first five episodes of Zexal for the first time.

What, the fuck, happened. Does it ever get good? Or at least less annoying?

I watched the first 10 episodes of Zexal back in 2013 and thought it was good. Maybe you are asking too much from Yugioh

Just keep going. Use the guide, and hold out for the Arclights. Use whatever patience you have because you're gonna need it user.

It does get less annoying.

Wrong franchise

It gets a lot better when Kaito shows up.

I started it right after finishing 5Ds. So, maybe?

Thank you, will stick it out.

So Yuya will beat Serena and Ruri. Then he will go and duel Yuzu and Rin. Will Shun help him? A lot of anons here want to see a Shun and Yuto tag duel. I mean theres not many duelists left in Academia to Tag Duel with Yuya

>we will never get true ZETSUBOU again


Edo and Kaito will duel the doctor. In that time we may get a Yuya vs Brainwashed Yuzu duel. With possible flashbacks Not sure what they're going to do with Rin.

So is Ruri in the end the most horny of all the Ruris?

>That kibou at the end

We need a video like that for EGAO.

Difficult to tell, really. I'm leaning more towards omething will happen so the final confrontation is postponed rather than they duel against Leo and lose.
Well maybe Yusho duels and is carded, but I don't think any main character will face him yet.

will he ever come back?

Do you even need to ask?

We can only hope ;-;


Oh the foreshadowing.

The second he comes back, he's gonna be as dead as Crow

ded to plant rape

>ed has yuzu crying while yuya tries grabbing her

Probably asking for too much, but it'd be a nice touch and tease for their inevitable duel

that image hit me harder in the feels than I expected

Summaries when?

>Sawatari hit a guard with a frying pan so Crow could escape
>Crow saved Shingo from BB by breaking his disk
These 2 should have had so much more character interaction. That last scene was surprisingly emotional and heartfelt.

it hits home


>only a little over a week until new episode spoilers

Jesus fuck that was fast. At least now with these upcoming spoilers we will know exactly what direction this show is going in.

i love it when sawatari shows concern for his friends

yeah ED is called dashing pendulum

oh yeah you are right. i've been enjoying this last episodes so much i thought about the new summaries

>New OP and ED
>Ebina Episode
I can't ask for me.

>>Crow saved Shingo from BB by breaking his disk
Wouldn't say save but downright lucky Yuya and Gon were there at the convenient moment rather than think of a smart move or plan.
>We already saw people get carded rather you have duel disk or not.
>Whatever they saw offscreen, the two duelist they were going to face were carded right in front of him.
>Because of said action this Crow is deemed the dumbest person in this series. Hell, he literally made 5D's Crow a genius in comparison. The guy who hid in a fridge to escape getting killed off.

This. If anything he said "Shingo I know you have a state-licensed gun and amazing-ass experimental bullets but I'M TAKING YOUR GUN SO THAT THE OTHER GUYS WITH GUNS DON'T SHOOT YOU".

Touching it may be, Crow was a complete retard in that moment.

>New OP and ED
Looks like I'm going to have to stay up for the stream this week.

>These 2 should have had so much more character interaction
If anything they should have had Sawatari face Crow in the first round if there were trying to set up that scene. With that Gongenzaka vs Yugo would have also worked because he's Yuya's best friend plus he would notice a similarity towards him once synced and after the duel he would have noticed his face.

>Crow vs Shingo instead of Shingo vs Yugo
I'm going to have to disagree simply based on how amazing the Sawatari-Yugo duel was.

>new OP and ED

>OP turns out to be even worse than the last one
>ED is just DSOD visuals again
>tfw we're cucked once more

It was amazing until DEUS EX ACTION CARD

>I'm going to have to disagree simply based on how amazing the Sawatari-Yugo duel was.
Dueling-wise yes but plot-wise and character development quite the opposite.

>character development
Shingo had some great development. That was a the duel he showed off how entertaining he could be, and how he took the loss graciously and without complaint. He's always been a character that doesn't use action cards that much, whether it be from have a field with action traps or just not picking them up.

is it even confirmed?

The sad thing is all those things have a real chance of happening.

Tewart literally hates anything that could be good without shilling tons. He hates structure decks, hates pendulum, hates traps...guess he likes burning abyss though.

While understandable he still would have done the same thing with Crow's duel plus his kids being involved slightly from said episode could have worked it as well with the type of mood Crow was in.

I have no problem with Sawatari's character when it's being done right. Sure he's an egotistical dumbass but also the lovable loser. However just like him and many of the original cast their pretty much treated immensely poor as well as most of their actions comes off as for the sake of the plot.

>DSOD appearing again
If they pull that shit the nips will riot

The nips don't care. It's you faggots who bitched about it. The nips love DSOD and DM.

Why? I thought the nips loved DSOD and hated Arc-V?

I know they love DSOD, I'm not saying they don't. From what I remember, they didn't like the fact Arc V's ED was shafted for so long because of it.

You mean the duel where Yugo lost his credibility as one of the only duelists capable of going action cardless and how he ended up cheating by using Clear Wing to negate the effects of 2 monsters on the same chain at once?

They didn't like the fact that the same clips were played over and over. They complained that the new ending didn't get played with the original visuals at least once before the movie advertisement took over. It was mostly western fans whining about the ending being taken over. Japanese fans are used to movies getting advertised in openings and endings. It's just that the scenes shown are usually different each episode. Arc-V probably doesn't have enough people who love it to cause any type of anger to be shown.

Clear Wing's mandatory in the anime.

said ED was a cuckfest with nothing in it anyways

Still wouldn't work.

Well the same shit happened with BBT and 5Ds so they should've seen it coming. Plus the show wasn't nearly as hated as it is now. I don't think most of them would even care at this point. It's kind of funny because in a lot of the live nico broadcasts they were more excited at the 4DX commercials at the end of the episode and the poll results.

IRL Light and Darkness dragon disagrees with you. It can be activated multiple times in the same Chain (although not in response to itself).

My only complaint was that they probably should have shown it at least once during their 1-hour special before the movie ad. Everything else was pretty much fine. Though when 5D's was running they showed a bit of their original visuals in their OP and ED then ad for their movie but things happen.

Yugo's effect would cause Heroine and Sassy Rookie to both activate their effects. Due to SEGOC, Sawatari would choose 1 to go on CL1 and another to go on CL2.

Clear Wing can ONLY negate the one at CL2.

Due to this, the duel should have played out in such a way that Yugo could have only mirror'd one target.

just blame HIKOKUBO, pretty sure everyone knew Yugo cheated with double DICHROIC MIRROR

Oh, that's what you were getting at.

In that case, I'll concede with a "Fucking Hikokubo can't write real duels for shit".

We better get fucking doujins.

>met gf through yugioh
>we used to duel everyday at lunch

Please don't ask how I fucked it up

I hopu

vs Yugo
>get cheated by double clear wing effect and deus ex action card
vs Yuto
>actually removes his opponents backrow like any normal duelist would
>opponent would have had no plays if he hadn't
>literally getting lucksacked
vs Yuya
>loses to action card spam

The poor guy can't catch a break

What did people think of Chapter 14? I'm just reading it now.


>Last gf thoroughly enjoyed YGO but refused to play anything but Amazons.
Sucks that none of that support will be printed this decade.

>every girl I've dated has never known I play ygo
And they probably never will if I can help it. If I'm ever at locals and she asks what I was doing I always say I was out playing cards with the guys. They all just assume I mean poker or something.

Pretty cool. Even if the Anime ends we'll still have the Manga

He exists only to be a jobber, even if it has to be through plot devices or sheer hax.

The Yuya duel had far more bullshit than just action card spam.

name eraser trap, draw 5.spell, Yuya getting back OEPD even though it was shuffled back into deck just to name a few.

I didn't think the nameless trap was that bullshit though, since it would work against pretty much any archetype in a world where characters are lifelong loyal to their archetype.

The draw 5 spell and everything afterwards was on the bullshit side though

>tfw no cute gf to play yugioh with

apparently to have his lab destroyed, lose the 4 girls the entire war was started to capture, and piss off and improve the one thing that can stop them

If your girl is going to give you shit for doing nerdy shit in this day and age she's a fucking bitch. Stop being a pussy.

Just do what Reiji would do.

You want doujins of the girls? Hahaha! Here's 1000 doujins of the boys being shotas or trapping it up, though.

Do you think Reiji has luck with the ladies?

I think he does

You never know

>We act like it's Feb 2014

The new VJump is out and it has news on the upcoming Arc-V anime.

>The setting for the story is a city on the shoreline of Japan called “Maiami City”. The development of their technology is mostly focused on Dueling.

>Akaba Reiji is the CEO of Leo Corporation. This company has developed something called “Solid Vision with Mass”, and with its spread around Maiami City, “Action Duel” was born, and is widely popular all around the world.

>The children adore Pro Duelists like stars, and they learn the many ways of Dueling and Summoning in different cram schools like “Yuushuujuku” which the main character Sakaki Yuya attends, or “Leo Duel School”, the most influential one around.

>One day out of nowhere, Yuya got himself into an Exhibition Duel with the current Pro Dueliest Champion…?

>Duel Composition: Hikokubo Masahiro
>Director: Ono Katsumi
>Character Designs: Miyoshi Naohito
>Series Composer/Series Editor: Kamishiro Tsutomu

Kamishiro apparently wrote HxH so this should be pretty fucking good. Sucks that Hikokubo is doing the duels AGAIN, but maybe he'll actually try instead of being a lazy fuck like in ZEXAL.
Pretty pumped Ono is directing since 5Ds was still decent and hopefully this time there won't be any sex cults to fuck things up.

Looks interesting enough. Poppy and colorful designs aren't too shabby looking, as does the general budget.

Curious what kind of deck Yuuya will be running.

I wonder if we'll ever see whats-his-name Pro Duelist again other than a cut-off duel in the last episode when Yuuya has his first official duel as an Entertainment duelist.

I bet this guy is the new Kaiba! I sure hope his deck is good. It's probably going to be some janky, unusable rival deck that gets shilled every other episode.

I don't think I remember the last time astro and chrono showed up in the anime together

What the fuck? I just realised his hair looks like a tomato, maybe we should nickname him that.

Damn those magicians look cool as fuck. What if they do a throwback and heavily support this new magician archetype similar to DM?

In all seriousness, will Ishijima appear again? I have a feeling he'll be in the new ED.

>It's probably going to be some janky, unusable rival deck that gets shilled every other episode.
Didn't Ryo, Edo and Kaito have an actual theme to their decks instead of mishmashes?
I'm sure his deck will be amazing, I'd love to play it in the TCG when it comes out.
He looks like an amazing character who will be a total screen time hog actually.

Is that a female protagonist? It's shit.


>tfw Zexal still got a lot of untranslated episodes
>this will never get subs on time
>dead on arrival

I for one very happy how shit turned out with subs. With user doing episode 1 then mono doing the rest consistently with joke subs in the mix

Can't be as bad as Zexal, might as well give it a shot. Wonder if the main girl will be a useless slut again.

Damn 124 was pretty meh until Yuya switched bodies with Yuto. Yuto should've been MC. Hell any of the Yuus but Yuya should've been MC.

So what you want to see on ending or Opening 6?

mine is pic related

The tomato showed promise early in the stages, maybe is the fault of design.

>Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V centers around Yuya Sakaki, as he tries to escape from harsh reality by smiling.
>The show's main theme is "Take a step forward with courage!!"

I just want to end Academia wild ride now




Yuya is almost as annoying as umaru.

Ruri has the biggest dick of the Ruris.

Then why is she the most useless

>“Solid Vision with Mass”
This is different, how?

She's busy fiddling with her underwear in an attempt to hide her colossal erection, so she can't focus on anything else.

At the least Yuto and Yugo should've gotten more in their own dimensions. Yugo was so irrelevant in his own home town

It finally explains why people are getting knocked around by holograms

In all seriousness Berserk!Yuya would probably care less if he destroys Serena. The two barely shared any interaction nor a relationship while he tries to stand by her when it came down to facing Sora and Barret yet the latter causes more harm than good and his responsible for Yuzu getting brainwashed in the first place.

Where can we read the manga ?

If this triggers you, find a better alternative


Well, better than nothing , thanks.

I can't believe it someone actually used card games to seduce a girl

Ruris are thirsty for card games as much as they are thirsty for their Yu.

>Has a Tazer

>Chooses to play card games instead

god, the things I'd do to yusei

Aki please, you already banged him so hard in that doujin that he got a drill stuck in his ass.

Hair drill or the power tool? I honestly can't tell.

It was a power drill, Bruno had apparently left it there but Aki forced Yusei down adn rode him so hard it kinda got stuck.

>You will never have a girl ride you so hard the force of her slamming into your groin with her pussy is enough to crack the floor and force an inanimate object up your keister


>computer nearly froze when I tried to delete this
Is it a sign, and if so, what?


She's not gone for good yet

>Aki gets some femdom doujins
>Anzu gets rape doujins
>Kotori gets rape doujins
>Asuka gets rape doujins
>Yuzu gets vanilla doujins
>Magician girls get /ss/ doujin

Best girl gets what she wants. All the others gets what they don't want.

Is this Washizu Mahjong?

>>Yuzu gets vanilla doujins

Yuzu has some rape doujins and Sora doujins.

Pretty sure it's "a"

or goes full joey vs marik mode with a new Underworld script - last stand or somthing like that

And a doujin that involves her with a lactating Yuya.

>They all just assume I mean poker
no they don't, and if they did they'd give you shit for gambling

Why would someone give you shit for gambling?


I don't know. Maybe in the final grand entame duel?

If she ever brought up money, and I'd just said we play for quarters. I'm not exactly asking her for money, and its not like we're married.

Besides, gambling in yugioh is banned so I can't even bet on the actual game even if I wanted to (albeit in casual at home games)

i-is that the power of Entame?

Hellz yeah.

Or more aptly put, it's Erome.

mah G.O.D.

Confirmation that the Ruris remain brainwashed for a while. I can dream, right?

If you have to hide your hobbies from your girlfriend like that, you have problems.

It's not that big a deal if the relationship is just starting, but there is a point where you should trust your SO enough about your hobbies. If she finds out by chance, she might think that you think she's petty enough to care deeply about a frivolous non-problem like a card game hobby.

>Anime Yuya is muh TOUSAN
>Manga Reiji is muh TOUSAN


Manga Reiji seems to have a more legit reason, since he knows his dad is kill.

Reiji and Serena actually having a conversation before Serena got taken might have been a good opportunity to learn more about Leo in the anime. Since so far he's giving off Dr. Faker vibes.

Yeah, I really do honestly. I'm pretty private about my hobbies. No one except for a couple close friends even know I watch anime, and only my roommates and the people I play ygo with know I like the card game.

The main reason I really don't talk about it is because I'm not the kind of person that's supposed to like this sort of thing. I know that's a pretty shit way of putting it, but based on my career, what I look like, the activites I do in my spare time, who I associate with; I don't fit the stereotype.
Don't get me wrong, I've thought about bringing it up before to my friends in casual manner, but the majority have a pretty negative attitude towards people who like anime in general, and have a certain predisposition about them. I'll probably open up one of these days, I'm sure.

Either way, I appreciate the advice.


Sunday can't come sooner.

Would Yuya's butt make a good headrest?

Just imagine a whole series of Yuri.

We back?

That would be disgusting. Yuri is the worst Yu.

Predator Plant Chimera Rafflesia
Level 7 DARK Plant-Type Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 2000
1 “Predator Plant” monster + 1 DARK Monster
(1) Once per turn: You can target 1 monster on the field with a Level that is equal to or less than this card’s current Level: Banish it.
(2) During attack declaration, when this card battles an opponent’s face-up monster: You can activate this effect; until the end of the turn, that opponent’s monster loses 1000 ATK, also this card gains 1000 ATK.
(3) During the next Standby Phase after this card was sent to the Graveyard: You can add 1 “Polymerization” Spell card or “Fusion” Spell card, except “Diffusion Wave-Motion” from your Deck to your hand.

I wonder if this will genuinely trigger Yuya. She's voiced next episode, which could either mean she shit talks him like Serena did or a hidden scene of both Yuya and Yuzu back when they were at standard.

Wow, it's fucking shit. Way to go, Predator Plants!

confirmed at least 8 more Predator Plant monsters

Since when is banishing bad?

Are you kidding? He just had a whole episode dedicated to shitting on Asuka. It was wonderful.

>Hipster Kaiba

Banishing is never bad.
Non targetting debuff means this card beats any monster that has less than 4400 attack.

If the 3d eff triggered right when it was sent to the grave, it would have been nice.

Performapal Return Tantan
Level 2 EARTH Beast-Type Pendulum Effect Monster
ATK 400
DEF 600
Pendulum Scale: 3
Pendulum Effect:
You can only use the Pendulum Effect of “Performapal Return Tantan” once per turn.
(1) You can target 1 “Performapal” card you control; return it to the hand, but you cannot activate that card or a card with that name for the rest of this turn.
Monster Effect:
(1) When this card is destroyed by battle: You can target 1 card on the field; return it to the hand.

>monkeyboard recycle

Manga cards in Booster Special confirmed. This means we'll probably get Sora's Manga cards, since he doesn't have any other anime cards. Which means Frightfur Daredevil and Pendulums.

Wow, it's fucking shit. Have they given up on making good Performapals after the EMEm disaster?

>Sora might get his pendulum Fluffals in this pack

>Non targetting debuff means this card beats any monster that has less than 4400 attack.
unless that monster has DICHROIC MIRROR, Nekroz of Clausolas like effect, is Crystal Wing/ABC Dragon Buster

>Pendulum Fluffals
Since when did he debut them? Or are you referring to the manga?


>can't banish Xyz monsters
>targetting removal in THE format with the most floaters and hexproofs ever

Manga. Chimera Rafflesia is manga card from duel against Sora, where he debuted his pendulum cards.

Yup, they're from the Manga. Rafflesia being here confirms that Shueisha is relinquishing their dibs to Konami.
The Premium Pack already has a lot of stuff they can release anyway.

Sounds great.

>the EMEm disaster
Surely you mean [The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in YGO History]

>dies to Castel/S39

>dies to Blue-Eyes White Dragon

How cancerous was it?

>Shueisha is relinquishing their dibs to Konami.
Not that surprising, Hi-Speed Riders and this year's CP had Manga cards.


It doesn't actually. If we assume they reprint the 3 existing PP, it'll be 5. 4 if they reprint Starve Venom.

Playing EMEm was the only way to win competitively. The deck would shit out several R4s while going +10 and setting up an unbreakable field of CDI, Rafflesia, Shock Master/Number 38/Naturia Beast.

Decks out for Harambe

>xyz monsters
They're soft anyway.

Pretty sure they won't reprint it this early, INOV came out July 9 for OCG and Fusion enforcer is coming out Nov 12 for OCG

>Xyz monsters
>ever being irrelevant
Found the scrub

>>can't banish Xyz monsters
Wait, if Xyz monsters don't have levels on the card, doesn't it mean they are Level 0?

I remember playing the deck.
I climbed the DN ladder so easily thanks to it. Those were the days.

Could be, but don't hold your breath for it, as reused flashback footage counts as being voiced.

>Local man ruins everything
>Implying his actions and it's consequences aren't saving this show

The Doctor is the hero we needed.

Why is Yuugo so useless?

>reused flashback footage

I hope to fuck it doesn't come to that. I'd rather we get a fresh flashback, since they're obviously not going to show the bug insertion scene.

That's not what I mean.
They're not relevant for this sort of removal, since they are all very soft and easy to get rid of.
There's only a handful of XYZ with decent protection and they usually don't come in ranks that are common or easy to make.

>They don't show the ruris before the brainwashing, scared, yelling out hanases, probably right before the brainwashing takes effect muttering the names of their Yus, cept Serena who either mutters Yuya and Yuzu's names.

Was the process too rape like or something?

Not him, but I think it would just be pointless to show a flashback of that. If her brainwashing happened on "real time" then I guess it would be shown, but she's been bugged for a while.

As for the process, I think the parasite just crawls up her ear. Or is injected there by some machine.

Don't see how else it would happen.

Vanguard used to be good
Literally how aichi went from being crazy at the game to good in three seasons shows true development

>the nips on nico like vanguard that much
just goes to show that their taste is shit, the anime is far from deserving such ratings

Sora Manga cards we should expect in Fusion Enforcers
>Level 5
>Scale 1
>Pendulum effect: Once per turn, you can Fusion Summon without a Polymerization card.

>Level 2
>Scale 8
>Pendulum effect: Once per turn, you can Special Summon one Fluffal from your Graveyard.

>Level 7
>Monster effect: When this card is Special Summoned, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent for each "Frightfur" monster in your Graveyard.

>Level 8
>3000 ATK
>When this card destroys a monster by battle, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.

>Special Summon one Frightfur from the Graveyard.

They better buff Daredevil.

Cotton Eater is broken and will lead to dumb FTKs.

I'm guessing we're only getting like 2 anime cards (the two he debutted against the pirates).

It'll obviously get nerfed.

I'm sure we'll get his new GB cards eventually

Hitotsu Ni

Well at the very least he's using magicians. Honestly i just want to avoid having another Zexal after the disappointment of the duel writing.

So, anime characters for the set are Sora and Yuri, Performapal cancer confirmed for Raging Tempest, meaning that Hitsu Ni duel will just be the same old magicians and same ole dragons making Raging Dragon and OTKing Ruri and Serena.

I'm not that excited for the duel anymore now. God dammit, I'm so tired of Performapals especially since Konami stopped making them good around Monkeyboard's time They remind me of Blackwings and Raidrapators with how they're support started strong then eventually it was just random bullshit that made no sense til the deck eventually got power gapped and now their original good cards aren't over powered anymore.

My problem with Performapals is that Konami insists on printing ALL OF THEM. They didn't print all of Yusei or Yuma's monsters.

I'm amazed they've surpassed Heroes and Blackwings in 3 years when it took 10 for those archetypes to get those numbers and even then, Heroes still have several printed cards like the Vision and Masked sub archetypes. I think Elemental only has Clay Guardian as it's sole unreleased monster.

Seeing Berserk Yuya use Performapals is bizarre. It's not even funny, it just ruins the moment.

I honestly can't wait for Arc-V to end so Yuya's shitty Performapals will stop clogging the sets.

We still have 3 years left of the manga. You won't get away from them, You thought numbers were taking a fucklong time to complete, I think there's still almost 30 of those motherfuckers still either not printed and non existent now sets that should numbers will be changed to Performapals they missed while Arc-V anime is running, Oh, and there's the other manga, Strongest Duelist Yuya! where Gold Fang and Metal Claw originate from. We're gonna be ass deep in Performapals for at least all the way to 2020

I wonder what the next series' gimmick will be. Half-monster, half-trap Pendulums?

I got that impression when he said standard wasn't an enemy.

You have serious short-term memory.

They DID print all of Yuma's monsters, and nearly all of Yusei's... until the endgame of the series. As in, the part after what's in the final set.

I don't care if they print them in other packs, I just don't want them in the main sets.

>They DID print all of Yuma's monsters
Gagaga Guardian

They stopped printing all of Yusei's monsters by STBL.
With Yuma, it was around the WDC, way before.

New summoning method, new zones. How long can konami keep doing this before they reboot the card game?

you are right but for the wrong reasons
they generally stop printing monsters around the last 10 episodes of the show or so, because by that time the sets cover the new show
Yuma got lucky with Gagaga Mancer
while Yusei spammed way too many stupid situational monsters to allow the OCG to ever keep up (15 alone in his last 2 duels)

but both had a few unreleased monsters during the series

they arent doing the same with Yuya, since his monsters all fit an archetype

and even then it was like 1 or 2 monsters that they skipped for them

>dat hair

What fish is it this time?

Eh, I guess, Gagaga Guardian didn't do anything that Gagaga Gardna can do, in fact, they have the same effect and it only existed so Yuma could special summon both him and it at the same time to avoid the direct attack and still have xyz material fuel. Gagagas could of been an amazing xyz deck if they didn't have so many retarded restrictions and Yuma actually had more than 2 xyz to use from them, rank 2 for gagaga child and clerk, rank 3 for gagaga girl and ceaser, some cards to either special summon banished gagagas to the field, a rank 6 and 8 and their own rank up magic would of made them more fun.

We still have at least 40 weeks. Remember when people panic over pendulum?

>I think Elemental only has Clay Guardian as it's sole unreleased monster.
I'm frankly surprised it hasn't been in one of the last 3 Dragons of Legend packs.

I'm expecting Konomi's next edition to the game being cards that exist in the extra deck that can be summoned with just one monster, sorta like Transformation summoning without the need for a special card. These monsters probably won't have levels or ranks to make them unique, but instead they'll require a monster of a specific attribute or monster type. The hardest thing about this is making them powerful enough that people will want to use them while making them balanced enough so they won't completely overshadow fusions,synchros and xyzs summoning.

Metamorphosis is banned forever.
There is no reason to print it unless you errata Neo Bubbleman too


Once Arc V ends - 10 years from then,people will complain about how nostalgic and great Arc V was,compared to the Yu-Gi-Oh spin-offs that are gonna air at that time.
Just like how people hated GX and 5D's when they were airing,saying they're nothing like DM.


no GX is still garbage 5Ds isn't terrible (well the first 64 episodes) but when 5Ds was airing, all I can remember is people praising it left right and center

It might be different for Arc-V. It's the first YGO show to have solid evidence for its poor reception. So if lots of people really hate it they'll always just pull up the ratings and say how shit it was.

Most of the first two seasons of GX is good, you shitter.

I wish he had more screentime
in fact
I wish every other character had mroe screentime

his duels were so ridiculous they carried Zexal II

How do the parasites work? One minute they're themselves, the next they get triggered.

>Pendulum Effect:
>You can only use the Pendulum Effect of “Performapal Return Tantan” once per turn.
>(1) You can target 1 “Performapal” card you control; return it to the hand, but you cannot activate that card or a card with that name for the rest of this turn.
Secondonkey recycle?

Just went to sadpanda thread. What do you think about lepoard sex?

Would this save the Ruris?

I really want the Ruris to body Yuya, because they are super entertaining

Ironically, the nostalgia made Arc-V worse

They seem like sleeper agents.

The professor just decides when he wants to control them. Otherwise they act normally.

Yeah, that seemed notable ever since Rin and Yugo's duel. She made that lewd voice when saying "Yugo" to caught him off guard. Jesus, brainwashed Yuzu could use this as an huge advantage against Yuya.

How autonomous are they when they're being controlled? Seems like they still have their memories and can act independently; their personalities are just completely different.

Despite being controlled and making it look like they are aware of it due to their memories, I'd still say it's not really them.

It's not really brain washing, it's more like brain control.

When it comes to the bracelet girls,they have personalities similar to the main girls from the Yu-Gi-Oh series their dimension is based off.

So the way it's described in-show is that all the parasite does is make the victim loyal to the professor. Everything else is the same.


Egakidase, sono monogatari wo. Kimi koso ga shujinkō darō?

Anybody else thinks Yuya was overreacting when Serena told him Yuzu had a parasite too? He went full BB right there.

Ashita wo tsukuru no wa nikushimi nanka janai
Egao de hito wa tsuyoku naru

I feel inclined to create an EGAO brainwash type of video.

he is part devil after all, wouldn't you get triggerd if someone stuck something in your waifu's brain

He pretty much acted as expected considering how much he puts Yuzu over everything else. This is the same guy who was ready to abandon all his other friends in jail just to go after Yuzu.


Nice picture of Yuzu and... what was her name again?

Based Crow almost punched him for that


Yuya tends to chimp out when there's an implied threat to Yuzu, I mean, did you forget he immediately quit the friendship cup and the whole thing about the tops and commons to try and find her and was trying to OTK shinji quickly so he could get to Yuzu? Yuya didn't start getting himself composed until Sora showed up with Yuzu's helmet to imply he saved her. Then there's the thing with Roger and how Yuya was planning to abandon synchro to it's riot until Yuzu appeared on TV and told him to end this shit. I'm sure seeing the brainwashed Yuzu on that screen with meth head molesting her will be more than enough to make his anger reach it's peak, Dude's already pissed off enough to yell at Serena, who he knows is brainwashed anyway, actually seeing it will probably just blank his mind with pure rage, hence the name of the title, the new dragon and the summoning chant, "Burn everything to ashes"

What's the matter? Did you not like my entertainment?

Best girl









>but you still take damage!

Was my assistants? I'm sorry, they're the best I could get

What the fuck is Fugo?

>Yuya is going to burn everything to the ground over Yuzu

Fuugo? I'm Yugo!

>Crow would hit a girl

>when you're so beta you destroy dimensions over you pussy queen who'll never date you

>who'll never date you
But she clearly wants his feminine penis.


>Yuto hurt alot of people over his girl
>Yugo killed a dude and attempted to run over several others for his girl
>Yuya's gonna burn everything to cinders for his girl
>Yuri has no girl, wants to burn everything to ashes anyway.

Man, what the fuck was Leo thinking leaving Yuri to his own devices did he really think he could control him?

What if Yuri is under brainwashing but he's still too crazy to stop wanting to card everybody

Is Super Poly legal for our glorious OCG overlords?

From what google tells me, a JJBA character.


She'll marry him for the entamate money, but will fuck alpha guys like Sora and that gangster Yu from the synchro dimension. Yuya is a cuck.

Yeah. It's the main reason heroes and metalfoes are so good over there

Yuzu is NOT a gold digger.

He probably thought Yuri was doing it for the greater good that is Leo's keikaku. Too bad for him that he was doing for thrills and shills. Leo really didn't think this through. He couldn't even leave it aside. Reiji is best keikakuman.

Not at all. Metalfoes are good because they can summon several floodgate monsters in one turn.

Face it kid, Yuya marries her and the first thing he'll hear is mazeltov.

This is why adults shouldn't watch children shows.

Leo, without a doubt has the shittiest screening process for his group. He's got one guy on staff who trumaized a kid so badly he went ferial and needed to be egao'd back into sanity, he has another dude who really enjoys shoving bugs into underaged girls and touching them once they've been stripped of their free will, Then there's the egomaniac he let run wild in another dimension who nearly killed his whole plan by almost killing 2 of the bracelet girls. The only sane one is the moron who lost an eye to a fucking trap card and he's been defeated multiple times. I still wanna know how Leo convinced these people to go along with his absurd sounding plan in the first place before he started going on a brainwashing spree.

I like to imagine they were all on the staff of the Academy already and he couldn't get rid of them because they had tenure.

>gold digger
For his case, it's called citrus digger.

Janitor Barret always gets the shittiest jobs. God bless his soul.

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>implying Yuya isn't the gold digger in the relationship
>implying that the both of them can't be total sluts to guys like Sora and Yugo together

Oy vey

>possible dimensionally famous entertainment duelist
>heir to a failing dueling school
Yep, Yuya is the gold digger. Makes sense.

Have you seen Jewzu? Literally everything is about money.

Go back to your shithole, you multi-shipper tumblrfag.

He's a wannabe alpha at best. Dude couldn't even handle a small blow to his ego.

>The guy that turns to cuddly mush when talking about his waifu.
Gonna go with "nah".

It's the best we are going to get from the age appropriate partners for her. She could chase the asexual Reiji, or maybe Jack if the thirst is that real. But Sora has room for development. He only got triggered like that because of war propaganda.

To be fair Barret's deck is pretty fucking strong. It's got TCG's wet dream of stunshit in it, which is probably also all searchable. Only reason Barret lost his most recent duel is because Sergey showed up and wasn't affected by the floodgates.

It says some shit when the extra bitch's deck is easily the best deck in Academia to date. If this guy is essentially rank-and-file it's a wonder why the higher-ups are all using patently shittier decks.