so mirage win eventually?

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If you can call that winning.

you cant fuck dead people so yeah.

Where there's a will, there's a way!

>Mirage confesses to Hayate in order to get Freyja to confess

You give her that badass moment in ep 22 and then instead of letting her go out with some pride you make her cuck herself in front of the galaxy because Freyja can't say ski dess. Writers were just plain mean.

Yes, she will have some cute stepchildren.

THAT's what the final episode will be about?

>literally wanting to become Vajra

Delta is shit
What were the things you liked about Delta?

We're heading in that direction anyway. More people being born with stronger fold receptors means we'll eventually hit hivemind.

literally the disappointment of the century, or was frontier just too much to best?

I like Delta but I'm only up to episode 10. When does it get bad and why?

spoiler frejya dies

That scene sucked. I felt terrible for her. I wanted to be happy for Freyja. Ruined the moment man. I just want to see Miragefags bullied. Not Mirage. Let the autist be.

Cucked both publicly then biologically. What a way to go.

Is the instrumentality the most overused villain's motive apart from power tripping?

I figured that when she says she only has 30 years to live

Yes. But you can do it a number of ways. Like Puci's destiny obsession

So what the hell's going to happen to Windy now? I mean sure, they had a temporary truce to take down Roid, but then what?

This looked kinda lewd.

So wait. Does that mean that only male Windies can control the Star Singer? Females only have one rune. Maybe there's a special attachment for female rune docking.


I don't give a fuck about Mirage and the confession scene still pissed me off a little. Seriously, you do this? Out of all possible options to handle it? Oh well

Just males. Protoculture knew what it was doing.

Only people with dicks can control the singer

But isn't that also the ultimate goal of the good guys as well (ala New-type in Gundam)?

You can't let a woman operate a weapon of mass destruction. That's why the nuclear launch codes are tattooed as a barcode on the president's penis.

I wonder how many kids they will make by that time.

I liked it but it should have been a 45 minute episode.

Fucked like rabbits.

How many little hoinas are they going to make?

Someone really needs to sit Bogue down and teach him about runepuberty.

Should have played rune pika when she said that
Opportunity wasted

I want to fuck Bogue

the only way movies could even hope to improve delta is if they rewrite the entire plot like the second frontier film

Why is Bogue so cute?

so Cred Forums was there any difference?

As soon as hoina's pussy becomes scravny and dry


And in the end, their runes never touched.

All the parts in the singing where they're screechy and out-of-tune because they're falling/thrown about were a nice touch.

That's not where her rune is.

Shota is asking for negotiations

One ep down and Guld is a complete faggot but so is MC.

Every single character in Plus is unlikable.

>thigh highs
>edge bulge

Updated the sales numbers and corrected the price info. (The last version had prices listed with sales tax included.)

Walkure Attack will likely do around 100k, OST2 5k.

Even judged as an idol commercial, Delta was below expectations.

So I was being fucked with when people said plus 7 and Front would be fresh air?
I knew I should have just gone straight to 7

Can you please, please not bully?

>fresh air
In what sense? People usually praise Plus for the animation, not the plot or characters.

Meant Walkure Trap, not Walkure Attack

>thigh highs

People watch plus for dog fight.
>mfw will never be Isamu's kawaii ko-chan

>>thigh highs

I like how hayate's face is at this scene.


No, you weren't being fucked with. Every single installment in the franchise has its own share of strengths and weaknesses. Plus' weakness is its characters and writing. Its strength is its godly animation. The planeporn is orgasmic.

Frontier's "weakness" is that it's a direct throwback to SDF, and people weren't particularly enamored by the MC (though I didn't mind him, personally). Its strength is its music, the girls, the Quarter, and the amazing final battle.

just watch them in production order

even II

I think you misunderstood what that shit was about bruv
Also yeah the first ep had some nice fights. It's good to see some actual Vf action.

>Walkure Trap playing on another computer
>have to sprint over to skip that god awful birthday song whenever it plays

life is suffering

No II isn't canon, or so I am told. I plan to do all the t.v in production order.

>No II isn't canon, or so I am told.
Nothing is canon.
And everything is canon.
Macross is weird.

II isn't canon, but it's still a decent watch taken as a standalone thing.

Ishtar a qt. And those 80's synthy beats are really catchy.
Art style is kinda shitty.

Just watch it, you little bitch. This isn't as massive as Gundam, you have no excuse.

the OP is one of the best in all of macross

also they reuse one of the songs in Seven so you can be amused when you recognise it

Aoi banana mo

What do you mean by frontier being a direct throwback to SDF?

Fucking fine, guys. Okay I yield. I will watch after plus, given I'm pretty well into that already.

From what I hear the shows are canon as in-universe shows. So while events aren't canon the individuals series are not. II isn't canon at all though. I suppose you might prefer the phrasing 'ever acknowledged again and generally intentionally by all'

Ishtar was a cutie, how the fuck did she lose.

Only reason II isn't "canon" is cause it was made without Kawamori or Studo Nu's input. Kawamori just jealous, cause II is still included in merchandise even today.


my nubian

Mitagefags and NUNSfags are so pitiful. You lost, deal with it.

"Direct throwback" wasn't the best term, sorry. Just that there are more character parallels between the two series than in the other series. People got all up in arms about it being "unoriginal".

>not Soko ni Aru no ga Mirai dakara
It's so fucking 80s. I get a huge grin on my face every time. Especially when it plays in 7.

Roid and Keith felt like lovers even more than Makina and Reina.

Messar had to die for this ending?

>1 kid each year for 10-15 years

did you rike it?

I don't think that works when dying reduces you into a pile of salt.

>implying he didn't die and escape it


That frontier "movie" where the cast watches Macross 7. When was it meant to take place? Or is it just a fun non-canon advert for Macross 7.


I know what you mean. The lack of a proper epilogue gave me a bad case of the "That's it?"s

You're looking at it wrong. Messer died so he could escape this shitfest.

Because he's so tsundere. And probably the worst case of awful character development in the show, he was worse than Yzak.

they'll die, they lost their best fighter and their best tactician. their apple export is their only lifeline now

You didn't get it? Bogue was the one who was vocal and hateful and he was just tsundere, those were his true feelings. He let his hatred go in that battle. Keith delivered the last message: the present is all that matters. They stopped living in the past. Keith was another of the characters who fought for the past, because of his failure, and he sacrificed himself to end it. That was his wish, and Heinz probably felt it through his rune.

That's why, instead of continue the fighting, they retreated to Windermere.

Keith was the savior of everything. Someone make that guy a statue.

It's not really a weapon, it's a machine to turn their experiments into vajra. Protoculture were Vajrafags.

>implying NUNS won't try to modify and weaponize apples + spring water for their own purposes in the next show
Watch out for applesauce.


>their apple export is their only lifeline now
You realize they are the only planet with fold quartz which is the most sought after material in the entire galaxy? Berger got this. He only pulled out because Roid went full SEELE.

So now that the ending of the series was rushed beyond belief and flopped about as hard as the one in Frontier our only hopes are the incoming retcons from the movies that this will undoubtedly spawn.

In the meantime however, what are some other music themed series people liked? Doesn't even have to be action oriented.
A recent series i enjoyed for the music at the time was Angel Beats for example:

well i guess that's windermere's number one customer

>villain suddenly turns into a total nutjob
>master plan is to turn every living being into a single lifeform
>cannot comprehend why people could possibly be against it

Jesus christ. Why Japan can't think of anything original?

Sheryl should have DYRL Minmay picture. That was confirmed.

fold quartz are like gold a shit ton of uses but we just use them for jewelry

hey atleast in frontier there was some cool fights and audible not in pain singing

They use it for the planes. They have an unlimited support of that shit and a barrier that makes the planet nearly impossible to attack.

The Aerial Knights let go of their hatred and grudge in the battle. Bogue's desperation to reach Walkure and liking their song was his honest feelings. His face in the end isn't one of hatred, it's one of maturity at fucking last. Heinz chose to retreat instead of takeover Ragna.

It was because of Keith's message: the present is all that matters. Keith was the true mc.

I want to see mini hoina football team but I wonder if Freyja want a kid or not because she want to sing with Walkure and muh aidorus purity will cockblock them.

Yeah, I keep on being too lazy to add it in.

>created 11/30/2009
Man, where has the time gone?

This episode was literally "NTR, the episode".
How would Mirage do that to herself?

You can't get NTR'd or cucked if they didn't love you at first.

>Keith delivers the message and saves the galaxy
Again, remind me why he isn't the actual MC instead of Hayate?

Also, all those of us who kept saying Bogue was just tsundere for Walkure were right in the end.

Keith would have been Alto 2.0. That's why.

Did anyone on /m/ or anywhere update this chart at all? I realized this is highly out of date.

In your dreams it would. Freyja has her shit straight and Walkure is now more than an idol group but a cutting edge piece of technology. She can sing all she wants.

But he's far more tolerable and mature than Alto. And his backstory with Heinz and Roid is more important than Hayate's.

Keith even told them to save Mikumo while he fends off Roid. He could have blown her off along with them, but he was a bro. In the end, he didn't just fight for Windermere, but the Galaxy like his predecessor.


MVP of Delta.

Apart from that the MVPs of this ep for me were Keith for being a true hero, Bogue for letting go of his hatred and Mirage for being so selfless and finally riding the wind.

>Mirage has to confess in front of Freyja and literally (LITERALLY) fucking tell her she needs to confess too simply because Freyja is a stupid useless baby who wouldn't confess on her own even after Hayate confessed to her

Fucking why?

Who the fuck thought this mess made any of the characters involved look good?

You can if you inevitably raise their children.

Why is Mirage so ugly?

>Hayate fucked Freyja make Messer wake up from the grave.

A shitty ending to an appropriately shitty show. Worst anime of the year and WORST MACROSS EVER!

Delta's artstyle in general is ugly.


Hayate said he would be with best girl forever.

Sorry Mirage

At least IBO starts this week to wash out the shit taste.

t. virgin

Majiro and Chisato's artstyle are great but Satelight ruined it with QUALITY like what they did to Risa Ebata's art in Frontier.

>was frontier just too much to best
Frontier was shit, but this is a whole other level of shit.

>Delta's artstyle in general is ugly.
It's a mixture of fantastic and terrible, for whatever reason the main characters all had the worst designs while the villains got the best.

>implying IBO is any better than this shit.

Don't you mean a new series to shit on?

Stop being butthurt your girl didn't win.

Delta was fine

I'm glad the movies did it more justice, nothing like having a bigger budget for a short runtime.

>villains got the best
>long hair bishounen
>best design
Haha no.

Freyja broke out everyone of mind control, bro. She BTFO Bogue and Mikumo who had resigned herself.

sup niggas, finished super dimension fortress about a month ago, where do i go from here? hesitant about the newer stuff because cancerous character designs

Shit > Delta > IBO

Okada can't write for shit, and kawamori is only good at the beginning.

You can remove Kawamori from Aquarion. But you can't take Aquarion from Kawamori. I'm 100% sure he is proud with this scene and he doesn't give a fuck what everyone thinks about it. He just wanted it to be like this.

I can't wait for his NEXT project. People in these threads shittalk Kawamori and promise to never watch any of his works again. But I know every single person from these threads will be watching it anyway. It will be shit, it will be terrible, it will be worse than EVOL, Fool and Arjuna combined, but people will watch it till the very end.

Nice shit opinion.

Can you be anymore butthurt?

>tfw even Kuromukuro ended up better

gg dropped the wrong show.

Not at all my man. Come! Let's have a drink.

Remind me which girl we were meant to be rooting for

It's best stopping there. Macross gets progressively worse and worse to the point we're at now.

I wish Kawamori bothered with more than one macross series per decade, being stuck with Delta for another around 10 years is an awful thought.

Now this is going a bit far.

>gg dropped the wrong show.
That was evident a long time ago. What the fuck was up with that?

Well at least we got to enjoy one good mecha show.

No why would Mirage wait around for ten to fifteen years? What are you daft?

Yeah. Delta was a good show.

I am almost definite one or many of them were Freyjafags. Truly only love can provide such results where lesser men may have faltered.

watch the SDF movie, do you remember love

>always be together
No chance. Why do you want to make Mirage even more pathetic, waiting for something that will never come, instead of being happy she's able to accept her loss and do something with her life?

Finish the rest of the super dimension series. Fuck this Macross noise.
How do you like your OR-GUSSS f//am?

It's HayaMirafags damage control.

>they'll die, they lost their best fighter and their best tactician.

NUNS lost an entire fleet. They can get them to the negotiating table.

But at least we can agree that that G-Reco, Gargantia, Comet Lucifer and Dai Shogun are still the bottom of the barrel and worst mecha of the 10's.

macross started to get pretty bad during the last saga of sdf in fairness

i have, if there was more macross content like that i'd be happy

G-reco was my first Gundam. Dropped that shit hard and never looked back. Fuck the whole deal.

I need a threesome doujin of Bogue and the lesbosluts STAT.

Peace negotiations. People are going to be less mad at them now that NUNShit backstory got revealed and it was Windies that ended up saving the galaxy anyway.

Herman survived i'm ok with everything

watch the rest in production order

there's some good stuff in there

No starsinger to stop next bombing

G-reco is actually pretty fun, and the mech designs are topnotch, unlike IBO's forced drama, muh brotherhood, and copypasta gundams.

Don't get me wrong though, G-reco was bad, but it was good at being bad.

This user totally called it with his trips.

Who cares NUNS are drooling retards anyway.

Everyone wants the war to END they will negotiate.
G-Reco was over hyped garbage.

>baaaaw I can't fuck my sister
Super fun. G-Reco is just bad and that's why no one liked it.

That was a floppy ending.

Windies lost their main offence capabilities since Mikumo is rescued by Delta and Heinz is at death's door. Heinz won't be able to sing any much longer. Also without ruins on Ragna they can't control sector anymore. They are basically back to the same status they were before the war except the whole galaxy hates them. They are completely fucked.

>Windies that ended up saving the galaxy anyway.
Saving galaxy from the threat they created.

NUNS are going to be raked over the coals for the first bombing and general behavior while colonizing Winderemere anyway. No one wants war anymore except top NUNS shitheads.

I can't stop keking.


G-Reco is significantly better than Delta or IBO. I'll take poorly written with good mechanical design and animation over poorly written without either of those things.


Mother fucker

No one wants crazy maniacs with brainwashing weapons in their neighbourhood either.

G-Reco is not just poorly written, it's irredeemable shit with terrible one dimensional characters, shit plot, terrible pacing and nonsensical dialogues. Inb4 the subs are bad! Maybe, but the original is still crap, I've seen lots of Nips complaining about the dialogues.

> for the first bombing
Based on the stolen flight recorder message, that was part of antinuns propaganda exibtion for years? Expo was sponsored by some race of mindcontrollers by the way.

Then it's a good thing that the crazy maniacs who started this war (Gramia and Roid) are dead.

Freyja is going to die in 15 years or less
She can scoop up single father Hayate assuming he isn't also dead by then

>No starsinger to stop next bombing

They still have Heinz. They're not defanged. Now that they've lost Keith maybe they'll lose a plane or two in the time it takes them to take out all the fold jammers to var the whole strike force.

From the threat one madman created. Don't forget this is a historical, Windies were portrayed as a misguided yet sympathetic lot while NUNS were cackling villains, and they have to answer for the bombings and other shady shit they'd covered up.

Windies came out of this war fine, it's the NUNS who came out smeared in shit.

Everyone knows the Windies have no intention of doing such things anymore, they felt it in the hivemind.

>have to wait 15 year for one dick

The Windies never restored the data on the flight recorder. Either they didn't care or they lacked the expertise to make an attempt.

But it was fun, unlike IBO which is trying too much to be edgy and failing horribly at it. IBO just don't know what it should be, and I blame okada for that.

I'd rather watch G-reco be bad than watch IBO tbqh.

>have to take care of the best girl's child
What a pathetic existence.

And corroboration from Xaos and Freyja.

> they'll lose a plane or two
Can they replace them?

Hayate took himself off the market permanently, user.

I wonder how tasty will xmas cake mirage be by then.

>Windies came out of this war fine
How? They started war of aggression, conquered Brisingr cluster, mind cotrolled its people and then almost started Third Impact for the whole galaxy. Do you really believe anyone in the glaxy will feel any sympathy for them? Even main characters didn't. Hayate cared about Cassim, because he was honest and straightforward man. But as shown inepisode 24 he never had even a little bit of understanding of their cause.

Obviously windies always can blame everything on Gramia and Roid, but then NUNS can blame bombing on Valan and some random high level officer.

Then they should have showed it in some kind of epilogue.
I'm 99% sure we are going to get a movie sequel.

Kuromukuro is a total shitfest. Look at how the main girl fucking lost.

>But it was fun
For (you). But most people disagree. Look at online reactions, you'll have a hard time finding people who enjoyed G-Reco. The reactions everywhere are overwhelmingly negative. G-Reco doesn't work as entertainment, period.

Fun is subjective, but the fact is that most people didn't enjoy G-Reco. IBO on the other has been well received. It's not a good show but it was an enjoyable experience for most people.

But anyways, not the right thread, so let's drop it.

>Hayate promised Freyja to save Ragna, Windermere and the whole Galaxy
>Keith ended up saving all of them
Who is the real MC of Delta?


This user gets it.

Spot on. Who could deny this.

Keith reminds me of Romantic heroes.

>Hayate says he'll never lose his shit again
>keeps hnnggg'ing every time Freyja sings
>Mikumo tells him he better protect her
>he doesn't
All you had to do was to follow the damn train

How long to windermere-human halfbreeds live?

It would be funny if Hayate outlived his children as well as his wife.

So Plus was interesting. It told a tight little story in a nice package. I liked Freckles but given muh triangles, it was never to be. Perfect not-too-much conclusion. Good stuff.
I seriously wonder why people """need""" to know the tid bits of Delta's war being settled after the main threat was dealt with. That's like asking what happened after Sharon was sorted out. It doesn't matter and maybe you'll find out later. Good stuff.

Now on to II although I am really considering seven. Something about it just screams fun.

Because Delta is not actually what happened. Delta is a dramatization of what happened, and the Windies were portrayed as cool people unlike NUNS, meaning they are seen by the galaxy as good guys. Gramia got a sympathetic portrayal, and even Roid got a somewhat tragically beautiful death. NUNS got nothing good from stsrt to finish. This is how the galaxy sees the conflict.

Freyja obviously.

Plus is the best one.

7 is kinda dull by the middle but the ending is so fucking good.
Also best music

>applying meta explanation regarding canonicity to interpret actual events happening in anime
You're entering MAL/reddit level of stupidity here.

>implying Nunners wouldn't stoop to every and any level to justify their shit.

7 will test your patience, but the ending is nice, and the characters are endearing. Its side materials are all 10/10, too.

I want Rex in my life. I want more Emilia in my life.

>dat file name
>where is this shit coming from

kek. I couldn't agree more. Hayate's like "the fuck? You like me? What the fuck did I ever do for you to like me? Get the fuck away from me, you fucking weirdo."

I really wish they'd have done more from an audio perspective with the hivemind. Like borg background noise where it's a constant chatter that's indecipherable because of the sheer number of voices all talking all at once.
That whole thing went too smoothly

Hayate and Freyja will have three beautiful children.

Two loli Hoinas and one chibi Hayate.

The first 20 episodes of 7 are slow, but once it gets over that first part, it just gets better and better.
The final 7 something episodes are some of the best in the whole franchise.
Dynamite was great.

And Mirage is going to prey on the mini-Hayate.

>hoinas face

That's the face of a sexually satisfied woman. That's my boy, Hayate.

>Dynamite was great

Now that would be amusing. Will she have grown into a confident woman or will she have retreated farther and farther into her autism?
I find it amusing either way you picture it: stammering and uncomfortable or bumbling seductive

It's just fact bro. Like it or not thar's the truth of Macross.

Even disregarding that people felt Heinz in the hive mind. They know Windy's deal, that the actual war planner died by Windy hands, and that it was NUNS who started everything. It's not going to be perfect sailing but Windy credibility is good while NUNS have none left and no one in the cluster actually wants the war to go on anymore.

I think mirage will be a God parent and an instructor to hayate's future kid?

Damn, I thought Hayate already notice her feeling after episode 20. So why did Mirage like Hayate?

Here's hoping it's as good as I am expecting. I've come into a lot of spare time I wasn't expecting, so I don't think the 'slow' section will drag on too long if I marathon it, yeah?


>It's just fact bro.
If you don't know what meta means you just need to fuck off to MAL/reddit, bro.

80 (human lifespan) + 30 (windie lifespan) = 110 years/2 = 55 years -ish lifespan for half human/half windies

Assuming Hayate and Freyja have their first child when Hayate is 18 and Freyja 16....

18 + 55 = 73 years old Hayate

Eh, he should die a few years before his first child or around the same time. Seems like an ok deal.

But mini-Hayate name Messer Immelmann Wion will going after cake Kaname.

He'd just make more. How many generations of Gori Gori can Hayate biologically father? When will the man be satiated?

Because there was literally nobody else to choose from.

I watched it this summer, and the slow section isn't that bad.

Not just Dynamite but also movie and the other OVAs like Fleet of the Strongest Women.

>Battle 7 partying and firing its guns up into the air at the end
Exedol pls

So... What was the purple thing hayate had?
Who was Lady M in the end and why wasn't she ever shown on camera?

surely medical technology have advanced in the like 7 decades since SDF happened, he'll live longer

Holy Lonely Night>Try Again>My Soul For You

>So... What was the purple thing hayate had?

Are you kidding? It's literally central to F's plot.

Everyone of those songs are god tier so yeah, i like you.
Angel Voice > Everything

It'll be a cake triangle.

the crystal was a maguffin that allowed him to become a pilot in the first place and lady m was the deus ex machina the writers used every time they couldn't figure out how to resolve a situation.

>What was the purple thing hayate had?
It was fold quartz which his dad found on Windermere and sent to Hayate. It was explained in anime.

>Who was Lady M
"Please watch movie we will never make"

Oh it was one of those things? I thought it could be something else

Hayate wants to make his own soccer team of lili Hoinas and Chibi HayaHayas.

Freyja will consent and milk Hayate for all his buccha gori gori.

Next Macross is a SoL (12 episodes will do) of Hayate and Freyja taking care of their kids. 10/10 would watch.

Power to the Dream (Gigil version) > rest

Why is she so pure?

>they felt it in the hivemind.
This is what the whole galaxy heard in hivemind.
It will be hard to apologize now.

I just wanted to say Mirage really lived up to her name

Heart and Soul > any Macross 7 song


>Track 7 on Walkure trap is the outstanding, excellently-produced "Hear The Universe"
>Track 8, directly following is the absolute garbage, shittily produced Namidamebakuhatsuon


>fading in and out during Hayate's confession
I was rock hard
>that self defeating confession
That cut me in ways I wasn't expecting, as a Freyjafag

>Gamlin and Basara
7 winner is Emilia

Roy Focker's death really hit hard on hikaru. Which was at the moment when he dropped the plamo plane after knowing about Roy's death. Seriously, it affect me as well.

Have I missed something or Walkure Trap only have the second ED with Mikumo solo?

I don't see anything wrong with that. Peace talks are included in "dealt with" it's a general statement. Heinz clearly doesn't want war.

If you think about it, it's the relationship that got the most development in 7. Also one of the reason why it's so good.

>finally manages to say his gf
>save his gf's gf as well

can't wait for the cuck doujins

In a few years. Considering that Freyja will croak soon enough, having her not win would be pretty ass.

"I just said that to placate my knights"
threesome hatefuck

New Walkure album is great! I wonder what songs they will pick for the final episode.
>Bokura no Senjou
>Girafe Blues
>Ichido Dake

Well, at least they used Novatic as final song. But to be honest I think even Kawamori felt that 2nd cour wasn't needed.


I can't stop laughing when I see this kind of pic.

Some people are calling Asuka waking up at the end of EoE "winning".

And our precious Freyja won.

That's my girl.

>Writers were just plain mean
Kawamori is well known for being an absolute ass to losers.

>implying Kaworu isn't always the winner

So Yui wins?


That's not Yui.

The death of wacky Freyja faces was the death of Delta.

>dead in 10 years max

Man I miss that show. Too bad Sunrise jus twanted to make a glorified mobage ad.

>applying meta explanation

Isn't that Kawamori's explanation of the universe though? I don't like it any more than you do, but it informs how the universe functions in the franchise.

every character except freyja being cast aside was the death of delta

The biggest disappointment about the ending was we never got a dancing duel between Hayate and Keith.

Is it the music that made Frontier better than Delta? Can't get enough of Sheryl's songs.

Ranka got out pretty damn good in the TV series
>lose boy
>get brother
>still famous
>happy UNDERSTANDING ending
Movie on the other hand...

No, it's a loser falgs chart by Miragefag. Based hoina dodge all of the flags like a boss.

To be honest even Mirage didn't get a dick and character development she still get to live happily.

I am enjoying the shit out of 7's music already

>Ranka got out pretty damn good in the TV series
>lose boy

Keep it coming. Their delusion and arse hurt needs to be documented for future generations and researched with scrutiny.


What did he mean by this?

>Freyja wouldnt confess if it were not for Mirage

Fucked up, they fucking fucked up

Well it's good you like it, because you will be hearing that same song twice an episode for the rest of the series.

>getting the boy is the only thing that matters
Maybe you're watching too many teen american movies

She doesn't have eleven years left. And what about the bench? That's another seven years! They'll need to have twins and triplets out he wazoo.

I am not sure I like that idea. The only thing worse than repeating a bad song is killing a good one.

>middle-aged droopy goods



You're gonna listen to Planet Dance and you're gonna like it, motherfucker.

Use the time. Learn to sing along.

Fuck, seeing this pic remind me that Dalta literally throw a large amount of loser flags to Freyja.

>ywn spoil that apple girl

They should have thrown in Piloto just to bang the final nail in the traditionfag coffin

Well that image explains it all, she didn't raise the ultimate loser flag that is My Boyfriend is a Pilot. Smart move.

>30 years for the loser to finally win
>breaks tradition and the show is received poorly

They always posts this fucking chart when first cour was airing.
So My Boyfriend is a Pilot is still a curse song?

Ultimately it's just a way to deal with canonicity. And the main and only purpose is to prevent arguing about canon when you have multiple versions (e.g. TV/movie) of the same events. If you ever were into Fate or 2hu you would know how autistic and cancerous those discussions are and why Kawamori wanted to avoid them.

So while this meta explanation does explain how Macross universe works, it doesn't explain how anything _inside_ this universe works. In fact it adds even more vagueness by saying that everything is just a movie and no one knows the truth. And using this meta knowledge to prove anything is beyond stupid.

Let us remember the good moments of Delta.

Stay mad and damage control.

Seems like it. They intentionally raised all the other flags. They left that one out. It's the romance kiss of death.

It's fucking great. Only assholes and dumbasses don't like 7 music.

I missed Immelmann dance.

Miragefags are asleep, post spoiled apple girls!



Hayate's design would have made for a good heroine.

Updated with final results.

I'm awake. But feel free to post anyway.

>you'll never lose the triangle you're the center of
How Mylenne managed to lose still baffles me.

Breaking tradition

No surprise that 7 is horrible outside of its music

Keke Mirage knows what he's going to do with Freyja after the battle ends.

>No surprise that 7 is horrible outside of its music
B-but MUH gamlin kick.

The moral is
>don't chase blindly after autist cock
I guess?

Should've just made another one goddamn episode to ties all the loose end 2bh.

This shit end on a bad note. No macross anime deserve this treatment.

We all do, son. Maybe more in the movie.

>Should've just made another one goddamn episode to ties all the loose end 2bh.
Instead we had a whole episode of the Arabian exposition man talking about things we already knew.

She was just a kid, Gamlin was 19 year old and Basara was in his early twenties if I remember correctly

Not even any resolution on Hayate vs Keith. They could've at least had a dance-off.

I bet you think Frontier is good.

UTA WA HEIKI didn't get resolved and Hayate just control himself. Sasuga Macross.

Alto and Sheryl are the beautiful kind (mostly in the movies, fixing QUALITY and manfaces).
Hayate and Freya are cute.


7 had a shitfest of a plot, ANIMA SPIRITIA and shooting magic beams from mechas was retarded then and retarded now.

>I am the galaxy!

People forgot about 7 and had positive reactions to Frontier that more people like it than Delta which is another show who broke Macross traditions

>Basara dies
>JK is joke
>No, seriously this time, everything is ded
>JK again, he sang in a dream so he gained SPIRITIA that let him sing a song stronger than any song previously sung.

the "movie" was good, yuuge nee-chan a best.

I figured the resonance was fixed in the final episode when Hayate and Freyja confessed to each other because THE POWER OF LOVE.

So you hate fun. Magic beams are awesome, not retarded.

Yeah AruSheryl have a sexual appeal and adult relationship. Meanwhile HayaFre are cute and pure, pure as fuck so we didn't get any kiss or sex scene.

>Show went downhill after best boi died
>Everyone sucks main heroine's dick
>MC fagged Main heroine hard
>Second heroine get a shitty treatment
>POWER OF LOVE resolved shit
We're /EVOL/ now.

Idol purity is bullshit. How dare they deny us a kiss? Could have at least been a cheek kiss or a rune kiss.

>tfw I wanted Hayate to say Gori Gori again

Oh well, at least we got him saying Rune ga Pika Pika

We are a step above because best girl won.

>rune kiss.
That's too lewd user.

Later that day, he signed up to become a Delta pilot. Now he fags over Reina on a daily basis

Please take your time watching 7. I feel like it's a show that's difficult to marathon, so watch something else if you feel burnt out and get back to it later.

That scene was a heartwarming one, Hayate know how to make her rune shine bright again.

Yeah, that's the one of good thing from Delta. If we didn't get rushed ending HayaFre scene would be more emotional.



Damn, Episode 16 thread was fun.

Please translate, senpai.

It was so good. Hayate is a great guy, and Freyja is a miracle of the universe that deserves to be spoiled for the rest of her life. ;____;

They really are going to end the series without resolving this, oh my god

worst girl won. I am disgusted

That's beautiful. I have no idea what it says, but it's cute. 10/10 would ship again.

Freyja asked if Hayate could said that he love her song and record it so she could listen to it before concert. Hayate told her that she doesn't need to record it because he will say it anytime Freyja want.

>worst girl won. I am disgusted

Reminder that they denied a HayaFre hug in episode 16 so they didn't have to kiss in he end. Backwards thinking from idol purists I guess.
Earlier he said he would negotiate peace talks but then says this. There are other ways they could have resolved this though it would have required two episodes. Delta would have benefited from a longer final battle.

This is a blue board.

still disgusting!

Hayate and Mirage seem to be audience surrogates/self-inserts while the known heroes/protagonists are Freyja and Keith. Ultimate self-insert ending would have been Keith surviving and falling for plain Mirage.

>No "My Boyfriend is a Pilot" in the whole series




Final Stage never ;_;.

>Yet another show where I remember all the good points of the first half of the series that is instantly ruined by the second half being not as good

Why does this keep happening. Why is it rarely the other way around

This is too sad, what the fuck is hapenning. Why second half of anime always ruined thet hype tension in first half.

A-are you making this pictures now or...?

Why must things be this way

Man, AKB0048 is literally the only reason why I gave Delta a chance at all. I figured the magic that made that show even remotely work would be here.

I hope everybody watches that show after Delta. It's clearly where Kawamori's focus went after EVOL

The previous macross featured human heroes or singers or at most part zents. The heroes of Delta in a legendary way are Keith and Freyja. Both Windermerians with their own manga and shit. Hayate is your POV of their story and legend.

This Macross was about Windermere from start to finish. It was a huge fucking change. It doesn't mean NUNS were completely BTFO but Earth certainly lost a lot of face when Keith and Freyja are portrayed as heroes.

Shit, Delta novel even makes NUNS responsible for VAR. They completely whitewashed SMS dealing with the Varja (they just fought Galaxy's Lucifers, and one was a Windermerian!! Former White Knight NUNS got killed with their bombing) while it was the NUNS fleets that attacked the Vajra queen. Driving the Vajra away, resulting in Var. This is how media dramatization is portraying the NUNS. They get zero sympathy and are either fuckups or evil.

They could have had Freyja sing it as another fuck you to traditions, but I guess this tradition(or curse) in particular was too strong for Freyja's luck.

They save it to let the tradition alive with zents and jenius curse.

Probably why Freyja won, she avoided singing the song of loneliness.

worst skank won the Hyatebowl. I am filled with disgust. I will get over it, but not today!


It's not stupid. Kawamori is self-aware about an interpretation of events. The real events were likely "So these guys fought these guys and there was singing." The rest can be made up with characters who might have not existed. Misa and Hikaru could and couldn't have existed. But Minmay, Max and Milia did.

You can see how he can freely change shit in movies. Grace went from full big bad to sympathetic mother figure who redeemed herself.

Each Macross is progressively leaving the mecha action aside to glorify muh song. As soon as colonists and other planets and aliens appear, NUNS stop being portrayed as sympathetic and getting darker and darker, specially when connected to Earth.

She was a songfag brat at first but now her body is ready to breed.

Update please.

Subconsciously making them bigger in the neural network.

>Earlier he said he would negotiate peace talks but then says this.

With Chaos. Not with the Earth Government.

How could you fail Delta that hard, Satelight? You just had to basically redo AKB0048, or canonize it if you couldn't achieve to make Delta as great.

I'll consider it part of the Macross universe anyway.

It was a set up for future Macross show where Earth gets glassed again for being assholes.

Freyja's not blonde

Stop reminding me about this show that was taken from me before getting a final stage

Why is everyone crying about Delta? Shit was fine.

>Shit was fine
No it wasn't, that was the problem, about the only thing it managed to do ok was the main couple acting cute around each other.

Ending was rushed. It needed a two episode extension like Frontier. Also no Lady M reveal or final kiss. I still like it.

>told Hayate that she afraid of get VAR'd because no fold receptor
>Hayate said that they will be alright because Freyja's with them
>Press her boobs on Hayate's back
>no reaction
>buying a gift for Freyja with him
>Hayate ditched her after got an idea for a birthday present
If you thinks Mirage ever stood a chance, you're delusional.

Why couldn't they actually let Freyja kiss Hayate after she sang the lyrics, "I steal a kiss."

That would've been perfect.

I think they meant lighter hair wins against darker hair? Idk.

He did redo 0048, right down to the part where the second half shit the bed. I mean really Kawamori, how did you screw up this bad again on the second try?

>hair color
Is 2tones hair a winner flags in Macross now?

I meant lighter hair color. And she is half blonde.

Getting vomited on should be a new loserflag too.

I mean, it was obvious from the beginning. Also, reading the novel makes it plain obvious that Hayate was in love with Freyja from the start when he first met her. I guess the anime didn't do a good enough job to make that obvious though.

Well, they failed Chieri's not-Kawamori dad subplot, but at least both the endings of First Stage and Second stage were fucking worth it. Sadly, I can't say that much about Delta.

They also failed the yuri subplot.

S-So, what about Lady M...?

You guys are crying harder than Bogue after he cums to imagining Reina stepping on his rune.

It's betetr for her to not appear, if frontier taught us anything, is that Minmay waifufags are cancer and would doom the universe to meet her.

What happened to this blog?

The guy used to post so much, it was my main source of Delta news, but now the blog is dead. Is he another victim of Delta's awful second cour?

>Hayate confesses to Freyja
>Mirage confesses to Hayate
>Mirage tells Freyja to confess to Hayate
>Freyja confesses to Hayate

Jesus fuck, this was horrendous. It's especially bad because most of the second half of the show was wasted focusing on Hayate and Freyja's relationship and the drama between them. And then their confession is completely and utterly ruined because Mirage needs to be shoved in because "oops we forgot this was supposed to be a love triangle". And they don't even kiss. Fuck this shit show.

Just watched the last episode.

I give the ending 4/10 and the series as a whole 5/10.

Would not watch again.

What's your favorite song off Walküre Trap! ?

Can I ask you something? Despite finding delta shit. Why are you still following the threads?

Absolute Five. None of the songs even come close to the first album's though.


Either Hametsu no Junjou Mikumo Solo or Kaname's new solo.

What's the name of the song played at the beginning of the episode? Lyrics go sing until you break or something like that.

風は予告なく吹く ~Freyja Solo~


>None of the songs even come close to the first album's though.
I'm of the complete opposite opinion. I love this album to death except for Silent Hacker.

>how autistic and cancerous
You're absolutely correct.
The Macross meta-narrative is a waste of oxygen, but it does explain why the melodrama is so high, I guess.

I definitely agree with you--it's so vague and frustrating.

Absolute Five, DYRL, God Bless you, Happy Birthday song, LOVE! THUNDER GLOW, and track 11.

>How Mylenne managed to lose still baffles me
Basara is a complete autist with no interest in romance. And Mylene is a goddamn kid that doesn't even begin to pick up his interest in any way whatsoever.

Love thunder grow


namidame bakuhatsuon and hear the universe

>anything in anime selling like Frontier

negro please

Do any soundtracks normally even come close to selling as much as Delta's?

Is the walkure version of DYRL slower than Ranka's version?

Destiny from the start. They really might as well have been separated from birth.

I need the second OST. I need the Star Song.

Delta is doing fine I don't have the numbers but I'm sure most ost do worse

versions of dyrl

original > ranka> mylene > walkure


It's just like a shoujo manga, the artist doesn't give a fuck about the heroine's bust size.

The series went to shit after Messer died, he didn't even get a finger or shift in with Mikumo.

I'd like a Junna solo.

Fun fact that Delta's first OP/ED single outsold Triangler on its first week. But you can't see it on that chart because it's comparing 8 years of Frontier's sales with few months of Delta.

>Lets go of his hate
>Accepts the Walkurefag in him
>Does a better job at protecting Walkure than Delta
>Will probably become the next White Knight
>That look at the end that implies he has finally matured
And people everywhere wanted him to die. But no, he lived and became second best boy after Keith. But since Keith is dead that means he's now Delta's best boy. Bogue a best.

>ikenai borderline was only in the first two episodes

Why? We didn't need Giraffe Blues and Bokura no Senjou every episode.

This. I'd give everything for a JUNNA solo of DYRL deculture version from Frontier.

and Frontier was popular for at least 5 or 6 more years.

Let's be honest Delta isn't going to change anime history but it wasn't bad

It's not like it'll sell much more, stuff being actually popular is what helps long-term sales.

So, how long until Freya dies?

Right after she and Hayate fuck.

Nope, they need to have a kid first. Unless Freyja somehow makes Hayate pregnant.

>forgetting episode 13 when everyone thinks that Walkures are left behind waiting for Elysium to charge fold drivers but then suddenly Ikenai starts playing and Aether folds in with Walkures in their battle costumes.

How long until their kids die?
Betting on them dying before Hayate.

Mine is
walkure> original> ranka> mylene

>Mikumo didn't win the hoinabowl
Shittiest Macross.

Abrupt ending. All that build up and the payoff was meh. Everything went downhill after Messer died. First episodes were good but then nothing happened during the second half most of the episodes.

Trouble keeping momentum, I guess. Sometimes if it's a split cour there are problems with revising some writing.

Speaking of that, why would they hold off on a final kiss for the sake of purity when they would eventually fuck anyways?

Keith telling Roid about living the moment and how Roid taught him the spark of life or whatever, as well as Herman's speech in ep 15, did a better job at delivering the Carpe Diem that whatever Delta and Walkure said or did previously about the same theme.

This is my first and last time watching any Macross series. That was appalling, I wanted to quit around the time Messer died but I was to far in.

0048's second half wasn't even bad. Just the stupid Elections stuff and how they never really explained the deal with Chieri's dad but once they got past those episodes, it was fine

>This is my first and last time watching any Macross series
Your loss, just know that anytime you want to get back into it you can only go up from here.

Especially when Frontier had the girls kissing Alto all the time

Zero was worse. Dogfights were neat though.

I'll say right now, I truly do believe a movie or two could fix a lot of Delta's issues. I didn't love the Frontier TV series all that much compared to how much I adore the movies.

It wouldn't even be that hard

>all the time
Kiss on the chick by Sheryl.
Proper kiss by Sheryl.
Underwater kiss by Ranka.
Ofscreen amount of kisses by Sheryl.

This series was worthless, other than Mirage that's it.

Death of macross

Yeah, you'd just need to rework characters, plot and conflict, not that hard at all, especially how the frontier movies kinda botch the series plot since it needed to be condensed as fuck.
I mean, you don't even get to see the spiral on the vajra planet activate, which was disappointing.

No Mirage as option so nothing

Come on user, you can't have her get space aids AND lose as well.

Kawamori is the kind of asshole who'd do it though. Physica had a hard life.

>I didn't love the Frontier TV series all that much compared to how much I adore the movies
Pleb who can't appreciate sexy evil cyborgs being boss.

Two proper kisses by Sheryl.

And even more than once might as well be "all the time" for anime. Did anybody kiss in SDF?

>She can scoop up single father Hayate
>used goods

>especially how the frontier movies kinda botch the series plot since it needed to be condensed as fuck.
They are not even the same plot. They're completely different

Yeah no, Delta is very bad
this song is best from II

They should have animated freya dying.

And Mirage winning.

The only case it would be possible to save macross delta

How long would the lifespan of a half-human half-windemare be I wonder?

The hand thing means Freya has 5 years? At least she didn't die in the plane, right?

The basics are kept, but they remove the more interesting parts of it. It's still
>get songstress
>subdue vajra
But worse, except for how it handled Sheryl and Grace, I liked that Sheryl was working actively with Galaxy and that Grace cared about her for real, but that's about it.

It means she used up some of her lifespan, we have no idea how much, unless it's been touched on in the prequel manga.

>Modern DYRL version ranking
Nao Toyama > Walkure > the rest

Mirage should have stayed with Hayate, and Freya be cured so she can live long life like huma n's.

What if she dies mid-fuck?

>dick in the box trick

nice haya haya

DYRL should have a Freyja solo. It would've been better than replaying Giraffe Blues for the dozenth time.

Man, it had good promise

>Better be ready
What did she mean by this?

I'm glad Aoyama lost, she deserved better than that fag.


Kawamori's fault and nobody else's.

Way to kill your own franchise

Ranka only kissed him once and that was a remake of a scene from Zero. Freyja should have at least kissed Hayate's cheek.

Hayate is not allow to leave the cockpit till Hoina gets her baby

Remember when we called it that Miragefags would still insist on Freyja's death so Mirage could get used goods?

Too bad for you Miragefags, Hayate swore to be Freyja's forever. Even when eventually dies, he'll stay single and dedicate himself to his kids he had with the Hoina. He'll have two loli Freyja's and one chibi Haya-Haya to love him and keep him company.


OK but on a serious note, Mirage will move on from this and find someone else, settle down and be happy. Please stop degrading her to a second choice or making her wait years for a dick. Mirage deserves better than that.

For sex and marraige before he hits 20.

Good luck finding Delta anywhere in december 2016 magazines. Wasted.

Hot, passionate, sweaty unprotected raw sex.

Someone will even care to buy that thing and spoil it to us? I can't find reason to expend a singpe dollar in Delta so far

That's exactly when movie will be announced.

Macross Delta ~After Story~

Dude just stop

Freyja's gonna make Hayate spill all his buccha Gori Gori in her Hoina until he knocks her up.


What about the Pika Pika?

We need cockpit sex doujin NOW.

By the way first volume of Freyja's manga is out.

What are the chances someone will buy it, scan it and share it?

For eventual heartbreak when she dies at 25-29.

>Frontier TV left us all wondering if Sheryl and Alto really did fuck
>Frontier Novel confirmed it
>Delta TV left us all wondering if Freyja and Hayate fucked in the cockpit
>mfw Delta Novel confirms it

>Delta movie
>new war
>Mirage is Hayate's wingman and
>here comes the snow

>twenty five episodes of being an insufferable cunt
>one episode of mild character progression
>best boy

Messer was the only non-shit male character in the entire cast.

>I'll consider it part of the Macross universe anyway.
Me too! I would also like to add Symphogear but it's too different.

>people think that Freyja has at least 10 more years
Cassim was 23 and he had no skin cancer. So in terms of windermerian aging Freyja is probably at least 25 and she has like 5 years left.

Don't be a cunt. People hated Messer before he died. Hayate, Keith, and Roid were good characters too.


Post lewd Hoina faces. I'll start.

What? Yes he did! Shit started forming all over his face too which is fatal.

Literally why have a romance anime if they never even so much as kiss.

I don't get it. It's like having a shounen anime with no battles.

Delta failed on all fronts.



To be fair they are teenagers with a crush. In Hayate and Freya's case even if they turned out to not fit together afterall Freya would probably be dead by then.

Mirage will have long since moved on and found her own path in life.

And concider this. Mirage is a good friend to both of them and when Freya dies Hayate will be devastated. she would literally be in the worst place to end up with Hayate after all of that.

Just let her go. She didn't win the Hayatebowl, but atleast she found her own wings and she learned to enjoy life. She'll be happy.

Yeah but Cassim continued to overuse it. Freyja will stop now. And she's technically still "young" so as long as she stays away from protocolture shit, I can see her making it to 25-27 ish. Last month's Febri states that Windie flakes aren't even dangerous until they reach the face and brain. Cassim was in deep shit since his appeared on his neck, very close to his face.

>Keith, and Roid were good characters too
Ahaha, no.

I'm so glad that they both died. Herman and Heinz are the only two windies who derved to live.

That he'd better be ready

Novel makes it clear that Hayate is in love with Freyja and that she is the one who gave him a reason to live. That before he met her, he didn't find the joy in living then everything changed when he met her. She became his life.

That's not a crush. That's love. And Freyja loves him as well.

But I agree with your post on Mirage.

I was talking about Mirage.


Novel epilogue 2-3 years later Hayate, a little child with Freyja's face, and Mirage leaving flowers on Freyja's grave.

Oh, sorry. But yes, I agree with everything you said about Mirage. Mirage will move on and be happy on her own. No need to drag her back into this triangle. She's happy now. She found her reason to fly again and let go of her insecurities because of her family legacy.

People started to warm up to Messer a few episodes before he died. It's not like people considered him a dick right up to the last episode and then started crying about missing him, his character was actually handled in a way that made him endearing to people before they killed him off.

You're missing my point. I assume that amount of skin cancer is proportional to their age and in normal case it progresses with the same speed for every windie:

For example at the age of 23 you have 0% cancer (like Cassim)
At the age of 33 you have 60% skin cancer (like Herman)

So if Freyja has 5-10% skin cancer she basically is at the same level as 25 years old windermerian. So with current cancer progression she has ~5 years until cancer spreads to her brain and kills her.

Let it go, man. Stop doing this to yourself, it's not good for you. If Mirage could move on, then so can you.

Ranka found love when she lost. Mirage definitely can too.

The ultimate

>How would Mirage do that to herself?
Because she knew it wasn't mutual and she is a better person then most so she "sacrifised" herself for HayaFrey's happyness.

She's a real bro.

it's one of the reasons why I liked her as a character. She's the kind of girl that would put others ahead of herself and not make a fuss about it. She'd suffer for it but not drag others down and instead help them come together. She's strong in a whole different way and it's what made me like her from the very beginning.

Possibly the worst finale in any Macross ever.

Bad use of music. Hardly any action scenes. Terrible romance resolution.

Freyja is gonna entrust Hayate's life to Mirage on her last moments in all likelihood, since he's gonna be depressed and stuff.

Mirage will win in the movie.

Yes, just like the scanfag.


Still pleasantly surprised he survived the series
Still feel like an idiot now that she survived. I campaigned so hard to prove to the other anons that she could not have possibly survived. You win teamsurvive

Freyja could do that and wouldn't be bothered by it to be honest, it kind of sounds like her.

there won't be a movie for years by which time we will all be dead

Hm, I don't know. You also have to take into account that what happened to Cassim, Heinz and Freyja was outside of "normal", it was forced and not the natural progression of their bodies.

I see like this. Imagine you're a diabetic and you are told you'll only live until x age. You do some fucked up shit, it speeds up your deteriorating health. But then you stop and take care of yourself again. You go back to normal, or well, as normal as a sick person can be.

My point is, Freyja's body is still in good condition, only thing that happened was that the protocolture fucked up her hand. I mean we could argue on about this but we can't really come to a solid conclusion since Kawamori is a faggot.

Call me an idiot but literally what was the point of making the fan favorite with an already short lifespan and fuck her over even more in the end? That's fucked up.


Looking back at it, she really was

Giraffe Blues is still the best song in Delta

So Cassim could have stopped five seconds before passing out and still live a handful of years?

Nigga, Hayate isn't a dog you just entrust to someone else...

Hayate has feelings too, you know.

I thought she would get Herman's son no he isn't married don't ruin it after getting in a fight with his dad, but apparently even the writers forgot about her talk with Herman litterally one episode ago. Someone was shipping her with Keith, and he's fucking dead.

She truly was a "mirage".

Can we atleast agree that while Freya was indeed the girl destined to win, Mirage was a great person and a true friend till the end? Face it she hurt herself to bring happyness to HayaFrey and that alone makes her almostbestgirl

Definitely not how japanese think

It had reached his face/brain by then, so no.

>Koi Halation the War didn't play when Walkure was breaching Ragna's atmosphere
>Ikenai Borderline didn't play when Mikumo regained control of herself

Fucking bullshit

Odd way to spell Hametsu no Junjou.

He had lots of great moments, and even his worst actions are understandable. Most 15 years old are insufferable, add his background, the dead family and his situation and you get a Bogue. Freyja's Jesus attitude is the unrealistic one.

>what was the point of making the fan favorite with an already short lifespan and fuck her over even more in the end? That's fucked up.
Sounds like typical Kawamori.

I'm already waiting for his Next project.

If she stays with Hayate after some years, giving them this short time for them to happy, knowing about the hand stuff before anyone else.
Sounds like Mirage as well.

I guess we will never know.

Fine Hayate's a dog then. And as a dog, he is loyal to his master (Freyja).

They brought back bad songs from the first albums and ignored the second album for the climax of the series.

Just why?

Maybe Hayate meant he'll suicide after Freyja dies.

Changing masters for a dog is a easy as buying premium food for one month

Mirage isn't the kind of person to wait years for a guy to love her back. She's a sensible person who will move on and find happiness with someone else. Will you people please stop making Mirage seem pitiful? She deserves better than that.

>an entire series without any big titty zent qts

Well, Mirage should have won but then again so many things were bad in Delta that only Mirage winning wasn't enough to fix it.

Poorly done Kawamori, your loss.

stop thinking for others as if you knew better

Poor Hayate. You anons are terrible. Just let the boy have this happy life with Freyja and then take care of his kids he had with the Hoina.

but with who? That is the question.

I don't think Mirage should have won but she should have at least been an active participant in the triangle.

Mirage was a non-character, her winning any time after the halfway mark would have been awful.


She'll die between 5 days after the end to 5 years. So stupid.

You're talking like those crazy ichirukists.

With Herman's son.

Her grandmother is going to fix her up with a nice pilot.

Makina solo>rest of album

And yet it would have been a good attempt to save this series.

Meh, whatever, I guess Frontier was the last good one.

>comparing canon HayaFre to fanwank ichiruki

user please


Why only make two characters interact with each other enough to form a relationship and then have that relationship be fucking awful?

What was the point in this series?

Why do you put yourself through this?

OST2 when

I need the Rudanjal Rome Mayan JUNNA song


I've never seen so many people with their nostalgia glasses on than in this thread.

Literally Delturd.

7 is fun. Delta is shit.

Personal Macross Ratings

SDF + DYRL : 9/10
II : 5/10
Plus : 7/10
Seven + Accompaniments : 8/10
Zero : 7.5/10
Frontier + Movies : 8/10
Delta : 5.5/10

This is bad even if it was looked at as a non Macross series. Even Valrave and Aldnoah were better.

Kinda sucks when your grandma is more fun than you.

Okay now I know you're full of shit.

That's an unfair comparison though. She's more fun than pretty much everyone in the galaxy.

How long until the threads die out


Try clicking on the x button to the right.

>nostalgia glasses
I watched SDF, 7 and Plus for the first time this year in anticipation of Delta. They were all immensley fun and Delta was not.

>Messer a better character in 10 episodes than Chuck, Arad, Makina, Mirage and Reina in 26

>Chuck, Arad

user, you shouldn't just make up characters to make Messer look better

I have not watched the other Macross but I understand that people who did, were expecting something better from Delta. You can't help it when you like a story a lot to want more of it.

keith manga scans on weibo

Oh shit I just realized Herman is alive!

I stopped watching and started just reading the thread with episode 21, so much better this way than watching it still

Link it bitch, I can't into Chinese. Please.

Link. Or spoil us.

Yes but the gist seems to be "Why didn't it have the exact same strengths of [blank] and also any of the weaknesses I'm ignoring?"

Either that or anons just want a carbon copy so they can bitch that it's all the same.

>Vinland Saga's dog is a better character than anything in Delta
This is just sad.

>Windermere character with zero depth #3


And Cassim died for nothing
There's only room for one Master

>Cassim died for nothing

At least he was likable and not an ugly whale like Fishnigger.

google translate man

or make an account

Did Delta have any strengths?

Well his character is more expanded on in the manga but I see your point.

Based Mastah Herman and Arad knew that to stay alive you have stay irrelevant.

>still no cockpit sex fanarts

This is heresy

He achieved nothing apart from suiciding for a scuffle with Hayate

Only three pages.


better than staying as relevant at those twins in the back.

a handful of songs were good

possibly the best first episode of any macross


Yep, unconventional triangle as in MC gets to eventually be with both girls. Of course he has to use the lower quality one up first but that's a sacrifice some men are willing to make to taste a fine wine later.

>Did Delta have any strengths?
Multiple great songs

So you're basically saying Delta had barely anything for most of its run.

Compared to every other Macross, pretty much.


Last I checked she was a overly controlling bitch.