Diamond no Ace

This one of the few non fujoshit sports anime that aired in the last years. 6 episodes in, and enjoying the nekketsu so far.

Does it adapt all the manga? Was there a conclusion?
Your favourite character?

>handsome boys
>not fujoshit

Let me guess, you think fujoshit means "things you don't like".

>Does it adapt all the manga?

No. Manga is still going on but for the two seasons it gets through a lot of the material.

>Was there a conclusion?

Not yet.

> Your favourite character?

This handsome fuck.

Best characters were Yuuki and Raichi by far.

Captain is my favorite.

You don't know what fujoshit means

>favorite characters
Captain Tetsu and Raichi

mah nigga

>handsome boys
>handsome boys = fujoshit
Let me guess, you see every average looking athletic male character as a potential fap material, don't you?

Kuramochi had the most annoying laugh I ever heard.


You need to lurk more.

Fujoshit are the FANBASE, not the show you stupid idiot

Yeah, it was like he was trying to imitate Hiruma from ES21 or something.

Not him but I do

>This one of the few non fujoshit sports anime
What does that even mean?

Author was kinda rushing the first 30 chapters in Act 2 but it's pretty good now

A gentleman of fine tastes.

That's cause Koshien is sacred, the fact that we even got to see parts of Senbatsu is already a big surprise. I don't think Act 2 will have the same amount of chapters as Act 1 though it's definitely faster since they skip innings like crazy.

Proves how fucking slow baseball is if even a god damn manga finds it too tedious to cover every inning.

It was so forced, they should have cast Yoshino Hiroyuki instead.

It is the show when it does its own doujin in it.

Please, someone posts the pic with Battery subs for this faggot.

The pacing has slowed down somewhat, I think the author just wants to get to the good parts

You're aware the image you're posting is shopped, right?

Sawamura is 2nd year, Miyuki 3rd
And there are new 1st years, it's getting pretty interesting

It's really not. It's just a show about baseball. No homoerotic undertones you normally see in sports anime like Battery or Haikyu. Even DAYS has homo pandering despite the faggot MC's love interest (female) actually being relevant.

Hopefully, but at this point I'm fine with whatever direction they take so long as we get more chapters. I'd really like it to cover all 3 years of high school or even more, like have Act 3 be when Eijun hits 3rd year + early graduation as a pro.

Yeah, It's hard to make a compilation of screenshots without using a software. What's your point? These scenes don't exist?
You need to lurk more and watch more

>What's your point? These scenes don't exist?
Yes. The characters have been shopped in different positions.

I bet you believe this is shopped too.

Will Seidou actually win Koshien? Even if Sawamura is slowly turning into Hongou-tier they still got no batters. Hell their best batter against Amahisa was literally Sawamura.

How does one magically improve at batting? With pitching you learn new balls to throw for huge performance upgrades, but what can a batter do to level up big time in a few months? Swing your 1000 folded wooden bat underneath a waterfall in a snow country?

Prince of Tennis
Yaoi Pedo
Daiya no Ace
Big Windup!
All of them succeed because of fujoshit.
Initial D
Slam Dunk
These are some of the non fujobait sports anime. Last one was Ping Pong.

No, that one is real. I don't know what you're trying to prove here other than you didn't watch the show? Everyone knows Oofuri is pretty gay but that doesn't mean you can post shops and say it happened. In your head, maybe.

>what you're trying to prove
Read the discussion. He's so naive he thinks a show can't be described as a fujoshi show.

You must be really delusional to think Haikyuu has homoerotic undertones

>not the most fujobait of that list
>forgetting One Outs

One outs was pretty damn fujobait dude

Haikyuu doesn't try to pander to fujos but fujos love it anyway.

Kaiji is too ugly for fujoshit

you're confusing it with the Battery doujins you've read.

>Haikyuu doesn't try to pander to fujos
All the shota design was made thinking of fujoshit.

To be fujobait it needs to have fujobaits. One Outs isn't one because it' doesn't try to make any with direction or script. The MC is a bishunen. That's all.

Having a fujoshit fanbase doesn't mean it has homoerotic undertones

Why do some of you obsess over if something is fujisho or not? If you like it, watch it. No one's going to run into your room and call you a faggot

He's cute and moe, you blind faggot.

>doesn't mean it has homoerotic undertones

The very premise of Haikyuu doesn't help to believe otherwise either : cute boy meets another cute boy, they become partners, and try to work on their relationship, complementarity an feelings to improve their game.

My absolute nigger. One Outs is GOAT

>No Overdrive

mah boy Eijun about to be that ace

Nobody but the most rotten fujo could interpret that as 'homoerotic undertones'. I'm into bl too so I easily interpret certain kinds of scenes in a ship's favor, but Haikyuu seriously surprised me with how straight it was compared to all the yaoi fan material it had spawned.

well fug

>newfags don't know about Kaiji being gay

What are you talking about? That sort of premise is literally the bread and butter of your average slash shipper.

All this denial.

Why does he sit like that?

I want this guy to be the next catcher, but I feel like it's gonna be the one 1st year who's already a titular.

>MC is shown fucking some random bitches later in the manga


Studios will pander to whoever they can. Read the manga.

Or maybe because the series takes place in highschool with young teenagers?

Or maybe because one of the focal points is the main character overcoming his lack of height?

Or maybe because there's a position in volleyball specifically for short people?

Not every male character less than 170cm tall is a shota.

>read ugly ass manga

S3 will shit on the manga because the pacing for that match in manga form was fuking terrible weekly