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>not posting updated version
Op is a faggot.

Reminder that this adorable housekeeper managed to destroy the FF from within.

Futurefags are STILL in denial about their anime being trash.

Say something nice to this cute protagonist!

Because I dare like what you don't? Shut up, edgelord
Both animes were good. No denial here. Just this extremely weird thing called different opinions


Post butt

Hopebot is going to die in the first chapter and detective kun/tenkai are going to be the main two opposing forces in the truth vs lie debates until detective kun dies and its up to you to call bullshit on tenkais everything

Like Souda. Sasuga Kohacka.

okay where's ゼツーボ

>Last episode is in two days
I'm gonna miss you guys so much

>putting in unconfirmed readings

Ruru didn't deserve to die

anal sex

She's going to hand me the mc spot! GIVE IT TO ME KAEDA

Souda was just a mechanic. Being an inventor is very different from being a mechanic

Yes, you need to stop existing.

>you will never have Maki sing you a lullaby while you rest your head on her thighs and she pets you while you drift off to sleep


how the fuck is a midget Ultimate tennis player? I know Danganronpa wasn't realistic but this is too much.

There's nothing adorable about a woman who spread her legs for the FF because Junko told her to.

>Literally Hopebot

>Short people cant play tennis
Come on now

Nice tits

Ooma just awakened my attention. Dictator title? I'm interested.

Besides, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

Nice ass.

The maid gives me serious Peko vibes. I wouldn't be surprised if she killed on the order of someone else. But who could have a relationship with her? The dictator? The detective?


DR3 would have been a lot better if she did survive and learned from her mistakes, but DR3 obviously wasn't meant to be good so we couldn't have that.

Shut your mouth she managed to use Tengan to her advantage.

Red girl's name is
Literally translates as demon/devil princess and she is a nursery school teacher/childcare worker.
This is gonna be interesting.

It's weird to think they all used to be people who didn't kill, and kill daily, before the apocalypse happened.


They updated with Talents and names

> 3 feet tall
> ULTIMATE tennis player

So how many of these characters are probably old characters in disguise?

She's female.

She was an empty shell full of nothing but jizz by the time she died.

I would actually marry her and fuck her.

Not Junko's talent is the most valuable.

Everything points to a one simple fact, she is the best girl.

I know it's morning in America, but why does Danganronpa attract this kind of newcancer?

>aikido-chan will never pin you to the ground with her kungfu moves

Naegi Hope is the only WAY!

Behead those who insult Him

Killed by cosplayer
Made to look like cosplayer
Found out by detective because they're siblings

Just like Souda, amirite?

Whatever you say, edgelord

Fuck off back to Report and move on to the real thread people

user she spent most of her time spreading despair

Alright guys, Chisa was just a prelude to this.

Pick 6 who will survive this shit

Tenko the qtest

He met Monaca up there.
I thought he'd be the ultimate astrophysicist but astronaut is fine.


Your ahoge's on point, let's find you a good husbando

She's going to die in a very shitty way, just like all the best girls before her.

Brown is guaranteed to survive

She doesn't look stupid. Maybe a bit overconfident.


I'm not going to miss these threads.

>thigh highs is a nursery teacher.

How do you get scouted for that and I want her to take care of me.

wew I thought this was like a fanmade thing, not actually real.

I have never been more disappointed that each person wasn't tied to some sort of criminal activity.

Pek....you're right

She's fucking done for

She is cute and she can manipulate people's emotions with her piano skills.

I thought I was the only one.



Detective or ???

>reserve course
what did jin mean by it

>Kaede is actually Junko reborn

Hope will win in the end

You gonna get raped

Inventor is too hot
she will die

Fuck off despairfag

Future >>>>>>> Despair

Changing my stance.

He will be Byakuya/Fuyuhiko of this entry.

He will scream JUSTICE/HOPE/CRIMINALS at everyone and see world in black and white until he realizes that people can be decent while not being perfect.

Didn't stop akane


Art club member

My thoughts were Celes, Hiyoko, Miaya and Pikachu.

But yours work too.

You repeating it doesn't make it true.
Despair has Komaeda being Komaeda.
Future has nothing of worth.

DR3 so bad that Cred Forums talks about a videogame and not the anime itself

Inventor is literally female Souda, she's safe.


She really hated herself at the end. Knew she was on a a path to destruction. I feel for her even if she did put this all on herself with her horrible deeds

If you don't like it, fuck off

because every character got some backstory in their FTE except chiaki because it was AI chiaki who talks about her "dad" chihiro.
We don't learn anything about her real past or why she feels like all she really has is games. Nothing about her parents, past "friends", nothing.

Its odd considering she was planned to die from the very beginning.


No that user was right. Despair arc sucked ass, future was at least a wild ride.

RIP all best gurls, especially celes and pikachu

It's because AI Chiaki had no real backstory, certainly nothing she could share without breaking her cover. Meatspace Chiaki is a different character and should be treated as such.

Aikodo > Inventor. Legs over curves in this case, invento's just a wee bit too stocky

Are people really in denial mode right now?
This has been awful.

It's true, she deserved much worse

>Green boy's talent is unknown
>They said earlier that they got a famous VA for him.
He is the ultimate singer? Or the ultimate idol?

Hey Kodaka. Remove the everyone gets executed if you mess up rule. It makes it so that the murderer can never win because the story wouldn't continue. Make it so the person who made the false accusation is the only one to die.

>that user
Fuck off.


Komaeda's only noteworth moment was GUN

Future had Juzo being awesome, Munakata being memetastic and a legitimidade gopd character, Tenham being COMPLEX and even had the hopelet owning it up

Predictions on plot twist in next game?

If she dies there won't be a sexy big breast girl to survive, and we know about kodaka and his fetishes.

Who, who and literally who?
Complete garbage.

Hes the ultimate liar

and its probably miyano

>Gifted Criminals

So they are all convicts or what?

Did Keade drop piano on someone?

That's a really cute girl

So is Monaca dead?

Protagonist is actually a trap

But then the player gets cucked out of solving a case if the murderer wins and goes free

>famous VA
>it's Megumi Ogata

she dindu nuffin

Nice shitpost

Juzo was the best thing about DR3

Protag dies midway and perspective switch.
Protag is the villain.
Protag is not who he seems.

Hey the astronaut and Komaeda got their t-shirt from the same place.

Still got the brown artist

Seeing as how talents mean nothing and they're just a vehicle for the character to have a superpower, she probably can mindcontrol people with her music or some retarded bullshit like that

So, who's going to want to fuck who?

She played music on a no-touch piano in an ancient, holy area and was arrested.

My favourites are Lil Nigga,Weedman 2.0 and Not Nagito.

They scream crazy shit.

If we try to infer things from what she says and does, like we have to for almost everything else that happens with her development (which is actually pretty nice), she was essentially a homeless orphan who just hung out at arcades and only ever played single player stuff. People noticed her because she kept getting ridiculously high scores everywhere, and that's what caused her to get scouted for HPA.

Yeah my first thought Mamo. He even looks like it.

Kaede being the protagonist is the fake-out

SHSL ??? is not plot relevant

Detective helps you out like Kirigiri did but is so obsessed with truth that he becomes final boss

she has no boobs though. Unless the traditional flower girl survives....she has midriff and big ones

How to survive in Kohacka's killing game
>make yourself tanned before participating


My expectations are so ridiculously low at this point I'll be happy if he's the first killer instead of the first victim.

for hopebot

Are these names confirmed or are you being a faggot?

>not even a single girl

The twist is at ALL of them are liars, aside Robot who cannot lie.

Hopebot VA will be Ogata.
His design, his talent, his name everything scream red herring.

that art club has a problem

The murderer shouldn't go free. This game should have no incentive to kill people yet the murders happen regardless. It would be much more awesome knowing that a killer is among you.


Alright everyone, call your deaths

Gonta and Ryoma are a given because nonstandard designs
Magician, Inventor and Aikido because gotta thin the female side and they're too gimmicky
Folklorist and Maid probably
Cosplayer looks too obvious, so she probably won't

yes but they might change depending on the "style" written or something i don't really understand since Im not a hyper weeb but you get the point.

The maid is so painfully obviously a dude it is not even funny.



Would you go for a relaxing jog in a hallway to protect your detective? Naegi would've.

Calling it now.

Chapter 1: Cosplayer kills Detective, disguises herself as him and vice versa after the fact, and tries to trick the others into convicting 'him' of killing 'her' since she'd get out on a technicality.
Case 2: Dictator kills Artist in such a way that Astronaut thinks he was responsible and evidence points towards him. Kaeda has to figure out the inconsistency indicating it had to be Dictator who did it.
Case 3: Magician uses her talent to make it look like Bug-collector and Tennis-player got into a fight and both died, cast start off thinking they need to determine who the aggressor was but realise mid-trial it had to be someone else who killed both.
Case 4: Hopebot has his self defence routine triggered by Akido girl when she tries to kill him, instead kills her. The case involves him gradually awakening to human emotions over its course after getting development for the rest of the game and breaking down and confessing to save the others after they fail to actually convict anyone.
Case 5: Inventor figures out that Maid is a traitor, sets up an elaborate scheme to killer her in such a way that it's impossible for even Monokuma to determine the killer. Succeeds, meaning everyone still alive proceeds onwards.
Case 6: Revelation of the mastermind, and that ??? must die for some convuluted reason to save the others. End.


GIVE UP 7-user

Pushing yo luck.

She's used to pose for nude painting

>he still doesn't know japanese

I think she will, haven't had anyone with a talent based around combat survive a killing game


DR3 BD preorders on amazon stalker just shot up by a lot.
>*80位/*89位 (**2,427 pt) [*,*14予約] 16/09/28 ダンガンロンパ3 -The End of 希望ヶ峰学園- Blu-ray BOX I 〈イベント優先販売申込券付き初回生産限定版〉 [Blu-ray]

Depends on how moist her panties are

I want to impregnate Maki.

I guess at least they're aware of it?

soon lad, never give up on Hope

Why is kaede so fat?

Her waist is thicker than a robot.

Already claming maid as my waifu.
>Serious expression
>Cool looking

>Kaede will use her skilled pianist fingers to fingerfuck Maki until she can't think

I just hope v3 has more coldblooded murders. Moreso on the lines of what Leon/Sayaka did and Celeste, not "muh backstory/drama" murders.

Those were ok for what its worth, but a damn good wrong place wrong time, or right place right time for the murderer (not that hiyoko tier shit) is a good murder too.


Detective will turn out to be a girl and Maid will turn out to be a guy.

She played a song with copyright
Magician is a fraud
Art Club made forged paintings
Astronaut fucked up a space project and caused such a mess that he got sent to jail to pay for it
Folklorist stole from a museum/wroked on a museum and bullshitted about how a piece of junk was a relic of an ancient civilization
Maid stole money from her master
Aikido broke the rules in a match and seriously injured her opponent
Detective fabricated evidence to convict the true culprit of a murder
Bugboy let out some scorpions out of his box by accident
Hopebot pretended to be a robot so hard people got mad and sent him to jail
Dictator brought a country to ruin
Inventor made unethical inventions
??? hoped too hard

It's because of the Komaeda special.

Bug Catcher-kun x Magician
Rapist ??? x Kaede x Cap guy x Junko
Aikido-chan x Tennis dude
Folklorist x Maido
Astronaut-kun x Inventor
Maki x Hitler-kun
Art-chan (yandere) x Robotto
Cosplayer is forever alone and annoying

Thats gay user

I want to impregnate Tsumugi cosplaying as Maki

Maki looks pretty fat for her frame too. Or maybe it's just because she's flat as fuck.



So it's a given that astronaut will actually have the most useful talent because the game takes place on the moon right?

If I were Naegi I would take my hot detective and sister somewhere were the despair nonsense can't reach us and enjoy my life. Fuck FF. Fuck the world. Fuck hope.

That's the Nagito BD

>you'll have to flirt with all of the boys for FTEs

That's what caused the boost. Fujos wanting that Komaeda OVA special.

Inb4 Nagito pops up during the Hope Arc with Chiaki saying BOY HAVE I GOT A STORY FOR YOU

Kaede confirmed for being SDHS Slut.

Why is it called V3 anyway?

This is starting to get upsetting.

Guys didn't Kodaka say that Keebo is wearing a power suit and isn't actually a robot? Wouldn't that mean he's actually the Ultimate Cosplayer since he's cosplaying as a robot?

too bad Kirigiri lives for her job

The names are legit but there's probably mistakes since we don't have an official romanization.
>真宮寺是清   超高校級の民俗学者
>夜長アンジー  超高校級の美術部
>東条斬美    超高校級のメイド
>王馬小吉    超高校級の総統
>白銀つむぎ   超高校級のコスプレイヤー
>キーボ      超高校級のロボット
>茶柱転子    超高校級の合気道家
>赤松楓(主人公) 超高校級のピアニスト
>百田解斗    超高校級の宇宙飛行士
>春川魔姫    超高校級の保育士
>最原終一    超高校級の探偵
>星竜馬      超高校級のテニス選手
>天海蘭太郎   超高校級の???
>夢野秘密子   超高校級のマジシャン
>獄原ゴン太   超高校級の昆虫博士
>入間未兎    超高校級の発明家

Don't talk shit about my waifu. Besides we need 8 men and 8 women.

neptune shoutout

So original

I wonder how popular Danganronpa is with girls compared to lads. If they don't mind the last protag flirts I'm sure we'll adjust. See it as looking for a husbando for your little sister or something like that

Its the next game installment in the series, the new one. So it separates itself from DR3, which is a sequel but not a new game.

Kaede's waist is like 1.5x Maki's though.

That means she has good birthing hips

I'll just self insert since Im a fag anyways. I choose insect catcher.

Would you say DR3 has finally reached Star Wars Prequels levels of retroactively ruining everything?

The threads are not gonna get deleted right after finale, right?

okay the tennis player's name can only be a reference to The Prince of Tennis I refuse to believe otherwise

but why are we talking videogames on an anime board?are we going full dr3 mindwipe?

Will bug catcher be the first to defy the rule?

because miraihen 12 was shit.

You can talk about the anime too if you want user-kun

what anime?

Not really



>every Komaedafag is a fujo


VNs arent videogames

It passed that point three episodes ago.

can Tennis Player vibrate through walls?

Okay, fine, there are also fudanshi.

>they will never show Hajime interacting with a class 77 that isnt the fake Chiaki.

No, I frankly don't see how it ruined DR1 and DR2

rate the both arcs
>despair arc
>future arc

I'm glad they didn't bother to make DR3 into a conclusion for the first two games, japs can't write endings for shit. I'm excited for the new continuity.

If the murder can't be free from the game there wouldn't be a motive to kill anymore.

Brainwash video=Midichlorians

>every Komaedafag is a fujo or a fudanshi


>Danganronpa V3
>not videogame

both get 6/10 because they're alright. Not great, but not horrible. Had a lot of potential, we'll see what rating side hope gets.

A shitty lame manlet is the final boss of the entire saga and there doesn't seem to be any last-minute twist in store. This is not something that generates hype, this is something that looks really lame. The added insult is that almost all of the girls died and it looks like yet another "look to the future" ending.

It's true, wew yourself

I'm kinda dehyped to be honest. I don't see how a shitty nerd game can live up to the excellent standards set by DR3.

Both, 7..5/10.

I'm glad you understand.

You got SDR2 for that

Despair - 5/10
Future - waitingforthefinale/10

Hope is obviously Future arc finale, I can't rate it properly without it

> Naegi Bot, Keebo
Oh shit guys it's happening

Might aswell read a book


What do want to hear?
user answered your question already.

Komaeda is popular that's why releasing an OVA about him would boost the numbers. Which part of it you don't understand?

I want to plunge my penis into Angie.

I'd have to see more about them to really choose.

The other question here is, will he be right? Or wrong? Personally, I won't like Hagakure at all if he turns out to be wrong.


its a visual-novel style game...

Kirigiri is getting a new visual novel game or something too I believe. Shes a side character where you explore some shady house with a plant from santa in it or something

100/10 despair arc
- 10000/5 future arc

At this point I'm starting to think Miayafag-kun has a better chance of getting his HOPE answered.

>You got SDR2 for that
But I want to see it happen in real life post wake up.

Brainwashing was involved in the franchise since DR0, now they just presented in a more solid way that isn't unreasonable for how the DR universe works like

DR3 has problems but the brainwashing isn't one of them

>despair arc
>future arc

It's false

>What is Sarcasm?

Liking Komaeda's character has nothing to do with shopping him im gay pairings

>its a visual-novel style game...

Not that user, but it's still a video game though.

For a finale it's disappointing. It's no surprise people are looking forward something more promising.


There's no way this is real r-right?

Both are masterpiece 10/10 of the decade
Another magnum opus of this series

>Despair: M I N D H A C C/10
>Future: You gave an entire episode to fucking UDG but no fucking Jabberwock, fuck you. Also M I N D H A C C/10

Kyoko is alive, obviously

and Asahina won't die

Mitarai might sacrifice himself

my bad guesses

>Bends the rules, is generally cool and survives the first game while developing her character
>Drops dead in a needless third entry for no reason beyond giving Naegi some motivation in an incredibly dumb way that actually feels like Kodaka going 'she dies now'
DR3 was a mistake.

Reserving judgement until Hope/10.

>final boss

You people need to stop seeing DR3 as a vidya

Despair is 5
Future so far 6.5

>Mitarai might sacrifice himself
You mean kill himself in shame, there's no real reason to have a sacrifice but he should definitely an hero.

Detective can't die first, who would dump the clues to Kaede then?
She looks like a typical retarded blond bimbo

Dont be rude

I want to know how this counters what I said about DR3 not being forgotten

I love Gonta Gokuhara!!!

The two keboos can give a birth to even greater KEBOOU

Kaede will win in the 6th trial. Everyone else dies.

Actually the characters should have plenty of motive because they are criminals.

>being a DR2cuck

Your cast is irrelevant except for Nanami, Komaeda and Hajime

Are you ready for SHSL Hitler to be most based character?

She is alive though?

Her sacrifice in DR3 also showed carácter development

Everyone thinks not junko is going to survive

I don't hate her or anything but god damnit was she the most uninteresting to me, and still is. Her robot bookbag is pretty cool though.

Well it had Juzo/10

I can see he'll be annoying little shit Fuyuhiko 2.0

He's irrelevant too.

Looks like a girl

Even he wasn't all that relevant .

>Kyoko is alive, obviously
It would really be nice, but I'm keeping my expectations low and assuming that what we see is what we get, and what we get is that she died and there will be no payoff of any sort for the screentime Class 76 ate up.

>Asahina won't die
Hence why I said 'almost'.

She barely got to have any screentime before she dropped dead, too. That's frankly one of the reasons I bank on her survival, it's less to do with the plot and more to do with catharsis. There is no real catharsis in yet another "look to the future" ending with even more dead heroines.

>Fuyuhiko 2.0
so a completely based character that becomes the best bro in the entire series?

Literally everyone is a "DR2cuck" except for you autist I see you constantly posting this

>kaedengets raped and blackmailed by ??? in chapter 3
>the remaining 2 chapters have a PSTD mechanic in which you need to prevent kaede from snapping

good choice, he's got a sweet smile

>SHSL Nursey school teacher
I never excpected this. She seemed like an ice queen who don't give a shit, but she is actually pretty good with children and kind as fuck.
Best fucking girl.

I'm pretty sure something will happen and someone will have to stay behind to avert some explosion or something like that

Naegi will probably volunteer but Mitarai will go in his place

Komaeda BD doesn't come with the BD box, but with the DRv3.

Im sure she would enjoy it.

once his maid dies he'll be based. until then he'll be bratty.

Is the hope side an anime, or is it the upcoming game?

she probably killed those kids

>Your cast is irrelevant
As opposed to what?

Then they're excited that all of the girls are dead and they can just ship the boys together.

>There won't be an english collectors edition

kill me

The game will be like an otome game and Kaede can romance Saigen, Tenkai, Hopebot and Maki

That just means she's gonna die.

Tengan's motive was pretty complex. I'm satisfied.

DRV3:all females die, all we get are fujoshits

She's probably in trouble for a crime she didn't really commit, she's the protagonist so she's not allowed to have any moral ambiguity.

Komaeda carried the entre cast in DR2 and provided us the PEAK moment of the Despair arc with GUN

He was also the only remnant that actually did something in UDG

Whoever dies, it ain't the black one.

I don't care what happens as long as these two survive.

I actually think she's going to die pretty early on but I want her to live

Asahina is too cute. I hope shes fine.

>Komaeda carried the entre cast in DR2
he didnt

>provided us the PEAK moment of the Despair arc with GUN
Natsumi was better.

Kaede caused someone to commit suicide, she feels so guilty about it she confessed to murder.

Yep, but we all know what happens to gentle giants. I'll be talking to him first thats for sure

Most of them aren't. Japanese poll about Mirai-hen:

>16% It was good! (Male)
>19% It wasn't good (Male)
>23% It was good! (Female)
>42% It wasn't good (Female)
6 546 votes.

I'll be sad if she is really dead too but since her death is supposed to be a parallel for 1-5, I'm pretty sure she is still alive

Mage looks high as fuck

So should we except them all to have amnesia too?

We know who else is good with kids

Still not that relevant in the grand scheme.He was a stepping stone.

>That ratio

>literary everyone is a DR2 cuck

Nice delusion

>next to protag
Shes kill...


eh, I dont see the point

no one in Future had amnesia, for example

Why is Kaede's sprite so shiny?

Kaede was either framed, visiting someone in prison when the killing game starts or committed a crime.

Robot either malfunctioned and hurt someone or is just a guard.

Of course not, even girls waifu Chiaki which is why she's the most popular DR2.

She got sent to super jail for something she did with those kids.

"I-it was the Komaeda BD" fags blown the fuck out

more girls like danganronpa than men in japan.

Nice autism

Then I have no idea.

As opposed to the FF, Junko and the DR1 cast (with the exception of Hagakure)

They're mostly chumps

I think DR is more popular with females than males in Japan. Or at least that's what it seems like from fanart, polls, cosplay, and attendance at fan events and cafes and shit.

In the west it's probably like an 80% male audience like all other weeb series

Those were established characters though. I can forsee some sort of amnesia because otherwise a lot of mystery is gone. They'll have to do more work with the mystery aspect.

If the cast remembers everything thats going on in the outside world and what not, theres not as much mystery.
Also, Kaede woke up inside of a locker and if you think shes going to remember how she got there you have another thing coming

>They bring her back to life in side hope with Kirigiri

Would that appease the angry masses?

I can't believe he turned out to be dictator, I was so sure he'll be either street racer or maybe just some serial killer in straight jacket

Sure, only a few would be mad.
Junko-fags mostly.

Nah, she doesn't deserve to live

Maybe hes the new dictator of the Novoselic Kingdom?

No matter what happens, there will be a shit storm. This was a really ambitious arc and idk if they can save it.

Please no Kizakura sensei. I'd usually be alright with it since Sakura and Nidai sacrificed themselves for hope, but this new timeline might not be on the same hopetrain as the last 2. I guess I could always have a hope monolouge or 2 to myself while/if he dies for some peace of mind

>Natsumi was relevant
>A talentless normie

Nice delusion

>Komaeda didn't carry SDR2

Take him off and the game breaks

He caused 2-1, indirectly caused 2-2, had a major part in 2-4 and was behind the best case in the series

I'll be honest, I know that I would be. At the moment I'm just looking to Side Hope to say that I crossed the finish line.

>not chumps
They literally got BTFO by 1 Despair member

>DR 1 cast
Only if you count survivor

I want:

But it's gonna be:
Art Club Member
Robot (If it's 5 survivors like DR2 he'll die)
Nursery School Teacher

It would take some of the sting out, at least. It was not DR3's place to destroy all waifus.

Can you go a day without posting 'DR2' and 'cuck' in sequence?

>no period
Fuck off.

>As opposed to the FF, most of whom died without actually getting any character development
>As opposed to DR1, most of whom died without ever contributing to the overarching story just like the cast from DR2
Don't really know what your definition of "relevant" is here user.

>Everyone likes my irrelevant cast of characters!


I'd like it if they all turned out to be "winners" of previous killing games (and thus got everyone else in their groups killed), but as far as we know there weren't any more killing games past the ones we've seen. If they want to keep the "pure protagonist" aspect, they can have her win her game on some evil technicality rather than a purposeful deception.

Why didn't Tengan just ask Mitarai to let him borrow his phone instead of setting up a killing game?


>BTFO by one despair member

Who? Tengan wasn't despair

>DR1 cast

Yes It was talking about the survivors

DR1 survivors >>>>> DR2 survivors

not even mitarai would be manipulated that easy after what happened with Junko. And even if he did thats assuming mitarai would make ANOTHER video if he learned tengan wasn't working in hopes best interest, which is why Tengan needed to push him over the edge.

He needed to show MItarai what the despair of losing loved ones is like. That's what pushed him over. Mitarai only lost in concept. The world was ended because of him, but he didn't know what it was like to actually lose those closest to him en masse.

The SHSL detective from his uniform is probably the Japanese old school kind of detective as opposite of Kirigiri, that's fucking cool.

And miss that sweet opportunity to rekt Munakata?

How would Tengan know that he's hiding the video in his phone?

While you're right about girls waifu-ing Chiaki too, we are talking about Mirai-hen, so you should be referring to Kirigiri and other DR1/Mirai cast. Zetsubou-hen got a better reception (though there are less votes):


>25% It was good! (Male)
>12% It wasn't good (Male)
>34% It was good! (Female)
>29% It wasn't good (Female)
3 716 votes.

Fuck off cuck

Can you explain this more to a non weeb

I hope not, sucumbing to waifusim is the death of a series

inventor looks a lor like MC

Chisa was the one who gave Tengan the video and got him to recruit Mitarai.

"Hey wanna help me brainwash the planet, I heard you like to do that from one of my friends who used to work with your old boss Junko." Yeah that'd go over real well.

The only important members of the FF were Tengan, class 74 and on a smaller scale, class 76 If only because Ruruka was trying to defect

When I was talking about DR1, I was refering to the survivors

Every DR has fodder caracteres that are not relevant

You already replied to that post.

good taste, infact I prefer class 78 over 77

video game
: an electronic game in which players control images on a television or computer screen

No. Tons of people would be enraged solely on the merit of Kodaka chickening out during his fucking Hope's Peak Conclusion. If this is The End, there is no reason to be soft hearted when you've killed dozens of other major characters throughout the series. At this point, if anything can happy, anything should be able to happen. Not just "Oh she's enough peoples' waifu, therefore she is bulletproof, especially after we had that touching flashback sequence over her corpse."

But he had already made the video and even had a copy of it in his phone so he clearly intended to hopefy people with it

If he didn't know then why did he let Mitarai keep his phone during the killing game?

Are you saying the series is looking alive right now?

So? It's still a fucking hollow finale.

Kirigiri has her own books? Where can I read those?

Chisa is relevant, so there isn't any problema with that

She basically destroyed the FF by secretly manipulating Munakata and making Tengan resort to what he did

I didn't. Post the reply you think is mine?

Since Kiibo looks like he's a full, legitimate robot and not just some guy in a power suit, I wonder if he'll backup or upload his AI like AE to save or help after his death.

>people are calling the robot hopebot as a joke
>he's actually called Keebo
You can't make that up, holy shit

Not at first, he was still debating on whether or not to use it. If he was going to for sure he would've used it on everyone so no deaths would take place.

And he didn't know Mitarai was going to be there in the first place.

Great taste

Class 78 >>>>> Class 77

I'd rather it be considered hollow by shitposters and at least stick by itself than be even more shallow and pandering and keep specific "popular" waifu characters alive just so specific fans would be happy.

That's why I'm saying the FF are chumps since they got trashed by 1 despair member.

Uh, no, it'd be "hey can I borrow your phone for a bit? It's urgent."

He was too scared to follow through with his idea, just like with everything else.

Kirigiri is obviously alive, mate

Kodaka is playing the long con

Why is he so moe? Can't wait to max his FTE and make him go full Robo-dere on Kaede.

Despair is a Mind hacc/10, Future was a 8 or 9/10 thanks to ep11 until the last ep where it went MITARAI/10

Are you implying everyone else handed over their phone to Tengan?
No, it's just there's no reception that it doesn't matter if he actually kept his phone

More so than bringing waifus back. While the waifuend is hope, it feels like a cheap hope. They should look forward to what they build rather than bring someone back from the dead

Please stop shitposting.

>New game
>24 episodes anime

Regardless the quality, its definitely alive right now.

What kind of games those two would play with each other?

You first.

Dating sims

Folklorist is probably gonna speak with metaphors relating to japanese folklore.
>Yoshihiko: Akamatsu-dono! Just like the great sun goddess Amaterasu, you hid yourself away within that closet!
>Kaede: I'm certain she hid in a cave, not a closet.

>Being around Harukawa-dono feels the same as the embrace of the Yuki-onna.

This despair member was also a head of the FF

So it's basically FF destroying FF

The game of being dead.

You mean (you) first.

Thats what happens when you put teens in places of superiority just because they have talent. Those dumbasses were done from the very beginning.

Ace Attorney

>Hopebot name is Keebo and is a robot

Alright. Is this meme magic? a red herring ?or he's the mastermind.

> inb4 same VA as Naegi/Komaeda

But his NG action was using his talent and it isn't like there was anything he oculd have used to animate
It obviously meant "Don't use your mindhaccs videos", so he had to know

Kirigiri was never dead though?

Who should win the Kae Deb Owl? Tenkai? Detective? H0P3?

>You will never become a cute detective's hope
Why even go on?


I'm pretty sure there is someone else interfering with the killing game.
Tengan would never put that kind of NG code on Mitarai.
He want Mitarai alive, restricting his talent would only endanger him.

Let's just call him Keebot.

Daily reminder that Hope Side will be a reset end.

So at this point all 3 games have ??? student
>DR1 - Kirigiri being detective
>DR2 - Hajime being reserve course trash
>DR3 - Rantarou being sailor/model/person to fuck up everything all the time

Did Izuru realize he's the ultimate shifter yet?

Because only Mitarai is fit to lead humanity.
He has a great sense of justice and didn't fall to despair despite all the shit happening to him.
He is the Ultimate Benevolent Dictator.

I've been saying this from the beginning of the series, I'll say it now again. The only reason why they chose these members of the Future Foundation is because they are the only ones who can survive against Ultimate Despair members. As in, the Class 77 Ultimates. Nobody can fight them for long without quickly either being killed by said specific SHSL, being killed by their legion of compatriots, or being backstabbed and killed by their own allies who were secretly despair impostors. You can't beat Ultimate Despair with general politics, and finding logistical leaders who aren't also extremely powerful warriors is completely worthless in this scenario. FF's HQ needed powerful fighters to head it, so they could not only control the reins, but also keep alive while doing so.

"Hey can I borrow that phone with all the incriminating evidence pointing to you helping destroy the world on it?" wouldn't work much better. Even if Tengan figured out Mitarai was stupid enough to keep world destroying power on his phone somehow.

Time travel reset shenanigans that stop Junko from loving despair...she ends up loving the idea of truths vs lies in the new timeline instead because she can't 100% tell if people are lying or not.

Technically this new timeline isn't connected to the "old" timeline characters...

>shifts back to the moment Komaeda is about to shoot Junko
>lets him shoot

How would hopemanfags react at him becoming the ultimate hope?

Please help me figure this out: if Tengan wanted Mitarai to use his brainwashing video from the get-go, then why would he throw him into a killing game with his NG code effectively keeping him from using his abilities?
I know he wasn't originally supposed to take part in the killing game, but since he's already in why make his NG code that? Assuming he created the NG codes as well, he wouldn't try to ruin his own plan with his own hands

That art is ugly, it's hurting my eyes.

Mitarai wasnt supposed to be there that day

>Kirigiri has her ribbon and a braid on the side in DR1 with the rest of her hair flowing freely, because it's how she looked when she walked into the school the first time DR3 Despair totally fucked this up by the way
>In DR3 Future she has her hair closer to this image, after regaining some memories from Hope's Peak
Deepest lore.



Any moon speaker able to translate the collar?

Kissing and caressing practice.

>only ones that cant be killed by class 77 ultimates
>all die from Ryotas ultimate talent

Chisa rused Mitarai to come

>Izuru travels back in time to stop Mitarai from becoming the Emperor of Mankind

A leftover bracelet placed so he doesn't look suspicious to everyone else.

The NG code still doesn't make sense if Tengan was the one who put it.

Tengan want Mitarai alive. Restricting his talent would only endanger him.

But they are both girls user.

Most likely Chisa interfered with what the game was originally supposed to be.

- He wasn't supposed to be there
- To make him realize that he can only save people brainwashing them.

Doesn't answer the question, he had the NG code put on him despite being unplanned.

He wanted Ryota to witness the entirety of the killing game, thats why. He didn't want it to be interrupted.

Tengan was senile.
He also triggered Munakata so hard that he attempted to kill everyone.

Hence practice.

We were last shown 6 participants left before the bracelets deactivated

>16th participant

Then explain how ruruka and bandai got chosen.

Yeah, that's a game I can see them playing.
Kirigiri is cool and somewhat aloof, like Hinata-kun.
Nanami is cute, small, and filled with HOPE like Naegi-kun.

Exactly what makes it okay, it's just practice!

> animator
> gekko
> candy slut
> being useful

Lots of tengan's action just doesn't make sense that it could be accounted as bad writing

Mitarai had the safest NG code cause in that situation it's very hard to use his talent.

Animator's talent is OP. He should be the Ultimate Brainwasher not the Ultimate Animator.

Why don't you people fuck off to /drg/ if you don't like the anime???

I'll take it.

To be fair, they were all placed in a closed space, betrayed, given a suicide video by a RoD infiltrator who was closer than anybody in the world, and inside of what they assumed was the safety of their own HQ, while at perfect timing to assume only the worst was happening, as the worst did happen.

Ruruka's got Izayoi's protection, though she's also insanely useful for supply replenishment. Bandai is also useful for replenishment of farmlands and other food sources, and with that physical frame, I'm pretty sure he could fight SHSL students. If Donuts can move an iron desk more easily than two men combined can, I am certain a giga nigga farmer can duke it out with some Ultimate Despair.

The animator actually is more useful than anybody else, as Mirai 12 and this whole anime showed.

>16th participant
You mean killer killer?

Don't forget candy slut real talent is brainwash too albeit less potent since homo like Juzo can break the spell

why are people calling him Keebo instead of Kiibo?

Nice spot, this whole class pic is just soo nice and comfy. Leaves a smile in the face

Because this is Cred Forums and it's an anime?

Literally the only useful people in a fight are munakata and gozu the others are going to die the moment they meet the UD

retarded murricans

No, she tied her hair so it doesn't get in the way when running.

Oddly enough all three of those have brainwashing powers, which is the exact same shit Junko used to beat an entire planet.

I heard that chihiros VA is involved in the hope arc

Killer Killer vs Hajime eh, I need this

>Set up an entire killing game instead of just like...talking to him

First time I'm really disappointed with this series.

Let's call him キーボ until we get official names.


Blacksmith seems to be pretty useful too in battle.

>Tenni Player
>Not biker
>Looking like an idiot
>Nursery Teacher
>Sailor Fuku
>Aikido Master
>Wearing like a slut
>Looking as boring as she could get

I have been duped. By none other than Kohacka. Again.

I really can't play stereotypes huh in his game.

Why did Tengan make Bandai's code so easy to activate?

Was Tengan a racist?


> talking with autistic sperg weeaboo
> I would set up the killing game too

I wouldn't want to talk to a mentally unstable dude who can turn me into a mindless slave at will either.

Fucking hell. Me too.

Juzo didn't count because he cut his hand off

Why do you think we haven't been seeing the numbers anymore?

Nursery School Teacher?
In prison?
Did she seduce a shota or what?

Yes please, I need Chihiro confirmed father of AI Chiaki and Usami

Because he knows Bandai could fuck up his plan with his wise proverb

>A Fuhrer
>Being a fuccboi qtpie


I hope Inventor lives but I have a bad feeling she's going to die.

She's also giving that same reserved but warm smile in the class photo and a few times in DR3.

It could just be alter ego again but who knows.

>Memetic Despair Brainwashing in the midst of uncontrollable wars, with superhumans actively wrecking the world's infrastructure and leadership

It's pretty smart, honestly. Those who dodged the Despair Waves are driven into despair by seeing their loved ones caught by it, those who didn't care are killed wholesale, and those who fight it have to kill their loved ones in addition to millions of other maniacs, and all it takes is a cell phone.

He cut off his hand while Makoto was preparing to sleep in front of a monitor

It's not that complex
The main villian just wanted to motivate him so he wanted to save the world

I-I don't know, maybe she impersonated Despair Chisa?

She just likes kids too much

Chiaki is Luna/Diana and Izuru is Sigma.

needs ultra steroids to be useful which can be given to anyone
Jobbed against donut, got beaten by a high school girl and a bunch of normies

Is the detective Mukuro?

I'm glad to see that some madman succeeded at that.

How does she have internet/cable/electric/etc in space?

Won't mind AE popping up either, be good t hear an update on NWP and comafied class 77 status

I hope V3 cast are all genuinely clueless and do not have some kind of memory alteration shit going on. Hopefully no one will snap by being revealed as a bad guy in previous life etc.

To be fair, we don't know when he did it.

Oh so that's why he is top cute tier

Because fuck you

>Irima is Soda and Sonia's daughter


>Mr. ???
Damn the bois are cute. It's hard to choose my manslave now.

Sonia would rather fuck Gundham's vegetable body though

that was a good day for hope

Because it's all an anime,just like in DR2 on the transforming cow.

Not too far off.
Scuse the tiny image.

I assume he would have died from the blood loss if he spent a whole night bleeding out. Can't forget he's been impaled twice before cutting off his left hand

Really nigga
If I read wikipedia for the next month straight, can I become the Ultimate Folkorist?

that's his transformed mode

>needs ultra steroids to be useful which can be given to anyone
She still has a massive stash of them on her person at all times and she can still keep making them whenever she wants.
>Jobbed against donut
He couldn't actually use his talent, which is punching. She had an inherent advantage over him that was stacked horribly against him.
>got beaten by a high school girl and a bunch of normies
Brainwashed slaves fighting him in legion with numerous weapons as he attempts to beat them all unarmed without preparation. By the time we're in Future Foundation territory, he's definitely had his time to train and ready himself for generic Despair Goons as he sees them.

Oh come on, he reads true literature and not some online article. He reads scholarly journals on those stuff, I bet. With the references and citations.

"Thankfully, Koki Miyata (Chihiro's VA) was actually hired for one of the Kizakura drama CDs (along with Makiko Ohmoto, Sayaka's VA who was eventually brought back for DR3), so it seems likely to me that Chihiro and/or Alter Ego will be voiced in the near future for whatever reason."

just found it on reddit


It's just for the drama CD.


Being dictator means no sense with his design t b h

No, you have no talent. Fucking normies trying to become SDHS.

What do you mean? That looks like the typical ermperor look

I wonder if he'll give the cast any weapons before dying
>Kaede, for your beautiful hope I give you my kibou buster, use it wisely

>and do not have some kind of memory alteration shit going on.
Some guy's talent is unknown. Either he is hiding it or he doesn't remember it.


Really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these talents now.

Meanwhile Ultimate Magician would be neat as fuck, especially for a mystery/killing game scene and they just ignore it entirely.

Oh I be laffin. Can't wait for the shipost wars between Kaedefags, Keebofags and Detectivefags on who will be the MC.

What the hell is he holding?

>Upgradeable Hopebot
>Consent Bullet Machinegun
>Denial Laser Beam
>CROSS SWORD beam saber
>Hangman's Gambit Missile Launcher

reddit is not a reliable source of information, Cred Forums is better

The gun
Izayoi's gun

>he mentions all of these features including an underwear storage compartment
>dies in first chapter

the star wars prequels are not this bad

I bet the third game's twist is that the "killing game" was set up by like a 40-50 year old Naegi because him and his friends (all the parents of the cast) were afraid kids were getting too soft and needed to be ready incase Junko 2.0 ever showed her head.

Miaya could talk someone out of fighting her, I guess.

Or use her sweet ride to blast them to bits, assuming that wasn't just part of Monaca's robot (which it probably was)

Can't really judge by that since Tales of games are the same way but reports have shown that the ones that actually buy and play the games are male. Not saying that it's the same way for DR but it could be.


Hopebot is in jail. I guess hope really is dangerous.

So Thursday we're not getting a final Despair episode, but an hour long special called Hope?

>Izayoi's gun fell so deep into a plothole it ended up in a different game

I'll roll with it.

>hour long
You wish

It's confirmed not an hour special though, sadly. Idk how they will cover everything. And yes, it is called Side: Hope instead of Side: Future or Side: Despair.

It means nothing. They will provide voices for the drama CDs bundled with BD-BOX.

I want therapy from the rapist

he'll be a fuckboi parody of the alt-right

might even throw in some frogs

Nope. Half hour.

>inventor girls is holding a melted red candle in one of her robotic arms
Is she into BDSM or what?

54% of people believe in a happy ending.

Good luck with that.

M-My dicktator can't be this cute.

Isn't that dynamite?

Reminder there is already a thread up, no need for new one.

I want private sessions with her.

>might even throw in some frogs
how hard will people rage if he literally went "reeeeee"


I'm gonna add some fuel. Again, scuse the size.
Look at Kaede's page showing the conversation.
Maybe we can switch or choose between MCs?

>30% chance
>Despair Arc ended in despair
>Future Arc ended in despair
>Hope Arc...

Hagakure got his happy ending with his girl, the other protags deserve the same.

What would her sessions be like?

But how would people buy the BDs if their waifu is dead,just like Re;Zero anime ending where they don't kill off Rem just for the sales.

Nope. That's just to show the new style they have cutscenes in.

Mitarai will probably be taken out quickly. I guess most of the content will be epilogue.

You wish.

you just sit there while she drops her spaghetti and the moe heals you

All I know is I'd be happy for the first time in 20 years.

Screw blu ray sales, integrity of the story should always be the priority

Make up the most absurd reset end the show could have
>Mitarai wins and everyone is trapped in his infinite tsukuyomi, Weedman's prediction comes true.

Green boy sure look lewd.

>Manlet that thinks he is a robot and keeps yelling at people about not losing hope and how hope will always defeat despair
It's not that strange that he got sent to jail

Fuck off, no periods-man.

Thanks for the spoilers, fuckface.

>, integrity of the story
Look, that ship sailed a long ass time ago.

Dictator isnt the right word for it.

Its something goofy like "Supreme Leader"

Yeah, in japanese they used the word 総統.

>literally called Kibou
I thought we were done with this shit

The first case will be the entire rest of the cast ganging up and beating him to death. The trial will be figuring out who dealt the fatal blow.

No idea, but I'm perfectly fine with Rem staying alive.

That [spoilers]"I love Emilia"[/spoiler] right after that amazing episode was such bullshit. I'm still hoping she dies/vanishes later on.