Who is worst girl in all of anime?

Pic related.

Who has the worst taste in all of the board.

Op related.

The anime is shit. She is even shittier.

Saten. I'm not even going to search a pic for her.

Agreed 100%. A useless love interest, not needed for the plot (Simon couldn't have been fighting to protect all of humanity instead of his shitty waifu?) and a shit cancerous Mary Sue.

The anime would be 100 times better without her

> Useless

Snapped Simon back to reality and stopped being a emo little fag. Useless.

There is no super tengen toppa gurren lagann without her.

Nobody will ever top this bitch right here. I hope she gets cancer and dies asap

I didn't like GL much from the timeskip and after, but Nia still has some redeeming capabilities in that half of the show. Even if she's just a living plot point.

As much as I hated this show, there are worse animu bitches than Asuna. There's a hint of a character under all that copipasted yamato nadeshikoness

The worse girls are basically any female character from a SoL with cute girls doing cute things, as they exist just to be an archetipe. Like a floating emotion with bugeyes and tiddies attached.

Simon has many friends and companions that he cares deeply about that could serve the same purpose. She an incredibly, painfully shoehorned romance, because we couldn't have a hero not fighting for pussy, that just wouldn't be heroic

All shoujo and josei heroines. 3DPD in 2D form.





Not even close.

>There is no super tengen toppa gurren lagann without her.
Good, TTGL seriously didn't need the second half anyways.

I dare any of you to post a girl worse than this.

This is literally the face of bad taste. Doesn't help the franchise she came from is a fucking dumpster fire.

Stupid bitch.

this overrated bitch

>worst girl
Does not compute

>icuck user
>opinion mattering at all

I just rewatched it yesterday, she's fucking shit. Just a personality-less woobie Mary Sue character who's only function is to be cute and boring. Yoko was fucking way better, at least she was useful sometimes.

This bitch right here.
Close second.

>Yoko was fucking way better, at least she was useful sometimes
Your argument that Nia is a boring plot device that her only plot device is cute is correct, you don't need to lie.

Also I don't think you know what Mary Sue means because no one wants to self insert as Nia.

>t. Reifag

>that her only plot device
That her only character trait*
That was a hell of a typo

Keep your stupid comments in your pocket. It's nighttime where I am and I'm too comfy under my blanket to get up and turn on the computer

Don't bully pls


Can taste be this bad?

But Sayaka is best girl.


Fuck umaru this stupid bitch.


Umaru is cute!

Op's waifu is.

Even if Nia's a shitstain character, you can find worse.


Literally the only interesting character in the show.

That bitch from Summer Wars. She needs to be fucked in her koi koi.

>likes reddit:zero
>likes asuka

As expected, Cred Forums has shit taste.


Nug is cute.

the real hero of code geass

This no fun bitch right here

Nia is moe done right.
Stop sucking so much cock already op.


I got your back Cred Forums.

>Yoko was fucking way better, at least she was useful sometimes.

As someone that also rewatched gurren recently, you're full of shit.

List of things yoko did:
>Introduce plot points
>Shoot completely ineffectively at some robots with her gun
>Kill off kamina and kittan with her kiss of death
>Save nia that one time where she shoots her hair off
>Do literally nothing else the entire rest of the series besides show her tits

Meanwhile Nia:
>Saved everyone in dai-gurren against adiane by buying time
>Saved simon and by proxy the entire human race by being the only person so completely naive and removed from the situation to tell simon to get over kamina. Everyone else was on some level holding it against him that he died and he would've angsted forever before adiane killed everyone if nia wasn't around
>Saved the whole universe by trying to resist antispiral instead of just instantly going into kill all spirals mode
>Is the cornerstone of the "simon ~doesn't~ get the girl" ending which is part of the reason we're still talking about this series in 2016

it's a tie between these two

>your waifu will NEVER show up in one of these threads

Feels good having good taste


Why couldn't she just stay dead.

And the Yokofag will never respond. Classic.

They are both terrible flat characters with no personality. No character in TTGL develops except for Simon. The cast is one of the biggest detriments to the show.

you fail.

When was I talking about personality? I was talking about who was useful in the plot, which is why I quoted the sentence I did.

A character doesn't need to develop to be enjoyable, I feel someone that watches anime would understand this.


This is a pretty good choice, but I have to go with this bitch right here.

>the real hero of code geass
Biting the bait, on what planet is she considered a hero?

And I'm saying they are both shit characters who have no personalities so arguing over them is stupid. Almost no one not named Simon ever does anything in TTGL.