What was the most memorable thing about Asuka Tenjoin from 'Yu-Gi-Oh GX'?


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Her tits, the fact that she was developing a cute crush on Judai especially by season 4, that her deck terrible, and that she might be the female in this franchise who most consistently at least attempts to do things and actually wins a couple times.

The time she beat a actual vampire.

her tits

Easily her tits

Her personality... yeah right.

Easily her tits.

The most memorable things about her were:
her big tits, her ass, her legs.

She looked like a female Joey. Also her tits.

Her tits.

Dude, she had tits since she was 8 years old.

total loli

What? She's Kaiba with tits.

Her tits.

She msde rituals great again

Her tits.


I was about to reply to that.

She's indeed Kaiba with tits. In fact, when I was younger the first time I watched an episode of GX and she appeared, I thought she was Kaiba's daughter or something

Her tits.

Her monsters also look like something that came straight out of an hentai.


That she lost to a hermaphrodite duel monster and a /fit/ rainbow homosexual who was possessed by said herm. Monster.

My first fap

I have no idea user-kun.


Her tits


Damn! The Duel Academy's girls uniform looks incredibly kinky : tight sleeveless tops that emphasize Asuka 's breasts and reveal her armpits & shoulders, super short skirts that reveal her long legs and curvy hips and those high heels.

>Yu-Gi-Oh GX
>first fap
Get the fuck out of here underage.


GX is from 2004 you mongoloid.
so fap dude is at least 20 something

>fap dude is at least 20 something
Fuck this gay earth.

Obviously her tits

I found it stupid even as a kid, that a hot piece of ass in Alexis, would find that fag Jaden to crush worthy.

But she loves her nii-san

Homos can't help being unresistable towomen.

Her hair. I MEAN TITS!


Hey, Johan is the gay one. Judai mainly just didn't want another friend to die because of him. When Johan pretty much directly insinuates his feelings for Judai it seems to greatly confuse Judai. He is too pure and innocent to understand Yubel, Asuka, Rei, or Johan's feelings for him. The only thing that Judai loved is dueling.

Yubel could see it that's why she possessed him out of jealously. Not tomention he did realize Yubels feelings in the end. Neos even fuses with both the Rainbow D and Yubel.

And Fubuki wanted Judai to fuck Asuka.
But Johan was too damn perfecto for Judai to resist.

Judai understood her obsession and came to terms with her love/devotion of the supreme King and accepted her out of duty and empathy. He still has no understanding of love as shown in season 4, particularly the episode about him and Asuka.

Everyone could see Johan was gay except for Judai.

Boobies. So. Big.

I remember when I started looking for pics of her and she was always depicted with a hairy bush. That was interestingly hot.

Definitely her great big personality

Haha just kidding it's her tits.

Her polygons.
Also, her ___tits___.

Post more Asuka Tenjoin

I find it funny that in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe, characters such as Pegasus, Chronos and Jaeger are actually straight.

THe only thing she is good for.

Fuck now I want to listen to GX's openings again.

GX deserves more love.

Better than Arc Vs Fusion Dimension based on GX arc

I agree, it's too silly though

Her death in Arc-V.

This one picture I saw years ago of her. There was like thread tied around her nips. P easy to find, there isn't a lot of art of her.

That reminds me I haven't seen anything past rin BTFOing yugo. I should pick it back up.

Best episode

Why is she censored?

Her Breast, Cyber Tutu and her first duel with Jaden

It's really only the west that it's not fondly regarded. In Japan it ranks second in popularity behind DM, and really because of the nostalgia for DM because it's actually terrible while GX is a genuinely good show.

That's part of its charm. It did a lot of things right and had a GOAT soundtrack too.

Probably her breasts. They're not even that big or that great in the show, but they occupy so much of her design that she's easily the strongest pornographic presence in Yu-Gi-Oh! because of them.

No. You shouldn't. Arc V has been been diving in quality since synchro and it's been outright bad since heartland onwards.

>Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
>a really good show
Looks like your standards are really low.

Nah, I started watching from episode one. I'll finish it one way or another.

Its my favorite of the five series.

I don't think DM is terrible.

Everyone except Daichi and Maeda are fine. It's a show that progressively got better and season 4 was easily the best yugioh season out there.

>I don't think DM is terrible.
It's certainly not good outside of Battle City, and even that has tons of filler and garbage duels.

I have nostalgia for DM but it's easily a mediocre to bad show and really butchered the manga. Also Egypt arc is shit in both formats.

How does a picture of a bat relate to your shit taste?

Nah, he should. Yuri versus Asuka was pretty cool for a blatant shilling episode. The following episode wasn't that good but at least it set up the next episode fairly well and we're moderately back on track.

All the Ruri's have been mind controlled, Smug Rui and Serena, Asuka and Crow are carded, and in the most recent episode, Yuya is dueling Rin, Serena tazed Shun, Yuya and Yuto switched places, Yuzu was was shown mind controllled and in the next episode Berserk Yuya is back

I don't know if I could call it bad, but when I think of DM, I usually am thinking of the manga so maybe that's the problem. I should go and give it a re-read some time.

Arc V has really been a disaster, the only good part was Miami cup and some duels here and there. The movie stealing staff and budget from the show really shot it in the foot, it's like 5Ds all over again except no sex cult.

I disagree.

Favorite GX moment? DINO DNA need not apply
Mine was when Judai was dueling Ed and Impossible Victory started playing on Judai's turn which usually meant Judai's win but then he got destroyed by Ed

Oh yeah, I agree. But he should see it through to the end if only to see the resolution of what initially caught his interest; there's still a modicum of interesting things going on, I'd guess.

It's a really bad show though, but that's to be expected. Even early on it felt like it was catering to people who had issues with ZEXAL and I feel like works of fiction that exist to cater specifically to people who have issues with another work of fiction can't really stand up on their own; they don't have soul.

ZEXAL is a much better love letter to Yu-Gi-Oh! than ARC-V, if that's what ARC-V is even supposed to be. ARC-V really just grosses me out. But I still want to see what happens because of all the things in the Miami City Arc that initially got my attention.

Judai as supreme King, super poly, the final duel against death, or Maeda leaving the cast

When Neos, Kenzan and that priestess destroyed the satellite. That shit was DOPE

I have a lot. Any time Sad Duel starts playing, it's going to get hype, but the scene at the end of the first episode of the fourth season was really good. When Honest tried to hypnotize Judai and the camera pans out from Honest and we see Judai's eyes and he's just like, "Nice try."

"He really is foolishly dependent on him."

I'd say Arc V's biggest merit is that it's not Zexal. Zexal is an absolutely terrible show and outside of Kaito and Shark, who are still pretty boring, it's easily the most unlikable cast in the franchises history. I hate KATTO BINGU and his absolute lack of comprehension in how to play the game.

Zexal wasn't as much a love letter but truly the first yugioh series actually some at children since everything Kaz made had an intended audience of middle/high schoolers.

>actually some at children
Actually aimed at children*

Judai's escape from the skyscraper

That whole part was insanenly stupid and awesome.

I thought ZEXAL to be fun and while it didn't have a terrifically strong cast, I enjoyed Yuma, Astral, Kaito, Shark, III, IV, and V. Also, I liked all the Barians, especially Vector. Rio, Anna and Droit were pretty cute too.

It wasn't the strongest show, but I found it much more tolerable than ARC-V going through it. It's true that almost everyone in ARC-V has a superior design to ZEXAL's cast of characters, but maaaaaan. I don't really feel anything towards more than a handful of the Lancers.

Different strokes for different folks I guess. I think Arc V has a couple of good characters but if you aren't aYu or a citrus you are irrelevant.

I hate Zexal because I pretty much hate every last detail about it. The designs, the characters, the story, the duels, the show really embodies that Kaz had nothing to do with zexal. Also the cheating in yugioh reached a whole new fucking level with shining draws.

No love for 5D's ?

Infernity was my favorite archetype

Everything was going great until the sex cult and movie attacked. Dark signers arc was building up to be the best entry in all of yugioh. Then it became about time traveling robots and it became one of the worst.

Jack is still the best character in all of yugioh tho.

DM as a show itself is quite decent overall and really good during BC. But if you already read the manga you'll know how bad of an adaptation it was.

Was the best until the carly VA cult scandal then it turned into gurren lagann

Sex cult?

>Also Egypt arc is shit in both formats.

It was actually pretty good in the manga. It was a bit rushed because Kazuki was really sick at the time but it wrapped up the story quite well and the ending is one of the best endings I've ever read in a shonen manga. The plot-twists were pretty crazy too.

She wanted to find her brother.

Basically, Asuka 's first duel was tied around her expelling Judai' s friend for peeping at her and her friends while bathing.

>she might be the female in this franchise who most consistently at least attempts to do things and actually wins a couple times.
Aki and Ruka though

>Still no Dark Side of Dimensions sub
Did they just not release the film? I thought it was out Q1 of this year.

Alexis is a kind girl who never judged and tried her best

Nah. That Yugioh 5D season one.
GX is shit compared to 5D

Her boobs are so big they're covering Chronos-sensei's face.

Muh Yusei

That fucking stupid episode about the golden egg bread, since I can't have muh DINO DNA. The dumb moments are my favourite.

Can't forget them great big meat mountains on her chest.


I'm only on episode 80 but I kind of like how it is now, though the plot looks to be kicking in a bit now and I'm dreading it. I just want everyone to fuck around on motorbikes and watch Jack be a worthless bum.
>obviously my favourite series is GX


>not dueling monkey episode

Obviously that she's such a well written character that strengthens the plot and brings the show up a level from the usual scrutinizing of the types of anime to come out of japan.

Nah, it's her tits.
She's such obvious fap bait, and indeed I did, many times.

Not much quality porn

It just felt really half-baked compared to the rest of the series, Kaz having health issues really showed. The anime version was insufferable.

They stop doing anything by second half

I would agree if it got to continue how it was intended. 5Ds was on the fast track to outpacing GX but then everything went to shit. The highpoints of 5Ds are arguably the best in the franchise, but the absolute trash second half makes GX which was pretty consistently good and kept getting better the best yugioh series.

That artist is god tier

so uhhm is there a good place to read the mangas that arent the original?

>It just felt really half-baked compared to the rest of the series

I did feel the overall quality was not as good as what came before but I wouldn't agree it was half-baked. There were clearly many parts of the arc that were planned and tied into stuff that was introduced at earlier points in the story and a lot of it made sense. The ending also seems like it was what Kazuki had in mind too. The execution does leave a bit to be desired though since a lot of the arc can be a bit hard to follow if you're not really thinking about what's going on.

>The show really embodies that Kaz had nothing to do with ZEXAL.

Well, so far as the anime goes, he wasn't very involved but he did in fact design Yuma, Astral, ZEXAL, Kaito and if I recall correctly Shark. Likewise, he drew the designs for Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and gave us a general idea of how its anatomy worked. I forget if he made Utopia.

>I would agree if it got to continue how it was intended. 5Ds was on the fast track to outpacing GX but then everything went to shit. The highpoints of 5Ds are arguably the best in the franchise, but the absolute trash second half makes GX which was pretty consistently good and kept getting better the best yugioh series.

You perfectly summed up my sentiments on the first half of 5Ds. Mind you, I'm not even necessarily talking Dark Signers. I liked Dark Signers well enough, but my personal favorite part of 5Ds was the beginning to the end of the Fortune Cup.

He designed Anna, Dr. Faker, and Barians as well. He also wanted the theme of Zexal to be about Family which is why he approved it in the first place and you can see that through Kaito, Arclights, Shark, Yuma, etc. Arc-V is really the only series where Kaz didn't contribute a single thing.

>was the beginning to the end of the Fortune Cup.

Pretty much everyone agrees this was the best part of 5Ds. Just those first 26 episodes. The Dark Signers was alright but it fell apart halfway through and had a really bad ending which spit on the whole arc. Then of course everything after that just wasn't very good.


When Chazz fucked Asuka

White Asuka best Asuka

So anons, now that you have been reminded of Asuka, how many of you will fap to her today, for the old times?

I want to hot-glue Arc-V Asuka's card!


Her name is Alexis and her tits.

This thread needs TO CHAZZ IT UP

Manjoume Sandaa is the superior pun