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>Director Tatsuya Takahashi (Netoge, Cinderella Girls, Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn)
>Matsuoka as male MC, literally who as the imouto
Confirmed for shit

>matsuoka as male mc

>Matsuoka as male MC

Akane Fujita isn't that obscure, though.

>Ryohei Takeshita as animator director
Picked up.

This will be shit but I will watch it anyway

Oh shit, better start to read the manga.

Picked up.

Saekano was good, maybe this will be too.

>Oreimo 2 is getting animated

The source material is shit, so I won't be watching it.

This desu senpai

>Matsuoka as male MC

She has like 6 roles on MAL. All small supporting roles...definitely pretty obscure


Why didn't they get a good female VA, Fuck you A1.

Takeshita is director, not sakkan.

>>Matsuoka as male MC
Picked up. I always enjoy his screams.

He's the director, and only thing of note he has is some storyboarding and AD on Nozaki-kun. Also, I like how ANN left out that the scriptwriter just did Rewrite.

Waiting patiently for animated Chuuni Elf panties.


I looked up her roles and I've not seen any of the shows
>anime expert, over a million shows etc..

The girls are moe as fuck user, you will be watching it eventually.

I figure they will be using the same division that handled Oreimo, they would be retarded not to.

Is this the one where Kamachi is the female copycat LN writer antagonist, or am I thinking of something else?

If the MC is Kirito/Sorata-tier, then he'll be pretty annoying with Matsuoka voice.

Yet another sol comedy anime about a doujin/manga crew.

We definitely needed more of those!
I mean come on. Out of all the manga and LNs out there, you decide to animate this shit?

Sorry I'm not as in tune with the hivemind as everyone else, what am I supposed to be outraged about?

All of the LN writer characters in the series are based on real LN writers.

One of them is Kamachi, but I don't remember which.

Nothing, it's just another incest set-up that wastes time on questioning whether it's right before it ends in incest anyway

I'm sure this will be awful but I'll watch it anyway since it has cute girls. No way it can be worse than OreImo at least.

I believe it was the loli miko. Highly successful, highly reclusive, young, writes high school action/adventure, and copied the MC's LN writing style.

But aren't they nbr?

But who will be the elf ?

NBR trash, who cares.

Im reading the manga and this is nowhere Oreimos level

Seems like just the kind of generic asshole annoying characters trash that will get a disproportionate amount of attention paid to it compared to its quality ala standard A-1 series

>Matsuoka as MC
I sigh every time.

Nah, he's pretty ok and the story is lighthearted.


That alone is enough for me to worry. After QUALITY Code I have absolutely zero faith in them.

How do you know she's going to be bad? Fuck you Ledouche

>After QUALITY Code
They just dont invest in shitty stuff

They can do pretty good animation if they want

Thanks for reminding me, I've been foolishly relying on batoto to track releases.

Big mistake, just took to IRC and found 5 chapters came out since someone last bothered to update batoto.

Have some more of imouto hotness.

Well, I agee it was QUALITY Code, but at least they made Hime and Asuha cute.

Think if Kyousuke was slightly cooler and was a writer that could type things up as fast as Kamachi with TsuguTsugu's voice.

>Matsuoka as male MC
Picked up.

I hope this gets QC'd.

Well that's just the problem; "if" they want. I'm more than aware they've done decent shows in the past but QUALITY Code was a straight up atrocity. I can only hope this is a proper project of theirs and not another shitshow that they won because they offered to do it for the lowest amount.

This series suffers from having pointless, generic characters only there to fill harem quotas like Tomoe and Megumi. And Elf is so much better than every other girl it isn't even funny.

Qualidea Code suffered from how Asterisk killed the battle harem genre.

So does the author pull the same shit here where he introduces a girl far far superior to the imouto?

>source material is shit
>adaptation is already confirmed shit

The imouto is a pretty inoffensive neet character, her only sin is being boring. Probably third best girl. But Elf is just much better than everyone else.

This looks kawaii, is this more Oreimo shit though?

>not blood-related, confirmed from the start
>MC is aware he is in love with his step-sister
>step-sister isn't tsundere, just shy
It's still dumb glorification of otaku culture, though.

So what if the girl is new? Same thing happened with Aoba from New Game. People have to start from somewhere.

They should make oreimo brotherhood instead of this garbage.

Elf is amazing, unlike Kuroneko.

>Matsuoka as male MC
How to ruin your show in one step.

With the new tokyo law, we will never get anything of the sort.

What does saekano have to do with this?



Doesn't Kyousuke have a cameo? I thought I read once that he had a convesation with MC.

what law?

The law that says that only nee-sans have the right to engage in the purest form of love with their younger brothers.



Hopefully this won't end up like Denpa Kyoushi where they spend the entire budget on their A-list MC VA and the rest of the show turns into a QUALITY shitfest.


Have you read it? It's fun.

Still salty about Yui Ogura not voicing Sagiri

Elf is Best

excellent taste user

So I take it Elf is the meme girl everyone loves like Kuroneko?

>literally who as the imouto
Fuck yes, I love newbie VAs. Hopefully it's another cute new voice instead of something like the idol slut from Denpa Kyoushit.

I liked all Netoge, Cinderella Girls, and Pandora

This is also incest so picked up

The Denpa Kyoshi girl wasn't a VA, it was a former AKB idol that didn't give one shit about VAing.

>lets make everything a meme
fuck off

Not even once.

QUALITY again?

This is actually a bit better than Oreimo, even if it isn't real incest. Masamune isn't brutally bland like Kyosuke, actually has something resembling a personality, actually has goals and aspirations, experiences real character development and knows he likes Sagiri from day one. Sagiri isn't a shitty tsundere like Kirino. Elf is way better than any character in Oreimo.

Not being incest disappointed me but I found the first volume of the LN fun, I'll probably watch this.
Hope it looks as good as Oreimo did.

Elf is just an updated Kuroneko desu

She is still better, faster, stronger.

>literally Oreimo but Kirino becomes a manga artist
Might watch if the girls are cute

They're not actual siblings?.


No. There is no twist or anything of the sort, they tell you from the very first book. She is his step-sister and he fell in love with her at first sight when they met each other.

i want reverse NBR that would be amazing

So the writer want to make a romance that still has a incesty feeling to it?
Nigga should just drop it entirely.

Guy probably doesn't want to endure all the shit he had to because of Oreimo being blood related even to the bitter end.

Sounds like the kind of show Cred Forums will give tons of attention to

It'll probably be closer to Souma/Lubbock voice.

I hope Kyousuke shows up and teaches the MC how to fuck his (step) sister

nah he's too busy using Kirino as his personnel cock sheath

>Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn
Picked up.


Why the heck did this get made? This is just loli hentai disguised as an actual anime.


Sounds like you answered your own question.

This is going to be so generic, I don't know what Fushimi was thinking, I just hope that he show us that he still have the biggest balls in the industry and throw us a surprise incest end.
>"Oh right, I forgot to tell you, she's your real sister"
>"It would have been a better idea to tell us 10 years ago before I got her pregnant thrice, dad"

Man, the writer is such a massive siscon.
Will he ever write something that's not about little sisters

My body is ready for Sagiri.

Saekano had completely different staff

Stop reporting your unimportant opinion, user. No one cares

My body's ready for the doujins.

nah, he'll keep writing these incestuous light novels till he hangs himself.


The manga is a boring piece of shit.
Why would they even let this dog shit get an anime adaptation.


>Sagiri isn't a shitty tsundere like Kirino

KInda hard to beat Kirino in shitness.

No, he wants to write incest, Oreimo had a incest ending because he wanted it were even the publisher wasnt exactly keen on that,

And here we have another incest story, pretty clear what he wants to write, the non-blood related was likely the publisher saying no to that,

I can't wait for Elf-fags to be btfo. You know it's gonna happen.

The girls are annoying as fuck. They are the main reason why I dropped the manga.

My opinion is no different than those saying that they are going to watch it. It won't have any effect on your life whatsoever.

The only reason this is getting an anime adaption is because Oreimo made money and was popular. So popular in fact, that incest loving, eroge playing Kirino is now the face of Japanese youth.

Incest is wrong.

But then why does it feel so right?

I don't know, ask Kyousuke

user, he's blatantly been after Sagiri (who secretly likes him) from minute one.

Everyone reading it knows this.

But I still want Elf to win Masamune's bowl

I think the series is alright, expect for the "US OTAKU HUH?"

dropped before i even finished reading the post

Its the hipster choice

>just updated Kuroneko

fuck you. Elf is 1000 times better than Kusoneko

>seiyuu shitters

Also whats wrong with this Matsuoka guy

No matter how decent it is, it's A1 and they'll find some way to fuck it up.

it's not gonna be decent to begin with

What do you call the bitchy dominatrix loli trope who softens up later but is still kinda bitchy.

God they even all look the same.

It's better to blame Hiro Kanzaki's character designs for that, as well as Fushimi's obsession for imouto-type characters.

the girl is literally who but I'll watch it for kirito and a1.