How did we go from this

how did we go from this...

to THIS gay shit?

>reading edgy mangas

with lots of this kind of stuff in between. they're in a place that isnt a fucking hell hole for once, get over it and let them chill for a while

sadly kinda this. The story really hasnt had any clear goal since the start but a lot of kids picked it up thinking how cool it was and now that theyve grown up

But this is one of the best scenes in the series

the sea looks good

But that scene was nice

Let Guts not suffer for a while.

Yeah, especially regarding The Things To Come

Also I have never seen a decent criticism of Berserk without that stupid fucking 'edgy' buzzword slotted in.

Miura ended on high note on the very last page of the year

>What am I doing with my life

I can't understand what is wrong with it


>tfw sacrificed your friends to become a clam

that says more about the manga than the people criticizing it

Miura playing Idolmaster.

What determines what your apostle form is, and how powerful it is?

I thought that you would have picked the reveal of the flowerstrom king.


How come some Apostle forms are swag as fuck but others are disgusting,ugly shit?


That page really made me feel nostalgic. It's been such a long time since the Eclipse. It really hasn't been talked about much since it happened since Guts is the only survivor who can remember it at all.

It will be interesting to see other characters' perspectives on what happened.

It saddens me to know that there still are people waiting for Berserk 2017, not knowing that they are going to get btfo by everyone going apeshit over the end result of where they are picking up their cgi shitfest.

Pick something from current Berserk. This was a decent moment.

To this

hotline miami is the best anime

This page makes me feel like I haven't for a long time. I'm shivering in anticipation

Also absolute darkness always scared, especially when you see like this in an eye

When is she dressed up like this ?

I think after the initial fight with grunbeld and takes refuge into the city.
We see her wearing it first time when they're at a pub/hotel