I mean it this time, there is no way I'm going to get tricked into watching Kawamori's piles of shit ever again...

I mean it this time, there is no way I'm going to get tricked into watching Kawamori's piles of shit ever again. I'm fucking done.

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You will never learn the lesson user, you will watch Kawamori's next project for sure.

>not even a kiss

rip in piece

But we got a really lewd moment! Still mad though, where is my kiss.

That's the fucking worst.

Second OST is out.

Don't so down, user.

You can look forward to the next Macross in 2024.

You just had to make a new thread when we all decided to leave things on a good note and let the last thread die.

I would've liked a kiss, but I don't really mind not having one. As long as I know those two are together, I'm happy. If one of them died or something like that, I'd be pissed.

Yeah what the fuck man? Frontier had like 3 different kisses

Have sweet dreams, my prince.

A kiss is love's / physical attraction primary and purest expression. A kissless couple is creepy and autistic.

They would fuck here if Mirage didn't interrupted them.
Hayate and Freyja are autistic and they feeding off each other's autism.

I told you all when this began that manchild Kawamori would disappoint you, and he did. Take this as a reminder that we at Harmony Gold brought Macross to its ultimate apex as Robotech, something Kawamori will never be able to say he did because he lacks the maturity and imagination for proper military science fiction. Sip from the chalice of hatred his lies filled to the brim with Macross Delta, and when the bitter taste hits your tongue let it always remind you that we loved and respected your needs, and Kawamori does not and never has.
t. Carl Macek, the Invid Flower of Life

I'm more forgiving of shows that start weakly and end up in a hugh note, but this started promising and went out as a total dud. The entire second half is comically underwhelming. How could they fuck this up so badly? Who writes these things?


Watching ep. 26 after not watching the past 3 or 4 eps... What happened to big titted idol???

It's not like they're actually never going to kiss, we just didn't see them.

She got shot in the kidney trying to save apple girl.

She got shot by some Windfucks. Should've died, but can still sing somehow.

I'm on suicide watch until Kawamori draws me a damn kiss scene. Rated G doujin when?

Poor girl. That's the only thing that I missed apparently. Squandered potential...

This is chapter 06, isn't it? Do you have more?

A new chapter is out?

There's a link in the last thread

honestly surprised it ended like that. I was expecting a double cucking.

What were the things you liked about Delta?

In what way? Hayate reject Mirage and then Freyja reject Hayate?

at least macross II was only six episodes

Hayate dying or disappearing leaving both girls empty handed.


I love the Star Song, the piano version of Heinz's Wind Song and the orquestral ver. of DYRL, as well as other tracks like Bitter & Sweet, Mystery of the Diva, etc.

Why do people give so many shits about onscreen kisses? Romantically ambiguous endings are crap, but it's obvious Freya and Hayate fucked like their lives depended on it during the few years Freya actually has to live.

Just finished reading the previous thread and man, that retarded shitposter was so triggered by Genocide and NUNShit posting that from now on I'll post at least once NUNShit genocide pic on every thread. Just for (you).

mediafire.com/file/fe52ybgpd0x9gy6/keith 05.zip

Looks like it's 5 actually.

Do you have the link for Wind Song piano version?

Still mad he died. I wanted him to live along with Heinz-chan.

See you in his next work faggot. We all know you'll be watching it.

After watching the last ep I think the Windie triangle was actually centered around Keith too, and in the end Keith kind of chose dying with Roid, his other brother, once he understood, or so I think, that Heinz would follow his own wind and be good on his own. But that doesn't make it any less sad.

Damn, that scene with Keith telling Roid how he taught him the spark of life or something like that and then dying together, and Heinz feeling it and looking sad, and then Herman and twins saluting him and Bogue shouting his name was very well done. Probably my favourite part of the last ep.

Hayate could catch aids.

Hint, don't watch Koe no Katachi.

Instead try Phantom World.

Track 28.

>I'm more forgiving of shows that start weakly and end up in a hugh note

People are fine with getting something of equal or better quality over time. What people won't stand is quality drop.

>How could they fuck this up so badly? Who writes these things?
Japan, Satelight, Kawamori, it was a disaster in the making.

I had a feeling he might die while killing Roid and the connection he has with him is stronger than the one with Heinz, as sad as this make me to admit it, but it's the truth. I just wish he was not so cold to Heinz sometimes but I understand it's a choice he had to make at the end. He trusted Heinz will do better now than their father and Roid , after what he told him during the Galaxy hivemind about negotiations.

So you finally realized that HayaFre was just immature bullshit all along?

The contrast with Alto/Sherly is so damn blatant.

>immature bullshit
It's a pure love, PURE LOVE.

I hope Keith survives in the novels or the manga. They deserved a happy ending.

>that one faggot who always brings alto/sheryl in his argument

Fucking frontier babies i swear.

Mikumo-chan 3 years old.

Two shitty couples. I don't see any notable difference.


Freyja wouldn't even have confessed if not for Mirage blowing herself out.

Fuck Kawamori.
Fuck Macross.
Fuck it all.

translate pls

What does it say

Arad is telling Mikumo to call him Papa.

I am on episode 20 of Macross SDF. I like it a lot so far. I got sad when Roy and Kakizaki died but I was expecting it.

At what point does it turn worse? I mean, I remember reading in the threads that it was supposed to end at a certain point but more episodes were added so it didn't deliver well at the end.

I think it's 26. There's still a conclusion in the last episode, though.

Ok, thanks user.

Man, this is some heavy shit, especially coming from a child. I wish the anime included scenes like this, the manga is doing a much better job portraying how awful things were during the NUNS occupation.

What is Keith saying?

They should have included these parts in the anime, instead of ep 19 or the Walkure flashback (which was enjoyable, but Windermere needed one more than them).

That Heinz will also have to grow up in an occupied country not knowing what freedom is like he did and that things had been like that since before he was born so he always thought of it as "normal", but he's wondering if that is correct.

It's a real shame they did not put more of this in the anime, during the Windies episode. Keith looks like a MC (of course this is his manga) but if they added more of this in the anime, I am sure it would have been better.

Seriously, Windermere's story should have been its own movies, or OVAs or tv series. Or this should have been in the anime.

One problem I have noticed with Delta is that people who like Walkure and Delta or the main three generally wish there would have been more of Xaos, especially of Delta Platoon who are literally whos. I've seen a few popular fanarts in twitter that have been posted here of each Walkure with their pilot. Well, those fans wanted more of the idol-pilot thing and some of them were frustrated that there was so little of that in the show (it's been said time and time again in these threads that Delta are shit at their job).

On the other hand there are the people who are more interested in the Windermere side and wanted more of all the Knights, plus Heinz and were frustrated that there was barely any SOL or funny scenes of them, or any flashbacks, or that in the end they didn't interact much with Walkure and Delta. I've read some of them in twitter say that at least they have Keith's manga, but many of them still think the anime did Windermere no justice.

>On the other hand there are the people who are more interested in the Windermere side and wanted more of all the Knights,
I don't think that is a strong majority.

Found on twitter.

I never said it was a strong majority, but that both groups of people are unsatisfied.

HayaFre shippers are happy, of course.

This hurts so much. Fuck Roid for going full Hitler.

What about Idolshitters? Are they happy? They are the lowest life form so they're probably satisfied with the Walkures.

I am one of the few who would like to see more of Windermere. I found them interesting. But I know we won't get shit at the end so I am with Nips who stay with the Keith manga and get what they can from this.

After the ending, this hurts. Damn it Roid, what happened? I mean I get it you wanted to do something for your people but your means were awful.

>know that they will die
>see them being happy
It's hurt, did Morris die yet?

I think Windermere has enough pathos to carry a good portion of the story. Windermere's parts generally aren't as funny and endearing as Xaos's but what do you expect given their situation? In exchange I thought Windies' more dramatic moments were better and more engaging than, say, the drama with Hayate and Freyja's resonance or Makina getting shot, which in the end amounted to nothing.

I think this chapter was just 8 pages about Roid's and Keith's past.

If they decide to continue the manga I don't think I'll be able to handle Morris dying or sad shota Bogue after learning most of his family is dead.

There's going to be at least another volume, user. Next chapter gets a color page.