Paper is made from wood so is she a wood style user?

paper is made from wood so is she a wood style user?

Dumb iphoneposter

who cares about that i like browsing Cred Forums from my bed

Dumb shitposter who doesn't have a laptop/tablet, cares about nuruto trash AND is iphonecancer

damn relax mate im not shitposting just a tought i had and i told to myself meh might be worth disscussing and by the way what diferece does it make if im on an iphone pc or tablet...dont be an ass

I'm mad by the fact that you think you can tread in here with your dirty boots reeking of underage b& and Gaia, and I'm even more mad that Cred Forumsnons around here aren't doing shit to correct it.

See, this is why Cred Forums is so fucking shit. Just get the fuck out and stop adding to the cancer.

Cred Forums, this is the result of your lax attitude towards newfags. In the past, we would collectively put down these faggots. But now, you just let them be, and now they think THEY can put down the true population of Cred Forums. This is what happens when you don't take an active stance in correcting these newfags, and I hope you don't complain when this place falls into a shithole even deeper than the one we already have.

ok but i posted about an anime in a "anime and manga"thread i dont get what i did wrong i was hoping for a civile conversation if i had posted this from my pc would it have been okay

She sure knows how to manipulate wood if you know what I mean.

>if i had posted this from my pc would it have been okay
No. Stop posting and lurk for at least a year. This is not a joke.

Maybe, Naruto is still pretty shit imho.

i did lurk for a bit and i think my thread is better than those fucking girl eating a fish saying ill post this everyday until you like it or the peronas sweaty lolita feet im just using my fucking logic its a board made for disscussing anime and manga thats what i do and you tell me its not okay what am i supposed to post fucking food and cooking for christ sake i got a feeling you just dont like naruto and your mad becuz you saw a thread about it and im not a shipperfag or anything so give me some slacks plz

Your problem was actually replying, instead of leaving the thread to die.

I'm sorry I can't lug my pc with me during my lunchbreak at work.

Look, faggot.

You're really REALLY new here. Fuck off back to whatever shithole you came from.

You're not OP


I don't get the other form of shitposters where newfags keep responding to other newfags as if they have a higher ground. Mind-boggling.

>am i fittin in guize
Kill yourself faggot piece of shit.

I didn't give you permission to reply to me. Listen, it was entertaining, first. Hell, it was actually funny.

But now I'm getting the feeling that you actually think that you're on my level. From the day I was born, I was destined for success, you little shit. I was brought into this world by a software engineer and and a prominent actuary, both of Norwegian descent. From the moment that the fucking curtains were raised, I was set to dominate the STEM fields. And because I had guardians that actually cared about me, I flourished. Pretty soon, I was placed into a special school of correspondence, specifically I.M Gelfand's school for gifted children in New England. I not only reached my parents' expectations, but I passed them with flying colors. I had raw talent. I was fucking better. I was surrounded by 6th graders, many from Hong Kong, whom were smarter than half the posters in this fucking thread. And now, where am I?

In MIT, getting my double BS in Electrical Engineering and Physics, with a Stanford-Binet tested IQ of 147 at age 17.

Get this through your head: you are nothing. I am worth more than your entire goddamn family. I'm smarter than you, better looking than you, taller than you, wealthier than you, and more employable than you. While you type out another post to get cheap laughs, I'll be simultaneously working with the brightest minds in the world and fornicating with my beautiful girlfriend. It gets on my nerves when people pretend to be better than me.

Know your place, you fucking vermin. Never, ever reply to my posts, again.

eeeeh you know what screw you ill go back to Cred Forums you pretentious oldfag and i dont fucking get it its a board for anime and manga you idiot last time i checked naruto was a god damn manga

Good, fuck off

Thanks for providing new copypasta.


Hello, and welcome to /jp/.
Please do your best to prevent cross-board contamination by restricting your epic memes to their boards of origin.
Thank you.

>this whole fucking post

Why are kids straight out of facebook allowed on Cred Forums?

Can't wait for your obituary, bud, because that guy that is supposedly so far beneath you seems to have played you finer than the devil plays a fiddle

>this thread

Let's pretend that could possibly be true
Why are you such a immature whiny faggot about it?

We don't do shit, because we don't give a shit. it's your own damn fault for replying so if its anyone is to blame it is retards who always take bait like you. take your own advice

ok so the thread about hinata being plowed by a nuke for a daily basis is okay but my thread is not i call bullshit

>i feel u

Oh yeah, paper isn't always made of wood... so there's that.

well i did not know that

Close. Wood Pulp style.

You're welcome within reason , and remember: this probably could have gotten to this point a little bit faster with you only being called a faggot a couple of times if you didn't post from your phone.

i dont get what the device change its still connected to internet whats the diffrence is it like the faggots who argue what gaming station is better?

You should reflect less on the industrial side and more on the social side.

care to elaborate?

Usually people who post form their phones shitpost with a low res picture titled "image.jpg". The main reason some people get mad, is because a thread has to be deleted in order for the shitty phone threads to be made.

Fuck off narutards

Chi Chi so cute.

You are nothing.