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why is reiju so yummy?

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Wh y is sanji back story so interesting ?

>Reiju turned out to be an angel
>so Pudding will turn out to be the evil bitch

I feel like a thirsty virgin again holy shit

Because she's experienced at sucking fluid out of men

>Oda has Reiju plagiarize Saul
>next Vinsmoke flashback he reveals that Sanji pulled a Chopper and his shit cooking killed his mom

Reminder that Sanji will die virgin

so Reiju is gonna die to aokiji?
really makes you dink?

that's too much suffering for sanji

The smile Sanji, you couldn't protect the smile ;-;

Sanji literally shouldn't even be able to touch his brothers.

Le'ts just ignore that they have superior genes. They've been training every day since childhood, all while he would cook. They grew up training to be warriors while he worked in a restaurant. While he was chasing after women, they were single handedly taking over countries. Instead of training on the merry/sunny he would just cook and flirt. But oh no, he's totally able to destroy his brothers because he fought a karate sting ray, a whacky noodle man, a man wolf and some cross dressers.

Explain NOW


The brothers stopped training seriously when they were 10, and never actually had a fight against someone stronger than them because Judge and Germa 66 are sneaky as fuck. Would it be ok for you?

>karate sting ray, a whacky noodle man, a man wolf and some cross dressers.

Half of those (ESPECIALLY the okamas) are probably more powerful and more dangerous than anything 1-2-4ji have ever fought in their privileged, petty life of picking on weakling countries.

reiju is gonna join SH crew.
you read it here 1st

His brothers stopped training because they were too overpowered, just like frieza.

they probably stopped feeling the pressure having only dealt with normal humans. Also, crossdressers are scary and there's nothing like a little fear to motivate you to get stronger

I love the shading or whatever that is in that Sanji pic. Those two or three Zou chapters had phenomenal visuals

>w-why can't luffy fight serious? Oda is washed up guys
I hate you dumb faggots

>I think Weevil really is Whitebeards son, but the chick with him isn't actually his mom.

I really doubt Weevil is WB's son given that he looks very much like one of Hogback's creations. I'm not sure if his powers allow but I could see Moria stealing WB's shadow and placing it into Weevil as another possible explanation as to why he's "like" Whitebeard but many don't believe him to be his biological son.

I'd still think Jack might turn out to be WB's biological son. Appearance-wise, he looks way more similar to WB than Weevil.

Whatever, we'll just have to wait and see. We really know nothing about Jack or Weevil & Miss Bakkin and probably won't learn anything new until after this arc.

Although if someone knows anything about WB having a biological son, it's probably Marco.

reminder that buggy is roger's true successor

>watching episode 751 recap of everything til now

Buggy D. Clown will be the king of the pirates

Captain Buggy will be the Pirate King

>king of the pirates
Buggy already is the GOD of pirates

but it was pretty obvious since the beginning that she wasn't bad.

Buggy memes are old and unfunny


>...even sogeking!
my sides

you really shouldn't insult buggy posters by posting le funny frank, it just makes you look bad

>no fun allowed

>le funny frank
Who? That's Joji.

So how many more chapters till she joins.

Why are moms in One Piece so beautiful?

yeah I know he produces some chill hiphop but that doesn't change the fact that most of what he does is complete cringe and cancer

>he compiled it
getting a bit sad there user


So will Sanji get some power up or something?

Nobody actually believes she's dead right? I mean, that's like saying Lelouche is dead.

>everyone joins


Let's not go overboard.

Anyone else secretly hoping that bonnie shows up for a brief moment and turns sanji into a kid and he stays that way for the rest of the manga?

Except she's dead. It's just one autist who thinks she's alive.

>underestimating Okama way
Their Queen King literally controls hormones and is Dragon's right hand it. Odds are Ivankov is 100x better at creating √úbermensch than Judge.

no, but i like the thought of him as a kid again even if i dont think that would happen

They just are.

Do Ichiji and Niji have the same pervy inclinations as Sanji and Yonji?

And will Reiji tell Sanji that she saved Luffy?


Big Mom doujins when?

hopefully never

Except growing up under Zeff's roof was a training on itself

Bruh don't forget what level New Kama land was situated in in Impel Down. They're nothing close to weaklings.

>and is Dragon's right han
That''s Not!Ace.

Where do you think he learned how to fight in the first place? The Baratie was known for it's fighting chefs because of all the pirates around so it's not like he just cooked.

OP doujins are always shit. A real shame, to be honest, because the potential is limitless

Also nice trips, Satan.

Baratie was a fighting restaraunt dude. Didn't you see how prepared they were for combat? Sanji grew up cooking AND fighting Pirates.

Also, what does that say about Zoro? He trained every day and hunted pirates and he's only marginally stronger than Sanji, they were even equal early on.

The one about Smoker and Tashigi switching bodies was pretty hot desu famalam

only if it involves her raping pretty girls with a candy strap-on

No. That would make him no better than his brothers. Sanji will express and overcome them with the things he has and they never could.

Friends. Mercy. Humanity.

No and maybe.

Good thing Oda will decide that and not you :)

How the hell do people grow teeth back??? When the villain wakes up the teeth is always back

everyone has some shark fishman blood in them

just like how the women have longleg blood

Pudding will be good too.

I don't know why anybody thinks she's evil.
There's literally zero evidence as of yet.

If I could decide it, there'd be an Iron Chef battle.

Sanji would lead his team of Sous Straw Hats against Big Mam's best.

Using the super food recipes he got during the time skip, finally, he'd make food that would change the hearts of his family as the judges.


wtf Sanji has a sister now? Top keks trying everything to keep the viewers huh

they're just waiting in fear to be duped by that hack oda

No, that's the kid Sanji and Nami had. Keep up or shit up faggot

lel THIS! HACK oda

So they have the power to regrow adult teeth



I start to feel like his flashback was fake, made up to compensate for something, because some things just don't add up.
Judges personality switches around constantly, both in talks about his history, the flashback and the present. Reiju acts weird quite often as well, sometimes she is a pure hearted soul other times she is just a bully
>Why don't you live as royalty with us? You could have all those Maids as sexslaves
>Of course you would have to live with your siblings who all hate your guts and want to beat the crap out of you and your ideals, the very thing i tried to protect you from when you were a child
Also the fact that he was also angry at her when they first met as adults, even though he knows she is not as bad as the others.
The Iron Mask thing also came out of nowhere and was only there for a few short pages with no significance.
And then there is this Saul dialogue.
And the flashback was quite short for One Piece usual long flashbacks.

There are too many things that don't add up, so just writing it off as "Oda is a hack" doesn't work.

My guess, Sanji did something bad in his past and tries to pin the blame on other people(who might be assholes, but not as bad as he thought) and fabricated a nice version of Reiju in his head as he naturally feels that Women are nice people.

This is what happens when you speedread.

>fought shitters every day
>turned out shitters
Sounds about right to me

That's only possible if any of that brainwashing/amnesia shit you're implying was foreshadowed. Good thing you didn't write the story.

I had a weird theory about Raftel today.

Given what we know now about the Rio Poneglyphs, we know Raftel isn't just some island at the absolute end of the Grand Line.

Some people have speculated that location is another Knock Up Stream, space, etc.

But what if Raftel is in the center of the planet? I was kind of thinking about One Piece's end game and for some reason the design of a hydraulic ram pump popped into my head. The location that the Rio Poneglyphs lead to is not a Knock Up Stream but the reverse. It's like an intake valve where you have to be at that particular place at a particular time to enter. It's like a pump that gradually builds pressure and afterward that water is released via the outtake (Knock Up Stream). I think this might also connect to the hole at Enies Lobby (a geographical anomaly said to be one of a kind) because it might function as a kind of waste valve for the pump to work.

I know people have speculated a shit load that All Blue is where ever Raftel is but many of those were accompanied by kind of dumb theories like Raftel is at the other end of Reverse Mountain, etc. But with this, potentially all the waters from all the blues divert into here.

>Guy makes an infinite army of super-strong biscuit warriors
>Luffy just fucking eats them

Goddamnit, how long as it been since this manga remembered how to take the piss

>Judge personality switches around
How so? He acts like Sanji owes him as a father but also does not want what he perceives as a weak child to be his son. That has been consistent.
She only acts nice when she won't get harassed by her family. It was blatantly stated that this was the case and it's shown in the present so it's obviously not fabricated
>Also the fact that he was also angry at her when they first met as adults, even though he knows she is not as bad as the others.
Sanji is generally an angry individual and he wasn't exactly in a good situation Reiju does not have clean hands regardless of personal feelings
>Iron Mask
that sounds more like a personal problem
see above
>the flashback seems quite short
see above

The personality shift problem I do not see, the rest of your evidence is more subjective and does not really say anything conclusive.

i'm just giving oda the benefit of the doubt, that he didn't retcon shit he wrote 5 weeks ago

you're talking about yourself, speedreading my comment, right?

There's already a really comprehensive theory that Raftel is under the red line in a cave or wherever.

Luffy and co will get there, activate something and it will destroy the red line, effectively destroying the celestial dragon land and fulfilling the prophecy of Luffy destroying Fishman Island which is directly underneath it and would get covered by the debris.

This also creates the All Blue since all oceans become one.

You can find it online in a far more elaborate form.

>" Reiju acts weird quite often as well, sometimes she is a pure hearted soul other times she is just a bully"
>Point was specifically referenced in recent chapter and explained

I think I can understand where he's coming from.

No you're literally autistic. Every point you made is clearly explained in the manga.

>Sanji is generally an angry individual and he wasn't exactly in a good situation Reiju
she was tending his wounds, assuring him he has at least one supporter, even though she isn't doing it in public, and helped him FREAKING ESCAPE this hellhole and promised him that eventually he will meet people who will treat him with respect. You don't go "i don't want to do anything with ANY of you" to such a person

as for the rest, well, do you went me to show you every single instance of how his personality changes and the other stuff? Do you realize how long that would take?

just my suggestion, reread the parts of sanjis family, i have done it like three times now. It's not just a case of public face version true face or a father seeing his children as family only when they are beneficial. If you think that, then you are the speedreader one.

>This little Reiju in a Reiju thread
Let's fix that.

>she was tending his wounds, assuring him he has at least one supporter, even though she isn't doing it in public
He also wants nothing to do with her or the family. I fail to see how that's an issue when she's no double agent. Again, you stated
>sometimes she is a pure hearted soul other times she is just a bully
but I fail to see why that's reasoning for your theory when it was already explained why that's the case and has remained consistent with that explanation.

>as for the rest, well, do you went me to show you every single instance of how his personality changes and the other stuff? Do you realize how long that would take?
Are you trying to say that I should believe you without any evidence? After I provided evidence of your theory not being canonically sound?
>just my suggestion, reread the parts of sanjis family, i have done it like three times now. It's not just a case of public face version true face or a father seeing his children as family only when they are beneficial. If you think that, then you are the speedreader one.

I didn't call you a speedreader dick head. If you have reasoning, provide it. Don't ask me to make your argument for you.

You made an argument and I referenced how they acted within the story to counter it. Now you're asking me to do your work for you and trying to call me a speedreader when you can't pull out a single inconsistency? Fuck you.

>when she give that good succ
Its been way too long 2bh

So what? Reiju was still complacent in all the abuse and is just as guilty as her brothers. Why wouldn't he still hold a grudge?

Search "Mamiana Paradise" on the Panda.

Or g.e- if you're a scrub.

>tfw Reiju will never suck Magellan's dick.

Some things were meant to be.

not him but I do agree with what seems like shifting personalities.

Judge was constantly crying when they first met again, about how sanji was apart of that family and BS. Then judge suddenly switches to "oh I don't see you as a son though." And in the FB he tells him never mention they're related and lets him leave. Yet reiju claims he was looking for sanji ever since he had left.

And with reiju she's just a bitch. She isn't evil but at the same time isn't fully on sanji side. She seen what he's been through and how judge regards him, to the point of her telling Him to never comeback. Yet she was trying to persuade him to comeback now.

I'm no scrub, don't worry, but usually they are shit. just like the average doujin of very famous series.

Pokemon suffers the same and it hurst me so much

damn that's a nice theory
mad bomber luffy huh, maybe it'd even be a franky in vegepunk's lab tier situation.
plus, if fishman island gets destroyed,there's a chance that they would have already migrated into the surface

Some things might be lost in translation where Oda was deliberately vague or misleading about "wanting Sanji back" and "looking for him ever since he left" in order to build up drama and so on.

>This also creates the All Blue since all oceans become one.
I hate this theory. It means that the dream that Sanji and Zeff shared was bullshit because All Blue doesn't exist and has to be made.

All those people that laughed at Sanji for believing in it would have been right.

Well that's the only thing that makes sense. Because there shouldn't be a reason why judge was surprised that sanji wouldn't care about BM killing them.

He wants to use Sanji and both him and Reiju were trying to coerce him, Judge dropped that pretense and admitted he still doesn't care for Sanji.

Again, I see it as Judge thinking that Sanji should not act out against him as a father, but doesn't care about Sanji as a son. It's self centered and shows what he thinks about family, but he offers none of that respect to Sanji because he's "weak"

No the theory doesn't talk about a "switch button". The One Piece is a plan explaining how to destroy red line etc. like you said with ancient weapon. Probably the plan of Joy boy.

Sanji doesn't need a power up when he hasn't fully applied himself since the timeskip.

Maybe the red line is artificial? The WG ancestors used some powerfull weapons to change drastically the geographical organization of the world 800 years ago, in order to rule over them?

Judge thinks that Sanji owes him as a father, while he doesn't owe him anything in return. It's not a shifting personality, it's a contradictory view because Judge is a self-entitled asshole.
Reiju's not seen her brother in years and so she tries to ease him into the shitty situation she knows he can't escape, but also doesn't stop it because she's still not innocent and she still defers to her brothers and father. That's not shifting personalities, that's just mildly complex ones.

because she helped him get out of that. Without her he would have remained in that cell and probably die from neglect. But yes, she is totally the same as her brothers ;)

>Are you trying to say that I should believe you without any evidence?
No? I am saying maybe you guys should keep an open mind about the flashback and reiju. If anything, reread those parts with that in mind.

>I didn't call you a speedreader
someone else did dickhead. I am not going to reply each person individually. If you want to to that, become a tripfag or get out of Cred Forums.

>If you have reasoning, provide it
I already did, you just didn't accept them because you don't want to spend time on it. Which is cool, not wasting time on this silly discussion, but then don't act like i didn't provide it just because you want to be spoonfed something that is plainly obvious

>because she helped him get out of that. Without her he would have remained in that cell and probably die from neglect. But yes, she is totally the same as her brothers ;)
Doesn't change shit. She was still complacent and Sanji has a right to hate her all he wants.

>he dropped that pretense
But he didn't really seem to be trying to coerce sanji. The first thing he did when they met again was fight him. The way he talked through the fight Never implied that he ever changed his opinion about sanji and actually rather it showed he pretty much thought of sanji the same way.

>he's just self centered
>shows what he thinks about family
>no respect for sanji because he's weak

Like I said no matter how you look at it judge no the whole family is just contradicting their selves. Judge wants sanji to see his self as apart of the family(and so does the siblings) yet they also don't want him to consider his self apart of them since he's so different. Judge told sanji he isn't apart of the family and a failure, yet is surprised that he doesn't consider his self family and doesn't care about their well Being. Reiju you can say that she was trying to coerce him but why would you try to coerce someone that you know your self shouldn't be there? And she did it when they were In a room alone meaning she really wants him to come back. Plus the whole "she will take care of you but ultimately isn't on your side." Is also shifty.

>S-SANJI BM will kill us if you try to leave, do you not care about family
>sanji you're not a kid or apart of my family leave and die off somewhere so I don't have to kill you.
This is clearly shifting.

>S-SANJI BM will kill us if you try to leave, do you not care about family

He never said that?

Can't find the viz version but he pretty much did

All blue not being real is the whole point. Its an inherantly impossible (as of how the world is currently) location.

Sanji/zeff believing in it anyway is supposed to be romantisicm and symbolic, not a real goal.

No, it's entitlement. Judge doesn't give a single shit about Sanji and doesn't hide it at all, but he still expects Sanji to care about HIM, the man who gave him life and the position of prince of Germa 66. It's a consistent personality that's shown through the present and the past. It's just plain selfishness.

He doesn't just expect sanji to see him as a father but to consider his self as apart of the family, but yet tells him that he shouldn't consider his self family.

I tought he was just trying to manipulate Sanji because he needed him.

>Like I said no matter how you look at it judge no the whole family is just contradicting their selves.
Yes, they're contradictory because they're hypocrites and they try to live contradictory lives. They're shifty, not shifting. Reiju is willing to be nice to Sanji but she isn't willing to actually sacrifice anything for him. Judge wants Sanji to respect him as a father while having no respect for Sanji as a son. They're dysfunctional and messed up people with conflicting motivations. That's not shifting, that's actual character.

>sanji shouldn't hate her since she helped him escape (despite judge probably would have just let him go earlier if he asked)
>he would have died of neglect
user just helping someone a few times compared to the amount of shit she let him go through doesn't compare. She even told him not to get it wrong she isn't on his side. Plus she clearly sides with judge. He has every right to hate her. And he wouldn't have died of neglect. Besides being locked up in a cage, he ate great, and got whatever he wanted for the most part.

That's just an extension of what I said. He expects Sanji to be grateful for his blood and feel responsible for his family, while getting nothing in return. He's an asshole.

>sanji you're family
>sanji you're not family
This is shifting personalities, it's beyond just saying "you should be happy that you got our blood and make sacrifices" he still expected that sanji act like a royal after he left. Meaning he still consider sanji as Royalty and one if them.

Are you really this retarded? Judge expects Sanji to act as a part of the family so he can use him for his own personal gain and nothing more.

It's LITERALLY explained that he's only using Sanji's status as his son for the purpose of the marriage, and Judge makes that clear by reminding Sanji he's only a means to and he doesn't really consider him a son.

I don't know how to explain this clearer. I can't tell if you're being sincere or a fairly decent troll.

yeas basically he was disowned, till his father found he could be of use

then he was like yeah that's my son. you can have him if you make this deal with me

Also how many biscuits can Luffy eat. and will he find room for meat

>keep an open mind
Open mind my left nut. You put forth a theory and I was challenging it. I don't give a shit about "considering it", I was seeing if you had any strong evidence to back up the claims you were making. You clearly do not.

>someone else did dickhead.
You're clearly less accustomed to being here if you think you can claim you were calling someone else a speed reader in the same sentence you were speaking directly to a different user. If you cannot follow a reply chain, you probably shouldn't be speaking as if you're the one who belongs on Cred Forums.

>I already did, you just didn't accept them because you don't want to spend time on it.
No, I challenged it. You failed to counter the points I raised and start stomping your feet.

You come up with some crackpot theory that directly conflicts with what is in the chapters and you're trying to bring up spoonfeeding? I think buzzwords should be considered a fallacy of their own because you're desperately trying to come off as right when all you needed to do was the counter the points I raised in protest of your own.

It's really not that complex
>you make shitty argument to defend your theory
>one user raises counter points
>you refuse to respond to them, tell the user to figure out the argument you pulled out of your ass himself and call him a speedreader at that
>you continue to refuse to actually challenge the points raised while trying to instead attack the person who raised the counter argument and continue to ask them to somehow figure out how your demented mind came up with a shitty theory on their own.

I really don't understand your train of thought. You come up with a shitty theory on your own, not many people agree with you, and instead of explaining how your theory makes sense in your mind while debating the points raised against it, you instead cry about people not figuring how your mind works on their own. Why did you even bring your fanfic here in the first place?

I just wanna see Luffy rekt the 3 brothers.

>shifting personalities
It's easier to think that their family is just mindfucked too much. And I mean every single royal member. Even Sanji has changes in his personality through the most smallest things since day 1

>Like I said no matter how you look at it judge no the whole family is just contradicting their selves

I said that they are contradicting themselves in the post you quoted, my point is that it makes sense and is no way strange. They are selfish.

Cares about herself first and foremost. She only looks good in comparison to her practically heartless family. Judge wanted to manipulate Sanji into marrying into BM and Reiju, as always, did not want to be on the losing side. Sanji seemed to genuinely care about what his father said before he escaped (crying over his father saying he doesn't love him) so it make sense that Judge would try to act like he suddenly cares about Sanji so he'll dance to Judge's tune. Reiju does so as well because, like she has been shown repeatedly, she will quickly behave the same way as her family in order to avoid mistreatment. She was given a duty and she cares about not making a bad impression above all else.

God damn read the manga you fucking idiot.


He can't have Sanji acting like some dumbass who eats off the floor and defends servants because it could jeopardize the marriage.

It's really not hard. READ THE GOD DAMN MANGA.

why dusn't luffy just use king kong on crackr??

and waste all of that food?

>expecting an autist to understand social 'subtleties'
Just let him have his fanfiction.


he could eat it after he kills him
unless if you mean waste all of the potential food that cracker hadn't created yet


this man can just solve world hunger if he wasnt so preoccupied with useless pirate shit

>he needs sanji to act like a royal so his marriage to a almost uncivilized pirate daughter will go through without a hitch.
Get out of here user with that shit logic, she doesn't fucking care about how the person really acts. As long as they marry her kids and don't give her to much trouble, they could be cave dwellers for all she cares about. Judge was crying about sanji still cooking saying royals don't do that, yet tamago wanted sanji to join and be a chef for BM. So what judge thinks sanji should act like is almost unimportant to the wedding. Hell BM clearly doesn't care about how sanji acts or feels as she made sure to set up contingencies.

>With your knowledge, you could cure cancer!
>I don't want to cure cancer, I want to turn people into dinosaurs!

Except if you look at his face he was you can tell he was trying.
Nice try Zolofag


I don't even have enough REEE for this.

But he doesn't just expect sanji to act like he's apart of them, he sees sanji as a part of them.

No he doesn't, speedreader. He literally says the opposite. Read the manga.

>no he doesn't
>sanji remember royals don't serve rats
No need to make that statement if he didn't.

>claims that " he doesn't just expect sanji to act like he's apart of them, he sees sanji as a part of them."
>uses a quote where Judge expects Sanji to act like them

I don't think anyone is going to find your logic agreeable. You're making absolutely no sense. Nothing about your quote does anything to disprove what you're arguing.

You're autistic aren't you? That's Judge literally saying Sanji should act like them, not that he sees him as one of them, which he already said he didn't.

>I just wanna see Sanji rekt the 3 brothers.

And when has world hunger ever been a thing in OP?

Only time anything remotely close to that happens is when pirates/WG/various assholes in power shit on the inhabitans of an island, like Crocodile secretely ruining Alabasta by fucking with the weather.

>b-but he doesn't just tell Sanji to act like them! he sees Sanji as one of them!!!
>posts quote telling Sanji he should act like them

How does Carrot put on pants with that giant tail?


two legs at a time like everyone else

A hole in her pants for her tail and anal.

like a girl with a huge ass putting on skinny jeans

have fun with your uti

>Sanji you aren't my son, leave our family and stop using our name
>Sanji you came back, you are indeed my son
>Sanji why would you abandon us to big Mom we are family

How does Carrot put on hats with those giant ears?

>I need Sanji to marry Big Mom
>I remember him actually giving a shit about my love, let me act like I want and need him so he does shit for me
>If he doesn't, I'll just beat the shit out of him because I don't actually care about him and just want to use and get rid of him

It's almost like Judge is selfish and manipulative. What with the clone army that don't know they are clones, using a Yonkou to further his dreams, and disowning a child for being human only to pull him back to throw into a marriage.

Like really, how autistic are you anons claiming that he has a wishy washy personality? It makes complete sense.

>you are to serve as a means to an end Sanji and nothing more. just so we're both clear, I still and never will see a fool like you as a son of mine, not in the slightest.

I want speedreaders to go. sanji is nothing more than a tool for Judge to accomplish his goals. everything he's making sanji do is for his own personal gain. he doesn't see him as family or care about him in the slightest. his intentions and opinions have not changed at all.

shes a spy

>Spee D. Reader

>trying to teach autists
user, their is 30+ posts of anons already stating the point you're trying to make. You're wasting your time trying to get socially inept people to understand the minds of others.

Person who reads so fast it makes people go
>H-he's fast!


He's an ordinary person who is stronger than geniuses, because he worked hard. This is Japanese fiction 101.

A word autistic children use when an individual's interpretation is a bit odd.

autistic meens I'm special right?

She doesn't.

someone who could find one piece if he just slowed down and looked carefully

I want to cum inside the bunny

You forgot the part where the "ordinary" person has hidden talent or bloodline or is a child of destiny or some shit.

>bit odd
>blatantly wrong
Be honest user, were you called a speed reader? Do you hide from the archives knowing that your mistakes will never go away?

>ordinary person
>when gets fire on his legs
>when super saiyan fire form
>when he learns a sort of Geppo with no CP training
>when Haki
No. Sanji have super powers like his bros but his powers just grew at a slower pace and much later.


>he's nothing more then a tool
judge doesn't know why he want.

stop judging him

Will Reiju and Zoro ever meet? What will that meeting be like?

That cut back to Luffy's "fight" made me laugh my ass off. Also, it justified cutting away for Sanji's flashback for a few chapters.

Go away.

Now that Luffy is a fatass, it's finally time for Triple Tongue to shine!

that was such a mistake, even worse than foxy

>evil bitch

That's not going to happen. She's a good girl with no shitty evil side like Reiju.

World hunger is doubtless a problem of distribution and politics in OP.

No, it was great

Caribou was a mistake

Caribou was great
Coribou was a mistake

she gave a bullshit story about sanji
it's obvious she's being written as too perfect
she's luring them into a trap
you're just dumb

I want to cum inside Jinbei

>Gib food at Africa because nobody produces enough food
>Food producers in Africa can't compete with free gibs and close
>African needs food because nobody produces enough food

And One Piece has nefarious fuckers wearing gold fish bowl helmets making things shitty for everybody.

Me too.

That's the stuff

I have an honest question for those who only read the manga and avoid the anime.

How many of you knew Big Mom's saliva is actually acid that reacts with the ground and creates fumes like this?

And how many of you knew about Luffy's upgraded Gear Second can be engaged in a split second by shaking one of his arms, compared to the previous leg pumping which took minutes.

>which took minutes.
I meant to write "which took many more seconds"

Oda changed her up last minute

Anyone else over Sanjis backstory? I also liked how Luffy handled Cracker.

I suspect there is a few who don't know this since it's hard to communicate through the paper medium.

Big Mom's saliva is supposedly partlially her stomach acid. It's a nice detail, but I don't think it's intended to be one one of her methods of fighting.

I honestly don't think she can fight.

unless haki protects you from those spirit swipes, she really doesn't have to fight

It felt rushed.
>oh, were going to the East Blue
>We're here
>Bye Sanji
>Back to the main plot of Luffy and Cracker

Oda's rushing One Piece to finish before he dies isn't he?

He wants to enjoy life first. He's lived and breathed one piece pretty much all of his adult life.

>oh, were going to the East Blue
The Germa are so fucking cool.

She seems like another DF user whose become far too accustomed to using her powers just like Moria.

No I agree. A lot of the paneling just felt like bullet points or something.

>3 weeks to the East Blue
So 1 week going up the Red Line, 1 week going across it, then another week going down?

I don't think you get to be considered on par with Whitebeard and Kaido if you can't throw down yourself. Besides, she was running around unstoppable like King Kong during her croquembouche rampage.

Well you see, Sanji is a good guy with a tragic backstory who has lots of willpower and fights for his nakama, his brothers are all bad guys who had easy lives and fight selfishly, and this is a shounen manga.

>Picking nose through the helmet

>all out
>only one sword
>not even a named technique

the germa kids spent their entire lives fighting against normal human beings who had no concept of haki or strength, most of whom weren't even from the fucking grand line. Also they rely too much on their tech and probably couldn't even come close to touching sanji without it, as seen with is dad. The only reason Sanji has been losing to them now is the handcuffs

Zorrot confirmed.

Why is she hiding her third eye? There must be a nasty secret behind it. Maybe she can use Geass with it.


How can you be someone's pet and master at the same time?

I want to make love to Chopper

Caimi is just a dumb titty bimbo made for 1 purpose.

Saddest backstory?

My vote is either Nico Robin or Rebecca

For the people who were saying that Ichiju is stronger than Reiju, here's the proof that Reiju>Ichiju.

She was just chilling and waiting while Ichiju just got out of water after swimming.

Making takoyaki?

there's still the science clown.

Nothing is worse than foxy

name's Ichiji you dumbass

What's wrong with foxy?

I like foxy

Anyone else noticed how the number of circles in Reiju's clothes kept increasing? She had one, then two, then three and then four.

(And in the last panel the smallest circle was in her heart)

It's the Rinnegan

Wow, nice catch.

>goats chomping whitbeard's beard
Fucking Sengoku

Notice how he can't do anything about it. Pwngoat is a mighty creature.

>11 hours
An american role model

What does it mean?

This is not Bleach

It's too late for Sanji now, Luffy has already got his hooks on Nami.

Can Chopper impregnate a human woman? How the baby would look like?
And if Chopper bang a normal reindeer, will his offspring be a normal reindeer?

>will his offspring be a normal reindeer?
Probably, since it wouldn't inherit Chopper's DF powers. That sounds terrifying to be honest.

Devil fruits have nothing to do with genetics

I'd he fucks a deer, he'll have a deer

If he fucks a women, nothing will happen

never watched the anime, are the movies any good?

>tfw Choppa's offspring gonna eat Sengoku's fruit and literally become deer god

Watch 4,6,7, Strong World and Z.

Ivankov's DF can manipulate hormones, so there's probably a DF that can manipulate genes as well.

>Kaku you fuck Giraffes right?
>Eww, No
>I mean when you ARE a giraffe
>oh, of course

Never been an opanimefag, but I'm downloading Strong World and Z now.
What am I in for? What should I expect?

You should expect both to feature an old legend as the main villain.

Looks like Jinbe is the 10th, unless he dies or something. This scene has a foreboding feeling to it.

Iva likely also changes DNA.

The first half of Strong world is One Piece at it's best- adventures on a strange island

>mfw patiently waiting for Bonney to join

Who is the cutest filler girl?

>either Nico Robin or Rebecca
Ahahah, oh lol. Not even fucking sad. Brook or Chopper or even Dog in Logue Town.

>Dog in Logue Town

Can we get one of these going?

ok, i'm shithead. Not logue town. The one where he fucked up with Lion for the sake of the dog against buggy.

>Le'ts just ignore that they have superior genes. They've been training every day since childhood, all while he would cook.
Didn't that apply to CP9 too, at least to Lucci?

You mean Shushu.

Whatever, even mr. Pink story is sad in comparison to nico robin or rebbeca one.

>disliking Usopp & Syrup Village
Your taste so shit, even the Chinese wouldn't rip you off.

No user. Ignorance is not something you should be proud of. Fucking Americans.

>Sanji thinks Big Mom looks like this.
Poor dude.

I don't dislike them at all, they're simply my least favourite.

>No user. Ignorance is not something you should be proud of.
First miss, i accepted that i was wrong.

>Fucking Americans.
Second miss.

Someone needs to shop an eye patch on her.

>i accepted that i was wrong
No, you dismissed it. Also the "I" should be capitalized.

>Train under the legendary redleg Zeff and inherit his legendary kicks
>Already a super soldier
>have Haki
>experience life or death battle after battle
>train under the most wanted man in the world's number two for three years in another kempo
>be close to equal to a man who's the apprentice of the world's strongest swordsman
>eat the best and nutricious foods to grow the body

pls. All those other faggots did while Sanji pushed himself. For all we know his supersoldier-ness passed there's a long time ago.

Sanji didn't train with Sabo user, are you high?

She's going to be evil just so Oda has an excuse to ship Nami and Sanji

Filler Vice Admiral who's Admiral tier

Short shortsand takes full advantage of how seductive she is when confronting pirates. What's not to love about Marine Nami without the Nami face and actually strong



My guess is her powers are similar to his, in regards to souls.

Just like Luffy took all those shadows, she probably takes souls for power.

>train under the most wanted man in the world's number two for three years in another kempo
Iva chan isn't Number 2.

>be close to equal to a man who's the apprentice of the world's strongest swordsman
Hell fucking no, Zoro probably stronger, but Sanji have strategies.

So is Buggy on par with Doflamingo?
Or Crocodile on par with Doflamingo?
Or Morioh?

None of those fuckers can fight but are all Shichibukai, yet Luffy beat them early on, and had to use gear 4 multiple times to beat Doffy.

The perfect punishment for Sanji's brothers would be to be beaten by him alone, and then, by some side effect of the genetic modifications, lose their powers and regain empathy, and feel the guilt of all the wrong things they did in their life, at the same time. So they would be kinda redeemed, since they didn't choose to be genetically modified, The only one who is completely irreedemable is Judge. I hope he gets arrested and locked forever in Impel Down

Not in memearrow

Buggy became shichibukai probably, because of roger name.

Crocodile fight with luffy was fucking horrible.

Doflamingo fight with luffy was fucking special olympics of Doflamingo.

Oda simply forget how to scale power of bosses.

It's over, Nami and Hancock ships are finished.

Luffy x Ancient Weapon is the new hotness..

I think he only needs to beat Ichiji and maybe Dadji to crush the spirit of the others as well

>People complain that all Luffy does now is use G4 and has no variation like "early One Piece"
>Luffy shows comedic variation like the good old days in a serious fight and people complain about it


Its Judge.

um actually it's Jajji

That was strangely heart-warming. Judge is a complicated motherfucker.

values strength too much. if present day Sanji complied you know Judge would change his tune entirely

woops forgot my pic

That's some shit taste you got

He's a cold mother fucker

I don't know, the imagery of Sanji beating all of his brothers while they come at him together is too good to be passed. If he is sure Zeff and the Baratie aren't in danger, he could go completely berserk against those pricks




Sanji's powerful and we know Yonji is a joke to him. Reiju won't fight him so that leaves his 2 older brothers and his dad. By crushing his brothers his dad will be forced to acknowledge him as his dream comes crashing and burning all around him

Sanji vs Ichiji & Niji are the only fights necessary

Her mom is better

You're fucking retarded.

Kaku, Lucci and Jyabura would completely destroy the Germa brothers.

>Pudding directs SHs right to that fucked up forest in an appearance that served no purpose at all other than to have her direct the SHs right into that fucked up forest
>Pudding shows no reget at all that Sanji is forced into basically being imprisoned for the rest of his life
>Pudding must surely be aware of what Big Mom does (BM doesn't hide it away, going fucking apeshit in front of everyone) and Pudding is okay with that
>Pudding is a good girl

>he was the one who killed his mother through food poisoning

That's not about my taste. It's about oda fucking up his script and arc bosses becoming total retards.

That's going a bit far.

so everyone in One Piece is an special snowflake, when will they show who nami is blood related of??

>Pudding shows no reget at all that Sanji is forced into basically being imprisoned for the rest of his life
Why the fuck help SHs then?

>Pudding must surely be aware of what Big Mom does (BM doesn't hide it away, going fucking apeshit in front of everyone) and Pudding is okay with that
She don't wanna end like her brother?

>Pudding directs SHs right to that fucked up forest in an appearance that served no purpose at all other than to have her direct the SHs right into that fucked up forest
Mom knew about SHs far before this fucked up forest.

We haven't seen the Vinsomkes fight against strong people, only normal soldiers and germa soldiers, we know they are superhuman but ex-CP9 agents were super strong

Yeah, but that's why you can't make such assumptions. Judge is around Sanji level and he's not even a super soldier like they are; he just uses tech while they're stronger than him and also use tech.

Lucci would. Kaku might. Jyabura... I don't see it. Thing with the last two is that once their opponents got serious, they were obliterated.

>Why the fuck help SHs then?
>Mom knew about SHs far before this fucked up forest.
Did she help them, though? She sent them into what would normally be certain death if it wasn't for plot armour. She didn't even say "this is the best way HOWEVER there's a weird ass forest you should avoid!" She showed great knowedge of the layout of the area but totally neglected to mention that. It's not Mom's knowledge of the SHs that's the problem, it's the nature of the forest itself and the enemies that are there.

>She don't wanna end like her brother?
There's no sign of regret or anything, though. Not even a sign she thinks it's bad. She's 100% okay with it. I'm not saying she should attack BM or anything. We saw Reiju obviously struggle with how her brothers treat Sanji. It'ss a very basic thing to feed the readers an indication. There's a conspicuous lack of that with Pudding. She does or happily accepts bad things with no sign of remorse.

Are we talking about pre or post TS? Post I would agree in a heartbeat, pre is up for debate.

Have you ever cried reading / watching this wild ride?

I have once, in a surprisingly ignored flashback, cause it wasnt any of the main character's.

The thing that got to me the most was the Noland flashback.

no im not a pussy

In certain moods, especially when I'm drunk. The most emotional I ever felt from it was Chopper's flashback and the arm X salute thing at the end of Alabasta. Oh, and the Luffy vs Usopp fight. I also love Luffy's primal scream when he defeats Lucci in the anime. That always gets me emotional.

Sometimes when I'm really drunk I put on one of the movies or YT clips and flick through and get all teary from certain bits.

I also cried a lot through Dressrosa because it bored me to tears.

i cried for the dog

you fucking people....

When Zoro and Sanji finally get married and have a baby, that's what he'll look like.

Same. Shit is ignored by many as the flashback that made skypea even longer, but i will damned if i didnt tear up that moment. I cant even say why.


Going Merry's death made me cry
I cry when I see Dellinger cause I know he'll never dom me irl

The Merry's funeral moved me a bit.

Pudding is hiding something big, but I don't think it's something evil.

I was disturbed by how buff Noland was compared to his kids' book incarnation.

>turned out to be an angel
She saved Luffy at first appearance.

A huge yet feminine penis?

Only boys are allowed to have cute feminine penises. Futa dicks should be veiny and disgusting and slobby and stinky

guys cant have babies

Sure, here's a fuck off big ultimate unabridged version.

>Remember the time skip threads
>Check out the chapter
>Released 6 years ago

im sure there will be a bad dragon toy that will allow it.

A dead couple in the East Blue

Dressrosa was a long, long arc. Not helped by the bird cage and the constant fucking Rebecca crying we had to put with.

Whole Cake seem to going at a much smoother pace.

even in one piece. guys cant have babies. genetically impossible

Post best boy

Guys also can't go G4.

This should be easier to use.


Nami was the daughter of some Celestial Dragons, Noriko was the daughter of their slaves. Bellemere killed at least one set of those parents.


Here's mine

>doesn't like Rebecca because she just cries
>thinks Shirahoshi is underrated even though she just cries

I'm here just to say that Sanji will have the best genes, it just hasn't bloomed yet because epigenetics.

Guys, I dropped the anime during the Skypiea Arc and I want to read or watch One Piece again. Should I start from the beginning?

Yes, and read the manga rather than watching the anime.

Her third eye, which we will get a sad flashback explaining why she keeps it hidden.

In defense Shirahoshi isn't a fighter and she knows she isn't, she is put in a shitty situation no thanks to some psycho stalker with devil fruit powers and saw her mother died right in front of her eyes while watching her dream burn to the ground. She had a very good reason to be upset and she does her best to make up for it.

We are led to believe that Rebecca is strong and wants to become strong to protect those she loves, but all she does it is sob and cry for Kyros' help.

Do it for her


Being ugly isn't a sad flashback..
Hate to break it to you. You are ugly right?

It is likely this, that third eye probably has some sort of destructive power or that it's a sign of a freak of nature that caused her to be rejected by everyone hence why she hides it.

>In defense Shirahoshi isn't a fighter
She is fucking Ancient Weapon who can ask Sea Kings to kill any fucktard. Yeah she definetly isn't strong.

She's not ugly.

>Hottest male

>favorite character overall

So you not only have shit taste but you're autistic too?

Where should I read it?

Holy fuck, you are god.

You have low standards. Is to be expected from someone who has low self steem.


>having a unknown strong power automatically means you're a fighter
Amon are you retarded? Shirahosi is far from a fighter and was sheltered most of her life. She didn't know that she had that ability until the end of the FI arc. Yet she still was actually strong as she knew who killed her mom but just didn't say anything and was even willing to sacrifice her self for the island. Rebecca on the other hand was trained to fight, was a undefeated gladiator and supposedly this CoO beast. But she was useless from start to finish, her biggest achieve being she bought luffy food.

That doesn't make her a fighter.

I don't know. I don't see it being the first one, but then when you look at BM kids and her I don't see them as the type to judge appearance. And who will make fun of a yonko daughter? But if any I'll say it's the second one and that caused her dad to reject her or some

It's a bubble shithead

>Amon are you retarded?

I laughed way harder than I should've

>still no handcuffs

Reiju took them off.

When will crackerfags get btfo?

>Not knowing that's it's a repost of a repost

never, luffyfag


They're invisible

Reiju is so perfect. I love her.
Best girl

It would be worse if they kept disappearing and returning

>she's perfect
She's a bitch

i mean i now you're shitposting, but it's really the assistants' job do catch these sort of things.

they have guide pictures for checking all the tattoos and scars and shit

At least Yonji looks better now. He looked kind of ugly as a kid

He reminded me of the monkey king

>caring about anything else other than looks

>SANAfag detected

Oh its shipperfag. Of course you will be a beta whiteknighting neckbeard

that was my bad I meant to just put Namifag. But sewing how ass hurt you got over it, now I'm starting to think you are a SANAfag

Nobody cares what you think Mr, whiteknight

Rebecca was so fucking useless except as fan service, apparently by design. Vivi didn't go out of her way to keep her hands clean. She was willing to fight for her people and country.

>you w-whiteknight
>I'm not a SANAfag

That was cool as hell when she bent the steel bars as a little girl to let Sanji escape.

That's not how you get my attention baby.

The options are 2:

- Oda really forgot to draw the cuffs for 2 full chapters

- They were taken off off panel after the Zeff threat. Since Sanji was willing to fight even under the threat of having his hands blown off, they used a more effecive method, so the handcuffs were useless.

how mad will judge be when he finds out the trio went against his orders and wrecked sanji before the wedding?

OR Oda realized the handcuffs was a stupid idea so he backtracked

This is the last time we clearly see the handcuffs, then there is a transition panel and in the next chapter Sanji has no handcuffs.

Yonji took them out or it is really an error


Yonji helped Sanji.
I called it.
Top kek

Lyingfag are you off your pills.

Didn't Judge say that the only one who can take them off is big mom?

>Hell fucking no, Zoro probably stronger, but Sanji have strategies

That's what he said even though you are both headcanon

Rebecca is one of the worst characters in One Piece and the entire Riku family are terrible. The fucktards in Dressrosa deserved a shitty royal family like Riku and Viola leading them, I hope they all enjoy their life of poverty.
Doflamingo was the better king

>Lucci would. Kaku might. Jyabura...

Why would Kaku win if Jyabura wouldn't ?

>Doflamingo was the better king

Honestly it's true. Doffy had a flourishing economy going on and the puppet shenanigans were justifiable given how braindead the people are, now Dressrosa is in ruins and they have to rely on a guy in speedos and cape to fix a city that wasn't particularly broken in the first place.

Yeah, you're right. So is it really an error? Wew

Is Film Gold any good? Looks to be the best OP movie so far.

I'm re-reading Marineford and I'm noticing Whitebeard said some weird shit to Blackbeard before he died.

He's like, "Even if you kill all of them [referring to the D.], someone will appear who will challenge..." etc.

Well my question is since BB is a D why would he want to annihiliate the D. line?

I am not sure if this was his line, but assuming it was, the D. lineage is like prophetized to be great / do something incredible (the final war oda is painting). If he kills all other D.s, only him can fulfill the prophecy.

This is what Big Mom used to look like before Candy.


Nah, she probably looked something like Lola.

We will see a flashback, seeing the old age of pirates, Big Mom, WB, Shiki, Gold Roger...

Big Mom will be hot af, and fighting with WB they will fall in love. Both wants a family, both are "mom" and "father" of their own respective crews... being Bonney their daughter. She change her age because her fruit, but shes like fourty or fifty years old.

We will see Garp fighting them all, how he met Gold Roger, how he had Dragon and his childhood... We will se how Shanks joined GR crew, also how Buggy leaved clown island.

Those will be the best episodes of all.

Reminder: Brook will use his soul powers / music to commune with the trapped soul pieces of the island and start a revolt against big mom

This will be the ending, highly accurate:

I hope so user I hope so. I think Coby will be whooping ass too.

>I am growing stronger

The bitch is gorging herself since WB died, he's 'the one that got away' just watch.

>oneshot by severely weakened preskip Luffy


Holy fuck Dadji locked Sanji up in the hopes that he'd declare his dream and seek it out. He wanted Sanji to escape the whole fuckin time. The other male offspring are strong retard failures, but Dadji loves them, so he tells them they are the success and babysits them indefinitely. They can never be adults, except Reiju and Sanji.

reminder for zolofags

wtf i love judge now

That's true but just think about this, when Luffy and Coby started their journey (and they did start together basically):
1. Coby was too weak to fight Alvida.
2. Coby was too weak to even fight an alvida footsoldier.

Luffy one shot her easily.

Luffy started out as someone who's been combat training his whole life.

Coby started out as a fat pudgy wimp who had no fighting experience at all.

Within three months Coby was using Cipher Pol Rokushiki techniques.

Coby grows at an incredible rate. In fact he's grown faster than Luffy, and is only weaker because Luffy started out so much stronger. Coby developed CoO before Luffy knew what haki even was.

man don't you wanna pop #4's head open?

nami's mom is an even bigger cunt

Luffy developed haki first, starting in Saboadi and getting stronger over the war arc.

Doesnt matter still got oneshot

>the toys were justifiable
kill yourself

Coby is a Shanks tier prodigy. Oda intentionally didn't show how strong he is after the timeskip where he trained with Garp for 2 straight years, when only 3 months of training resulted in unlocking his haki and developing Rokushiki.

Luffy got oneshot multiple times in the story.

it's because Coby believes in JUSTICE


whats up guys

yeah thats why vergo broke his leg

same goes for this guy

is he really going to catch up to zoro?

who knows

unlike coby he hasn't expressed any specific goal, though he was matched with zoro during post-EL

i hope the guy who argued with me months ago that going from north blue to east blue isn't a big deal and that it probably won't be shown how sanji did it feels stupid right now.

The part where Luffy screams "I AM WEAK" always gets me. I love that scene and all that it represents because i am weak too

i'm pretty much franky and cry all the time during op

Reiju is perfect

bitch perfect

how rude

who else would be zoro's rival?


aggressive reiju > slut reiju

>Reread bits of water 7
>get teary eyed
Why is this fucking arc so goddamn good hot damn

Her bitchy look and attitude turns me the fuck on and idk why. Any professional diagnosis here?

Reiju is hot as fuck when she's seated, seen from above or seen from above. Unlike Hancock her legs make her look worse not better especially when coupled with the how short her skirt is

Does Reiju fart poison gas?


>Without her he would have remained in that cell and probably die from neglect
you reading the same chapter as us? Dude still ate like royalty.

renju a shit

Big Mom is a fucking pirate, why the fuck does acting like royalty matter? Some of her fucking kids are married to pirates and fucking fishmen.

>tfw still no porn of Reiju

instead of buzzwording, why not make a counter argument to that user's post?

why you want porn of a a shitty taste tube baby?

You're a beta cuck

>tfw no art of loliReijiu

She's not for sexual.

shes shit that's all shes good for.

I just noticed Niji's belt has a lighting bolt. I'm guessing their suits give off hints on what ability they must use.

loliReiju is for rough bareback sex

Coby is the character I'm most looking forward to seeing post-skip but I really want to see more Marines but not getting owned shortly after they reappear like Smoker and Tashigi were


How do you guys think the mink race started?


Like any other races.

the answer is always ancient aliens

cancer calling out 'cancer'

Those guys did some work and then rested and lived as pricks. He went through his personal hell of running from and fighting the best of Okama Kenpo and learning from Ivankov himself (herself?). And if Iva's good enough to fight alongside Dragon, what's that make Sanji?

Yes it definitely does. Zoro complemented his sword type/style which is a pretty rare thing.


buggy posting is infinitely better than funny frank


we don't know when and if they stopped training hard. we could assume since sanji is stronger that he trained much harder and for much longer than they did


Senpai he can draw Wado Ichimonji just as fast as his other swords but he didn't.

>He fought a Sting Ray Fishman that uses Jinbe's Karate inside the water and won and rescued the protagonist.*

reminder that sanji defeated a fishman by blowing him

>Raizou-dono is safe


If oda took more chapters to expand on Sanji's childhood you'd be throwing "nothing happens the chapter" everywhere. For once he managed to cram a flashback in a nice package.

I wonder if Oda will throw a lampshade on this. Yonji looks way too much like Zoro for it to be a coincidence. Or maybe the sameface disease is beginning to seep into Oda's male character designs

>implying she wears any, ever

They are riding snails.

only a matter of time user


calm down Kubo

I highly doubt Kubo gives a fuck.


Damn, Usopp really is gonna die.

It's his dream

Maybe, but not in the near future.

But he already has his statue next to Norland's.

No is not faggot. The assistants only do the background.
One of them said it on a interview.
Nice Oda dick sucking though

Is Monet

I see Sanji and Nami had a kid.
Who else?



Oda reviews the chapter. He is a hack

That's not what it is dumbass

you should watch the video. they explain it clearly, assistant check the scars and tattoos.

Are you autistic? The only DRAWING assistants do are the backgrounds. They still check the chapters for consistency.

I know you're upset that Goda isn't perfect but keep the dick sucking to a minimum ok?

Sanji's cuffs being removed while it appeared Reiju beat him was intentional though.

>they still check the chapters
Yeah, you can't trust a hack. With shitty pace

im pretty sure buggy says at one point that luffy is too damn flashy

every mangaka has editors that do this shit you autist. stop sucking Oda's cock.

You are doing the dick sucking boy. You hacks cock
Keep defending him

>m-my Goda shouldn't need editors!!! he's perfect! he doesn't make mistakes!!
Keep choking on that cock, user. You sure do love guzzling his cum don't you?

That animation though, damn.

This guy, he was probably checking her out.

Drink it

You're both trying to insult each other on the same basis, but you're both incredibly stupid.

The only one upset here is you because your precious Oda isn't flawless.

If you just stopped sucking his dick so furiously you wouldn't be so mad when he makes a mistake.

>All this hate for Rebecca

I like you.

When i was a depressed teenager I used to read One Piece to escape from reality, and I would have given anything to be on the SH ship having wonderful adventures with the crew. So yeah I cried for pretty much everything, but the part that used to get me the most was Robin screaming "I WANNA LIVE, TAKE ME TO THE SEA WITH YOU" because i kinda related to it i guess.

New thread

>least favorite character rebecca
>didn't include that retard trebol or that double retard snot noodle man sanji fought

What for

i really hope this means something and isn't just oda being lazy

are you kidding i cry literally every emotional arc

are your hearts made of stone anons?

shut up retard I hate you

the movies are great, with the exception of zoro's

>worst arc punk hazard

>that user liked the foxy arc better than punk hazard



Wait, is she 12 feet tall or something?

>tfw made this in 2012
really makes me think

why am I still here

to be praised for your excellent work