What do you use to keep track of the anime you've seen?

What do you use to keep track of the anime you've seen?

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I tattoo the name of my favorite waifu out of each of them on my penis.

Folder Names

This desu senpai.

I __________________don't

I have a small Japanese boy chained under my desk who notes down the anime I've watched.

If only there was some kind of List...for..My...Anime...hmm.

Oh well, would be nice though.

Taiga is shit.

My brain.


Came here to post this


Adult swim.com mostly

I'm not so autistic to let this website influence my decisions so I use MAL because it's easier.


MAL, for the last 10 years.

I blog on MAL and try to connect with people almost a decade younger than me over our favorite seasonal waifus. :3

Shameless MAL user here

There are five year olds on MAL?

Text file.

An Excel sheet.


What software do you get to unwatch shows user
I want to get off of this ride


For the ones I'd rewatch I keep them on a harddrive also

I don't know but I could use such a software, especially for Eureka Seven AO, Evangelion and How I Met Your Mother.

Kaylee best grill

There's a whole bunch of anime I'd love to unwatch.

My brain sempai


i should use excel though but meh

>that first spoiler
Not the whole show just the series finale would be fine to erase from my mind.

I want to unwatch this thread.

They sure act like it


I use my brain to add it to MAL

My Anime List in Word
Good taste


We could have had this instea, Just fucking kill me sempai.

>no manga support

Why didn't they use this? I mean, what kind of writer honestly thinks that what they had was actually good?

Not even with 3DPD sitcoms we can escape this wild ride.

Can you guys remember 300+ shows that you've watched?

Yes, are you slow or something?

Yes, and the books I've read, and the movies I've watched.

Hummingbird primary.
Myanimelist as backup.
Notepad as 2nd backup.
A physical notebook as 3rd backup.

>he can't remember all of the shows he's watched


lying or severely autistic.


it's just easy

I've never used any sort of "community" function on there, I just use the tracker

MAL via Taiga.

I print the show poster and put it in a catalog folder.

Excel + Taiga

I also never delete the shows I watch.

An Excel spreadsheet

I bet you struggle at remembering simple poetry too

>not using vanilla notepad


>Not using notepad++

>Enjoyed shows
Saved on my NAS
>Shows I watched (not all episodes or full shows) I just didn't enjoy
Put into a spreadsheet and deleted.

>not using atom

Fucking retards.

How is Taiga as a program? The idea seems nice but I hate the fact you need a MAL account to make it work.



Dead, lol

You can use Hummingbird if the stigma against MAL affects you that strongly.
Taiga is good, the automatic anime recognition really needs some work though. Also as other have pointed out, there's no manga support.

It's not like anything needs to stay up to date for it, just use an older version of MPC-HC.

Fucking loonix-software

are you retarded? As in mentally challenged?
"Let's see what else i have to watch this season...Re:zero, oh right, that was this one show with that character and this story, already did that, Mob Psycho 100? Ah that one punch man clone, already did that too..." etc., except all of that thinking is usually done subconsciously, so it goes by very fast

if you care so little about the anime you watch that you forget that you even watched them, maybe its time to rethink your hobby

i dont watch shitty obscure anime with shitty japanese titles like shingeki no kyojin or whatever its called because its called attack on titan on english fuck weebs also I remember it i dont have to keep track because i only watch good anime not ones that have shitty japanese titles ones like one punch man

Not him but it doesn't take more than looking at a name to remember if I watched something.

If the name doesn't ring a bell I look up an image of the show.

You can work on that bait.

I don't, now I regret since I can't shove my power level onto other people's faces.

How is that any hard?

This same argument occurs in every thread.
Person A answers "I use my brain" (what he's saying = If I encounter a show I've watched before, of course I'll remember that I've watched it)
Person B asks "You really think you can remember everything?" (what he's saying = can you recite all ~1000 or so anime you've watched by heart?)
And then name calling ensues. It's like I'm really watching anime drama, so many misunderstandings.

MPC-HC with madVR and XySubFilter

Dead, lol. Last commit - 8 jul


>I also never delete the shows I watch.

I used to do this, but it made my entire life a struggle for hard drive space. Finally I decided I just don't care anymore.


It's great, isn't it?
>Cred Forums likes to mock MISUNDERSTANDINGS
>Cred Forums's own interactions reflect just as much
>Cred Forums likes to mock EXPOSITIONS
>"help Cred Forums, I don't understand why X did Y in series Z!"

Mpc-hc is dead.
No development - died

MAL because I'm not trying to fit in by trying to be elitist.

MAL because i'm not a special snowflake with autism

Depends in your autistic powerlevel. I cant remember show names because fuck japanese, but I do remember and recognize every anime I have seen if you show me the cover. That is like, the basic level I guess, everyone can do that, if you dont well I feel sorry for you, you piece of dumb shit.

>normal tier
Able to recognize cover, remembers some of the cast name
>average chinese cartoon faggot tier
Able to remember the show name and cast names
>neet tier
Able to remember show/character names and their staff info, like VAs.
>ken-sama tier
Able to remember show/character names, staff info, and how to write it all. Probably doesnt need subs anymore.

>I used to do this
Just download the BDs of the thing you really like, it's not like you are going to rewatch everything you've watched so far.

>there are people in this thread right now who give deep thought to rating their anime on mal

the trick is to use it to keep track of what you watched, dropped, plan to watch, put on hold. never rate anything because no one cares.

Why do you keep making this thread?

pls no bully

That's easy, just download everything you want to watch and delete everything you either finished or dropped, because you're never going to watch any of that shit again because the size of your backlog just keeps getting bigger

>because no one cares.
this guy does

I don't need to, i watch only 2 episodes of anime per month.

I rate everything I watch for my own personal pleasure, not because anyone else might care.

I don't. Actually I make sure to try and forget everything I watch so that if I watch something again in the future, I'll enjoy it more.

i'm too lazy to download now. i just watch shit tier streams for convenience. me 5 years ago would shit on me now, but i stopped caring.

What about everything from before 2010?

What would you even use a list for

Why wouldn't you? You don't think about how much you liked something? Just watch it and then move on?

I mostly use my memory to recall what I have or have not watched. For stuff I life, I make a folder for the show and save it on an external 5 TB drive holding over 3.5TB of shows (And running). If i drop or particularly dislike a show, I don't add it to the drive. I have a backup portable 1TB drive for shows I absolutely love or shows that are harder to find active torrents for. I am actually thinking of switching the small drive out for a 3 tb soon.

Sup Henry.

>particularly dislike a show, I don't add it to the drive
I save everything even the shit tier anime I watched

Then you are a better man than I. I get fussy about keeping shows I dislike, mostly due to me feeling I'm wasting space that way.

Spreadsheets are the objective master race.

One for thing I've seen, one for my backlog. All the customizable information I choose.


To masturbate once in a while.

>Spreadsheets are the objective master race.
I worked out a spreadsheet, had it set up realized I had to much to put on it, gave up and decided not to bother

Why do you need to remember?

That's right, you're an idiot who cares about something insignificant.

Everything you like is insignificant to someone.

Took me a few weeks to finish mine. It was worth it though.

You can just import it and in most cases it do most of the work for you.

I had maybe 350 entries in a shitty text document when I made mine but it was worth it.

you have 5 minutes to name all the 300+ anime you've seen
go on

spreadsheets are dead to me because i use it for work

I don't really have the commitment to do something like finish what I started.
>You can just import it
It wouldn't feel the same if I didn't do it myself

I usually kill myself because I'm such a faggot after I finish an anime. It really helps me to strike a memory, after all.



I can discuss the anime I've seen just fine without ever needing to list them.

MAL with trackma.
It just werks

dir /S D:\Anime\Watched > watched.txt
dir /S D:\Anime\Unwatched > unwatched.txt