This is your roommate for this semester

This is your roommate for this semester

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i would tickle her pickle

can i choose rikka ? i can't calm while a hot girl sleeping in the same room with me but i can if it was a cute girl

>squeak squeak squeak squeak
>shh he'll hear us

>she brings over dudes every night

I've dropped out of college twice so Nibutani roommate will never happen

I would like to choose Rikka instead, Shinka is boring

What did user mean by this?

Obviously she's feeding her pet mouse in the middle of the night, and politely trying not to wake you up.

Cant, I need an extra bed for my dog.

she's into cucking her bf with you

Looks like the kind of bitch that doesn't cleanup after herself and steals money


When did we have coed dorms?

Season 2 was a mistake.

nice meme

I want to kill this fucking cunt.

Since time immemorial.

Wrong show.

I heard she likes to suck guys off while they're asleep in bed.

>That disappointment

I don't do that, they're lying.

She's a very tidy person actually.

>family name Nibutani
Oh, I get it. She's part Ainu.

I don't get it.

user is saying that her family name is Nibutani, and that means she's Ainu. What's not to get?

Literally not a meme. S2 was garbage and destroyed all the progress of S1. Things are worse now than they were at the end of S1.

But why?

because the character is named nibutani are you thick

Who fucking cares, Rikka is a cute chuuni and I love her that way

I don't see what my luscious thighs have to do with this conversation

But I don't want to impregnate my roommate.

what a dream

I don't get it.

user is saying that her family name is Nibutani, and that means she's Ainu. What's not to get?

But why?

I'd rather be roommates with Dekodess. It would be a neverending parade of fun.

Hair clip is a violent cunt, definitely worst girl.

Are you scared of her?

She is sexually intimidating.

For you.

she's gonna bully my dick

She's in a higher grade than your immature ass.

Yes, and that really turns me on.

She is gonna turn fucking 16 soon and still acting like a retard

Girls and boys can't share a room!

That's what makes her precious

It makes her a retard.

So? Deko is in a lower grade yet she tickled Shinka.

And if we all pitch in, we can gang up on Shinka and tickle torture her all over her body.

That's telling that neckbeard autist. He'd not even be able to win a staredown with her.

Fuck this bitch. I'd knock her up real quick.

>implying she wouldn't knock you up


What the fuck are those things?

Stop projecting. I'm not some sissy ass white boy like yourself.


She turned 17 in season 2

It would be extremely painful.

>she sees you
>shows you this face

What do you do?

go in my room and cry

go in my room and masturbate

that's the face she made when i put it in her anus

Take my Chuunibyou to the next level


cool finally someone to give my mixtape to

As long as she is tidy it's fine, its cheaper to cook for 2 as well.

Would have to pull the whole getting home early to walk in on her masturbating though. Sticking to a wank timetable would be a right bother so I would rather just get to the point where neither of us care.

She better do her laundry regularly as well being dirt is not allowed unless she has just got home from an intense sports game for sweaty sex. Previous female flatmates didn't wash their bed sheets in over a month which is pretty disgusting.

Over all I think I could live with this.

Don't give up

Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door. The bitch club is two blocks down

That just means we have to bully her harder

To be fair, who would? Her eyes are mesmerizing.

Clearly you are not elite enough to realize that none of that matters and the only thing that matters is Moe


go back to my room and contemplate of how pathetic i am all night

does this actually happen? I've never in my life shared a room with someone, and actively go out of my way to avoid it.... Do people just wank with other people there, even the opposite gender?

Romance and even being friendly is remotely impossible, so i may move out or i will kill myself soon

I'll trick her into pegging me.

wonder why an anime character is in the real world... right after asking how it is to be an anime character and asking how it feels to know that you do not have a soul

>not letting her kill you

I am so disgusting that she will not be nearing me let alone touch me.

She will chop you into tiny pieces.

I am not the one who:

>stole her freshly washed and also sweat drenched underwear
>sniff and cum to her dirty clothes

But you're the only one in the room other than her.

I told no one before but i have an evil lewd twin. He always use my identity to conduct immoral act. Let me accompany for tonight,i can protect you from him as i hold his secret as in evidence of crime.

look at that man. He busted his nut and is satisfied. Doesnt give too shits about her

>she is bound by societal conventions to act like a non-autist to me if i act like a non-autist to her
>act like a normal person and just greet her
>act completely disinterested
>slowly start planting things that could trigger her chuuni flashbacks
>increase stealth bullying until she finally spergs out in front of me
>call it cute and move on
>continue to act indifferent until her thirst reaches critical level
>jam it in

>implying you could have that much composure around her

Deko is the easiest to rape or of all the chuunis

Kumin is the easiest desu, Shinka is the hardest.

Kumin senpai would be the easiest as she is sleepy and dont really mind about it.

It's not rape if she doesn't resist

but Your Honor, she was unable to perform resistance as she suffers from sleepy sickness.

>she sees your phone wallpaper

It's not rape if she doesn't mind it!

This is not Nibutani whom i planted my seeds with secretly for a moon turn.

This is the medical and psych evaluation proves that the victim is not competent for decision making during her sleeping sickness attack. The very act of insemination is disgusting and feels violated by my client's account.

Nice outfit, nerd.

nice twintail, memegal.

I never did in the same room, but I lived with a girl for a semester and did it while she was home regularly. Just gotta be smart about it.

I'm a pretty chill person, it could work.
I'd have to hide all my degenerate weebness, however, which could be an issue.

Are male students even allowed to be roommates with girls?

Based kyoani reinventing the chu2 archtype.

How about I fuck your ass user and then we'll see who's the true sissy.

man-boobfuck is more hygienic and less susceptible to prosecution but still deliver the same shame

>All these fags talking like they can get in bed with her in a minute

Bullshit. I can't even look a girl in the eye in a conversation. I can't keep myself from stuttering. I feel like I'm about to cry when I try to utter a word. I just end up sounding funny. There's no way you fucks are different from me. This is Cred Forums right? So just cut the crap and admit you'd cry.

I've known it to happen. People have urges and get tired of having to wait or get caught enough times that they don't care about it. It seems like only Americans have to regularly share rooms in dorms though.

I remember my mate telling me that there was a girl in her flat asleep but with the door unlocked and another female flatmates came in striped naked as started fingering herself above the sleeping girl straddling her. The sleeping girl woke up and shit went down. So if this happens I'm sure 2 people getting themselves off with someone in the room is pretty reasonable.

I have never changed my phone wallpaper from the default and I have had it for 3 years.


In the UK it is an option in a fair number of uni's. There are twin rooms for people that are really strapped for cash and it doesn't matter if you are male or female as long as neither party put that they don't care on tier application.

Why didn't you ejaculate inside her

stop being so 3D, i just want to have fun in this 2D forum

>dropped out twice
why would you go back?

This thread is fuckin' wacky, what's going on?

I don't know about everyone else but I just finished work for the week and am in a mood to funpost

It doesn't matter if its 3D 2D or 10D. You don't change. You could never approach her.

I could change for her.

No. /r9k/ are misogynistic crybabies. I'm just trying to shed some light. Sorry user but you can't convince me you could talk to a 3D or 2D girl.

Just talking? A lot of Cred Forumsnons can do that.

No you can't. You're user. If you could change then why are you here?

Hahaha yeah right. If I can't do it, neither can they. 3D or 2D.

Because she has not ask me yet

I may be socially retarded but I have no problems making conversation and hanging out

user. You can't. Even in your fantasies. You're no different from me. Why are you lying?

If so, what makes you socially retarded?

Rikka is the more famous chuuni archetype!

He's lying. We're all awkward fucks who can't even converse with others.

God DAMN I want to fuck Shinka

That's all I can do. After 1 hour of being around people I feel like shit, but before that I'm normal
Not everyone is as autistic as you

Stop lying. We're the same.

Does shit get lewd?

She's only into dogs.


>tfw when I made my dog shitpost here once

He was only after the treats I put on the keyboard but I think I've trained him pretty well if he used the incentive to post.

does doggo eat shit post?

>He lives in a roomshare
Get a load of this poorfag.


What could she be referring to?

I realized that being a chef is my true calling but reality hits and forced to dropped out again to take care of sister.
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She is loose.

As long as it's not a laptop or tablet wallpaper, it's fine.
Phone is actually just a pretty picture. You would probably notice it's anime, though.

>Phone is actually just a pretty picture. You would probably notice it's anime, though.
Post it.

It's too big to fit completely, so you can only see the part of it from the bottom to the second row of purple thingies.
The drawing style and insane architecture are undoubtedly anime, though.

Me too.
The problems begin mostly when it's time to build up anything resembling an actual relationship. I suck at that part. I have no idea how to do it, I rarely leave my room except for uni or getting something I actually need, I barely ever feel connected to people beyond the superficial level. I have a number of awkward habits which show themselves in any kind of constant contact. And I guess I can barely read the most obvious part of the mood at my very best.
But just talking? Mostly fine with that.

>I rarely leave my room except for uni or getting something I actually need
Literally me.

Where is this picture from?

Season 3

What a loser.

Wasn't it once implies that Shinka wanted to have sex with Yuuta or was that a misunderstanding.

It's been a while since I watched this.

You've been reading too many doujins.

Could be.

Take this with a grain of salt, I have no evidence.

Yuuta and Shinka apparently had sex at the end of the LN. The LN and anime are completely different.

Very funny

She had a crush on Utah's friend at one point.

You will turn 30 any minute now and still acting like a retard.

I don't mind her and cooking for two is better than cooking for one, though she would have to do the laundry.

>she doesn't like pixelart gifs



>you will never understand the ending of this doujin
It's like the artist had a brain spasm halfway through.

You lost me

is that the anime or the ln

Have a look

We are posting on a Mongolian cartoon bazar


I sure hope she farts a lot

Good ending, approved.

I wouldn't mind because i get that look all the time.

I can't be calmed knowing Rikka's phat ass is untapped.

Shinka's has been in the LN, if that's any consolation.

proofs, tovarisch?

My dick that she wont touch after I trick her into smothering my face with her fat ass.