Season 2 with 20 mins each episode when?

Season 2 with 20 mins each episode when?

>20 min episodes
Why would you want that?

This is your gyaru for the weekend.

so we get more Galko

Is it true cute little boys are the big breasted gals weakness?

Are there good gyarus in anime? I thought they were a myth.

Never watched her show but drawing her was fun.

lucky me

Lucky Star

I'm not sure if 20 minutes would do any good to the show since each chapter is of 4 pages or so, I think it's perfect as it is now, of course, if they managed to get a hold of more material it would be amazing, but that would take years and years before it happens.

Galko is a miracle of the universe.

I'm sure there are more, someone should finish the chart someday.

nice troll thread....

>no names
Thanks 3x3 thread.

Why, did you poor reading comprehension trick you into thinking there was a second season?

fuck off shitposter this is a normal galko thread

I like Galko as much as anyone, but why does Otako make me diamonds?

When you fuck off phoneposter.

>All sluts


>mousy-looking nerd girl who is always the one to break out double entendres and bring the conversation into the gutter
She's dying for the D.


>your sister will never wear your school uniform for sex
Why live?

Post more Otako.

I actually thought the eight minute episode format was perfect for the show.
It never overstayed its welcome and felt just perfect. It is more fitting too since the manga chapters are criminally short.

Translator-kun(rip in peace ;_;) said something about the manga getting some kind of plot line, so a full length show wouldn't be that bad idea.

At least you have a sister.

>she is only one who doesn't get the D

It might be of some use later.

Otako's ability to divert conversation is stellar.


S2 can't come soon enough.