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>Made for rape and torture tier
Weather Report

1st for best gangstar

Insert some kind of autistic ramblings about bbw JoJo girls here

I'm just gonna post the picture again

Typical Delinquent scum smoking when he should be in school...

always remember.

like this

>yfw this image is from 2011


Gappy makes me crappy my nappy.

So what happened to Gappy going to school?
He was supposed to be enlisted but then Shakedown Road happen

Gee, I can't wait to shitpost about how bad the new OP will be.

posting in again in hopes there's a cleaner/colored version of this

Those posters are actually pretty good looking.
He probably went back off screen but you know... Vitamin C hit his house and everything...

Reminder to ignore all smug Rohan posters.
Do not reply to smug Rohan posters.
And Remove all smug Rohan posters.

Post only God tier panels and pages

I like part 5

Hey friend, I'm a memeologist. Your posting of wanting to impregnate them isn't catching on. It really fell off the last few threads, which is usually how these types of memes go. I suppose you should find a new image that fits the purpose and post it instead. Right now you're not really annoying since it's self-aware, but eventually it'll be annoying if you post the same picture every time, aka Gappy makes me happy.

Perhaps narrow your focus onto a specific part's girls? It'll be easier for people to relate to that rather than just shotgunning it and throwing all the girls at us. Something like this would be great!


Fuck off with your shit taste. The only good part is 7.

Ugly hair.

I'm a big fan of pic related.
I like you.

I love him so much.

>Part 7

I just do it out of habit and when the new threads are available to me. After my early thread shitpost I get to actually discussing the series

Maybe I'll look for a compilation of some Part 4 girls. They're qts

Fuck off, you're only allowed to like parts 4 and 7


You forgot 8
Tho its only good because of Gappy memes

Does nobody hate 6? I mean its the part i see the least amount of hate on in these threads besides 1.

Plenty of people hate 6. Actually, there's a pretty big pool of hatred for each part and their mistakes here barring 1, but nobody actually considers 1 their favorite anyway.


most kids in these threads skipped it

No one likes part 6 enough to talk about it, I personally skipped it myself after getting bored to tears midway.

I though 6 was the weakest one of the entire series
outside of Jolyne and Pucci theres not a whole lot of stuff

Huh thats.... strange. I thought Stone Ocean was pretty enjoyable but felt like it zoomed by in terms of story.


It's a part that goes staunchly in the very middle of everyone's rankings. Nobody thinks it's the best, but neither is it the worst to anyone.

The suporting characters are alright, but the minor villans and most of the stands and fights are bare bones as fuck

theres something strangely amazing about Jojo's making a gay joke

It's my favorite. I think it has the best fights, and Jolyne is one of the best Jojos.
What's your favorite JoJo part?

6 is the most polarizing, you either love it or hate it.

these kids in these threads

anyone had the design for this?

Why would you ever get a sweater of the most overrated character in JoJo?

Phantom Blood is as basic as a story as you can get. It's almost A New Hope levels of basic, but because it's so simple nobody can really hate it since it does its job just perfectly fine as an introduction to the series. The only way for it to be considered someone's favorite is if they really, really just didn't like the direction the series took, but that's a stretch

I adore it personally, but can see it's kind of the base line on how to judge everything else. It's really true though, nobody really considers Part 1 their favorite. It helps that it was too short and ended tragically, despite said tragedy creating the rest of the series

On a different note, I wonder why Araki decided to make Joseph Jonathan's grandson instead of just being his son

That's not a Joseph sweater.

what where when

>you will never kiss yukako's pale butt or suck on aya's massive tits

You're right, that's a sweater of Rohan.

Phantom Blood is probably my favorite actually, but I don't think it's the best part.
It just sold me really well at the time I first read it.

And it might be some kind of generational superstition we're not getting, or Araki wanted it to take place at a certain point in time and decided he would need to make it his grandson to work

Kill yourself already Josuke


i want to shove my hands up her shit and play with them

>bare bones

ignoring your Cred Forums word
how so



Do you think Rohan ever took advantage of Koichi while he was under the influence of Heaven's Door?

Probably so the story will take place in the late 30s and you can have nazis in it

>part 2
>every side character barring stroheim is shit
>joseph is reddit incarnate
>villains suck ass
>boring and bad fights, asspulls every single fucking time

>part 3
>shitty pacing and 4 chapter arcs
>kakyoin, aldol, and oldseph do jack
>kakyoin's death is handled horribly
>no actual interesting fights in the first part, also kinda boring in the egypt arc

>part 4
>zero direction in first half
>koichi is more of a hero than josuke then gets forgotten
>shigechi's death is forced and needed the adaptation to make it sad
>characters like okuyasu, mikitaka, yuuya, yukako, etc. just get forgotten
>lots of shitty fights in the second half

>part 5
>bad jojo, token character crew
>stupid, unnecessary plot
>shitty villain
>bad and forced finale
>mostly bad fights but a few overrated ones

>part 6
>boring as shit
>barely any interaction between the crew
>ermes and emporia are boring as shit
>pucci is plot armor: the character
>shitty rushed ending

>part 7
>twink gay emo faggot jojo who's barely the MC
>faggot italian partner who makes shitty jokes
>no interesting stand designs
>wasted character potential: the part
>villain is literally a generic 'I do things for my country' trope that people defend because amerifats
>final fight takes forever
>alt diego

>part 8
>le wacky and randumb xD
>most of the higashikatas bar joshuu and norisuke got forgotten
>no mention of main villain 57 chapters in
>some of the worst and uncreative stands in the series
JJBA really is bad when you look at it like that, only good part is 1 and that's only because it gets criticism armor for being first

>i want to shove my hands up her shit and play with them

Well for me i thought most of the fights stand out a bit from the other parts for being more on the Gore side (see Planet Waves and Limp Bizkit). The "crew" was pretty cool, loved Weather Report both with and without memories, and Anasui sorta irked me but is still a good dude, and i loved how Pucci is the most prominent Villian in any part.

I mean if you wanna be a faggot be my guest

whenever I feel like a totally embittered cunt, Cred Forums likes to remind me that others have it so much worse

>le wacky and randumb xD
Gappy was only like that in the beginning, usually he's stoic as fuck.

We are not doing this again

So you're saying you're not going to explain?
into the trash it goes

I don't actually have those opinions, I'm just pooling all the complaints I've seen about the various parts. I don't really dislike any one part.

I think he was just pointing out what problems people seem to present about the parts they don't like. At least, I really hope that was it and he's not just being a massive fag.

I'm still pushing what I said
Your post is good proof of the kind of Cred Forumsirgins that frequent these threads though

>Joseph is reddit incarnate
how did this meme start?

>no interesting stand designs
>implying alt diego was bad and him being fanservice isnt just you projecting

It's what's said when 14 year old anime fans and the cynical neckbeards preying on them start talking about Jojo.

Outside of Sport Maxx (J.Geil and Prociutto 2), Thunder MCqueen (becase his fight was funny and dumb),Johngali (N'doul 2), Rykiel and maybe Donatello the rest of the villans are very crappy or recycled from previous parts

The anime

Part 2 made JoJo's jump in popularity and literally everybody watching it for the first time loved his meming, asspull tricks and traps. Some people actually dislike Part 3 and 4 Joseph because he wasn't plot armor like in Part 2

Most people who would go onto read the manga and experience the later and more improved story telling Araki managed to write would realize exactly what makes Part 2 fall apart as a whole

I know my first time watching Part 2, Lisa Lisa's whole backstory kind of pissed me off how poorly handled George II's death was

What's your favorite-looking stand?

Star Platinum because I want to fuck her.

Quick reminder.

Stands of Part 4 that have yet to get an eyecatch:
>Love Deluxe
>Achtung Baby
>Boy II Men
>Echoes Act 2

Characters who haven't appeared in the ED yet:
>RPS Kid
>The Kawajiris

Get it together, David Pro.

>joseph is reddit incarnate
I don't understand

I can already tell you're way too autistic for me when you start saying two blind characters are the same because they're blind

>Double spoilering for "watching"

What's the issue with watching if you've read the manga?

Both had a hard on for Dio and their fight was pretty similar, they both attack from very far away and they use their blindness as an advantage

Gappy makes me happy

I'm almost caught up and I still like part 2 the best precisely for joseph being le master ruseman

And how about Sports Max?

>le master ruseman

I want to become a Jazz musician so that I may lure in this thicc, juicy morsel.

Why didn't Jotaro fuck Jolyne when he had the chance?

RPS kid/The Kawajiris are going to be added to the ED this week i bet

>their fight was pretty similar
No, it fucking wasn't.

This is borderline retardation now. This is like saying Johnny is Hol Horse 2.0 since they have blond hair, works well in a pair, and has a stand based around shooting.

And please tell me how villains and abilities like Jumping Jack Flash, Marilyn Manson, Jailhouse Lock, Planet Waves and Survivor, and Bohemian Rhapsody were just 'very crappy' or 'recycled from previous parts'.

Why is Jotaro the coolest?

I love the part where he goes ORA ORA ORA and the bad guy just loses.

dude, he's retarded, there's no point in actually talking to him
you're supposed to just screw around

Polnareff's backstory again, but now the guy is a mobster rather than a serial killer, Im not saying Johngali and Maxx are bad, they infact one of the better ones by they are kinda recycled

He's Japanese, so the Nips can self-insert into him easier than the gaijins, and pretending to be tough lets them forget that they're all a bunch of quiet betas. Plus he's smart too since he beat DIO and his invincible Stand

It's almost like Araki is referencing previous points in the story to better flesh out Hermes as a character without having to jump through the same hoops again

whatever happened to the guy who was posting these?

doing what?

I think he quit, since in quiet life 2, the shot looked better.

>just loses

every time with this meme

Did Dio butt fucked Kaks, Kaks shit himself all over from fear and Dio didnt mind sticking it anyway

Dio would only push Pucci's shit in.

I sure hope they fix Killer Queens face in the BD releases. Although, the fixes so far don't seem nearly drastic as the other parts.


There are a lot of doujins where the premise is that DIO's "charisma" is his big dick.

Of course they'll fix it, it was a rushed in between shot churned out just in time for the finish date and BD fixes always fix the worst looking rushed shots.

too many good ones to choose from.

gold experience imo is a very unique stand design-wise, it has a very distinct feel to it that i can't really explain.

i really like all of whitesnake's forms and weather report too.

I have seen so much hate for part 5 that I may skip it. Even Hirohiko Araki said part 5 was his least favorite.

I'm posting my opinions with the express purpose of triggering all of you
Part 2 is the best part
part 7 is mid tier
King Crimson > The World
Crazy Noisy Bizzare Town > Chase
Diavolo was a better villain than Dio
Kars was a better villain than Dio
Kira was a better villain than Dio
Literally every villain was a better villain than Dio

No he didn't, where are you even getting that from?

Have people done BD comparisons past 2 yet?

Are you dumb?

Dont skip a part, just cause some bozo's on a Norweigan Soup trading board dislike it doesnt mean you will too. I thought the same thing, read it, and thought it was pretty okay adn had some good fights.

Everybody thinks this
Everybody thinks this
Everybody thinks this
Most people think this

oh and also, I use kissanime to watch new episodes

Can't wait for tomorrow's episode

There was a screenshot of Okuyasu's nasty shoulder in Let's Eat Out an Italian a few threads ago but no one's been posting sources for anything past volume 2

I hope mikitaka gets a goofy as hell theme song.

House won't burn down this episode, it'll be at the start of next week.

>Even Hirohiko Araki said part 5 was his least favorite.

which is why all his favorite characters are from 5
which is why he draws them all the time

Hey man, fellow shitposter here. You seem to now browse this thread enough to get an accurate pulse of people's feelings to things. Some of it is good, like CNBT > Chase, but a lot of it are things people can agree with! That's not a bad idea for a shitpost, but you'd want to put those early on to give the impression that it's a serious post.

For example:

Giornio was the best Jojo
Part 1 was the best part
Part 8 is shit
Narancia was my favorite brojo

Preface it with something everyone agrees with and you're golden! E.g. Kira is the best villain or Tomoko had the best ass, etc.

Have fun!

To be fair that list was from when Part 5 was still running so it's like almost 20 years out of date. The other user is still wrong though.

I'd say Part 2 is the best anime adapted part so far, but somewhere in the middle when it comes to the manga.

Confirmed for real this time.

27 - Yoshikage Kira's New Face 2 / I Am An Alien 1-4 (5)
28 - I Am An Alien 5-6 / Highway Star 1-3 (5)
29 - Highway Star 4-8 (5)
30 - The Cat Who Loved Kira 1-4 (4)
31 - The Cat Who Loved Kira 5-6 / The Man on the Tower 1-3 (5)
32 - The Man on the Tower 4-6 / Enigma Boy 1 (4)
33 - Enigma Boy 2-6 (5)
34 - My Dad is Not My Dad 1-2 / Cheap Trick 1-2 (4)
35 - Cheap Trick 3-6 / Another One Bites the Dust 1 (5)
36 - Another One Bites the Dust 2-6 (5)
37 - Another One Bites the Dust 7-10 / Crazy Diamond 1 (5)
38 - Crazy Diamond 2-7 (6)
39 - Crazy Diamond 8-9 / Helping You Remember / Guardian Angel of Morioh / Goodbye Morioh; Golden Hearts (5)

i hope it's similar to this

>hurting Lisa Lisa's nyloned MILF feet


We've had more creative baits in the past.
/jojo/ really is regressing back in time.

is there a version of this without the fucking watermark or whatever?

I want it similar to the music from this.


I think I have two versions saved for that reason, i'll look for it.


I want to hug Jolyne
I want to kiss Jolyne

>Part 2 is the best part
>King Crimson > The World
>Crazy Noisy Bizzare Town > Chase
No, but both are shit compared to the first 4
>Diavolo was a better villain than Dio
Early Diavolo was on par with early Dio, but was underdevelopped and not as funny
>Kars was a better villain than Dio
Yeah, no.
>Kira was a better villain than Dio
>Literally every villain was a better villain than Dio


to be fair, I was honest from the start that all i wanted were (you)s
People just gave them to me anyway.

Is anyone talented enough to edit this to be lewd?
Just get get rid of the towel and put her missing parts back.
I'm sure i'm not the only one that would be incredibly grateful.

Part 5 has absolutely fantastic fights, some of the best stands in the whole series, a great crew and I think it paves the way for the retardedly overpowered stands in the following parts.
You can't seriously go from part 4 to part 6.

that'd be gold

>Wanting lewdkako

Can't you just search doujins or something? Out of all the Jojo doujins, there has to be a heterosexual Koichi/Yukako one, right?

>His big dick

Quick! You're i charge of designing Diavolo/King Crimson's play style in the next jojo game. How would you translate King Crimson's power into gameplay. Make sure it's fun and creative/

Some of these are decent opinions though. Step up your game boy.

if that's too hard, maybe just edit aya's shirt off in this?
the lack of straight jojo porn is killing me man



afraid not
plus official looking porn is great wouldn't you agree?
that user that edited kaato's bra off could probably do it

>not knowing how to look shit up on pixiv

How were these niggas not dead? I love that Gappy inherited Josefumi's CQC abilities, makes for some really fun fights.

Regular punchghost
Turning on the stand power erases the actions in the next 5 seconds like super/ultra combos got erased

I wouldn't, it's not the kind of power that would work in a game unless it has unavoidable or timed deaths or it's completely on rails.

Its a tie between In A Silent Way or Black Sabbath

Gappy wasnt Mad enough like Josefumi was. Once Yashuo, Norisuke, or Joshuu gets donutted, Gappy will plunder a wall eye into his fist and go hard.

I want to watch Jolyne getting prison raped in the shower by convicted rapists
I want to watch her choke on semen and cock while her pussy and ass is slammed relentlessly and cream-pied over and over.
And I want to see the semen in her womb, and an epilogue where she's forced to marry a random prisoner, Pucci is the pastor

Jobbers tend to have higher durability than regular characters

wait the movie is for DIU? very surprised

thought they'd do a part3 adaptation

Maybe activate him for a few seconds, make the enemy fall into a predetermined course of action depending on which last move he made prior to the activation of KC and let Diavolo reposition himself at the end of his ability's duration.
Make it so that Diavolo has to figure out the best way to respond and not automatically dodge the next attack or some bullshit. Could make his next attack more effective, though. Unique animations could be made for that.


DiU is easier to do



A year after I got it, I've finally framed my JoJo OVA cel and my shrine is starting to look somewhat respectable...somewhat.

I love Gold Experience as well, shame people like to shit on it for being so ass pull dependent. Araki talking about how he came up with its design was really interesting as well. Sucks that they don't have a SAS with the color manga pallet.

and I want her to hate it

KC would have a lot of strength, considerably moreso than other stands, but Diavolo would not be able to take hits as well. Attacks from behind with Diavolo are twice the power of his normal attacks.

Diavolo can use his time erasal ability only right before someone attacks him. In that state, the player controlling diavolo can move wherever he wants but can't attack, while being invincible to the other player, who will just have actions done by computer. This state lasts for 5 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of ten seconds.

Diavolo also can use Epitaph, which for a brief period of time will allow the Diavolo player to see the control inputs of the other player a second before it's inputted into the game. Can chain this with KC's main ability. If on a team, Diavolo can use Epitaph for a teammate.

Diavolo can also body swap to Doppio, who can only use Epitaph and only has 3/4ths the power of normal KC, but has a completely separate, albeit smaller health bar.


Here's how you trigger /jojo/:
Joseph is my favorite jojo
I skipped part 5 because everyone says it's shit
I read part 7 first because I heard it's stand alone
Stand Proud is the best OP, bloody storm is terrible.
Stone Ocean was terrible, but at least it lead to the creation of the SBR universe.
Part 8 is fucking boring, literally nothing happens
Gappy is also fucking boring.

delet this

These are unironically held opinions by some people in these threads.

I'd complain about this but I basically masturbate to similar shit happening to Jotaro


>blood storm
That's a much better attempt.

Why do you do this stardust man? Its not like I have your daughter here with me. Haha, yeah that totally isn't the case. She is totally being a good girl and not sneaking out to hang with shady individuals who hang pictures of her father on their walls. Ora Ora haha, am I right?

>implying there's anything there to find

Are you ready?

There's a lot of reimi porn.

>TFW Joseph actually is favorite Jojo

>MFW Stand Proud has always been my favorite since it came out.

Made by one guy that either always draws her crying or on the verge of tears

Teach me how to search the glorious reimi porn senpai

I like how Emperor appears in the series as opposed to the OAVs.

In the OAV it just sorta materializes. In the series it is implied as being spun around.

I thought this was a joke about black people for a moment.

This won't be this week.

Whats wrong with reading part 7 out of order?

For some weird reason they always put a lot of effort in the animation of every time Hol Horse use Emperor, I dont mind I actually like it

Look up the character's name in Japanese through the wiki (reimi's is 杉本鈴美) and search it on pixiv
If you want only porn, type "r-18"

They better play this


>First result is futa reimi fucking rohan
God bless the internet.

>Implying this is feasible

He's just ORA the shit out of anyone who ever tried anything.

Plz link me


The World could hold down Star Platinum while Jotaro gets fucked

I mean duh, but I was assuming we were talking about prisoners and shit.

Make Epitaph a dmc style counter like royal guard.
If the player perfectly times the use of epitaph, they dodge the attack completely, teleport behind the attacker, get bonus damage on their next attack, and the King Crimson meter gets filled. How much it gets filled with is determined by how much damage the attack would have done had it landed. epitaph dodging a super/ultra/critical attack will fill the meter completely.
Activating King Crimson will begin to drain the meter. While King Crimson is active, enemy players will have forced lag. Essentially, their screen will be frozen while they are forced to do predetermined actions. Activating Epitaph while King Crimson is active will drop a small video screen in the top left corner of the player screen. The smaller screen's border is designed like Diavolo's hair. The small screen will show the targeted players upcoming automatic actions. The other players will have no knowledge of what the actions they did are once they are unfrozen. Diavolo does double damage for a short period after King Crimson ends.

>Series full of plenty of dicks
>"Let's put one on the girls too"

I can get into this

Reimi looks happy


I fail to see the problem

>burnt anything tasting better

I heard live action adaptation confirmed. How about these casting?

You know, at first I thought you might be fucking with us and just putting a sandwich over a normal vagina.
but then I saw the ballsack.

Rohan likes em fresh.

tried to edit her shirt off
i'm no good at art so i gave up

>Sucks that they don't have a SAS with the color manga pallet.
fucking this. purple is ok, i guess they use it to match ger, but fuck, the lime green goes so well with it, not only because it's themed around life but it just goes better with its base color.

if they release an sas with that palette it may just be enough to motivate me to get off my ass and learn about importing.

is part 5 good? I just started reading it and it doesnt seems really interesting

It gets going when Sex Pistols shows up

Come the fuck on and just read it user.

Read it and make your own opinion

I didn't need people to tell me it's weak, but maybe you actually might give a shit about the Buccellati Gang

thanks, i guess ill just keep reading until it gets good

I honestly wish you noodle-dicks would just not read Jojo so I didn't have to hear from you

Don't ask us and make your own opinions you fuck.
We don't need more people skipping/speedreading it.

Well i was thinking of skipping it but a friend convinced me of reading it, but still, I wanted to hear some opinion

This "part 5 is shit" meme is now driving people to skip parts.

How far is o willing to go to stop people from reading the part he's in?

Speaking of fixes

What happened to this project?

Is SBR a tragedy? Keep in mind Johnny died

But resetting time or stopping it is perfectly acceptable though, right?

Dont forget being angry at everything

No it's an adventure/coming of age story.

He didn't die in SBR though

>I'm going to use King Crimson's power to skip Part 5!

He died after the story was over so I don't think it counts
Don't forget fastforwarding time

Is it alright for me to start DU animu with the BD release? I don't mind the waiting as its definitely better than censorship.

I kinda started with the BD releases of PB/BT and quickly switched to BD versions of SDC after seeing the horrible censorship and "no underage smoking" blackouts.

Plus I kinda feel like the TV releases have lots of QUALITY to them that distract from the viewing experience.

Why the fuck did Giorno kill Polpo? Wasn't his Stand automatic?

The fuck are you talking about.

Last comment was meant to

>Power called Earth Wind and Fire
>Episode airs on last day on September


name a better jojo
jojotip: you cant

>>I'm going to use Made in Heavens power to finish Part 6 quicker!

Yes but Giorno has a strong sense of justice hence why he wants to kill the boss despite knowing nothing about him. He learns to chill a bit as the story goes on though.

user complaining about King Crimson's ability

It's probably the edgiest thing Giorno does in the entire Part
>Muh justice for some janitor we never even knew

Plus the whole 'fate' thing lead to Bruno getting promoted making the plot begin in the first place. Which is the entire basis of Part 5's plot

Will we go back to CG openings already?

Because he killed the janitor who was innocent and not involved with Passione at all.

I recommend getting better taste leddit

Not really.

The only noticeable QUALITY episode is EP21, Kira's first full appearance.

Most of the BD fixes have been minor.

His son's better

That's not Jonathon

No because the company that does them is working on their own project so until that's finished David will do their own OPs.

god dammit i love this guy, never fails to kill me.

anyways thanks for the clarification

>have a banana you fat fuck
>now it's a gun
>psshh, nothing personnel...kid

i wondered this too. polpo didn't will black sabbath to kill the janitor or anything, it was just an unfortunate coincidence.

i think it's the fact that polpo was so careless about administering the test. if he knew his stand could kill innocent people accidentally he should've done more to prevent it, like tell giorno "don't let anyone see the lighter" or some kind of warning. he tells him to stay in his room but it was more of a vague tip than a hard rule.

even so, i was never really on board with what gio did to polpo.

No we need generic anime ones

So what is kamikaze douga working on actually?


Please link, this is so hot

The coloring really bothers me for some reason. Its just not "gold" enough if that makes sense; doesn't help that it's one of the most plastic looking SAS. Agree about the green ladybugs as well. Maybe Medicos will redo him for the part 5 anime. At least Mista looks great.

No clue, I haven't been keeping up with them so I have no idea if it's even been announced yet.

>Like a completely different version of DIOs World
>and the more varied/dynamic angle takes in D'Arby the Gambler
>Endless amounts of BLOOD and desmemberment
I have a feeling the Kira scenes will be even more brutal than the TV release

Joseph is smarter and really astute
as a person itself Josuke is better

I was talking about the Part 4 BD fixes you moron.

He asked about DiU, i answered about DiU.

Not everything is Part 3, sheesh.

Yeah I mean why would a ruthless criminal character kill a scumbag who pissed him off ? It's like he's the son of Dio or something.

>Still waiting for vol.3 comparison since episode 7 is the first one that actually needs some BD fixes

DIO would've smashed a whiskey bottle into his face and stab him in front of his best friend

Giorno pulls a Joseph with his Stand, walks away and goes "Pssh. Nothin personnel"

Didn't Part 4 get those black shadows on the hand Kira ate from?

Also Killer Queen reveal looking like shit. I bet from all the hate comments they got from it they redid the entire sequence.

Which reminds me, how far are the DiU BD releases?

Giorno probably thought Polpo killed many other people before, even if indirectly, with his stand. Keep in mind Giorno didn't know about what the arrow does at that point.

>it's like he's the son of Dio or something
Giorno has no excuse.

Stop trying to force this meme.

He's both DIO's and Jonathon's son so that's probably why

No one's forcing it, it's been a meme for years thanks to COLDSTEEL THE HEGEHEG

I still can't get my head around fucking Ungalo technically being a Joestar and having the star.

I know, but forcing it on Giorno doesn't really work. Especially when talking about him disliking innocents getting hurt.

Make its activation only known to the user, match goes on like normal for duration of KC, match rewinds, opponent is forced to repeat actions, user becomes invincible but unable to interact with opponent and has free movement to set up whatever attack/combo they want, after KC runs out game returns to normal from where it left off.

what's wrong, user? does this face not evoke the proud joestar image?

I just said that about Kira and Killer Queen. That episode was QUALITY.
The black shadows actually help the severed hands, because when uncensored they're just drawn as black tubes. You don't see the bones or cartilage, just a black tube.

The dog Angelo kills is fully uncensored, but really who wants to see that?

Oh fair enough. I don't know why people think he's so edgy honestly, they must have very little reading comprehension.

I still wondering if Dio actually fucked a fish the moment Ungalo was conceived

If you look at the uncensored hands you CAN see bone and flesh but it's just coloured ridiculously dark.

Truly, it's almost as if his whole existence revolved around virtue.

It's all Dario's genes.

Dario still looked like a human being

>I don't know why people think he's so edgy honestly
Because plebs don't like Giorno and they want to voice their dislike for the character without just calling him "boring", so they go with "edgy" or "Mary Sue".

Vampire sperm is a dangerous thing

Silver Chariot Requiem and King Crimson are both amazing designs.


>Tfw you realize Gold Experience is literally skinny DIO

>tfw no more CHASE YOU starting tomorrow

Do you think we'll ever get closure for Jonny's death?

It's almost like the universe was TRYING to kill him for some reason.


what do you mean

It would've been better if it aired on the 21st

>having shit taste this bad

Araki hates Joestars just as much as he hates Zeppelis

Jojo showed multiple times that he was a completely selfless hero, so it almost seems like someone set him up to do something reckless and suicidal to save his family when they came down with some sort of disease which even his stand + the corpse couldn't get rid of completely. He manages to heal them, only for the sickness to pass onto him. In addition to this he accidentally shoots himself in the head AND gets his head crushed by a rock.

It just makes no sense, it's like someone who hated him or the Joestars in general was manipulating things to kill him and his family off without any loose ends to allow an of them to survive.

>wife would have died
>sickness gets passed to Jonny's kid, let's say he actually died for some reason
>Jonny gets his head crushed and he has a bullet wound from the failed procedure
>Wife goes to prison and either recieves life or the death sentence due to the suspicious circumstances of her husband's death, eliminating the possibility of her birthing another Joestar in case she was pregnant
>George I would never have another kid, he's too old fashioned/heartbroken to remarry

You see what I'm saying?

Anyone have a transparent of this Gappy?

Eminem>MC Hammer>Vanilla Ice

In JoJo or real life?

Because both apply

>Jojo showed multiple times that he was a completely selfless hero
>he would never do something reckless and suicidal

I'm sorry user but either you didn't read SBR or you are talking about the OG Jonathan "Jojo"

>one year until Bruno's Bizarre Adventure
>two years until everyone dies
>three years until Steel Ball Run

Fuck, I want a SBR anime so bad.

We know that George did have kids and that Johnny's death was ruled an accident though.

>he still thinks SBR is getting animated

No I'm saying he WOULD do something reckless and suicidal. You've got me on that first bit though, I should have worded it more carefully.

No, see, that last greentext was a hypothetical

Whoever was trying to kill him WANTED that to happen, but Jonny unknowingly kept his plan from working.

Hypothetically speaking.

I hope VA or SO don't kill the interest for Jojo until then, but I'm still hopeful.

>SBR and JJL
>Being animated

Re reading certain parts of jojo really make the inconsistencies stand out
I was re reading some SBR and during tubular bells Hot pants gives Lucy the disguise with her spray and explicitly tells her that it disguises scent and then a couple pages later Mike O's balloon doggos detect her scent anyway
Also, during the fight with him, hot pants has her spray can crushed but in the next page she has another one in her hand
got a feeling so complicated

Also I just realized you were talking about Jonny's kid, I meant Jonny's father.

George "god took the wrong son" Joestar

George II was dead in this hypothetical.

Blame Araki.

King Crimson vs. Metallica Parts 1-4 just went up, friends. Enjoy.

I did it myself because I was bored
Not my best work but I think I did alright

Maybe she found another one.

How exactly did this guy lose again? He was on a plane and from what I remember his stand didn't necessarily have a body that could be attacked. Or am I just remembering things wrong?

>be me
>haven't laughed all day
>balloon doggos
>have brain aneurysm from laughter


Also, this mark on Kira's arm and the stair case
I've been reading jojo a long time, but sometimes you just gotta go "what the fuck Araki"

>>asspulls every single fucking time

Weather with the help of Van Gogh used his Deviantart skills to defeat it

Is Josuke and Mikitaka vs. Rohan the greatest moment in all of Jojo?

Every time I forget how gross parts 5 and 6 were, somebody fucking reminds me.

>Part 2
>villains suck ass
This rustles my jimmy jojos, the pillar men were the fucking best. They're up there with DIO and Kira

>he thinks SBR won't be animated

Epitaphs face always gets me

I am so fucking bored but at least Gappy makes me happy



forgot pic

Did that really happen? How did that have any effect? What, did they troll him into submission? I just remember the chapter ending with him mindfucking himself on a plane.

Stray pixels to the left, the red frame is also not positioned correctly.

The song is one of my favorites, but the animation is meh. Is like a downgraded Sono Chi No Sadame

They won't, but SBR likely won't happen regardless. Unless VA and SO somehow make millions more than expected and Warner decide that the potential love ss on SBR is negligible in the long term. SBR requires a lot of cash to do right and they make less money as time goes on. Less and less people watch each new season, not because the content is lower quality or anything but because that's just how it works. SBR is unfortunate in that regard since if it was earlier in the series it might have happened. Even if VA and SO do well SBR is still unlikely, shitty as it is. Unless they skip lots of it or rush through it which no one wants.

>mfw I didn't notice until I posted it

I bet I'm even more bored but at least we're getting a new episode tomorrow.

Bohemian Rhapsody brings anything fictional to life, Weather ask Van Gogh to create a character that will stop all the fictional characters rampage.
When Ungalo saw his super powerful stand being defeated he realise he will go back to his shitty life and passed out


Thanks, Satan.

DAILY REMINDER, that if you don't enjoy every part you're a faggot and can't enjoy the series to its fullest

Why is he so cute?

Diavolo is so goddamn cute.

Autism moe.

>we'll never get a Jojo part with fleshed out gang activity

DAILY REMINDER, if you don't disregard your personal taste and force yourself to enjoy everything and throw away your critical sense you're a faggot who can't join the hugbox.

moe through helplessness

Daily reminder Rohan posters are disgusting Fujoshits.

>moe through helplessness

TvTropes is for faggots.

I'm having some good memories about that last line

''So wait, who is this ''Kira'' guy?''
>''Uh, he was probably a motel administrator''

Does it fuck with gappy's eye sight having his pupils be uneven?

Nah, I just appreciate Rohan's smugness.

Just what are you going to do about it bitch boy.

Ewww I just noticed that.

We still don't know everything about Kira and Josefumi's fusion, it cut out just before it finished. We know that Yagiyama killed Josefumi since he told Josuke that he buried him beneath some rocks but he survived because of Kira, but we didn't see this happen since it cut out as they were buried and Yagiyama saw the jobber twins job. We also know that Norisuke was researching Kira since he somehow knew that he found a cure for Holly and wanted one for Tsurugi, Damo even says that he knows Norisuke has info on Kira on his PC. So Kira and Norisuke may have been working together or something. The mark directed Josuke to the info regarding Johnny and the Higashikatas/Kiras, so whoever put it there did it to guide Josuke down a certain path that would lead to him accomplishing Kira and Josefumi's goal of curing Holly and potentially Tsurugi as well. We just don't know who put the mark on his arm since there was a 3 day period before Yasuho found Josuke it could have occurred in.

Does it fuck with your breathing having all those cocks in your mouth?

DAILY REMINDER, that if you can't enjoy different aspects of different types of stories, you're a pretentious, sad faggot.

>He doesn't want Rohan to fuck him

Don't question the boss and insight afforded to him by his Epitaph!

Weather made Van Gogh draw him an invincible OC who could put any character back into their respective stories permanently. Ungalo gave up on life afterwards because he realised his power was actually worthless and conquered by literally anyone who could draw.

Boy II man episode was really QUALITY, I hope they spent the budget on Mikitaka


Also Rohan a Shit

So you're just expected to like everything? That's fucking retarded.

What is wrong with being a fujo? honestly i don't see a problem with liking a character sexually and reading fanfiction involving them with other characters. there is nothing wrong with this. it's healthy for women.

>Maybe because [disappointing episode] was bad, they're saving the budget to use on [hyped episode]!
Is this your first anime, user?

>I only like one thing and anybody who doesn't like that thing or likes a thing that's not that thing is wrong

Fuck off and go back to Tumblr.

>All I've done 'til now is wander around aimlessly, just sinking lower and lower without knowing why...but now I get it! I existed for this 'ability' !

why are barely any lewds of her

Christ, you got me excited to remember that fight, but now I'm just... bleh

No dumbass, you're supossed to like different aspects of each part. 1, 6, 7 for story. 2 and 3 for memes or just plain action and 4 and 8 for the mystery aspect. (My opinion) Every part is great in its own way and disregarding one entirely is as stupid as shoving your own head up your ass and gargling your shit, while singing the Gyro song.

Theres nothing wrong with having a tumblr either. If i want to post here ill post here and no 400lb basement dweller is going to force me to do so otherwise because rohan triggers him.

Get the fuck out

>this is probably the same person who keeps unironically using the word "haters"


>1, 6, 7 for story. 2 and 3 for memes or just plain action and 4 and 8 for the mystery aspect.
>But 5 though... fuck that part.

Go ahead and post here all you want, just don't cry like you are doing now when we bully you into submission like the crybaby tumblr bitchboy you are

Pop that pupper, Mike O.


There was communist propaganda in Drake and Josh this entire time? What the fuck Disney.

That's not what I said at all.

I don't like all parts, doesn't mean I hate any of them, just means that I feel some are really weak, but still have some positive points on them, which doesn't erase the fact that it has problems.

Throwing away all critical sense and just blindly loving everything just because it's Jojo is retarded, that's being a fanboy, it's something no one should defend.

>just don't cry like you are doing now when we bully you into submission
Jesus, you sound newer than he does. How old are you?

Fujoshits get out.

>just don't cry when we bully you into submission
that's right! le forchan army will show you! XD

Also, fun Jojo fact: Metallica's stand cry, "loooooaad", comes from the Metallica album Load. If you were wondering why Metallica is on the loading screen in All Star Battle, there's your answer.

I thought it was just the death metal growl.

>just don't cry like you are doing now when we bully you into submission
holy shit dude

Anybody hear the new song? Is it a naruto-tier shitfest like CHASEU or actually good?

Epic Bro, that SJW just got fucking pwned! You triggered them so hard!

where the fuck can I watch the new OP that isn't not a clickbait on youtube? Thanks.

Ehh, there are a lot of people who can't draw, and nobody knows every fictional charecter, so you could probably walk around with an OP super obscure super villian, if not your own OC, and as long as nobody figures out how you made him exist, you should be fine.

It's not even out yet idiot.

Huh, neat

>nobody knows every fictional charecter

Wanna bet?

holy shit
that's incredible

>when we bully you into submission like the crybaby tumblr bitchboy you are

>these timestamps
>poster count has not gone up
hmmm, methinks i sniff a samefag

>Bully me
Oh wow, I'm so scared. Don't mind me, i'm going to read some Rohan fanfiction on Archive of Our Own now while you sit here crying in the thread about oh so spooky women liking Rohan.
And yes, I am a Fujoshi. Keep crying about it.

Arakis a e s t h e t i c game is on point

>says it is wrong to disregard parts
>no mentio of part 5 anywhere

hey I agree, Vento Aureo is shit

for some horrible reason i can't wait to see these fuckers animated. hope david does them justice

All Part 5 has going for it are characters, fights and its themes. The story stitching it together is pretty iffy, almost Battle Tendency levels of "really Araki?"

Even then, it has some of the best enemy Stand users in the series. I don't remember their names, but I can safely say White Album's character and Stand outrank any of the protagonists. Beach Boy and Grateful Dead was pretty clever too


not sure if you're baiting or you're really that retarded

>h-haha guys i-i'm just gonna read some fanfiction
>n-none of you hurt my feelings, you MEANIES
LOL. Stay asshurt, kid, does your dad know you like Rohan gay fics? He might start accepting you if you tell him

Fuck off

Reported. You have to be 18 to use this board.

That user's comment about trying to "bully" you doesn't take away from the fact that you're being a massive, braying jackass right now.

Don't mind me, I need to jack off to the thought of DIO taking me into his big strong arms like a normal pornography connoisseur.

>365 / 78 = Approximately 4 posts per user

Only autistic newfags think the poster number matters

That's fair. As many problems as JoJo can have here or there between parts, I still love it as a whole. There's plenty of things that are weak and don't make sense, but I feel like the good outweighs the bad and I really can't bring myself to hate or get mad at the mistakes of any particular part.

Maybe frustrated, occasionally disappointed (or bewildered), but I never feel outright offended by any of its weaker moments.

If JoJo ever started spiraling downward in quality without much redemption, I'll get mad, but the good outweighs the bad and that's good enough for me.

>Approximately 4 posts per user

Off the top of my head, I think I have 30 posts and counting already.

>Fuck off

>tells someone else not to cry about getting bullied
>proceeds to do exactly that

God you aren't even trying anymore with that weak ass bait. and once again for the people in the back THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A FUJOSHI

>announcing your reports


No one has heard it yet because it hasn't aired yet. A French guy who works at CR says that it's more upbeat and pop sounding than either of the two DiU OPs so far though.

Congratulations, you have a fetish.

Crossing my fingers for Jazzy pop like CNBT and not J-pop like Wan Pisu

You're still not a majority or samefagging hopefully

>More upbeat and pop sounding than CNBT
This'll be interesting

Looks like justice for Rohan lovers tonight.

I don't samefag, but I should really stop posting so much.

They're just jealous because rohan is cuter than them.

>more upbeat and pop sounding than either of the two DiU OPs so far

I know right?

The same night you chose to make an ass of yourself the one person trying to make fun of you for it said something stupid.


Shhh, shes [SOFT & WET]

It's a shame he doesn't have a house for you to stay at

>he's STILL falseflagging and samefagging

One piece is a living example of pandering, Oda's just in it for the money at this point so it comes as no surprise that he let Toei pick an OP which is done in a style which is insanely popular in Japan right now.

Does Chibianon still lurk here?

Do not post Pepes. They are racist icons that a threat to our freedom and liberty.

You fine there user?
Is someone at school being mean to you?

>Part 4 anime is more than half-way finish.

What do I do with my life when the anime over.

no leaks?

Fuck what kind of artist puts their music for the first time on anime

>captura de pantalla
You good Joaquin?
Nigger dick not too hard to swallow?

>Judging the majority of a group by the actions of a few
#notallpepes #memelivesmatter

You look forward to all the Part 4 spin offs and other Jojo parts

Making an ass out of myself? The only person making an ass out of himself is the person getting assmad over the fact that women in this thread might be Fujoshis. I'm sure they've been repressed and hidden for too long. The fact is that none of us are going anywhere and you should just get used to the idea of Fujoshi being in these threads.

About how many more episodes until highway star, everyone says it's the best fight in this part.


hey anons, me again
wanted to draw another character, who should i draw

Plenty do. It's like you don't even know what you're talking about. It was made specifically for the anime and isn't just something licensed to use.

Wait for Part 5
Rewatch the entire series in one sitting
Read the manga to catch up with Part 8
Learn to draw
Live life
Love life
Love Live

Jobin and Speed King

This bitch with a fat ass

No excuses

>We tumbrl now
Good bye guys, see you tomorrow



I should be ashamed of myself, humoring a troll for this long.

I bet you don't even like the idea of Rohan pulling you into a warm and loving embrace and using heaven's door to expose your most intimate secrets while he uses them against you as he plows you and licks your tears away.


Kill yourself. It's easy, too. Eat healthy and exercise until your cells replicate so many times that the DNA begins to deteriorate. Eventually the deterioration will be so severe that one of your internal organs will stop functioning properly altogether. If you're lucky it'll be an important one like your heart or brain; then you'll be dead without anyone ever knowing you committed suicide.

Make his special attack make the game temporarily lag for the opponent while displaying the buttons they press on the screen.

Yeah I'm checking out too

>you should just get used to the idea of Fujoshi being in these threads.
I know they exist here, that's no secret.
The idea that Fujoshi from Tumblr are going to start becoming vocal is a nightmare, I have no where else to go except these threads to discuss the series. Reddit and Tumblr are too much of a hugbox and are too busy trying to get upvotes to actually give a shit and be honest, why do you women want to come here and fucking ruin everything when people clearly don't want you posting this garbage?
Don't you have any understanding of respect?

Don't be sad user, I know what you really mean.

>asspulls every single fucking time
as if most fights in the series aren't asspulls

The best fights in every part are the ones that aren't fights.
>Highway Star
>Jailhouse Lock
>Sugar Mountain
>Beetle Tendency

Acetylene isn't that expensive, he could use a tank of it to build a bomb and take a few normies out with him.

Ignore them like every other shitposter who does dumb shit to get attention.

It's one thing to be into something, it's another to try to use it to get attention (looking at your narncia, gappy, posters) while contributing nothing to the threads.

If she wants to do that let her, she can just become one of many posters who gets filtered for being a massive dumbass until she makes such a huge spectacle the mods start insta-deleting for targeted shitposting like they do with any other general.

It's nothing new, she's not special.

Chase wasn't made for Jojo. It's the only Jojo OP that wasn't.

Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town.

>I disagree with someone so they must be trolling.
Talk about fucking spineless, if you're the same kind of Rohan lover that I am you should be allowed to say whatever you want in these threads without the anons telling you to fuck off for being a "Fujoshi".
>Not getting off to the idea of him fucking you so raw that you start to lose your mind only to have him stop midway because he wants to sketch your face as reference material.
Keep crying, none of us are going anywhere. The best you can do is get used to us and ignore us so we can continue to post freely.

>inb4 this is how Part 8 ends

Well, a fight is just a struggle between two people. And Sugar Mountain is technically a fight if we consider the 11 nameless men to be part of it.

>retarded part 2 babby didn't read the thread
How unsurprising.

Forgot my very important cute pic of best boy.

Because he's a gang member? Giorno's goal is to infiltrate and kill the mafia, of course he'd assassinate of of the highest-ranked members when given the chance.

You know what, I'm bored so I'll ask, are you being serious right now?

If so, please just stop, and brush it off when you get made fun of instead of throwing a tantrum like this when someone starts fucking with you for liking a certain character or getting off to the thought of kidnapping random women and turning them into furniture.

Apologies for being cancer, but does anyone have the shopped pic of a duck(?) with Jotaro's hat saying "yare yare daze"? No luck with Google, the archive, or lurking moar.

I know, I was going to mention that but then didn't for some stupid reason.

The archive is a fucking mess, have something you didn't ask for instead.

The only people throwing a trantrum are the "Wahhh Fujoshi are scary, vaginas are scary" bunch of anons. If they just shut up and stopped getting assmad I wouldn't have to argue against their misconception that there is even anything wrong with being a Fujoshi in the first place.

I don't even know what a fucking Fujoshi is, all I know is that it involves women.

It's also the shittiest one by far, so I'm sensing something of a trend.

A "Fujoshi" is some shitty buzzword that Cred Forums likes to throw around to silence female fans and to try to stop them from doing things that they like. Basically, it just means women that like to read m/m material.

chicks who're into anime so they can project their lack of romantic relationships onto anime characters.

You know what Yaoi is right? Of course you do, you're on Cred Forums.

Fujoshi are smelly fangirls who let their lack of sex turn them into the female equivalent of the creeps who stalk cosplayers at conventions, only with somehow even LESS self-awareness. Scary, I know.

Ever hear about that interview Araki had with a woman. She started talking about Jotaro and Josuke's relationship in the ratt chapters and Araki look pleased until he was informed she was talking about them being involved with each other and then he looked kinda uncomfortable

You know those weird fucks over at /u/ that spend the entire time jerking off over the fictional relationship of two anime girls? That but women who jerk off over men.

I didn't care too much for 6, had some nice fights and memes, but bsides that 7 blew it away


It's women who read anime but unnaturally invested in "shipping" characters with eachother (specifically gay relationships).

Kakyoin looks nothing like him, Jotaro's facial features are too soft, rest are better than any other anime live action

I can actually tolerate Fujoshi a lot more than the brand of Cred Forums specific cancer of the Husbandofag girls that wet themselves over one of the characters and begin to obsess over them like a complete lunatic.

All of this would be solved if they just got laid.

Shokotan right?

I still can't believe that happened.

>scores an interview with a mangaka who is notoriously reclusive
>wastes it to ask him about Jotaro taking Josuke back to a hotel and fucking him

The worst part is she knew she was being inappropriate, she kept trying to tiptoe around the subject and yet the knowledge that what she was asking was insanely rude didn't keep the words from leaving her mouth.

Please do not bully us.

>read anime

>until he was informed she was talking about them being involved with each other

It didn't cross her mind that saying that would be in any way awkward?



No wait, It's DIO and Pucci I'm thinking about isn't it?

Waifu/husbando fags of any kind are the worst people on Cred Forums, it's one way to immediately tell that someone was the loner kid in school with no real social skills. The vast majority of waifufags are probably still virgins.

No contest

You're thinking of Dio and Pucci


Purple Haze by FAARRR.

Nut king Call is a strong 2nd

Am I. I feel like I remember something involving the Ratt chapters and watching a small bit of Araki dying

I will marry Killer Queen. Fuck off.

I wouldn't hate them so much if they didn't try to autistically hoard every thread with their "waifu" in it like they own it and completely derail it with their bullshit.

>where duh waifus at? who is best girl? shitpostshitpostshitpostuntilyoutalkaboutwaifusthatswhatthisboardisfor

Or maybe I'm just bitter about OPM

>Projecting this hard
Rohan is hot and you're not, but don't blame me.
Life isn't fair.

best girl was obviously Genos, too many insecure faggots on the OPM threads

But yeah, I agree that type of behavior is annoying. I avoid replying to those people since at that point it's not a discussion but instead someone loudly proclaiming that X is their waifu.

Zombieman is my guilty pleasure, I guess I never really grew out of that 'mysterious' chuuni phase

Also, it can be "funny" or even endearing in small doses, but some people need to learn when to take the hint and stop trying to make us watch them jack all over the thread.

Also, finally listened to Soft & Wet

I dream of being this openly fruity some day.

>inb4 it gets taken down

What's with all the Rohan faggotry tonight? I know Ayylmao is tomorrow, but does he really deserve all the focus when pic related is his most important addition to the arc?


Get you're shit straight king and mumen rider are obviously the best

I've lost a friend over waifus when I thought he was joking about suu. Turns out he was one of them and he had the pillow


I don't even like monster girls anymore, but their threads are worth it just for the memes.

>It was so cool when Jotaro said "You've got to be the one to shoot." and then went off to let himself become a decoy.

>Araki: They have a relationship where they sort of bring out each other's strengths.

>I think that because Josuke respects Jotaro so much, he feels a lot of pride from just being with him. It's an exceedingly good relationship, even one that almost crosses a certain line (laugh).

>Araki: Oh, I see (laugh). Maybe it's better that I didn't write that, then.

>Yeah! If you'd written that openly, there'd be no room for imagination and that'd ruin all the fun. I don't think anything like that would happen for the whole hunting thing, but if it turned into something like "After the hunt is over, do you wanna go to a hotel?", I feel like that'd be really overdoing it! (Laugh) Also, if something like that were written in the story, there would be a lot of people that really like coupling and would say things like "the only one for Joutarou is Kakyoin!" So it would actually, it would actually narrow the scope of the story. So I really think that stopping just short of that is much better.

>Araki: That kinda sounds like "Beverly Hills, 90210". This person and this person are connected, and this person is with so-and-so, that sorta thing.

>It's good to draw all sorts of jumbled lines like that (laugh). That way it never goes to the point of actual acts, it's more desirable to be potential.

>Araki: I see.

There will never be a Jorge Joestar tier spinoff of Jonathan fist fighting enemy stands with his double hermit purple/the passion.

Expect more when the actual episode comes out, because I know a lot of people other than me itt that love Rohan.

PSA that we won't see Rohan's house burn down this week, that'll be next week.

>I'm hoping that Dio gets involved in their relationship somehow...... Fundamentally, Dio is a character who started out in poverty. So then, because of his desire to be successful in life, he's not afraid of anyone and he's not afraid to dirty himself to make his way to the top. Girls love that sort of thing. Fujoshi-wise, I mean in my mind, at the point in Part 6 where the character of Father Pucci that feels seriously about Dio, I've made this theory of "Dio = Princess" (laugh). Like he started out from the status of prostitute, so he dirtied his body with lots of different men, but his soul never lost its purity. And the 16 year old Pucci was attracted by that...... Early on, there's a scene where Dio and Pucci are sitting slovenly on the same bed facing different directions and having a discussion ('The Time of Heaven', "Stone Ocean" Volume 11). I simultaneously could barely believe my eyes and went mad with joy. That's the effect you must've been going for, right, Araki-sensei?

>Araki: Uh... I didn't really think it would be taken that way, I don't think. Guys do that sorta thing all the time. Just sorta crashing someplace. Like when you go drinking and it gets late, so you need to stay over at somebody's place.

>Eh, then you're saying that Father Pucci and Dio were out late drinking?! (Laugh) Um, I'm not so sure these are the types of characters who would crash at each other's place because they missed the last train for the night or something.

>Araki: Now that you mention it, I think I might've had something like that in mind when I drew it (laugh). But Dio's sort of a composed character that could go either way. He could go with a man or a woman.

>Really?! As I thought, my interpretation was correct.... (laugh). So, Dio originally liked Jonathan, right?

>Araki: Ah, did he?!

>David being responsible and delaying the depiction of boys playing with fire like it's funny


>Jonathan Joestar was a man that had everything he didn't, so Dio felt that he wanted to make Jonathan his. That sort of thing. He couldn't allow Jonathan's first kiss to be with Erina, so he did it to Erina himself.

>Araki: Uh, it kinda sounds comedic if you're gonna go that far (Laugh).

>No, but Dio thought about Jonathan seriously, but at the same time homosexuality was a serious crime in England during that era, so Dio had to hide his desires for such a future deep inside.

>Araki: Uh, I guess that could be.

>And those feelings he'd suppressed so long finally resulted in him taking over Jonathan's body.

>Araki: I see. Well if you look at it at that angle, it gives the story a fresh feel, I suppose. (Laugh)

>Dio, someone so dirtied, wanted to profess "I like you" to Jonathan. But he was unable to and then Erina took Jonathan, so through bitter tears at the end he took Jonathan's body. "Now we've finally become one, Jonathan." That sorta thing. If he'd had time to smooth his words over a bit more, he would have said that he wanted to be part of Jonathan's bloodline.

>Araki: That kind of sounds like the movie "Purple Moon".

>He wanted to become Jonathan. But I think in the end, he lost track of whether he wanted to become Jonathan or he wanted Jonathan to become his. With his noble soul that harbored such sorrow, there were men showing up that loved Dio one after another. Like in Part 3, Vanilla Ice and N'Dour and those guys. Particularly in Part 3, whenever was mentioned, they talk about his almost-transparent white skin and his bewitching charm that made it hard to believe he was a man. Even Avdol felt dizzy the first time (laugh). Even Avdol, that macho guy that liked peeing outside was attracted to Dio. So he really had an aura that attracted all types of men.

>Araki: Uh, I guess that's a way of looking at it, too. (Laugh)


Hotline Bling in Jojolion when?

I can't even finish reading this shit

Now that I think about it, does Battle Tendency ever really get referenced in-depth afterwards? Phantom Blood tends to be referenced all the time thanks to Jonathan's sacrifice, Speedwagon Foundation and DIO and the series seemed to kind of circulate around Stardust Crusaders before Steel Ball Run, Parts 4, 5 and 6 are all different kind of direct sequels to Part 3 in particular

Of all the stories, it was the one I knew the least about before getting into the series

Is Jonathan objectively best JoJo?
Is Star Platinum objectively best stand?
Arrow bull shit is just that GIR fags. Bullshit.

>Jonathan Joestar




>Johnathan with Star Platinum.
The perfect JOJO


>look at that tiny head
>every time I look at it makes dread

Hes just T H I C C

>Jonathan with a Stand that does shit he pretty much could do naturally

Star Platinum's markings were based on the Ripple and its design was reminiscent of Kenshiro and Guardian Spirits. You pretty much can consider it like Jonathan's spirit looking over Jotaro and assisting him on his journey to stop DIO

But then he could get your shit beat in by both at the same time!

Which Stand would be the best one to use for sex? Specifically using it in sex with another person, not just fucking the Stand.

Baby Face

>Jonathon best Jojo
>Couldn't beat a single fucking vampire and dies in one hit to a predictable attack

They had to give Dio an asspull


Vitamin C. Melt a bitch and shove her goop up your asshole then shit her out and put her back to normal.


Like Jotaro punching out Alessi, and Giorno, the 15 year old boy, stomping a guy to death.

>just screams "wrryyyyy" for no fucking reason, even though he isn't a vampire

Hierophant Green


Ok then, what about shrinking someone with Goo Goo Dolls and shoving their head up your butt and having GGD chase them down if they pull their head out? Is that sex?

Stone Free
Crazy Diamond
Heaven's Door ("You will feel a pleasure 300% higher!")
Sticky Fingers
Soft & Wet
Echoes Act 1 or 3

>stands hiding inside of people without killing them

It'd work fine, they can phase through people like ordinary objects too.


Titty Park

Why stop there? Apply yourself, make them stroke out in an explosion of pain and ecstasy.

He's technically a dhampir

Having some vampric abilities with limitations like Hamon would've really made Giorno cooler

I wanna see a Pregnant Paisley Park

Talking Head
I want to pretend I'm good.

whoever did this could surely edit aya's top off in right?

Will we get a Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency/Stardust Crusaders tier animated opening?

Diver Down

new thread

It won't be CG if that's what you're asking.

A ton of things could've made Giorno cooler.

Like chainsaw knees! Or a grappling hook on his tongue! Or hetero-chromatic eyes. And raven dark hair! And nine inch nails!

You sick fuck.

Is there a compilation of these somewhere? I find them very entertaining

Still best pose

Cock n ball torture