Few years ago after watching Digimon Savers (which was mediocre) and Xros Wars (my second favorite Digimon anime after...

Few years ago after watching Digimon Savers (which was mediocre) and Xros Wars (my second favorite Digimon anime after Tamers) I decided to watch Frontier but it was so awful that I dropped if after the first 2-3 episodes and deleted it. Should I give it a second change?

Yes. It's pretty good.

It's Sentai (power rangers) Digimon
I really like the first half of the show, however, the second half only two of the caste remain relevant, everyone jobs, and the plot gets weak. But hey I really liked that first half. Kinda like 02 Where I really liked The digimon Kaiser stuff

Well, if you already disliked it from the beginning things aren't going to get any better.

In fact, most people dislike it for how bad it gets in the final arc.

It's been so long that I honestly can't really give a fair opinion any more. All the same, the show hits some problems after a while. The main two guys really take over the show. Even the main dude's brother disappears as quickly as he appears after they save him. The main two guys not only get two powerup forms higher than the rest, their final form literally depowers the other teammates. So if you start to like the big guy, girl or little kid, don't get your hopes up.

Some people hate the humans turning into Digimon thing, but that was never my issue with it.

It falls apart in the build up to the last fight, but it's pretty good.

This. I honestly liked watching the dub, everyone was bro tier, and it seemed like the VAs stopped taking shit seriously halfway through. But it was a pretty chill show. Not the best Digimon by far but still enjoyable if you like sentai.

I thought savers was worse than frontier
but yeah you probably shouldnt bother

Frontiers > Adventure > Tamers > everything else

>how bad it gets in the final arc.
So the same with 02 and Xros War which OP clearly likes.

I liked Frontier because it had the same feeling of adventure like Adventure but they tried something new. Plus I liked almost all the characters, Tomoki/Tommy and Izumi/Zoe were there but they weren't annoying or anything. Junpei/JP, Takuya, Koji and Koichi were great.
Adventure>Frontier>02>The rest (I never watched Tamers though).

i forgive this show because koichi made me FEEL

also good music, nice designs, and i liked the in the second half that new evolution forms wont solve all problems, you will simply have to be stronger, grow stronger and your shiny new form will reach full potential

watching the many societies in this digi world is really comfy, i had this show on when fixing computers a lot

the ending and last 3 eps are pretty ballistic and hype

you may think "wow all this sounds great"
but it's pretty fucking dragged out and it hurts the show badly, this show could easily have been 24 or less eps

Koichi a best.


>I liked Frontier because it had the same feeling of adventure like Adventure but they tried something new

This exactly.

Tri > Tamers > 01 > Savers > 02 > All the Digimon Games > Vanilla Ice Cream > Dog Shit > Frontier > Aids > King Cobra bite to the frenulum of the penis > Xros Series

Prove me wrong.

But in all seriousness, Frontier was shit. It got a little bit better after the first few episodes, but then it all goes to hell. It's about as messy as 02's plot was, after Cherubimon's arc. It tried to be 01 with a fresh spin, but failed miserably in the same way that 02 did. So many gaps in the story that just made no sense, and then shit got worse when the big bad showed up. And the finale was dumb as fuck, with next to no closure.

This shit taste.

I liked most of the non hunters parts of Xros.

Hey man, I like it, alright?

good waifus

Only adventure was good

There proved wrong

That's an opinion. Don't give me that shit.

And what did you post? The fucking digigospel?


Fuck off, plebs.

Looking back it was decent. The whole "not having partners except for those two useless Digimon" gave the world much more depth and world-building.

But yeah, it tried waaaaay too much to emulate Adventure and you could tell.

It's pretty good but I thought it was stupid how the MC group's digimon don't say anything even though the other evil five digimon were sentient. I would have liked it more if the digimon they transformed into acted more like living partners to them.