Was it better than Gunbuster?

Was it better than Gunbuster?

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No. It was still good though.

Yeah. It wasn't that good though.

What're you trying to say boy?

It has a GOAT OP, and that's all that really matters to Cred Forums.

I like how dicks noof's horn looks like it's growing out of lalc's head I wonder if the artist noticed that

Top wo Nerae 3 when?

Everyone threw a fit at that announcement a week or two ago but did Yamaga say a third series was actually happening, or that they were just looking for sponsors?

that's obviously 100% deliberate

Neither Gunbuster nor Diebuster are that good, but of the two, Diebuster is better.

I expect Tribuster to be a full-fledged disaster though.

Maybe they'll bring in some outside talent to make it. Pleiades was good for what it was.

Maybe you should find some taste. Gunbuster is a classic for a reason. Diebuster is good but it isn't as good.

Tribuster will be a third rate, forced, Gurren Lagann clone with hurr so cute moƩ retardation like Diebuster did. Gaynax will milk that cow to death and get every last Jewyen out of mentally ill otaku everywhere.

Diebuster was an all around better production, but it lacked Anno and it did borrow a lot from Gunbuster, which puts a dent into originality.

>Gunbuster is a classic for a reason
Yeah, animation & atmosphere. Plot and characterization, not so much.

>not enjoying the development of Noriko

why this

How do plotfags even watch shows? Do they rate shit based on how many ebin twists and cliffhangers there are every episode?

Her arc isn't a negative. I was talking more about Coach placing humanity's fate in the hands of a girl with no mecha training just because she's the daughter of your dead captain or Jung basically establishing herself as a rival and then pretty much doing nothing of note.

You know full well there's more to a plot than that.

No there isn't :^)

Made Gunbuster's ending less impactful. People remembered because some autistic girl made noise


Fuck you. I cried all over again when both endings tied together.

Nah not really.

Well, Gunbuster was low budget garbage while this was actually decent.

Not even close. Don't be silly.

It would have been if Nono got a chance to meet Nonoriri but she didn't.

>Made Gunbuster's ending less impactful.
Literally how? It only added to it.

>the entire twelve THOUSAND YEARS passed and people still remember Noriko
>ends at the same moment Gunbuster ends at

Diesbuster was shit while Gunbuster was a masterpiece

This. Gunbuster fucked me up so hard that Diebuster was the finisher.
God, as soon as the sign lit up it was fucking over for me.

I liked Diebuster fine for the first four episodes. The drama of the last two episodes were meh.

Never got around to Gunbuster. Besides the final Inazuma Kick scene on youtube.