Love Live!

S2 when?

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Not soon enough.

>I rate Aquors

>you will never wake up to You cooking you breakfast.

I still can't log in to the fucking game

Who did it better?


Hopefully never.

Fuck idolshit cancer.

So Yoshiko is the new goddess of ship.

And I'm ok with that.

Honk has more ships than Umi though.


I think this was based on pixiv so nope.

This is the best setup.

blue haired rules, even kanan.

Yoshiko must be stopped, zura.

Kanan has just as many if not more. She even has a non-Aqours character you can ship her with.

Kanan is like Eli so I understand that, though.

ほのうみ、ことほの、ほのえり、ほのまき、ほのにこ。I'm unsure of the Honobasa tag.

>what is number of fanarts?

Probably ツバほの

My bad, that slipped off my head with YouShiko being listed and all.

Yeah, maybe because of that ending and being together in bus. They're just new anyway and didn't do much.

I wonder if she will draw them naked

Wow, this had my heart rate up by the end.

>pure maru
my heart

although, isn't yoshiko a beta in bed?

Post webms



How does Chika do it?

How is she so smooth with the raibus?


Be glad she hasn't met Honk. I bet she'd molest her, even if you take into account the age gap.

Honk isn't safe from the Chikan




I want her life.

I want to live with Mari

I miss normal yoshiko

Such a dork


Huh, Riko's out there?
What's she up to?
She's staring at a big canvas... so she's just painting, then.
Alright, let's see what she's painting
Right now, it's mid-day break at school.
So, I head out to the school courtyard where Riko's painting.
Oh, and if I can use this chance to make friends with Riko, I could get her to paint a masterpiece with a title like The Portrait of the Beautiful Demon Yohane of Uchiura someday
A portrait of the sole surviving school idol demon of the modern age.
Feels like you mysteries would come flying your way just by having it in your possession, doesn't it?
Oh man, what if it becomes really expensive?
Do I get model's fees or something?
Yeah, I mean, in this case, it'd be popular more because of the model's value than the painter's, so maybe the model gets a bigger share.
Or so I'm thinking as I tiptoe from cover to cover, making my way towards Riko with my breath held, like a true demon.
"Now, what might you be painting? If you're a good painter, I might reward you with the privilege of painting a portrait of my demonic vis-"
I don't even finish before...
Riko screams and bolts up from her seat in a panic. With a loud rattle, the easel falls over and the canvas comes falling to the ground."
"Y... Yocchan..."
As I look at the petrified Riko, I barely manage to say, "T... Tada! The demon Yohane has arrived A... are you surprised?"
Ugh, my luck really sucks! I'm truly a demon incarnate!
Sorry, Riko...


"Heave ho, heave ho! The autumn festival is where You comes in!"
Autumn is festival season!
When we talk about festivals, there's stuff like the culture festival at school, the children's club festivals, and the festivals at the shopping mall.
But, there's one festival that's the same throughout all of Japan...
It's this
The shrine's autumn reitaisai festival!
Autumn is the season for us to thank the gods for the year's harvest.

I've always loved festivals ever since I was a kid!
When I hear the beating of taiko drums in the distance, and the faint echoes of the festival musicians early in the morning, my blood starts surging and I just can't sit still.

There's about two people like that in Aqours, and those would be,
of course, me and... Chika

I think that up until middle school, we'd carry a children's palanquin together, eat yakisoba and pork miso from the shops for lunch, and play.
It's nice when old ladies in their yukatas dance a lot for the Bon festival, or when there's fireworks at the summer festivals, but still, when there's a palanquin, that's when I really get fired up, because it starts feeling like a real festival!

Heave ho! Heave ho!
When I feel the rocking of the palanquin as we shout, it feels to me like I'm on the crew of a huge ship.
We'll combine our strength and make this ship of the gods set sail
Full speed ahead, steady as she goes!
We're gonna make this the Autumn day a total blast

sorry, YOU've been banned for being a faggot

i feel sick

"For all of us to keep on smiling forever, that's our wish"

When Chika first told me she was going to become a school idol, I was just surprised.
I wasn't sure what to do.
Now that I think about it, all of the third years, me, Dia, and Mari, all had no interest in school idols at first.
Not only did we not have any interest, we barely even knew what school idols were when we started.
Dia's the #1 rich girl of the village, the student council president, and a star student at school.
Mari's a half-blooded free spirit who hates working in groups,
and as for myself... I'm a boring local girl in her senior year of high school, but I still kinda have a job helping out with the family diving business, so, surprisingly, I'm one of the busier girls at Ura Girls.
If anything, the three of us were the least likely to have any connection to the cuteness of idols, but before we knew it, now we're facing the camera, dressed up in these cute outfits.

"Aw, stop looking so moody, Kanan! When we're taking a picture, you gotta make yourself as cute as you can be, and be confident! Ready? Let's smile!"

I don't even know when I learned to go along with Mari's cheering when she takes selfies.
Now, I can smile like this.
School idols sure are amazing.
Chika once said something to me.
She told me that the power of idols is a mysterious power that gives others smiles, courage, and energy.
So, you've always gotta send out the best smile you can.
Maybe I was the first person to receive that power from Chika.
So, I hope that today, I'll be able to send that power out to everyone today.
"Alright, time to leave my shame behind and look straight into the camera! Ready? Say cheese!" I shout, and Dia interjects.
"Kanan, isn't it a little old-fashioned to still be saying cheese?"
I'll keep on trying my hardest to become a cuter and cuter school idol from here on out.


Why is she so worried about being cute when she's the hottest one in their group? It even rubs off on her fans.

I want a hagu from Mari

Kill yourself cancerous atwhore

Thanks based TL-san


Will we see more of her?


Real question is if we will see Ruby's mom because she looks nothing like her.

So I take it their dad is a flamboyant red haired businessman?

How is Sunrise such a fuckup at pairing?


Granda Maru is cute.

Sounds like it.

What pairings did you want?

How about ones that aren't incest + most popular girl left over

So basically you want this?

Yeah, they suddenly changed the ships..

He was obviously talking about Yoshimaru.

Honestly I'd take incest over that, there's no connection there.

Never. This shit flopped, even with first live tickets it dropped to #3 in a day. I can see why given that the anime was shit.

I thought we were talking about stuff they could have done, not what's already in the show.

So the setting is based on real life Japan? Interesting.

I wonder what Granny Maru looked like when she was younger

Either that or a fisherman. I bet he is a hard ass like Honk's dad

1. Watanabe You
2. Kunikida Hanamaru
3. Kurosawa Ruby


1. Kurosawa Dia
2. Kurosawa Dia
3. Kurosawa Dia



Is it true that this shit flopped?

No, look at that fucking mole. Worst girl.

I want to do lewd things with Zuramaru like handholding and patting her head!


>Riko and You getting jelly

Didn't notice that the first time around.

How come the silver-haired girl was the best both times?

Ehh, I like Kotori but not You.

Ehh, I like You but not Kotori.

They weren't, though.

Yes we know, blue haired girls are the best.

nicotard is here.

Why don't you like me? (T ^ T)

>tfw your waifu and your mistress disapprove of your new girlfriend

What is Hanamaru doing while Chika is feeling up her Yohane?

A wild Umi fag appears!

Mirai zura

Uh, this isn't what it looks like

I love the 6th panel.

Kotori had the Otaku charm, the geeky girl who is elegant, timid and graceful when you see her in school. Yet you see her at anime conventions dressed up all pretty yet maintaining that air of elegance as people ask her for her photo and failing to ask for her contacts. You see her working at the maid cafe and you don't even bother to know her personally. That is Kotori's appeal

You's appeal is she is active, she is wealthy, she is in the swim team and you often wonder how good she looks when she gets out of the pool. You wonder if she trains at night as well...maybe one night you will see her swim in the buff as a practice ritual

She's can't face the reality.


ohh fuck

Zuramaru is moe.

Is this futa?

>not futa yoha


boinking Dia

Rank your favorite Aqours!

Shuka, Rikyako > King, Aikyan > the rest
You > Dia > Maru > Riko > Yohane > the rest

>Everyone kneels to Mari
>Except for Datenshi
Why is Yohane such a badass?

>You > Dia > Maru > Riko > Yohane > the rest

Zura > You > Mari > Yohane > Wooby > Kanan = Dia > Chika > Riko

She doesn't trust humans.

Her coolness just went down after thaat episode, though.

Nude modeling episode when?

Yoshiko has a lot of ships because her fans are desperate to pair her with someone, even if it means breaking up the official pairs, unlike Umi and Honk who are naturally paired with other characters.

Reminder that Zura has a sad nesoberi face

Sad? Looks more like it is derped

But she doesn't need anybody. She is too cool of a character for that, the same way Chika doesn't need one girl but a harem of girls

It's Youfags who are desperate to pair their raibu with someone to keep her from being a third wheel.

Pretty much this.

You got Poplar ending. She's mascot character and end up with audience.

Chika already has an official pair, Honk and Umi too. Yoshiko was just one of leftovers.

People gave Youshiko the benefit of doubt because they were leftovers and we're in the ED together. Youfags don't like Youby, only ones who like it are Yoshimaru shippers because it gets You and Ruby out of the way.

Well, to me Ii think the point of that is that they're both popular and have a good chemistry with their fellow raibus.

>riko at last
Has Cred Forums's taste always been shitty? Is this what despair feels like?

>Chika is talking to ANOTHER girl?

AiAi > Shuka > Rikyako > Anchan > The rest

Mari > Yoshiko = You > Dia >>> The rest

>Cred Forums
I'm not Cred Forums. Cred Forums love Riko in general and mostly hate Maru.

>honk and umi

only in manga, the anime seems to ship tsubahono and kotoumi

I meant they have official pairs, not that they are the official pair.

I like You but hated Yoshiko early on. After I warmed up to her I started to like Youshiko more

>Now that I think about it, all of the third years, me, Dia, and Mari, all had no interest in school idols at first.
>Not only did we not have any interest, we barely even knew what school idols were when we started.
Do they just not give a fuck about continuity or what?

I dislike the idea of youshiko too but after the episode 5 I actually like them together.

Aqours seiyuu are so fucking cute, I'm legitimately having trouble deciding.

What are you talking about?

>#3 behind massively advertised μ's final live and a super popular jpop group
bottom kek

Me too

Magazine continuity says the 3rd years had barely even heard of idols before Chika asked them to join and that they joined for totally different reasons. It's just weird for a franchise to have multiple conflicting origin stories for its characters like that.


Isnt shinee kpop?

Arisha > Shukashu, Rikyako, Ainya > Aikyan, Aiai> others

Dia, Riko > You > others

yeah, kpop boys


Make it home safely

So why exactly was a 7 year old Dia alone in Tokyo? If I found her I definitely would have ignored her because If i helped her out people would think I am some kind of pedo

>the anime seems to ship tsubahono and kotoumi

Uh huh

Go kill yourself.

it's more like honokotoumi OT3.

Was the same way before. In the original manga everyone was childhood friends except Nico, Maki, and Nozomi.


The magazine article says that the third years never knew about idols before they joined Aqours, and Kanan was recruited by Chika.

>implying it wasn't honoeli that got paired before anime.

That was how their story originally went yes. Kanan is also the first one recruited by Chika.

HonoMaki is the best Honk ship anyways.

The fuck?

Tomato goes well with bread.

Agreed. Bruschetta is fucking amazing.


Seeing all this magazine and game content recently makes me nostalgic for the anime. The canon with shittier versions of most of the characters is all we get until S2.


I think they'll announce it at the start of next year.

No way Sunrise is leaving it after that god awful last episode.

It's Ganbaruby time! Ganbaruby? More like Gangbangruby!

Dancing stars on me

More like next iteration of Love Live with a new cast when?
I watched Sunshine for Ruby, then she got the "literally who" treatment and no fanservice.

Can anyone recommend Rippi's best non LL songs? She has a concert here tomorrow and I dont know any of her solo songs. I also wanna go to the autograph session but I dont have a single merch of her or Rin. ;_;

>no new LL in sight
Guess it's time I start tackling MLP
Japan does NOT wub wooby.

What the fuck when did Kanan get so popular

Wtf they love Kanan now

please, don't pair chika with yoshiko, she'll ruin it.

She acted like a selfless and kind friend to Mari according to them. Mari is on the fault for the whole thing, not Kanan.

Yeah we know. Is that it?

>Kanan went to 2nd from 5th place
>Rubyfags get BTFO'd
>Based Riko and You still in top 5

Good job Japan!

Speaking of lists, what happened to the 711 poll?

Just listen to all of her songs, there are only 2 albums, my pinoy user.

Yup. Acting like an edgelord also helped.


It's doing much better than LL S1.

I fucking told you guys Ruby's popularity goes bottom after the show's treatment of her.
No screentime, no fanservice, underplayed in performances,
Hats down to the anime staff who managed to kill her.

only 7th, shit taste.

Are you implying they are wrong?

Aren't they? Mari's fault was she did not tell them about her injury but Kanan acted like she knows what's best for her, without considering her feelings and drove Mari away because
> I am a great friend who knows what's best for them
And when Mari came back she acted like an edgelord to her. Where did she do good?

Exactly my thought.
Maybe different cultures.

I'm fine as long as Yohanne and Hanamaru is on the top, i want Mari to be higher but nips never liked her.

>Mimori doing her Sherlock voice instead of Umi voice
I expected too much.

>It's doing much better than LL S1.

No it isn't? Sunshine hasn't even sold 40k yet.

Well that was expected, I wonder who will get the 4th pv in the future?

By any reasonable prediction, it's around 60-70k at the moment, but even if you want to predict the bare minimal it can be, it's still over 50k.

Why do you predict it would be at 60-70k?

Reminder that there are midpoll results and there are still 5 days left

>Yohane first
Nips having good taste for once?

Reason dictates.
It froze at ~50k on Stalker on Monday (because of the release date) and there's one week additional time to gather more sales, not to mention there's almost always some additional sales that isn't listed on Stalker.
It's almost unthinkable for it not to reach 60k.

Yoshiko won 2 times, though.

Remember to keep voting for Yohane.

For what this?

>Ew, Ruby has appeal for creepy lolicons! Let's make her not do anything at all
And it worked. Normalfaggotry prevails everywhere.

3rd PV center

>top 5 are You, Yoshiko, Kanan, Maru, Riko

Nips new taste?

Their taste is the same.
But when the show pushes someone so hard, it will have its result.

>that #2 and #9
Really pressures the brain cells into excited state.

The show pushed Chika hard but she is still bottom tier.

Just looking at this I think youfags and rubyfags voted Yoshiko and Kanan as their 2nd faves

Kanan got the most fanservice for a long while, and all the glorification.
Ruby got zero. These kind of things work.

I'm a Youfag who voted for Yoshiko.

Well, that makes Yoshiko happy.

How can this many anons be this gullible and take these polls seriously, it's literally made up by a small circlejerk of nips stuffing the ballots and maybe 10% of them are legit at most.

Keep telling that to yourself.
Ruby's fall to dead last is pretty obvious indication that the poll is at least partially legit.

It keeps happening!
YoshiRiko reconfirmed in SIF too.

Actually that's wrong, more than anything it should be an indication that it's obviously incorrect and that these polls are clearly rigged.
Feel free to stay within the confines of your hugbox forever, pleb.

How is it wrong? Ruby's popularity is beyond a frog's bottom now, nobody cares about her, with the staff caring the least.
There was literally nothing of her in the show aside from one episode, no fanservice whatsoever in the show or outside (illustrations), nobody talks about her and the fanart has fallen from a good 20-25% of all Sunshine pictures to a measly 5%, and that is counting the majority of her recent art together with Dia.

Which one is the latest poll?
Anyway, YoshiMaru always on top. Noice.

Early poll: Current poll: Should be pretty obvious by Ruby's position.

>Chika and Dia are just here

I bet the dolphin is Kanan..

>All 1st year on top 3 except Wooby
>All 3rd year on bottom 3 except Kanan
Damn son.

Why does she call her Lily?

>How is it wrong? Ruby's popularity is beyond a frog's bottom now,
Only for people with tunnel vision, like everybody here.
>nobody cares about her, with the staff caring the least.
Maybe in your imagination.
>There was literally nothing of her in the show aside from one episode,
She only appears in one episode? I must be seeing and hearing things then.
no fanservice whatsoever in the show or outside (illustrations),
Fanservice really has nothing to do with it and has no momentum at all with this.
>nobody talks about her and the fanart has fallen from a good 20-25% of all Sunshine pictures to a measly 5%, and that is counting the majority of her recent art together with Dia.
For the average sheep user, this is actually believable. But it's not true at all in fact. Try looking harder instead of spending 5 seconds on google next time.

You make all those refutes, yet you're wrong in all aspects.
An award is in sight for you user, for being the stupidest poster in the thread.
Ruby is dead, and the staff is actively to blame for it.

Because she's her lover.

>Fanservice really has nothing to do with it and has no momentum at all with this.
Yeah, because "fan service" was never an effective way of boosting a character's popularity among fans and beyond.
Oh wait, it was, and seems like it worked for Ms "She is a Goddess, look at her perfect body" Kanan.

>You make all those refutes, yet you're wrong in all aspects.
Same to you, try again.
>An award is in sight for you user, for being the stupidest poster in the thread.
That would be you, again.
>Ruby is dead, and the staff is actively to blame for it.
Project some more.
Nice samefagging.

>Fanservice really has nothing to do with it and has no momentum at all with this.
Agree with this

True, if both are in the top 3 I'm a happy man.

If that helps you sleep well.
Meanwhile, no Ruby fanservice, no Ruby screentime, no Ruby popularity tells a different story, but don't mind those little things.

She's the team mascot of course you can ship her with anyone

Is this official pic?

Nope, it's an edit of the KotoRin UR pair

t.buttblasted user
The polls are fake, but don't let the other anons here tell you otherwise because everything on the internet is always the truth.

1. You
2. Yoshiko
3. Dia



>the polls that reflect Ruby's popularity perfectly well is fake, because I say so!
Oh got, you're a laugh.
The staff killed Ruby. Fact.

It's dead, user.

Why Chika…?

>the polls that don't reflect Ruby's popularity isn't fake because I say so!
Look user, I can make up stuff too.
It's so easy!

>that Kanan climb
Holy shit


Why are you so retarded? The other user is right. You're being delusional and he's correcting your delusions. The poll itself came from the official Dengeki G's magazine website. That alone is enough to show he's right.

>make up
Oh but you do, meanwhile disregarding an official poll, because somehow your asspulls are more real than it.
Never mind that the show's handling of Ruby is perfectly reflected here

kek, King is laying some mad bantz on Aikyan, just like in the show.

Kanan can have threesome with maru and yoshiko

>Rubyproxyfag is mad
Where's your proxies now?

Post them

More like this

looks fine to me

Holy shit your taste is so terrible. Go see a doctor.


Samefagging loses it's impact when it's this obvious and done over and over again.

Also I'm right, and there's nothing you've said that proves it isn't, the end.

Why would anyone listen to some person's headcanon just because the polls happen to match in some places? Newsflash, no one cares, and anyone who has functioning eye balls can tell it's bullshit.

Keep pushing those false facts though, anyone will believe them given enough time, and just like yourself we call those kinds of people degenerates and inbred trash who deserve nothing short of endless suffering.



>posting like a retard
>HURR I don't know how samefagging works
Continue being a laugh, please. And just because you have no idea how polls form Love Live, because you are either retarded, newfag or a troll, it doesn't mean that your uneducated opinion matters.
Ruby is unpopular as fuck, that's a fact. Another fact is that she appeared at most two minutes altogether aside from one episode.

Why is she so ugly?

Kanan & Wooby literally switch place.
Chika is true satan.

She just felt weird when she saw Maru

Anal rape ruby!

>stupid head posting
>samefagging ensues some more
It's a surprise how you've managed to live this long in denial when the truth has been calmly and patiently spoonfed to your little cheetus brain. Just because the facts haven't been called out up to now doesn't mean they didn't exist all along. And please keep trying to tell those "facts" of yours which are a joke that only the pettiest man-children use to feel better, if only by a meager amount, it only serves to entertain everyone here.

Nice satanic double trips.

Accept Zuramaru's loveletter?

Thats not a good excuse.

Sure thing, Mr "MyOpinionIsMoreOfficialThanOfficialPoll" child.
Sure thing.

t. Memefag

Whoa, you must REALLY hate Ruby with a passion.
But please grow some brains while doing it, Love Live's future is always based on thse poll results.


>The poll itself came from the official Dengeki G's magazine
>implying the image posted here wasn't shopped like 99% of the polls in these threads

>You poster
>Not memefag too

Why are you asking me that, Yoshiko? Just accept it.


It's filled with Zuras

Now that's ridiculously easy to check, and see it isn't.
Jesus, this was a pathetic move even from you.

Never go full retard

Hey, retard, they posted the link too for the poll, you know?
You must be the stupidest user in this thread.

I didn't even state my opinion yet, what a nice projection that is.



I'll link it to you

See im so kind, you and your shitty descendants must thank me

Sure thing, pal, okay.

Isn't that a little demon on the front

It is easy to check, and easy to tell it's not real.
If that's what you think, then you're really dumb.

This has to be a troll

Wow nice, that just proves more that the the poll is rigged, now Yohanefags have nothing.


They posted a link showing how skewed the poll is when it's already obvious. You're the dumbest user on this thread without a doubt.

Why Mari so low?

Whatever, chump, kill yourself before nature does it first.

She just is.

Because Nips suddenly don't know how to count votes when money is being waved under the table.


Nips took Kanan's side in the 3rd year drama



I want to date a You.

What's underneath that shirt?


Yeah, uh-huh, sure thingie.


>chuuni in first place

You have no excuse now Sunrise we want shipping bait with You like you promised


Kanan's depiction before the anime was nothing but fanservice, yet, she was last in polls. Her popularity didn't rise until the Huggu Drama arc.

>He fell for the YouYoshi meme

It begins

What does Yoshiko being first has to do with shipping bait with You?

Nothing, Youfags are just desperate for her to get shipped with someone.

She's popular and has no ''official pairing'' they can't waste this opportunity to give her one since she is so shipped

This is why /u/ shouldn't exist in the first place.

Can't logic with stupid, sure is getting primary school in here.
Is it fun hiding in the computer lab to shitpost on a brick while everyone else is outside during recess?
Wouldn't want to miss those sixth graders giving out wedgies again.

Yeah mate, sure, whatever.

Alright faggot, okay, don't care.


>Why is she so clingy
>Why is she so obnoxious
>Why is she so worst girl


/u/ is in it's rightful place, on Cred Forums.



What a god damn fatass. I want to beat the shit out of her so bad.

Why do people rate Zuramaru so high? She was good in her focus episode with Ruby, but in terms of shipping, fanservice or character moments since she's been the most ignored since

This user speaks the truth. Chuunis shouldnt top other members. It's like automatically making the polls look like a meme itself.

She should've binged on ramen instead of nopan.

Chika is best girl, her fans never change because they recognize she is best. People who can't recognize her bestness never will, that's why she stays constant

The poll is fake, so the chuuni being top is also fake.

Sixth place.

Why do people like Kanan now?

I'm just happy to see her out of the bottom 3 considering a lot of people would have you believe that she destroyed the franchise and marks the death of 2D's aesthetic superiority

Quick! Post love live reaction images!

Consider this.

-Every Center of the past two Love Live songs has been paired with Chika (Riko and You)
-Yoshiko becomes the center of the 3rd MV
-YohaChika MV happens

Can't resist to edit this YoshiMaru scene.

How fat is she compared to the previous fatass

Maru is pretty cute don't you think?


why the fuck is her existence so puny and only consists of memes? Plus shes a fatfuck and does nothing but eat all day.

The main reason is that she's the most unique character to the franchise however if you see her as but another anime character, she just becomes another boring chuuni along with Ranko, Yurika etc.

That's what all the soccer moms say when their kid goes home with the "You tried" trophy.

Zuramaru is tasty

Not enough.

Chika has always been Number 6 in the MV polls.

She might not be as popular as other girls in the franchise but I don't care. I will vote for Chika every day. If nobody loves Chika, I will.

Nozomi was thicc, I'm talking about rice

She's like the top half of the snowman on the Nozofat blizzard scale.

>you didn't invest in imprure gems

This was actually the cutest scene in sunshine.

Hey, I wish she was more popular, but she's still in the middle 1/3. Yeah I'm being optimistic but I could imagine her doing worse given that there are legitimate complaints in how Sunrise used her especially toward the end of the anime

Why is each girl's favourite drink when they become of age?

Chika: the fruitiest, most gimmicky cocktail on the menu
Riko: red wine
You: beer

More sheep believing in some user's personal circlejerk poll instead of their own, really?
These threads really hit rock bottom long ago didn't they?

Nah. Her Mosu mosu~~ is way cuter.

If an user hacked to upload their personal poll results, they deserve to have us talk about it I guess

Chika and You both like Mikan :)

They don't need to hijack the site actually, just dupe votes until it's the result they want.


September 29th- Final Day to vote for which Aqours should be Dengeki G’s Cover Girl. Voting period ends at 11:59pm JST
September 30th- Final Day to vote for which Aqours should be 7/11’s Cover Girl.
-N girl 4Koma starts.
October 3rd- Aikyan, Shukashuu and Arisha appearing at Guangzhou's CICF
October 5th- Last day to vote for the center of Aqours 3rd single. Poll closes 5pm JST.
October 6th- New Aqours Election! Winter Vacation with Aqours~ Vote for who you want to spend a Winter Vacation with and how you want to spend it with them. Winner receives a new UR. Options are
*Chika: Eating mikans under a kotatsu
*Riko: Touring Numazu in Winter
*Kanan: Relaxing in onsen
*Dia: Writing kakizome (New Year Writing) at start of the year
*You: Snowboarding
*Yoshiko: Make snow fall in Numazu
*Maru: Going to see the Christmas lights (Mirai zuraaa)
*Mari: Vacation on a southern island during the cold winter
*Ruby: Knitting together with Ruby
Voting begins at 12pm JST
October 10th- Love Live! Sunshine! Trial Deck Vol 1 released.
-Bushiroad Grand Prix 2016, Play Love Live School Idol Collection at Asty 45, Sapporo.
October 13th- Midpoll results announced for Winter Vacation with Aqours election
October 19th- Uranohoshi Girls' Radio Personality election begins.
October 20th- Last day to vote in the Winter Vacation with Aqours election. Voting period ends at 3pm, JST
October 21st- Eli Ayase’s Birthday
-School Idol Collection Vol.4 released. Aqours joins LLSIC.
October 23rd- Aika Kobayashi’s Birthday (Yoshiko’s VA)
-Bushiroad Grand Prix 2016, SIC event at MyDome Osaka, 3F, E-Hall
October 26th- Riho Iida’s Birthday (Rin’s VA)
October 30th- Bushiroad Grand Prix 2016, SIC event at Minamikindai, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka
October 31st- Results for Winter Vacation with Aqours election announced

Will we get more Kanan promotional art and shit? I'm entirely down.

I won't sugarcoat it. Dia has some boring winter vacation plans.

With New Year's Day being her birthday, I think it'd make more sense for her to do something very fun with her beloved sister.

Is Mari allergic to the cold or something?

>Token Gaijin slap token Yamato Nadeshiko right on her fucking face
Gee, I wonder.

Yohane is my girlfriend's favorite raibu. Makes sense since they're both whores.

I want Dia to fellate me.

>my girlfriend

I'm not usually into 3D, but Ainya is too adorable

King a cute.
Wooby VA is the ugliest.

Yoshiko is so damn retarded, and I don't mean the good kind retarded, more like the retarded kind of retarded


Don't talk to your pillow that way.

Yoshiko is cute!

These "women" are in their late 30's or something?


All of them are younger then me and I worship them.

Hanamaru and (Me)

Oldest is Rikyako who is 24 and cute.

Full version of Self Control when!?

I can't decide if I'd rather Yoshiko wear dark/lacy chuuni pantsu or modest and cute pantsu as a counterpoint to her persona

It's all smoke and mirrors user.
Those are code words for "photoshop" and "make-up"

finally someone who asks the right questions

don't ruin the illusion for me, I want to believe.


We will find out when her figures get released

She'll go for whichever one more people find sexy, because she's a lonely girl who uses sex appeal as a shortcut for finding approval. She doesn't believe anyone will love her as a person, so the only way to find worth is as a succubus.


Even Maru is only after her lewd chuuni body?

Poor Hanamaru VA.
She can't position her arms the same way. Since, because, they lack the same surface areas to rest on for that parallel aesthetic effect.

And by surface area, I mean oppai.

Mari's VA is a midget

When the anime's soundtrack gets released.

If we go by that, everyone is just going to wear white.

Yoshiko is pure and her friends and fans love her. She may have accidentally flashed her pantsu to her webcam audience but that was definitely on accident

Either that or she buys it because it matches her outfits

The Greatest Moment with Chinese subs.

He said Maru not Yoshiko.

Where's the Korean rip?

Maru's the only one who penetrated her.

Are the japanese so stupid they bought into Kanan's bullshit?

This can't be real

Sure thing mate (wink wink)

Best part of the whole show.

That she is cute? Yes they did.

>I'll sue you
>just lets her keep sexually harassing her

Maybe, I know the performance outfits will have panties based off of the outfit they wear. I hope for the school uniform figures they give us some colors and shapes. Personally I think you will be right on this one, they will probably all have same panties, at best they will be the same image color the idol has.

She has the stockings

>16.83 GB
Fuck man how long is it

Now that season1 has ended what will you do with your lives now? No love live this week too since it had already ended.

Kanan talks big but she is weak to Mari.

Wait until the 3rd iteration of LL.
Fuck Ruby hating staff.

Did µ's ever get any figures with pantsu that aren't plain white? I feel like the design philosophy is "We have to sculpt pantsu but we're not going any further to bring you fap material"

>Chika 6th
>and AGAIN

1. Check those dubs
2. Play LLSIF, 4.0 was recently added so now we have Aqours.

I'm It's great.

Go back to fapping to Kumiko and Reina


No wonder that one was so expensive

Even when Kanan was mad at Mari, Kanan still let Mari feel her up

It's so simple to do, anyone here could do it easily right now and move Mari to the #1 slot with ease. I'd do it just to stick it to some of the idiots posting, but that would prove that I'm right, and that would invoke the wrath of most of the waifu filth more than it already is.

That's super hot.

Part of her definitely likes it but she has to rebuke Mari due to societal pressure

You couldn't do it, neither could any of us.
Until you do, there's nothing to talk about.

>Now that season1 has ended what will you do with your lives now?
Finally spend all the loveca stones I've saved since starting, then I'll myself.

>Kanan develops as a character over the season and even admits to learning from Mari

She never admitted that anything she did was unfair or unkind. The show portrays Kanan as the tragic, misunderstood heroine.

She became a boring sister type just like Eli. How is that development?

Your post reminds me alot of that salty YoshiRikofag from a few months back. Talking the talk but not walking the walk.

Its just not worth any of mine, or anyone else's time or effort to waste on a shill poll, it has nothing to do with could or couldn't.

She was a complete cunt in the first half of the show and brought the mood down every time she appeared, only for it to turn out the entire drama was her damn fault in the first place for being a retard who refused to communicate with her best friend.
When the drama was resolved she became a background character with the most boring interactions with the other cast members, and her only purpose was to be whored out so virgin otaku could fap to her.
Not to mention that it's completely unfair of the show writers to blame Mari for the drama while Kanan gets off scot-free and is glorified for being a bitch.

She's shit in every way and the show would be exponentially better without her presence.

Do people who own LL figures ever feel them up?
What does that rump feel like?
I need to know for science.

How do I get a You?

This is Cred Forums, I think you already know the answer to that question

Sure it doesn't! (wink wink)

user... Kanan wasn't perfect, but we... we all make mistakes. Forgive her, okay?

It's just hard plastic. In my opinion most of the lewd appeal comes from low-angle views and occasionally cast-offs.

>It's just hard plastic
How could you?

Well, is it nice hard plastic?
Like, smooth and pleasant to the touch, or like shitty and grainy $1 bootleg Megaman quality?
This is very important.

>who refused to communicate with her best friend
Except Dia says she tried to tell Mari. Mari wouldn't listen back then.

I am currently listening to her second album, I can still imagine Hoshizora Rin singing lmao is this bad

It's smooth and nice to touch, but still a far cry from what (one must imagine) the "real" thing is like

Someone needs a HAGU

I want to be Umi's wife!

Well of course it's lacking from the real deal.
Not to mention the warmness of a living thing.
But the mere thought of running your finger across the shape, and outlining that perfect bottom is absolutely boner-inducing.
Imagining every crease, every crevice how it was meant to be is the biggest attraction.


We know that Nico.

What the. Was Kanan really just wearing her bottom bikini during that episode?


>you will never get a pajama hagu from Kanan
Should I end it now or wait till S2?

Maki, Eli, Honoka, Kotori and Nozomi are already Umi wives.


I'd nani her sore if you know what I mean

Imi wakannai

>Dia and Ruby wearing the same night gown
Fuck Sunrise for enabling this incest ship.

Weebs get lost.

More like they didn't care.
Ruby is pretty much non-existent now.


Stop being a prude

>Cred Forums - Anime & Manga

More like Whoby.


Quads have it

>tfw Yoshiko in first

I couldn't be happier.

Rikyako now has her own instagram, now all I need is Shukashuu!

When PV 3?


It's not the final result though.

Chances are it wil stay the same.

That's what Youfag said as well.

And it stayed the same.

Did Chika do good?

Don't be calm , you know that it's still on going and you never know Kanan will win instead.

People that unironically hated Chika are butthurt faggots that just wanted their shitty raibu in the spotlight when they didn't deserve any spotlight (like Ruby). Chika was an excellent MC and of course, she was kawaii and that's all that matters.

Nah, it didn't.

I'll make YOUR butt hurt if you insult us Chika haters again.

Oh yeah, 4th and 5th position swapped. Such difference.

Rubyfags like Chika, because both are the cutesy type.
I know because I'm a Ruby fag.

Nice backpedaling.

See Yoshiko, Kanan, Riko and Dia are the mature type, and that's what's ultimately popular and also who will hate Chika most likely. And Ruby.

Saint Snow single fucking when?

That's not what it mean, user.


How on earth can you call Yoshiko the mature type.

Yeah, this was truly a huge change.

>chuuni and doujin addict

Mature enough for you?

He's talking about the gamers poll

It is what it is., ESL-kun.

I could dress a 5 years old in such garb and it wouldn't make her mature.
>fake wings, horn and tail
Real fucking mature.

She's mature when she's in normal mode, don't forget that she's a smart person.

>Mature but Boring Tier
Kanan, Hanamaru, Riko

>Autism/ADHD Tier
Mari, Yoshiko, You, Dia

>Cute but Retarded Tier
Chika, Ruby

>my favorite girls are all autists
What does it mean

Buy some better cranes, the fanart cherrypicking can go beyond this.

Voice and appearance makes her the mature type despite her personality.

Her real voice is high pitched and squeaky.

>high pitched

I think it depends? she's using her low voice if she talks calmly, and she only used that high pitched if someone provoke her.

But it is. Her singing and deep voices are deep but her voice is quite high pitched.

It's not really high pitched whatsoever.
Still she's a "crazy mature" character, not really a cutesy one.

Whenever I see this it looks like she's just acting or something.

I want to be the toilet paper she uses to blow her nose after she's run out of tissues.

>It's not really high pitched whatsoever.
Are you deaf

I'm glad they decided to nix the high pitch Nico sound. She sounds better with her other less high pitched voice + deep voice for Yohane.

>being this delusional
As expected of Yoshikofags

>Still she's a "crazy mature" character, not really a cutesy one.
What the hell are you talking about?

When you listen to her voice now Yoshiko's voice is more high pitched and lowder than Nico.

Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

Beautiful Chika.


Mature enough for you?

>she sees your dick

Just look at her.
She will always be mature type with that hair, height and body.
Yeah, Nico's voice is quite low actually. Still people call her the loli of the group - once again, the looks matter the most.

3rd shortest of the group

2nd smallest tits of the group

Not him but does Yoshiko even act like a little girl? She's into cool types, though.

She literally acts like a child. That's what chuunibyou is all about.

Still she looks like the typical mature japanese woman type, so mature.
She isn't short or small in any shots either ways, the measurements can be thrown out of the window pretty much.

I want to impregnate Kanan!

Would you let her fall on your dick

>this denial of facts
You're the MVP, user

Would you wear a shirt of your favorite raibu in public?

Why is Nico a baka?

Yes, same height as hanayo

>2nd smallest tits
Her tits are bigger than honoka and maki, though.

>denial of facts
Just look at her. Mature as fuck.


I wish I had the balls to

is yohane an infj

If I was somewhere away from home or uni, then yes.


>W-who might you be

is kanan an infj

>that yoshimaru closeness

Only in Akiba.

is hanamaru an infj

if they design was more athestic then yeah I would, I think tha design is better than the ones ive seen before but its still tacky



Every pic of Riko makes me want to undress her. More so than pics of the other girls.

Post more Hanayo!

I want to caress Kayochin's ample breasts!

I don't but I have seen one. Well it was hoodie but I guess it still counts. Balls of fucking steel.

Shirts like these never actually look as good in actuality as these mockups do