The REAL problem with pirating anime is that you can tell when shit goes down based on the file size alone. The whole narrative structure is spoiled right away.

Hey bro kill yourself bro

Fuck them. I don't want to give ad revenue to a site that uses minions to tell you to stop using adblock.

This is probably the wrong thread to ask, but does anyone know of a good torrent site to get english dubs of older anime? I've been feeling nostalgic about watching some series I usd to watch growing up but Bakabt and nyaa usually only have subs of them.

If it's too obscure, then it most likely never got an official release over here in America.

use moetube then


What's wrong with KissAnime? I have their Kodi addon and its flawless. It has everything for when I don't want to download things. Also, it has distinct qualities for shitty Interwebz like mine.


I do hear good things about Anime Bytes. Wish they opened up registrations more often. I always find out too late.

Post your email, I have 3 invites

>Kodi addon

What does that do?

You're not that poster, fuck off.

reported to AB staff for public begging and email subscribed to gay porn

>inviting retards from Cred Forums
Pffft, a shit ton of you can't even into basic torrenting

>[email protected]

Too late to delete it now.

It's like Plex but with more features. It also has addons, which are basically programs that let you search for pirated series, movies and such very easily. Exodus, one of their most famous ones, is really a cord cutter. Anyway, KissAnime has one of this addons, which let you access to its site. But it's not for everyone.

sent ;)

Aren't you or if those snobs of Cred Forums private trackers?

>IPT aka literally pleb tier "private tracker"

Well that's a shame. Kinda figured I wouldn't get an invite but figured what the hell.

reported to AB staff for public begging and email subscribed to gay porn

I mean I wasn't kidding about having 3 invites but I don't really trust a random guy on Cred Forums not to fuck up and get me banned.

It's not worth it. Looking at some of the torrent threads on Cred Forums, it's becoming increasingly common to see people with zero knowledge of torrenting or even basic tech. Even on AB forums, there's quite a lot of retards who behave like they're still on Cred Forums and gets warned for it.

Don't blame you. It took a while before I found anyone I can trust with my invites. I even turned down my close friends because I know they don't seed for shit.

For you.

>I don't really trust a random guy on Cred Forums
Good call.