What's your opinion about anime feet?

What's your opinion about anime feet?

I want them in my mouth, or on my face

They aren't often drawn well.

I would prefer them as close to the ground at any point in time.

What if you're waifu asked you to suck their toes?

Jun was severely underrated plus she had the cutest feet.

It would not change as just compensation would be required.

I prefer them pressed against my dick.

they are best smelly.

I have a foot fetish and anime feet do nothing for me. Same for bbw.


those are actually drawn well for being scrunched/her kneeling down

I love them. They're Just so cute! Also, I prefer when they just put it unceremoniously. Amanchu is a really good example.

That's why I said often instead of always. It's an exception to the rule.

who has the best feet in all of anime?

i think they should go away

on that note, posting more hestia feet

i have to agree, my most embarrassing fetish

it's not that embarrassing senpai.


My favourite

I hope they stink

they're okay, i guess

Have you ever smelled feet out of rubber sandals? They probably do

what does 2d girl stink smell like



Simply perfect.



One of my favorites

I can hardly fap to anything else by now, god dammit.

Feet have ruined me. Why are they so lewd?

Squids don't even have feet

Degenerate filth. It's the beta man's fetish

Then I don't want to be alpha.

>that perspective

Don't worry you aren't.

I wasn't into feet then I got into anime and I can't get enough of it.

This image is missing Nenecchi

I now associate blue ribbons with her more than anyone else

But feet smell!

lick it clean for her then

Anime feet don't

Loli feet is the best.

Is this a feet thread?

It's a Hestia is Bestia thread.

Can't wait for the spinoff anime and more of those amazon twins.

Mostly disgusting.

Post exceptions