I'm really late on this, but Hanekawa is objectively the best girl, right?

I'm really late on this, but Hanekawa is objectively the best girl, right?

Sengoku can have second place

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Cred Forums likes Shinobu, Kanbaru, Hachikuji and Tsukihi. Nadeko is unanimously agreed upon to be the worst girl

>catfag and snakefag
I think you officially have the worst taste on Cred Forums.

Is that a joke, Nadeko is good. She likes twister

No you do

>but Hanekawa is objectively the best girl, right?

that is fucking wrong, the best girl isn't even a girl.

Hanakawa is pretty cute in Kizu, other than that she's kinda boring.

Cred Forums like everyone but Snake.

Snake got like 3 fans on this board.

I just read lewd bits in kizu involving Hanekawa. Can't wait to see that last movie.

You must not have gotten to the part that reveals her to be a stupid spoiled brat

why do people hate snek

I just started Second Season. Don't ruin anything I'm watching as fast as I can

Because she's a fat, lying slut.


Her biggest secret is she dreams of becoming a manga-ka

The funny thing is that if you just hover over that without knowing anything it doesn't seem like that big a spoiler when it's actually a massive spoiler

She is highly unstable, handle with care. (Like supernatural nitroglycerine)

She's second best, user. Shinobu always will be the best and Senjougahara will always be the worst

so is kanbaru a lesbian or what. she's doing a lot of dickriding for a carpetmuncher

Almost done with the kizu book. I want to live forever with miss kiss-shot acerola-orion heart-under-blade.

Araragi made her bi-curious, thus is the power of a harem MC

Bat is best girl, cat is second, Kakarot is last.

i liked her when she was interacting with kaiki

Kanbaru is obviously best girl, no contest

>Cred Forums hates cute, flat little girls but loves obnoxious cowtits

Why do I even come to this shit hole

i want to kiss snek's thighs

Shinobu = Senjougahara > Fire Sisters > Ougi > Kanbaru > Nadeko > Hachijuki >>>>> Oishi > Hanekawa

Prove me wrong, oh wait, you cant.

Because she's worst girl.

Bat > Snail > BirdBee > Munkee > Doll > Cat > Crab > Maths > shit >>>>> snek


That's some of the best taste I've seen.

no body actually think this, you are literally just posting this to either be a hipster or to just shit post.

you missed one...

I miss braids and glasses Hanekawa, I haven't watched Monogatari second season yet but she looked hotter with those.

What would a date with Hanekawa be like?


There are plenty of DFC in that series that aren't absolute garbage like snek.

Sitting quietly in a library for an afternoon then animal-style kinky fucking all night.

Ougi is a boy user

Best milf

She ruins every scene she's in. She's a horrible character.

>literally adorable
>literally cute
>literally had the best 2 openings bar none
>literally became a god
>literally could have killed koyomi and his old hag with the flick of her wrist
>actually did kill koyomi several dozen times for shits and giggles
>wants to become a mangaka
>literally the perfect chest

Just stop,you're embarrassing yourself.

>having taste this shit
Just stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

Physically yes.

Emotional maturity is well behind senjougahara.

Why not doing lewd in the library with her? And trying to keep it as quiet as possible, because after all...It is a library.

Roughly how much screentime does she get in Second Season?

>emotionally mature
>goes on and on in circular discussions about shit no one cares about
>acts like its normal
She's the most autistic girl in anime

Is any of the girls mentally mature really? I would say Hachikuji is the most mature one, but an important part of the show revolves around adolescent emotions and drama.

>Always figured Crab was first girl and as a rule in romance and harems first girl always wins
>Read Kizu last year
>Turns out Cat was first girl all along

Hanekawa confirmed winner?

*meme openings

She gets to be the protagonist of the first arc, as it's written from her perspective. After that she drops off hard.

First girl is the one that MC meets when the story starts, not the one MC meets before in his backstory. First girl is crab.

It's why childhood friends lose, even though they meet MC first.

How can she be best girl when she doesn't know everything, OP?

>Emotional maturity is well behind senjougahara.
Not at all, she only has some issues before Neko Shiro(but she wasn't immature either) and after that she's easily the most mature character in the series.


She's one of the most relevant characters

Just going off of memory like half the season is time shenanigans with Shinobu and the followup, where she doesn't do anything due to being busy with her own arc, Nadeko's arc where she doesn't do anything, Kaiki's arc where she doesn't do anything, then Kanbaru's arc where she doesn't do anything. Unless I forgot something.

It must be embarrassing to be you. I can't imagine living like that...

Kanbaru=Shinobu > Karen > Senjougahara > Ougi > Hachikuji daughteru > acceptance level > Ononoki > Nadeko > Hanekawa > Tsukihi > Math bitch

Fuck you Math Bitch is great

I want math to bitch at me. Tsukihi is also too low.

Sodachi has a less intense look when confronting her nemesis than Shinobu does when arguing over donuts.

He was not as nemesis in Formula.

>Tsukihi that low

How is it even possible to dislike Tsukihi?

But thats Karen you posted. Tsikihi is just a spoiled UGUU I'M KAWAI bitch with anger issues

Those donuts aren't from Shinobu's favorite shop.

Friendly reminder that Araragi is only allowed to make love with Hanekawa.

>Snake had best op
Nigger what? Bee op was best

Crab is a rotten cunt user.

Yes, let's hate Araragi more together.

monkey > snail > bee > crab > cat > bat > bird > snake = doll (doesn't matter they're both shit tier)

It's not hate. It's part of her tutoring.

Education is good, but a waste on Araragi.


Shinobu is stuck with him for life, so she's gotta try to get him proficient in at least one subject.

Truly the character with the worst fate.

But Araragi is making pretty decent progress in his study of love.

Monkey, Cat and Bat best girls

Your taste slid from acceptable into terrible by the end of your post OP.
I hope you feel the shame you deserve.

snaek is a lying manipulative and selfish brat who hates everyone. She is incapable of forming meaningful relationships with anyone and her own parents just decided to pretend she did not exist when she went missing.

she's a fake cute
Even Kaiki who loves fakes couldn't stand her.

The rest of your points just paint you as the edgemaster you are
You should kys

>some idiot paid money for this
>now he wont stop spamming it as if anyone cared

Who knows. Maybe in a hundred years he can get to human level in that subject.

To be perfectly honest, I dislike comparing the girls. I actually like all the girls for their own quirks and they're all pretty special. I just don't like to see Nadeko get shit on all the time.

Because she has an actual personallity and is a well written character, unlike Crab or Monkey who are characters with cero deep but a lot of ""Charisma""

That's about the timeframe she's planning on. In the meantime she's performing superhuman feats of endurance.

The problem is she doesn't take responsibility for her actions in the end like the other girls and doesn't grow as a person.
This is because she doesn't get screentime at the end of it so she doesn't really get a chance but then that's the point.

She doesn't get screentime, she doesn't try to fix her faults. What kind of idiot would prefer a girl like that and call her best? They don't understand her and instead like a pretend version of her that doesn't exist.

The only thing snakefags have going for them is that they are just like her.

There are no lesbians, there are only women who choose to fuck other women.

Should Nadeko be criticised for not taking responsibility for her actions? I'm not sure it's so cut and dry. Clearly the events in bake were not her fault at all. In contrast with every other girl, Nadeko didn't seek out Koyomi's help, and didn't really remain in contact with him once he helped her.

Nadeko was completely innocent until she was cursed by the snake thing. Even then, she didn't seek out help. She was off trying to defeat it by herself, reading books on the occult, and even going to a shrine to exorcise the thing. She even did everything correctly, it was just she got unlucky with the shrine that was closest. Koyomi didn't even know what was going on until he went to the shrine and just happened to find the remains of what she was doing there. Then he took it upon himself and bore the brunt of all responsibility. It's also important here to remember that Nadeko is literally a child, and the youngest character involved in any of this. It's unrealistic to expect her to do things that older characters did. (Tsukihi might be younger, I dunno, but her situation is a lot different).

After the snake curse was gone, Nadeko left to go do her own thing again until the events of Nadeko Medusa. Those events were caused completely by her own delusions, but still, remember who you're dealing with. A young girl who views an older guy as a love interest, and as someone who literally saved her life. It's a little unfair to demand her to be fully accountable for what she did over those few months. She's not stupid, but at the same time, no one would expect a child to fully understand what was going on. When she ascended to godhood, she understandably was a little more delusional than before. Still, she was talked down by an adult, and surrendered peacefully (mostly). She could have done a lot worse but she didn't. From then on we don't see her. We don't know what she remembers, and she seems to be living her life correctly now.

>Those events were caused completely by her own delusions
People always make this mistake.
There was no delusion. It was just a ploy to convince Araragi to let her into the house and a lie to the audience to get them to pity and take her side.

She made a conscious effort to trick Araragi, break into his house and steal the talisman so she could make a wish, to get Crab to break up with him presumably. The hallucination was just a fabrication on her part. A lie she told the audience so she wouldn't come off as the terrible person she is.

If you rewatch the arc again the end explains that Ougi told her about the talisman's location but the rest of it was her plan.

Follow your own advice.

The line between delusion and conscious planning are blurry, especially in young kids. Her end goal was to get Koyomi to date her and love her, but the means to that end are more in the grey. I think you can either say her motives were either good or bad, and both are fair. Either she wanted to break up Koyomi's relationship knowing full well that he was dating another girl, or she wanted to simply get him to fall in love with her and dump his gf himself. The former is definitely more sinister, because it implies she "did what she had to do", so to speak, while the latter is more innocent in that it sounds more like something from a romantic drama in that it's an idealized view of human relationships and love.

From there, we can examine how she planned to acheive that goal. I think there are two points to address here: whether she was delusion at all (or if she was fully aware of what she was doing at all times) and whether she was ultimately forced to take responsibility for her actions.

To the first, I believe she was delusional. When she discovered that Ougi told her where the talisman was but that she didn't remember, or had blocked that part of the convo out, she seemed genuinely suprised. I guess if you think she was simply telling the story in a way that made her seem more innocent, then yes this entire story is not one of delusion, but a conscious effort to undermine Koyomi's relationship. Although, even if you believe that, Nadeko couldn't have known that consuming the talisman would give her the power she eventually received.

I suppose it all depends on whether you believe what Nadeko says or not. If you don't then you see the events of Nadeko Medusa in a much different light. Personally, I have no reason to not believe her. Her actions were questionable, but I don't consider her an evil person. She's just a young kid with a crush in a very strange world. What happened doesn't make her a bad person on the inside.

She only seemed genuinely surprised because she was the one telling the story.
>Nadeko couldn't have known that consuming the talisman would give her the power she eventually received
I'm pretty sure she never meant to eat the talisman from the start. She just wanted to steal it and bring it to the shrine. However Koyomi showed up and she was backed into a corner.
Still you can't use that excuse to explain away what she did after she ate it.
Time and time again it's shown and told explicitly that the oddities never work against the person the inhabit. The fulfill their desires, not act against them.

>Personally, I have no reason to not believe her
You and many others. Which is of course ludicrous because she strung you along for the entire arc and lied to your face the whole time.

so much true
However only the next snek adventure would tell us..........

The holy trinity


When will you learn?

She's the worst of the best girls

loli trio(hachikuji is best) = kanbaru = karen = tsukihi > crab > nadeko > cat > *

Nadeko is really cute despite her yandere personality, would plow

I have the feeling that Sodachi is somehow related to Hachikuji. Didn't they said in one episode that mayoi was on her way to visit her mother, because her parents divorced, like Sodachi's parents. Also sodachi was living with her mother...

Sodachi's parents divorced while she was 12, so around 5-6 years before the main story. Hachikuji died around 11 years before the main story started.

It's just that 12 years old Araragi in Owari and 7 years old Araragi in Mayoi Jiangshi look more or less the same age.

I never understood her character.

Let me guess. Girl who's under a lot of pressure and hides it with fake sweetness?

Bat = Crab = Monkey = Cat = Snail > Doll > Everyone Else, minus snake > A pile of shit > Snake

Fuck you all Kaiki is best girl.

Rararagi is best girl :^)

>ever putting crab above cat
You people are out of your mind

Snek is best girl. Seriously why everybody hates nadeko? she's just a troubled girl and needs help

But its either boring and bland Hanekawa or batshit insane Black Hanekawa, whats the appeal?

Hanekawa because tiddies, and that's all.


Top 3 girls:

>0. Kaiki
>1. Cat
>2. Math
>3. Snake

Good girls, in no particular order:
>Pilot hat bat

Passable girls - if any of these are in your top 3, consider suicide:
>Teenage bat

Reddit-tier girls
>Winner of /r/anime's girl of the year, Senjougahara "Crab" "babby's first tsundere" "craves old specialist dick" Hitagi
>Standard bat
>Kiss-shot bat

>Le kaiki is best girl meme

I want this shit to go away so badly.

Also, you have by far the worst taste in girls of anyone in this thread, you have literally no right to act as high and mighty as you did while posting this abortion list.

Good night user please think about what you have done.

night? it's morning here mate :^)

I like Senjougahara

>Calling crab Reddit tier because you think she won some bullshit contest she didn't.

This has been debunked time and time again on here are you retards still claim it to be true.


Just finished Koyomimonogatari.

I remember what Crab said.
Going to see Kizu in theaters (part 2 because I missed part 1, but saw part 1 online)

Also the Kizu book just came in the mail today. Excited to start reading it. Am I in for a treat guys?

Why is there a never ending war about monogatari waifus? Why can't you learn to appreciate them all like Araragi does?

first movie was better imo, but it's still a solid book.

Cred Forums - Waifu Wars

>Going to see Kizu in theater
You live in Japan user?

Part 2 is playing in many places in the U.S.


I missed part 1 awhile back. I really wish I could get my hands on one of the posters they were giving away. I live in New Jersey for the record. Only two places showing it are Bumblefuck A and Bumblefuck B.

Agreed :D


Because/a/ is a hyper-masculine battlefield of one-upmanship and verbal abuse. While we all love each girl for her flaws and strengths, we put on fronts and fight to the death here. Imagine Cred Forums as a Roman Colosseum, with our waifus watching from the spectator's booth

The batter is Shinobu Oshino.

It would be one thing if she were still the tiny girl she had been until just other day, but as a tall, slender, long-haired blonde in a gorgeous dress, an unparalleled beauty so dazzling it makes you want to avert your eyes, not to mention one wearing stilettos, her gripping a metal bat and awaiting the ball with one foot forward is akin to a sewing machine on a dissecting table. The image is unbalanced enough to be a dissecting table on top of a sewing machine.

“Oh! There you are, my master!”

Shinobu is the first one to notice me.

Seeing that beautiful, elegant, lovely, radiant—at any rate, that blonde beauty with a first-rate figure, who there could never be enough flowery words to describe, innocently waving her hand (actually, she’s waving the sword) and calling out to me like that feels a little awkward, or rather, disorienting.

“That took you long enough! We’ve been waiting for you—we were growing bored, so we decided to partake in a game of croquet to pass the time!”

So it was croquet…

I’ve heard that croquet was the prototype for baseball, but I have close to no knowledge of what the sport actually entails.

“Ha! “Haha! “Hahahaha!” she laughs.

After rushing up to me, Shinobu lifts me up and spins me around in the air—it’s a motion almost like a Giant Swing, or maybe reminiscent of an adult horsing around with a small child, but given our current height difference, it’s become perfectly doable for her.

She keeps getting more adorable. The way Araragi keeps calling her Shinobu despite having all her powers back is cute too.


Stop lying you fucking retardo Hanekawa is liked on Cred Forums a lot. Only secondaries didnt care that much about her before her arcs and because secondaries didn't read Kizu.

That's what makes her fun though, she's totally crazy.

Self inserters get mad because she wanted to kill self inserterterter but that's it

Fucking retards with their buzzwords should fuck off back to tumblr.

>well written

why are snakefags so deluded? her whole character is basically "i was moeshit at first then i was not". she's shit.

Being a deluded autist is a requisite for being a Snakefag.

>baww people don't like my waifu

>time travel
her child self was there and helped guide araragi to where he could find mayoi's house
>kaiki's arc
she had a role in helping kaiki in some information as well as kinda giving him some encouragement to help.

also you're forgetting owari, where she was involved in sodachi's arc. and of course, in bake where her information was very useful.

actually, the character who has fallen the hardest in terms of relevancy is senjougahara. nadeko's more but in her case she wasnt that major anyway.

What an objectively shit list

Who are you quoting?

By the way, hanekawa has been liked a fucking lot since the anime adapted her arcs and since some secondaries read kizu. She has a lot of threads all the time too

You're not getting another (You) by the way

Did you forget when she saves Araragi and Ougi from Darkness?

>other peoples opinions are wrong
>i swear im not mad

im assuming we're only talking about the anime here. I havent read that yet.

Nips think she's the best monogatari too.


Fourth place behind Asuna in a poll specifically for boring girls sure is a convincing sign of popularity.

Excuse me?

But he's right, cat is trending upward

>Japan continues to have awful taste

Who'da thunk it?

>nip opinion
it never mattered though

The only decent characters in the entire list are cat and Chitanda

>her child self was there and helped guide araragi to where he could find mayoi's house
she guided them to a police station didn't she

which still helped them find out where mayoi's house is.

without her, araragi might have ended up wasting the whole day running around.

Oh look. An annoying faggot catfag who is grasping at straws to try and come up with ways of how his shitty waifu is still relevant. That's not typical at all.

Reminder to always punch your math.


Yes. That segment was actually super serious and constitutes a vital contribution to the plot that couldn't have been solved in a thousand other ways.

I'd tongue-punch her mathhole.

It's always better to do in parts that aren't visible to avoid having to fake a fight.

fuck you dad

do you even know what we were talking about or are you just assblasted your girl is irrelevent?
>inb4 batfag

Yeah. We're watching a catfag being an retarded, annoying cunt for the umpteenth time. Christ, Nisio throws you a bone with a comedy scene and you take it as the holy fucking gospel.

and you're upset at me pointing out factual evidence that supported the chain of discussion? sounds like you're the one childish and retarded here.

But Nisio adores Hanekawa user, he's literally churaragi.

Don't forget Sodachi, though she's technically the latest/newest of the girls and has some chance at showing up more in future books.

>factual evidence
You're seriously trying to pretend a joke is vital to the plot and a shining example of Hanekawa being useful.

Yeah. The scene was funny, but it wasn't vital to the plot. It was something that could be omitted entirely with no impact on anything. If you omitted something, like Senjougahara asking Kaiki for help, you couldn't just hand wave how the fuck they dealt with crazy god Nadeko.

Just ignore him, probably a Crabfag mad at you pointing out how irrelevant she is.

Why are you replying to me? I just told you that nisio adores tsubasa

Sodachi already appeared in 4 books so far, and is the protagonist of the main arc in one of those

She is still a secondary character like the fire sisters though.

We all know Nisio's favorite is Kanbaru, don't pretend user.

Not with the fucking haircut

funny how you mention "irrelevant scene", when in the time travel portion, its made clear how every little thing can help influence the result.

if mayoi hadnt helped give araragi some directions, he would have been killed off by hanekawa, as shown in that timeline.

likewise, if araragi had not gotten some direction, who knows if he would have ended up wandering too far away or going to too many places that he would be tired and rest for the rest of the day. then by the time he recovered by tomorrow she would be dead.

The scene accomplished fucking nothing but a giggle. Pick a battle that's not completely retarded. Maybe you'll end up having a good-faith discussion instead of a no-u contest.


isnt it you who's picking a meaningless battle? im just pointing out how hanekawa helped out.

you havent even disproved the point that araragi might have not found mayoi's house, or if he would but it would be a bit later, such that he would end up resting for too long that mayoi might have been run over already.

I'm sure constantly using edgy words makes you look like the mature one.

Good taste

Okay then: your argument says that Hanekawa getting molested for a bit is notable/relevant because you can't rule out the possibility that the actions set off a massive chain of events that completely changed the course of the story.

You can apply this argument to literally every scene in the story. So this includes even the random cross-over stories that get handed out at events. You can apply this argument to every scene in every piece of media in existence. None of it can be dismissed as unimportant. It's a non-argument that sidesteps the entire issue by pretending that it doesn't exist.

The reality is that some scenes are just trivial and that pretending a character did something relevant because they appeared in one of those scenes is fucking stupid.

um I was talking about hanekawa giving instructions to araragi about directions for mayoi's house.

sure it wasnt directly to her house, but it did help araragi find it indirectly. and depending on how you interpret it, hanekawa might have sent araragi there to honestly help them instead of a subtle message for araragi to turn himself into the police.

oh and your way of dismissing an event's importance just because of some "comedic" value is more retarded id say. araragi has, for almost every single episode he's in, done something stupid or perverted for "comedic" value to each girl. does that imply that anything after that, is useless and irrelevant?

because that's the point you're making. you're using the fact that just seconds before hanekawa actually helped them as basis to make her not useful.

I mean lets put shinobu's arc in owari as example since its recent:

kanbaru was fooling around with araragi just seconds before she found a way to get around the lost snail that kept them lost. does that somehow make that scene of her useless and irrelevant just because there was a "funny" scene before it?

>her whole character is basically "i was moeshit at first then i was not".

Thanks for proving you didn't get her character, dipshit.

You're wrong, nips favorite is shinobu and i'm a catfag/snailfag.

Yeah her character is "I was always a shit and will always be one"

All your tastes are shit and for children.
Real mans taste coming through.

Nip's favorite is crab, bat and snake.
So you know their opinion is worthless.

>is into ballbusting

no thanks

birb is the word

Just finished watching Bake, is this supposed to get better? So far it's just extremely pretentious haremshit.

The point I'm making is that the details of how Araragi gets from point A to point B are basically interchangeable. Nisio could have replaced loli Hanekawa with a thousand different things and it would have had zero impact anywhere else in the story and the only reason anyone would care is because of the lack of a comedy scene. That's the entire actual contribution of that scene to the story. It's just not enough to call Hanekawa relevant in that arc.

That scene actually had some small impact elsewhere. Gaen used it as an example to say that Kanbaru has the capability to be a specialist. It's not a lot and if that had been Kanbaru's entire appearance in the arc I'd say that she was irrelevant too. However, she was absolutely critical for one of the biggest scenes in the arc so I don't say that.

It gets less pretentious and more harem focused if that's what you prefer. And then it starts to focus mostly on the characters and plots.

No, the rest is all like that
It might be pretentious haremshit, but it's GOOD pretentious haremshit

Hanakawa is God tier
I also like, Shinobu, Nadeko, and Kanbaru

Real best girl

Mamaragi has a fat ass



Tadatsuru confirmed for a real man