Fujiwara Chapter 36

It's time.

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This fucking song took about as long as the rest of the chapter combined, I must really hate myself sometimes.




>How cute

Never gets old



Thanks Jag.

Is this a horror manga?

Amusing reference to the volume extras.


Her smile and optimism: gone.

What? Fujiwara berating president? What a role reversal.

Oh yeah, before I forget: Aka wrote on Twitter that this takes places before the visit arc that's going on now, and next week will get back to that. My best guess is he just wanted to use this opportunity for the lead color page while he had the chance since it could be a while before he gets another.

She fucked up.

What would happen if Fujiwara found out that Pres was completely awful at sex? Would she tutor him there too?



She would let Kaguya do the honors.




You saw this coming didn't you.




Tiny Fujiwara is cute



Another pieces of Pres's dark background.


>just leave it to mommy

Oh god my sides




oh my

Woah, look at those things.

>hand contact

Spoiler this shit, dude.

That's the heroine for you.

This was a lot funnier in Japanese.

Is Fuji fucking crying to the school anthem?

Her son's doing it

If anyone's curious, the last page had her mishearing the words for "knowledge" and "shame" since they're pronounced the same, and then the second one had "twilight" which is taSOgaRE. I'm still trying to think of something better for the first one, but humility/humiliation's all I've got right now.
Anyway, see you next week.

where did you get the raw?

Im in tears

Thanks Jag.

Really nice chapter. Thank you Jag.

Use sentence that have So and Re and bold them american style comic.

Jag please.

Thanks Jag

Shirogane's so pure
Thanks jag

So what we are suppoed to be picking up from chapters like this and the sports one is that Pres has a much better chemistry with Fujiwara than with Kaguya.

Because I'm fine with that. Would be a good twist.

Nice thighs.


I pay someone, they scan it.

That's literally what I did.

Unfortunately President is already sonzoned.

How cute.

Nice face.

Is this like the equivalent of a Namek arc for this manga? Fucking love these training arcs.

Oh yeah, I misread.


Are you new to Chinese cartoons? Mother x son pairings are the most drawn thing at comiket

>tfw you'll never be Fujiwara's friend

Nice tits.

Why is she the 'heroine' and not Kaguya? How is 'heroine' different from feMC?


Crying Fujiwara is cute.

>are you new to anime
>proceeds to mention a doujin related shit

Can someone musically inclined explain the purpose of wearing a bucket on your head for singing practice?

Key word "comiket". The only Shirogane x Fujiwara we will ever see are doujins.


are there raws of this floating around somewhere?

Much thanks.

I'm finding it hilarious that Fujiwara is the only person that slowly but surely learning about all of the president silly quirks and weaknesses. First the sport thing and now this, soon she will have a stronger bond with him than Kaguya.

Horribly cute


Fuck off.

If this or the volleyball chapter get adapted in the inevitable anime, I want the scenes to be like a 80's training montage.


Whoops, didn't meant to quote.

Why do you ask?

We need one of these with Fujiwara.

Daman, Fujiwara is one hell of a teacher.

My fucking sides, Jag

Thankie as always.

>I can sing! I can sing!
Prez is so fucking cute.

You can hear yourself really well.

>no cropped REEEEE yet

May as well wait for the clean version. You can still see the Japanese text.

I want Fujiwara to be my mom.

So, doujins of Fujiwara teaching Pres to stop being a quickshot when? Also, with this mommy theme going on, it'll inevitably have an obligatory phimosis scene.


Bottom left isn't scary Kaguya though. Is diabetus-inducing cute Kaguya

Not as scary as Kaguya but she's trying.

Can we agree that this is the worst chapter so far?

Best boy ishigami when?

REMOVE SUBJECT F. She's ruining the manga.

It isn't that bad, it just has a huge problem of being filler inserted inside of a huge cliffhanger.

How cute.

>those two girls commenting on Shirogane's singing
Isn't that Hayasaka's friends?

They have to drop hints of before it happens.

>good at games and music
There's no way an IQ of 3 could allow you to be that good in 2 things.

I might be crazy, but pres is really the best part of the manga. I feel like Shirogane alone could carry this whole manga.

Nah, Prez really is the best girl.

>letting a dog carrying your manga


We that one music manga he drew but didn't write now

>The regulars will become 5 people...
What does this mean!?

She is such the best girl, call it how it is.

it's implying a new character will be introduced, one that has been waited for.
probably the prez's sister

Someone added to the student council group of 4?

I guess the ninja maid girl.

Prez's sister?
That french girl with the origami?

Is that Sonata something that he drew?

Yeah Sayonara Piano Sonata, it's okay, good hats as always.

and to be clear, the line means that someone will be added to the cast of 5 regulars (the 4 of the student council + the maid)
So new character new chapter

Has he ever drawn a hat other than that one and Yume's witch hat?

That is a super cute little fujiwara

Oh I see. Thanks for the work jag

How is that hat called anyway? Aka seen to love it.

Everyone is great but Shirogane is the greatest.

The school nurse, I'm sure.

Detective hat.

You forgot best boy ishigami

For real? I need one of those, they're great.

Dunno about chemistry, but barring the introduction of another character, Fujiwara seems to be President's closest friend.

Ishigami is best boy, president is best girl.

I'm surprised he never put Yume in that hat. She's the only one of his 6 main girls who never wore it.

Ishigami will always be number 2.

But Sera was the main girl, user.

Best boy and best girl would be together. I'm all for that, but I seriously doubt it'll happen

Mafuyu, Sera, and Kaguya are the Main Characters and Chiaki, Yume, and Fujiwara are the Heroines.

Yume is the only one who hasn't been HATTED.

Aka's gone 5 for 5 on characters thus far, can he make it 6/6?


What is the difference

Ask Aka it's how he refers to them on their character intros as well.

Why is Shirogane so pure? Why did a certain shameless slut try to corrupt him last chapter?

>all these people thinking pic related won't be the true end

It makes me sad that Fujiwara puts all this effort into helping him and he couldn't be assed to help her any when she was stressed about exams.

So, when is Kaguya putting that hat on?

Shirogane had his own shit to deal with with the exams. It's not like he had any leisure room to help others.

MC = the character that is the focus of the story
Heroine= the character that gets paired with the MC

This means that Fujiwara will get paired with both Shirogane and Kaguya in the future. She's the basically the student council's bicycle.


There really is just something about Shirogane that makes him ultra charming. He's not like a shoujo protagonist who's ultra perfect at everything, but he's pretty flawed, but in a way that only makes him the more lovable. His kindness too isn't so conflated like a harem protagonists either, where he has more than that too.

Kaguya is one of the two protagonists of the story, but she's also THE main heroine.

the cutest

>no musical note to go with the how cute
oh well

It's not just the "President sucks at shit" chapters. They also showcase how well they get along in regular chapters such as the prank one and that one time they taught Kaguya about sex. A lot of that stems from the fact that Fujiwara isn't as sheltered as Kaguya so she isn't lacking in common sense, but they also have some really good synergy together.

Absolutely, but he'll be back on track with part 2 of that chapter next week

What if we look at Fujiwara not as the all-knowing mastermind behind their games, but as a rival to Kaguya working to ruin her plans while remaining friendly?

Don't pay it too much attention, President and Kaguya have had plenty of development, check the last thread where some user posted about it

>that wink
She fucking knows.

Still waiting on the Fujiwara appreciation chapter.

How is it going to be a new character if next chapter we're at part 2? This is really scaring me.

The next revealed character outta be the sister and it'd give Shirogane an outlet to calm down a bit before returning to school the next day.

That middle Fujiwara panel needs a redraw for the volumes, it bugs me.

No, Fujiwara's the heroine. She's just not one of the two main characters.

Hence Kaguya on the CP denying her taking the protagonist role away as well.

What's the matter user? Can't handle a head bigger than her torso?

She's not a rival so much as a third wheel trying to turn their relationship into a trike. If she has her way she'll be there on their Honeymoon helping them to make babies.

Then it's perhaps President that caught cold from Kaguya and Kaguya is visiting him?

Well you would need another 9 players for your baseball team to have an opponent.


you continue to be my hero man. Thanks

I still struggle to believe last week's chapter actually happened


Chika on the front stage!



>wrong hole

Chapter 24 one got me really good.

She has no reason to be blushing and seductive in that second to last panel or add the heart in the last one.

This looks like a nightmare to translate, you're doing god's work user

That makes no sense. Kaguya is the girl who will win Shirogane. This love story is for them and only them.

That is simultaneously some of the most thoughtful posts I've seen in these threads and some of the most autistic.

Now Fujiwara

Doesn't it go hand in hand?

Honestly I feel first chapter was the worst chapter. The bun was dumb.

Even by Cred Forums's standards, I mean. If Cred Forums has any.


But user

>The future of this story is still a blank slate, and is in no way limited to Shirogane and Kaguya beginning to date and receiving their happy ending. What happens is for the three of them to decide.

Yes but by chapter it already skyrockets in quality

>three of them to decide
Don't tell me you're actually deceived here because of that disclaimer. The main girl always wins and is very obvious at that, especially since Kaguya has 90% of the spotlight and development.

What the fuck am I a speedreader?

obviously user. Despite some in the thread, there's no actual Fujiwara x prez. But Fujiwara is the heroine.

Thanks Jag. Please put Kaguya in the title next time.

But Fujiwara is the main character this time.

Authors aren't infallible. They make are susceptible to errors made from mistakes or out of ignorance. Fujiwara is a heroine, but can't be the heroine of the story. Kaguya falls under the heroine of the story per the meaning of "the" heroine of the story.

It doesn't matter user it took me an hour to find the thread and I almost missed it.

>make are
They are*

>it took me an hour to find the thread
The OP image is really kind of hard to miss in the catalog.

Every thread so far has had "Kaguya" in the OP, which is why I was searching for that every five minutes.

You need to use a superior catalog.

>best boy ishigami is not even a protagonist or a main character

>this thread

The trauma is revived! Little Fujiwara a cute.

Sure there's been development but that still doesn't change the fact that Fujiwara wants Presidents's weiner.

This is the true story of this mango.

The heroine!

>Fujiwara is a heroine, but can't be the heroine of the story
What is heroine supposed to mean.Sounds meaninless the way you interpret it.I hate your cynism

I assume the echoes and acoustics help.

Much thanks Jag.

A good twist would be ishigami ending up with maid, Kaguya, or imouto

He's wrong anyway, Fujiwara is the heroine.

Kaguya is a one of the two main characters who is not the heroine of the story.

I enjoy these chapters but there's giving cute nods to previous chapters and there's taking the exact formula of a previous chapter and reusing it with a different theme. How do you all feel about it

>The principal female character in a novel, poem, or dramatic presentation

The phrase "the heroine" is an interchangeable word for the main girl/heroine of a story. So, it's not.

Oh hey that's me. Important thing to note is that they were cold to each other even when they were together in the student council at first. Kaguya is shown without a ribbon there, so I'm guessing Shirogane must have given it to her during some event that started all of this.

I don't think I could actually write anything for Fujiwara and back it up. I sympathise with Hayasaka, it's impossible to know whether she's just being Fujiwara or not. I remember a page where it's said Fujiwara respects Shirogane while he domesticates her. It was far back and there's certainly been development but I can't properly allocate it or say what the consequences are. Before the first training chapter tho Shirogane didn't actually have a 'positive' opinion on Fujiwara. He is shown uncomfortable that of all people he must lower himself to ask Fujiwara for help. It had an overall condescending tone.

Does anyone know how ishigami did for the final?

Probably got the bare minimum to pass so remedial lessons wouldn't take time from his games.

He's usually among the last ones.197/199 was his previous one.

What are the chances of a chapter where the headmaster tells Kaguya to help Ishigami get his grades up or he gets kicked off the student council?

>That singing was so bad that I just added "not being tone-deaf" to the list of requirements for being my friend.
Christ I love the writing in this.

>Cred Forums sings

I want Fujiwara to cu.ck Kaguya.

Ishigami's just lazy, if that happened Kaguya would just threaten him with death and he'd score high

>Fujiwara would never be my friend

I like her serious mode with her cute demon headband.

beg your pardon...

>second to last panel
>Fujiwara's face

That's the face of "wtf is going there?"

I sincerely hope that Fujiwara and Shirogane fall in love for each other, become boyfriend and girlfriend, and start flaunting their relationship in front of Kaguya, who then will regret the fact that she wasn't more forthcoming with her feelings sooner, all the while she observes in despondency the new couple's progressively more salacious public displays of affection.

>How cute

Saw it coming, never gets old.

>thread started with Fujiwara
God dammit, i usually use ctrl+F "Kaguya" to find weekly thread. Now im late.

Still at least we get to see loli Fujiwara\.

its bounding time, the true heroine of this manga will shine again

poor Fujiwara, she could have run from this.


Damn it Jag, I cant laugh that loud, people are sleeping here.

It's not a bad thing. Actually people were thinking that this chapter would be a dating advice chapter, because I think chapters 6, 16, and 26 have been love advice. Which is basically the same formula each chapter. I don't see reusing themes disappearing though.

Has Aka write horror manga in that past? probably with another pen name. Really is not only Kaguya the one doing horror faces

This is kind of hot...

she is marking her territory as the heroine of the story.

>Cred Forums sing
>/m/ sing
>Cred Forums sing

>wasn't forthcoming with her feelings

>last panel

Things like this will maker win the prezbowl. He will realized that the person that has actually help him and support him in his worst moments, wasnt Kaguya, but Fujiwara.

She is so bubbly and cute

Thanks Jag, this is what I was waiting for some time now, some quality Prez x Fujiwara stuff

You are hero Jag.

I may never fully recover from that "are you blushing? How cute" delivery.

That wasn't deliberate. She was delirious at the time.

I waiting for Fujiwara needing a part time job for whatever reason, and Prez will help her to get one and even join her since it will her first time on such thing and he want to make sure she can take care of herself alone so will help the first week or something.

You're a monster and I hope you will get shot.

Thanks Jag.

Good point on Kaguya but pres had no big development with Kaguya, he had more with Fujiwara. NTR is actually possible.

That warms my heart and puts a smile on my face. Thank you.

>the future of this story is still a blank slate, and is in no way limited to Shirogane and Kaguya beginning to date
>is in no way limited to Shirogane and Kaguya

Aka is finally starting to include Fujiwara in the main plot, she will keep training the prez on stuff and reveal his personal insecurities to her, little by little, allowing them to grow close to each other.

I want to know the full list of requirements.

I want to domesticate the Fujiwara.

This Jeg. Properly tag the thread in the future man

so far, it has been only 2 chapter were Fujiwara is the focus alongside of Prez.

If she does become a politician later, she will have to make Japan great. Might as well start with helping the next generation.

dude, that was perfect, I havent see a scene filled with so much emotion and subverting a usual gag of the serie to create such effect in a long time, it was magical and I am glad I was here on that dump.

Aka really knows how to write. When the inevitable anime happens, I will these threads.


Is this supposed to have an L?

Thanks Jag for the chapter!

Sakamoto threads were alright even after the anime

What do you mean? Pes is her dog.

Oh right

Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana

That would imply previous sexual relations with someone else and Fujiwara finding out about his lackluster performance.

I can see her train him in theory with the help of manga.

Shirogane probably knows a lot about the theory and nothing the practice.

Kaguya helps him too.

But she can't help him with stuff he is too embarassed to reveal to her.

Does the Author or his Audience know about those?

I imagine they do. It's a common theme in both sports and shounen manga, though in the latter it takes multiple episodes than just a few minutes.

Oh man pls give me plenty of qt fuji

Oh man cute!!

The only NTR I'm ok with

>that heart

>second last panel
I wonder if we'll ever see those eyes on Fujiwara again.

I look forward to that day.

Why do I thik this alludes to simultaneous orgasm?

This hasn't happened before to me. How can I ship Kaguya and President while also shipping Fujiwara and President?

Just ship Kaguya and Fujiwara as well and it'll be all good.


The horror

So Fujiwara is actually turning Shirogane into a better man while Kaguya seeks only to entrap him for her amusement?

Fujiwara end confirmed?

My theory about Fujiwara being the "Heroine" of the character of the series is that its ultimately her actions and influence that drive the other characters. What do you think Cred Forums?

We think that you should read the thread

Different guy, I found his post to be interesting and I'm not going to read the thread but at the same time I'm pretty sure this is just another comedy manga where the protagonists beat around the bush and other characters all know they want to fuck and encourage them. The draw is the fact that they're super autistic and consider love a war which requires strategic thought.

It's easy since the only canon confession to this point is Fujiwara to Kaguya.

Well if you read the thread you'd see that it's not "beating around the bush". There's no real status quo because the plot isn't circular, it's spiral.

I've read all the other chapters and this manga came to my attention back in December 2015 and I've memed with you so I'm not some fag coming in and shitting on things. But I'm pretty sure the whole "LOVE IS WAR SO FUCK YOU" thing is in some degree beating around the bush since they both want to fuck but both want to not be the one who initiates the relationship. Though my opinion is that the one who initiates the relationship is stronger than the one who accepts rather than the other way around.

They would go home together? How long did this go on? How did Kaguya not freak out about that?

Anyways with this and the volleyball chapter, he's spent more alone time with Fujiwara than he ever has with Kaguya.


The spiral is circular only when it's looked at from the top. There's been plenty of development, hell, even chapter two already shifts from "love is war" when Shirogane gives up victory to go on a date with her. I'd say the theme of the manga would rather be them realizing that love is not war.

Now she knows what the lyrics mean.

As far as Kaguya thinks, Prez is damn near perfect, and vice versa. They don't want to show their weaknesses lest they be seen as unworthy.

>will never have a super qt sing with me and tell me it feels good

Kill me now senpai

Don't you have better things to do than post here, Ishigami?

Even the typical 80's training montage with music?

fujiwara is a shameless slut


You spellt Kaguya wrong.
>talking with naked man
>getting them into your bed

Do you think Fujiwara loves suffering through Shirogane's singing?

This has a lot of potential.

Smile destroyed in one page

I am not sorry.

>Minister of the Right


fujiwara best girl and must be voiced by chiwa saito

Those background students are pretty stacked.
I'd say they're more stacked than Fujiwara and they look more natural too. Fujiwara's are too big for her frame so it looks odd to me.

So who´s gonna be the newcomer next chapter? Imouto? Meido joins the student council? Someone totally new?

>Meido joins the student council?
She's part of the five regulars, so no. Probably the imouto.

>inb4 yan imouto

She will be the legendary bancho, coming to take back her onii-sama.



Didn't see this thread, because it wasn't titled Kaguya. Feels bad.

Kaguya has a lot of siblings doesn't she? Maybe she has a brother or sister that is close to her age.

We don´t know if she has brothers/sisters actually. All we´ve seen of her family was her baby cousin.

Is that Fujiwara's mother, or her sister, standing next to her?

How devious and politically savvy would Fujiwara's female role-model be?

Probably not; if she had a brother he would probably be the heir to the family and not her. Those old world families are still very deep set in tradition. I wouldn't be surprised if Kaguya was an only child

Actually from Aka's tweet, isn't next week supposed to be "Regarding Shinomiya Kaguya, Part 2?" If it gives even more insight into her like the title implies, then it might introduce her family, with one of them joining the main cast.

Sea cucumber's are cute! CUTE!

>you will never make Fujiwara throw up in disgust

Or Shiro´s family as Kaguya visits him to make light of what actually happened that faithful night.

That was her nephew right? Implying she has an older sibling.

I guess that makes sense. But what about a cousin? That would avoid the whole heir issue.

Just how hard was President bullied in elementary, to make him into the machine and monster-virgin he is today?

She could have plenty of cousins, yeah

Fujiwara has to be one of the better executed genki characters I've read in a while.

I like this route.

I really wonder what part 2 would entail; would it focus on Kaguya, or on Shirogane? It seemed like the arc had been wrapped up last week, but I guess not.

The obvious answer to who should join the cast is Shirogane's sister, because he could use a character associated with him, as Kaguya already has Hayasaka. But that would be a weird introduction, if the chapter focuses on Kaguya.

Maybe its Shirogane depressed at home over what happened, and thinking about his first experiences with Kaguya, and then his sister shows up?

>Doing a Fujiwara chapter for the lead cover page

Seems they know the best girl

Despite being handsome he attracts only yanderes apparently.
I also think imouto is the most likely. What´s her personality though? Tsuntsun brocon? Delinquent sadist?

I don't think anyone predicted Ishigami's personality, so Aka will probably swerve us.

Shirogane is too cute in that last panel.

Shirogane is always cute, user. It´s his radiant purity.

That heart


How can he be so bad at singing?

He put all his points into Intelligence.

No Charisma.

Is this everything?

You know, minus the one where she's blushing under the covers. I didn't think that should count.

>Fujiwara Chapter
This is exactly what I needed.

>2.27mb for a dozen or so screencaps
Jesus christ

not used to gifs, desu senpai

I didn't even think that this would exist.

>this takes places before the visit arc

This isn't chemistry.

If there was ever any chance of her seeing Prez like that, it sure is gone after these two training chapters.


Prez really has no faults left now. Bestest boy confirmed.



I really like Fujiwara as a character. Feels quite unique, She's like the usual cute fluffy girl, but she's actually not stupid or clueless.

Shes also not pretending to be stupid like the usual fluffy girl

She just likes to have fun. Even if she has to mastermind from time to time. I think it´s just because her dad prohibits her from a lot of things so she wants to have as much fun as possible at school.

I get this.
I regularly get told I have a good singing voice, but every time I try to record something for Cred Forums sings, I end up stopping and deleting the file after less than ten seconds of listening.

Might be a mostly mental thing for me though.

>this chapter


Goddamn, she could use some Fuji tutoring.

>reread the volleyball chapter
>Fujiwara in the end acts acts like a mother again

I need Fujiwara to teach me Volleyball and singing, I'm the same level as Prez

So, you close your eyes when trying to hit the ball and hit your head instead every time?

> Kaguya and Prez actually hooked up
> Fujiwara started acting like a mean mom-in-law

For how oong we must suffer until we meet shiroganes inmouto.

I can't bounce a soccer ball more than two times

Someone add best mom

I wonder if Imouto could even be a regular, President is at the school because he's an absolute one-of-a-kind genius. Unless she is too then she wouldn't be able to join in the school hijinks which is where essentially 90% of the chapters have taken place.

Crossover chapter with Hatsukoi Zombie with Shirogane discovering a First Love Zombie that looks like Kaguya`s maid over his head

I missed this thread because of the title change. Damn you Jag!!

Thanks for the TL


Keep the title as Kaguya

>I can see her train him in theory with the help of manga.

Hentai scenario, both will talk about flirting, practice with each other, having "practice date", and when it comes to the manga, both will get horny and start doing it

Omake Ishigami was hiding in a locker or something, and saw everthing

But that's the point, trust is everthing in a relationship, and if Shirogane cant trust her with his more embarrasing moments or dark past (the thing about being called out by girls to stop singing) their relationship is just going to be a high school romance doome to fail eventually.

I'm not the only one who thinks everyone in this picture has elongated, alien heads right?

I hope that when the manga reach its drama peak, it will be a Shirogane that is torn apart because he love both Fujiwara and Kaguya (those 2 doesnt know a thing and not even realized) and he doesnt know who to choose and X thing will be pressing him to choose someone, and when he thinks why he love each one, chapters like this will appeard on his flashback on Fujiwara.

It has to be Imouto

I will say it again, Ishigami will end being healed by Imouto and will try to get closer to Shirogane to see her more. Kaguya wont be pleased, specially if Shirogane and Ishigami became bros and have those "bro moments" that Kaguya cant share with him.

this manga is well executed in general, Kaguya is the typical sheltered and distant rich kid, but she is clearly learning how to stop being like that, little by little, open herself to others and doenst angast about her responsabilities or something like that, is just how inexpirience she is with the world and things like love, but doesnt mean she will drop everthing for the sake of the other.


I didnt expect to see that before this getting anime

But of course

Wouldnt Prez be like Marisa then? poor but puts all his effort on something.

but the shit she did when playing cards before the home visit. clearly the daughter of politicians.

The Fujiwara effect is when two cyclones orbit each other, and eventually merge.

Kaguya cosplaying as 2hu Kaguya when?

This is one of the most boring high schooll uniforms in manga/anime ever.

Shit man, I really like both girls, but dammit Fujiwara is a mother for Shirogane, not a lover

Also thanks for the laugh Jag

That make sense just going to the names, but Kaguya could be Remilia for the usual despiction Fandom give her

Powerful, but easy to make her cry; Tries to talk big, but ignores a lot of thing, flat ches, both have a more competent maid.

I have to agree, the uniform a really bland, specially since the main characters are no the type to put many accesories or just trying to be more comfortable (will prez ever unbotton his shirt?)

>will prez ever unbutton his shirt

Poor Kaguya how little she knows of how much Shirogane sucks at any given sport.

dont talk like if you dont want it.

That reminds me, remember the chapter when they were discussing what to do for vacation? and one of the plans was going to the beach, but Prez didnt want to go because he doesn know how to swim? I think we have more material for more Fujiwara's training.


>more swimsuit Fujiwara

it will on school grounds, so its going to be the classic one piece, of course if Aka ever thinks on doing it.

Jesus I don't want to become a ntrposter but that's not enough. Development is only from Kaguya's side and even if she begins to love him, she still sees him as an object, rather than a subject. She thinks he's perfect, while Fujiwara sees him as a flawed person and will be able to accept him as such. Unless they put down their masks they'll never really love each other.

>Unless they put down their masks they'll never really love each other.

What is this, a Yahari thread?

Having sex with his Mother was every boy's repressed fantasy

Yahari is cancer. They can't love each other if they're both pretending. Even if they get the other side to like them, the other side would just like something that they trully aren't.

Exactly what Yahari preach about.

Who should voice Prez though?

Does that make it any less true?

Miyano Mamoru

Yes is true, I just hope it doesnt go so drama heavy like Yahari did, if Aka ever go that route of course.

/r/ someone redraws the word bubbles out of the first panel so we can make a good transition gif/webm out of it.

I completely agree. If he mentions it it should be quick and precise, I'd love to see it implied in a contrast while Fujiwara and Kaguya talk about Shirogane.

It's like Tex Avery made a hentai.

This has banner potential. Get on it ptsd.

I would like to see her fall for Shirogane. Or that she already likes him.

This is important. Is Hayasaka pure?

You know what would solve that problem, Ishigami? A cross-dressing chapter.

What kind of games does he play? Surely he doesn't play the lewd kind, right?

>Prez and Kaguya share a moment
>Ishigami makes a comment about the 2 getting together
>Fujiwara feels a sting in her chest.

She needs to realize she in love with him.

She loves him like a mother does

That's what she thinks.

She's rather knowledgeable but probably doesn't have time for relationships.

Obviously. I mean, just look at her.

>Kaguya's victory
I call bullshit. Prez managed to devastate her sense of reason even while asleep.

It's a very lewd Kaguya.

She got to feel his head on her shoulder for many hours

She makes better lewd faces thatn your avarage hentai girl.

She was paralyzed in fright. She can't remember what happened.

But at that moment she was the victor

Nope. Prez was the victor. She was too frozen like a deer in headlights to win anything.

How long until Kaguya reaches maximum overdrive yandere?

really, wtf is with Aka and his horror panels, is not that they dont work, but is so weird to see something like that soo frequently on a com-rom manga.

When Shirogane starts to pay attention to another girl, Yanderes always lose it when their loved one seem to have more interest on other woman that isnt them.

Then she kills the Fujiwara?

How big of a problem will Kaguya have with imouto? Even if she isn't actually a brocon, considering what Shirogane's said before, there might be issues.

It will be great is imouto ends trying to help them to get together, but her actions make, unknow to her, Kaguya to hate her.

Probably the most violent of glare/staring battles. According to how Miyuki´s dad looks that glare runs in the family.

>Love its war
>Main couple arent doing much battle now
>Imouto is introduced
>she makes her own plans to put Prez and Kaguya together
>Kaguya also had her own plan
>both plan clash and ruin both sides attempts to win

Imouto could also prefer Fujiwara, and her plan will be about putting Prez and Fujiwara together, making Kaguya angry.

>implying imouto isn´t a brocon

>wanting another incest craving imouto

So far Aka is doing a great job using common archetype for his characters, but I dont want incest for the moment, anyways, Imouto needs to be the ray of light in Ishigami dark life.

I don´t want another incestual imouto, it´s just that her one remark to her brother sounded a lot like a tsuntsun brocon would sound. But yeah Aka is probably gonna surprise us again. I still think she´s gonna be some sort of delinquent.

But he works pretty well with Fujiwara. They had a couple nice interactions which basically ended with them bullying each other.

>be some sort of delinquent.

Many think that just for the pose she had when prez was talking about her, right?

Pretty much, yeah. She´s shrouded in mystery. Also she calls her brother "bro" (i dunno if it´s aniki or something else but i think it´s aniki).

You know that brief glimpse of her made me think of the glimpses we've seen of Kaguya back before she defrosted a little.

They have reversed color schemes even.

The dad seems the type that will pressure Kaguya to go for his son "I want healthy grandchilds" or something.

Nine healthy and wealthy grandkids.

With those hips? They will be lucky if Kaguya can give birth to the pitcher and catcher without dying

>the legendary ice queen that can destoy you with one sentece if you speak out of place in front of her

>the legedary deliquent that defeated the 3 mayor deliquent gangs on the city on her own but dissapeared shortly after the incident.

>hand over the baby place


It´s a pretty long sentence.

The sentence is just for the plebs taking out of place. Pic related is for that special son of a bitch that insulted the prez.

Yeah, she was lucky she made it out there (relatively) unscathed.

Actually that's the middle school's uniform. Kaguya and Fujiwara wore it in a flashback.

Which would mean, if Shirogane is really poor, then his sister is also a genius who entered due to perfect grades.

Wait, imouto goes to his school? I thought she went to a normal one?

>Also she calls her brother "bro" (i dunno if it´s aniki or something else but i think it´s aniki).
She calls him "onii" in Japanese, no chan or san or anything.

Is it? It looks a little different, although that might be the winter uniform or something? Would the middle school and high school just be in different places, since it'd be weird if President just went home without her all the time.

Unless she really thinks he's uncool.

Isn´t that kinda weird to not use a honorific? Is it impolite?

Old Kaguya is pure nightmare fuel. I'm surprised she turned into such a qt, the power of dick is truly amazing.

they direct are family, I think it counts. I am not expert, so I can be mistaking.

We need some flashbacks; she must have been really icy back in the day.

i kind of think she was more attractive back then

It's not rude if you're on good terms with each other, which I'd assume is the case given they're siblings. It just isn't that common in anime since most little sister characters exist to lust over the self-insert Mc's dick.

I think pic related is kinda how she looked like back then.


You just want the long hair Kaguya.

She didn't have the ribbon

There has to be one sport he is good at, cycling maybe?

She looks like Ougi's distant cousin.

He's literally the main guy from Yowamushi Pedal with that granny bike.

It's there a sport that you could practice ala karate kid in a specific part-time job?

He is god-tier at curling.

Wouldn't that depend on what he worked? Actually what does he work anyway?

Everything. Dude's not just a pillar of the community, he's the whole damn Parthenon.

Well she told him to go die when he said he could look under her skirt because it´s too short so she´s either tsun, really blunt/rude or a sadist.
I meant the eyes/face.

when are we finally get to see Kaguya go head to head with Pez's sister?

Hopefully next chapter. Just one week, user.

Yes please

The problem with Fujiwara pairing is that due to the nature of student president (Remember that chapter where he couldn't even pretend to be mean) and that Fujiwara has been more of a mother figure he's wouldn't be able to satisfy Fujiwara's M tendencies

Who wants to guess what she's like? I doubt the author will go the standard route, so I'm guessing she actually all tsun and is actually a genius in the way that student president is not.

Ishigami on the other hand is plenty savage (or dumb enough not to notice him dooming himself).

>that 2nd to the last panel
>those bedroom eyes

I want edelord Kaguya to come back

Aw yea, thread's still up.
Thanks Jag.

Is there a name to the type of body Kaguya has?


Flat like a 5yo.


Petite. She´s actually really tiny.




Fujiwara Chisa has a stupendous pair of breasts.


Pres didn't gain anything though

It shouldn't be his victory or his loss. It would be either Kaguya's victory or loss.

He proved his superiority via mindbreaking Kaguya for several hours while asleep. He might not know he won , but he totally did get a victory.

i don't know you guys , but if i was Mc i would hat totally tapped that candy


Japan uses キャスケット('casquette') the type though, if you want to search for japanese media stuff.

She can be a mild brocon without the incest, maybe just something like not wanting to hand over her big brother to any random slut.

When this eventually gets an anime, who would be the perfect seiyuu Fujiwara?

I dunno about Chika but i think Hanakana would be great for Hayasaka.



She wants all weiners

She just wants to watch, user.

>When you get a new hat from your father

I swear to god I'm not delusional this is moving towards the NTR route.

I´m pretty sure Aka is just fucking with us. Also to get in some fanservice i guess. I think Yu/Chika is way more likely than Miyuki/Chika.

I hope so.

Uchida Maaya
Just imagine her lines with Hajime or Sharo voice

Thanks Jag. Until next week.

Hajime voice would be amazing.

I want Shirogane and Fujiwara to have the sex.

yes should have all of the sex

A-all of it?

Thank you based Jag

Kuro get back to IB.


Petite and perflat. Just the way I love them.

Damn Fujiwara, those legs

Is no NTR until Prez is formally taken by Kaguya.

one of the reasons of why I want a anime from this, is because we could get some good vanilla shit

I like all the characters too much to enjoy rape or any unneccesary misfortune on them.

Hopefully you're still reading the thread.

>This is a So harmony.
This doesn't sound natural to me at all. Maybe
>This is a perfect unison on So.
Well that's technically incorrect (unless Prez is a tenor and Fujiwara's an alto), so maybe just
>This is a unison on So.
>This is unison on So.
Unison sounds slightly suggestive as well, so that's a bit of a bonus.

Also, they're using fixed Do, which I don't believe any English-speaking countries do, though I could be wrong. So you might change "So" to "G" and "Re" to "D", though that's really a question of translation vs localization.

Fujiwara and Shirogane are made for each other.

Prez would never cheat on Kaguya though. But obviously he´s a guy and thus can´t ignore Fuji´s female "traits".

The finished chapter is already out, niggah


How can you cheat if you dont have a girlfriend/wife.

Damn, should've replied sooner.

What i mean is that he's in love/deeply cares about Kaguya while Fuji is more of a good friend.

good friend turned lover


I believe in the threesome ending.

threesome end best end

>So you might change "So" to "G" and "Re" to "D"
That ruins the joke at the end though.

It does, but the joke at the end doesn't really translate well in the first place.

I'd say it's better to keep the joke as best you can so everyone will get it if the only thing you'd gain otherwise is being a tiny bit more accurate in something very few people care or even know about.

I hardly get the joke as is. But yeah I guess you're right.

Subject F needs to be eliminated. For Good.

Bet it's the person who was one point behind Kaguya.

I nominate myself to take her out.

Is it worth it to reread and focus on Fujiwara's Relationship with the president?

To dinner?

>Best girls aren't part of the main cast

Why do mangaka always do this?


This will never not make me laugh.

Only if Ishi gets imouto. I want him to have a happy end.

But hayasaka is part of the main cast

he can take hayasaka

>Prez's posture
christ, that's the first thing she should've corrected.

Thanks Jag.

Until next week!

>Usual situation: Girl and guy who like each other forced into cramped space where either spaghetti spilling or lewd will follow

>Aka's situation: Put couple in seperate lockers. Have fifth wheel in locker B with main guy. Have no real lewd but light fanservice occur. Everyone eats noodles but nothing worse than that happens

>this is a joke at the cliche

You are deluding yourself if you think this is heading towards a ntr route.