Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series...

Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and DARKNESS. The normal user can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.

However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the jutsus, peculiar, colorful clothes, the whole ninja faggotry and everything about the Naruto world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on revenge, and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.

Naruto is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to Cred Forums, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every user to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no Naruto threads ever encourage the newfriends to show their faces here.

Is Cred Forums truly dead?

>Naruto is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to Cred Forums

I think you wrote "Non Non Biyori" wrong, OP.


>MOEshit picture

Opinion discarded.

Holy shit lurk 2 years before posting newfag.

Good to know today's newfags are just as dumb as ever.

>h-he doesn't like my MOEshit so he must be newfag

MOEfags are pathetic. Why are you so defensive about your blatantly substanceless trash?

Naruto might be really bad but at least it's better than any MOE trash you like

>not knowing one of the stalest copypastas

trolled hard

Surely outing yourself as a stupid newfag counts as lowering the quality content of the board. That's distinctly against the rules, and deserves a ban.

this is more relevant to our time when it's about madoka

Leaving aside what you think of Madoka, ever since Naruto was allowed back on Cred Forums, there have consistently been more Naruto threads than Madoka threads.

>I was just pretending to be retarded
I don't think you understand what trolling is.

This. There's always a naruto thread up sometimes even more. If only moot cared about us he wouldn't have allowed this cancer to come back.

Madoka threads are full of cancerous tripfags that kill discussions

>look the catalog
>at least 4 naruto threads every day

You do realize that nardofags will never leave if you keep feeding them with (you)s and threads like this right? I hate narutu too just like all Cred Forumsnons but please just try to ignore them.

I'm sorry but...

If we were allowed to self moderate like we used to it wouldn't be a problem.

>moot literally intervened so we had to choice but to ignore narutards
>now we have frequent naruto generals here
You're a fucking retarded newfag. "Just ignore it" has NEVER worked in the entire history of this site.

Communism never leads to anything good user.

It's how it used to be and it was fantastic.

this is syndicalism though


Sakura falls in love with Sasuke. Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the edgelord's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, she immediately calls him, and is overjoyed to find out that he has a crush on her as well. But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the boy, he only unsheathes his katana (folded x 100000000).

After some investigation, she finds out that the boya she called is not the same edgelord he fell in love with. In fact, he doesn't exist in this universe at all. he is the boy's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of his crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their DARKNESS, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons (like katanas) they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NARUTO of DARKNESS.

When are we getting the /nu/ - "Naruto" board?

>self-moderated Cred Forums (Cred Forums from 2008 to 2012ish)
>allows porn, unironic blog threads, and tripshit drama threads but refuses to let people discuss nardo
>implying that was good

͏>who are you quoting?