Wagnaria!! hype thread


fucking season 4?

Comes out in two days who is excited?!

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RIP Taneda

crunchyroll buy an ad
"Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc." - Global Rule 11

I am not advertising Crunchy roll, just the anime season, I am going to stream it on another site any ways.

maybe if you watched working you would like it, fucking god damned faggot.

His complaint is silly, but you could have found a better image; there must be some proper promo images out already.

At least crop it in Paint or something.

And don't post Cred Forums images either.

that is from the official site, I kept the side because of the date. but I can see what it is CR shit.

>official site puts Crunchy as an ad

Fucking retards

There was no need to post the official site to begin with. As I said, there have to be some promo images out there.

Context, user, and welcome to the thread.

My wife Inami is so cute.

Thanks now I'll know when to illegally download my free subs.

Op here, if you can find some, ill be impressed, because I could not find any.

And where exactly do we find extra promos?

You posted a fucking screenshot of a site with a promo image you mongoloid. You were staring it in the face.

>no date.

It's almost like you get a text field with your post. Don't tell me you wanted to give "proof" with a screenshot. That doesn't mean shit.

these new character designs make me sick



cute, cute, CUTE!

I loved the original three seasons so much that I will go into this spin-off with low expectations in order to avoid disappointment.


I would give both nuts for a Japanese adaptation of the Office

Looks kind of like poplar and imami did the fusion dance.

Is this Ghostbusters 3?

Takanashi pls. We both know Inami is going to be my wife.

Coolish Walk is looping inside my head now.


The style is pretty much the same.
In fact, I would say the girls in this one are more interesting than the other Working series, whereas it is the opposite with the boys, since Higashida is the most interesting by far, with Adachi and Shindou not being all that interesting.

is yamada in it?

Nope, this series is actually older than the other Working story.

Interesting. Why was working made before this series?

Because this series was a webcomic whereas the other Working was serialised.
This Working became serialised last year.

I just found out last week that this was a thing.
You can imagine how happy I was.

I'll miss Kamiya and FukuJun the most though.
Also, Yamada of course.