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What do you fight for? Who do you wish to save?

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What are the expectations for tomorrow's stream? Will we be getting any more SM content?

>What do you fight for? Who do you wish to save?
Unsere DDR

I want to save in the name of true love

That one.

Stream will probably be same as last time with some SF gameplay followed by them looking at new SM stuff without showing the camera and making "oooo" "ahhh" noises. Maybe they'll do another preview, that'd be nice.

What would hurt Anett more: "Inghild is dead and this is your fault" or more reassuring "Inghild was a dumb cunt anyway, so she deserved it"?

I hope so, maybe we'll get to see the real trailer.

Who /NVA/ here?

Theo told her both to her face, so why don't you ask him?

Why is she so scary?

Stop posting that edit for the love of God.


>this is someone /m/ looks up to

To be fair, her, Lise and Irisdina do need to get eaten by baters.

To be fair, you do need to go die in a ditch you (you) craving favela monkey.

I want to protect that smile!

You can only have sex with one of these girls. Which one do you impregnate if you were Theo?

Oh god what the fuck

/m/ is like a 4th world country now. all their brain power and reason left after they chased out story fags and only mechasexuals remained.

His art would be decent if not for the anatomy being so fucked.

the repeating digits have spoken.


That little giggle/exhale she makes right before walking off always gets my dick hard. Too bad it's not long afterwards until she's pinned to her TSF sucking in air and choking on her blood.

and it was actually protected

Why is Irisdina only good for pleasing minorities?

Would molest all except Katia because Katia is shit

Would impregnate all expect Katia because Katia is shit

Oh yes.

I want to drag Katia (and Beatrix for that matter) by the ahoge all across the hallway as she helplessly struggles and yells at me

Posting best girls!





Why are you squashing Beatrix?

Good man.

Why did they make Axmann so much more relatable in the anime?

>Lets make the final boss's death more satisfying by pooling all the evil, and filling her with it.

Thats what happens when you cut key story elements out of the picture without compensating for it.

Why is Walther so much better than Theo?

Didn't mean to quote

Being balls deep in this certainly helps.

He heals broken birds instead of killing them.

Lise is a girl, and therefore Axmann did nothing wrong because all girls are dumb bitches.

fucking queer.

I wish I understood all the Theo hate. I understand Lisefags are rather upset and rightly so, but I mean, given the circumstances, why is everyone so sure they'd do any better?

Theo was a man who went through life, constantly brought high again before falling. His existence is proof that one can endure, and hope for the better day. He learned firsthand, many times, what true love was. He learned you can't just bury your head, and live an empty existence, waiting for the end.

His only crime was he failed to see, failed to believe. He may not have successfully saved in the name of tru luv, but even in the face of utter doom, he made the choice to try anyways. Should we not appreciate that?

And if he is the Master, I just wish there was, there is still some way to save him.

his problem is he is thinking with his dick instead of his head.

I want to abduct this girl and feed her eggs

Bullying Vivi!

No, he's thinking with his heart.

For better and worse, the heart has an override on the dick.


Removing her supply of medicine to counter her stress or increasing the amount to make it all worse.

Can I gaslight her?

Sure, that will make her life worse and increase the chance for her to commit suicide.

But I want to turn her into Axmann 2.0 for fun, not make her commit suicide.

She is not a psychopath like Axmann who dreams about shooting girls with a pistol.

Anett is a mere girl that wants to live a normal life but has been pressed into military service and suffers from severe stress and nightmares due to constant combat action deep behind enemy forward lines with great pressure to complete her mission where failure is not a option and seeing allies die all around her.

Turning her into Axmann 2.0 is something I frankly consider impossible due to great difference in personality and other factors. I doubt you will be able to even get close to what you want.

Can she at least be corrupted into becoming a serial killer?

He is no savior, his talents lie elsewhere

Stealing their lunch money and giving them a wedgie!


She did not seem to enjoy or want killing Stasi pilots in the LN.

Unlike the anime.


Then she should be treated well and healed, because there's no point in a mentally unsound girl you can't corrupt.

>9 hours to post Pact pride after posting who nva here
Shameful display

Sleepy time

I want to play basketball with her and Iris' school briefcases

Today's stream is up!

Like always, remember to post screenshots for our less fortunate comrades.

Then he must have a very small, dick shaped heart.


>Martyrs would have been out today


We must hold on just another month
unless there is another delay

Preview time






So not much happened, but it's still better then nothing. It seems Theo is way more talkative in Martyrs, especially when he's talking about Irisdina.



>Theo is way more talkative
The scene was an info dump, probably a scene around the very beginning to catch up with exposition. He talked about his intro to the 666th, who leads the squadron, and a bit on Katia and Lise respectively.

Kurt looks like he's smoking a blunt.

They're drawing Katia.

preorder bonuses? Store specials?

Balalaika was in muv luv?

Katia as Balalaika.

>draws Balalaika
>call it Katia






I wish

Now Moemi's version.

The Age PR Lady.

And Cookie's lover

What's the question, hurry

Katia getting lots of love this stream.

Who's drawing should win.

Which draw you prefer

Which picture you liked better.

Voted Vivi-chan desu

Why do they shill such an out of place bland girl?

I remember eating tons of cup noodles back when I was a poorfag saving shit up.

Ended up back with my parents after four years on my own.

Actually, now I'm nostalgic for crappy cup noodles.

Mystery Producer-san makes his appearance!

You sure that's all?

I'd believe it. Maybe they're married? Or is Kouki officially single?

Age wants us to like her, like Type-Moon wants us to like Sakura.

>muh moeblob bait

But if Type-Moon wants me to like Sakura, why'd they give Arturia big boobs?

They need to draw Beatrix or Iris from BiS.


They did

Bea-hime a cute!



To protect home, and family.



fuck off master chen

That Beato looks like it was drawn by Picasso

It's ironic that Katia share's a lot of designs with Beatrix, especially the ponytail and double ahoge. Just compare the barebones art they both got and .

>sharing a scarf

Too cute for words

Cockroaches adapt to survive. Looking "nice" does not make up for a boring personality and mindset.

I want to abuse Lise, Vivi and Katia.


Well, so much for Beatrix getting a poster with Martyrs.

She's not really that important beyond providing Theo someone to kill in a badass way in the finale.

>LN ending

That isn't a poster, but the cover of the OST.

They've already retconned things to match up better with the anime.

Like what


TSF arms and the final battle taking place at nighttime instead of starting at sunrise and ending at 10:00.

kek. Just because they showed some anime clips in the OP doesn't mean they retconned anything.

So you have the scene in question that shows this or are you just talking about advertising material like a tard

You guys better be voting for SM Chronicles/Extra.

I did

That's the one that says 666 on it, right?


That's something about 666th Mug

My Japanese isn't very good.

No, it's mobile battery. The Mug was the thing which won second place.

If only we knew Japanese.

I really like that picture. Its like a brighter comfier alternate universe.

I want to cum inside Irisdina and Lise to make Iris and Lisemoutos

So wrong

Wonder why he drew her angry. If anything, they'd both be sorta eyeballing each other, since it's Jurgen's scarf.


Maybe we'll get some extraverse material when we beat the game? Who knows.

I want to impregnate Gretel, run away and refuse to take responsibility

I know it's just generic fripside, but I really like listening to instrumental White Forces.

What if they're all listening to something obscene and offensive?

Like what?

Johnny Rebel

She's cute. Do you really need any other reason?

Katia is the anti-Beatrix, that's kind of her niche story-wise.

But Lise and Iris are cuter

Nonsense. Even BiS Iris isn't as cute as Katia for me, and it speaks to how cute Katia is that even with sameface, Lise isn't as cute as her.

List of girls who are cute
>teenage Irisdina

Sylwia and all of werewolves are smoking hot, not cute.

>BiS Iris
I was talking about SM Iris, but now I now you're insane


I cannot believe you'd call SM Iris cute. Sounds like somebody needs a summary execution.

But SM Iris is cute. Everytime she tries to be go into serious Captain mode I want to pinch her cheeks

>If I could be an ossi for a day

>I'd head down to the stasi station where all the other brothers stay


she is cuter than Katia.
he is an anime only so he is probably thinking of anime Iris.

>extraverse Axmann
>is as sociopathic as SM Axmann, but has all the luck of Will. E. Coyote and can't ever achieve being truly evil because of how much of a loser he is

>he is an anime only
Oh no you don't, don't you lump me in there just because I posted a gif. I played through SM, I like Irisdina, but as a cool beauty commander.

Even with artifacts Irisdina is the cuter one there

Oh right, sorry.
And no, Katia is cuter.

being a retard and burning herself on hot food =/= cute. its called, well, being retarded. What is cute are Iris unfunny jokes.

Oh hey I can see things better now. And what do you know, Iris is even cuter!

I want to make Katia and Lise drink piss-tasting alcohol-free beer and smugly tell them that they're too young to drink the real thing. Preferably while drinking actual beer myself.

I am going to marry this zampolit

I thought they were pretty funny, but I have bad taste in jokes.

I see how it is now, you bully.

Oh right, I'm just wondering, since I haven't kept up on Martyrs news for a while...

Katia's not gonna end up tortured or anything, right? They haven't shown any CGs where she gets beaten and broken yet, right? That means it won't happen, right?

she will die in at least one route.

Guaranteed? Or just speculation?

Is Lise a good daughter material?

>Implying that this qt3.14 is not as cute as she is sexy.

I forgot that her teenage version is cute. I also forgot Pham.
Shame on me.

wer nich hören will muss fühlen

You can't do this to me. They can't do this to me.

>tfw no Yugoslavia Front VN

srbe na vrbe

There is a terrible lack of Grappler bullying lately

Would have made much more sense for Stasi to have owned Katia and sent her in 666 as a plant to be Stasi eyes and ears.

Yuuko is for

bullying Marimo.

We should bully Warrior-kun as well, he didn't make it into TE's or SM's anime.

Why? Are you just trying to make an excuse for your corruption fetish?

Katia is already corrupt. That's why Europe falls and everyone who is more interesting than her dies.

Nonsense. She is a pure angel.

Don't bully the neet

Because I would actually like some kind of intrigue and suspense, and having a character that is so pure in the military is frankly silly.

Also there were hints that could have actually been foreshadowing to this theory, such as her being adept at TSF's that she'd never flown before on paper and some others.

>having a character that is so pure in the military is frankly silly.
I knew it, you just want to justify your corruption fetish.

who would win? it would probably be a tie

I want less pure characters and more characters with things to hide!

>have naive idealist who is also bland and both treated as a moeblob mascot by the characters and the plot
>not out of place
go away


Serbs ruin everything

You already have enough. Katia is good for balancing out the bleakness.

But that's Pham, Vivi, and Lise's job

It's not enough. I need more sadness, more depression, MORE SUFFERING

Pham's not enough, Vivi just makes it go from bad to worse, and Lise is cute but not enough. Not for me.


Junko pls go

If you have all that darkness you won't really be able to appreciate it though, you know?



>Pham's not enough
Is that so.

I just want to see some gruesome deaths.
Like Axmann and Schmidt getting Vivi treatment

Beatrix and Pham have the bloodiest deaths.

Beato deserves a hug

I am still waiting for the VN translation to get an unbiased perception, but just to note - having a naive idealist contrasting with the realism is not always bad.

Who cares if it is not always bad? In the context of SM, no shit things are not as they should be. That's where realism steps in, so you can react to how things are. When you don't understand what's going on, how can you understand what things should be?

Yeah, but she's getting Theo's knife through her hips instead.

If by knife you mean his dick and by through her hips you mean kissing her womb then yes.

Yuuko is smarter and less impulsive. She also wouldn't sacrifice her Valkyries and then gloat about it like Beatrix does with her Werewolves.

not what i was asking Autismo.

Beatrix's hair is so puffy, I want to play with it.

>that tiny Lise running in the cold
Oh man. It hurts.

How badly does Beatrix want to take Jurgen inside her here?

i almost fucked her last night in my LD of course. Always when i get close to doing it i wake up. Probably because i get to excited. and now the wait begins before i dream about her again

I find it insulting that you would even feel the need to ask.

She wanted to fuck her onii-chan the moment she saw him. Is that really how she should behave?

I want to hurt Iris in front of Jurgen just to see how he reacts

Do you have a death wish?

He wanted to fuck her the moment he saw her too. Some adopted pairs are a bit eccentric like that.

What would be the easiest way to get him angry enough?
Punching or kicking Iris? Pulling her hair? Breaking her arm?

Kicking her repeatedly. She's not that physically strong, I'm sure you could overpower her. Then it's just a matter of smashing her ribs in while she's crying for help.

just say to him "mercedes did nothing wrong and iris will be just like her."

Delete this.

>Katia's not gonna end up tortured or anything, right? They haven't shown any CGs where she gets beaten and broken yet, right?

>you can't do this to me. They can't do this to me


I just want to share this moment with you because it can be a beautiful moment of transformation. And for you to just imagine as hard as you can what it would feel like if those horrible things were to happen to her.

I've already endured that enough as it is, thanks anyway.

>nothing actually happened

you are of baby man

But something terrible could have!

You poor soul.

I want to kick her face and tell her that her brother will never care about her. Just because I can.

So you literally can't even imagine what Lisefags go through already on a daily basis. Thats fine, stay in your crib as long as you want. No one can blame you, its a scary world out there.

The withdrawals would kill her.

Is there anyone here man enough to marry Marimo and keep her safe from chompy Soldier-kuns, Stalkers and gangbanging Motostrelkis?



Unlikely, but any scenario or short showing them all get happier lives together would be quite cathartic after the game is over.

I want to make Iris happier by giving her 5 children

The thing that would make Iris most happy is killing Beatrix, taking down the stasi, and getting Jurgen's tapes to her.

>The thing that would make Iris most happy is killing Beatrix
It's almost like you don't know what you're talking about.

Beatrix has to die so Iris can finally move on with her life.

I really don't think you know what you're talking about.

I think I do. Yeah, Iris would be a little depressed in the short run, but Beatrix is the single person most of her misery is coming from. So long as Beatrix is alive, she'll try to find ways to fuck with Irisdina. There's no way she'll ever bury the hatchet, so she needs to die to make sure she can't hurt Iris or any of her friends ever again.

Theo pls go

>Yeah, Iris would be a little depressed in the short run
>short run
>There's no way she'll ever bury the hatchet, so she needs to die to make sure she can't hurt Iris or any of her friends ever again.
>I think I do.
No, you really don't. This is getting painful to read so I'd request you to stop.

Then what would make her happy. Need I remind you that in the LN, Beatrix beat Iris to the point where she would never be able to walk without pain again, or how she had her friends tortured, even to the point of folding Walter's bones, and then ended up killing many of them?

>Beatrix beat Iris to the point where she would never be able to walk without pain again
Go ahead and quote that, I dare you.

>or how she had her friends tortured, even to the point of folding Walter's bones, and then ended up killing many of them?
That wasn't Beatrix.

Not him but it was her orders, and she does end up killing Walter and Sylwia.

It was under Lise's orders IIRC. She volunteered to interrogate the 666th but couldn't do it herself.

Beatrix has the 666th interrogated, Lise volunteers to do it herself because she tries to get them to talk without having to resort to worse means because she doesn't want to see them get tortured. When she can't the stasi turn to more extreme methods.

Waterboarding, tooth removal, and whatever bone folding is. If that bone folding thing is what it sounds like how does Walther even pilot a TSF?

>bone folding

I guess Lise did this to Walter:

Its a tiny pen sized dull stick. I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with torture methods.

Yes, she attempted to crease him and possibly made origami or bound books for him. Isn't that horrifying?

Frankly, yo don't even have to limit it to teenage Beato. Bea is very cute during some of the moments when she's talking to Theo at the base, she uses a very affectionate and dainty tone. Also, we may see her cooking in Martyrs and we wouldn't be able to handle her cuteness then.

Pham is her own sort of category when it comes to cute v hot.

He bullies himself, he's been failing even at peeping in the birthday pics lately.

As for being able to fly the Mig-21 so fast, I recall in the LN and VN, she had already been in the simulator. Plus, it's not that different, an F-4 and a Mig-21 in ML. A good mechanic crew could convert one to another in an hour or a few, with the requisite parts.

>If you don't talk, I'll make a ducky
Jesus christ how terrifying

You can't hide that nipple from me Age, no matter how hard you try.

I want to hide Lise's nipples with the palms of my hands.

Will any of you cry when you kill Beatrix in Martyrs, even with all the very bad shit she does?

I cry evry tiem I read a jejune post like this


Tits to die for.

I'd execute my imouto and kill a semen demon for her.

I want to marry her and drink her milk while she's pregnant with triplets.

Theo, no.

Just do what you have to Lise to make sure Theo stays yours.

I want a Lise.

Wait a moment, that's a Liese!

Damn son, when did Beatrix become a weightlifter?

When she got those beautiful mountains on her chest.

Poor guy had a hard life.

Her eyes are ugly.

you're ugly

And this is a Latina.

At least he got a better hairstyle.

Original best girl

Good taste

That's not Yuuko.

But I applaud your choice.



Pump and dump Mana-sama


I love Irisudina Bernhardo

You don't just mean one life, do you?

I want more Pham Lise stuff, Pham would love another little sister to take care of. It'd make that end all the harder.

Of course, it's his non Alternative

How many more times will Martyrs be delayed?

Telling rape jokes to Lise and Sylwia!

It will be released this time, without further delays.

Are you sure?

Approximately 27 more days til Martyrs. Let's all take a page from Katia's book and hope for the best.

As sure as anyone on these threads can be, so lets do like says and hope for the best.

Is there a single reason not to bully Lead Belly?
She's so stupid and inefficient, it's very hard not to want to bully her a little bit.


You have something against cockroaches?

they are disgusting little creatures that need to be exterminated. REMOVE!

Just you try that!

>Drill Milky Punch

that's why she is cancer and if you like it you are a man child.

Why hasn't an ahoge snip been made for either Katia or Beatrix yet?

Because one of them is a Wolf and the other is a Pommeranian.



Reasons to bully something
1) It's a girl
2) It's cute
3) It can't fight back

>Bis Vol. 3 & 4 never
>Pics of Bea and Jürgen in the tub never
>Pics of Bea and Iris in trainee reinforced suits never
>truth of who is really to blame for the rivalry never
>translations never

You're an evil man.

If you say never, it'll be never. Chin up lad!

Beato would bite.


>m-muh friendship
>muh cooperation
>muh peace

Can someone summarize what was said during this segment? I missed that part of the stream. It seems it's before or after Neptune, but I can't be sure.

It was Theo summarizing what happened in SM to that point

So was it even gameplay footage then? Or was it Theo's narration overlaid over scenes from Martyrs?

It was Theo's narration over a couple shots of the characters. It was just a recap, nothing new.

I want to go on a chin-rubbing spree. Which girls other than Suzy should I avoid?


Oy Katja, Katja!
Moderate degenerate,
Suzy will lead you thirsty across the Elbe.

Oy Katja, Katjo!
Chomp'd are your defence lines;
They would've been intact had you stayed with us.

Oh fair enough then. Shame, it looked like some nice dialogue footage.

That JP at the bottom of the screens is at least Martyrs text, right? Do we have anyone in the thread that can translate?

Is it wrong I find Suzy pretty cute?


I hate the rebels but think that Simone is cute.
I'd violently rape and beat her to quiet those conflicting emotions

But why? She has a certain dainty elegance to her shock rocker look. She doesn't shun her femininity, even as she warps perceptions.

Or do you mean because she's a bad human being inside?

Nigga, do we even know anything about Simone?

No. Just want to rape her because she's cute. You don't need to know much about her for that, unless she actually has a dick.

We know enough.

>She doesn't shun her femininity, even as she warps perceptions.
She's warping your perception of her.

ignorance is bliss

Fuck, they're spreading.

Like in Beatrix's case, nothing that can't be fixed by brushing her hair, unlike Katia and Sumika.


Pretty much. I only kinda get the Beatrix = cockroach thing but it's more in line with her having a flirty sex hair appearance than Katia or Sumika's actual antennae.

I want to bully Kasumi.


I want to fap to a slav.

Would you steal loli Lise to try to give her a better life?

Loli Lise, Pre-teen Beato, Vivi, lets smuggle them all West.

Don't forget BiS Iris.

Onii-chan will protect her, especially if there is no one to cure him from his sis-con-ness.

Original trilogy > all

Ah, the perils of making your super weapon out of an idiot.


why does he draw his girls so bony?


Why is her ass so square?

This artist seems to have difficulty with rounded objects.

Never heard about pelvis?

>no pervy BETA

>That Henyu.

She not deserve to be happy, She never deserve it

Really I want kill her but first Torture and humiliate her

That's real nice Theo, Iris will be thrilled.

The only artist who draws them like that is whoever does the new birthday pics. Iris, Pham, are just two girls who do not have bony square pelvises. These are big girls, not necessarily in height, but in weight.



I'm certain this guy was drawing loli characters before he got put on this. He draws the girls too skinny, such as this Stella pic, no hips, skinny legs.

Most Stella images understandably focus on the breasts, but there are a few that show she has great legs/hips as well.


Here's his Iris, which is "better", but the legs are still off.

and the ears are way worse

I want to hire thugs to rape and beat Gretel

His Lise is his best work yet, but 80% of the body is hidden so he didn't have to do any hard work.

Dropped the image


Let's not even talk about Ayamine "No ass" Kei, which was already posted up

Ayamine has always been lacking in the buttcheeks department.


She doesn't have much for ass images, but her ballistics should still be there.

You're right, that one works pretty well. The over the top nature of the dress and the sterling white balcony overlooking a scenic peaceful landscape gives it a fairy tale princess/Alice in Wonderland sort of vibe.

Loli Sylwia too.
I'm actually curious how she'd turn out if it wasn't for liberation.

26 more days until Martyrs


Nice, shy, demure, polish girl.

Are kissu CGs confirmed?

For what, Martyrs?


Well I never heard of such so I'd lean on no.

If by kissing you mean Theo kissing cute girls' wombs, then yes.

why is he so evil? i think he has been around Katia for too long. remove cockroach remove katia!

Theo doesn't fuck around. Even in the LN, it disturbed some of the other 666th how enthusiastic Theo was over killing other humans, or how he always went straight for the cockpit.

Because he wanted to feel like something he isn't. A hero.

And the lesson is, never trust anyone with red hair.

While Iris and Lise are gonna have kisses by nature of their routes, specific custom kissu CGs haven't been revealed, leaked or alluded to.

yes. except Katia because she doesn't even win in her own route.

>sex and kissu scenes everywhere in Martyrs except for Katia's route
how hype would you be?

Well, Theo was the type to smile and gloat over shooting a 15 year old child in the face in one of the bad endings (whatever you may think about Katia, that's still a really scummy thing to do), and he's kind of a jackass to everyone in his unit, even bullying Annete to the point of tears after Inghilde's death, so a little bit of sociopathy isn't out of character for him and would fit perfectly if he really turns out to be the Master.

Oh well. As long as she always wins the imoutobowl, that's probably a good enough tradeoff for not seeing her die in misery like Lise.

>it disturbed some of the other 666th how enthusiastic Theo was over killing other humans
He's a soldier. Why should it shock them? If anything, they should be patting him on the back for a job well done.

>le soldiers are not people meme
Sociopath detected

she will die in Iris and Lise route. and we will probably get a nice CG of her death the cute ones get the most bloody CGs like Vivi. Would be nice if she died in the same way Vivi did as payback for not doing a thing to help her.


Barnes pls go

Thats not an even trade off. If Katia gets kidnapped by Axmann and put through years of what Lise did in at least two of the routes, then you can call it even. Even then she's an additional route short of Lise's overall suffering, so unless Katia suffers extremely later on in the 'canon' storyline she will never equal Lise.

I want to punch Irisdina in the face for being a filthy protestant

You're right, Katia should definitively win in a route too.

If she actually went through something similar to Lise, you bet your ass she would deserve a real win too.


Nonsense. Are you saying pre-stasi Lise didn't deserve to win? That's what you're saying.

Theres plenty of edge to go around in this series, Katia getting her fair share is just balancing the books.

Nope. She is the book balancer by being pure and fluffy.

How do you bully Vivi without it being too cruel?

Lack of emotional reaction. Most of the other 666th are still people, so they feel slightly bad about killing people, especially since most of them signed up to kill aliens. Annete is a complete wreck after her first kill for instances, Pham isn't big on killing people at all and still hopes for a peaceful solution, Walter avoids killing unless others lives are on the line (he didn't finish off Beatrix when he had the chance), and the rest subconsciously tend not to go for kill shots. They may believe that they're fighting for a greater good and that their enemies are evil, but even they feel regret over spilling blood.

Theo is the only one who doesn't. It's not exactly that he's enthusiastic about it, it's just that he doesn't feel anything, even with the girl on the other end screaming through the comms as he forces his knife into her. His first kill for instances isn't a big deal to him, and he just shrugs it off. Then he kills and kills again, like he's a robot or he's facing BETA, even as his teammates get emotionally fucked up over it. He doesn't see it as a big deal and doesn't really attach the weight to it that the other 666th do.

Also, for your whole soldier thing, before modern training, most soldiers weren't mentally prepared to put their sights on another human and pull the trigger. Even with modern training, most casualties are inflicted by indirect or suppression fire where they don't have to look directly at the enemy. It's why very few soldier can be marksmen or snipers. Theo isn't evil, but I think mentally, he'd be a pretty good sniper.

How'd you come to that conclusion? Of course Lise always deserved and needed Theo the most, but as long as a Katia route exists then if she experienced the same sorts of things that Lise did she might as well win romantically too in her route.

Thats not how it works you little goober. Crawl back into your safe space.

I want to make Katia kill people up close and personal, with a knife.
I'm curious what would happen and how she would feel when she's covered in another person's blood and has to watch the light fading from his/her eyes.
I'm curious how long it would take for her to start enjoying it/becoming detached and unempathic,

Does Theo have patience? Being a sniper involves carrying easily 60kg for kilometers and sitting in your own piss and shit for 3 days, and even then you probably won't fire any rounds.

Nope. The only things Katia needed to experience like Lise were cute deitos with Theo.

>Thats not how it works
It is, though.

Theo would probably be better as a marksman.

>katia must have everything and always win and never be hurt
This is why no one likes Katiafags. Maybe if you showed more empathy to the suffering girls that get stepped on in her wake you'd be more tolerable.

I love how you anti-Katiafags always jump to attacking her fans because they'd like a little less edge.

>I don't understand what """anti-Katiafags""" want
That's great dear.

Is Anett for consensual touching in inappropriate places?

I do, though.

>a little less edge
We'd like the girls that actually experience the edge to have their shot at peace and happiness, I couldn't care less about the one that gets sheltered through out let alone give her even more slack at the expense of the ones getting ground underfoot by her existence. Eat shit.

I'm sure you do.

>Sylwia will never give you this look and call you pathetic

>deflective answers

How juvenile of you. Here have another smug.

There's really nothing else to say when somebody's just hellbent on insulting you.

Maybe you should try practicing what you preach, smugposter.

It's shameful that you'd blame the depression others are facing on Katia.

>There's really nothing else to say when somebody's just hellbent on insulting you.
Sounds like you don't understand the fundamentals of what's going on. This may or may not have to do with you repeating the same things for months, so when you include that "hellbent on insulting", if it can be called that, makes perfect sense.

I'm sorry dude, but all you're doing here is proving my point.

You don't have a point. All you're telling me is that your right and other people are wrong.

His point is is that Katia suffering like Lise defeats the point of her character. Besides, Katia suffers plenty in SM, just not to the extent that Lise does.

>Katia suffers plenty in SM
Just not to the extent of well, anyone else. The amount of suffering one receives in SM is related to how passionate their love is, so the less pure your love is, the greater your chance of living. Gretel, Annette, and Katia all lived, all 3 who aren't in a relationship or in deep love with anyone.

If Katia suffering means her character is defeated, then that means she is a weak character.

okay explain how Katia suffers in SM?

>lose her whole family
>loses her adopted family and then is drafted in the military
>finds out she's the last Strachwitz
>loses most of her innocence
>loses friends left and right
>way less mentally prepared for it then others

you just described everyone in the BETA infested world.

What does a crying Beatrix look like?

that is s state secret and penalty for revealing it is death.

that's not really suffering. i don't think she lost most of her innocence nor was she "way less mentally prepared"

I'm going to marry Irisdina.

Does Watanabe have Alzheimers?

Why do you think that?

You can't. She's mine already.

But she's my waifu.

Yes the others are facing far greater depression than Katia. I have nothing against Katia personally, but when 99% of everyone else around her are in far greater pain, I'm gonna inevitably pay more attention to them instead. Its like asking a medic to spend his time rubbing your sore POG shoulders when theres a bleeding out infantryman on the ground. And when you call it "a little less edge" to cater even more to Katia then she already is which inevitably will be at their expense, why would you expect sympathy?

Balancing the books by giving one character everything and the others nothing isn't balance. Besides most of them were already pure and fluffy before it was forcibly ripped away from them by their varyingly horribly circumstances.

I'm going to take Irisdina home after our wedding and give her lots of babies.

Where the fuck is this from? Did age the madmen really get away with airing this?

Like 2 frame BD shot.

Well it technically wasn't on the air, so no.

Which SMs would be the best mothers?

Iris, Beato and Pham in 1st place. Then Lise and Sylwia in 2nd place.

Why is there so much Katia and Kirke fanservice relative to everyone else?

Because Wessies > Ossies.

Because Watanabe is a hack


The fact that Beatrix, Iris, and Lise are all Ossies invalidates your claims. Sure, Ilfie and the rest are cute, but they don't hold a candle to SM grils.

>murderous slut

>traitor slut

>crazy slut

No thanks, I'll take my mentally sound West German chicks.

Rock just drags the rest of them down. Luna and Helga can't compare to Irisdina and Beatrix.

Left look familiar



Is that the cheating bitch from that one spin-off?

What are you talking about?

I want to massage Irisdina's feet and legs.

You're probably thinking of Mitsuki.

>mentally sound
More like bland boring and shallow. None of them can even compare to Lise.

Pump and dump Iris

Happy Birthday Pham-nee!

She's nice, I like the slinkiness and the slight see-through of her dress.


call Pham on the phone
she answers, "you rang?"
"No, You Rang. I'm Anonymous."

>A girl for whom the only thing she loves more than TSFs is gore drenched TSFs

>Literally Wessi Beatrix, also gets ara ara at the thought of killing BETA

>Impulsive motormouth fighter, probably begs Balck to fuck her in the ass

Sure m7. Keep telling yourself they're mentally sound.



...yes, and? What's wrong with that?

Also, will we ever get Pham in an Oktoberfest dress to go along with Iris and Beato?

>Also, will we ever get Pham in an Oktoberfest dress to go along with Iris and Beato?
You mean a dirndl. And if someone wants to draw one sure, she's got the rack for it.

That would be a great dress for Pham.

>no nude in SF yet

The only dress Pham, Lise, Beatrix and Irisdina should be in is a wedding dress.

But what if they want to please you with wearing that kind of dress only for you?

I s-stand by what I said.

I wanna see a cruel, sadistic, bullying Pham.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Pham and her niceness, but sometimes nothing gets the blood going quite like a woman who gives you the look of a cat playing with their food before eating it.

But that's regular Pham. If you were about to explode inside of her but she didn't finish getting off she'd stop that tube of man milk from shooting.

Do artfags still come here?

It would, wouldn't it?

Why you gotta do that man


>Do artfags still come here?
GK, Genya and a bunch of other fags lurk

GK's actually improved noticeably.

Take his Stellas for example, this one is from June.

And this qt is from early August.

Pump and dump Stella

>Also, for your whole soldier thing, before modern training, most soldiers weren't mentally prepared to put their sights on another human and pull the trigger. Even with modern training, most casualties are inflicted by indirect or suppression fire where they don't have to look directly at the enemy. It's why very few soldier can be marksmen or snipers. Theo isn't evil, but I think mentally, he'd be a pretty good sniper.
Are you citing SLA Marshal and other things?

I guess he is, or some other moralist BS. Soldiers don't hesitate under fire, they kill, and many even enjoy it. Why are war atrocities such as pic related so common? Theo knifing Beatrix at the end isn't really out of the norm, though if this was RL, he'd probably rape her before he killed her.

Speaking of artfags, if any of you are listening, even though Pham needs work, no one minds more Stella. She got her route cut, so we need to give her all the love we can.

Why would you do that? So mean.

not really

Oh wait I think he is speaking from "On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" by Dave Grossman which used data from SLA marshall report but had a different conclusion.

Well, the only reason why soldiers miss more often then not is that they're stressed and aren't really focused on aiming properly but taking cover and surviving. When placed into ambushes where they aren't getting shot at, or fighting a target that won't shoot back, they tend to shoot far more on target. Also, killing doesn't really effect the majority of soldiers. PTSD is from their own lives being continually at risk, not from killing other people.

Now you're starting to make sense, but circling back to the post I said not really to, not even going to mention you posting a picture of asians when talking about western troops, are you telling me a bunch of pogues have the same training and experiences a grunt would have when it comes to shooting at people?
>but all soldiers go through basic
Basic Training is intended to ensure everyone knows ranks, how to March, how to make a formation, how to piss without getting it on your hands, so on. I doubt the main cast of people who went to flight school ever touched a rifle again.

The point at the end of the day is that Theo is an anomaly among his unit. This may or may not have to do with his squad being women, but as the other guy said even Walther was pulling punches, and he's a hardened NCO.

>Also, killing doesn't really effect the majority of soldiers.
Most of them didn't even fight or fire their weapons at other people. Today's training is based on hundreds of years of research on how to make killing reflexive. Check out Lindybeige's video on shellshock/PTSD. It's a well put together discussion on PTSD, and he discusses how training has changed to make soldiers much more likely to shoot to kill in a war scenario, and how that affects them after they're done fighting. It's a very well researched topic if you look into it.

>This may or may not have to do with his squad being women, but as the other guy said even Walther was pulling punches, and he's a hardened NCO.

No, they were quite willing to shoot on even disabled TSFs, and seemed rather blase to all the death. Annete and Gretel even bonded over killing stasi.

And the same depiction failed to show Beatrix being miffed over people dying in captivity or when she's on execution duty. Take it with a grain of salt.

And Anette carves up a building full of civvies and is flying away moments later with a big unassuming grin on her face. Best not to take the anime seriously on any level.

Maybe Annete is a killer, or maybe she doesn't care?

Gretel bragged about shooting that one stasi captain in the back, Walter shot that other stasi girl through the cockpit, and Theo only felt anger and hatred watching Beatrix choke on her blood and die through his video link. I don't think the 666th care that much.

No, the anime showed them as soldiers fighting what they saw as absolute evil. No quarter can be expected or given in such a situation.


Yeah, it was even Theo's idea, not Heim's or Suzy's, to use civilians as shields when fighting the stasi. The heroes aren't very good in SM, but the stasi are infinitely worse.

>PTSD is from their own lives being continually at risk, not from killing other people.
It does when you accidentally kill a whole wedding party of innocent people.

PTSD comes in many shapes and forms. Ambulance/medical workers suffer high rates of it, plenty of cops do too. Imagine being in one of those fields, specialising with sexual assault cases, your job day in, day out is to deal with the aftermath of rape. That's PTSD just waiting to happen, and you don't have to have personally been present, think about the cops whose job it is to analyse and document child sex videos.

You're clearly not an expert on PTSD, and experience does not equate to expertise.

>but the stasi are infinitely worse.
Schmidt's Moscow faction is worse than the 666th. Axmann's Berlin faction is worse. Beatrix may have actually been able to clean shit up if given the chance and would be arguably better but I guess we'll never know now. Thats about as far as the comparison goes when the 666th pull that sort of shit. And meanwhile there are the civvies like Lise that get caught in the middle and taken advantage of by both sides.

>dat clipping AK

As far as morality:

Regular NVA (Kurt, Vivi, General Merkel) > Wessies > 666th > Civillians > Rebels > Male Stasi > Female Stasi

>Male Stasi>Female Stasi
Why are you such a bullshitting shitter? Even when talking about the anime you're basing it on nothing but impression.

Because he's an animeonly wasting everyone's time with inane moralfag garbage for a story that is anything but black and white.

God I hate moralfags so fucking much

The worst part is they hide behind a false sense of morality to excuse their own sick desire to cause pain and act with impunity because the ones they're targeting "deserve it". All the defense for the 666th's actions I ever see is that they did what they needed to do for the greater good. Which sounds an awful lot like Beatrix's rationalizations anyway. And given what we know about how this particular case turns out its hilariously ironic.

I really hope they show what a Beatrix end would be like, just to put to rest these arguments. I personally think they're doomed no matter what and Beatrix would result in more pointless deaths, but I could be wrong.

There is already enough information to know what a Beatrix end would be like. It's not anyone's fault but you're own you can't understand that information.

These arguments won't come to a rest until retards who never bother to research anything stop posting, which won't be until SM is translated since the resident Katiafag and maybe a couple others are simply to incompetent to learn.

Is there any indication of just how large the BETA G-element shipments are, the ones the hives send into space? Just curious.

To be fair, I don't think that sword was shown to be hitting anyone, and it lodged itself only a bit in the building. But yes, the anime is shit.

To be fair again, it's a civil war. There really isn't a 'civilian' side. The location was suggested by Theo tactically not because there were civilians to use as shield, but because Heim in a what was assumed to be secret meeting would be perfect Stasi bait. The idea was to purposefully draw them out, and get the jump on the Werewolf.

One can hope.

Truthfully, the rebels have the moral high ground and in the end, the will of the people.

Lets say Lise route results with Beatrix victory and the rebellion never getting off the ground. When Beatrix secures the support of the UN like she intended and has the full 101st battalion still around and kicking and maybe even a few of the 666th who came to see reason not to mention Theo being on her side(thank you Lise) then it would result in less pointless deaths. And any further deaths that do happen at the very least would be with the purpose of holding the Line not senselessly fighting for a political democracy that is useless at that point in the face of complete national obliteration just for a few weeks of "freedom".

It all comes down to gaining support from the West which either path can grant, but killing their own units is retarded either way and can be avoided, but the anime is already nonsensical from head to toe and can't be trusted with a clear and rational depiction as it doesn't even follow its own internal logic let alone how it looks when you observe it from a more informed viewpoint that takes more of the surrounding and source material into account.

That and the fact that when one uses the evidence available that Theodore is the future master and Beatrix's warning, the canon ending could be called a "Bad end" at which point its any wonder why one who defends it could have any more justification or moral integrity than the other possibility. The Stasi are shit for enabling men like Axmann and ruining the lives of people like Beatrix and Lise, but those two are neither wrong nor without reason and that those who either blame or disagree those two do it with a background based on ignorance and true sociopathy makes the possibility of a "Stasi" route all the more appealing if not downright reasonable.

And you're an idiot.

>moral high ground

The will of the people? Perhaps.

The moral high ground? Comparatively, if we compare them to the worst of the Stasi, then yes. But quantitatively, no they do not. The rebels embrace brutal tactics very early on in the rebellion, if not right away. That is not to say that they necessarily COULD have used softer tactics, that is not the debate though. Whether one "had to" in the end doesn't matter, since it's subjective reasoning.

More broadly and geostrategically, one must remember that most of the Stasi units were deployed to the Front fighting the BETA, even during the civil war. The BETA breakthrough was possible because there just weren't enough Army forces at the front, and the forces that were supposed to go rebelled. Most of the trainee TSF squads joined the rebellion when they were desperately needed on the front, and who the Werewolf were relying on to shore up their lacking numbers, as the 666th was out of commission. It was only Western intervention that saved them all that final day.

I just wanted to say that Komaki did the whole Gretel thing better.