Why is she so perfect?

Why is she so perfect?

Haruna a shit.
fuck off Harunigger

Shes cute and a genius. You just have shit taste.

Can phoneposters just all be permabanned?

Why you are so shit like louise faggots

Yuki is better, cutter and makes the more perfect wife.

>being this autistic
My PC is broken fuck off.

No one cares

>Shes cute and a genious. You just have shit taste
Thats come from a Stupid Idiot Retard with a disgusting taste
You too are a Stupid Idiot Retard with a disgusting taste

Then stop complaining like an autistic retard.

someone can tell me how it ends the light novel
Also who is The Best girl
Seraphim - Eu - Saravasti - Maelstrom or Normal girl


>autistic retard
Man I remember when I was a 14 year old phoneposter.

I don't they didn't have smartphones when I was 14.

smartphones didn't exist when you were 14 how does that make you feel you old piece of shit. i bet you even watched card captor sakura and actually thought they'd make another season.

Fuck off newfag

i like how you're calling me new when you probably don't even know what it'd be like to post here without captcha.

This could've been a nice Korea Zombie Desk Car thread but instead people are shitflinging at absolutely nothing, and for once waifufaggotry and plate armor aren't involved.

Let's get the thread back on track.

I've been posting here since 2006.

Couldn't care less for rankings, so long as everyone admits Eu is the best girl.

S3 never ;_;

Penguin-chan was best girl.

Why do the nips have such shit taste?

Best Kore Zombie. She's by far the cutest and most pure.

At least it got 2 seasons.
It seemed destined for a single season when it was released.

Also Maelstrom best girl

Vast majority of shitfling is caused by a certain shitposter who has it out for Haruna because apparently she killed his family and friends irl. And recently there's also ESL-kun, a Serafag who shits on other girls. Both of them are present in this thread.

We used to have great and fun threads back during season 1. All the girls were liked including even Sera, albeit not with some vocal criticism, but it wasn't the autistic kind.

LN sequel when

Haruna is probably the most adorable baka and genius I know. And I've watched and read a ton of series.

Because she's not human

Same Shitposter
You are Shit, Fuck You

Because she's a cute masou shoujo loli. That's one step above a cute mahou shoujo loli which is already perfect to begin with.

Yes, she is a Shit like louise
Both fanbase are the worst

Haruna along with Eu are perfect imouto and daughteru that I love, protect, and take care of (in a sexual sense).

Why is that turd embracing Eu?


>see dead links in here
>go check archive
>ESLshitter from TKR is hating Haruna and Yuki
Kill yourself.

Just ignore and report it.

I wanted to see where this was from and Google gave me some good lols.


Does anyone have the write some user made of the real world theories and equations that Haruna used here?

This, I think?

>1.Rabbit Fart = {Rhz p1p/v)

>Speeding time = The syllables
>The syllables < The flower
>Flower = Spiral Galaxy
>Spiral galaxy works on the principles of a string spun top, thus forming the string theory.

>3. Cat > Fish

>4. Gyv+Λgyv=
>------- Tpr

>5. Saturn > Star >>>>> o o (Planets?)

>6. The square root of 5 -2 √64ant = Farting dog

>7. ""____"" < Singing Cat

>8. Worm = Headed worm

>9. Galactic insemination of limbless cat.

>10. Pudding > Top hat

>11. Something do do with stars and moons.

>Oh, and apparently C = 2997924581


Yeah, looks like it. Thanks

outside of the file name being changed, why the fuck do you care?

Bitch please.

Chris is the flattest, but I do prefer Dai-sensei over Chris. Dai-sensei adores her precious student Haruna, but she did manipulated events to guide Haruna on the chessboard to overthrow the masou shoujo queen. Haruna's genius is something she needed, so I guess it can't be helped.

a shit

Good taste.

>fucking your daughters

BAKA sexy Haruna.

Season 3 never ;_;

Ecchi sketchy wan tachi.mp3

>not fucking your daughterus
A daughteru is just a waifu in training.

Making love to one's imoutos are okay, but daughters aren't?

You know that you get greater and more accurate results if you image search from the direct link or original file resolution, right? Cred Forums x script is botched so it almost never gets it right.

I know. I was just kidding.

I know. I don't use Cred Forums X, though.

I usually use the arrow on Cred Forums and then search using the link. If that doesn't net me anything, then I just lurk the thread until some newfag gives the source or I find it in a filename.

In case you didn't know, Cred Forums's extension was based on Cred Forums x. There are several variations/forks of Cred Forums x, some under different names, but they're all generally have mostly the same features and scripts.

Yeah, I used to have it, but the built-in features they added to Cred Forums are good enough for me. There are some cool perks I saw, like the auto-sauce thing that was recently added, but I have done fine without it.

>wearing heavy armor