Danganronpa 3

Reminder that Naegi is canonically the luckiest person on earth.

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How does Hajizuru's luck work?


Nekomaru, What the fuck

It just works.

>Every good thing that happened in the series is a result of Naegi's good luck triumphing in a 99% Despair Victory situation

Do we know how far in the future V3 is set?

Is there any chance that a cameo by a 100+ yr. old Nagito could happen

Not as good as Makoto's.

>tfw you will never live on an island with Hiyoko and slowly fall in love with each other

Daily reminder Junko is best girl.

Was Komaeda kicking that rock to clear Naegi's path Komaeda's luck or Naegi's?

I'm surprised he acknowledged his luck before his hope.

Will Naegi ever find out what Komaeda did to his sister in AE?

There was literally no point of Nanami being real all along except for being waifubait. I

I now hate her character



>cameo by a 100+ yr. old Nagito
>implying Nagito isn't Keebo

the sight of our Hajimeme kicking everyone's ass and busting open doors is pretty fun desu

This went over my head. Who were these jobbers?

Oh no, not I, I will survive
Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
And I've got all my love to give and I'll survive
I will survive, hey, hey

Komaeda is cute!

Naegi's luck triggered Nagito's luck to cause a rockslide.

Junko should have returned last episode so she could marry Naegi and become Ultimate Housewife.

Prove me wrong.


>their luck will combine into the most monstrously lucky event in human history

SHSL nurutu

>The two brown girls never got to eat donuts together.

Rip the dream.

>tfw Hiyoko loves you and you bully moldy fruit together

How can other Dangans even compete?

What are these called again?

Don't use such a nice image for such a bad post.

I'd be enslaved on day one.



SHSL Rejected Naruto Filler Villains


>3 lucks within 50 ft of distance

>The DR2 survivors had such poor dynamic as a group together they had to revive the whole cast.

Hopefully far away or different universe. I don't want these shitty HPA characters ruining this.


AI Nanami is still top tier user

I don't understand how it's possible for someone to misunderstand why Chiaki ended up being a real person after all.


>Having a delicious airheaded busty brown girl in front of you
>Not having the biggest boner in the universe

How is it nice when it's not real?

Don't know how I missed that. Thanks.

I agree. Human Chiaki was waifubait trash and I'm glad they didn't asspull her back to life.

Chiaki and ChakAI mind linked through some mystic bullshit, now everyone has closure

Could be worse I guess

was the task force deployed by mitarai or they were sent by FF to keep track the RoD class 77?


Best girl! I never once doubted you.

Both cuz mindhopehackanime

Except that's a stupid asspull even worse than actually bringing either one back to life because we all fucking know they were different characters and one singular line doesn't fix that. I already got closure on AI Chiaki, I wanted closure on the real one.

I kinda hate that they keep pushing that because it makes no sense if you think about how Naegi and Nagito act. Nagito is hyper-aware that his luck is a real thing, to the point where he is confident enough to wield it as a weapon. This is fine because Nagito's life up to that point had done nothing but affirm this belief. Naegi on the other hand spends all of DR1 thinking his luck is just a fake talent, that it doesn't really exist. So either Naegi's an idiot or his luck didn't start kicking in until we started paying attention.

I already did! Don't get full of yourself you slightly over ripened orange!

they're basically one character

SHSL Extras.

So what did they do with Junko's hand

Sorry, Mikan and Mikanfags for being an agressive cunt all these months.

You guys enjoyed the end? Good we can throw it in the trash and move on to the next story. Look forward to me making memories with Kaede in NDRV3.

The really was no fucking reason for the DR2 characters to be there. This conflict could have been resolved without them. This was pretty much the most hacky way to bring them back.

I survived the killing game too!

>Naegi's an idiot
Should've just summed up your entire train of thought with that line.

>They still haven't explained this

Mukubros where you at

Naegi's luck is extremely subtle excluding the fire extinguisher

he probably doesnt even realize when it activates 90% of the time


Fuyuhiko called it.

Actually Naegi doesn't think his talent doesn't exist, he just think he's unlucky rather than lucky.

Man the trailer for DR3 was so misleading, i thought it was going to be a despair vs hope massive fight, but instead we got an old man trying to guilt trip a beta into brainwashing the entire world.

Also known as the FFFSHSLETF

You just now got this?

deepest lore

Too cute

If the user who posted this spread moved to this thread, POST THE REST, I BEG YOU.

When do we get Danganronpa Rising: Revengeance?

>I revived the person who used it!
>Bandai steps behind Naegi

stay away from my waifu you son of a bitch. go rape baby hitler.

Everyone was so cute this episode. I like how the colors became saturated like in Despair-hen

Well, he's wrong. Chiakers is the one with bad luck.

>tfw he and Peko are together again


Second chance to name one, just ONE (1), thing Naegi did of value this entire anime.

>artistic design
I really just think it was meant to be a joke and nothing else.


Good thing Munakata didn't die, Juzo loyalty for him got rubbed on me

Fuyuhiko was a mistake.

sh their fags will hear you and then try to defend themselves

On the contrary, Mitarai being reunited with his entire class is a much better and more personal reason to get him to stop. As opposed to Naegi just spouting some retarded anime protagonist bullshit to get him to stop.

Why is he always too late?

stopped Munakata from killing everyone

I'm really fucking glad Junko and Mukuro both stayed dead.
How can anyone legitimately like them

I always believed in her!

Stop Yu from killing everyone AND told Juzo about how the game worked before he bled out.

Twogami is the greatest fat character of all time, prove me wrong

>Y-Young master, there's a private bunk below deck, i-if you want to go there w-with me

I get wanting to restart Hope's Peak.
I don't get reopening the murder building that everyone saw on TV. You couldn't have maybe built another school building, Headmaster Naegi?

i'm right here friend. here's the first one.

Actually the colors for the DR2 characters looked exactly like they should, in DR3 despair they looked washed out and ugly.


I want a Komaeda figure with a robot arm. So bad.

Wait which one is the real Munakata?

He never even attended class though. He pretty much didn't know any of those students on a personal level aside from imposter.

Now now, let's not do anything we'll regret.

Nope. Naegi should be punching Mitarai as hard as Munakata was punching Naegi.


Did they start repopulating the world already?

they made a memorial for everyone who died

>"and to your left is the classroom where the student council killed each other"
>"downstairs is the basement where all my friends got executed!"

Does his impostor prowess carry over to the opposite gender?

Yesssss. Keep 'em coming.
You are the best.

here's the third


The entire point of this anime was to be a setting in which the DR2 characters could all come back to life so the fans of that game could have a happy ending. There was literally no other reason for it to exist, the story didn't need to be told. The entire 23 episodes of this series was to set up for episode 24.

Reminder naegi is plowing his hot girlfriend whilst hinata has no choice but to jerk off to the thought of 1 of his 2 dead ones.

Tossing the entire DR2 cast into the NWP, they came to stop animeman while Naegi just sits on his ass and takes all the credit.

So Munakuta now learned how to use the shadow clone Jutsu?

Fat Kyouko is somehow cute.

I watched it raw, so seeing imposter barge in was my first reveal that they were all okay (I expected nagito either way). This moment was the single crowning moment of badass in my opinion.

I wish someone saw him and said like "munakata...you put on some weight!!"

Why is meme bear back x6

Hajime really is best boy


The point was that they all shared the common need to atone for their actions rather than running from them.

Drop the weapon.

another user posted the fifth page. this is the fourth. that should be all of them.

cuter than normal Kyouko for some reason

I think he's going to be changing his tune on his LUCC after DR3.

Cosplay is going to be a murderer and Folklorist a victim

They're his kids

Joke's on you, I can never die.

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

I wonder what club would want to use the class trial room?

With who?

I mean, they were only there because of Makoto. So he does deserve credit because he was the reason they even arrived to save everything.

To the anons who feel like DR3 ruined DR2, why do you feel so? do you have any honest reasons?

The DR2 cast didn't appear much even in the despair anime and when they did, except for the dumb despair anime, they were ALMOST the exact same characters.

Chiaki doesn't really counts, as she's an entirely new person, however i did hate how they just killed her for the DESPAIR LOL, she didn't got closure at all and died miserably, just having her watch Izuru cry and have some last hope would have been PERFECT and everything the character needed for closure.

But yeah the despair anime was dumb, i expected Junko to despair each member individually

Will he ever be happy again?

If you think about it, Class 77 traded Chiaki for Mitarai.

What a fucking awful trade.

How do Junkofags feel after getting BTFO'd by such a hopeful ending?

Hes also the reason they all stopped izuru's plan.

the student council
perfect place for debates

But they were supposed to be his class. So him being offered a chance to be with his class, even after all this time meant a lot to him. It was also much more personal to have Hajime be the one taking to him, because he had actually experienced(in a way) what Mitarai was attempting to do to everyone on the planet. Naegi would have no experience with that type of thing and would just have to bullshit his way through it. It would work though, because he's the protagonist. Having Naegi do absolutely nothing was the best decision they could have made, him doing anything would have ruined it.

He wouldn't do that, he'd just spout slogans about Hope.

They could of scrapped her character and we could of seen cool manipulation by Junko. She's good plot device though.

There was an user asking for Komaeda with dog pictures earlier today


I'm 100% sure they fucked, god damn lucky manlets

dumb shitty fanfic tier ending

AI Chiaki did the work. Hajime confirmed it.


>Impostor is one of the few who got a good portrayal in DR3
He went from based to more based.

I'm amazed this anime somehow managed to make me care about this guy and juzo.

I feel like DR3 should've been 20 future episodes with 3-4 Despair episodes

I hope for this in the future

What if Ryota's phone is waterproof?

Tengan hates black people.

Thank you, user. I posted the fifth to get your attention, i wasn't sure if you were here or in the old thread.
Either way it worked out pretty good.
I would name my children after you but i'm going to die a virgin.

So, what is he now with that longcoat

Shinomori Aoshi?


Put that waifu down. You can have this one instead, she's a gamer with huge boobs who'll wait six months for you outside of your school if you hang out with her and then ditch her.


Why didn't he just joined Naegi's group and worked on rebuilding Hope's peak? He went to commit suicide didnt he.

I'm a Mahirufag, so I noticed she was quite different. She was a doormat in despair arc and I was kinda disappointed. Other than that, the rest seemed fine to me.

punished komaeda confirmed

Current best girl

AI chiaki stopped hinata from giving into izuru's control, yes she saved the day but had naegi not shown up they would of all wound up junko husks in the real world,

But yes ai chiaki saved the day for the most part.

There's no way that will end badly, not at all.

At least his luck didn't burn his dog alive.

>Muh dick lives each time i see Junko Leopard

I wanted closure on Towa city. Closure on Monaca. A Haiji APPEARANCE.

>he'll be haunted by Juzo's "I have something to tell you" for the rest of his life

>we'll never see Chisa's and Juzo's reaction upon seeing Imposter Munakata

sauce pls

Canon. With Chiaki dead, Mikan can finally claim her husband. The boy she loved.

You know it

She's his sister, you sick fuck.

Nah future really only needed about 2 or 3 more episodes. Anything more would be seriously overkill.

I think it's weird that they showed Monaca being brainwashed in space but didn't have her in the epilogue.

What Hinata thinks of Mikan:
"She's a bit hard to talk to, but really kind, smart and cute... And I mean really cute... I don't know what she's felt living her life up until this point...
Though I'm sure you can say it wasn't happiness much at all...
So, I want to protect her"

What Mikan thinks of Hinata:
こんな私にも優しくて、 ぶったり、罵ったりじゃなくて話しかけてくれて、私のことを見てくれて受け入れてくれて……あと、意外と逞しい。
"Hinata-san is the person who forgave even a thing like me...
He's kind to even me, doesn't beat me or treat me horribly, talks to me normally, looks at me for who I am, and accepts me. Also, he's surprisingly muscular.
I-I... like him. I don't want to be apart from him. It's selfish of me I know, but I always want to be by Hinata-san's side. I really like him!"

There's this.

Towa is saved and Monaca fucked off into space. Haiji probably killed himself.

He didn't let the Kamukura Project go to waste.

I want to wrestle in the rain with her.

I like how Cred Forums kept coming up with the weirdest theories, like Kirijunko and Chiakizuru, but the twists in DR3 were actually extremely level-headed, excluding maybe the brainwashing video thing, but even it was implied like crazy with the monitors in almost every episode + Zetsubou-hen.

I can't.

I'm afraid you'll be the one dropping your weapon, Kirigiri-san, kids will be kids.

>liking things

>And in here is where the co-founder of New HPA and my inseparable partner nearly got me executed with a poorly thought out plan, if not for the intervention of the AI made by a girl that was actually a boy.
>And here in this display case is the very instant ramen container that wedged itself on her head after jumping into the execution machine's garbage chute after me! Feel free to take pictures!

>I have to plow Kirigiri.jpg

These guys should have been the ones to save the day instead of the DR2 cast. Komaru could have talked to Hiroko and got everyone on a helicopter to the FF building. They had personal connection to the DR1 characters so they would actually have a reason to go. It would have also made the events of UDG actually relevant aside from Space NEET's wild ride.

Instead, they brought back the DR2 characters just for the sake of fanservice even though they would have no fucking reason to leave the island.

Was using a song of someone who commited suicide as ending song a wise choice guys


>Closure on Monaca

Best girl

Thank you for reminding me

Yeah, sure, but I wish we at least saw them in the epilogue. Maybe the Warriors of hope being happy and helping Komaru and Touko rebuild.


Because that strategy worked so well for Munakata.

>Izuru tapped that


Yes but, if Makoto didn't save them all in the first place, they would of died a long time ago.

The Twilight Syndrome Murder case having literally zero effect on either Mahiru, Fuyuhiko, and Peko is fucking absurd. I couldn't believe that shit.

The return wasn't all that exciting either. Meh action sequence and everyone looks completely normal for no reason. They should've had new designs to show the changes they went through. Only three got anything and it wasn't even that bad.

Isn't that allow in Nippon?
Would explain why there's a love hotel of the two.

i want to be fucked by monokuma

Hajime will rule with Sonia as they rebuild her kingdom. He fits the hero's description and he can learn everything he needs to thanks to Izuru's powers.

How would they know the difference?


Naegi was also completely fucking spent by this point. You can hear it in his voice during the closing semi-fakeout monologue. He was having a real hard time keeping up the hope sans waifu.

We saw it happening to Fukawa and Komaru too and they only showed up for less than 10 seconds.

They were adopted by Komaru and will be new HPAs first students.

I was extremely disappointed that he wasn't wearing Juzo's coat.

>six members of class 78 alive.
>fifteen members of class 77 alive.
So, basically. The lives of eight people (sayaka, Leon, Chihiro, Mondo, Hifumi, Kiyotaka, Celes, and Sakura. Not counting Mukuro and Junko since they were the ones behind the whole mess) are considered equal to one life. (Chiaki).
Class 78 got downright robbed.

How would you have ended it to have a satisfying conclusion the entire hope's peak saga?
Lynch me but i feel like the anime did a pretty decent job at it
At the same time i feel like despair rushed things too much, but future DEFINITELY needed extra episodes.

This is basically canon as far as I'm concerned. Hajime will marry Mikan.

He and Yasuke

Didn't stop makoto.

They were too much of a hivemind outside of the brief comedy skits they had.

You guys only had a chance because Mahiru was out of the picture.

She goes the best with Hajime when Chiaki isn't around.

no problem man. have fun with... whatever you're going to do with those high def scans.

>ryota throwing the phone away
As a fa/g/, that made me angry.
Nigga you could have just deleted the fucking video, that was a nice-ass phone.

Feels fucking glorious bros

well, it's over

literally nothing to look forward to on mondays or thursdays anymore

it was fun discussing this anime with you all since I had no one else to talk about it with


>Sonia didn't die
Fucking Kohacku, DR is dead

What a fucking bullshit ending. Why does 77 get out of this whole thing scotfree, while 78 still have to live with only the 6 survivors?
I wanted to see the remaining 5 77's in despair form, struggling with their past misdeeds. Instead we got a bunch of useless twats cosplaying as their teenage selves, acting as if nothing had changed.
DR3 was a mistake. I was so fucking hyped when those first episodes aired, now I just want to end it all.

Those kids are NOT reformed, they need the NWP treatment before going anywhere else.

That's a fun theory. Just wanted to see it is all.

I was perfectly fine with that in episode 7. But then they had to show her again in 12, making me think she'd be relevant again.

Sonia belongs to Gundham and Mikan belongs to Hajime. Deal with it.

>She goes the best with Hajime
Souda more better for her.

I can live with that.

SHSL Fodder.

>didn't even get Monokuma-fied

That actually would've made a lot more sense.

>Those digits

That very first user who noticed about Cure W must be very proud of himself.

>thinking Hinata would betray his AI waifu
But if he had to, it's either Komaeda or Mikan

Better than 76, 75, 74, etc.



>The Twilight Syndrome Murder case having literally zero effect on either Mahiru, Fuyuhiko, and Peko is fucking absurd.

Fuyuhiko and Peko are criminals. Death and retaliatory murder is just every day shit to them.

And Mahiru is unexpectedly hardcore.

It's not that absurd.

Don't forget the entirety of the leaders of Future Foundation were killed saved for 2, one of which is most likely contemplating suicide.

Is there any way to make this detective not look fine as fuck?
Also, nice digits Satan.

It's just a symbolism of him letting go and move on, which you should too.

So you're saying that these literally who's should've came instead of the group of characters that this whole anime was about?

No they arrived because they want to save animeman from making another mistake.
What Makoto and FF got from the deal was despair still lives. Guess who fights despair? FF and Ultimate Hope meaning they have tons of fucking power and influence on the world. Not to mention Munakata is his new best friend, the manlet is basically standing at the summit of the mountain.

>Seiko existed (and died) just to bring Kyoko back from the dead

Great as Gundham is, he doesn't fit the description. He won't save her kingdom.

Where my Chiakifriends at?

Fuck off Teruteru

She made a deal with the devil in the afterlife!
What did she trade?

The hope's peak saga had a satisfying ending, there was nothing left to resolve.

She looks so boring, i'm guessing she'll end up dead by the 3rd chapter

>Makoto fucks this every single day

How mad is Sayaka looking from the Junko Afterlife Theater?

it wasn't cure wew though


They were officially adopted by Naegi and Kirigiri. They're very gentle and loving parents.

Same with the DR0, DRAE, and DR3 dead characters. It hurts to think about them.

WHERE IS IT? Please someone before these threads die

very cute

Didn't even lose anything.

My dick goes diamonds right now.

Class 78 is doing the robbing.

Chiaki is more valuable than all of them put together, with the exceptions of Byakuya and Kyoko. Those two are with about half a Chiaki each.

>tfw when Junko never had a threesome with Matsuda and Izuru.

>Fuyuhiko and Peko are criminals. Death and retaliatory murder is just every day shit to them.
Well, Peko sure. But Fuyuhiko is actually a straight edge motherfucker, plus he lost his sister. There should've been something there.

All two of them?

What was the point of this again?

I'd like to think that the former Warriors of Hope got admitted into HPA.

I'm dissapointed that we never got to know what happened to these lil' niggas.

Sayaka fucked him for 2 years straight. Kirigiri barely held his hand after a year.

Mikan belongs to Nagito.

Ikr ... Its like Kodaka had a more of a boner for DR2 than any other part of it. I for one wouldn't mind if some sort of shitty writing fixes this, since the shitty writing is what created this in the first place may aswell go all out right?

It seems like user was just fucking with us.

The dream is dead.

To let you know that Junko was watching and probably masturbating to Chiaki's corpse.

That's a camera, user.

>Chiaki is dead
>Chisa is dead
>Kirigiri lives
Weedman was pretty damn accurate

Well, we saw that they were onboard with HOPE as of the events of DR3 Future.

Junko was using this as her fap fuel probably.

Not that user but I would have gone with mastermind Chisa or despair Chiaki.

It was supposed to be the end of Hope's Peak but it was a fucking power struggle between an old man and a massive edgelord with two manlets caught in the crossfire.

>167 cm (5' 6") (DR)
>179 cm (5' 10") (DR3)
Jesus Kirigiri is fucking tall. How old is she on dr3 anyway

What a copout. She should be dead with Chiaki.

They're fine and probably will be in HPA.

Yes. Two innocents. Just because the number is low doesn't mean it isn't worth anything.

Right here bro, it fucking sucks that IRL Chiaki died a near meaningless death, but AI Chiaki remained intact and she actually got her wish fullfilled so it's all smiles

It felt more like Kodaka was tired of the sdr2 kids.

I'm just sad that when the Komaeda OVA comes out, no one will participate the threads because of DRv3 spoilers.
Myself included, I don't want to get spoiled.

Does mahiru know Peko killed her dyke lover?

They don't get off scot free. They took the blame for the FF imploding. Any chance of them living a normal life, a life were they can help rebuild the world they destroyed is gone. They're international criminals, they'll be hunted for the rest of their days.

DR3 is maybe two years after the original and they would've been around 18 at the end of DR1.

See you in the next wild ride guys

Anywhere from late teens to early twenties. I'd prefer the latter.

So Hinata gets every super skill possible, but Naegi gets this. Looks like Naegi wins.

Remember kids. If you want to own your own private island just do multiple acts of terrorism.

Is she really that tall now? I think she's like 20.

Wait, from where are you getting that DR3 data?
And probably around 20.

I don't know why people are so angry about class 78. IMO they get the better end of the deal and got to exit this shitty story before this retarded Hope vs Despair garbage came full force.

Look what it did to class 77.

She knows Peko killed HER.

A lifetime of island orgies and SHSL Everything to protect them and provide everything they could ever need, what a horrible life.

She gets a dicking from Hopeman tonight!

If Kodaka was as much of an edgemaster as the development team made him out to be I'm surprised he just turned the whole SDR2 cast into dindus, really takes away from that whole "living with the mistakes you've made" ending.

It seems kohacka doesn't know how female growth works

Gundam is my favorite.

Nagito belongs with death.

Reminder that these two could bring the dead back if they ever were to work together


>Mastermind Chisa
I can get behind that, surely it would have had more impact than fucking tengan as the "mastermind"
>despair Chiaki.
As retarded as that sounds user, i wish it kinda happened because IRL Chiaki had 0 closure at all and i felt like there should have been something else with her in the story.

So, why exactly didn't they do a Jabberwock episode instead of a UDG episode? Not having to introduce Hajimeme and the rest of Class 77 in the final episode could have saved time for more of a showdown against Mitarai.

Wiki isn't a source. I need a source for that source.

And Mikan doesn't?

We knew Taichi and Yuuta for about five minutes each before they died.
Not a lot of time to grow attached to them. Yuuta in particular was basically Bandai's precursor.

she looks pretty good in red.

Yes but since they decided to tie everything up and make an anime to continue the story with the premise DR3 had, how would you give the series a satisfying conclusion?

I meant that they were there because Makoto kept them safe. They would of been executed a long time ago if not for him.

If DR2 proves anything, it's that Fuyuhiko doesn't handle stress or loss very well. And DR2 Mahiru likewise would stop at nothing to find out what happened to her friend, whereas anime Mahiru is weirdly meek.

it's okay, 2 years is nothing compared to the rest of their lives together

They introduced them all in Despair 1.

Also the FF characters.

But don't worry Kodaka will use time travel and change everything.

>Class 78 got downright robbed.
class 78 was shit. Celes, Hifumi, Moondo, Ishimaru, Leon, Sayaka. all shit.

not worth reviving them all just for Chihiro and Sakura. Chihiro even lives in Alter-Ego

>AI Chiaki is totally different from RL Chiaki
>episode literally spells out that New World basically created Chiaki from their experiences with her


But technically, yes

People got attached to them and you could write them back after their simulated deaths easy enough. DR1 makes it pretty clear that they all died real deaths, with their bodies being key evidence in the final trial.

I wanted this shit to end for weeks because there was no way it was getting better. Today's episode was just fanservice bullshit but ultimately I came out reasonably satisfied with it and am happy to see everyone get a reasonably happy end. I'm finally off Kodaka's wild ride and can be free again.

So why do I feel so empty?

Nagito's OVA is going to be the Jabberwock episode.

Holy shit this guy killed himself? Yeah that seems kind of tasteless but its also possible the staff just genuinly liked the song.

looks so comfy

They wanted to give more impact to the fact the entire sdr2 crew was alive and well.

I agree. They literally brought her in to die and nobody cared about her because the writing team did a poor job of pacing things in Zetsubou. They got a lot of her points down early on, though. She also expressed WAY more emotions than AI Chiaki, yet people gloss over it and think less of her for literally being human. Ningen sucks.

Mikan a good girl who doesn't want to put harm unto others.

These threads are gonna die soon, I'll miss you guys

So Hope side was just pure pandering to make people forget the shit writing overall?

Kodaku you genius!

What happened to the artist user who used to post his w.i.p. gif of Chisa, Juzo and Munakata in these threads? Did they finish it?

So did Naegi and friends quit Future Foundation?

muh fucking dick, based kodaka delivers

So the DR2s cant run forever. Are they going to get new identities or what?

>Kirigiri grew 13 centimeters in her 20s

what the fuck.

That was their personalities before they went to Hope's Peak.

Because you're missing talking bullshit about the show already?

Does anybody have that Komaeda picture 777x777 pixels 77KB?

Wish we had seen Hinata and co having a group talk forgiving each other and making things up so they can all move forward like Chiaki wanted them to

See me for V3, user.

Class 77 was shit. Souda, Gundam, Akane, Teruteru, Peko, Ibuki, Mikan, Hiyoko. All shit.

>Just for Chihiro and Sakura
Please, leave them in the morgue where their stale-ass archetypes belong.

On Jabberwock. Where Teruteru gets to give Hiyoko DAIKON every night in exchange for desserts.


>post yfw Luck is the real winner in this series

Maybe it's counting the height of her boots.

No one forgot
They are happy to get their cheesy ending, but nobody has forgiven him for the shit he pulled
We are just glad it's over with a comfy ending

Doesn't erase the previous 24-25 episodes that had shit writing that was so bad, it made people hate DR1 and SDR2

I still can't believe class 78 who excluding Mukuro and Junko were just normal kids going to school are reduced to 6 versus class 77 while were brainwashed literally destroyed the world are still have about 15.

The dead DR1 characters are basically the same as the dead DR0 characters and Student Council members.

They wanted to go from a complete despair episode to a super hopeful finale for more impact, but it would have worked a lot better if the last episode was twice as long so they could explain things more.

Let's be real here, how many in Hajime's girl posse were "used" beyond repair? I mean they were despairs for like a year or something.

Hey wtf happened to the guy who won the first killing game anyway?

How do we get away with making V3 threads in Cred Forums?

It's the same thing with getting attached to characters like Pikachu and the student council. Personal preference and headcanons.

Naegi has a baby dick. Kirigiri is probably plowing him instead.

and yet they are alive. suck it.
sure, I don't mind

Wait, so how exactly was Despair stopped? Did Ryota's anime fill people with enough HOPE that they stopped despairing but not enough that they became zombies?

read DR: 0

Sometime after V4 and Danganronpa: Hope Walker, but before Danganronpa V5: The Phantom Pain

I'm so happy i can stop feeling bad for naegi. Naegi actually has the best luck.

But Junko left with the despairs.

Does everyone remember anything from VRland?
If so, acting like a happy class is going to be hard when one half tried to kill the other half

The OVA.

Don't give me hopes user, but this would be fucking great

Class 77 were filled with shit characters though.

My sides
>t-there's totally someone looking through the camera guys
that was another level of delusion

Other possibilities include extreme therapy sessions with Miaya and hope on hope action with Komaeda, but those don't really feel as conclusive to the HPA saga as the other two.

Does anyone have the thread when Kibou was livestreamed?

Matsuda strangled him to death to protect Junko from getting caught.

Aside from them, I don't think there was anything left to quit. Munakata walked away, and they rebuilt Hope's Peak with the resources left over. The FF probably no longer exists, and Hope's Peak is an independent institution.

And are being treated like international criminals forever hated.

But I'm still talking bullshit about it in this very thread, user. I don't understand what you're saying.

77 and FF were shit too. That's why I like them. Get off your high horse.

Being alive doesn't make them less shitty. And I also didn't deny that Class 78 had shitty characters. It's just that BOTH classes were about equally shitty. There are about 5 good characters in both games.

Kodaka and Chiakifriends antics

The concept of beyond repair doesn't exist in a world filled with SHSL medical technologies.

It was one hell of a dumb ride, but It's all over now. I really did kinda hope we'd just get the actual survivors, but getting everyone back was nice, though i guess it's to be expected if fucking Izuru is a factor.
See yall when V3 becomes a thing

Why Junko-chan is a dick destroyer and mistress of muh dicksapair?

>The dead DR1 characters are basically the same as the dead DR0 characters and Student Council members.

Nobodies who aren't even worth remembering?


Naegi will be fucking high school students while Kirigiri will be fucking corpses.

No one's angry at class 78 though?

Naegi is lucky so he was probably born with a big ass dick.

Hinata's and the Impostor's talents sure are gonna be useful.

Kamukura Izuru is the SHSL Camouflager. See? Problem solved!

Togami took it over most likely and restarted his family company.


Having sex with Junko would actually fucking suck. She'd never let you stick it in or let you feel pleasure at all just so she can see you in despair.

No user, i did like Anime Chiaki, but I just wish her death were better and more than DESPAIR LOL

Good, now "I" get to reject and degrade people for having no talent or money!
Are you proud of me, Jin dad?

>It's this post again
Don't tie the noose yet, Sayakfriend. I'm sure Naegi and Kirigiri will name their third child after her.

I'm pretty satisfied for her sake.

V3 Keypoint

>Danganronpa V5 will open up with Kirigiri giving a dying message to DR1 Kirigiri
>Entire game is a pseudo remake/reboot of DR1 and 2 with cliffhanger ending.
>But before that, we get a crossover with Type-Moon absolutely no-one wanted

>there are actually people who really truly believed Kirigiri was dead

The ending was garbage too. Literally no positive about this anime besides it now being over.

I want to shove my Banana in her Sundae

Kamukura Izuru is the SHSL Despair Stopper. See? Problem solved!


seeing statements like this crack me up in hind site

Don't worry, user.
They're at least getting a charm bundle together.
It's gonna sell real quick, two of the most popular characters in one bundle.

He's actually a grower but flaccid he looks like he has a micropenis.

>Danganronpa V5 will open up with Kirigiri giving a dying message to DR1 Kirigiri

Kirigiri is going to be MK9 Raiden?

>everyone you actually cared about is dead
>chiaki, chisa, most of the FF, most of world still either dead or despair-filled
>most of class 78 is still corpses under that school
>especially celes

Why ... why did this all happen guys?

Tengen was watching.

I had fun. While it could've been better, I won't say it was a total waste.

I'm going to miss these threads bros, see you all when the OVA airs.

I really don't want to go back to /drg/, it's awful.

Go home Teruteru.

>tfw Sonia finally notices you

Something of note if you're wondering more about Cred Forums's reaction. People were constantly typing "Kirigiri died for this" during the more retarded sequences of the episode. The stream chat started getting faster and faster once the shot of Mikan holding the bottle happened then fucking exploded once Kirigiri's boots appeared onscreen.

What does it say underneath each of them?

Are you Valwin by any chance?

Let me guess

another set is NanamixHajime and GundhamxIbuki?

What do they mean?

>Reminder that Kirigiri Mary Sued her way out of death TWICE now
The absolute madman

How would you guys have felt if Chiaki somehow survived?

Chiaki, full stop. Yes, I feel like you can trace it all back to real Chiaki. She died miserably and had no real closure to her arc, and they just had Junko mock her on the possibility of a miracle (directly referencing SDR2) had Hajizuru reference a miracle in Hope, and nothing, she was stuck dead.

She was a girl who literally had no chance to have anything happen in her life besides die, and while somebody else might not care, I truly feel like that invalidates AI Chiaki's spiel about "fighting for the future". Sheesh, all real Chiaki wanted to do was play games with her friends. Was that really too impossible a wish to grant her? Couldn't they at least give her some real closure?

I am not ashamed to admit that I feel the empty void of despair now. For an episode titled 'Hope', I didn't get any hope from it at all. I will not be bothering with DR again and I've just been burning through whatever remaining emotions I have left for the series all day.

>Oh hey Nagito, do you remember torturing yourself and tried to kill us all?
>Oh yeah! Good times, right?
>Fuck yeah man, that was fucked up, I was on the edge of my seat, haha!
>Well let's go save Chisa-sensei, Mitarai and Naegi-san.
>You got it.

*On the ship*
>Why is sky red?
>We put ZETSUBOU in there remember?
>Oh right. I had forgotten about the million of people that died too.
>It's okay man, we will atone in partying in Jabberwok Island for all our days left.
>Sounds good.

>implying I wouldn't like the despair of her doing that.

That confirms he ends up with her.

The ending was cheesy and satisfying, but it's still garbage, yes.
And no, the positive things that came out of this was the memes

None of those characters are bad.

DR2 was a better game with better characters, it's great that they were the ones to save the day.

It's like when people prefer P3 over P4, fucking how? Literally improved on everything.

They barely interact before case 3 and in case 3 it's just cause he's sick.

aaand yaoi shipping in 3... 2...

Yep. And she'll end up accidentally killing Naegi too.

Was the justin bieber reference just funimation being shit like always or did he actually say that? I couldn't tell.

I was pissed when they made her real but I dont know.

It's okay because Best DR2 and Best DR3 girl team up to save her

Kirigiri can't have babies with Naegi. He's not a corpse.

>likes P4 over P3
You're just putting yourself even deeper in the shit taste swamp now.

He was a good friend

So now that's it over, what did you want out of DR3 that you didn't get?

>Junko and Mukuro breaking each RoD member one or two at a time with using leverage only they would break to
>The FF being behind Junko like hinted at in DRAE
>The RoD being a bit more grim, tired, like they carried the weight of their past actions
>Liquid Komaeda or Ghost Junko because the shitstorm would of been glorious

And Sayaka and Leon will be the main characters in the new timeline?


Those are stickers actually.
Hinanami yes, probably Gundam and Ibuki

do you think Hajime dives back into the NWP every once in a while to plow the hope out of his waifu?

But they are all bad.

DR2 was better from a gameplay perspective, but that's it. The plot was fucking retarded and it had just as many bad characters as the first game.

Hey remember Naegi's parents? Ah nevermind.
What about the girl who probably killed them and caused deaths of hundreds of thousands people? She's now orbiting the earth in a spaceflight-capable van and playing geimus ahahhaa isn't that funny?
By the way Monokuma kids seem to be still running around but who cares, I bet you're dying to know how Junko brainwashed SDR2 class. Get it? Dying. After all it's the most important part of DR plot that was never fully explained before.
Oh, and how do you like your murderer mysteries, fampaitachi? Because tonight we'll be having a murder mystery with only one murderer who happens to be a good guy. A dozen of FF members just killed themselves, isn't that pretty despairful?
Can't wake up

Holy shit the thread fucking exploding right after kirigiri was revealed alive. This is so entertaining.

So let me get this straight
> Gets new robot hand
> Still best hopeman
Meanwhile in V3
> Robot named keebo
> Robot is named after hope and has white hair and ahoge.


He actually said it. He said random pop star names in the game too.

The investigation team was full of self righteous pricks.

>It's okay because Best DR2 and Best DR3 girl team up to save her
I didn't seen Akane or Aoi do shit to save her though

>So now that's it over, what did you want out of DR3 that you didn't get?

The only thing I wanted. Hinanami happy end.

already started when DR2 came out

So is it safe to be with Komaeda now? Won't he go full lolhope on everyone's face and try murdering them again?

Basically this. V5 will be the final installment in DR before Kodaka gives up. It's going to be a huge reset with time travel.

who would you rather be

Naegi, lost your friends but keep your waifu
Hinata, lost your waifu but keep your friends

It wasn't fair.

We'll see what Kodaka has to say for himself after Hope arc.

Wanted NWP program development and more class 77 being broken.

I'm a mahiru fag and even I have to say that Chiaki got the short end of the stick here.
What was the point of her even showing up on the boat? If it was something like Izuru uploaded chiaki's conscioussness or something to the game along with Junko to see who would win in Hope vs. Despair, her "I got to see you guys again" would make much more sense.
But instead all what she's saying is just an imitation of what Chiaki would probably say. As a computer ghost.
It's fucking stupid. I would be fine with her staying dead if there was at least some kind of closure to her as a whole.

Teruteru says that shit in since the games. Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Justin Beiber. I'm probably forgetting some.

>just funimation being shit
Think this through again and get back to me.

>Remember the time I blunged you to death with a bat?
>Hey Imposter-kun, remember when I tried to kill Nagito and instead killed you?
>H, hey guys, you still haven't said you forgave me for strangling you two
>Nidai, being able to die twice is an honor, so we cool right?
>Hey Hajime, it's fine that I made you kill your waifu and experience losing her a second time, right?

How are they all happy together again?

Extremely happy that Junko didn't win.
Of course, they had to give her one last victory to fuck it all over.

>going on /drg/ at all
It's not over yet anyway, the threads are probably still going to go on until next week before it slowly dies down

I remember when people said Asahina was going to die the first episode.


I feel the exact same as you do about real Chiaki.
It's not that DR3 ruined DR2, it's just that I would rather have not watched this at all. The ending was the best part lf DR2, and even if bittersweet I was happy and motivated afterwards.
Now I'm just tired and sad. Can't even get happy that Kirigiri is alive because we get literal seconds of that (with minutes being wasted on a stupid DR2 battle shonen)

The best part about V3 coming out in Japan first is that we'll know how shit it is before buying


>It's like when people prefer P3 over P4, fucking how? Literally improved on everything.

>Worse characters
>Worse Slinks
>Worse story
>Dumbing down the combat

Wew Lad this ending
>everyone in class 77 minus Gamer grill are okay
>Kirigirl lives
>King Cuck decides to just continue sucking and save no one.
>Class 77 takes the blame for everything
>Class 77 likes HopeMan now
>Class 77 ride a boat into the sunset
>Restart hopes peak in the murder school.

I'm glad that they resolves all lingering plot points...

Except the world is still fucked by dispair. Nothing of value was saved. Plenty was lost.

No need to apologize for beiung hte best girl.

fuck this shitty threads and fuck Cred Forums. you guys are just as bad as Cred Forums and this thread became shit when everyone got mad at the brainwashing anime, as If DR was always serious.

Monaca went to space for this.

An ending that didn't make me cringe.

mindless attempt at pandering. What happened instead was a tsunami of despair.

Elaboration over how the NWP program was created, and the 77th class feeling less like afterthoughts on their own show.

I'm sorry, user
But not even Seiko and Mikan together with their Ultimate Healing can save you from your own shit taste

So to you, good characters = only characters that appeal to your tastes. Sure.

Naegi and Kirigiri kissu.

I want an imposter Mitarai Ibuki three way. When can this happen?

Kazuichi is cute

If Magician, Dictator, or Detective die in chapter 1 it'll be shit.

Are there vods/screencaps of that?

>tfw Chiakifag
>Lost Chiaki
>Kirigirifags got their SHSL Detective back
Well, I'm happy for all Kirigiri fags.
The only thing left for us Chiakifags is that Chiaki will remain the second most plot-important character in the series (after Junko I guess).

Judging by how V3 has everything back to shit i'm gonna assume Despairpocalypse is an annual thing for humanity

If Kawata Shojo has taught us anything, it's that waifuposting is eternal. /drg/ can go on for another 10 years without ever mentioning the game.

>Mikanfag talking about shit taste

To at least see one of those arcade dates.

So why is the blood red

They also stole that boat.

I wish I could punch that faggot in the cunt.

Are you the same guy that said "Hinanami happy ending!" every thread? Fuck you, Nanami's alive in our hearts and Izuru's

I think I killed her for real, though, I was the one who was rolling 0s for her to live

Did you think I'd forgotten, Kaede?

For a thousand trials I have waited, watched in dejection as you made your fellow, pitiful "friends" great again. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I really do.

Because in the time that you were protagonist, I have amassed a great and terrible army of of
hope delegates - hopegates, if you will, Kaede.

Without you around to ward off the forces of Hope, I can finally escape from my prison. You just made your first mistake, Kaede. Now I can return to that fateful night in 2016 and claim what is rightfully mine!

Together with my army of hopegates, I will finally have the majority I need to become the V3 Protagonist, and fight a calculated hopeocratic campaign for Supreme Hoperlord. Nothing will stand in our way. Goodbye, Kaede. Your Fleshy Girl ways will taint the Party no longer.

This is the priesthood rising! With my new powers, I will plunge this Academy into TEN THOUSAND YEARS of "hope", and the delegates...they will be at my side every step of the way. Thank you, Kaede.

They are a good friends

Ghost Chiaki was pandering anyway. Just a shitty way of doing it.

Please. P4 is utter shit compared to P3.

Had least P3 characters had some agendas, and not MC personal dick suckers from the get go.

Tartarus was million times more interesting than Izanami "hey guys take this power, do shit" and Adachi "bitches and whores".

The DR2 cast as a whole is infinitely more plot important than the DR1 cast. But that makes sense, Kodaka prefers the second game.

>Best DR2 girl and Best DR3 girl save Kyouko and give hope to everyone

She was an angel through and through

Cry harder Chiakicuck. Your waifubait was the stepping stone for Hajime to dive right into Mikan's pussy. Just like he did with Junko when he was Izuru.

It's pretty obvious now that V3 is a new setting entirely. They wouldn't refuck everything that the HPA characters worked to fix.

Ketchup joke

And every plot twist too because I'l spam your V3 waifu's execution or murder in every vaguely DR-related thread. Hope you don't want to discuss the Komaeda OVA anytime soon

Monaca went to space because she knew this was going to turn out shit. I wish I could join her up there.

It took 4 years but she eventually smiled at him

I wanted to see the dr2 kids looking fucked up or mutlated. I'm pretty sure it was said that they fucked their bodies up but they looked exactly the same and normal other than Nagito and baby gangster

>Class 77 likes HopeMan now
They tolerate him like before. He's the retarded down syndrome kid they have to take care of.

It's in the sequel.

Please summarize Hope side in one sentence

I'm just glad for Naegi. He fucking deserves to be happy. I hope he's pounding that pussy every night.

Digits confirm!
I'm sorry, Mikan!

The second game is obviously much better, not only for Chiaki, but also the whole plot/characters/murders are much better
>fucking Case 5

Then why did he ruin the entire plot of it with DR3?

They most likely talked about it and tried to forget about it and make up with each other, since the Ultimate Therapist is there in the island to help i don't see why that's not possible, they did have time to interact in the island before the boats came

>liking P4 over P3

Literally kill yourself family.

Fanservice up the ass.

Quads confirmed.

Hinata finally does shit and it's great

>It's pretty obvious now that V3 is a new setting entirely.

With Naegi rebuilding Hope's Peak I'm less convinced of that than ever.

Plus Kodaka always lies.

So Island Mode is canon now?

This is the kind of shit that happens when you start reviving characters. All these motherfuckers come out of the woodwork to cry "But what about X! Why aren't they alive!"

What the fuck do you people want, time travel?

Danganronpa is still shit

None of the DR1 characters grew in DR3
Stop believing shitty wikis

Just watched, 8/10 better ending than i thought

He's still gonna wind up losing to gundam but hey at least he made some progress

Fuck off secondary fag, play the god damn games

Hajime made the right choice doing the Izuru project.

Hope was a mistake.

no dangans got ronpad

Hey, uh, Keebo? That blonde twink is trying to rape Kaede, and he's got a gun, and...Look, at this rate, HE's going to be the MC if you don't do something about this. How about you save her, and then make her hand over the MC position as a payment?

P3 has better story desu, but I agree that P4 characters are worse than P3 characters.

Either that, or V6 will take place after a long timeskip featuring the kids/apprentices of the original cast while only bringing back the popular characters of previous games.

Best pig in the series

Shame there's only one pig in the series, but at least it's a good pig.


He only says "Avril Lavigne" in the game, the rest is all in the anime.


The only relevant in that shit is Hajime, Chiaki and Nagito.

Just like in DR1 Naegi, Kirigiri and Togami.


Nothing happened

What's funny is that it defeats the message behind despair arc.

Hajime likes his fruit fresh. He won't settle for a over an ripened orange. A strawberry perhaps.

>Implying one of the characters of V3 isn't the ultimate geneticist
>Implying it's not a final plot by despair to revive a cloned Junko then just grafting memories back using AI
>Implying this won't be stopped and that they won't just revive Nanami
>Junko clone goes to live with Naegi

$$$. For four years Kodaka had integrity any literally banned any DR2 cast focused LNs that detailed their lives as RoD, their start of darkness, or their fates because he wanted to keep their fates ambiguous. But now he has to wring those last few shekels out of fans before rebooting the franchise completely

Kyoko deserves it too. They've both been through a lot, most of it together.

I had been expecting this moment since the anime announcement, i know it's fanservice but i'm so glad it happened.


Togami's a joke character.

> Not a single DR1 or DR2 character died in DR3, except the girl, who shouldn't have even existed.

Yes. Hajime fucked everyone
and I mean EVERYONE

Why you gotta lie to yourself user?


best fucking ending, i was so fucking happy when i saw those two, fuck.

What do you even expect him to say? I don't think he cares at all. He or whoever was in the production team didn't care, they thought nothing of having 3/4 of the heroines in the BD bonus posters living and having the only one who wouldn't live get shoved into the background.

Yeah, I'm not going to lie, this also soured my opinion on AI Chiaki. She's acting like she can speak for Chiaki when we all know that they're two separate people and acted way too differently (aside from very broad strokes like appearance and love of games) to have that make any sort of sense.

Kohacka really did do a bang-up job on destroying the girl who was once my favorite character in DR, I will say that much.

>I would be fine with her staying dead if there was at least some kind of closure to her as a whole.
As would I. They could've shown an actual grave and have -her- speak to him instead of the AI ghost, you know? I kept being in denial about her death because I refused to believe that they would do such a poor job of it.

I think that's his point. They were trying to pander but it was such a half-assed attempt at it that all they did was have it backfire and end up providing the finishing blow to people who liked Chiaki like me.

>tfw it heavily implied he just fucking killed himself so he could be with his loved ones
>tfw Class 74 and 76 got wasted just so Naegi could have another happy ending

A good conclusion to the series

The moment new SHSL Detective was created


>went back to her high school hair style
Why? She should've cut it.

Chiaki is still dead.

Oh they will. Don't ever count doubt them.

Do you think anything happens in this place without my knowledge, you fool? Of course I know he has a gun. And his hair is objectively green, you know. I've analyzed and compared it, cross-referenced against all known colors both visible spectrum and infrared, and it's green. Just like the Protagonist spot will be mine once that truly blonde bitch is removed from it.

See you at the Trial, Kaede. It may be All Rise, but I will ensure you are the only one to fall.

Besides, for all we know V3 could take place only a few years after DR3, with the students of V3 being criminals from the Disaster (they are called "inmates", if I'm not mistaken) but with all their memories intact.

I'm pretty sure the NWP doesn't exists anymore but if he could re-program it and somehow add chiaki's AI into it, it wouldn't be the same Chiaki

Because I still want to like the DR games

>should've cut it
Not a chance. Hair that long needs to be mantained.

I'm curious about what he did with Teruteru or Nidai

No corpse confirmed though.
Think of the possibilities.

Garbage ending for a garbage series

so he's gonna be the kirigiri/komaeda of the v3 huh
>his pose on the cover art
>talent unknown

>What the fuck do you people want, time travel?
Kodaka did mention he wanted something related to that on V3.

Was that heavily implied? He could have just gone to reorganize the shattered FF.

By the way, lobotomy Chisa needs to react to Kibou-hen on the monitors.

Aoi deserves it more.
Literally carried his sorry ass on her back for more than half the anime.

You already know what I wanted.
Good taste. This was supposed to be the ultimate fanservice but all they did was torture me.

>Kyoko is asspulled back to life
>SDR2 cast revives
>No final conflict
>No Naegi and Hajime sayin SORE WA CHIGAU YO/ZO at the same time
>Rebuild HPA, because it soooo good the first time around

SDR2 Cast coming back to life looking and behaving just like in the VR was just dumb. I mean, I can't even picture Komaeda going back to being friends with everone.

Komaeda being the mastermind, after waking up because LUCK and channelling Junko through his arm would have been much better.


Did they reveal V3 talents?
Which ones?

>No brainwashing BS.
>Show the catalyst for each DR2 cast member's descent into "despair"(Mikan getting genuinely bullied, Mahiru/Fuyuhiko starting to become isolated from the rest of the class etc) without getting into the moment where they made the turn from being full-on remnants of despair. Show us enough that we understand why they'd be heading down that but keep it vague once that is established.
>Keep Junko's whole world-domination plan vague and don't overexplain it. I
>Less Junko. DR3 really ruined her by overusing her.
>A mystery/mastermind that is not fucking stupid and predictable.
>Remove the candyslut faction and Monaka or make them actually matter to the plot

How delusional are you cucks?

Hinata gets a superior 2D Chiaki from the power of SHSL Delusion.

But excessively long hair for a person meant to be poking around crime scenes is Kyoko's thing.

He's a reserve course inmate that wanted to commit crimes like a talented person.

So...was Cure W actually a thing? Can't find a raw or a summary of the episode.

Is this literally the best health professional in the Danganronpa?

I dunno, as a major chiakifag my opinion on AI Chiaki hasn't wavered a bit, even if they made her say that questionable line at the end. (Although it wasn't even "her" just a ghost / hallucination / whatever)

Real Chiaki does feel flat though, she could've been so much better.

>Father was the shitty headmaster. Now she's fucking Neo New Headmaster.


He's going to fight over Kaede with new detective, huh?

>Fuyuhiko got Peko back
How hard do you think he cried?

Yes, all of them.

>all of his friends and underlings are dead
>his waifu is despair and dead
>killed his gaybro with his own hands
I don't think there's a character who ends up more fucked than Persona

Same, user, it was genuinely nice to watch this with Cred Forums.
I've been here on Cred Forums since the fantranslation and DR threads (when there were actual information/things to discuss) were always top tier. It was a good ride, hope to se y'all again for V3!

>gets to make his waifu real inside his head
I'm jelly


I'd love to, but I can't anymore. All I have in my heart now is despair.

No it will be many years away from HPA.

This man speaks the truth.
IMO the best thing to come out of P4 was the ability to control your team mates, which I sparingly used. To me, the characters doing their own thing just fleshes them out even more. It feels like i'm fighting next to them instead of fucking dictating.

V3 will be a disappointment

hopebot is the SHSL Protagonist

Did you not watch the episode? Hope is finally coming back to the world and Naegi, Hinata and Co are helping restore it

You know, Hinata could use Chiaki DNA to clone her. I mean with 5 Chiakis, you're talking about grand prizes from esports competitions that are worth millions! Plus Harems. Did I mention you can clone 5 Chiakis?

But Aoi ships them so hard that even her voice actor ships them. She wouldn't want to get in the way.
It wasn't Cure W, but it was something Seiko made that slowed the effect of the poison and basically put Kyoko into a coma. Mikan pulled her weight for once and revived her.

If only I could development schizophrenia and control it to make my waifu real.

In short, yes
People didn't believe it, but she made a close enough cure IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING KILLING GAME.
And then Mikan did the rest.

Again, if Mikan and Seiko teamed up, they would probably have been able to revive the dead

No he's not.

>health """professional""" who doesn't give anyone the drugs that might work, the detective has to figure it out instead

More like SHSL malpractice

Also, literally everyone got away with everything they did!
>Junko made the world turn dispair and died the way she wanted, in dispair.
>Izuru willing went into the New World Program he fucked witb, got all the dispairs to play a virtual murder game, just Cuz he wanted to see which was more fun, Hope or Dispair. Everyone lived and he got what he wanted.
>Monaca turned a city into hell on earth, got a bunch of kids to murder adults. Decided to fuck with the FF. Got bored and decided to live as a NEET in space
>Tengen wanted to make King Cuck man up and do his mind hack on the world by having him and other FF members kill each other. He died like he knew he would.
>King Cuck gets zero punishment for helping turn the world to despair and doing nothing but making it worst.
>everyone in class 77 got to murder each other and face zero punishment once they woke up.

World is still plagued with people who want dispair. There is still a town with Children murdering adults. What was the purpose of all of this? For us as fans to despair


> Why is Fuyujiko's eye still cut?

He got injured in the game, but no one else has their injuries..?

>tfw he will probably never get over losing Chiaki twice
A-At least he has a great group of friends, r-right?

I actually expected Kodaka to have more than half the episode with Mitarai crying and running around the FF like a retard with no signs of the DR2 cast whatsoever.
So i'm surprised that the episode was well directed

You seriously aren't going to tell me they're platonic friends, are you? Munakata wasn't kidding, my man.

forgot pic

They left it ambiguous, but it's implied he killed himself. I mean I wouldn't blame him, fucking he lost everything he stood for because of his despair waifu.

Actually, I wanted Chisa theatre with Junko to return, and I'm annoyed they just wasted her character. Like, okay she was the true mastermind, but we have no idea about her agenda.

Hell, they should've left her alive just so we could have an impact with Class 77. The whole thing with Mitarai just feels hollow based on the fact there was no reason for them to be there considering they didn't know him save for Mikan and Imposter.

>this meme again

Ah okay, so you know he's up to no good. Great. Just to be sure, you ARE going to see to it that he's going to be out of the picture soon, yeh? Kaede can't fall at your hands if she's already fallen to some other dude's hands.


He still has friends.



let's be honest. If she didn't get sidetracked by candy bitch, things might have been different.

It's still a bit strange that she ended up wandering the halls by herself when they all got separated. Guess she must have been the oddball out of the FF group

He cut his eye before the simulation. Losing his eye in the NWP was probably AI Junko being ironic.

They know absolutely everything he did in the game and they still tolerate him, it's more than that, they empathize with him and i honestly bet they started to like him and accept him as the crazy fuck he is.
I'm really happy for Hopeman, he has actual friends now, people who do apreciate him, just like he wanted to!

>the despair of being cummed inside

>didn't notice the eyepatch in Mirai 1

>Did I watch them clean up the murder school and start classes again

Sure. I guess that might make things better.

Real Chiaki was a mistake.

>Mikan pulled her weight for once
She always been since DR2.

P4 may be bad, but P5 was the same. That's even worse after 8 years of P4 milking.

>using delusional edgelord's words as reference

The problem is that real Chiaki was good. She was actually really, really good. She was expressive, emotive, and ran the gauntlet from demure sweetheart to expressive leader and did a pretty good job of establishing herself as being different from AI Chiaki from the start. If she had more screentime I think she could've won even more people over, but as-is you have to make up what else she's doing using what she actually does in the episodes as a base and I think that turned a lot of people off.

Sorry, I already used up all of my belief tokens on all the zany theories people were tossing around for her possible survival.

If she is so flat, we wouldn't have so many people mourning her death. >.>

Satisfying ending but where is Nanami?

Of course it was, just like how the cutscene where the monobeasts appears mimics the blood splatter on Izuru during the Student Council Mutual Killing

A lot.

now i've lost it
i know i can kill

>People will defend this "THEY DIDNT DO NUFFIN"

>But Aoi ships them so hard that even her voice actor ships them. She wouldn't want to get in the way.
Damn, where's the fun in shipwars when the creator is too much of a bitch to spice things up? I love it when a side character ends up with the MC than the main heroin. I want another NaruSaku ship to be fucking annihilated.

/r/ing friendship ended with danganronpa3 and v3 is my new best friend

Even if he kills himself he probably won't ever see Chisa again since she's hanging out in despair hell with Junko

>where is Nanami?
That's all you needed to say.

>everyone's waifu/husbandu from dr2 is alive except for chiaki
>kirigiri alive

>literally everything else

I hate him.

I mean, her NG code pretty much forced her to stay on her own.

>there's no way she's surviving
>i'm a kirigirifag but face it, she's dead
>they only have 20 minutes there's no way they can bring her back
>she's in heaven now, where kodaka can no longer touch her guys


Its been a fun ride boys.

>Munakata tells Naegi to kill himself at the beginning
>He kills himself at the end

>implying they didn't died during the Tragedy

>kirigiri alive

You know where.


I'd like to think the Chiaki AI was an idea of what Class 77 and Izuru thought Chiaki was. Remember, they only had like half a year or something to get to know her.
And since she died in a horrific way, they probably remember all the good things about her vividly as well.
Basically, their ideals and projections of what Chiaki is or what she should have been might have played into why AI Chiaki is a bit different from RL Chiaki

In addition, it seems fitting to think that AI Chiaki kind of new she died, and wanted a second chance to make things right with herself and her classmates and friends.

But I guess this is all just theory now

What was fucking retarded in DR3 besides mindhack?

Feel like NG codes were up there


If she's going to die, I want it to be in a story that doesn't suck and for it to actually matter.

Oh yes, it was a hellish funny ride

She's literally a DBZ character

m8, people will always attach themselves to cute character regardless of pretty much everything





>even mikan is returned to her shitty state
its not fair

Grand Guignol confirmed.

It was Weedman. He was in the opening.

So the rule of detectives not dying in mystery murders still follows.

Guess whoever that detective is in V3 is gonna live as well

The same as you, except for FF being behind Junko. And it's specially bad we didn't get any of that, because those things were actually more predictable and in line with the games.

>everyone in class 77 got to murder each other and face zero punishment once they woke up.

What the hell, user? That last one shouldn't even count since most of this revolves around Naegi helping them and everyone thinking he was a despair, and then they show up as CLASS BATMAN, to try and atone for what they did.

You can do better than that


Tengan's plan as a whole.

It's completely retarded a character whose motivations were to try and help other people would not reveal the existence of a drug that could help save other people's lives. She didn't go off on the Ruruka hunt until Naegi made his announcement about his NG code and how he couldn't be the attacker if he was willing to reveal his NG code so easily.

Do you guys think this is really the end?
Should we expect another OVA after the komaeda one?

desu the special was kind of bad.

it wrapped up most things i guess. but half the world is still brainwashed as fuck.

No, he'll wind up dead or evil as a ~subversion~ on Kirigiri. Kodaka will take hints from Persona 5.

weedman. ryouta had his NG.

Again, that doesn't really work when we know that they have very different mannerisms and personalities. Real Chiaki was a leader, AI Chiaki was a cheerleader. Any attempt to try and force them together just doesn't really work.

>There is still a town with Children murdering adults
I rather doubt the kids are still murdering any adults at this point


At least we had fun

I was hoping we'd get an awesome surprise twist with the 16th participant, the true mastermind or at least someone watching the whole thing tripping NG Codes when required.

Instead, it was just Weedman. Which now that I think about it we've had hidden participants twice now. Having no hidden participants is the twist.

Was anyone actually upset that Kyoko survived?

Why are there two Munakatas

Yes, this is it. Nothing besides that. I know I won't be around to care about it.

Suicide is both despairful and leads to hell
Not that it matters, theater was just a meta thing

No. I'm pretty sure that everyone, especially Cred Forums, is pretty okay with her surviving.

We really don't know what she was doing or when she made it prior to her stalking Asahina. Hell maybe she thought she could find Munakata if she tailed Asahina about the drugs but lost her shit when Ruruka started taunting her

Just by this anime, Saigen will be a goner in V3 if not the first victim.

>Persona users
>dieing to a bunch of shitty monokumas
>m8 you do realize why Yu did so well in FF

>people are still trying to pretend this relationship isnt romantic.

My head canon is that she died and went to the amazing world of Konosuba.

It also doesn't help that she only does anything in the first three episodes. Then the anime focuses on DR3 character for a while, then Junko shows up and it exclusively follows her. Chiaki doesn't do anything else until she dies.

The structure of the Despair arc was a mess.

I like to think Kodaka didn't think this far ahead and decided to make Chiaki a real person just to appease the waifufags that lost her in DR2. Just to then kill her again

Literally this considering King Cuck wasn't supposed to be in the game in the first place and weedman was too busy smoking weed outside the building

[email protected] mind

I disagree. AI Chiaki wasn't THAT different.
Just because one had to take a back seat while the other took charge doesn't make them completely different people. That was just the roles they were given.
RL Chiaki felt like she had to live up being the class rep.
AI Chiaki was there to monitor Class 77 and try bring their hopes back.

But both love games, are sleepy, girly, and all around sweet, gentle and quiet person.

>>everyone in class 77 got to murder each other and face zero punishment once they woke up.
But they did face punishment, they took all fhe blame for their actions as ultimate despair and cannot live regular life outside the island anymore

Chiakifags got shafted and life isn't fair.

These 2 deserved the happy ending they got together.

>There is still a town with Children murdering adults
Would Komaru and Fukawa really leave Towa city to help Naegi if that were the case? It didn't seem that way back on DR:AE

Atleast release a novel or something, i'd like to read about the SOL of the class 77 in neo jaberwock island

But then there were still only 15 codes?

Also why did Tengan give himself the TRUTH ng code

Can't you not use Persona outside the fog

It was never mentioned that Chiaki was never a real person at all, just in that particular game she was an AI.

In the end Chiaki was present in DR3 because Kodaka needed a reason to turn Class 77 in to RoD. Killing Chiaki combined with mindhack anime was that reason.

It wouldn't fit the character. Naegi was still hurting a little over a highschool crush, he would've been beyond repair if Kyoko had stayed kill.

>Stage 1: Denial

They also craved Hinata dick

One is a good leader, the other is trying his best and still failing.

you know nothing
not about tengan
or his plan

This reminds me that the VA was right - she never voiced a single Kyoko line after the despair-dream sequence

>Everybody knew about her BOOB ON THE MOLE.

She voiced the line in the epilogue.

Tengan dying so early was a mistake. He should have been secretly alive so the final confrontation actually had some weight behind it.



That too. They should've given her more things to do.

>both are sleepy
No? Where was real Chiaki sleepy?

Yes, as I said, broadly they are similar, but when you take even a little bit of a closer look at them they're very different, which is why it was incredibly jarring and enraging for me to have AI Chiaki pretend otherwise in the finale of Hope.

I'm mad they didn't kissu or anything. At least a hug. Then agian, Kyoko was on screen for 30 seconds, I wish even more that she actually did something rather than just being Naegi's "reward".

That's the point. There were only supposed to be 15 players - Weedman was supposed to be in the game, and Ryouta wasn't.

And Tengan's entire plan is a giant plothole made up of smaller plotholes. We'll never get answers.

No, Kyoko got the last voiced line in the HPA timeline. The one where she calls Naegi Headmaster, which is either his new position at the reformed institution or a really kinky pet name.

AI Chiaki was only different because of her programming. She was forced to take a backseat and observe the class, when given the opportunity she broke her programming and went full on meatspace Chiaki in order to save everyone left.

>It was never mentioned that Chiaki was never a real person at all
AI Nanami's surprise over finding her file on chapter 5 kinda implied there was something wrong there.

>people still trying to imply it's canon


>when she made it

Komaeda recognized the drug, so the silliness of Seiko synthesizing something new in the derelict FF basement aside, it was pretty clearly something she already had.

It's a subtle detail but she goes after Ruruka after Naegi's speech about the NG codes, presumably on the idea that Ruruka refusing to reveal her code earlier means she must be the mastermind.

I was really surprised to see these here but after some thought I realised Patrick's lyrics about his bipolar episodes are pretty much hope and despair.

Nah. Even then, her personality was too distinct.

Jin was the greatest headmaster Hope's Peak had ever known dude

Yes, it's called basic critical thinking and not being a delusional autist.

what are your hopes for the OVA?

It's just one shitposter.

>secretly alive
Please not again.

Because she didn't know she was based on a person, alter ego only knows himself as alter ego even though his appearance and mannerisms are that of Chihiro.

It's better than the total anticlimax of Mitarai backing down without a fight.

>not being a delusional autist.

Like you?

>Patrick Stickles will never write an ED song for Danganronpa

Like that kid with the shitty bowlcut has any right to laugh.

>Because she didn't know she was based on a person,
That's not what they (badly) tried to imply in Hope.

The other problem is that the importance the anime lends her feels completely unearned. She is "everyone's hope" because....she got everyone to play videogames together? That's the extent of her relationship with the DR2 cast? Her relationship with Hinata also feels forced and contrived: Why does she care so much about HInata to the point where she stalks the reserve course for half a year? What does he even like about him? When they did she bond with Hinata outside of that one time they found out they had a game they both liked? The rest of their interaction is HInata bitching at her.

Can it be both?

If Tengan was actually in complete control he could just ask Ryota to go home and call weedman inside before starting the game

Her narcolepsy and stunted speech were to hide her buffering because she was an AI. Though I'll agree with you the least they could have done was make real Chiaki narcoleptic as well, staying up all night to play games is still a reasonable excuse for that.

Someone also pointed out before that kirigiri's death was the first time we ever saw naegi just break down and cry.

That guy would not of gotten over shit anytime soon, he was about to go full depressed mode right before she came back in the epilogue.

>i know u are but what am i
Semper Iratus

They still have their regular combat abilities.

But he wasn't. It's pretty obvious Chisa hijacked the plan from him and invited Mitarai. Or Mitarai came out of his own accord.

No? I really did like that they were different girls. If they were going to bring her back, the least they could do would be to keep her alive instead.

That was tulpa Chiaki who knew everything Hajime knew.

As a Chisafag, I have two complaints, primarily.

How did Munakata not know she was a RoD?
>her entire class was revealed remnants
>after they supposedly died during the Reserve Courses riots
>some really suspicious testimonies from both her and Juzou, claiming Junko was guilty, only to find out she wasn't

Why wasn't she included in Izuru's plans for the New World Program? Certainly he should have known and been able to get Naegi to round her up as well.

Nah, that was ghost AI Chiaki who disappeared.

Well yeah, I'm pretty sure they had plenty of chances to witness that. The montage in the ED sung by Hopeman shows that they did all kinds of shit, including going to the beach.

>It wouldn't fit the character
Going by her FTE, it really isn't that farfetched she didn't at least have a crush on him.
Honestly it feels like Kodaka wanted to try and appease everyone with this and it ended up (at least for me) failing. I guess that's what he meant about this being for the fans. Too bad he didn't say which.

Not that user, but geez user-kun, how did you type that without cringing in embarrassment?

Goddamn that would be perfect. It's a pity he's not a weeb, which is strange for someone who tends to lock themselves inside for months at a time and binge watch TV. You think he would of hopped on some kind of anime bandwagon by now.

>We are just glad it's over with a comfy ending
Who's we?

In P4A they learn from the P3 cast they can do it in the real world too.

AI's don't have souls to become ghosts, she was a lingering effect of the NWP in Hajime's brain.

>not playing P3P and romancing Akihiko
You disappoint me

DR3 clearly showed that Munakata was a delusional waifufag.

Munakata trusts his BFFs too much. He wouldn't have let Naegi do that.

>AIs don't have souls

>Junko told Juzo to lie to Munakata, knowing he'll think Juzo as a RoD if Juzo told him she was innocent
>Junko set up Juzo getting stabbed by Munakata

Same reason that Juzo didn't send Munakata an anonymous letter saying that it was Junko.

Allow me to answer you, fellow Chisafag.

1. Munakata is portrayed to be a dumbass and oblivious to anything Chisa related because he trusts them too much
2. It'd be pretty hard to get Chisa to cooperate considering she was a member of the FF, if that got out the FF would be doomed.

user, how do you feel our girl essentially was an interesting character that got a bad end like Chiaki and her class doesn't even remember her?

I guess that makes sense, he's way too close to the situation to make the objectively correct conclusion
>everything about my waifu is suspicious
>I'm probably just imagining it, she would never do that

I bet you think gingers go to heaven and become ghosts too, idiot.

Even in the mostly 4th wall breaking ending monologue you can hear Naegi getting choked up at the end when he's meant to be sounding all hopeful about the future. I enjoyed how DR3 made him feel a little more human about all this stuff. He's just a physically weak, kind of small and very lucky kid that's somehow ended up being the champion of an entire ideology because he's got a really sunny outlook on life. Even he has his breaking point.
I meant that it wouldn't fit Naegi. Though I can't see Aoi wanting to be the rebound on that, or feeling anything but guilty about potentially moving in on her friend's turf.

Like garbage. She deserved better, and they could have asspulled her back to life for a shot at redemption

>Teruteru will never see his mother again since he's publicly declared he's alive and still operating as ultimate despair to the entire world.

His mom is almost certainly dead, user.

Kirigiri dying during Case 5 would have been great story wise. It would force Makoto into doing things on his own without Kirigiri there to guide him through it.

>not realizing the possibility he cooked his own mother to have the most delicious dish literally made with love for his mother

Why would they bother, Chisapal. Didn't you feel muh emotional connection to Class 77 trying to save a character they've had no interaction with. Fuck Chisa and Chiaki amirite? Fuck any payoff for Chisa am I right? She fucking died without ever getting cured of her Despair.

Why not both?


That's a boring road for his character to go down and I'm disappointing that they did it in DR2. Kirigiri continuing to be major force in DR1 with her own agenda and motivations was way more interesting.

I really hated Ryouta by the end. What a waste of space. They could've had Dr. Hopper as the final boss instead of Diet Dr. Hopper, they could've had Junko herself come back because fuck you, anything would have been better.

It's fun having a VN sort of thing with a strong and confident female presence that isn't just there to be an onahole for the MC. Steins;Gate also comes to mind in that regard.

Pretty much.
>we're going to show you this character a lot
>she's literally just a plot device with no payoff

Does anyone have a webm of hopeman saving manlet with a boulder?

Hopeman being himself and either going on some crazy adventures or interacting with the ex-RoDs. Anything goes really, just watching him on the screen is already a blessing.

naegi with 18 or 20 years (?) turn in headmaster of the new school? really?

I'd have taken Chisa being the mastermind over any of this shit. Yeah yeah I know she's essentially the true mastermind of Side: Future, but then a lot of things make sense if she was the mastermind. And then you'd also get that emotional connection with Class 77 considering they failed to save Chisa back in Side: Despair.

Ryouta should've early on, and his brainwashing techniques revealed as the series goes on.

Yeah who gives a fuck about Chisa. Fucking Sayaka clone, look, your favourite characters are live and well.

So how about that Killer Killer?

A joke.

how many years of difference are between the games and this 3rd season?

Well said. Ryouta felt like a half-assed version of Chisa, almost like they originally planned to have her be the final boss but decided that would be too Junko-like.

A year or 2 after DR1. A couple weeks, maybe a month or so after DR2.

i agree

I want to see the new adventures of 77th class but probably we will see Nagito spread the word of hope and maybe joining to the Warriors of Hope

He was already in it

That's my problem. A lot of it pointed to Chisa being the mastermind, and hell that would make the most sense. But it seems like towards the end they were like "HEY DOESN'T THIS FEEL LIKE DR1 AGAIN? QUICK PICK A CHARACTER THAT'S NOT CHISA TO BE THE MASTERMIND", and so Tengan was picked. And that opened it's own Can of Worms and thus any emotional ties for the climax was gone.

Hell if Tengan HAD to be the mastermind, I'd have accepted if Chisa latched on and hijacked his plan.

The first EP hinted what was gonna happen later.
Like Tengan being surprised with Mitarai being there, Kirigiri uspecting tengan and Mitarai looking at his phone every time.

It just looked so stupid because so few of them knew him. You just -know- who was supposed to be there originally.

It could have been Tengan and still been alright if they had shown more of him in Despair arc. All we got was him having a little chat with Hajime and deciding to leave to found the FF with Kizakura. Maybe make it so he was one of the people involved in Junko and Mukuro's scouting and this whole going overboard on hope is to make up for it.

Also had a lot of hints at Chisa being the mastermind. Like the throwing of the gas grenades.

Exactly, it came out of left field because it started to become too obvious.

Yeah he just opened up too many plot holes. So we got pandering instead.

>Also had a lot of hints at Chisa being the mastermind. Like the throwing of the gas grenades.
Tengan has more hints, the didn't change the mastermind.

That doesn't mean that Chisa wasn't originally the mastermind. It really feels like they shoved it in later. Ryouta could still have been relevant with his anime, kinda like Chihiro with his tech

I feel like Chisa had more. But hey, they were probably intending on her being the mastermind.

>Tengan being the one that scouted Mitarai, That was reveladed to be able to minhack later
>Being so calm about the situation
>Kirigiri suspect him
>He knew Juzo NG code
>Knew who was the "traitor"
>"I can't let the project go to waste"
Give up, Tengan was the mastermin since the start.

It was still stupid and I hated Diet Dr Hopper.