What will casca do once she's finally healed,do you think she'll be happy to let guts pursue griffith?

Will the party finally find out about what he sacrificed in order to obtain his so called "dream"

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will farnese have a metal breakdown before the witch does?


Casca will go to Falconia and become Griffith's mistress, obviously.

she will realize that being with Gutz is a mistake

I agree. She must be with the man she loves.

Let Berserk go back to grimdark levels of suffering again

I'm placing my bets on the story being moved forward by the moon child after Casca gets fixed. If anything, I think the story will end with the reincarnated Griffith losing his body to the moon child and Griffith will be revealed as Femto to Falconia.

but that defeats her entire character arc m8

did you forget she watched him slaughter all his friends

She won't want any part of Guts' plans for revenge.

>that image

I chuckled

Don't you guys get it? The fans are the ones suffering.

>Rickert is 19
Nigga has horrible baby face.

Miura truly is a genius

She will be the one who will be going after Griffith. He basically ruined her baby after all.

But Femto looks like Griffith with wings.

Except for the skin tight armor, the talon feet, his helmet actually being his face, and the lipstick.

>berserk by ariki

Chuckled hard

>Your face when she uses the green behelit egg that Guts has and becomes a succubus.

Another Berserk thread? Cool.

Modeling the berserker armor. Some Cred Forumsnons gave me some CC a few days ago, working on the helmet at the moment. I think it's improved by a fair bit.

You're welcome to shit on any detail you dislike about it, or any proportion that's wrong etc.

360 degree webms :

Before Cred Forums

After Cred Forums

I'm still not sure about the eye. Anyone has a panel with a clear shot of the helmet from the front?

Stockholm syndrome yo.

Looking good.
And I know a volume cover has a good front view of the helmet, I forget which one though.

She can't sacrifice Guts, I feel like Griffith already has "Dibs" on him, or if she tried she'd have to end up dead or it would in some way fail because she couldn't manage to make it stick.

So what then? The party? Possibly, she does like them, but that much? Are they truly what is most precious to her?

Her happiness and blissful ignorance? That seems like a light cost, but it's possible.


That would be truly ironic if he'd done so much and come so far and he was sacrificed so casually.

I almost feel like that last one isn't possible because he's unusually favored.

If anything it'll probably be the party but I doubt it somehow.

>Casca healed
>Guts had to sacrifice his sanity to cure her, he's basically vegetable Kamile 2.0
>Casca decides to reunite with Griffith and become his queen, cue people shaking their heads in disbelief, saying "Casca, what the fuck you doing you dumb hoe!"
>Casca and Griffith grow incredibly close, Casca has the group's Behelit
>Somehow does something to invoke an Eclipse to happen despite them not occurring once in a while, God Hand appear, offer Casca a position. Her desire for Griffith has become incredibly strong at this point so sacrifices him and becomes a God Hand
>Griffith basically dies like a bitch because of Casca's choice
>She uses her newfound God Hand powers to basically cure Guts
>They talk, reminiscence about things and how far they are willing to go for one another as they walk off into the sunset together
>Post end credit has the demon Griffith recruited who mentioned he would take his pretty head, just chilling in his nice comfy home, reading a book next to a roaring fireplace with Griffith's head displayed above like you would a deer

If anything, Slan and Griffith wouldn't allow Guts to die yet. Slan wants to have him be hers for a bit, and Griffith can't truly let go.

>People forgetting that Casca only shows affection towards Griffith now because he's physically her and Guts son.
Get rid of the human vessel, and she'll be horrified of him.

Actually hold on, what if Casca sacrifices Griffith's dream to have a kingdom after making it her dream too? I don't know how Behelits work anymore, it's been years since I actually read this. Though I see it panning out like that or similar.

If one feels truly strong about an ideal, they can sacrifice a concept for it. Like the Egg of the Perfect World "sacrificing" the old world.

So would you be able to sacrifice dreams like Griffith's kingdom if your desire is strong enough?

You're forgetting the part where she loved him enough to let go of Guts so she could stay with him. and she also kissed him back during the """""rape""""""

>Casca gets her memories back
>now hates Guts because he "abandoned" their son or some female bullshit

Depends. The God Hand might have only granted the Egg Apostles wish so he could help create Femto's vessel. They might not consider something like Griffith's kingdom acceptable since its his own dimension.
And your forgetting that if Griffith were more able to be a leader after the torture, Casca would have left with Guts. All that was keeping her there was pity.

Yeah, that's kind of my point with the first one. I feel like it wouldn't work because the "rules" about how it works and/or the Powers that Be having a valid claim would preclude it.

Griffith of course, is a sack of shit and deserves approximately nothing, but then look at how he got what he got. It's an exercise in perversity to give people like him power in the manner they hand out power that actively shits up the world even more than it already is and subjects it to the whims of total bastards when they become Apostles, or in his case, Godhand.

Which is totally intentional and shows how shitty that Universe is cosmology wise. It's like Ravenloft but worse. Ravenloft actually has rare, actually totally good Paladins and the like who are fighting an impossible battle and constantly tempted.

In Berserk at best, you use elemental magic to throw down with nasty stuff, and it has it's own risks. It's only real compensation is that at least it's not tainted by real malice, it's just elemental and primal, which is dangerous, but it's not EVIL. A lot of the power bandied around is actively evil. It comes from an evil source and promotes evil shit.

One of the volume covers eh? Alright I'll take a look thanks.

She can't really call him out on that since he couldn't even take care of the kid. Shit was impossible.

>speculating about the possible future intentions of a retarded girl

Whoever drew this, thank you!

>All that was keeping her there was pity.
Can you really say that? she never got over him, ever. Even after losing her virginity to Guts, she couldn't feel but feel jealous of Charlotte. She was divided, yes, but her heart never stopped belonging to Griffith.

Whoa, I didn't know one of Miuara's interns browsed the threads.

Was the old anime ahead of it's time?

Man what if those sketches from the berserk guidebook are actually the finished panels and the lowest level of Casca's subconscious just naturally looks like a fucking rough draft

Can't wait until Guts pays this fucker back for forcing him to cut his arm off.

She realized that she never truly loved Griffith, it was affection that turned into worship. She loved the idea of him and what he meant.
The rape was traumatic because she knew that he was only doing it out of spite. Remember, he tried to rape her before.
The rape was all for Guts. It was never to actually satisfy whatever urges Griffith had for Casca, it was all to show how in control he was.

>Black Knight dude killing several high ranking Apostles.
>Realize its that guy who's arm you ate.
>Suddenly shows up and makes direct eye contact with you.
How hard does he shit his pants.

Then how come she got jealous of Charlotte? Casca herself realised she was being a bad woman by having those feelings.
The rape was traumatic because it was rape. Besides, she had previously been raped by monster. Still, her body enjoyed it, she gasped, trembled and even came during it. Not to mention the fucking kiss she returned and the shameful "don't look at me" she said to Guts.
And no, the rape wasn't all for Guts. Just before the Eclipse you could get a glimpse of Griffith's dream where he and Casca had a life together. He wasn't against it, he found it peaceful, then he woke up.
Anyways, Griffith had been consumed by darkness by then and his actions weren't the actions of your avarage Griffith anymore. Femto was different, femto was fucking evil. Remember when Guts tried to rape Casca as well but he managed to control himself? Well, Griffith had been consumed by it completely. He was acting out of complete malice, but not directed at Guts only.

Posting drafts for the next chapter from a previous thread.

Slan's dead isn't she?

I remember way back when guts killed her in the pit's of the troll cave?

Here you go guys.

Killed a vessel she was using. She just fucked of back to her dimension.

I just realized.
Was Femto able to see into Guts past and see the rape that happened to him?
Would he have also raped Casca to remind Guts again of the first traumatic moment in his life?

She is going to wake up full of desire of revenge, a thing more deeper and rotten than what Gust has. He is often going to regret waking her up, but at the same time couldn't stop feel proud and admired for the fire in this Casca. Farnesse and Shierke would have a hard starting with this new Casca but will learn to love her.

Honestly, I can see a scene where, during a full moon, the Moon Child shows up and forces Femto to give him back his body. How horrific the process is is up to Miuara or whatever intern is drawing that week.

This. She's going to go full bitch mode with Guts and force him to help her get Griffith to relinquish their son's body.

All Guts slashed was some troll guts.

I wonder if the new anime is gonna get dubbed.
I mean, the bloopers that we would get would be great.

the original cast from 97's is doing the dub so it should be great but we'll see

I'm sure they'd be up for it. They didn't have to do the films but still did them anyways.

too real


Why the the original anime keep Guts' whole "Don't touch me" thing when it cut Donovan? To someone who starts with the anime it just seems like a dropped plotline.

Did the PV get anyone else hyped before we knew what was coming?

I did. The show looked great in that PV. I never thought I would see downgrades happen in anime and not just vidya.

It's like the guy who did the camerawork had a seizure.

Was Slan serious when she tried to get Guts to invoke the Sacrifice so that he could get enough power to kill Griffith? Does Femto just not get her as wet as Guts?

Nah, she just wanted him to go all Apostle so she could have a new boytoy.

I figured she just wanted to see what his reaction would be since she finds him so interesting.

I'd wager he'll show up as the spirit trees start burning

Would be cool if Slan has a big scar the next time she appears, to show that the Dragonslayer can even affect her astral body.

Both Guts and Casca are Griffith's sacrifices, so they can't sacrifice each other. Casca's insane self deeply cares for Farnese, but that's about it, and she may forget those times if she goes back to normal.

that's because he IS griffith with wings?

>Farnse and Schierke make it to the root of Casca's dreams
>See the Eclipse
>Realize she doesn't want to remember it and simply healing her retardation would leave her as a shell of her former self, as foreshadowed by SK
>Elf Queen appears, offers a third option
>Casca is cured of her retardation, but she also has all her memories erased so she's no longer haunted by the Eclipse
>Forgets Guts, Griffith, the Hawks, etc

Volume 31

How about she starts struggling like Guts is and faces up to reality? She has the brand too, so she'll never truly forget.

Schierke has already seen the eclipse though through Guts' eyes when he first dawns the armor and brings him back.

Slan is best girl and will win the Guts Bowl
Also imagine Farnese sacrificing Serpico because if Casca is Sane she'll have next to no purpose and Guts loves Casca so she also gets cucked

Now imagine Guts face in that page drawn with the current style

Fuck you, your censoring and your bullshit scans.

Literally git gud

Which girl will be reduced to a sex crazed shell of a person and be stuck inside the dream to be forever raped by Femto? Will it be Scheirke or Farnese?

that scan is ass, and what is that font?

I really want to see Schierke and Farnese's reaction to Casca's suppressed memories of the Eclipse. Who will breakdown first?

All three in the hot new upcoming doujin.

Schierke because she is a child.

You know who I wanna see again.


Danann, because she craves a dicking that none of her subjects could provide.

Casca is not healed but dies and Guts rage again towards Falconia

she heals and uses the behelit and guts has to kill her

Schierke. Farnese is already a bit crazy and has seen some shit. Farnese is also the closest to Casca so she will be pivotal here.

>all of season 2's 2d animation wasted on the teaser

that panel made me remember that Casca is at the mental level of a baby and made me sad.

She'll likely attempt to make Guts forgive Griffith. I highly doubt she will want to kill Griffith, not only because of their past relationship, but also because Casca may know who the moonlight boy is.

If the moonlight boy is the soul of their kid, split from the body that Griffith is possessing, that gives her even more reason to take revenge. Though, this all rests on whether or not Casca knew she was pregnant.

So, whos going to be the first person to die from Guts' current rpg party?

>implying Miura's capable of returning to his grimdark phase

A lot of anons seem to forget that Miura doesn't have the luxury to return Casca to anything other than a normal character with no suicidal tendencies or NTR fetishes. Even if you're gonna be detailed about it.

> Casca
> Unscarred
Yeah no.

She has no purpose anymore

Alternatively, Ishido


This is actually what will probably happen. That's only if Miura finds his dick and starts doing dark heavy shit again.

It looks shitty and you are terrible
You should stop now

Farnese is useful after learning magic, after all shes the one who entered the dream with schierke. And if she goes serpico would also leave.
I think its more likely theres some group split where at minimum schierke + guts stay together.

She didn't realize she never truly loved Griffith till after she saw him in his post torture state.


She never had the heart to tell him it was Over so she kept pretending to be retarded.

10% of good shots and the rest are garbage. That's how old Berserk anime looked like. And not to mention horrendous animation.


She will want to take revenge against Griffith but Guts will be against it.

Didn't say she wouldn't have scars, every character in Berserk has them, but 15 years traveling to Elfhell for nothing is going to piss people off even when they thought it was gonna happen all along.



He's going to become Judeau 2.0 and sacrifice+cuck himself to save Farnese.

>check if a new chapters come out after about 6 months
>fucking -3- chapters to read
>Drawing quality is horrendous
>Just when last chapter gets interesting

close to 20 years now, fuck this suffering

Kill yourselves.

oh hey looks like the moon child or whatever it is will be back

The next chapter should be feels heavy.

>Still, her body enjoyed it, she gasped, trembled and even came during it. Not to mention the fucking kiss she returned and the shameful "don't look at me"
Not rape by any definition.

Apparently females can have orgasms when raped, it's a physilogical reaction doesn't mean they want it by any means, but it's possible.

I never liked that faggot anyway.

and apparently yes means no and when they return the kiss it was literally patriarchy controlling her own body and mind

Here we go

>it's a physilogical reaction doesn't mean they want it by any means
Your body knows what you want and what you need more than you do.

Femto's a failed Rape Man. Casca stronk.

Kill yourself,you know nothing.

Nice argument femanon, maybe you should kys.

top fucking kek

can someone post the webm of the dudes all turning at the same time please

Why doesn't Miura just end it? He's 50 now unless he plans to retire at 60. He could live well off the royalties of the manga, anime and merch sales and play Idolmaster all day.

I had never fucking realized, the is not a battering ram without a face, those lumps in his back are his actual body

The story is basically his life's work, as a reactionary conservative artist. It's meant to excuse or explain Imperial Japan's excesses. Very simplified, it goes like this: the world itself is a kind of hell. And the only way to make it better was to bargain and deal in this kind of hellish evil. But, in so doing, they could have, if they were allowed, built a utopia. So, Falconia was the Empire they could have made, if not for America. It's a sort of fairy tail exploration of a world where this dream wasn't disrupted by Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It will be a sad one of course, I'm gonna be dissapointed, and they'll drag it on for so long till she gets her mind back.

> It's not rape if she cums
I bet you're the kind who thinks 12 year old girls should be married to 35yr old muslims as well.

So Guts is america? Fuckyar

>t. american teenager whos superior to everyone else in the world

For all the time he had in making these chapters it was stupid of me to think he had them done already

If I drug you and milk your prostate, it isn't rape because it felt good right?

>12 year old girls should be married to 35yr old muslims as well
No, waste of potential and good genes.
And I never implied it wasn't rape, because I know that it is not consensual, but women still enjoy it. Women are programmed to be this way, to receive pleasure from it, even if it's not consensual, they love barbarians.

Thats incorrect, because even males can retain an erection with out wanting it. Enough stimulous can make any one cum. Usually stimulating the prostate does it too.


Men are programmed to love it when a big hard cock penetrates their ass and tickles their inner g spot. Does this mean boys love barbarians as well?

Calm down, /r9k/.

No its still rape bruddah

>Does this mean boys love barbarians as well
>''well, you see, men have prostates which mean that they want to get fucked in the ass! That's their only purpose anyway!''
Not an argument.

> A is programmed for X
> B is also programmed for X
> Nuh uh B is different!

Sounded pretty sound to me, all guys want their butt filled with booty cream. It is science.

>all men are homo's

I think the point is to establish that sexual sensation isn't the same thing as consent and only a rapist can argue otherwise.

Still better than that CGI shit we got now. I'd rather have the whole manga done in the old anime style than this CLANK crap.

>Still, her body enjoyed it, she gasped, trembled and even came during it. Not to mention the fucking kiss she returned
You wot. When did she came or returned the kiss? Also, she was crying and asking him to stop the entire time he raped her.

The page after Casca tells Guts not to look, though on closer inspection it's actually Femto cumming acid. Fucker couldn't even last five minutes.

>The page after Casca tells Guts not to look
You mean page where he kisses her before opening her mouth with his finger? Keep in mind she does not have strength to resist - after he came, she collapsed and lost her consciousness. Look at her tongue - same position entire time

Wasn't she also telling Guts not to look? its been awhile since i read that part of the manga. If i remember she said something along the lines of " Don't look" it was fucking heartbreaking.

Yeah, it was very sad. Dammit Griffith

>Then how come she got jealous of Charlotte?
You don't have to be in love with a person to get jealous you know.

>And no, the rape wasn't all for Guts
Well of course it wasn't, the fact that he raped her infront of Guts was a way to show her actually how much control he had vs how little she had, and in what better way to show then to forcefully take her infront of her own lover.

>another hiatus
I guess it was about time I reread it for the 50th time

It's so fucked up, because it was also the last thing he saw with that eye. :'(

No, the page after he opens her mouth with his fingers. She never had any strength after the Apostles ate her sword, but she knew Griffith was responsible for the nightmare her and the others were in.

I want her back so that she can live up to Judeau and Pippin calling her the real leader of the Hawks.

You could also call the rape a sick "reward" for, in Griffith's mind, having the balls to take Guts away from him. That, and for falling in love with someone else, Griffith is letting her have what she wanted to begin with.

>That fucking eye contact Griffith has the whole time.
He never looked away.

Its the end. Casca convince Guts to live for ever happy in fairy land. Griffith has falconia now, so hi dream is over and he makes humans and apostiles live in harmony.
Perfect ending, they are all finally happy.

It could be, i'm not so sure i feel it was pure revenge on both of them. But i wouldn't put it past Griffith/femto to do that really, it seems like something he would do. He seemed pretty mad that Guts and Casca was about to go be with each other, while he was a crippled fuck.

Anyone have that page where crippled Griffith tried to get on top of Casca? I feel it kinda shows his jealousy.

>baka hentai, stop looking
>you're ruining the mood

Which is the best Volume? Looking to buy one.

Skully already said what Casca wants is contradict to Guts's wish, meaning she will forgive Griffith and maybe even fight Guts if he wants to harm him.

I messed up, sorry. Meant to type
>You mean page where he kisses her after opening her mouth with his finger

Skull knight has been wrong about almost everything since the tower of conviction went down


I think he meant that Casca prefers the state she's in now since she doesn't have to remember and deal with the past.

If this happened the butthurt generated by Cred Forums would be eternal

Miuara would probably get stabbed.

man the underground apostle city looks like a good time

>Guts is a broken emaciated dog
>Casca is dead weight dragging him down
bravo miura

>Casca goes full angry retard instead of happy retard
>still completely useless in a fight
>Guts job just got even harder

Not the lady who gets off to burning corpses, that's for sure.

Bullshit theory, just because they look the same doesn't mean they're the same character.

>She'll likely attempt to make Guts forgive Griffith
wew lad

That'd be funny as shit

Farnese is actually more useful than Casca because she's learning magic

Until you realize they can't even eat human meat. Shits gotta be boring after a while.

whatever you say user

Raging Spas Cas is in full capacity of her previous skills when given a sword, to the point that it gives Guts a raging boner.

Yeah, but Casca knows how to spoonfeed. Isn't that swell.

>dat tiddy
Damn, I miss when Miura could draw girls

I just noticed that she took them all out by slashing their throats.

>is in full capacity of her previous skills when given a sword
i.e. fucking nothing. She's currently the worst swordsman of the group next to Isidoro

user confirmed for speedreader. There are actually people who don't realize Guts is Cascafag number one, which makes reading Berserk following Lost Children a bit of a downer for those who couldn't give two shits about her.

>which makes reading Berserk following Lost Children a bit of a downer for those who couldn't give two shits about her
Yo. Seriously, I can't stand the bitch and wish she'd just die.

But it's abundantly clear she's a hindrance to the story, and that her being "cured" will only lead to more conflict, not resolution.

Slan is a great whore, she likes a real man like Guts and hates faggots like Griffith.


>her being "cured" will only lead to more conflict
>implying her dying won't lead to everyone else being killed off by the Beast

You're a bigger retard than her.

I think a sane Casca would end up with the berserker armor trying to get it away from Guts, she wouldn't stand to see him suffering more and more because of it.

I wonder what her helmet would look like. I always thought she'd look cool as a Black Swordswoman.

That would literally be Sasuke-Sakura tier

nice theory, maybe it can be true, because when griffith is spacing out talking with that ''god'' he tells him that everything that has happened in history is for the sole purpose of him becoming a god hand or some shit i don't remember

He turned Casca around to rape her in the same way WMN raped Guts, so it could be possible. Add the possibility of Casca knowing she was pregnant and we're going beyond fucked up here.

Do you think Griffith fucked Charlotte since his return? Would a kid like that be like Guts and Casca's?

I can wait for the elf queen to get raped in the dream eclipse.

Its obvious that Farnese has been in desperate need of Guts dick, what will she do if Caska returns and she still loves Guts

No he's saving his born again virginity for guts.


nah, griffith send out his apostles to kill one lonely old witch, why wouldn't he send his apostles to fuck up everything in elf island?

she has to come up and face the fucking reality

Casca can't be sacrificed again.

>yfw Farnese and Schierke are successful, with the experience making both of them truly confident with their powers
>Sane Caska is back and still loves Guts

whoa, i would actually enjoy that shit

The only patient Berserk user in existence.

silly, you made me spit my drink

Because he needed a shit load of apostle just to kill one senile old witch. So to destroy an island full of witch and other shits, he would need to wage a total wage with most of his army involved.

how do you not get b& for that?

Kill yourself newfag

What's this face supposed to convey?

Forbiden lust

sounds hot

that's the batman helm though. the "possessed" version looks much better

It really does.

>if Casca is Sane she'll have next to no purpose
wipe this meme from the face of the earth. even if casca is healed there is no way she will be pre-eclipse casca. and even if she is, farnese is an aspiring witch now

he was imagining to be fucking guts, that's why

>Kissing literal intestines
How come he didn't get a gastric illness?

>Casca gets healed
>all better, back to normal
>guts is beyond happy
>casca is also happy
>everyone's happy
>guts goes to kill griffith
>casca insists she goes too
>casca isn't accustomed to fighting apostles
>dies in battle

It really depends on what she sees in Casca's dreams. Whatever happens can make or break her character.

Farnese may end up moving on from Guts or her jealousy may increase tenfold and she'll try to sabatoge Casca and Guts being together.

>Casca will go to Falconia and become Griffith's mistress, obviously.
Unfortunately, this is the way it has to go down either by her own choice, or if The Flower Storm King botches her mind-healing process. Maybe TFSK will have to erase all memories of the Eclipse, and the last time Casca was sane was when she had decided to "stay and take care of a broken Griffith". Either way, what people fail to realize is that Berserk is actually a love triangle story:

Guts loves Casca--->Casca loves Griffith--->Griffith loves Guts

Griffith knows Guts is not gay, so the way to keep him "always his" was to keep him fighting at his side, and he always thought Casca and Guts hated each other. When Guts left Griffith, it destroyed him, and you could see the anger in his eyes when they rescued him from the dungeon, and he realized Guts and Casca had gotten together. Griffith raped Casca during the eclipse as revenge on Guts for Choosing Casca over him. Now Casca has to complete the circle and run back to Griffith. She's always been ok with belonging to Griffith. Even when she heard him say he didn't respect anyone who wasn't his equal, she was ok with that, and didn't go with Guts when Guts left Griffith. The most logical outcome is that she will be ok with what Griffith did (the sacrifice), and she will run back to him to serve him once again as Griffith's lapdog.

When this does come to pass, at least Guts will be free to follow his own path, and hopefully maybe even get together with someon who will actually fully reciprocate his love. If you recall, Casca always called him a fool for always putting himself in harm's way for her. It was a toxic relationship anyway.

One thing is for sure: Everyone is going to hate Casca to death.

cascas brain holds some magical piece of knowledge needed to bring griffith down

>Griffith loves Guts
pic is proof

>you could see the anger in his eyes when they rescued him from the dungeon, and he realized Guts and Casca had gotten together
pic is proof


Even Casca's rape scene was gay as fuck.

>this is the way it has to go down
Griffith will also sacrifice all of Falconia (his current only dear thing to him) to the God Hand to save his own ass when Guts finally catches up with him. This will complete the circle of that place, since it's the same unearthed kingdom that Void (could be Conrad too) sacrificed before to become one of the Godhand, which also created the spurned Skull Knight

His words actually make sense, user.

It's an established fact that Casca is Griffith's bitch and will always be. Guts's fate is to be betrayed for eternity.

Why would a Godhand member sacrifice anything? For power? Power granted by who?

>The most logical outcome is that she will be ok with what Griffith did (the sacrifice)
i really doubt this but she will probably "forget" just to be on his side
someone is going to sacrifice falconia for certain. besides, it's unlikely the godhand can give power to someone to become another godhand. the power is probably drawn from the idea of evil

Griffith is now in human form. He has to abide by the rules and sacrifice something precious to him if he wants assistance from the rest of the Godhand. They're very strict about rules. Also, they all come from that same sin, so I can imagine it would be to their delight to watch Griffith sacrifice his dream to save himself from being swallowed by the soul vortex. If you look at pictures of Falconia, that broken temple with all the corpses is the same place, and berserk is all about recurring themes

>Griffith is now in human form. He has to abide by the rules and sacrifice something precious to him if he wants assistance from the rest of the Godhand.
That's simply not true at all, he changed into Femto and back into his human self in Volume 34 without sacrificing anything

They would use a behelit if they're ever in a tough spot, just like when the Count used one. This was fairly early in the manga, so it could have possibly been some kind of foreshadowing?

Does Griffith even have a behelit anymore? Or is he going to use Guts's if he were to sacrifice Falconia?

>Griffith can change into Femto and back to human form any time he wants
I don't know where you're getting that. Griffith is bound to that human form right now. That event is no simple feat. Events like that happen only once every 216 years. They can't just go around getting new permanent bodies any time they please. The time Slan used pig intestines was merely a manifestation, it wasn't a permanent host as is now Griffith's body, which required the Egg of The World and a mocked eclipse to come to pass. It's in the wikia

Does Femto even exist anymore?

are you not reading the manga right?

He clearly turned into his Femto form right before Falconia became a thing. Didn't sacrifice anything, human form to femto, just like that.

But Schierke has already seen the Eclipse. Don't remember the chapter but definitely has seen it.

i think she only caught short glimpses

>could have possibly been some kind of foreshadowing?
Same thing is going to happen with Griffith, and the only thing Griffith has now to sacrifice is Falconia itself, and Falconia is pretty much the same kingdom sacrificed when a previous God Hand was created. Skull Knight is King Gaiseric, the founder of the first Windham (the one that got sacrificed)

He changed into Femto when Skully fucked everything up.

Yeah, except it's reversed this time: back then, the outcast sacrificed the kingdom and now the king is going to do it.

>He clearly turned into his Femto form right before Falconia became a thing
show me

>are you not reading the manga right?
I'm pretty sure I am. You on the other hand...

>It's an established fact that Casca is Griffith's bitch and will always be
That's just not true. She stopped being his bitch when Guts left. Maybe even before that.

Look, they can't just change any time they want. It takes very specific events. During the eclipse event, Griffith sacrificed the band of the hawk to become Femto. Some time later, Griffith became human again during the mocked eclipse event at the tower of conviction. He can't just turn into Femto and back again to human any time he wants. It takes very specific events that require LARGE sacrifices for members of the God Hand to achieve this process.

Do you understand now he's currently stuck in his human form? He has demonic qualities, as obvious by the time Casca got close to him and her sacrifice wound began to bleed profusely, but if Griffith dies in that form right now, he'll be casted out of this reality and back to that dimension where the God Hand lives, that's why he cannot afford to get killed in his current human form

She still didn't leave with Guts. She's bound to Griffith, user... it's a hard truth to swallow, but it's just a main theme of the story, and Berserk is all about recurring themes

>not reading the manga

nigga, read the fucking manga before discussing it

>we are a few chapters from seeing Caska sane again

I'm really excited. Of course I have my preferences regarding her reactions but damn, i want her back. It's been so long

>Berserk is all about recurring themes
Picture is proof. Even Guts does this shit without realizing it. Remember how Gambino treated him like he was cursed and at the end wanted him dead? Guts did the same thing with his own kid

He literally turns into Femto when he kills Ganishka and fuses the Astral and Physical realms.

It's going to get haitus'd again as soon as she is fixed. Calling it now.

shisu was nearly deranged too. and gambino ended up losing a limb later

That's an image of the Eclipse when Femto was created and the band of the hawk was sacrificed. It doesn't mean Griffith can turn into Femto any time he wants. You're just confused..

Guts's child was literally tainted with evil, though


Okay, now i feel stupid. She basically says, even though she falling in love with Guts she is still going to sacrifice herself for Griffith.
Yeah, but she thought about leaving with Guts! Only to ask him leave alone because Griffith was crippled. Dammit. I still hope she's not going to join Griffith after everything he's done
Nope, it's from Falcon of the Millennium Empire arc

I'd be so happy if Casca turned out like this after dream therapy. I like the idea of her carrying around a couple swords.

not that user but, here he is at the top

and here he is immediately after

>Riding Zodd to the top of Ganishka's tree form
>Changing into Femto then fucking the world up
Griffith was pretty based during that arc.

>I still hope she's not going to join Griffith after everything he's done
She'll probably stay with her child, even if he only appears once a month.

>and she still loves Guts
That's a funny way of saying wants to slobber all over Griffith's demon dong, user

btw, to the user that had said a few threads earlier that he hadn't seen any blood on ganishka's behelit. in case you haven't checked it yet
>gut's bigass sword on the hill
nice touch
it wasn't actually evil though. guts only saw it as such
nigga, see . also, are you fucking blind? can you not see shiva's faces all over the place? besides, during femto's birth zodd was only guarding the entrance, he wasn't inside the vortex with the rest. just stop man, you're only making a fool of yourself

>Boob plate

All of this could have been averted with a threesome

>nigga, read the fucking manga before discussing it
Even Griffith tells you that's a temporal junction point, user

Griffith can transform whenever he wants, what was established during the Falconia chapter was that himself and the Godhand did not have a physical form to o to realm to realm

What made Griffith different was the demon child, that granted him a form

As soon as the realms merged, everyone including the god hand has a physical form

It's very simple. Right now Guts is a cuck. And the only way Guts stops being a cuck is for the objects of his cucketry, namely Casca and Griffith to disappear. Guts will kill Griffith, or Griffith will kill Guts, so that's not a problem.

In order for Guts to stop being a cuck, either Casca has to die or she has to do something to stop him from loving her.

is this Guts and Casca switching places?

>didn't draw retard Guts
Opportunity wasted.

there is no sacrifice going on, though. which is what you claimed. you're just full of shit
guts wouldn't go retard though

>ShindoL will never draw a doujin where Femto rapes Guts in front of Casca
Why live?

>Okay, now i feel stupid. She basically says, even though she falling in love with Guts she is still going to sacrifice herself for Griffith.

Yes, but she also says that the reason she would do this is out of pure principle, because she didn't want to acknowledge that the past her might have been a foolish idiot. In other words, she only reason she stuck to Griffith was out of pure pride, not love.

It's problematic if we consider how Casca became a sacrifice to Femto and to forever be a mistress to a demonic god.

What can Guts do? What can he think, when he's alone in the night, thinking of ways of Griffith coming back to take her away? That's his biggest fear. The main chain that keeps him awake at night. He still remembers the eclipse, Femto, that thing, he remembers.

And Griffith would do it again if he knew where Gasca was.

Reminder that Casca was raped by other apostles before Femto had her

Why are people saying Griffith will sacrifice anything? If he does, for what, he already has GodHand power

More tentacles/Femto would do it.

He almost did lose his grip when they made sweet consensual love with Casca and he remembered his first time with wise magical negro & his adoptive dad.

So he can have even more God Hand power
Griffith is all about control, after all

Didn't reach that point, mostly because that cunt of a Femto called dibs on her. The count gave her to him. Either way, we'll see more of her mind in upcoming chapters.

It was personal training.

not true, it was close though

>there is no sacrifice going on, though. which is what you claimed. you're just full of shit
See this? It's the Skull Knight making his way into a temporal junction, same way he made his way into the eclipse event when he rescued Guts and Casca. Femto can manifest himself in such a place

So he can become God himself or something. Griffith is all about soaring to ever greater heights, even though he's already accomplished his dream. Also because Falconia needs to get fucked somehow to fulfill the prophecy and right now it's shaping up to being the biggest Eclipse event ever.

I dont think that can happen, the closest I think that can happen is something like right before Guts kills him, he uses a behleit

New Godhand member only happen every 200 years so yeah

Even other members of the god hand comment on how anything is possible during temporal junctions, that's why Skull Knight chooses to attack them during such events

>New Godhand member only happen every 200 years so yeah
Time flows differently in Elfhelm.

I cant find the chapter in which he states he swallows bheleits


Not that user, but you may have something here

I still dont believe he gave up his form, he just didnt have a physical form until Falconia was made

They were merely on top of Shiva. The "temporal junction" term is made up to point out events were anything can happen as they are not decided by the Idea of Evil (inb4 not canon).
But it doesn't matter since there is STILL NO SACRIFICE.

You don't need to. In one of the last episodes of the shitty CLANG CGI anime he eats one he finds in the Egg Apostle's lair

Which begs the question: why didn't he just eat the one Guts has? Thing's obviously going to cause a problem later

Hey user, can I eat your behelit?

The Skull Knight has a habit of ruining everything

>why didn't he just eat the one Guts has?
either he doesnt know, which is unlikely or he recognizes that Guts maybe the current owner and similarly like what Zodd said about Griffith

This is hinted at from Flora

Do you remember how all of the god hand could interact with members of the band of the hawk during the eclipse when they were sacrificed? It's the same shit. It's another temporal junction. Also, it's not just a "term", it's a specific place where both dimensions intertwine with each other and anything is possible, thus why Skull Knight only attacks the God Hand at such places, which he had just done (tried to attack Griffith)

Stop being a retard.

When are we getting a Rickert chapter?

And? There is still no sacrifice made so Griffith could change into Femto, you're still wrong.
Also, there isn't 2 dimensions, there are 3 and they are multi-layered,the God Hand being on the deepest level.

One of the male witches in elfheim mentioned that the spirit trees they had were limiting the full extend of the world tree

So casca getting healed only for her to come out of the never ending eclipse to find all the apostles invading elfheim and being re-retarded is my guess for what's gonna happen.

You realise that makes Griffith the yandere, right?

That would be hilarious, but yeah, Elfhelm is gonna get fucked

>I still dont believe he gave up his form
Griffith didn't. He can still be Femto in that dimension where The God Hand lives, but he can't just become Femto in this reality. He was only able to do so momentarily because he was in a temporal junction. I'm pretty certain Skull Knight could've attacked him at any other time otherwise, but he chooses those specific times (temporal junctions) to try to kill the god hand in their real form to make sure he kills them permanently. So far he's always failed though

I expected it to cause them trouble in the future when he didn't kill it. Was surprised when it ended up helping them.

we had a few already, but you're right, I would want to see him again

his adventures in Falconia was neato

Ok, I guess the term "Temporal Junction" is lost on you, or you simply don't get it.

Anyway, what's the extent of Femto's power? Can he see the future or something?


how come there isnt a threesome hentai manga of guts pounding griffith till he goes unconscious, then casca and afterwards the three of them live happily ever after


>Can he see the future or something?

Possible futures, pasts, other versions of himself, other guts, other cascas. A version where he's stuck in a japanese manga....who knows?

Well then he REALLY fucked up because since the falconia chapter, they can use their form whenever they want

And it was all his fault, I guess he has unlimited chances to kill them now

I mean Femto took his strike, manipulated it like it was string and placed it at the tree, JAPED

>shisu was nearly deranged too. and gambino ended up losing a limb later
this is a great observation

Like father like son, they're just both misunderstood. Gut's son has it even worse though, his body stolen by the same asshole who mangled him, and now he lives suppressed by that same entity

that chapter was so damn good

I really like his face here when showing the badge

>and now he lives suppressed by that same entity

Actually, Guts son = Griffith's vessel to hang around with Casca.

Yes, Griffith is THAT kind of a dick.

Look up the word "temporal", numbnuts

>since the falconia chapter, they can use their form whenever they want
Maybe they can now, but even that's not certain. I haven't seen them manifest themselves in their demonic form in this reality, at non-temporal events, ever

it doesn't matter. you claimed femto needed a sacrifice to appear. which plain wrong. you're just trying to move the goalposts

You're right, no one has done it yet

It's Griffith's realm and he hasnt done it, I'm guessing he doesnt care to do so right at the moment

The other members of the GodHand probably dont give a shit

I understand that the realms merged and the GodHand has a psysical form now, but geographically I wonder where are they in the world?

Like, can you stumble into this while walking to get milk?

So Griffith only had to sacrifice something once in order to become Femto whenever he wants? So I was right?

Temporal junctions can be created by the Behelits too, and the god hand is able to manifest itself at those specific places and interact with people. Ganishka had become something else in that place where he was. He wasn't human or a even an apostle at that moment. He was like in-between worlds, the same way Behelits exist and open doorways, that's why when he was slashed by Skull Knight, it opened a rift between both dimensions. Guts has been killing Apostles and that never happened before, that's proof that it was no ordinary place, and it was in fact, a temporal junction where Femto was able to manifest his true form.

Here you can see Skull Knight slashing his way into that temporal junction

So why wasn't a sacrifice necessary? What is your proof to say that Griffith needs a sacrifice to transform into Femto, when you were shown wrong? I know you're just baiting but fuck you, people are gonna start agreeing with your lying ass

>Like, can you stumble into this while walking to get milk?
Yeah. Everything but Falconia is a hellhole, quite literally.

Isn't there supposed to be a timeskip when guts party finally gets off elf island? What do you think would happen?

interesting, wonder what Void's area looks like, a building of brains? or in the case of Slan, just a huge orgy?

If it's a hellhole then it's the nicest hellhole I've ever seen.

Yeah I forgot about the time progression, I'd like to think 200 years will be passed and a new member of the godhand can be made or something retarded like that

There needs to be a little spike/edge/line/cliff or w/e you call it between the end of the original skull helmet and the start of the dog maxilla.

>So why wasn't a sacrifice necessary?
The same way behelits don't need a sacrifice in order to create a TEMPORARY place for the god hand to interact with people. What happened to Ganishka was special. He wasn't a normal Apostle. He was kind of like another egg of the world, and when he was slashed it opened a rift between both realities. Ganishka probably exists now as a mindless entity, similar to Casca

Folks, I've just come to a realization.
>Guts learns that Casca might be salvageable
>Miura takes a break
>Gang finally on the boat on their way to save Casca
>Miura takes a longer break
>About to get to island after a month or so on the boat
>Miura taking years to showcase this
>Release format/time changes a bit
>Focus stays on Guts' crew for a consistent amount of chapters
>Crew finally gets to Elfhem
>They learn time moves slower on the island
>Berserk goes on 5-6 hiatus

What if Miura went on hiatus to simulate what time is moving like for the spectators inside the Berserk universe. When the manga returns only a matter of days will have passed for the gang on the island, but for us reading it'll be months, and for those outside of Fantasia it may be months or years even.

Miura is making POTTERY

When he transforms into Femto at a non-temporal spot, like when he's taking a piss or having breakfast, then you will be right, ok? Until then, you're wrong

None, okay so let's go over this slowly for speedreaders:

Griffith opens an interstitial area between the material and astral planes by dropping blood on his crimson behelit.

Griffith sacrifices the band of the hawk in that interstitial realm and becomes femto and is reborn on the astral plane.

Femto is a member of the god hand who cannot exist on the mortal realm except via proxies they form out of material on the mortal realm. No amount of sacrifices that they make (even if they had any) can overcome this barrier to the god hand.

0-followers-kun then sacrificed himself to rebirth both griffith and the moon child in the mortal realm using his body.

This allowed Femto to exist in human form on the material plane.

In the interstice atop shiva's head, griffith can exist as his true seeming and use the full power of Femto because the astral plane and mortal plane overlap there.

Then the world tree was created out of shiva, expanding that interstice to encompase most of the world, so there is now nothing stopping the god hand materialising in the real world.

>If it's a hellhole then it's the nicest hellhole I've ever seen.
I'm pretty sure King Gaiseric's people felt the same way as well.. before it all went to hell


>there is now nothing stopping the god hand materialising in the real world.
Materializing temporarily yeah, but not in permanent forms. You'd imagine Slan of all bitches would be going around butchering everyone and skullfucking their corpses just because she's into that sort of thing, yet we haven't seen any of the other god hand around in permanent bodies yet, meanwhile Griffith is stuck inside Guts and Casca's' son's body. I don't think he can just change into Femto out of the blue while striding around, otherwise he would've done it already

Griffith can change between his human form and Femto at will just like literally every other fucking apostle we see. One moment they're riding around in armor, the next they're giant beasts. Why do people feel the need to come up with these elaborate explanations for their head-canon? LOL.

> just like literally every other fucking apostle we see. One moment they're riding around in armor, the next they're giant beasts
Those are their actual bodies though. Femto is like a spirit possessing Guts' and Casca's son, the same way Slan gathered up a bunch of troll intestines and manipulated and possessed them


Realistic outcome of all this:

>Loli witch and what'sherface manage to heal Caska but both becoem traumatized by the experience
>Caska ois no longer retarded but she is still completely traumatized
>she rages, she cries she freaks out she is a complete mess
>says something (maybe not on purpose) that completly breaks Guts' heart
>then she commits sodoku

Thoughts ?

Everyone gets raped.

W-what does she have in her mouth on the left ?

Griffith has already shown his ability to control dreams, and also affect people physically in them (zodds horn). He will probably notice farnese, loli witch and elf queen in casca's memory/dream of his rebirth and try to trap or kill the elf queen in the dream plane.

Femto's tongue.

Oh good. I thought it was something else

oh shit, this makes that images 10 times better

Never noticed she had a behelit on her sword. What the fuck has this Casca been up to?

Casca wouldn't last past the first apostle Guts' killed.

Casca either committing suicide or staying on the island both seem like very plausible outcomes. I don't think she could manage to become a major character again.

what's this sauce?

>Casca got so retarded she sees dicks with wings in her deepest dreams

why all the nonstop hiatus?

It's amazing how quickly that gif brought me back to that first time I read the manga and all that rage.

Add the God Hand back tracing her dreams and using them to get to Elfhelm to fuck shit up and you've got good ol' fashioned Berserk

Guts should just ditch the brown retard and fuck Slan.

shell chase after griffith and guts will rebound with the loli witch

>People think Casca will go back to Griffith after he murdered basically her family for his own selfish goals.

I feel like I'm on /r9k/. Even if her memory is gone it's not like Guts won't immediately tell her and show his horribly mangled body as proof.

>First time they fuck Guts has rape trauma and grabs Casca's throat, choking her
>casca about to get raped, has trauma
>slashes out her attackers throats, reminding Guts of his first first time with her
>perfect illustration of Guts's longing to reclaim the intimacy they once shared
>all in three pages
Bravo Miura

Is this the single most hype "oh fuck shit just went down" page of the manga?

Looking sick dude!
Can't wait to see the end result.

Are you going to make this as a papercraft set as a base for cosplay armor too?

do you think a rancor comes out at the end to eat all of the demons

Is Grunbeld stronger than Zodd?

Am I alone in feeling like Casca should just fuck off at this point? I mean, if she recovers her faculties that just weakens or otherwise cheapens the events of the eclipse imo.

I liked her in the golden age but she's served as nothing but a major pain in the ass since then.

I think so. He's definitely more durable. However Zodd is a much better character

This shit is so stupid. Apostles used to be terrifying and mysterious. Now there designs are fucked and they are way less menacing.

That Apostle (Borkoff) first showed up during the Eclipse.

I don't think so, I think Zodd is probably the strongest apostle after the emperor of Kushan. My reasoning behind this is that Guts was able to defeat Grunbeld. Skull Knight has a rivalry with Zodd but neither has been able to kill the other and Skull Knight is more powerful than Guts seeing as he's usually the one to save his ass.

No, I want her gone as well. She hasn't been sane for 20 years, it's too late to start now.


Did no one fuck read this manga? Did they stop reading it? Well, I couldn't exactly blame them stopping but they'd have to have stopped a dog's age ago to miss that Guts gave up on revenge. That is, in fact, the entire point of this trip. He gave up on being fueled by revenge and vowed to protect Casca instead. Yes, he's not COMPLETELY healed or anything, but his Black Swordsman days are far behind him.

If anyone's going to pursue vengeance, it's going to be Casca.


I wonder if Guts will ever get revenge on that guy for forcing him to amputate his arm

What is this, a picture for elves?

Guts didn't defeat Grunbeld, he only scratched his face a bit.
Of course he does, are you for real? He just realises that in doing so he'd completely abandon casca for the third time. Even the trip to Elfhelm was originally to keep her safe from the ghouls since the magical cave in Godo's mine was destroyed in Guts' fight with Zodd.

>Guts was able to defeat Grunbeld
He was able to wound him. We don't really know whether he would have survived if the witch's spirit didn't intervene though.

>Of course he does, are you for real?
If he wanted to he'd do it, and he did. He gave up. Really, honestly, have you been reading this manga?

Guts still possesses rage, hatred, and anger, but he has quite literally locked it away.

Cuckadoodledoo for sure

Did it work?

I think it's just a matter of priorities to him right now. Once Casca is healed (or not) he will focus again on his revenge.
There's no way he would be like "oh well, fucking griffith, but what can I do, I'll just fuck off with my waifu and pretend this never happened".

It's completely stupid. All that infinite hatred won't go away until either or both of them are dead.

It did!

>be peasant in the slums of Falconia
>going to get milk
>turn a corner
>holy shit there's Slan!
>Slan gives you the once-over
>decides she likes the look of you
>summons a pack of trolls to help her out
>they all start approaching you
what do?

Exactly, locked away because revenge is not his immediate goal. He still wants it though, just not at the peril of the remnants of his past

with the green behelit casca cannot sacrifice guts bcos he's already apart of another sacrifice

it actually just cannot happen unless miura pulls some meme magic

Rape the trolls, kill Slan, marry Griffith, reign supreme

it looks like you will get a different type of milk

>There's no way he would be like "oh well, fucking griffith, but what can I do, I'll just fuck off with my waifu and pretend this never happened".
That's pretty much what he swore to do.

That's what he plans to do as well.

I've always thought it was obvious given Casca's brief bought of "sanity" (in which she murdered the shit out of some dude), Skull Knight's "what she desires might not be what you desire", and sane Casca's regular incredible passions and desires (she was always highly emotional) it was probably the case that when she regained sanity she, not Guts, would want to go after Griffith. After all, unlike Guts she hasn't had a bunch of healing scenes and a load of time to put the hate away and try to move on. To Casca, that shit happened moments ago.

To me, it's obvious that SHE'LL try to go and Guts will be wrapped up in it. Guts already tried to fight Griffith and all it got him was more misery and the near-loss of the last thing on Earth that was important to him. Guts, for all his talk about how swinging a sword is all he can do, is not a static character and has gone through a lot of change and development. It pisses me off when people ignore it for those moments where he shouted GRIFFIIIIIIIIIIIIITH. Those moments were literally years ago.

at least Slan will ensure that the troll rape feels good, r-right?

>out of some dude
dudes*, plural

cascafags are the worst

I once had a cascafag outline the several ways in which her replacing guts as lead character in the story would be a GOOD THING.

it was awful, that dude was a fuckin waifulover in the worst way.

these people exist???



Zodd seems to be able to stand up to the them, at least. He mentions how going against apostles doesn't satisfy him, but it could be that he just doesn't like it.

>Farnese and Shierke are about to go to Casca's memory of the eclipse
>2 young girls in demon rape central
This can't end well

noy a cascafag but, I wouldnt think it would be a good thing but I think it would be interesting, the thought never went unto my head until I saw this []

slan would be still interested

Hahahahahahahahahah How The Fuck Is Demon Rape Real Hahahahaha Farnese Just Exist The Dream Like Farnese It's Not Real Haha

Part of the astral world/=not real
Especially now that the worlds have merged. I bet Ubik will notice them and the godhand will use them as conduit to invade elfhelm

That horse and coffin better look fucking cool in the final product

I thought that they were just entering her subconscious, not entering the actual astral plane

They are entering her dreams, which are stated to be part of the astral world

nigga she wont even be able to get close and avoid unbearable pain because of her brand

shes the only reason guts has not went insane you dumb faggot

Serpico and Farnese are pretty much the only ones who COULD die and Berserk isn't that type of manga, so they won't.

Character death for major characters has, if I remember right, only happened once in Berserk. Sure it was in a very big way, but it was only that one time.

>If anyone's going to pursue vengeance, it's going to be Casca.
>a woman taking charge in Berserk
You're a funny guy, user. Something terrible will happen to Casca that reignites Guts' desire to kill Griffith.

she gets off on suffering, it'd be her wet dream user

Waifufaggotry is a powerful drug, user. However, it's even more pathetic to waifu someone's trashy thirds. Casca is garbage.

>>a woman taking charge in Berserk
Are you kidding me?

Remember just before the Eclipse? Also, the entirety of Golden Age. Casca was a leader. She ended up with an in-shambles group after Griffith fucked up but she was one of Griffith's most prized commanders.

And there's no reason to believe Guts wouldn't want to go after Casca if she decided to fuck off. Casca pretty much always made the decisions in their relationship/he wouldn't want to defy her anyway.

>Something terrible will happen to Casca
On Elfheim? No.

>Casca was a leader


My point stands. Women aren't shit but bitches and troll rape fodder.

The story followed Guts. You didn't see anyone other than him and Grifith leading for the most part.

Plus, you're wrong because she's the only reason the band wasn't wiped out instantly and in case you forgot behind your lame sense of humor, we quite literally saw her leading them in that moment.

>actually being this delusional

wew lad

You said it yourself: the story follows Guts. Casca is nothing more than a plot device, and that isn't suddenly going to change.

he just did an interview where he said he wants to write berserk into his 90s

>>wew lad
Christ, nignog; just fuck off.

I know that. I'm talking about all the apostles living in some fuckin hippie commune and battling in arenas like it's a fucking baseball game.

I'd really like for this to happen, id even be cool with a spinoff with casca as the black swordsman

Literally, literally the only reason she wanted to stay with Griffith is since he was a cripple and nobody wanted to deal with him. She told Guts to go because he made a really big deal about finding his own purpose, and that purpose would definitely not be being Griffith's nurse.

I'm beginning to wonder if people read this series, or "read" it, since they seem to miss a whole fucking lot.

>only this
>not even the bucket splash down
>no fucking the Princess while thinking of Guts
>no raping Casca while looking into Guts's eyes

People just seem to forget, hell I haven't read berserk in a long while and even I remember that scene including griffiths pathetic attempt to rape her in the caravan

>sword that has constantly drenched in the fluids of the otherworldly that it exists in both planes
Would you consider the sword infused with dark power making it stronger or something that makes immortals, mortal?

Stronger, since the sword hasn't actually changed its just now able to hit them and do real damage.

Im trying to come up with the analogy of guts sword is now able to just break into thier house and wreck they're shit but im at a loss for the right words

I was always under the impression that he "hatched" from the Egg of the King.

Probably because that's what happened.

I don't know how God Hands work after they become God Hands, though.

He showed up to "fight" (read: "trample") Ganishka and embarrass Skull Knight.

who was the least evil Apostle?

It troubled Guts psychologically, but that's about it.

Conrad or slan

Zodd is the least evil because he doesn't rape and eat people for fun. He also was only considered a legend until he showed up to wreck the hawks, so he isn't constantly waging war even though it's what he wants.

>mother of all rape monsters
>not evil
I bet you think the troll rape victims were enjoying themselves, huh?

Irvine seems like a nice guy

what's Conrad's "job" within the Godhand, anyway?

I forget and was running on memory of what they actually did, forgive me user

He's Ubik's BFF
Besides that he spreads plagues and sickness


actually weren't there a few panels where the trolls had mindbroken some of their captives into liking it? It's been a while since I read the manga all the way

what does Ubik do, again?


Fuck with people's heads for fun

Anime only babbies couldn't handle something like that. The fact that the black swordsman is also a BLACKED swordsman would ruin it for them.

>and also affect people physically in them (zodds horn).
Holy fuck I forgot this. Elf futa better protect Farnese and Schierke.

Also what if the reason Casca is so mindbroken is because Griffith regularly rapes Casca in her dreams?

Holy shit you are one dumb motherfucker

Griffith = Femto

He doesn't need to transform, that's his true form, his human flesh is just a physical vessel by which Femto travels the material plane, he exists in both simultaneously. Arrows not being able to hit you and apostles being drawn to you aren't human traits, that's the power of being a demon lord. Did you all read the manga this week? Jesus.

Irvine. I'd say Grunbeld and Zodd aren't completely evil either. More like borderline evil.

Dude wtf

>all these people saying Irvine isn't evil just because he doesn't act like the rest of the apostles

Come on. For all you know, he was personally responsible for genociding over 6 million Vandimion bankers.

you all only think that Irvine is nice because you never got to see all the evil shit he does on a day-to-day basis as an Apostle. Just you wait.

Oy vey that would make irvine even better

Irvine definitely seems like the kind of guy whose hand was forced when he became an apostle ala the demon king

Skull knight? Zodd?

>skull knight

Him and Void both fuck with people's minds, they did it to Griffith during the eclipse

isnt he like half or something?

>it actually just cannot happen unless miura pulls some meme magic


God damn, I remember his introduction was SOOOO fucking cool

who is the most evil apostle?

He was most likely supposed to be one of Void's sacrifices back when Void was probably the old sage that Schierke's teacher talks about. He got locked up and tortured by King Gaiseric for unknown reasons before he apparently summoned the god hand (who shouldn't have existed at this point). Skull Knight's probably the very same King Gaiseric, and I'd postulate he gave up his body so he could hunt the Godhand without being detected by them through his brand.

how can Guts possibly kill him?

He swings his sword REEEEAALLYY HARD!

Void didn't summon the Godhand, it didn't exist before him. He probably somehow summoned the idea of evil itself. He was most likely locked up in the first place for being a devil worshiper

I'm going to recant on this being the most likely scenario considering I just came up with it this week

Berserker Armor

I think you are correct, but he didnt summon the godhand, but the idea of evil

i wonder if Guts bites them while in berserk mode those like the blood splash in his face or something or does it like have a blood filter built in

It's mentioned somewhere that 4 angels came down to Earth. I know they shouldn't exist, I'm going to try to find the panel I'm thinking of.

Guts can dodge really fast. I mean he caught those throwing anuses with his fingers when Silat threw them at him.

>they should'nt exist

Maybe they get renewed?

>since it's the same unearthed kingdom that Void (could be Conrad too) sacrificed before to become one of the Godhand
where was this said? i don't remember anything like it but it wouild be cool if its true.

>what is Puck
>what is Guts' humanity

He already beat one of the members of neo band of the hawk, remember?


It's the chapter where charlotte is leading the hawks down to Griffith's cell. Yadda yadda "four angels" bla bla "wasn't it five?" Volume 10-11, can't remember. Probably 10

I should re read this

Serpico will never do anything again will he?

>implying Guts can forgive Griffith just because he almost lost Casca when he pursued him
Sure, you could argue Guts would prioritize Casca's health. But you can't seriously tell me Guts doesn't care about Griffith anymore and will stop giving a shit unless he's forced to. He was nearly unconscious after being shocked by a being stronger than Zodd yet his first reaction was "WHERE'S GRIFFITH".
And it's not just Griffith either, he's just the priority target. Guts would love it if he could murder every Godhand and Apostle.

Slan is cute

>>implying Guts can forgive Griffith
I didn't imply that at all.

I agree

>Conrad's face
This is the expression of pure evill

Ok. But even if we assume Guts wants, right now, to prioritize Casca to the point he'd stay to protect her even on Elfhelm (safest place in the world), which isn't 100% sure, he'd change his mind sooner or later. Inactivity would kill him.

>Griffith's face
how is it even possible for one man to be that smug?

did Gut's behelit mark him as it's owner?

Maybe. I'd say he could really use some inactivity right about now.

skully told him he can't have both, so he goes to heal casca so he can fuck griffth without her getting in the way by being a dead weight.

Posting the abstract hip hop album cover again because I love it so much

I just want to see more godhand antics

>skully told him he can't have both
yeah he accidently fucked the earth
so fuck what he says.

Yeah, Berserker armor emptied him. But I don't know how else those pages can be interpreted

They are indulging in their desires as monsters. The prophecy of the Falcon of Darkness has come to light.


I think he stole or found it i think
When you sell out everyone who believed in you to obtain god status, rape the lover of the guy who you blame for all your problems, posses the body of their child they dont even know about, you can be as smug as you want

Not yet, Flora hinted at it though


Ubik would be straight fire

He's not evil then.

black swordsman arc is so based fuck the haters

there are people that hate this arc?

Guts choose Casca over Griffith. He did not forgive him, he just acknowledged Casca is more important to him. The world can burn under the falcon for all he cares.

The problem is that probably Casca can harm Griffith.
Probably that's the whole reason she is under that spell, to not realize that she has power over him since she is the mother of his mortal vessel which is a blood link.

Griffith himself can't hurt her either and most likely his body would act on reflex to protect her of any danger like it did when Zod fought Guts.

However if Casca regains her mind Griffith can't let her live. It was shown that he could not bend Rickert's will with his allure so if Casca where to choose revenge he will be pretty much fucked.

If Guts can kill the apostles Casca can deal with Griffith. Now, probably neither Casca nor Gust would go after Griffith now but if he where to attack them and kill any of their current friends again that would trigger them.

The branded ones are blood and flesh of the sacrifice, which means part of Griffith.

>I think he stole or found it i think

The Behelit and the God Hand don't give a shit how it came into your possession.

what did the other members of the Godhand do before their ascendance?
>Void: was locked up by Gaiserac, for evil sorcery/worship and shit
>Femto: was Griffith
>Slan: ???
>Ubik: ???
>Conrad: ???

How is that even possible when he has the brand?

weird that we know Void's since he is more than 1000 years old

I dont think we know anything about the others

we only know of Void's because his story was some fairy tale, and Skull Knight has beef with him


That's a good point, but she doesnt explicitly say it, what she says is that it is fate that eventually it will be in the hand of the person who need it

So it's probably someone who is traveling in the party?

I thought if a behelit came into your possession it meant you have a destiny and a dream to fulfill? Which is why if you ever lose it Will always find its way back to you, even in your most dire moments?

>it wasn't actually evil though. guts only saw it as such
It was evil but regretted its choice when it saw Guts's disgusted face.

Guts just got done losing all his companions ans then he finds out that Casca was pregnant with his child. Then he found out that Griffith did that to his child. Seeing it as completely evil was the only thing he could do to prevent himself from ending up like Casca.

The child realized its mistake and worked to correct that mistake. Of course, the kid was born without realizing that what it was forced to do to survive was wrong.

>it's someone in the party

Slan was a nun who sacrificed her virginity

Not really but I think that is what her origin is

>no matter how much you want to get rid of it, you will always have it in the end



>tfw you will never hear griffith's english voice yelling at the count

I mean it could be anyone, could be this bitch idk?

why is her dress 3/4 unbuttoned?

who even makes a dress with buttons?

If a Behelit is something that you are fated to have, you'll end up having it when the time comes to go all demony. It doesn't matter if you had it before.

*liked to think

God i need sleep

>The behelit lead up is just more levity with Puck

end me

So how did Griffith learn about all that demonshit? Did the Godhand tell him the rules and how they should go and pose when there's a summoning?

>ran out of sizes
>for quick sex, I mean rolling dresses takes too much time

Either Void or The Idea Of Evil told him

I assume the idea of evil or something or whatever

>So thanks guys for the warm welcome, what do we do now?

It's weaker compared to the stuff after it and the art can be jarring at times but it's great.

Even ShindoL agrees that Casca needs to get her shit together.

Obviously there's an orientation period for new hires.

>whole chapter is nothing but Puck, that random guy who he tricked into being a co-conspirator, Guts, etc. helping bake cookies
>wacky moe shit, as a breather from the hardcore Casca demon rape dreams in the previous chapters
>2nd to last page: Puck accidentally cuts his hand on a kitchen knife
>no big deal, everyone has a laugh
>however, a droplet of blood spills into a shallow bowl that had held ingredients
>the Behelit is in the bowl!
>WHY IS IT THERE, it must have been fate
>the behelit's face comes together
>it begins screaming
>last page: the Godhand appear before Puck and offer him royalty
>Void holds our his hand, and says that all he must do is brand everyone on the island
>chapter end
the assurt on Cred Forums would be literally eternal

I doubt it, it is probably someone that is close to Guts.
Also, Morda got a boob job sometime after this, kek

Shitpost IRL

>Also what if the reason Casca is so mindbroken is because Griffith regularly rapes Casca in her dreams?
That would actually make me pee from laughter

SD gag series about the God Hand when?

ohhh shit dude, well it would be unexpected that's for sure

I'd watch a series where they dick around and give Faustian bargains to people

Why is everyone thinking there's even a remote possibility of Casca rejoining Griffith? I would fucking drop Berserk on the spot

Because it'd generate maximum suffering


it seems likely, what do you think will happen? she goes back to normal and says thanks let's go?