Strike Witches: Brave Witches

Hmm...Is it possible to have a Strike Witches thread without crippling autism?

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What are the chances for the new show to actually have a plot, instead of relying on PLOT?

Silver Link's done some decent stuff in the past, so...

The Sanyest

Sanya is best daughteru.

Best daughter-wife

Sanya is Eila and Perrine's daughter. They've lived together since the war ended, a happy family.


The war will never end

Also, Eila's a bad mother.

When does Eila grow into Aurora's proportions?

The war will definitely end.

Actually, has it been said if it will? And what took the place of WWI in the witch setting?


The autists got blasted earlier this week for their shitposting so we should be clear of them until the electrical fires in their heads take over again.

Hopefully, never. Although Eila's boobs seem to change size depending on the time of day.

Heaven or Hell?

Stream is this weekend or next, right? I need to finish Layzner before I start watching anything new but if I don't make it then I'll watch in solidarity.

Night is a time for night witches, who is your favourite? I like Heidi the most. I just like her calm and polite personality.

Who wears the pants in Eila and Perrine's relationship?

Why can't we have this.


You can have your freedom, I'll pick onee-chan.

We're terrible people who don't deserve the witches.

Eila usually, but they're shared.

There's also gonna be a group watch for Brave Witches on the friday following each airing. It'll ostensibly be filled with losers from /tg/, but anyone's welcome.

Friday at 4pm EST. It's smeagle's stream so expect the chat to be a shitshow.

Cheers, I'll either be too tired after coming home from work to join in but I'll make sure to at least watch some SW soon in preparation for Brave Witches.

Eila x Perrine is a great pairing but Minna x Perrine is even cuter.

>Got bridges as my captcha
It's a sign

The /tg/ (secretly swq) stream will be at 8PM CST, starting on the 7th, for Brave Witches.

How do i a Sanya?

Be Eila, more importantly how do I win a Trude or Rudel?

All that ethanol is working full time to fuel the plump factories. Eila just eats candy.

Heidi is a nice girl.

I imagine watching her dance in the sky at night, darting back and forth between the pale glow of the moon would be a beautiful sight to behold.

Would you play a game of marriage chicken with Eila?

Would you win?

Continuing translations never.

well Chuck's still breathing if that's any indication.

I wonder what marriage with Eila would even be like.

A lot of teasing and banter

Every day would be a battle of wits, but in each other's heart, you'd know every word, every prank would be from a loyal love.

Which witch have you fapped too most? I'm tied for Minna and Trude.

Perrine. It's hard to find anything good of her, especially futa

It's hard to find anything good lately, hopefully with Brave Witches there is a renewal of interest.

Sanya, of course. The base is practically empty during the day when everyone's out.

I imagine Sanya would trick you into thinking she is feeble but once things get hot and intense she'll turn the tables and then dominate you completely.

Didn't she do that to Eila in a doujin? Eila was being mean to Heidi, and Sanya found out...

Oh right, the one with the sauna where Eila or I think Shizuka walk in on Heidi masturbating.

Stupid, sexy Heidi.

I wish more of those doujins were translated.

And also my holy grail doujin, which, unfortunately, has sketchy art and hand-written text...

This one would be nice to have, as well.


...I guess I'd take any Perrine doujin...


Young took my waifu.


Alright, witch friends and other vermin!

Today's the first stream!

More info in the Helma thread.

Does anyone have the template for this?


He made the wrong choice

By body is ready.

Wonder if Shin's actually working on more Aurora or if he's just going to continue on the Kancolle doujins.

Heidiemarie a besto!


So let me guess, there won't be lewd Naoe shots in the anime? The PV already only focuses on fanservice of the "mature ladies", and just to fit current anime, I guess the series will be the same too.

You just gotta believe user. Plus it will probably take a few eps for that to even rev up right away.

I don't believe we can get small girl booty like Lucchini's in current industry, and PV made sure to avoid pantyshot of her.

Well fortunately or unfortunately it is the studio yet to be shunned for Fate Illya trash so take that as you will.

Yeah, that's also a bad sign, since there wasn't anything like a lewd panty in Illya either.
SL is a very strong sign that there won't be loli cameltoe, though that's pretty much true for any studio these days.

Since it's Strike Witches, zero.

I've spent the past hour roaming the cemetery of Mönchengladbach-Holt, looking for Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke's grave, but I haven't found it.


>Wilcke was buried in the honor section of the cemetery in Mönchengladbach-Holt
If that helps narrow it down at all.

Wanna bet some leftists got butthurt and had it moved or covered up?

There was no one around to ask unfortunately.

It appears that the cemetery has no honour or war section (anymore), as I have seen no people buried before 1960.

Oh well.

Who let LRD in here? I hope this isn't a sign of threads to come.

Sorry, but I will be here.
Now that's one thing the new cast doesn't have a loli per se, it's a shame, but whatever.
But if the anime won't give us at least some nice Naoe cameltoes, then I will have to voice my dissatisfaction with it.


I've been meaning to watch this but I've gotten mixed messages. What order do I watch the anime, movie, and OVA 1, 2, and 3 in?

>anime s1
>2nd OVA
>first half of season 2
>the remaining OVA
>season 1 again
>rest of s2 backwards
For best possible viewing experience.

Why is this even a question?
Release order, like every anime ever

Just watch ep.7 of both Season 1 & 2.

Go full suomus misfits.