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I don't think there was any way to revive her that wouldn't be a complete asspull. I think AI Chiaki being in Hajime's brain is good enough for me.

>tfw waited all day for subs avoiding spoilers left and right for THIS
What the fuck did I just watch?


I just wanna know whether Nanami has pussy or not

Who will win the Hinatabowl now that Chiaki is confirmed dead for good?

I'm not a Chiakifag, but I must admit it's kinda weird that she died in absolute misery while mostly everyone else got happy endings.

Oh well, at least I'm happy.

Honestly the best part of the anime
From fucking retarded to absolutely crazy to a bro

What a ride

I'll miss these threads. The Hopebros, the waifufags, the Juzoboys, the memes, the dumb twists, the SHSL Cred Forumsnalytics, even the shitposters.

Soon we'll stop with these threads, see you fags in the Cred Forums and /vg/ threads for DRV3.

Can us Chisapals join in too? Class 77 forgot about her too.

Well, if it wasnt for her Izuru wouldn't have saved Class 77 and, so, Mikan wouldn't have saved your waifu.
Be thankful to Chiaki, my friend. In this moment you're not a Hopewashed waifuless faggot only because she's a miracle of the universe.

i thought i was a pretty good ending, liked seeing the DR2 cast in action, didn't do an asspull to save Chiaki, but they did well with her death, also brought back kirigiri, which was great.
Now she and her husband can have all the babies they were meant to have.

Naw, you can hang out with Junkofriends

Why was weedman animated so smoothly in the last scene?

Anyone have the screenshot of the ultimate despairs together from today's episode?

Gundam is a filthy hawk thief.

But. Chisa also got a bad ending, she died without ever being cured of her Despair.

Anyone else disappointed by her irrelevance? She and Gozu were among the top reasons I was looking forward to the series, but they both did just about nothing.

It'll always feel weird to think that one of my favorite characters in any given series was one that never got any attention.

Let's talk about Mahiru instead!

>Mikan wakes up
>is cured of despair
>finished what Seiko started and saves Kirigiri
Feels great to be a Mikanfriend right now. I see a bright future ahead of our angel!

Mahiru checks most of the boxes.

>straight up negating someone's talent even though they have years of more experience than you

That was some serious pandering.

I second this.

While It's sad that her death is all the more real now, honestly I couldn't have it any other way. She die for what she loved, and that was for everyone's futures. Honestly this situation could've gone a lot worse.
I love you Chiaki, but unfortunately the world has to move on in your name.

ok, shes a boring nobody that stands out as the least interesting in a class of top tier waifus and husbandos.

Mikan LITERAL best character of the series and deserved Hinata more than anyone else.

Normie that's perfect for Hajizuru

She worked on the NWP and probably created Usami as well. She was relevant.

>mfw the entire DR2 cast showed up
God damn, I couldn't hold myself.

>2013 DR threads were the best on Cred Forums and Cred Forums

Seriously good fucking times on those threads.

The only other choice is Mikan or go homo and with Nagito.

>I don't think there was any way to revive her that wouldn't be a complete asspull.

I'd sacrifice the story to bring Chiaki back.

The only thing I really wanted was Hinanami happy end.

did you enjoy the ride?

I want Mahiru to ignore me while I lick her.

You’re in the stable and this guy steals your hawk.
What do you do?

>heterochromia theory was right.

One of the few things right.

Considering it all amounted to nothing. No, and I hope Kishi never directs anime again.

>2013 DR threads were the best on Cred Forums and Cred Forums
>only found out about danganronpa last year
>one of the best games i ever played
my fucking regrets, at least i could enjoy the anime and hopefully V3 with you guys

>Anyone else disappointed by her irrelevance?

Kind of, I'm just hoping to one day see a mindbreak rape doujin featuring her at this point.

That still translates to absolutely nothing in the anime though, on top of being hidden behind a mere (if lovable) mascot in SDR2.

You mentioning the NWP makes it feel even worse since Matsuda also got nothing more than a cameo and Chihiro was denied one of his final accomplishments just to make Izuru look better.

Mikan, Mahiru, Hiyoko, etc

Yes. Sad it kind of fell apart in the end, they rushed that conclusion pretty badly, but I feel like key plot points weren't fully thought out to begin with. Miaya is a blackhole of plotholes.

No, I wish I'd never watched this. Total waste of my time. If I was to be forced to watch this, I'd probably also choose to marathon it after the fact as opposed to following it weekly.

I would have hated to be that guy.

That was NTR.

>She worked on the NWP and probably created Usami as well
that just makes me feel worse from the fact that she apparently played such a big part, but never got any screentime

Harem end. He also has shsl playboy.


Yeah right

>Chisa died without being cured of despair and went to hell with Junko for all eternity for actions she didn't have control over
>Chiaki died in pain and misery believing that her actions had no effect on anyone when she was really the most important player in the plot besides Junko
>Munakata lost his waifu
>Hajime has memories of his waifu dying twice (but his class came back to life)

Let's create a list of people who got bad ends despite not deserving it

Cry. That hawk was my only friend and I spent years training it and I got NTR'd by a punk with hamsters.

Post your favorite DR3 memes

Everything ended up being a plot hole and nothing got answered in this conclusion.

I hope for Kodaka's sake there's a fucking alternate ending on the final BD.

Slap the ass of his girlfriend, Princess Souda
ill get this right this time

You missed it man! That was when PZ released the translation and like 3 weeks later NIS confirmed they were bringing it to America, both boards were pissed off because they had a feeling they were going to ruin it.

I saw a thread, just thought the artsyle was pretty neat, the plot was basically teens killing each other. I thought "why not? It's summer".

I was not ready for that game.

Considering how the 'memory Chiaki' spoke in todays episode,
Would you say Chiaki got a happy ending?
It's bittersweet but I think its happy enough

Chisa, what was the point of you

did he commit sudoku?

Miaya got literally nothing. No recognition, no screentime, and AI Chiaki, bless her electronic soul, even fucking stole Usami from her.

>falseflagger turning his attention to crushing Chiakifriends
Well, that's something, I guess.

If Sakura is strong enough to tighten the bolts on Hopes Peaks windows using her hands why didnt she just do that to get them out?

What Hinata thinks of Mikan:
"She's a bit hard to talk to, but really kind, smart and cute... And I mean really cute... I don't know what she's felt living her life up until this point...
Though I'm sure you can say it wasn't happiness much at all...
So, I want to protect her"

What Mikan thinks of Hinata:
こんな私にも優しくて、 ぶったり、罵ったりじゃなくて話しかけてくれて、私のことを見てくれて受け入れてくれて……あと、意外と逞しい。
"Hinata-san is the person who forgave even a thing like me...
He's kind to even me, doesn't beat me or treat me horribly, talks to me normally, looks at me for who I am, and accepts me. Also, he's surprisingly muscular.
I-I... like him. I don't want to be apart from him. It's selfish of me I know, but I always want to be by Hinata-san's side. I really like him!"

Chiaki died a terrible death. It's like saying Chihiro had a happy ending because of Alter Ego.

Post Mikan Hajime happy endings!

No, it was still AI Chiaki, so it doesn't really count. It's nothing more than a creation. It's in her name, sure, but it's not actually her.

The best they could've done without it being an asspull. I don't like it, but I'll accept it.

So why wasnt Hiyoko in her grown up body? Only part that didnt make any sense.

To cause everything that happened in Mirai, apparently.

Like, if Chisa was the mastermind, I wouldn't be mad, but the fact that Kishi thought Tengan would make a great twist just baffles me.

They grew stronger over the 2 years, and she got weaker

Yes because she's the most important character in the series now.

It's enough to make your head spin.

Jesus i know that feeling, i loved ace attorney, and thought i'd like this game to.
That was a fucking understatement.
I played it with my sister too, and we both goddamned loved it, and were predicting shit the whole way through, those were good fucking times.
and so was your legendary get

As would I. Really, would it really be that ridiculous for Hajizuru to pull off a miracle for her? If they really wanted fanservice, they would've brought her back.

She was, didn't you notice her sexy, drool-inducing figure?

This was cool.

It's a lot easier to screw in bolts bare handed than it is to unscrew them. Plus they would also erode after some time and be even harder to remove.

>What I think of your fantranslations

Don't be so twisted, man.

Get in line, Mikan. Everyone on that boat is going to take turns with Hinata.

Hey man I agree that shes sexy but shes definitely not as tall as she used to be.

Reminder that BASED WEEDMAN was right.

Class 77 orgies will be amazing.

fixed that hajizuru

I got one idea for Zetsubou-IF.

Junko's taxi driver notices the bomb she gave him in time, averts his own death, then has Junko arrested for attempted murder.

His case is so strong that Hope's Peak can't cover for her (because she didn't officially enter the school yet), and she goes to jail, allowing the Tragedy to never happen.

Hajizuru still happens, unfortunately.

It was shit but I enjoy it.

>everyone will get an happy ending
What about Chiaki, faggot

Doesn't count when they've already been dead for years at that point.


I really fucking hated that. All of those nameless characters were supposed to be just as talented in their fields, yet the DR2 characters (and Munakata, I guess) are somehow still better even though most of them don't even have combat related talents.

Word of advice man, do what I did after I beat the first game years ago and before people started to take interest in the second game. Avoid DR threads like crazy once V3 comes out. Also didn't notice that!


Weedman made that prediction in Mirai-hen.

She's in the cloud now.

A better way to use that, Junko slips him the wrong handbag and accidentally keeps the bomb with her and blows up while meeting Mukuro in the airport.

>SHSL Rapist
It's not their choice

>Chisa and Juzo
Just for starters.
Face it, Weedman is a fucking hack and I'm done with trusting his prophecies.

Hope was a mistake

>Population need to grow
>Class 77 needs to find a way to act like "Despair" faggots
>Teruteru decides to rape girls

>implying he couldn't see ghost


At least she got in on the last episode, sheesh

You're at the club and this SHSL player comes by and slaps your waifus ass, installing junko_ai.exe, what do you do

Keep in mind he is the SHSL Karate Master and finds this tsumaranai as fuck

already plan to avoid Cred Forums and Cred Forums like the plague when it comes around, no matter how long i have to wait, worth it

But Naegi was the one who saved Izuru and showed mercy to Class 77
That was one of the subplots to DR3 and Togami literally pointed that out in today's episode

Give Naegi a bit more credit, guys

Export AI Chiaki into a Minimari-style minibot

>Seiko died alone thinking that everyone had abandoned her
>Almost entire class of 77 comes back while the corpses of most of 78 are still in the lockers


Average so far: 6.55


Because meatspace Chiaki was the prime waifu of Despair while Kyoko was the prime waifu of Future. One was doomed to a terrible ending, the other was always going to have a fair shot at a decent conclusion.

Guys, I've figured this out. Venom Komaeda got pregnant from touching Naegi's massive HOPE and that's how we got our nDRv3 Hopebot, named after Kibou like Komaeda always wanted.

They must have had fun posing for that picture.

I still can't believe that mad man Kodaka actually brought class 77 back. Anime has never made me this happy before.

How often does Hinata have to cut and dye his hair?


>>At least she got in on the last episode, sheesh
In a fucking flashback followed by Hajizuru going "Psyche, it was a good idea after all L O L".

You know, Hinata could use Chiaki DNA to clone her. I mean with 5 Chiakis, you're talking about grand prizes from esports competitions that are worth millions! Plus Harems. Did I mention you can clone 5 Chiakis?


>Monaca returns to Earth
>She enrolls in HPA and is accepted because "she's changed"
>Other Warriors of Hope also enroll and are accepted
>Turns out she hasn't changed at all
>She recorrupts the WOH and starts a new tragedy

>he gets to fuck both Naegi AND Hinata

This image needs to be updated now that Kyoko isn't kill.

Sure, come join the fun.
What did you think about the episode besides that? Did it fulfill your expectations/desires?

What were you hoping to see that DR3 didn't deliver on?

Hinata was completely lost if it wasn't for Chiaki, dude.

It wasn't

God, all this talk of the games is getting me hyped for V3. I really can't wait.

What about fighting for your own future? How can you do that when your only option is failure?

Don't worry, Chiaki
Mikan will take good care of your man for now on

At least the memes were glorious

>Best madman the series ever had
>Gets turned into class clown


The DR1s main contributions are defeating Junko and Naegi believing in the DR2s with all of his HOPE. And his faith in them turns out to pay him back tenfold. That's basically the whole takeaway from DR3.

>weedman does literally fucking nothing over the course of two killing games
>still comes out without so much as a scratch
Was it luck, or foresight?

I'm confused about their eyes. Can they now randomly turn the red on and off whenever they want?

>SHSL Everything
>Probably has a perfect body, brain or whatever
>Still suffers psychologic issues and sees ghosts

I liked the memes. Anyone watching past this point have missed out on like 70% of the good that came from this show.

Because in Despair arc, the only option was failure. It was meant to feel like watching a train crash in slow motion. I mean, it was a trainwreck, though maybe not quite in the way intended.

Well, the extras were acting under the brainwash effect of Mitarai. They probably weren't at their best.

Imposer's stance her cracks me up for some reason.

hes the shsl spirit medium and the shsl chuuni

cut him some slack

Frankly, just about everything imaginable, like Junko being competent instead of everyone being conveniently incompetent around her, Mitarai not existing, the NWP and its trio being relevant, Chiaki surviving, a continuation of the lessons taught by SDR2 instead of shitting on them, or Izuru actually being as ominous as we knew him to be in SDR2.

Haven't you ever read Naruto? Despair gives you the Sharingan.

>But this time with the "NEET Syndrome"
>Everyone in the world starts becoming a NEET

a kirigiri kissu

If they filmed it right after passing by Naegi, Ryouta can just tweak the lighting.

I'm offended that everybody looks almost no older than before.

What do you mean. RL Chiaki got fucked so hard. It's quite a shame that they didn't make use of the fresh gamer cadaver.

I just wanted Hajime to have red eyes and white hair like when he super saiyan'd in DR2's final trial

This shit was stupid
>Oh yeah, I did kill someone
>Fucks off, not even sorry for committing murder
>Komaru looks up at her and smiles knowing that an unrepentant murderer has gotten away.

Sorta. It was a mess but I'm glad I got to experience it along you guys.

She became a hope ghost

Hinanami happy ending. I would ask for more like what said, but really that's the only thing I actually cared about. Now I have nothing at all. Nothing whatsoever attaching me to DR.


can you imagine my fucking ZETSUBOU after all 3 of them were kill? I didn't even care about backup coming back, rather it was so lukewarm after everything I'd gone through




user, I hated it. Almost everything got destroyed in the "finale" due to pandering and the fact nothing got answered just angers me. The fact all the DR3 characters except Munakata and Mitarai died is a massive waste. Hell DR3 is a massive waste. Tengan being the mastermind made no fucking sense. What was the point of Chisa and Miaya? Like, nothing happened except bullshit DR2 pandering because Kodaka fucking caved in.

The only good thing was Seiko and Class 74.

Based Hopeman is based. He got literally all he ever wanted.

Lighting trick. Look at Hajime's regular eye when you get a close-up of his face during the speech.

Komaru confirmed that ghosts were real, so if anyone's gonna see them, it Hajime.

KirigiriKirigiri JingJing

It's a big slap in the face to what AI Chiaki said if her 'mother' wasn't able to do that.

So, what's the consensus? Did everyone liked the final episode? Did they hate it? I couldn't watch the threads for all the day.
I, personally, liked it. Honestly, I would liked it anyway while it was a good end.

Don't worry, she moved on to greater things. I'm sure maxed out on starting attributes.

Explain to me how the fuck they could have made a Hinanami ending. Real Chiaki died a long time ago and AI Chiaki isn't real.

If Naegi is reusing the old killing game building, what is he gonna do about THIS asshole?

what a lucky man

resorting to pandering is never good

Find out in DR4.

i wanted to see a brief flash into the future with kirigiri and makoto's children

>Real Chiaki died
They could've had a miracle bring her back. Have them gather the dragonballs and wish her back, I don't care.

What video game would you play with Chiaki?

All the way until this Hope side episode, even memes can't save this.

It was super predictable, non-offensive happy ending. Kind of like Harry Potter 7's ending.

I think Naegi is smart enough to rebuild the academy at a different location.

Who do you think was controlling that asshole?

This was Makoto's plan all along.

That's not Hiyoko, that's Natsumi.

>I'm going to subconsciously consider this canon
I don't know whether to be happy or sad.


Send him to the moon

Dude's talent has a 30% success rate, compared to broken ass talents surrounding him from the get go. He was never a threat to anyone, nor a dependable ally, making him largely irrelevant in a universe where being relevant seems pretty damn dangerous.


>ultimate tragedy was unlucky for him
>then the SDR2 cast is freed and go out to fill the world with hope and make it even better than before
>mfw his luck caused everything that happened in the anime and revolved around him

Yeah, even with me liking the real Chiaki a lot, Miaya's now my favorite character in the series, so I'm fucking miffed. At least Kirigiri got something in the end, but that's not really helping much since her death was the only one I was fine with making permanent.

I'm just as miffed with everyone else coming back too. It's good that they're alive, but it just makes everything seem even more like fanservicey bullshit, making the shit writing stand out twice as much.

just read some fanfiction that's basically what you're asking for

Danganronpa 2

If VR Sonia can masturbate, AI Chiaki has the required parts too.

I recognize its pretty bad from a writing standpoint but im not going to pretend i wasnt having a blast the whole time, it followed through on something ive wanted to see for years too of nagito and naegi meeting. It was brief but i laughed hard.

Like i dont know, ive never experienced something like this before where i can recognize the flaws but just love the shit out of it, i think this is the first time something has pandered to me and i felt no urge to reject it.

unlike Kirigiri's "death" this one actually hurt enough for Hajime to regain some control of his body and managed to save his friends, it was a sad sacrifice, but at least on with actual meaning. Since they all got their memories back, they'll always remember her as well, she's gone, but never forgotten.

Buy my geimu!

Well, blame Junko. She had to get her way somehow and unfortunately Chiaki was a needed sacrifice. She didn't have Izuru or Seiko like the DR2 cast and Kirigiri did either. Can't asspull back from that.

So they're all gonna reside on Jabberwock...I wonder who will fuck who. Maybe they'll all share.

Wait, Komaru's helping with the HPA reconstruction, right?

She gets to see ALL the corpses made on those hallowed grounds. Including Chiaki.
We found our premise, guys.

>She die for what she loved, and that was for everyone's futures.
No she didn't. Not the real Chiakers. You're thinking of the AI.

That could mean anything.

I'm sad Chiaki is dead for good.

But I'm happy that the whole "it's all an anime" bullshit is not real

user, pandering episodes are never good, especially as a climax. It shows the creator can't come up with endings.

By the way what were the Nips reaction to this? I heard a lot hated it.

Coma. It's been many years since the events of Zetsubou-hen. They could've easily made it work.

Same but IRL Chiaki's fate was too cruel when you consider her whole speach about making your own future in DR2.
I wish she had better closure, like atleast show her seeing Izuru cry before she died or something

>those digits
Something's not right here.

I'm gonna miss these threads and you guys. See you all again when the OVA drops.

The thing about Tengan being the mastermind could have worked, since he was part of the administration on HPA and we know that place was corrupted to its roots. But the way they implemented it was absolutely retarded.

I liked it.
Seems on par with other Danganronpa endings.

Being a SHSL anything is just an excuse for Kohacku to bullshit plot


Hajime came to talk to her.

Even though he wasn't actually in her class.

Fuck off.

Somebody in the simulation would have had to have seen Chiaki's parts for the AI to get them.

So, unless she and Hajime got to it, it's unlikely the AI would have been constructed with the parts.

I really like new Monokuma's voice, it's a very nice replacement to the older one.

I mean the implication is enough to please me cause they basically confirmed it outright from both sides. I just would of loved to see naegi actually reacting to kirigiri being alive rather than cutting away to them being happy together.

Thank you kodaka for giving shipper a bone, this is way more to go off of than Dr1's fucking ending.

didn't they have all of 2-3 conversations?

Oh no.

Yeah, that's my problem. If you're gonna have a stupid pandering ending like this, make it a full-on happy ending. No wishy-washy middle ground.

I figured they'd like this sort of pandering. It'd make me feel better if they hated it.

I liked the ending too but it's bittersweet to know that Chiaki is absolutely gone, she does live on in the form of HOPE for her classmates, but IRL Chiaki got fucking killed brutally for (almost) no reason, i wish she had better closure

communal cumdumps for most of them.

only pure one was mahiru anyways

The whole series was shit, so a baddish ending to a dreadful show is like what ever.

I fully plan to, especially if kodaka is actually writing it this time cause 3 is proof that him leaving it to other people isnt a good thing. Hes a hack but hes our hack.

desu their emulating that stiff artstyle was definitely the highlight of the anime

I would have loved a kiss, or at least a direct confirmation, but hey.

It has been basically confirmed that Naegi loved her and Kirigiri has always talked about how she wouldn't show her hands to someone she didn't consider her family (except for that time she had to do it because she was a suspect).

I'm glad both of them are happy now. I would have loved seeing more of the DR1 kids. I feel like the SDR2 cast was the only important thing about Hope arc.

But what you don't know was that this was only half of Tengan's plan. Mitarai was just a pawn for the real supreme leader of the world to have taken over the soulless masses, locked away in her pod at the recesses of Hopes Peak Academy only to never have been awakened as the countdown never reached 0.

You too bud, best time I've had on Cred Forums in ages. I don't want it to end. ;_;

But she died on screen, you can't go into a coma postmortem.

I'm serious I think it will make you feel better.

here you go


Wasn't Saionji taller than Koizumi?

As if that's any different than the first game.
How did you guys make it all the way here and still shitpost.


Juuzo died thinking that it was entirely his fault that the world went to shit and that he deserved to be hated and abbandoned by Munakata



What a slut then.

He's the one in DRV3
>but it's not related to previous games!

Sonia might have "practiced" with her.

>This is as much as we got of the moment that hope returned to the SHSL Hope

Mujihi na kotoba dake ga

Just reiterating the obvious soniafag

still the most terrifying moment in all of DR3

followed by one of the best directed scenes


Yeah a direct confirmation would of been great but the show hits you so over the head with it that it pretty much doesn't need to be said for the viewer to figure out their relationship status during the epilogue.

meanwhile that one guy whose still trying to argue they are purely platonic is having an aneurysm.

It's not bittersweet, it's full-on fucking terrible and a dreadfully bad, truly despair-inducing ending. Then they decided to dunk on her some more in the last episode by having Hajime mock her for talking down on his dream of becoming Izuru, and then have AI Chiaki show up instead of her.

We thought the same about Juzo and he survived a hell of a lot longer. Given that she was in the very facility where Izuru was created, with Izuru himself right there, he would've easily had enough time to bring her to a place where she could be stabilized in time. Meta-wise, it would've absolutely not been out of place.

>That still translates to absolutely nothing in the anime though

Hajime is literally the only relevant character in the anime. Not even Naegi did anything.

I never figured out if there was supposed to be something insidious in that ad

holy shit



Maybe, but then you'd again lose any emotional connection with Class 77.

Well, they didn't like it. Mostly cause it didn't answer anything. DR3 is most likely gonna bomb hard due to this as well.

I genuinly got goosebumps and a dumb shit eating grin across my face at this moment. I'd of greatly preferred seeing him just being overcome with happiness but ehh its fine, he got his happy ending and his girlfriend back. We can piece 2 and 2 together.

Be quiet, Chiaki is sleeping forever

To be fair, Naegi's relevance here was through making Hajime relevant. It's barely any better though.

that fucking art style is a big fat "nothing is precious"



What were his endgame personas?

>Happy ending yea!
I'm kinda salty tbhpahms at least our boy Juzo went out a hero.

Anyone has the picture with hajime playing the guitar?

I'm glad somebody else understands. The fact they just left her story hanging without any real closure despite being a somewhat heavily advertised heroine is just rotten.

>It's me!

>We thought the same about Juzo and he survived a hell of a lot longer.

I don't think you get it, Juzo was still alive after being stabbed. Chiaki was not. Chiaki was dead. Even if Izuru could magically restore all of the blood and patch up her holes, she would still be dead.

>at the end of the first game he says he's the academy's head master
>Naegi is the new headmaster
>Monokuma appears in DRV3
Naegi is the new Monokuma

Death is the only happy ending for a gay

and ntr


Let's be honest user, if Chiaki had gotten to live it would have made AI Chiaki a little meaningless since she never really "died"

Fuyu is for Peko only and vice versa.

i got the second best thing

Didn't "It's me!" come out a lot later on though?

>you will never give real Chiaki the painless, peaceful death that she deserves
It hurts.

They literally didn't have time for it. They had to cram Kirigiri's revival into the last 3 minutes of the episode. Plus we all know that Kodaka hates PDAs and onscreen couples are swiftly put to death.


Masaka...it cant be a coincidence...


>happy ending
Except nothing really changed since DR2
It was heavily implied that RoDs will wake up sooner or later

Reminds me of how all those shots in the OP had me so sure at the start of DR3 that Naegi was going to be the attacker in Future.


I really want some side material with Class 74. They were the most interesting bunch and I'm sad they basically got shafted cause "HEY LOOK THE DR2 CAST IS ALIVE PLS GIVE US MONEY"

>you will never fuck Mukuro while she's wearing her sister's disguise

I dislike this feeling.

wew lad


It really isnt basically confirmed, they did outright say naegi loved her. Kirigiri was always the more vague one about it but you have to be retarded to not gather she had feelings for him around chapter 5 and up of the first game.

The thing that made me actually grateful for DR3 was pretty much inadvertently making them sort of confess to eachother in episode 9.

>Fuyuhiko got Peko back
How hard did he cry?


Somebody screencap this

a-any word on an english release? Or is there the possibility that the initial release will have english subs or something?

I wanna meet the luck student of class 74

Maybe so, but I really liked real Chiaki and the least they could have done was give her some proper closure. Like having her show up as a ghost in addition to or instead of AI Chiaki, you know? It's not fair that AI Chiaki gets to have Island Mode but real Chiaki will never get an IF.

>Naegi: "pick that choice my dude!"
>Hinata: "i can't pick any of those choices!"
>Nanami: "yes you can, pick the one Naegi is telling you so you and your friends can get out of here"
>Hinata: "i see, well thank you nanami see ya!"

I looked forward to seeing where the show was heading.

But overall nah it was pretty fucking shitty and I'm not gonna try and sugarcoat it with "WELL ATLEAST THE MEMES WERE FUN".

I mean yeah the memes were fun but that was more a symptom of Cred Forums being meme central than the show doing anything particularly well done.

Try asking again in about a year.

Nope, that picture was made the same afternoon that episode came out.

No one cares except for you and 2 other people. Who're more likely to appeal to, DR2 or Fucking-nobody-until-dr3-Class76?

She really should lose some weight.

dat gurgle translate

Uh, no? That picture was made when it was revealed she killed kids despair.

Chiaki is important


No. Not really. I just endured in absolute misery waiting for a payoff that never came. I won't miss this.

Eh, I don't think that would've been much of a problem. I'll always appreciate what AI Chiaki did, but after 3 there's no way I can like her more than the real deal. Sure, they could've done a better job of showing what she did and how she interacted with others instead of forcing people to infer everything about her, but she was very easy to sympathize with and sweeter than the AI.

So, anyone figure out the talents of the SHSL Jobbers in the last episode? Like that bitch with the fingernails, or those robots?

Huh, I thought it was made earlier. Like ep 3-4 ish


>He was her reason to die
>She would've been his reason to die had he known about her NG code
>Naegi actually had a second chance after doing the whole 'only being totally honest about feelings once she's gone' thing that every anime protagonist does
There is no way he's not tapping that.

It was me.

Are you stupid? What was the point of DR3? We knew at the ending of DR2 they were gonna wake up sooner or later. I'm frustrated because this was just pure, unadulterated pandering of the worst kind.

>tfw your waifu is literally kodaka's special snowflake and will never, EVER die

lil cap

Then in all honesty, why make class 76 or the rest of the FF at all? If this whole series was just building up to class 77 fanwank what was the point of the rest of the story and characters?

>tfw Chiaki is literally the Jesus of Danganronpa
What's your feeling on this?

Doesn't look like the nips took it well either way.

That's not how it went
>Naegi: "pick that choice my dude!"
>Hinata: "i can't pick any of those choices!"
>Nanami: "yes you can, pick the one Naegi is telling you so you and your friends can get out of here"
>Hinata: "Ah, ok"
>Hinata: "Damn, I forgot to say thank you"

Someone with photoshop skills please edit in Kirigiri from the end of the ep and the text 'Naegi-kun, it appears I survived'. Without at least one meme from the final episode it doesn't feel complete.

If we were to rank the best thighs, would anyone be able to top Komaru?

ive been lurking these threads since the start
i hope they stay

I think it's more than 3 people user. There's like dozens of us.

>Ultimate housewife or whatever
Youre no ultimate lucky student

Why is the DR OST so god damn jamming?



But Jesus came back in three days. Why can't Chiakers?

That was brimming with fanservice. But I really don't mind it. A good end, I suppose, to this timeline and canon. It's just Munakata didn't mention Juzo and Yukizome enough for it to be a finale.

>its all over
>celestia isnt alive
>why bother

Well, this has been a rollercoaster ride of dreams and nightmares in meme-form, see ya'll in the OVA threads

Jesus was resurrected

>tfw this was never finished
I think this is an even bigger disappointment than the show itself.

This in V3 or Riot.

No, Jesus is Kirigiri because Kirigiri came back

The point is to pander to Class 77 and Class 78 you fucking moronic dumbass. Haven't you learned your lesson by playing the games or watching the anime? WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT SOME FAGGOT OC CHARACTERS? Yeah you only. Go choke on a dick you whore.

This sounds super hot. Mikan would definitely be the one willing to suck off everyone on the island.

I may be wallowing in despair, but even now I'm a little glad that somebody feels the same way. I really liked real Chiaki and I thought she deserved a happy ending.

Atleast AI Nanami did got her wish granted, i'm really happy about that, her friends didn't forgot about her, in fact they said that it's thanks to her that they were able to wake up as their normal selves, and it's true, she was truly the hero and even if her sacrifice was sad, it was not meaningless at all.

In a sense IRL Nanami's fate was cruel but her death wasn't meaningless either, she did gave Izuru just around enough hope for him to care about her and somewhat remember her, but the way they went about it was absolutely hopeless, it was too cruel to kill a main character in DR so hopelessly like that.

It's the worst.

The first Lucky Student was Komaeda, there weren't any before class 77


Seiko is the real hero. One best girl saving another god bless her cute heart.

DR threads were the best on Cred Forums and Cred Forums
I think so too.

I want to a sequel with just the SDR2 kids having fun on the boat.

I honestly bet you the hopeman ova is gonna be nagito causing havok post hope arc and we'll get some sort of off hand confirmation these 2 are fucking like rabbits.

But again, one of my favorite ships got pretty much confirmed even if not directly shown, so im giddy. Peko and kuuzuuru also pretty much got confirmed too so im extra giddy.


She'd literally have to be rendered unconscious and unmovable, which isn't difficult given the state of her impending death. Chiakizuru was her best bet and she lost.

They didn't even pander to any of the 78s.

Because Takada is fantastic. Check out the No More Heroes, Killer7, FSR and God Hand OSTs.

If they were going to pander, then for fucks sake they should've asspulled Chiaki alive at the end.


Post your rarest Hajimemes!

I'm pretty sure it's just a reference to jinrui wa suitai shimashita because Mai Nakahara is voicing the MC

The threads? Yeah
The anime? Started off strong on both sides then it went shit. Good thing it doesn't ruin any of the games though.

>Soda uncucked
>Tanaka who didn't even seem that interested in Sonia and living in his grandeur is finally left alone with his fantasy
>Komaeda meeting Naegi finally
>Mikan trying to talk to Naegi
>Mitarai hugging fluffy Imposter-kun
Woah, this is good shit.

I just really like good people. It's in my nature to do so, and the real one sure as hell counted as one.

Because when you're selling yourself on style and atmosphere, you need to nail how something sounds. Ace Attorney gets this, Persona gets this, Danganronpa gets this. The value of an OST in games is something that cannot be understated, despite how commonly it's ignored.


I want something like this in V3. It made Junkos reveal more despairing

Is everyone in world still ignoring that,
Hope's Peak started the most despairing event.
Hope's Peak swept everything under the rug and continued in the future foundation.
Hope's Peak got away with everything.
I guess they all died so that was justice?
Did Naegi actually become the new headmaster? The school is still boarded up.

It's over, and they're not coming back until Kohacka hacks up another trainwreck or until one of Uchikoshi's trainwrecks gets animated again, since Punch Line spectacularly shit the bed

or in short, mind h a c c

so what do we do now?

Mahiru is a real girl for real men.

The DR2s pay tribute to Nanami by taking their boat to sail the seven seas

Why do DR doujins absolutely suck.

Either it's shit artists or black bars everywhere

Also, think about what Mikan was trying to talk to Naegi about when HOPEman interrupted. She was trying to tell him about how she found and revived Kyoko.



When it comes to pandering in this fashion the trick is to keep it at least somewhat believable or at least place some plot device that would allow them to come back in some way. Chiaki bled out, there was no way for her to be revived.

she's about equal with junko

I need Crimson to get in one this

She's alive! The only thing that matters

>munakata will stay stuck forever
That's pretty meta

How top tier would this ending of been if bandai showed up behind naegi instead of kirigiri.

It was not only that, but that she only got mocked in Hope that really set me off. Why do that to her? Did they really hate her that much?

Yeah, that's probably my position too. It's that she was a good person stuck in a terrible situation with no way out. What kind of hope inducing situation is that supposed to be?

untruth, there are good ones if you look hard enough

>Yfw 78th Class barring shitty Junko and Mukuro are still dead
They really did pay the price for this. Poor Byakuya (if he even has a feeling for them), Naegi, Asahina (this one even lost her own brother), Kirigiri and Weedman. All lost their precious friends.

At least Cumaru is there for Naegi even though his parents are MIA.


Obviously because the rest of the class 78, besides the actual survivors, are DEAD. Their bodies are in the morgue where they belong. Kirigiri is alive because of pandering.

Chiaki is dead because they couldn't do any more asspulls. If they did, everyone will say that: "Hurr durr Kodaka is such a baby couldnt even kill Chiaki"

It literally ruins the entire impact of DR2's end.

>Not reading the doujins for a good laugh
You're completely missing the purpose of them.

>Junko's reveal more Despairing
>Not ejaculating in the boat scene when it shows Nagito's arm
Honestly every time I hear New World Order I'm just reminded on how good Danganronpa is. Can't wait for V3 localizationon PC

Confirming that people who were alive at the end of their games anyway are alive at the end of DR3 is not pandering

I'm kinda expecting chiaki to be alive again on dr ova. Kodaka will pull one of his tricks, don't lose hope chiakifriends!

AI Chiaki

I would rebut this, but when I saw just how Junko took over the world, confirming that everyone else around her has an IQ of a potato, I really can't say much about this shit

Would you have felt better if Chiaki's punishment was getting gangbang by all of the reserve course students and rendered into a sex doll? I'm sure this would of brought the class into despair seeing her penetrated multiple times. And hey, she's alive.

Nigga what are you on about, those kirigiri doujins by ninoko are god tier. Actually kirigiri in general has alot of good ones.

Its the DR2 cast that got kind of jipped.

You are wrong, the ones made by this guy are fucking great, i came almost literal buckets with the Komaru one.
Something sad is that there's 0 good Nanami doujins


THIS. Celes, Yamada, WASURERU BIIMU are still dead. Heck, our first Trap Boy in DR is still DEAD. Chihiro ;_;

We cover the world in despair

>soda uncucked

What is with this meme? People are saying this literally because Sonia smiled at him for the first time? Sodafags sure think like him.

Part of me wishes he stuck alongside Naegi to at least help fulfill his dream.

HPA is over and the FF was the successor organization. Having finally been purged of the last traces of the corrupt ideology that brought HPA and the world to its knees the first time, it's safe to begin anew. Remember, right up until everything went to shit with Izuru and Junko, HPA was considered a beacon of hope around the world.

Nagito was intent on killing everyone because they WERE Despair. As in previously were affiliated with Despair.


And why does Chiaki refer to Alter Ego as her brother. Did Chihiro make Nanami or not?

And whatever happaned to Nekomaru's heart problems or Nagito's lymphoma?

And is there really any point in being ambiguous with the fate of their parents? Like Naegi and Teruteru's? What about Leon's cousin who Hagakure had a whole little mini novel with?

And more why?

Truly deplorable.

The rage would be magical.

Togami barely got any pandering. Chiaki's dead too but that didn't stop the pander-train.

Really? We have all of the Despair arc and still almost all the DR1s have no speaking lines?

>He didn't learn Japanese.

Well looks like I'll be alone playing it in January.

I won't spoil I promise.

Bully-kun, is that you?

>they coulnd't do any more asspulls
Easily solvable by just keeping the ones who died in 2 in a coma.


memes into miracles

why didn't kirigiri tell naegi she was fine before she took the drug and went to sleep

Nanami too pure for these deviants

Yeah, but sky's the limit when you don't give a flying fuck.

Well Kodaka is such a baby he couldn't even kill off Kyouko for real. Hell all DR1 characters survived, and only 2 DR3 character survived.

>Naegi's first friend in HPA
>Couldn't see how proud she would be of him

I would buy the anime if that happened.

But the survivors still have each other, at least. Which they almost didn't but that would've been a much more despair-filled ending.

What's the release dates for Blu-Ray episodes of Despair 7 and Hope? Maybe we'll get the Student Council talents and an extended finale.

Just imagine Chisa and Chiaki cum swapping all that reserve course student load. Imagine.

I wonder what naegi's reaction would of been.

My first thought when Hajime mentioned bringing all his classmates back was that I was just glad komaeda was ok


Because without Mikan she would have died anyway.

Fuck off, false-flagger.

OH SHIET. You made it even better, Hopefriend.

her too

She didn't know it was going to work and made preparations in case she still died, hence the notebook and her final goodbye when she put her bacon hand on him and told him 'no matter what happens' to not lose hope. It was a gamble.

I think the best part is that Komaeda finally got some friends, friends who accept him despite knowing everything that he did in DR2 and tolerate his insane nature, he even got to see Naegi and orgasmed for a few seconds, hopeman getting a happy ending really makes me happy.

The Naegg parents are dead, no one refuted Monaca's admission of killing her.

Chisa and Chiaki are for pure gentle head bumps only.

Cause she didnt know it would work. She really was risking it all there.

Fucking insanely good. And also the whole first case. One of the reasons why DR2 is the best DR

Kamukura Izuru is the SHSL Therapist, Counselor, Programmer, Neurosurgeon, and Cardiologist. See? Problems solved!

That sounds like a doujin. I actually wonder if there are any DR3 doujins planned for winter comiket.

She didn't know if it would actually work so she didn't want the hopelet to fall further into despair if it didn't.

Sonia literally did nothing but smile at Soda during that whole sequence. Their characters are as connected as Peko and Fuyuhiko.

They explain the AI thing right at the end. AI Chiaki was the result of an AI program that somebody, possibly Chihiro, made for this sort of purpose. It poked around in all their memories to see what form they would find most acceptable and appealing for a new person to sneak into their ranks, and create an amalgamation of what each person wanted. They all wanted Chiaki, so the program was modeled on their memories of Chiaki directly.

He's no longer a despair-induced hope-extremist.

Because Alter Ego was one of the makers of Nanami. They're "siblings" because they're both AIs - they don't actually share a creator.

Ultimate Health-man, Ultimate Luck

They're either dead or now they're alright and safe

She was the traitor.

>Chapter 5
>Investigation time


Holy shit the fact that I will never play those two games for the first time again really sucks.

Especially Chapter 5 of DR2 and Chapter 6 of DR1

Holy shit, her neck.

They probably still think hes a fucking weirdo, actually didnt 1 of them say hes creepier than they remember in this episode?

>Seiko got mentioned as a Hopefriend
YES YES. Seiko's death isn't wasted. Wished she could hear what her juniors said about her.

It's ironic that the best one is a non-h.

Same. I was legit prepared to only see Hajime during the last episode so I creamed my pants when Hopeman showed up.

Bet you still fap to it though.

isn't that a reason FOR telling naegi?

if she doesn't tell naegi, she's in the catatonic state and after everyone else gets out they think she is dead and have no reason to try to revive her so she dies.

if she does tell naegi that she may or may not be alive that is the only way she would be saved.

1. she didn't know
2. it SLOWS the poison, if Mikan hadn't found her, she probably would have died

>Cure W
>To Antagonist

The true question user, is this: Box 15 or 16?

This is how it should have been. Bringing them all back essentially makes the events of DR2 pointless.

I really hope Kodaka never pulls the "just a coma" card again, because that ruins the whole concept of death.

So what was the moral of the story?

>DR1 class - 6 survivors
>DR2 class - 16 survivors counting Mitarai
>DR3 class - 1 survivor
Just wew

So Nagito doesn't have cancer anymore?

Human Chiak was literally just a plot device like Chisa and nothing more. Her limited impact on the ending was appropriate.

I grinned like Junko when I saw him. Praise hope.

No way, you see the rosy blush on Chiaki's face there. Chisa's probably making out with her in the theater as an apology for what she did to her.

While I like that it doesn't invalidate Fujisaki's contribution like we thought the other day (when it seemed like Izuru made her) it's such an asspull that literally ALL OF THEM would make Chiaki their ideal form. She was just a classmate they spent some time with!! What about their childhood friends, or family members? I can see Hinata's mind feeding the AI some of Chiaki's traits and maybe Hopeman if he really did think of her as their hope, but we barely saw her interact with them. The importance she was given was so bullshit.

She did in the theater.

Actually i would adore if the blu ray came with a scene of all the dead characters in the theater reacting to the last episode. Junko puking out of disgust, koichi fist pumping in success, juzo and chisa reacting to imposter munakata, ruruka and izayoi getting buttblasted over seiko being happy she saved someone, them all telling tengan hes a retard.

Id buy it.

Fuck man. Oh well. Their children are alive, somehow!

Learn some goddamn chemistry, user. We've been over this in every damn thread.

I want to be in the r/dangan ronpa screencap too.

All blonde girls with a californian valley accent are cunts and shouldn't be given power or attention of any kind.

Made directly after the episode where she killed the kids. Hence why it's an ad for a babysitter.

If she told naegi he'd of done something stupid, naegi is actually the kind of guy who'd of thrown his life away to prevent kirigiri's NG code.

Basically the same theme as "Brave". And memes


What of her? Is she becoming Rayquaza and guards the stratosphere of Despair Aliens with her newfound Hope view?

Seriously this whole soundtrack is underrated


Dead waifus stay dead
Your waifus only tho

Only if Kyoko is represented by a cardboard cutout that falls over near the end.

She'll come back one day.

then tell asahina for fuck's sake

kirigiri's plan made no sense

Have courage, be kind!

My point is that Kodaka panders to generally loved characters in DR1, the survivors. Of course he wouldnt give any lines to the dead, it would be a waste of human resources, seiyuu voice acting costs alot for a meesely 1 or 2 lines is fucking stupid. Plus, they're dead anyway so whats the point of pandering?

Well yeah that's the point of pandering. Kodaka did say that DR3 will be the ultimate fan item. So fan pandering is almost guaranteed to be there.

Kodaka doesnt care about FF members, they're just there for Naegi and Hajime to step on them for an even greater hope.


Komaru days at the end of the game that they never found the bodies and there was no evidence that they were ever there. It could have been just more Monaca mindfuckery.

Slightly more partial to 15 but the first time 16 played was hype as fuck.

Izuru got rid of it for him! Haha!

The ride was amazing, yes. I enjoyed these threads more than anything, they were 11/10. But I have extremely mixed feelings about DR3 itself.

Even so, I would pay a lot of money for a 24 episode SDR2 anime.

in V3

I didn't give you permission to reply to me. Listen, it was entertaining, first. Hell, it was actually funny.

But now I'm getting the feeling that you actually think that you're on my level. From the day I was born, I was destined for success, you little shit. I was brought into this world by a powerful CEO and and a prominent courtesan, both of Japanese descent. From the moment that the fucking curtains were raised, I was set to dominate the business world. And because I had guardians that never actually cared about me, I flourished. Pretty soon, I was placed into a special school of correspondence, specifically Hope's Peak Academy in Japan. I not only reached my parents' expectations, but I passed them with flying colors. I had raw talent. I was fucking better. I was surrounded by 6th graders, many from Novoselic, whom were smarter than half the posters in this fucking thread. And now, where am I?

In President of the Togami Corporation, earning my degree in being a SHSL Afflient Prodigy, with a Stanford-Binet tested IQ of 200 at age 17.

Get this through your head: you are nothing. I am worth more than your entire goddamn family. I'm smarter than you, better looking than you, taller than you, wealthier than you, and more employable than you. While you type out another post to get cheap laughs, I'll be simultaneously working with the most hopeful minds in the world and fornicating with my beautiful Donut. It gets on my nerves when people pretend to be better than me.

Know your place, you fucking vermin. Never, ever reply to my posts, again.

>Tfw fell to DESPAIR and stopped watching episodes for a while
>Ending actually ended up being pretty ok
I think I just got really butthurt when they killed Kirigiri off. I'm sorry for doubting you, I'll buy V3.

>Get to 0:55
>Jesus christ I can't handle this hype

>Kirigiri's alive
This is some Yuki yuna tier bullshit

Oh man what if we get a scene of koichi sitting in the theater only for the cardboard cutout of her entering the theater and freaking him the fuck out until it tips over.

Because that involves telling Naegi that her NG code is about to active and he knew that she knew he'd do something stupid like run in a hallway for her.



Become a million class murderer and everything should work itself out more or less eventually.


Would be cool but I don't know how it'd work out.

then tell Aoi

I screwed up my post; nothing changed the idea that Monaca killed Miaya (possibly through Gekkobot), so all her other victims may as well be considered dead until proven otherwise.

If you kill people and do everything wrong, you'll not only get off scot free, you'll get a reward with your own private island.

I'm in the same boat.
The only thing I knew about Danganronpa was that it was getting an anime soon, it was 2013 and I had just figured out how to hack my PSP (late as fuck) but I didn't have a large memory stick. Danganronpa was the only game that would fit and the PZ translation just came out so I thought I might as well try it out.

Played through and beat that game in 4 days, definitely the highlight of my 2013 summer.

>hear the sound of the crusher in my head at :40 every goddamn time

Trust me. When the world needs her again, she'll return.

You do realize thats essentially like just telling naegi directly.

Like Asahina would keep something like that a secret to Naegi.

Fucking idiot.

Then why bother with DR3, that's my main issue right now. They were essentially designed for nothing. Hell I'm pretty sure they implied Munakata was going to go kill himself.

The end was shit, and the whole thing was underwhelming, but our boy Juzo was a true gift

You mean the person who's even more stupid and would probably instantly tell Naegi?

Max Luck every time.

Can I be a Chiakifriend if I only care about the AI version?

No. Genuine YuYuYu-tier stuff would be Chiaki living because her torture was very reminiscent of Karin's awesome fight in ways (such as being drawn out, featuring reactions as the spectators fall into despair, all of that). It's partly why I banked on it so much. Damn you, Seiji Kishi. If this is what I can expect for S2, then count me out.


She's always sided with hope since she was a kid. She just had a terrible friend.

Let's be honest though, if she had stayed alive, that would just give a lot more room for Kodaku to bullshit and take ridiculous amount of liberties around deaths with the Seiko/Mikan combo.

Last thing DR needs it's something absurd like resurrecting the dead

So Naegi's luck ended up governing Kyoko's survival, right?


"Dear Makoto I'm not actually dead please revive me as soon as you get out thanks"


Randomly, something like Ratchet and Clank Nefarius' Asteroid cameos
>End of V3
>Protagonist look at the sky, happy
>Still looking at the sky
>Monaca falls with her truck

Both are great, so it's acceptable.

It was Saionji but you know how she is


Saionji's design was pretty weird in this last episode.

It was almost like she was halfway inbetween loli Saionji and growth spurt Saionji. Is this part of Hajizuru's miracles as well?

>Ending up killing untold amounts of people because he didn't want to come out of the closet


I think it's held in pretty high regard. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about it.

>confirmed dead for good
You still have V3's time travel, anons.

I'd buy it too.

She probably did. Aoi is the SHSL Swimmer, not the SHSL Literate.


Basically, Naegi's SHSL luck ended up saving the day in DR1, DR2 and DR3.

Naegi is the Ultimate Lucky Student.

I didn't need to read, jesus christ now I'm more broken than I've been this whole evening

this was the most underrated meme of these threads.

the one i love the most (and am partially responsible for) i dont have on this computer, but the collection of bandai is mastermind confirmed comments.

Alright Cred Forums, here is the real challenge

Post your favorite execution youtu.be/Eotlv4tE6RI

>Ultimate Health-man
He literally became this BECAUSE of the fact that he had a heart defect otherwise he would've actually become an athlete.

Even komaeda recognizes it

He's now solely a hope-extremist but i don't think he wants to do any despairing anymore, and even if he wanted to, izuru is there to keep an eye on him.

That Kodaka is a hack.

Anyone else feel like Nagito was a slightly different character? I just don't see the DR3 portrayal of him being someone that could snap and become a madman like he did in DR2.

That stage show really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Mikan and her make a devastating combo huh. I was kinda surprised Mikan took her medicine and continued developing it.

It's not as if she knew the antagonist would work.

Besides the possibility of Naegi doing something stupid, she didn't know that the mastermind wouldn't have tried something else if the poison didn't work at first.

One of my wishes is to wake up as Togami, only because I'd be able to talk shit to everyone and don't give a fuck all day like he does

I enjoy that they used Kyoko to signal that Naegi was actually getting a happy ending after all.

Holy shit. Nice one. Remember RPG players.

You know, for a fatass whose entire gimmick/talent is fucking impersonating someone else, he's surprisingly got to be one of the best characters in class 77, if not the best.

No wonder Ibuki fell for him

Probably has something to do with kodaka not actually writing the dialogue this time around. Hope arc was apparently one of the only episodes he actually wrote and frankly i think it shows, its one of the only parts of DR3 that consistently made me laugh.

Yep. Mahiru as well

I don't think I could ever cope with her just being a ghost in the machine. It truly hurts.

No question about it.

Because everybody in DR3 is a mixture of their 'fixed' NWP selves, their despair'd personalities and their memories from before it all. They also seem to have had some group therapy sessions.

Wait, if everybody's version of Chiaki is the same, then how did Hajime see MOLE ON BOOB THE?

>Played game on mean difficulty
>Forgot some shit
>That song continues play as the timer goes down

God I loved it.

Talent doesn't matter except it does lol

Some sessions with SHSL Therapist on his tropical island probably mellowed him out.

>Baconhands is alive

Twogami is best Togami.

>hey guys im alive lol
>she actually was dead and now she just scarred them for life as they slowly realize shes not in a near death state.

>ywn receive a comforting hug from Imposter-kun


Why are her eyes so fucking huge in the first anime?

Right after Kirigiri's death.

I-Ibuki's song is not bad, I'll give you ONLY that, you Ibukifags.

I mean the show's over so okay

I hate that Kohaku's idea of a nurse is someone that can literally do everything pertaining to remedying/healing ailments.

DR1's anime had weirdly massive art changes between episodes, naegi's fucking hair was hagakure tier big one episode.

you are missing the point.

kirigiri drinks the antagonist.

it works > she doesn't leave a message in the notebook > no one knows it worked > she dies from starvation/being buried alive in the coma.

it works > she leaves a message > makoto knows to save her > she is saved

it doesn't work > she doesn't leave a message in the notebook > she dies

it doesn't work > she does leave a message in the notebook > makoto tries to revive her but she is dead

the only fucking way she survives is if she leaves a note for them, regardless of whether antagonist works or not.


It shows he didn't even understand real Chiaki's character if he had the gall to have that stupid AI Chiaki ghost imply they were the same. Fuck him, and fuck V3.

He's literally the only character that I actually wanted to see again.

>Truly, they were a Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Academy

What did she mean by this?

Was there anyone more based than SC?

>Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating

So who offends this rule the hardest? Naegi or Hajizuru?

Easily the best part of Hope.

Hope they burn Teru at the stake for accidentally killing him in the program

Does anyone have a webm of hopeman saving Naegi with a boulder?

>Chiaki dead waaaay in the past
>Can't even know about the bright future
It's sad but let's hope she knows her death is impactful.

Anyone here wishing she was back? Anyone?

You mean NISA's idea of a nurse
She's SHSL health committee member

Yeah, nobody should trust Nagito with anything, he is and always has been absolutely insane and is a danger to himself and others.

Happy ending!

They kinda massively improved since DR1

I keep rewatching that last scene of naegi realizing kirigiri is alive, like im just so glad to see my boy genuinly happy.

From the looks of it, one of the downside of the finally is how DR1 cast is still mostly dead. But I guess that just cements they really did kill each other in cold blood.

Fucked up Junko and Mukuro.

She's hot In more ways than one but she should stay dead for having the worst trial.

real chiaki to ai chiaki to ghost chiaki to ???

I thought they'll bring back everybody

Nah. I don't care. Let's despair. Also, fuck Kodaka for pandering to Kirigirifags but leaving Chiakifriends out in the goddamn cold and destroying the narrative of his own story.

Nice try, but the cum looks fake.


>Thank you, Class 77. Teaching you has reminded me of what it means to be Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Academy Zetsubou-hen

What did she mean by this?


It was pretty highly rated during the week when it happened, people just moved on after that aside from the occasional reference. Better that way anyways, before it got run into the ground - just look at the gunman memes.

How do you turn butter back into a human

This is my best guess after rewatching their scenes.

Live Chiaki, of course.

I want her to be real so she can use me as a chair and call me names.

Played the monomi minigame all the way through before finishing the story.
This execution.

Hnnng, so fluffy and calming, I bet.

I would have died laughing

That scene had me grinning like an idiot cause i fully accepted she was really dead after that part of togami and the cast mentioned they suffered a great loss. Its always darkest before the dawn baby.

>no comedic anime where everyone's alive and crapping around
>Chiaki finds Mikan sleeping with Hinata, who's unaware of that
>Leon trying to kill Naegi for Sayaka
>Nagito lusting for Naegi's cock and doing shit around with his luck

I want an extended scene on the BDs.

Reset button.

>what the fuck did you just say about me you little despair I'l have you know I was kicked out of my class at Hope's Peak Academy

Oh, Monaca? I fought her in Towa city. She was Junko's right hand and provided her with the means of fucking the world up. She also killed our parents and fucked off to space.
She was a good friend.

>Ultimate Family Man

>Got his own pet friend betraying him

That small text was bothering me

>end of Kibougamine Academy
>Naegi becomes headmaster
>Kibougamine Academy never ends
What did they mean by this?

I feel bad for Nails, that was a huge-ass syringe filled with Mikan-juice.

>Chiakifriends are actually really upset that Hajime x RL Chiaki Doujins can't ever possibly be cannon

>this autist is still samefagging
Let it be made clear that I've never liked you. I have talked to you often, dealt with you, but now that we're done with these stupid threads I can say that much.

theres going to be that DR3 4koma manga like the games had, i guarantee you one of them is going to be this.

i too want this

I beat it in 4 days too right before the anime. Even now I'm still glad I kept my PSP

S-She repented, that's enough for Cumaru to forgive anyone. She's literally the 2nd Naegi.

I seriously hope they would give us something like DR version of Carnival Phantasm

Pretty much everything relating to Persona-kun.

What happens if he impersonates Nagito?

I'm glad Hopeman is alive, but for how long? Didn't he had cancer and dementia?


She's probably still brainwashed up there

Everybody gets cucked by GUNDAM, Everybody.

Don't care about anyone or anything ever, and no one will ever be able to use them against you to further their plans to plunge the world into despair and anarchy. Just stay inside and play video games and nothing can ever go wrong.


Wasted potential the character.
I want her to interact with Junko so bad.

What? I'm just some ecstatic shipperfag thats glad his ship more or less got confirmed. I'm pretty sure theres hundreds of people like me right now, no same fagging here unless its fellow autists.

Yeah but that stuff was supposed to kill him years ago, so his luck is clearly prolonging his life

Dude, Izuru has all talents LMAO!

She's worse than Naegi because Monaka didn't repent at all. She'd do it all again if it caught her interest.


That's not the only thing but yes, that's another. I can't even look at her without feeling that piercing emptiness, that emotion known as despair. I felt it for at least a few weeks already, and this just settled it once and for all. I've been posting images of her for a while trying to negate it. Unfortunately it never worked and now I'm just going to have to move on from her.

>YFW Ultimate Sniper had sunglasses but was blinded by a flash from a camera.

>SHSL Sniper
>Get flashed by an Ultimate Photographer
>How the hell does the redhead even come close to her
Wasted bitch.

Kamukura Izuru is the SHSL Miracle Worker. See? Problem solved!

You could say that he's very lucky to be alive

She looks weirdly really hot here, is this edited?

Like this? huehuehue
but srs, wasted potential it was

>Nagito vs Naegi Luck
This is what the OVA will be about.

>Danganronpa V4
>Chiaki is brought back via time travel
>a good 3/4 of the DR 1/2 cast dies due to the changes in the timeline.
>Chiaki figures this out and goes into despair.

Would you accept this future, anons?

I think she was screwed no matter what, cause she was always pretty blatantly gonna be a murderer sooner or later.

I wonder if Imposter would have impersonated Kirigiri for Naegi for a while if she really did die for good.

His luck swings back and forth like a pendulum though.
What exactly is the bad thing that is happening that is allowing the good thing to happen?

Imagine her as a head of one of the Future Foundation branches. She makes all her subordinates dress up as vampire butlers or some bullshit and only hires handsome men but the other branch heads just let her do as she pleases because she gets results.

>all Chiaki had to do was do what Monaka did
Truly, she is a child genius.

Nope. That's how she looked when it aired.

I want Mahiru to flash me.

Alright here's the most important question

The first BD was released. That means the special art book is out. Where the fuck are the scans?

Here you go senpai.

>SHSL Photgrapher

>is this edited?
No, It's from EP7.

Holy shit. Thanks for making me notice this.

Being wanted criminals that will have to be on the run for the rest of their lives?

Don't fucking keep doing this, I keep exposing you repeatedly. You use the same shitty writing style and same stupid posting style for every single time you post.

Thank you, its weird requesting for someone to post an image i made. I guess im also feeling smug someone saved my shit.

So, who's going to stop despair now that the Future Foundation has essentially been decapitated, with most of their leaders dead and their HQ destroyed?

I want to fill her face holes with my cum.

Good enough. Not like I really cared that much about most of them anyway.

Give it a few days and they will appear.

Her color scheme was black, white, and red, just like Monokuma. Her 'I want to stay here and live' behavior was also sketchy as fuck. I really wish they actually played her as a red herring at some point but it just ended up being an odd coincidence in the end.


Is there any way to logically argue in favor of despair?

ill be the degenerate who demades nude filters be made of the kirigiri and aoi image.


What if Chiaki had Return to Death and we are just looking at one of the bad ends? Which explains why we didn't see RL Chiaki's ghost?

Well apparently they don't need to run because they're somehow un-fucking-killable even by people who have just as bullshit talents as they do.

Munakata literally becomes batman.

It's Monokuma.

Eww, not that.

As for me, I just wanted her to be the Alpha Bitch of Hope to Despair own Alpha Bitch (Junko).

Can you imagine the reflexes, agility, accuracy and stealth skills you'd need to be the SHSL photographer?

Is that really a problem when you have Super Jesus at your side? Like what is anyone actually gonna do to them?

FF seems to have been disbanded.


Aren't those the beta designs of DR3's that have been floating around? I've seen Beta Juzo and Beta Bandai and shit posted in a few threads.

She is the ultimate gamer after all.

She's cuter animated.

Considering i was one of the falseflag kings who kept baiting people with the accept kirigiri is dead shit for the past few weeks, i think you have me mixed up with someone else or another user. This is the first time i just let loose and be happy about something in regards to this show in the past month.

Who is the head of the 13th branch anyway?

I can't? Damn.

The only good doujins are the Despair Sisters with Naegi.

Every other DR doujin is just Rape Shit or Futa Shit.

On the run from who? FF is basically no more and everything else is ruled by Togami

What if Chiaki had the ability to SHIFT?

May as well go a bit farther on the timeline and prevent HPA from existing.



Not every one.

Anarcho-capitalists claiming the ocean as their private property and brutally attacking any trespassers while citing the Non-Agression Principle.

>Mahiru is secretly OP as fuck but she hides her power level so she can do her job better

It's return by death, ESL-kun

Hey Chiakifriends! How's the therapy going?



Seems like there is no FF now. Only new HPA and Munakata as some dark knight. That's the impression I get with that final scene and the scene where Munakata is talking to Naegi.

Uchikoshi pls go and stay go.

I'd believe it.

Give it some days.

Not important. They just needed an excuse to get Aoi in the show.

He doesn't even act like Togami.

He never even says to anyone " Tell Them [Blank]".

Bodyguards don't appear out of nowhere when he snaps his fingers as well.

How can you claim he is impersonating Togami when he fails at acting like a hot shot heir of a big corporation?

>The enemy Sniper.
>Stay low and crawl along the ground. That should enable you to sneak past enemies.
Every damn time

I just don't like any of you who have wanton disregard for proper posting habits.

Fuck you.

This. Stupid snipers.

goddamn i pair those two together, i like to think she abuses him in public, but in private, she still abuses him, but is also Tsundere

Am I the only one wondering why she was shown being burned alive in Naegi's Despair Illusion when she was killed by a Vehicle before actually being burned alive?

If anything, she should be shown with a broken spine rather than being burned alive.

I suggest you take it easy with the comparison there pal
He never had a naegi of his own and when they were trapped on the island he never had bodyguards to snap for, ultimate imposters disguises are flawless

I don't get it. What's everyone getting excited about? Is it some kind of secret code?

Nah. I'm in for the full blown cheesy time line. Save Chiaki, and the rest of the squad by just getting rid of Junko early. Then go find Hopebot, and make him give Hajime a lesson on not listening to your waifu.

Probably because it looked cool.
Chihiro appeared hanging instead of dying from a concussion too.

There was a recent Science Experiment that managed to turn Liquefied Egg back into Solid Egg.

This was an important experiment because it makes making medicine possibly cheaper since some medicine requires a lot of egg protein and materials to synthesize.

So how come the DR2 cast don't have fucked up bodies? Who fugged the corpse, anyway?


Who is gonna order them to be captured.

One of the flashbacks showed the Yakuza pair murdering every politician in some Parliament Building.

You have to understand that the World Leaders are already dead.

Impersonator Kun may have impersonated a President and launched Nukes as well.

Naegi respected her wish to
"die" as she would like (by fire, not by truck).

At least Komaeda has a robot arm and Fuyuhiko lost an eye. I'm still wondering if Mikan has Junko's uterus inside her.

Hajizuru can just SHSL Surgeon it out of her.

The president of the free world is safe behind the walled off reaches of the tower

Poison or nukes seem possible. Just scorch-earth all of Jabberwock.

>Abuses him harshly in public
>Abuses him affectionately behinds closed doors

Masochist's dream.


She was the one who united the class during Chisa's absence and her death was the trigger that drove Class 77 to despair. Chiaki is pretty fucking important to them

This is the DR2 survivors as Ultimate despairs. Quite a different image from how DR3 portrayed them.

“In the end, despair is only a stepping stone to hope."

Hajizuru cured him with his big HOPE

Forgot the pic


I hate Hajizuru's ugly ass heterochromia. Why didn't they just go with his SSJ form?

I am sorry to interrupt here. Is there any good wallpaper for Class 77th members only that I can use on my Facebook wall?


>Not hiding your powelevel

The heterochromia didn't bother me. But if he had an Izuru eye, the other should have been SSJ.

He was fucked on the brain, heterochromia's a small price for your humanity
Plus, it looks rad

Can Hajizuru turn off his prediction powers so he doesn't get bored?

He looks like a crappy OC now! Besides, the white hair was pretty cool.

Keeping both red eyes would have been better.

You're gay

>you aren't allowed to feel anything for fictional characters
Get a load of this guy.