Why aren't you watching what is literally the BEST anime of 2016 right now, user?

Why aren't you watching what is literally the BEST anime of 2016 right now, user?

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>implying that I haven't already

Already have.
If by BEST you mean mediocre at best, then I agree.

But I have,

It was meh really, some bullshit anime about treasuring memories during your most important years of your life, no alcoholic NEET gets transported back to highschool and gets bullied/becomes a chad, just a sloppy drama with insufferable MC that doesnt do anything worth while and an idiot autistic girl.

It was good but not even remotely near aots nor aoty.

>the BEST
lel, you wish.
That being said, ReLIFE isn't anything special, but I still love it.

it certainly had the best EDs

That's not Re:Zero.

Because Re:Zero's not.

Yeah I actually did enjoy the ED's now that you mention it.

Really wish I had this opportunity.

But I already read it you fucking secondary.

Say nice things about Rena!

She's got red hair. Japs don't usually have that so I guess that's pretty neat.

Satan has spoken.

She was my favorite along with An. Top tier waifus


It was good, 7/10.

But yes literally everyone has watched it already.

It was ok. Not great, but not terrible. It seems like everyone except the MC was able to grow and change while MC is still crying about his dead senpai.

damn shame it was all released at once, killed the discussion quite early in the season, all chicks were top tier waifus, even sixbrows

Who was sixbrows? I agree all were top tier waifus.

Is there any chance at a second season?

Because I watched it 3 months ago

no chance considering they got up to chp 110 or something ofthe manga and there's only 140 chps in total.


No chance, or we have to wait for the manga?

Art is ugly, writing is cringeworthy.

we're gonna have to wait for the manga.

gr8 b8 m8

where did it all go wrong?

It didn't tho...

You posted in this thread

Tried to watch it because I heard about the janky piano. I gave up because it looked low budget.

I'd already read the manga anyway.

I actually liked the piano bits that everyone seems to hate. It's just a little piano riff and everyone seems to get so worked up because it isn't more diverse I guess?

What about it seemed low budget to you?

How do you feel it compared to the manga?

Is the manga worth reading if you've already watched the anime?


Because I'm not a fan of teen angst.

This was very enjoyable. The character interactions were great and MC was tsukkomi of the year, but it didn't have the impact necessary for AOTY much less AOTS status.

>i'm the shiest girl in the school, but i guess i will open up to mc because why not teehe

fucking dropped.

Worst girl

Already finished it senpai

she's very cute and hardworking
her boyfriend is cuter than her though

I wasn't expecting to hear Hot Limit as and ED


shit was pretty fly

Already did and I'm keeping up with the manga. Absolutely excellent.

the ED for 5 is still my favorite


cuz I already watched it 3 times

Would've been better without that jank ass piano playing at the worst moments.

The whole plot was predictable.

But it's got best boy.

How much of the manga did the anime get through and how much extra is there after it ended?

Tied with Rakugo as my favorites from this year

Around 100 out of 146 chapters. The chapters are pretty short though.

I'm still watching it. Final climactic episode is tonight.

that's the other childhood friend of big boobs, since it's always the three of them.

I actually cried when Asu no e tobira started to play arround episode 10