How many episode of anime do you watch a week?

How many episode of anime do you watch a week?

I only watch five because I am a casual piece of shit that would rather post on Cred Forums I guess

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It's relative.

Good seasons: ~12
This season: 6

28 this season, 24 planned next season

No clue, sometimes I watch 0 a week, other times I watch 13 a day.

But I read VNs a lot

About 10 on a weekend
About 5 on a weekday
So I guess a little under 50

Only about 20 new shows unless the season is really strong. Everything else is backlog.

None of yer damn business.

Make better threads.

Why don't you?

You've already posted in one of them if you have any taste.



when i'm watching a show it's 1

if i watch more than one show it's more than 1

I'll binge watch a whole show in a weekend after a season ends. If there's a show I really want to watch week to week, then probably only one episode a week on average.

Usually 15-20

It's too relative, I would say 15, but there are times when I can marathon something I really want to see, like the other time I watched the two first seasons of Yuru Yuri in just two days, and other days I just don't feel like watching anything so just 0.

I rarely watch more than 10 shows per season.

On average, it's probably around 8 or 9 including 2 from the backlog, outside of straight up binge watching. I really don't watch that much anime compared to the amount of manga I read.

I watched over 100 this past week.

Get on my level.

Recommend any top tier novels?

somewhere between too much and not enough

At my peak I used to watch 40. Now I'm lucky if I have the time to watch 4.

I miss those days

As many as the shows I am following. Add anywhere from 0-26 to that if I am watching some older complete show on top of that.

I'm pretty sure my average is 12-15, but if its truly exceptional (like Spring and Winter from this year) it can be up to 30. I watch whatever I want man, though I do get burnt out as fuck.

it's okay to drop shows, fyi

I don't know, like 50-70?

30 to 50 a week for the past ten years. I love this stuff too much and no other medium can really interest me as much as this.

Seasonal shows usually 12 - 26 episodes a week depending on the season.

Backlog stuff can add a lot to that. Recently I watched all of Digimon Adventure in 4 days.

I used to watch more than 20 eps a week, like when I was still on highschool. But now, I don't have the time. Job, college. I'm slowly become a plain normie. Maybe soon leaving Cred Forums

just find a deadend job like me and you'll be back here in no time

Depends. When I find a good show I usually watch it in a couple days. I find most seasonal shit to not be worth my time though. I read way more manga than I watch anime so that skews the numbers a bit too.

when i'm busy like 5. when i'm not like 20-30

Soon isn't good enough, leave right now.

>Workdays: 1-2 episodes
>Dayoffs - 3-12 episodes depending on my mood
>Currently watched shows:
>Re:Zero: marathon from 4pm to 4am
>Illya: 2 days

Frig off bud. This is Cred Forums not r9k.

3-5 a week. Weekends I like to marathon a series if I have time.

>But now, I don't have the time. Job, college.
I'm 95% sure that you have enough time and just spend it on other shit. 20 episodes is only 6-7 hours, in an entire week.

Yes, that's why he needs to fuck off for using "normie," you retarded piece of shit.
Should I add "underaged" to that?

>what's trailer park boys?
oh you summer child

No, you need to stop assuming that everywhere uses the same words in the same way.

Frig off bud has just as much weight as "you retarded piece of shit". Probably more because it doesn't sound like a highschooler trying to offend someone.

fuck off lahey

Man I fucking love me some TPB but it's a little annoying that I can't type the way I speak without people thinking I'm making references. Curse of the leaf I suppose.

34ish + 8/12/24 + 2/3/4
all my seasonal on sunday + a full series on thursday/friday + a movie or series of ovas on saturday spanning atleast 1hr 30 min

i AM the liquor, randy

Basically that pic related.

Samuel Beckett - The Unnameable

Over a dozen usually. Don't really keep a tight count.

I watch a minimum of 6 episodes a day.

I'll watch more if it's a series I'm really interested in or a lot of currently airing anime episodes that I'm following come out on one day.

4-5 seasonal eps,
20-25 older shows
a week

TPB ref/being canadian
same shit

"Dead end" is so negative. Why not call it simple or comfy? Progress for the sake of progress is stupid. We can't all be astronaut presidents.

I've been slacking a bit, I used to watch 100-150.

Better step it up before somebody calls you a faggot

In a week I probably average 15 hours. I waste so much time on Cred Forums it's insane.

Depends but on average 40 to 60 a week.

This season I watched about 13 episodes a week I think. A lot of it was pretty mediocre, but I just watched them anyways.

In a week probably 20-60. Mainly because I watch 40+ shows a season.

10-18. Once every few weeks I'll get around to watching something in my backlog so it goes towards the higher end.

I doub't you'll be able to read them cause they're untranslated.

Watching anime is pretty much all I do all week long. Easily 100-200 episodes or more.

>I watch 40+ shows a season.
What the hell? Even counting leftovers there are only 40-50 shows in most seasons, do you really just watch fucking everything?

>How many episode of anime do you watch a week?
I pickup 20-25 show per season.
Which makes it about 3-4 episodes a day.
I just watch it before I go to sleep.

>deadend job
Like what?
Our "hobby" is expensive.

I binge watch 13 (or less) episode shows that already ended over the week-end. Or sometimes 26 episode shows over two week-ends.

Counting shorts and shows I may potentially drop, I've got 26 lined up from the imminent Fall season. I don't really watch backlog stuff too often unless I'm bored with my other hobbies.

Depends on the season. Usually though it starts at a very high number (the first week) and more and more shows get dropped as I realise I don't give a shit about them.

If you can't find 20+ shows to watch every season, you're a casual pleeb and have no business posting here.
That's only three episodes a day, a little more than an hour before bed each night.
We are living through an unprecedented anime golden age, there is so much good shit to watch every season.
It will come to an end, appreciate it while you can.
Lurk harder or step up.

I don't watch anime anymore.
I have already seen all the masterpieces and every anime left that I try looks like garbage.

3-4 episodes/day
Marathon a show on weekends

It's always funny when some guy who watches 20+ shows each season tries to act elitistic.

I watch everything that gets subbed and 5-15 backlog shows a season depending how long running they are.

and wine connoisseurs gain their expertise by tasting only a couple glasses every few months

watching only a few shows doesn't mean you have taste
it means you're a fucking casual

Depends on how motivated I am. Usually I just watch one on my lunch break at work. So about 4 per week. That's about as many shows as I follow per season. If I really like a show I'll watch it in my off time. Shitposting is more fun than watching at this point.

But they're the only ones who have the right to act elitist?
If anything is funny, it's the shitters who have only seen the "essential" fifty or so anime that get reposted endlessly in 3x3 generals and who only watch 2-3 anime a season at best yet pretend they're some kind of anime experts.

enjoy eating shit repeatedly

120+ usually, depends If I have series to watch and I usually do.

Elitists can see if a show is bad or not at first sight.
They aren't casual shitters like you who need to watch the whole thing to get an opinion.

you don't even know what shit is

>Watching anime at work.

pretty much

>being employed

No need to get so defensive, I sure didn't imply I watch a few shows every season. It's just that fact that there are shitters who call other people
"casual" for not watching 20+ seasonal anime, yet they themeselves haven't read at least 150 manga or watched at least 500 titles, not to mention haven't played some top-tier VNs that are only available in japanese.

I like binge and purge on anime. I'll go through multiple series in a week sometimes and then just not watch any anime at all for a few weeks and repeat.

I make sure to at least watch one episode a day and unless im caught up in a serie i really like its rarelly more than 3.
My maximum a day is 25.


I'm a mangafag

I find 2 ep/day the sweet spot for someone who has a tight schedule. Each ep is 20min length so you have 40min of anime time per day that you can extend to 1 hour if you watch another episode.
Also series usually follow the 12/24 format so it's easy to keep track of the eps you watched.

Heh, I watch while I exercise on my break in our private workout room. It's okay to be jealous.

If you watch less than 20 shows a season and drop more than 0 head back on over to /r/anime where you belong.

What kind of work are you in?

Even if you watch 30-40 anime a season, that's like five episodes a day, which is literally less than two hours a day. As long as you keep the schedule it's pretty manageable, with no real issues.

The only real problem is if for some reason you fall behind schedule. Say, you go on a vacation. Or a new video game you've been waiting for comes out and you spend all your free time playing it. Or you decide to work on your manga backlog and get into it so much you forget about keeping up with seasonal anime for a couple of weeks. Or you decide to start watching that one several hundred episodes long old show from your backlog. At first you think "Oh, it's no big deal, there's no harm in not keeping up for a couple of days, I'll quickly catch up." and before you realize it's been more than three weeks and your seasonal anime folder has over 150 episodes in it.

This happens to me at least once every season. This season it happened twice.

law enforcement

Depends entirely on how good a season is. Usually start watching pretty much everything i.e. 30+ titles until episode 3-5, and over the season gradually drop stuff one by one, finishing only select shows.

You forgot work.

That's still only 20 episodes per day. It's not impossible to manage twice that load.
Even if you have EET or other obligations you should still be capable of 13 a day to plow through the backlog.

>with no real issues
The issue is you're not going to like every single one out of those 30-40 anime, unless you're a complete newfag with less than 200 titles. Add to this anoter "issue" like backlog/books/VNs/manga/films/games/music/studying/Cred Forums, etc. and I doubt you'll be saying "wasting 2 hours on seasonal shows each season is easy".

Anime and manga are different media, user, it's possible to be a casual in one and not the other. Also, why the fuck is the manga barrier lower than anime, manga are way quicker.

>law enforcement
I laughed more than a should.

>having other hobbies
I found your issue.

I'll agree with that statement.
That being said I still have 11,000 watched episodes to my resume over the last 10 years so that still makes over 20 episodes/week.

Did you not fucking read his post? That's exactly what he said.

>being anime-only pleb

He didn't address the issue about not liking every single show though.

>muh secondaries
Please remain either on /jp/ or in Fate threads, thanks.

>being a secondary

Just drop them.





>increments of ten




I don't like watching multiple fully released shows at once and I don't often watch stuff from current seasons so probably 5 or so to make sure I don't get sick of them. I read a lot of manga though.

Do some people really watch anime ironically?

>Anime and manga are different media, user
Yeah, but anime is much more casual and easier to get into than manga and VNs. That's why anime only kiddies who boast about watching 30+ shows every season will never be taken seriously.

>easier to get into than manga
Not at all. Manga is much quicker to read and comes in smaller packets, making it easier to do between other tasks or for people with attention problems.

>Not at all
If that's was true, you wouldn't see people begging for translation every single day. There's much more untraslated manga than anime, so it's objectively harder to get into.

what if it was true?

It depends.
I wake up at 6:30 AM have to leave by 7 Am commute take about an hour to arrive to work by 8 Am, and work until 2 PM, and reach home at 3-4 PM, after showering and eating it's 5-6 PM
I browse sadpanda,Cred Forums, watch a 3-4 episodes, 10-11 PM I'm so sleepy I barely manage to brush my teeth, and usually sleep while reading a manga in my bed.
And that's in a good day, sometimes I have to work until 6 PM, internet not working and stuff like this.

Then I'll laugh even harder.

Get onto multitasking. You can easily watch anime while eating and read during commute.
You should be able to watch thrice the anime, you just have to want it.

>using computers in public
>watching anime in public
you are the fucking scourge

You'll never know for sure.


Where did I say to watch anime in public?
Reading manga in public is not a big deal. Don't let people watch over your shoulder and avoid reflections and you're fine.

Forgive me, I misread your post.
I apologize.
Reading in public is indeed acceptable.

Like, 4.
I've seen too many anime to be really interested anymore.

I used to only watch a few seasonal anime, it wasn't only until like three(?) years ago that I started watching 20+ anime a season, and by that point I had already seen more than two hundred anime. I used to think that I'd soon get tired of it and go back to only watching a few anime a season, but that still hasn't happened. The only seasonal anime in the past few years that I regret watching until the end was Yahari season two.
There's still like 10-20 shows a season I don't pick up to begin with, so it's not like I have literally zero standards.


>watch anime while eating
I'd like to keep my room clean, but I do that sometimes.
>read during commute
You'll like this
>be me in my commute from work back home
>Playing FoMT on PSP
>People always gave me looks when using PSP or reading a book in public
>There was this kid staring very keenly
>As he was getting off he looked at me and said
>"You should get a new phone, at least one with touch screen, so your farmville graphics won't look this bad".
I stopped using it since then.
I just read some books, and if someone ask I just tell them I'm after a Master's degree in English literature.

Depends, some seasons are only a few, others can be 15-20.

>>"You should get a new phone, at least one with touch screen, so your farmville graphics won't look this bad".
master troll
you got legit rused hard

>stopped doing something because of random kid

Get an ereader.

>three years ago
Kek, that's literally nothing.

Because I realized, people are watching more intently than I though.
I could have been playing some game that offended some people and get killed for it.
I want to get one.
But I didn't find any sellers.
Also what model do you recommend.

>I could have been playing some game that offended some people and get killed for it.
Just say "I'm too self-conscious"

8 or fewer. I hate watching more than 4 a day. It tires me.

Kobo is pretty good for manga and novels.
Glo HD if you want something smaller than a normal manga volume, the new Aura One for large size or the H2O as a compromise in between.

I'm serious people got killed for playing GoW.
Is it better than the Nook?
esoacially regarding rooting and installing ROM?

0, I don't watch anime for couple of years already. I read manga though.

I barely watched anime nowadays anymore. I sure hate real life.

This season went down from 10 to 5. I also watch some older stuff inbetween. I cant really stand most shows nowadays.

Elitist love this medium as a whole.
They enjoy it regardless whether its good or bad because it was their passion.

Never had problems installing extra software or expanding the internal memory.
Kobo supports Japanese input, I don't think the Nook does that.