Im not a pedo but Sakura is hot for a 10 year old

Im not a pedo but Sakura is hot for a 10 year old.

She's decent.
She's pretty plain looking. Tomoyo was hotter maybe. Though all the other girls in her class were even more plain looking, I guess.

short hair with a bangin bod to boot though

Meiling > Tomoyo > Sakura

Fight me.

>Tomoyo was hotter
yet Sakura chose Li, I would have gone with Tomoyo

Which is good because they're not suppossed to be sexually attractive they're freaking elementary school children.

I think the term you all look is pretty. Tomoyo is certainly prettier and have a more dignified flair but Sakura is more lively which is what gets her attention despite her generic looks. It's charming to see her enjoying life.

they all have the same body

Oh shit, I completely forgot she even existed. Yeah, she's definitely the hottest, I agree with your rankings.

hence why i said to boot.

If i was 13 years old when i liked sakura, would that makes me a pedo?

Sakura turn everyone into lolicons

only if you still like her now as a manchild. have you even read lolita?

>Green eyes
>Brown hair
Literally the most perfect combo

It is certainly a pretty charming combination.

Blue eyes black hair is sexier.

Green Eyes/Brown Hair is more about overall likability instead of being "sexy".

It gives a more approachable and endearing tone. Black and blue is a colder combination.

>not pedo

If only you knew what kind of slime you are.

this is a weird spurdo

I'm not a pedo but I desperately want to fuck Sakura's brains out.

I wonder how many people Sakura has turned into lolicons.

All of them.

actually watched ccs in tv when I was a boy, long before sharing anime online was even a thing

god damn, had a crush on her but I just kept growing older and she stayed the same...

I bet Sakura's pussy steams like a hot kettle.

*teleports behind you*
Talking about me, HMMM?

I'm a pedo and I agree.

Don't worry, guys. Sakura got older.



What do you think about the new mango?

At first I thought they were related cuz she resembles Sakura somewhat.

>She's pretty plain looking.
Not really. If she was plain looking, that would imply most girls look like her. And Sakura got so popular precisely because she looked unique (and her unique, genki personality and her voice). She has become more typical because after 1998, so many series copied her design.

Someone knows what's up.

yeah, muh dick

Even there, those other two look generic as hell. Sakura seems to be the only one on her with some form of distinguishing definition.

She's getting a powerup per chapter. I hope CLAMP had the sense to make toys this time around.

I wonder why is Siege a rubber box?

I think the symbolic nature is that Siege is the box being attacked by the vines.

i'm not a pedo but i always fap to lolis