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>Tfw Ippo is now a punch drunk fuck up

You know damn well his OXYGEN will fix it. Dammit I hope he actually has an affliction like Punch Drunk. Would be the most interesting thing to happen to that manga. But I'm sure it's going to get OXYGEN bullshit and get GUTS away.

Maybe it's just because I'm American, but I have not read a sports manga I enjoyed as much as Eyeshield 21

I want a sport anime about Isao Okano.

damn it this thread should be blowing up, ippos an amazing manga/anime, meanwhile meme tier garbage gets 500 or so replies before dying off.
Pic Related.

Just finished the first season and I have to say that it was the fucking best sports anime I've ever seen, and that last fight with sendo was orgasmic


Yeah the majority of people on this board are a
Waifufags or moefags

Naw, anybody who enjoys sports anime but doesn't like Eyeshield 21 regardless of nationality can go fucking kill themselves.

Its been almost 25 years and Slam Dunk still cant be topped.

What went so right?

I too have been trying to get so many damn threads going today, but none of them have really taken off. It wasn't like I was just posting low effort shit either.

I don't know what the hell is going on, but fuck everyone who has browsed Cred Forums in the last 10 hours. You all have been faggots.

This. Holy shit it's so good. Sadly the anime drags out some games much longer than they need to be and they didn't include the best game of them all against Sannoh. But it's still damn good.

Stopped reading Ippo around 800 to 900ish chapter, because literally every one of his fights followed the same pattern and it was always "Wew, that was a strong guy, TSUYOY DESU, better watch out next time" sort of naive way of thinking. I kind of liked the part where he was told that almost everyone he beaten to a pulp in show of RESPECT AND FRIENDSHIP has retired. I dont even know how would I make a fight fresh or different, but still. It was a damn good sports manga though, should I get back to reading?


Good kendo anime when?

Don't fucking say Bamboo Blade

I don't even like American Football, but I loved Eyeshield 21.

Sakuragi. He's a great MC.

Well I can spoiler whats been happening so far, if you'd like user, otherwise, yes, keep reading, chapters arent that long and fights are quick to read through, plus things take a turn....

I watched this as a kid on open TV the guy that dubbed Sakurai was the same guy that dubbed Vegeta


Is Slam Dunk worth the read?

I dunno, the later parts of Eyeshield really started to drag. The early arcs are fucking great though.

absolutely. I guess the only flaw is the last part was a bit rushed.

Yes. Pure adrenaline-pumping basketball action, great characters, and fantastic art.
Only drawback is the weak ending.

I remember that,
that was both weird and awesome.

Anyone reading the Baby Steps raws? I really hope Ei-chan kicks that Chink's ass, it feels like it's been forever since he won a game.

What the fuck is this image? I know it can't be a VA image because Seth McFarlane voices Stewie.

any other interesting football anime/manga that isn't Captain Tsubasa?

cmon user are you serious,

Anime or manga?

Mexican dub

>sort of naive way of thinking

Ippo's in the process of fixing that right now, he's either extrmely fatigued or punch drunk, but if he can fix it he's going to get into the ring with a new goal.

Usually he fights to "GANBARE" and see how far he can go, but now he just wants to win no matter what and keep boxing. it's likely he'll come back for his final fight with an emphasis on defense.


>not being tipped off by the Ben Affleck

Inazuma Eleven's a fun ride if you like silly super moves, TEAMWORK, and cute boys.

Bara N Gay 143 is going to be the GOAT sports anime.


Take this picture to Cred Forums and bring back results.

theres a shitload of Capitan Tsubasa knockoffs

Hungry Heart Wild Striker
Goal Field hunter H
Soccer Fever

I generally don't enjoy sports manga/anime - unless it's my sport.

Anyone else here looking forward to watching Longriders in a little over a week from now?

I finished reading it a few weeks ago and while the last two arcs were kinda shitty, I still miss it. It's been a while since a manga left me wanting more.

The final match was meh, but the Christmas Tournament was GOAT. The ending definitely left a good taste in my mouth

The very, very last part of the manga is rushed. It's a pretty poor conclusion, but the final game is one of the best in the series.
The final arc in the anime (last 15 or so episodes) are like filler. They lead up to the nationals in the manga, but the anime ends right before they go there.

wasn't there a manga about soccer girls doing cute things?

just give me another season of overdrive


found pic.

I hate it already

me on the left

No market for it. Sports anime have unfortunately basically become a fujo/homo genre.


>on a team of non-lolis

How does that work?

Did anyone watch Days, or was it shit?

Anyone else here seen the two Nasu films? Now those are how you do sports anime.

I could barely force myself to get through season one of Overdrive and you want another? Yowapeda was also mediocre but at least it had entertaining characters.

forgot to post a pic

it's been a while but im pretty sure the last race was hype, though i don't know why you would force yourself to watch something

I'm not ashamed to say I liked this anime that was clearly for children.

I've been wondering that myself recently, specifically why it's so much better than other sports series with a similar format. I'd have to pin it down to
>great humour
>charismatic, likable characters
>god tier art
>well paced, the games don't overstay their welcome

AnJ is the GOAT sports manga but it's more of a mix of genres, SD easily tops the list for pure sports.

>tfw no 3-Gun Anime

> zettai ryouiki on the uniform

idk for awhile the manga tries to make a new side character who's a genius but ignores him later thankfully.
right now ippo is in the "if i lose then i'll quit" mentality and might have brain damage, but its clearly not going to end anytime soon.

also sadly the fight with miyata is still being teased years later, so i hope you stopped looking forward to it.
takamura gets some development now and then but its not enough.
the manga is still good though.

What was it that made it so good?

I'm ready to mawase in new year.



Keijo will make sports anime great again.


>not tiger mask

Should I watch Cross Game?

I love baseball, but I've never gotten around to it, is it as good as people say, or are there better baseball focused shows out there?


>Kaminashi Nozomi (17) is an exceptional gymnast. So much so that colleges with some of the best gymnastic programs are trying to recruit her.
Nice, gymnastics is an awesome sport and I've always wanted an anime about it
>"Keijo" is a type of gambling sport where girls stand on a small floating platform and compete against one another.
Pity it's not gymnastics but gambling is great too, maybe it will be like One Outs
>The aim is to push the other contestant off of the platform into the water, but they are only allowed to use their butt or breasts to push the others off.
God fucking damn it Japan

I can't believe people have the gall to complain about fujoshit sports shows when this is the sort of garbage a male audience wants to see.

It's very good, though more romance than baseball. I'd recommend the manga, Adachi is pretty god tier at setting a scene.

Thanks familamzoid, I need something to kill time with, I'll give it a shot.

Kyokushin karate anime when???


Baseball is completely secondary to the SoL/characters. I love it but don't expect high suspense.

Are any of the sports Anime from this season just gone worth checking out? DAYS looks pretty fun.

no sports soundtrack will ever compare

DAYS is really shit honestly, it's for kids. But I somehow can't stop watching it. Just don't expect it to be good.

>can't wait for Ippo to have parkinson's and the manga focus on Sendoh and Takamura

Takamura is a best by far

>japan champion
>world ranker
>blocks with his face
>barely any evolution for the 10 past fucking years
>hasn't even fucked his long time gf
>what could possible go wrong

just fucking die please

dumb frog poster

ippo is a shitty character though

already done mate

>The dub will never be finished

So weird watching the last 15 episodes subbed when you are so use to the dub voices. If I had known the dub was incomplete I would have just watched the sub from the beginning.

>still good
>after travesty robbery fight between Ashura vs Miyata
>after the travesty fight between Monkey Man vs Ippo

Currently watching it right now, up to episode 31. If you're watching it for baseball focus then you'll be disappointed. There's barely any monologue and the tactics aren't really walked through especially if you compare it to a series like Dia no Ace.

>can't be topped


>one random nobody character that gets his shit kicked in

No man I want something like Kenichi, but with kyokushin, and better.

when the fuck is he gonna get an apollo creed type trainer

I don't particularly enjoy reading it, but I do so anyway

>those legs

Is this where Katoki got his proportions from?

>losing kohinata minoru

hey at least he gets a gf in here unlike ippo. but the manga would seriously be better if it followed Ryuuji and Ibuki's path

>implying he wont pull a Manny retire from Boxing and become a senator of Japan who advocates for Boxing in the Diet

what does a boxing diet have to do with anything?

Why did it switch from being Ippo-clone about karate and brazilian assrapists to a serious MMA shit. I liked first one better

>hurr he isn't an edgy chad nigger

You already have that type of character in Takamura, why would you need/want another?

the author could have at least the decency to end this shitty sports manga. jfc 1000+ chapters. even Naruto and Bleach ended before 1K.

The Diet is the name of Japan's Congress, user.

The japan/karate jerking off was off-putting at the beginning, but now that it's a love-letter to prime K1 I love it. As a Muay Thai practitioner/fanboy it pleases me so much that a Nak Muay is the final boss.

That said, MC sucks hardcore. Literally every character is more interesting than him.

Takamura is just as fucked up as ippo. He's just hiding it better.

>takamura is edgy

he's great because he's hilarious. ippo serves his purpose as a straight man but is a bad main character by just about any measure


kickboxing > karate

>he enjoys seeing the ippo face block every match

ippo should have been brain dead by now

takamura's rise and fall is better since he's aiming for 7 world championships. ippo hasn't even reached top 3 status yet

kyokushin karate >>> shitboxing


Someone email madhouse and tell them to animate this.

they don't do kyokushin tho. they do some weird sect that allows face punching with those space man helmets. That said those motherfuckers are hardcore

Kyokushin has shinken shobu kumite.


Baseball needs more representation, especially with cute girls.

Is baseball even fun? I like sports, but I've never played it, or even seen it played in real life, and it looks boring as heck.

Isn't it called something different in the manga? I don't remember Kyokushin ever named. I kinda skim over all the romanji though so I could have missed it.

Batting and pitching is fun. Fielding sucks.

Your mileage varies in terms of playing, I personally don't like it. It's a low tier watching sport for sure though. The atmosphere of a live game is fun for maybe 4-5 innings at most.

I haven't read the manga, but I've been doing kyookushin for almost 9 years, and the writing on his kimono is the original kyokushin kanji.

Where do you live? I didn't think there were any legit karate schools in the US. As luck would have it I found a MT gym with a legit Thai coaching. I don't know what he's doing in Illinois but I'm grateful lmao

where are the cute girs?, FUCK OFF

post more bellies

(what's this from?)

Taisho Yakyuu Musume

Bulgaria. I wouldn't recommend kyokushin in the US either, they're always shit in international tournaments and camps. Slav countries are strong, as well as Japan, and Germany.

>Hungry Heart Wild Striker
>by the same writer actually
does that count as a knockoff?

Also Aoki Densetsu Shoot!

thanks user

>just a reminder this chick is Capt. Akagi's sister

Man loo at this bitch tryna act cool and shit wearing the jersey and holding the ball like a faggot. I bet I could slap the ball out of her cunt hand and send her back to the kitchen.

They're mom probably cucked Haruko's father with a nigger US marine stationed in Nipland.

Do you have any fucking clue how many baseball manga series there are? It's the most popular sport in Japan, it's incredibly over represented in the sports genre.

please kill yourself

Did he cum on the screen?

>empty line after quoting a post

Time to die.

>being this much of a faggot

>being this much of a newfaggot

>Real Valladolid


Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.

One of the worst MCs in shonen history

Rule 63 Pulisic


10/10 masterpiece

God dammit.

I suppose when you run out of ideas you just copy from the superior material.

Is it worth watching? Sadly the BD's look like shit though.

No. It's one of those things Cred Forums just pretends to like because it's old. It's fucking awful, almost as bad as Kuroko.

Still waiting for a middleschool girls volleyball anime.

At least make it sports related.

That is only season 1
shit is tame compared what the later seasons havw to offer.
and shit gets straight up samurai flamenco tier crazy when it gets to the second series.
for example evil soccer orginization that tries to erase soccer from history and fusing with and fighting dinosaurs with soccer.

Is it bad that I really like haikyuu

Yeah liking things isn't allowed. Don't say that in public or you might get arrested. I'm surprised you're not banned on Cred Forums yet.

haikyuu is great

>140+ posts
>no mention of Initial D
it's like you don't want to mention one of the greatest sports animu ever made

>tfw no sumo anime

There was one recently.

Initial D isn't a sports anime.

I just feel there is a social stigma about liking anime that are considered Yaoi bait

You think I'll ever tell anyone I enjoyed Free!
That goes to the grave with me

And considering how fast doujinishi are popping up for Haikyuu
It looks like it's going to be another secret anime for me

>" a Japanese sports manga series..."
uh excuse me
also what are motor sports

But haikyuu has girls involved. And don't post gay shit around me kid, or you'll die.

But they just street race. It's not a real sport.

I guess being part of a genre doesn't count to you, that's okay

Free! Also had cute girls

Doesn't make it any less gay

>social stigma about liking anime that are considered Yaoi bait
>yaoi bait in the very same fucking post
Same user I just can't put my finger on it

why don't you just give it try instead of asking here of all places what the fuck is happening to people?

I'm just showing an example of the 10 billion Yaoi pairings already made

Anime become known for what the fan base is

>oh hey toy heard about show Haikyuu, it's supposed to be really good

>you mean that show about homoerotic volleyball

It happend to Free!
And it'll happen to Haikyuu

But it does because they don't do gay things.



I dont mind kickboxing and I really liked how they basically admitted that Muay Thai is superior striking martial art, but thats not what I was getting into, the whole karate vs other martial arts beginning was the shit, even if fanboy-ish and unlikely. I'm also sad that monster senpai who brought him into dojo in the first place probably wont get screentime anytime soon.
I can see how LE KARATEKA BTFO JUDOKA and all would be a bit cringy for someone who practices himself though.

Kyokushin is better than muay thai.

Doesn't the ranga have a relationship with one of the birds at his school?

Fuck. Instantly removed it from my backlog.

You both are weak fags that concentrate on the Yaoi Bait instead of plot or characters, that's why you both think like someone fucking care what you read. If people don't think about Lion King as Furry bait shit, because there probably shit tons of r34 and other furry shit than why the fuck should you care?

They're just pulling them back. It doesn't even look gay or fanservice-y in the screenshot.

I feel bad for people who are so insecure they can't handle such innocuous shit, what the fuck is wrong with you?

no shit. i watched both seasons of haikyuu, enjoyed them immensely, picked up on ZERO gay undertones. the fact that faggots like look for any semblance of faggotry and get so upset by it is pretty telling.

There's a social stigma for a reason. The fandoms are fucking cancerous, and if you admit liking a yaoibait show then people think that you may be one of them. You're free to like what you like, just don't expect to be treated as anything else but a rabid fujo if you admit liking it.

Especially if you post fujoshit art like that, take that to /y/ or /cm/

How does it compare to other series? It's my understanding that it's more realistic and down to earth

No ending can be satisfying after this.


Your Nostalgia. There are plenty sports manga that are equal to Slam Dunk and some of them have much more developed characters

doubt. Slam Dunk doesnt have that much development, but it compensates with a great cast, and the fact is balanced. The MC isnt the savior of the team, let alone the best player. Also the art still stands out compared to other generic sports animes/mangas.