Monster Musume



Desperately needs some kindness and love

Inb4 mod deleting thread again.


I'm fine with it as long as they prune all the other generals too

>picking spider


I wonder how it feels to make out with her?
Those teeth must be sharp!

fuck off already

>Those three naruto, bleach, berserk and dbz threads up right now

Not sure how you do it, but teeth aren't required when making out.

Which monster mom is best mom?

Dunno. Past couple of threads got deleted for seemingly no reason, maybe the whole "no generals" thing, which still doesn't explain why the other, worse generals on Cred Forums get to stay up.

This one

She'd probably try her hardest to make sure she doesn't nip you, worried you'll hate her if she accedently hurts you

thats when you bite her lip instead


>another phoneposter OP

Can't take the hint can you?

Clearly this one.

There's more pictures of her

Warm Blooded Mothers: Great
Cold Blooded Mothers: Shit

Well well well look who just arrived

Cerea's Mom is shit. Neck yourself.

big pure comfy girl

Snek cuddles are like the cool side of the pillow for your whole body.
She keeps you cool at night, you keep her warm at night.

The best of the best

Why didn't you get one of the best big girl? Like the L shaped one.

I guess you can say it's all ogre for your sex life.
>but for real it looks nice

The fucking irony and newfags in Cred Forums its whats killing it. Listen here you trash, you aren't unique.

It really is time to make posting from mobile networks require a pass. Put some teeth into bans again.

I have considered doing this, but I don't know how I would explain a horse girl, shrek is atleast semi negiligible
>implying I need a sex life when I have the softest ogre

I'm going to marry Draco!

Tio doing yoga?

Tio is the best big girl. Horse is shit tier.

>Mobile networks
>Not just phone

Wew. I like to browse and chat when in bed.

I want to marry this snake.
I would seriously give up on human women for her.

> Loser shaped

are her tits 3d?

I hate horse if only because of two things
1.) horsefags are the absolute worst, falseflagging or not
2.) almost all of her porn is vore, farting, scat, etc.

sounds about right