Her broken, common tongue makes me cum.


Wishing the series was translated.

Chaika thread?
Chaika thread.


Chaika is pure as newly fallen snow.

Best Chaika

I legitimately love Akari's character. Just the way she acts with Toru while being seemingly normal outside of her relationship with him is so entertaining.

Chaika face will be a signature animeme symbol that people will still be talking about ten years from now.

A best!

She's my favorite
Not sure how to feel because I legitimately like this series.


Fuck, I would make a contract, if you know what I mean.

did you know that chaika lives in the trash bin

Purple > Red=Blue > White > shit > Black > Green=Yellow

Did you know you're a cunt?

Did she start speaking normally in the ending?

it's just science, dude

White > Red >> Purple >> Shit >>> Blue > Black


Yes, she even said arigato instead of kansha.


>No more Kansha
Fuck this gay earth

This is correct

Chaika! Front page!

Yes, Chaika.

>Vivi a shit
I kinda liked her. Her whole personality may has revolved around getting the dick from that blond dude, but he was an alright guy.

You would contract syphilis.

Can young girls have breasts so saggy?

Apparently they can.



She's cute like a little sister to take care off. Akari shouldve won and take chaika as adoptive daughter

le shocking truth face

Index a complete garbage

>Black dead last
You're just envious she was the one able to give birth to her own father, aren't you?