Find a flaw

Find a flaw.

Seeing how the movie is supposed to be "relatable" my childhood.

Never experienced young love and i will never experience love due to mental illness brought about by traumatic events last year. My life is flaw OP my whole fucking life is.

>My life is flaw OP my whole fucking life is
Why haven't you ended it?

It's not as good as Princess Kaguya.
It's okay user, you don't need to have experienced young love to connect with this film.

But flaws are what makes things interesting user-kun. Nobody likes a Mary Sue.
pls don't bully

>10 minutes of period panties
>don't get to see Taeko in them

They really went over the top on old Taeko's ugliness.

Everything else is good, best animated movie.

Is her cheeks still swollen from when her father hit her?

>>It's not as good as Princess Kaguya.
Shit kids movie with a DEEP ending. Shinkai's latest oscar bait for normies was better than Kaguya.

reply: epic

It's now the goto hipster movie for Ghibli fans who think they're more sophisticated for liking a film about 'real life' over everything else that either has something fantastical about it or otherwise actually has a plot.

Haven't you got a Crystal City to be guardung, Omega?

Plot is the worst thing that ever happened to cinematic art

childhood flashbacks were GOAT,
present stuff with 30 year old Taeko and the farmer guy were awkward at best.

Plot is fine if it's done properly. That and anything is better than 20 minutes of shilling organic farming.

The DVD/BR should come with an feature that marathons the flashbacks one after another, cutting out the middle man.

So did anyone see this in theaters earlier this year when it was released? For some fucking reason the theater I went to (the musicbox) played the new dub that features the new star wars girl and the slumdog millionaire. It was passable except for Toshio's Australian accent, but I was disappointed my theatrical experience of the film was a bit fucked with by the dub. I will say the best thing about it was being in a theater full of people who cared about the movie and laughed at the funny moments.

Yes. Most people laughed at the boy who thought 'catching a period' was a thing. Somebody took their little girl to it and ended up walking out before it ended.

I went to a Wind Rises dub screening, theater was half full, mostly adults.

It was nice watching a Ghibli movie on the big screen for the first time.

This movie proves that we are on Japanese image board because we weren't loves as a child

Any Ghibli film in theaters is beautiful