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First for this delectable semen demon


Son, I am disappoint.


Yeah, it was from the 80s and he even still had the packaging.

Kind of looked like pic related. But if they're still of the same quality I think it would be nice to replace it with something current. Though he probably hasn't watched Macross in decades.

Are those autographs on the wall?

That is what they appear to be.

So on amazon/ca I still have my order of the SW book, but when I click on it, the page for the item no longer exists. Is this bad?

You're probably talking about a different line. And a different jet. DX Chogokins are current, and they're pretty much Frontier and Delta only with one from Plus. They're huge and crazy expensive. Hi-Metals are similar but smaller.

>amazon package arrived in two days
>chloe unrelated
DHL is amazingly fast for the price.

Does anyone have good sources for artbook reviews? I've been using Halycon ( but he seems to recommend everything he touches.

Yeah, Chogokin still contain diecast parts. That can make them pretty expensive though, especially for the bigger DX ones.

>order from CR
>3 months late
>they never send me a working tracking number
>showed up today
Every time I've ordered from them they always half ass something. At least it's here and l don't have anymore preorders with them

Thanks, I'm completely in the weeds on these. /toy/ doesn't seem to have a macross/veritech thread short of the robot general.

I'll look into all of those. The one you posted looks similar in design but I think his was about 10-12 inches.

>Rockin Jelly Bean
Good taste

There's actually a Hi-metal VF-1J coming out next month. Preorders are sold out everywhere, but you might see if you can pick one up when the release date hits.

how long does it take for an item you pre-ordered from Amiami after it is released?

Depends on the method of shipping and where you are.


what is it with the rise in fat and lumpy figures in recent years?
is it a big fetish in chink land or something?

Couple days for EMS. Week to a month for SAL. Amiami is quick about packing your order up and sending out an invoice. It usually takes a day or two at most.

Also there's a DX (14" tall) that's been teased. But no release.

wew really? i figured it'd take weeks or a month. I did pick EMS though

and I meant how long does it take for you to GET the item from amiami

I repeat, that depends on the method of shipping and where it's been sent.

For ems it should arrive within a week or so. Unless you live in EU or around there, then it could take longer.

Assuming you pay as soon are you can it'll take two or three days altogether for Amiami to handle packing and shipping and a couple days for EMS to ship it. Less than a week is common for me to get stuff via EMS.

Times can of course differ depending on where you are and how slow your customs is.

Waistless stumps are boring.

What have you ordered ?

i agree, but i'm talking about outright obesity and bizarre lumps that look like extra breasts budding

Why does your door have a window?

I am 100% officially out of space and I still have 3 more months with preorders

It's sad knowing the only VF I own is the Transformers G1 Jetfire

You know what to do. Your bed needs to go.

Same. I have room for like five more figures in my display, no more room for boxes. I have nine things on order and three more wished.

Send help.

The nips want variety. It sells.

Just Rem at the moment.

I like sleep and comfortable beds I think I'm just gonna try to keep next year clear until I move I really don't want to part with anything at the moment

is oboro ever going to get a figure?

Post pics of what your "out of space" looks like.

What's a buyfag?

A miserable pile of empty wallets.

>carrying more than 1 wallet
What the point if it's empty?

Read the guide

Are there any figures that are considered classics?



Sekko Boys?

I ordered two figures from amiami both sent by air small packet. One was sent four days before the other, however only the one that was shipped second has arrived (three days ago now). Should I be worried?

can't wait until it's painted

GSC Shinobu
GSC Madokami

Sure. The GSC Sabers. Momohime. etc. Basically really popular figures with enough demand to get rereleases after years of pent up demand.

Can't you just track it using the code and figure it out?

lewd male figures. About time.


What about that bondage boy?


Australia post doesn't allow tracking of international packages.

Thanks, I figured it was too early to warrant fussing over it.

I constantly see the one Motoko Kusanagi SAC figure that's transparent up to the top of her legs, people love that one.

This is a shit version from a quick search but this is a pretty standard design

That thong though.

>Australia post doesn't allow tracking of international packages.
what the fuck?

me too but i hope they fix that titty weld

can track international packages when they are in Australia, mate otherwise just use the JP post website if coming from Japan

>That tit weld

he's just being silly, don't listen to him

need more delicious brown figures in my life

what the fuck is this then?

I've made a horrible mistake

>Find grail in preowned section of amiami
>wait til next month to add it to my monthly order
>check today
>it's gone

Don't be like me guys

Is it in Australia yet? What does the JP Post website say? Try there fine for anything I get from Japan, it won't scan on an Australian website until its scanned by an Australian carrier. If that doesn't make sense to you then I can't help you.

That level of skindentation is making my skin crawl. It looks like it's cutting into her really hard

These, plus a handful of random plamo bits and pieces

Probably explains why she can't zip up her pants

That all makes sense, nothing that I didn't know before. The JP Post website says "Dispatch from outward office of exchange".

I've tried to track other packages from Japan with Aus Post and they haven't shown up either even if they have been delivered and hence should have been scanned by an Australian carrier.

>LL figma

true patricians only buy LL scales

I like the little poseable ones to mess around with for photos and such. I picked up the Maki Alter scale last week, and I'll finish those off eventually.

Then I don't know what's going on, all I know is once it gets to Australia and is scanned then it can be tracked on Auspost, it's impossible for it to show up before then. Dispatch from outward office exchange as I am sure you are aware means it's on it's way over to Australia. This has always worked for me as long as I have a tracking number.

Give it some time.

It's chow time, boys!

I don't think I've ever been able to track a parcel with an international tracking number on the auspost website, I wanted to see if people had the same problem. Thanks for the help, user.

You didn't notice that before? I know I've brought that bit up before. At least she looks mostly okay clothed.

The other body looks good, though.

Nico is literally worse than shit.

No worries user, have faith

TOM isn't allowed to ship GSC items to the US anymore. Do you guys think that will impact their business a lot? I know they've changed how their points could be used a while back.

Okay friend

What is it?

Can probably file it down without causing structural damage


>fightcade bookmark

>tfw no fig of characters that I like enough to buy a fig off.

>pls nerf trondamore
get good.

pic related

>he doesn't know

I tried preordering one and it rejected it saying they won't ship it to the US.

>implying I don't know kasho
Just joking with you mate

Which item? If they can't ship any GSC item to the US they are dead.

Has anyone been able to use a Visa debit card on Native's site?
I know they say they don't accept debit cards but I know some people say their debit cards work even on sites where they aren't accepted like mandarake.

love u

Looks like air small packet doesn't get tracked at all and 3 of my 4 recent EMS orders didn't get scanned. lmaoing at australia post desu

I've had the same problem with canada post all year. I have one package where JP post says it left japan 8 days ago, but whenever I enter the tracking number into canada post it say the package doesn't exist. And JP post's tracking has stopped updating until the package has been delivered.

That's a cute honk and a really smug chipmunk.

and will order the mini fumo straps when they go up too.

but they are the best postal service :^)


Damn! this semen demon looks really good
How is the quality of Q-Six scales overall?


Most debit cards work as credit cards. If you've got a Visa/Mastercard etc. logo on it you're probably fine.

>The post's reference
>Your head

So whats up with the tits? Is it not cast off anymore? It looks like they're being squeezed so they'd look really strange when cast off. Does it have those squishy tits?

Then please explain oh wise ass.

Multiple torsos.

I only will say that it is a pretty well known game reference, and you don't need to be a Cred Forumsermin to get it, it have been meme'd to the dead
You're only showing how a dumbfag you are, go away and never come back

>Covering the Mito
You philistine

Why does her face have to be so weird

Under shipping info, it says they can only ship that to the US. I'm not sure why you're having a problem.

No thanks, I rather like it here.

>welded tits

Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!

Sure thing pretty boy.

>Draken preorders already closed.

There's a reason they announce the pre-order date and time ahead of time for some things.

I don't understand how anyone could have ordered it in the 30 seconds it must have been open for

Mine went fairly painlessly. Didn't freeze this time.

I guess it's time to wait until aftermarket.


Gomenasai, my name is Starks-sama

It's an apple eat apple world, dawg. I just waited two hours after a preorder was supposed to pop up to actually place it though. It's strange how these things work sometimes.

Nice taste at least

>Already sold out as well.

Obviously not a grail then

I thought I told you to be quick, dude.

Personally I just got the 1/72nd scale model.

Is it normal for amico to not give me this months invoice yet? Ive never had them wait this long before

Is everything in your monthly order in stock yet, you baka?

Thinking about getting this guy


Whats her brand and where did you get her? She's very pretty.

>no blue arms


try using

v pls go

>Given up on getting a numbered edition of the omnibus
>Found a retailer still taking orders
>Still have stock
Thank you anime jesus for blessing me today. I hope it looks as good in person

>Hating classic Sonic
>Hating everyone's favorite hedgehog
Your childhood must've sucked

Which retailer and how much?

> being this delusional
Do the math user. 2k copies. Author took a bunch for signing/friends and shit. Sold out everywhere else.
It was $175aud for me.

yeah nobody knows quite what to make of the numbered version, yenpress said that every copy was already assigned to a preorder within a couple days of it going up but plenty of places have been accepting preorders for weeks afterwards, either way don't hold your breath

This is a /toy/ thread in Cred Forums, calm down.

I assumed they meant their stock was sold already and other retailers have their own

Oh hey, that's still $16 less than Amazon right now. Neat. Did anyone else happen to stumble across a good deal that's still up?

I actually ended up ordering two of them.
One through Amazon US which I'm almost certain is a numbered edition, and one through Amazon CA which I ordered on the 19th (might be numbered, might not be) since it was MUCH cheaper.

If both end up to be numbered I'd be willing to sell one to some Cred Forumsnon who really wants it and missed out.

Otherwise I'll probably sell it on jewbay or return it at worst.

they also said that the majority of the copies they had were going to the author for signing events

Man what was the point of Sonic 4 if this was gonna exist

For once listening to Cred Forums was a good thing. Waited for this to come down in price some. Could've waited longer but didn't want to run the chance of everyone selling them.

I hope you goys are paying attention

You are delusional if you just ordered and think you are getting a numbered edition.

tumbling down

Ok guys, I need some insight here.

I bought a daki cover on amiami that cost ~131 USD with S&H, and I switched my card from my debit card to another credit card of the same bank before I check out.

A few minutes later, I saw the charge to my account, but it was to my debit/checkings account, not my credit quota. I was like "okay, I'll do debit if that's what you guys want," so I didn't do anything about it. A few days later I received my daki cover in the mail safe and sound.

Fast forward a week to yesterday, I checked my online banking webpage and saw that the $131 debit to my checking account had disappeared, and my credit card hasn't been charged at all atm. It's been 3 days and I've not heard from anyone involved yet, what do?

It almost sounds like your bank reversed the charges, which will most likely result in an amiami ban.

It claims to be numbered. If it isnt guess who gets their money back.

Hell, I might be able to jew a discount off them and keep the book

but I've literally been buying from amiami for years, and nothing of the sort has happened before

should I contact them?

No harm in calling your bank to find out what happened.

Get in contact with your bank and the site ASAP and get them to verify what happened. You may be able to reorganize payment to smooth things over

>should I contact them?
Are you worried about getting banned or something? I would try to get away with a free Daki if I were you.


What is this?

>Keeping them in boxes
Your kind makes me sick

I'll give you a pretty penny for that mugi

I paid for one succubus today then ordered another. I have a problem I neither can nor want to fix.

I agree. I would have preordered day 1 if not for the eyes

Paid for Saber Bride two days ago, so hoping that ships out fairly soon.

It looks pretty cheap, several recent listings just looking at the mfc page.

WTF did they DO!? side characters are already rarely made and they fuck it up.

Succubi are love.

Holy shit user, I didn't even know this was being released.
Thanks for making my day and emptying my wallet.

Regret not getting her, don't care, don't care, don't care, don't care, missed the pre-order window, pre-ordered, don't know enough about the source, pre-ordered.

>Medea Lily
>Velvet Crowe
>Alice Shimada
>all pre-ordered

good bye wallet

>14k for a fucking figma
>looks bad even for a figma
>somehow people are ecstatic about it
I know Berserk fans will buy any overpriced thing, but come on you guys need to draw the line somewhere

And she's bundled with a disgusting piece of garbage that they charge extra for.

what's the big thicc succubus in the middle? I need it

Damn. I didn't know she was 14k. That's way too much. And she doesn't even look that great. And I don't want the ugly piece that comes with her.

Well. Alright. That decision has been made easy now. I'm disappointed cause I don't think they'll make anything for her again.
>Made to order
I hope the aftermarket makes the price on these insane. You know, just in case.

Void and Femto cost way too much as well.

Is this not gonna be available for preorder from Amiami or what? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

I preordered Femto cause I'm a filthy fag and desperate for Berserk merch. I didn't get his stand though, that was outrageously priced.

I apologize for being weak.


>desperate for Berserk merch
That's how they get you guys stop falling for it. I want a nice scale that's appropriately priced and not $130 figmas and shitty $700 polystone statues

Speaking of succubi, Daiki is releasing this sultry number soon too. Couldn't bring myself to buy it despite the looks due to price and the overdone pose.

I wouldnt get your hopes up for a numbered but for a regular one its pretty good. Cheaper than buying 17 volumes individually.

So basically I will have to choose between Aniplex+, BiJ, N-Y, and TOM?

Any idea which one would be best?

Sauce of that image please. Who is she?

Anymore figures out there with good heels or sandals?

Why are you fags hype for that figure. It does not look so special at all

This is how I feel about that TLR fig

Ordered at Ixu because they'd let me pay in 3 payments no interest and the taxes were still lower than ordering at jap and getting caught at customs, also less of a pain than using proxy.
If I were in burgerland I'd probably use TOM or ani+proxy, avoid N-Y whenever possible.

Found one that looks exactly like it (25th anniversary VF-1J), right down to the little metal landing wheel covers it had. It's only $200, too.

He's going to be in NYC the weekend after next. Going to try to get it signed.

Are there any more good trap figures?

That aren't GKs?


That's fucking awful.

Pick one.

I completely missed the window on this, I don't even know how.

You sound like a piece of shit, no offense.

>already have two preorders due next month and purchased three backlog figures

>heart pupils
>puckered mouth

My mind keeps telling me no, but my body...

She's awful but I can understand the feeling of never getting anything from a series for years.

>avoid N-Y whenever possible

That's just for burgerland? I pre-ordered something for the first time to them and live in the EU.

I got a reply. Confirmed to be a numbered edition and my preorder went through. Anyone who missed out might want to look into it

This exact situation is covered in the guide you absolute moron. It's not a joke, read the fucking thing.

Avoid N-Y as a general rule wherever you are, they are just a shady forwarder, will shameless cancel order when they can't get the shit they allegedly have in stock, then relist it again for twice the price, their packaging is usually crap, there are reports in mfc reviews of people getting bootlegs from them and people getting banned for posting negative reviews on mfc.

I preorder most of my stuff from because of them undervaluing. Other than asking for payment a week before hand and the packaging being a bit poor they seem fine to me for preoders. Some people think their shipping is overpriced too I think.

newfaggot here

where is the best place/site to buy figs?

i live in europe




well fuck me i just notice now there is a guide on the OP post, looks like i deserve to be an huge faggot

Read the guide:

Cute skirt, Kyle. Would be better with longer socks though.
Do you dress like that at home too?



Is this series really that good?

I dunno. Is mustard good? I don't like it but others do.

>Doing anything


Convince me not to buy this shit

Do it you faggot

Buy that shit.


Don't buy that shit!

It's shitty. You can get 1:1 scale models at your local statue store

Display them in your garden/porch, a little rain and sunshine will do them good anyway.

it's not made of stone/metal

what character has a good scale and also a jointed fig? wanna show my friend the differences between them.

Jointshit excuse doesn't work in this case because posing them in goofy situations is what they're good for

Madoka, Bakemonogatari, Fate basically anything popular?

Black Rock Shooters

Why is it called "shipping" when the figs are actually transported by airplane?

Because fuck you


Because English doesn't make sense. In other languages they don't say "shipping".

I forgot how I had a thing for Kirigiri's legs for some reason


I'm assuming the Mako is a Gathering version?

How are they really? I'm looking forward to that one Satsuki GK



That boat looks cool

arms missing on the left one
2nd from left penis too small

>verb (used with object), shipped, shipping.
>to put or take on board a ship or other means of transportation; to send or transport by ship, rail, truck, plane, etc.

use a fucking dictionary kid

because english is for dumb people


It actually is painted. Just some retard kept it in sunlight and paint got bleached away.

Who is this semen demon?

First boat because its so cool.

Gathering, yes.
They're basically expensive Chinese bootlegs.

>199.404 Canadian Dollar
end our suffering

Kill Trudeau and the suffering ends.

my wallet will burn next february.


It only looks good on promo pictures. It will look bad next to your anime girls and other weeb stuff. You will get bored playing with poses faster than with a regular figmas because you have an image of real statues in your head and you'll eventually will want them posed that way or chose your own pose and will never touch them again.

I couldn't resist those proportions and that skindentation

I'm just gonna have to really limit what I order from now on and be very selective.

It's only a matter of time.


I will never understand why idolshit is so popular.

Same. January just went from completely bearable to fairly painful, but there's time to save at least.

Who is the little cute girl on the bottom left with the cat creature?

dsdoll in the US
exdoll in China
Dont know the name of the EU store
They are the same company, just different names though.

That model is a 145cm, which is no longer available on the US store. When it does return for sale, it will only have large breasts and a new face sadly.
It is still on Chinese and possibly EU store, but there is a risk of customs confiscating it.

Catchy music attached to cute girls who do visually pleasing dances with it.
Add that to the fact that the voice actresses themselves actually interact with fans

Mako, from Kek la Kek

Why wouldnt you buy it?

>Mako, from Kek la Kek

Thank you so much. She is such a cutie.

Thank you.

There's Vitruvian Man for preorder.

just what we need, more da Vinci memeshit

The Chinese market is huge, which means the more fringe fetishes have also found room to grow. The weirdest one I've seen in China is the huge gaping vagina fetish, which seems completely counter-intuitive, but it's a somewhat popular thing over there.

Any Love Live character.

Galko and Rin are already on their way, currently debating on getting the MegaHouse Hinata.

There's also the Sonic Mania collector's edition preorder I didn't bother to include in the pic.

Do you know who's making the Sonic Mania figures?

Kinda iffy on figures included with collectors editions

Fucked if I know.

Videogames are one of those things I never ever preorder, but I'm making an exception for the Sonic statue with the SEGAAAA jingle switch, quality notwithstanding.

More lips


dead franchise

Reposting for the anons asking about printing these posters yesterday. I printed and framed them myself with a normal color printer literally everyone has. You'll need plenty of ink and photo paper (for higher quality). Use a program called PosteRazor to create a .pdf of your image. The program will give you options to adjust for margins and overlap; you'll need a certain overlap because you're going to be gluing all the A4's together to make one big poster. Preferably you assemble it on a piece of paper the size if your final poster, so that you have a basis to go off and something to properly glue it on. I'd advise to use paper glue sticks and use as glue as necessary; you don't want glue soaking through your front picture and make it look all fucked up.

Now this is definitely an annoying process that is prone to error; you will fuck up your first try due to not printing or aligning shit correctly. Advice is not to go assemble a 50 A4 poster right away but to start small so you can get the hang of it. Theoretically you can make a poster as big as you want to, provided you have high enough resolution so that it doesn't end up looking like shit. The posters in the pic are 61,5cm x 91cm. I framed them myself with some cheap 15 euro frames.

If you work carefully you'll get an excellent looking poster, completely of your own design. Obviously it will not be as good as professional printing but for the price you can't beat it. Three of those posters + frames + ink cost me like 70 euros and I've got ink and paper to spare still.

Source of the images plus more:

Have fun with your arts and crafts.

Thanks, user. There was a Japanese video guide how to make a big waifu cut out and it said to print out parts on the center of the page with blank sides to make gluing easier. Your pictures look very nice. But your story would've been cooler if you had taken it to the printing shop.

user hands lewd milf Yoko to the store worker to print and frame it.jpg

The second fappening.
Thanks for the neatly arranged pixelarrays.
This one?

Yeah, thanks.

Reviving this thread so I don't have to make a new one.

This may have been on the cheaper side, but it's pretty damn well built and detailed.

I still can not believe Nonon did not get a nendo.
Mako got fucking two.

what website do I check for the tracking on packages sent using "air economy box registered" it's been 3 weeks and I'm beggining to get worried

Looks like Morrigan didn't turn out TOO bad. That photo user posted a day or two ago was just shitty lighting.

Should I buy a new house?

The upside is, I'll finally have the space to display my buyfag collection, but the downside is, I'll have to cut back on buyfagging to pay my student loans and new mortgage.

I probably should fap before I decide

>Should I buy a new house?
>paying a mortgage

If you are paying a mortgage then you don't own the house.
I would wait until at least the new year to buy a house if you are in the US.

I have no idea about house prices in your area but you should a house and hope prices go up so you can make some money off that and sell that house to move into a more modest house to buy more figures

That's assuming you're still alive and buyfagging in 10-20 years

Hastings is going out of business. This was only 15$.

How much is the skank?

is this a good tool to use for dusting your figs?

This in tandem with a bulb blower, yes.

yea, get a smaller brush too to get into smaller areas

I have this, it's great.

Honestly, the paint job on the eyes doesn't look bad, but it doesn't look sharp enough for my taste, especially how crisp the detail on the hair, hands, and clothes are. (If that makes any sense, of course.)
Also, not enough shading on part of the welded tits.

Of course that would be a thing.

The bottom part where the white thing is is also a brush.


Am I the only one who rubs my figures with a dust cloth?

I don't have any plastics but I want that Miia haha. Think it'll still be around in a few months?

Seems ineffective as fuck, especially for small places like creases.

I have no idea how I'm going to afford this.
Really hope I can find Omega cheap, having just Alpha will bother me a lot

That's bullshit, but I believe it.

I use a soft makeup brush and a hair dryer on cool setting to clean mine.


Thanks based user
I was one of the anons asking in the previous thread,

those plastic butts look nice

I've fapped to this figure twice already and still have the urge to buy it. I guess I should just cave in.

January is hell.

>January is hell
I feel you, I've got Galko, Sonico, and now Succubus coming, it's gonna be an expensive month.

Your local postal service.

>heart-shaped nipple piercings

Oh my.

>I've got Galko, Sonico, and now Succubus coming
Exact same for me. At least I have time to save up till then.

Anyone have a good power level concealing phone case for iphone 6

Umi da!



What do you think of Azusa?

Very cute but that figure is not.

That set is known to have the pegs break so be careful.

would be a cute figure without the massive stilts under her shoes

Is the fan removable?

I love her dress

is this one any better?

The first time I saw this a couple months ago I though the outfit was actual cloth.

You know, i envy you love livefags, you get great figures, almost tempting me to buy them that's how good they are.

I just don't like the source material they are from


That pudding looks really nice.

who is it next to Galko-chan?

I really don't need it, but I hope that succuslut bins regardless.

Most of my January aside from Succubus-San is comparatively cheap, but there's more things than usual and I have stuff in the months before and after. I can cancel things, but...

Where did you get the Prince? want to get their rem but can only find the non lewd version on stores.

Cost Savings 101 right here.

Would hot glue.

it was up on their booth but the deadline was the 25th

I got mine yesterday, made me laugh that they just reused the same box. Sasuga GSC.

Every other LL scale that accessories have been removable. No reason that part wouldn't be. In fact it'd be harder to make it non-removeable.

Anyone else bit the bullet?

>Union Creative

>those feet

The idol slut from Persona 4.

December's gonna hurt this year.

Also have 18, Asmodeus, and Kamen Rider Knight Survive's bike in the mail. And cat-ear Imako for May, but too lewd for picture.

Shes the only one I don't have, that face just makes me not want to get her.

Butt shes a cute Bunne.

You should get risers and not have bases spilling over the edge of the shelf.

I'm not sure if I like her more than the original though. She looks good in black.

I think my grief with the Black one mainly came from the original stock images. It just looked top meh, and the hair looked off. Then I bought Shirley, and saw the photos for the red one and just said 'I need that one'. I imagine the Black one actually turned out perfectly fine after seeing how this line is turning out.

Yeah I plan on doing it soon, need to get lots for my other shelves too.

See everyone stop bullying Morrigan she looks fine

I can't choose. Do I get neither?

Dengeki exclusives tend to be hard and expensive to get after PO, the GSC one is probably binning.

That Kaede is pretty cute. Still hoping Phat or Alter will make one, however.

Right is way too expensive plus exclusive so that's another headache. Left is nice, and will probably be available for a while even after release.

That Marie tempts me...

I know what you mean. I bought her anyway because I'm a gigantic faggot for Erica but I wasn't expecting much. I ended up really liking her so I bought the recolor.

>Those ears
>that spot where the head wing connects

I so fucking would but I find the source material garbage.

>not commissioning your local sculptors for 1:1

Do these really need to be connected to a wall? How often if ever do they actually fall?

Having to fasten a shelf or case to a wall sounds troublesome.

most kancolle characters and most love live, anything with major waifu bait faggotry really.

Am I a bad person for thinking you're all losers?

I mean, you can be a loser for different things, but this is ridiculous.

>falling for the detolf meme

Does anyone have the black one? I'd like to see the hair color outside the box cause like that one user said it looks super yellow, and while I'd rather have red I can't find red for any decent price.

I'm gonna buy Charlotte and Lynette too just because I like the suit designs, color, and poses, and I don't even particularly like bunny suits.

No but if you have kids you should probably secure it.

Blame the person that put them on the guide. I was just reading that.

>if you have kids

So they're fine then.

>Buying Detolfs

Sorry, I don't have mine with me at the moment. But I don't remember her hair being any different to the recolor.

Yeah, they're nice designs.

>and I don't even particularly like bunny suits.
Same. Started with Shirley since it made sense. Loved it, bought Erica, and now Lynne is on PO. If they keep doing the rest of the ones Fumi drew for OVA I'll probably just get the whole set at this point.

>mfw there was a buyfag where I used to live.

What's the swiftest way to dust your collection?

Leaf blower.

Compressed air.

I wouldn't recommend the quick fix though, all it's going to do is blow the dust into the air and it will settle back on to your figures within a few hours. And you won't be getting into the little spaces where dust can accumulate. Dusting them properly with a brush is the best way to go.

No body whatsoever but still cute. The red looks good on her too. I just wish these were a bit more detailed.

KyoAni ED version looks better

She's supposed to be a skinny little thing.

>No body whatsoever
They make me hard

I don't like the gap between the ears and hair (is that glue) and the tit weld could've been deeper but I like the face.

You madman. Where'd you decide to pick up cheetor?

I know, and they accomplished that beautifully. I really want some Trude though because I do like the tiddies. Shame it won't be a dirndl theme.

No, you're a bad person for multiple other reasons. Judging someone for their hobbies, while silly, doesn't make you a bad person.

I think fly fishing is boring and stock car racing is a waste of gas but, hey, people enjoy them.

Of what's left of the OVA art to do bunnies for I actually really want a Minna.

Everything except Remilia, Imako, 18 and Asmodeus I've got ordered on Hobby Search.

I'd love a Minna and Trude for a Karlsland bunny set.

That two piece design really makes hers feel like a school swimsuit despite the pockets. I don't really like it.

Hardly exclusive to China. COSiNE's built popularity on that for years.

Sweet, it's economics textbook time!

Why haven't you bought your first daki yet Cred Forums?

All the dakis of my waifu are sold out

I have-...honestly I've forgotten how many Daki Covers.

Nia, Maria, that one Sasahara Loli, Ryuko/Satsuki, Naoto, Haku, two Noels, two C.C.s, Kirie, and the centaur...
12, I guess? Or 13, depending on how you count the centaur.

I'm fine with my solid colored case. The pillow itself is comfy to have around, but if I had an anime girl plastered on it I'd feel creepy as hell. And that's without accounting for other people's opinions. I guess I would need a daki of my're waifu to get me over that feeling but I have no waifu.


I would buy a daki but feet are gross and 90% of dakis have gross feet on them.

Sure, these are great.


like pottery

>implying I have an iPhone

>power level concealing

Rightstuff just posted that their Collector's Editions have arrived and the lucky ones will get a shipping notification next week.

That is massive.

Cute gif

Could I see a closer look of your framed posters, user?
Are the reams really apparent?

So i'm probably going to receive my first daki in October. How do you get the fold line out of your daki? I suppose ironing would be a bad idea.
Any tips?

What do I need to pick up to make Maki's lantern glow?

Do you keep your boxes?
I'm starting to have too many to stock them but they are so cute, It would hurt to throw them away.

I wish

I keep them stacked in the closet. They take up a lot of space but it's like a collection all of it's own. I'd never dream of getting rid of them.

Read the text, it's listed there, you don't even need japanese.
2x SR521SW batteries, usually used in watches

ayy lmao dat anatomy

I don't care how people see me but if I have that and my parents see it then things could become akwards between us.

kind of want

Unf. I do love negligees.

Glad I pre-ordered the nice wallscroll of Arturia and Nero dressed similarly.

I really want the metal keychain set for this one but everywhere is sold out, there's one from nin-nin-game but I've heard bad things about it, I've tried contacting them to confirm if they can pre-order it from me but still no reply. I should've preordered earlier from zenmarket fuck my life so much

Not him but i'm ordering right since it is limited. Too bad it's not on ami.

Togo-san was my first and now I have this one coming

You can always look on yahoo auction now and after release, saw sophie's box ~2 months ago.

I do in case I need to move or want to sell anything. Very few boxes get tossed despite the fact that they eat more room than my actual collection. Too bad the things aren't collapsible.

do you cum on your dakis?


is that an exclusive?

Is this going to go up on amiami or is it exclusive?

hobbystock exclusive
this as well

This series really is a special kind of cancer.

ive ruined handtowels by cumming on them, i would risk your autism pillowcases

what's the point of the daki then?
I thought that you put it on your pillow and then you rub your dick against the pillow like you're fucking your waifu.
doesn't work like that?

>He doesn't enjoy cuddling with soft and cute things.

I do.
But sex is fine too

it's called a body pillow, not a fuck pillow. Just because you call it with its japanese name doesn't mean it's a different thing

That went up on amiami though

you're correct, Emilia Daki is not exclusive (you do get a bonus towel if you order there though)

Can you order from there without a forwarder?

What do you guys use? Suggest to use? I keep mine in the bookshelf but I'm running out of space quickly.

oh hey uc didn't completely fuck-
>that arm seam
god dammit

>That's bullshit, but I believe it.

Welcome to Cred Forums friend.

So you want something weeb, but not too weeb? Generally an easy choice then is going for a logo case rather than a case with character art. Nerv logo cases are fairly common for example.

It is at a ribbon and is bevelled in, so not a huge deal.

I do too.

Oh, I don't need to pick up a mini lightbulb or anything?

>apple products
Might as well kill yourself.

So someone else here does the same thing huh
I just use a printer place to print out the A4 sheets for me because ink is fucking expensive

There is a small led included, it's a little plastic bag on the right.

Any brazilian buyfags? Is there any way not to get taxed at AmiAmi or any other place? I've always used Registered SAL for shipping, and shit always gets to Curitiba and get taxed. According to the buyfag wiki, SAL Parcels supposedly have a smaller chance of being taxed, as they usually go through Rio de Janeiro and they're more lax with this stuff, but they're also pretty much double the price of what I'm used to pay, so wouldn't that basically mean it's cheaper to go through customs? Specially since the higher value would probably be even worse for shit to get taxed.

No, because from our perspective you're the loser. It's all relative.

if Gsc says that they're going to release a figure in october, in which week you think they'll do it?


The last week of the month

huh, i completely missed that meme

If they haven't said anything about it at this point you can fairly safely assume it will be around the end of the month. Or delayed.

What figure is that?

>won't find out if my job is permanent for another 8 weeks
>still haven't pre ordered the Alice Chino

I'm havin conniptions

Native's Mizuki

Man, I completely missed that. Thanks fampai

Maybe its because I have a carpet, but my detolf would shake like a bitch any time I opened it up but ever since I screwed it to the wall that shit has been rock solid

Also its hardly troublesome, its literally a couple of screws on your wall

thanks anons, I'm making october's budget and not knowing the figure's date of release fucks it up

Those went out of stock at BD within a day or two of going up.
They relished it when they announced the unnumbered printings.

Still might buy it.

Why do people carry bulky cases like these? It's called a MOBILE phone not a fashion accessory not that they even look good in the first place

Wait about six months if you're in the US or in BC's lower mainland.
Prices are in flux right now and are looking to drop quite a bit.

You sound boring. At least people here are passionate about something they enjoy.

If you are already living comfortably somewhere then I would focus on getting your student loans out of the way before getting a new house. Wouldn't want to add more to what you owe.

If you order one from amazon that says it's numbered but it turns out not to be, can you get a refund and still keep the book?

No. You can return it for a refund, but you have to send it back.

Damn son, I'm not even a remfag.

How heave is it?

Damn kikes.

These are way bigger than Cosine's. IIRC they call them "cow pussy" for a good reason. I'm sure you can find similarly extreme Jap examples if you tried. The point is the Chinese market is bigger and waiting to be filled.

>bigger and waiting to be filled
I see what you did there.

You're the Jew in this situation.

What have I become.

these are both fucking sick

My wallet is hiding in fear at the moment
I'm not even into buyfaggotry but this is an amazing figure

To each their own, I suppose.

Please explain why it's not a good time to buy a house at the moment. I'm curious, did I miss some news?

I agree, they're fucking disgusting.

>this is an amazing figure

Looks pretty flat to me

>not the black version

That one's well into meme territory now. It's like $300+

>2-3 times as expensive now
I wish, m8

I just buy one of the regular cases that actually protect my phone and I won't get tired of. I'm not going to spend thirty bucks on a decorative piece of shit that doesn't protect anything.

There is a stock market and housing bubble in the US that could pop any moment and housing prices would lower substantially even if you are in a low cost of living area to begin with.

Any idea on when PLUM will show the Prototypes for their Momoka and Arisu [email protected] figures?

Rightstuf says 6 pounds. SIX POUNDS OF ECONOMICS AND APPLES.

Gatarifags will buy anything.

It's based off the Ueda artwork

The one for the character I want was only given away as a prize

Ignore the memeposters, it's a fine option. Lots of space, relatively cheap, only problem is keeping nasty prints off the glass

What are the chances i can change my life and end up like this guy

I ain't no spic

>xmas tree

What a fag

all the english subbed ones get taken down/blocked

What do you think of Japanese TCGs?

Been buyfagging for 6 months now. What does /buyfag/ think of my choices? I didn't plan on getting the links originally but I managed to get them for $20 each locally and they are cute on my desk.

user loves it baby!

Looks tumblr as fuck.

fujoshit detected

>large vaginas


>nendoroid holding hands

that's lewd

Good collection, albeit kind of boring. Personally dislike nendroids. Cute shota though.

Seems kind of sad to me.

That's saying most SHAFT is tumblr as fuck.

>too many nendos


>Marth and Shiida

I give it 5/10

I'm still suspicious and it makes me nervous my order won't be filled. I order from B&N almost immediately after most other buy fag sites and Amazon sold out. Both B&N and Target are still accepting pre-orders. I know B&N is probably going to get the largest shipment out of most but still, It's suspicious as fuck.

Whatever, I'll be happy with the second print anyway.

Well at least you have Natsume.

I'm glad we agree.

I like the card dealing idol and sword shota though I'm not into either source.

Can they both ride Shiida's pegasus together?

I imagine they can't.

They can't unfortunately, first thing I tried.

I can't wait to get creative when Elise comes in.

Panty preview when?

>after all this time make a PSG daki

that nigger is living the life, I'm so jealous.

>Having a TV that small in a large room

yea man he's living it up

What am I looking at exactly?
Is this a real person or a very expensiv doll?



I said neither you bumbling retard.

160cm dolls like that only cost about $3000 from chinese manufacturers, which when compared to his $170,000 car isn't expensive at all

Thanks so it was a very expensiv doll.