Monster Musume thread

I want to wake from this nightmare; look up; and see these looking down.

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you fags need your own board for your own furry shit, 90% of your threads are arguments about horse pussy

Do we get to stay up this time?

That's because people feel threatened by something a little exotic. Unfortunately a majority of people in these threads are normies.

In case we get nuked again, does anyone have nayaa's tumblr?

If not, then give it a few hours before trying again. It's obvious that these threads are being scrutinized right now.

Who knows.
Not sure what the mod's end-game is. It can't be for overall board quality or else they would have started with the infinitely more cancerous generals first. We're too autistic to stop making threads, but the problem with nuking them is that it makes people like think they can get it nuked by shitposting

More monster babes and less metashitting, please.

I've been on these generals for a few months now. I agree completely.
Honestly I'd be more than okay with the occasional thread when the new chapters come out or the OVA.

I'm pretty sure the end game is "deleting all generals by the end of 2016".

my waifu eats your waifu

Having a really bad headache right now, could use a sip from suu's boobs

That's true. It's not the first time some mod has been deleting these threads en masse only to completely stop after a few hours of consistently deleting these threads.
He seems to be a rouge mod or something of that nature, I can tell you with a straight face. If he wasn't, he wouldn't only be deleting the MonMusu threads, and actually delete shit like the Naruto generals and whatnot.

Early Christmas Delivery

How about a wan-pulled sled?

>More stray white pixels

Just to be safe, it's probably best to drop this discussion. Dealing in the meta isn't helping things along.

For a topic: What do you think the deal is with this 'Broker' that's been mentioned so far? Why is the Broker bringing in the dangerous species?

Let's talk about how wishy washy Cerea's personality is. One moment she has a chivalric knight facade. Next moment she's shy and timid, and then next moment she's a reckless clutz.

Too genki to wait to post that for a month?

B&W do?

It's Darling's speciest dad who doesn't want him to racemix

Give a reason why these threads shouldn't be deleted. There's no chapter for weeks and it's just a chatroom in here with occasional tripfag circlejerking.

If you have to force on topic discussion then we don't need a thread


Looks like the Polt sisters are gonna be busy this Christmas...

She's a bitch.

Miracles can happen sometimes.

It's his dad, called it from the start. Also calling it now, his mom is a mon musu in disguise

>Why is the Broker bringing in the dangerous species?
It's Smith. She's either getting Darling and Co. off her books, even if it kills him; or she's making sure that MON has plenty of overtime before she starts her holiday shopping.


'Twas a request from the SantaYui thread and thought I'd share

Guess I'll post this color again

Man o man, I'd love to fondle-start her heart.

gotta post some Lala before the incoming nuke

Shit I saw that when you first posted it, but the thread died - I posted the uncolored pic and wanted to say thanks. Good work user

Still, this is way better than letting the autism of these threads spread all over, so at least we have the threads to contain it

I'm going to marry Draco!

No problem, I just felt like doing another Zombina since it's been a while.

Stray pixels sent to the pound!

Also, free lizard rubs!

Keep your eyes on the prize, gentlemen.

I'd like to take Polt to the pound. A whole town of pounds. Pound town, if you will.

>Kii is emitting pheromones and love nectar in the middle of a raunchy round of pollination
>unbeknownst to Merino, she munches on a leaf with this concentrated aphrodisiac laden sap and goes into a sexual Fury
>She finds Kii whose petals are already a bit dewy and the normally sheepish Merino convinces her to engage in some copulatory cooperation

Does anyone have a screenshot of the page where Kimihito is explaining to Mama Miia why Miia is a great girl?

>"deleting all generals by the end of 2016"

So delete Cred Forums, for fuck sake

About half the threads are up over 90% of the time

>At least one of each: One piece, Naruto, DBZ and Bleach (sometimes more) always up.
>Jojo threads literally call itself /jojo/ and have a OP so long it needs to be dumped on a text archive site
>All animes of the season have 24/7
>Usually a loli thread is always up
>One page thread is always up
>Buyfag is a general
>Daily japanese is a general
>I will post this everyday till you like it

And many, many more.

What a sad existence, that this is how you spend your time left before you die.

I feel that deleting those previous threads made things worse

I want to get Polt excited for a walk, but then only go to the end of the street before coming home

search/edit it by yourself, you damn lazy

Posting my shitty coloring before thread gets obliterated.

This is a vigil for our ailing God.
May health and vigor return to his shell.
Glory be to CrabGod

Oh no, a general thread that stays up is a bad thing.

Cred Forums and /vg/ are both retarded cesspools and separating them did nothing except maybe lighten the workload of the already lazy as fuck janitors and mods.

Reshia the Alraune, Moira the Cat Sith, and Wynette the Horus.

Miia has the best body

if we delete all these generals and the ones who doesn't have any new content, then Cred Forums would be almost empty

Shizuka the Crow Tengu.

>No D girls
>No Lala
will they add them some day, right?


And the top 7 girls from the poll can now be equipped with visible glasses.

I bet all the other girls are Jelly.

>Crow Tengu.
so she's like and angel with black feathers and crow legs

>I can't equip Iormu with cute glasses
You bet I'm fucking mad

Tio is the Superior Girl


>ywn be ambushed by a suddenly sexually aggressive merino who violently ravishes you

You're supposed to wait for the doppelfag to post first, user
It's okay, I'll forgive you just this once

The translation I have is a bit different, but thanks, user

MONfags are the new cancer

I'm going to bed and I didn't really feel like waiting.

>Cat w/ drill tits

Not quite sure how to feel

That's why you do it when you wake up silly
It only took you months to find that out

After horses with drills got all the love, I just gave up on hair styles.

Can't we all just get along?

I think we can all come together in unity to say Manako's eye is disgustingly cute

>Cat Sith
Well fuck.
>And the top 7 girls from the poll can now be equipped with visible glasses.
Just why?

Problem, user?

Manako is cute. No need to be so mean.

She's so cute she's almost as Superior as Zombina

Oh wow, i believe the glasses made a huge improvement on the kitsune lady.


Why Japan? Why vote her 5th place?!

> the Horus

We already have an Anubis and a Serket. Maybe they'll go for the whole Egyption pantheon.

Never forget that she's a rack rustling booby biting monster at heart, user.

>have you seen my meme doppel?

I cum on snek

>Not cumming in snake and taking responsibility

>no, can't say I have.

she hiss at penis

>not taking responsibility

Get out, you heathen
Snake is made for loving vanilla

What species has the best fathers?

>not wanting to leave her with multiple sneklets to raise on her own

What a hunk, and cute

>loving vanilla
>Seen a ball pit of Lamias raping a man.

>Making her become a lonely snake like her mother
It's like you don't want someone that loves you

Needs more of best eyes!


I was called?

I'm sorting out Christmas stuff at work already, I hate it so much. I'm gonna be sick of the damn holiday by the end of it

Yes you were.

I love Cerea.

>user please give me your morning massage, in return i'll massage you back.

Absolute heresy, user. Listen to father.

Thicc Suu is best Suu.

What's the chain for?

for properly securing your fuzz at a bike stand

It's so that you don't move too much while she forcefully cuddles you.

This corpse does things to my heart and dick user

zapotecdarks tar I think.

Guess I missed a thread. Any new art?

>have wicked cold
>tfw coughing so hard I threw up everywhere
>can't get anything to help it 'til on my break at work cause nothing's open til then

I feel like shit, and I have to work all day.
Can you anons post some Suu so she can make me feel better?
Actually, hell, post 'em all.

Can't she be all 3?

I don't have any Suu, but I do have a cute mono eye


Thanks. She's indeed a cutie, also pure.

Where would you take your waifu out on a date?

>ywn be tackled by a raunchy large ghost.

Anywhere that isn't too public, so she can be herself and not go full autistic anxiety mode.

The shooting range

The attic because I know damn well I'm not getting her out of the house

>untaped Tio version never

The gym.

I wish she wasn't so scrawny as to make Tio look healthy.

There's an uncensored Zombina version but that's for me to not post and you to find

A nice upper class restaurant, something romantic.

She seemed to enjoy her time at the beach, so I would take her back there, or to another secluded beach. She could practice making effective nets with her webbing, and I would enjoy watching her being outside. Little shallow water fun, cuddling under some palm trees in a specially made hammock, and I could borrow some web to make her a pretty necklace out of shells. If she isn't successful at fishing, a nice restaurant to replenish her stores, some coffee for her, couple strong beers for me, then curl up together a little tipsy but very content.

There is just something about Zombina that's hard to resist.

Cathyl is cute

You've planned this really well user. I can see your dedication

They seem about the same. She might be a bit taller, and less bust for sure.

Yes, there is something.

I cant think of another time she was enjoying herself, that wasn't rope-play based, off the top of my head.
As much as I like some of the other girls, I always come back to Rachnera.

Here's Suu being Suu

Maybe its that, to me, she seems like the most realist in terms of personality? I dunno. She just gets to me.

She's definitely the girl I'd wanna have some beers with.

realistic, I meant realistic.

I want to marry this snake.

would you boop Miia's nose?

I want Mako to take me exploring in the ocean.

She's half a foot taller, bust is hard to say for sure, though you're probably right. Not so fond of them in her "crawling" scene. She could definitely have done with more width L-R.

>boop snek nose in jest
>get pinned down and proceed to have snex with snek

Best be careful around snek.

Sure I would. Who wouldn't?

Would it cause her to get flustered? What if booping her nose is her lewd switch?

>boop nose
>snake rape

It's not rape if I'm asking for it.

Are ya comin to bed user?

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

How the hell you gonna stay covered up with your big ass tail like that God damn girl

Man, working double shift really fucked up my sleep cycle

Oh fug.

Doing God's work

Hey Nayaa

don't forget to backup your work m'kay?

Every day we are one step closer to this being finished
These are exciting times!



What a cute newt!
I want to french kiss her assertively and in a dominating fashion for a long time until she pushes mevaway because she's out of air, and see her panting and blushing!

Inexperienced girls diving blowjobs is one of the cutest things


Do you think Draco would deepthroat or barely be able to fit the head inside her mouth?

Deeptroath and swallow

Whose mom's have been shown so far? I mean we got Miia, but any of the other?

Did you read the manga?

KFC and glue

And keikaku

You forgot most of your stray pixels.

Also the obligatory edit

Rips for 2 new girls in wikia's latest activity


I hope the Christmas pup brings me the preworkout and creatine I asked for. I've been a good gym bro all year! I re-racked my weights and I didn't do any curls in the squat rack!

Nayaa you madman!

Please no die on us, vanilla newt must happen.

>handstand Satan will never experience Draco diving mouth-first onto his penis


Being reminded of that is a great way to start the day, thanks user

>go to power rack
>member of staff has meticulously organised all of the weights
>rack looks fucking immaculate
>do my sets, rerack weights like I always do
>fast forward to two days later
>weights are totally disorganised again
>some resting on walls, plug sockets

Polt would be FURIOUS

Could any1 provide a link for 12beast manga? Preferably one with the latest releases. Moonletters are ok aswell, i'm rly only interested for the pics :)

On the other hand, given how clumsy she is, with those fangs of hers, this is probably a good thing.

The Crawling Chaos in a nutshell:

>Phantasmagoric Hair
>Black Sclera
>Yellow Iris Eyes
>Dark Tanned Skin
>Prankster Personality
>"Faceless God"

Doppel is truly the Superior Girl.


Goddamn nayaa, i though you were making a single picture. Is it gonna be a full short comic? (around 5-8 pages?)

Is it gonna be a full doujin sized comic with 15+ pages?

He said it was going to be a full doujin so probably more than 5 but less than 20 pictures I'd imagine.

Post girls you could get comfy with

your mom

Cows or ogres. anything with confirmed big chests.

or penguins

wow! uncalled for

This is 100% fanfiction.

None of these girls or monster types are in the manga.

Buzzkill. I know but they're cute as fuck. I'd snuggle a penguin fuck you

If you are unwilling to accept the warm embrace of a rockhopper, just say so senpai

What tipped your off?

The shitty art in most of them, the terrible polishing of the chart or the deviant art link on the top corner?

Smol spooder > Smol penguin

What kind of boring, contentious arsehole feels the need to make everything an argument?


Just fuzz me up

I like these alternate charts. Only saw this penguin one in the most recent non-nuked thread. Also the froppy one a few months back. Any others?

I dunno m8.

I want one with kobolds.

Chihuahua Kobold
Bully Whippet Kobold
Poodle Kobold

>Giant, extra fluffy, St.Bernard Kobold that likes napping and cuddling

Kobolds aren't based of off dogs. They're doglike not dog-girls.

They don't have dog breed variants.

>Giant, extra beefy st. Bernard Kobold that likes cuddling and powerlifting

>tfw no tsun fashion model poodle kobold

I want a Newfiebold. Corgibold. Samoyebold.

Air Bud with a Kobold when

Even more shockingly, kobolds don't really exist.

I know.

>ywn get playfully lectured about fire safety from your Dalmatianbold wife

The reference is lost on me but

>getting lectured by dog wife
>hold up tennis ball

You've never heard of firehouse dalmatians?


I'm a Britfag, should I have?

>hold up tennis ball
There are more effective measures.

I guess it's an American thing. It's just Dalmatians are associated with firehouses over here, and each firehouse is "expected" to have one.

Ugly lizard-ish rat-ish kobold when?

What about a german shepherd kobold to go with long legs spider

that's mean. why would you be mean to pup wife?

Yes I think so. ours don't have mascots.


Dalmatian are associated with firefighters in the US.

I am not even from the US, but you probably already seen some form of reference to this, just cant remember.

honestly had no idea, friend.

end game: buff Rottiebold

Lala is made for those days where all you want to do is watch movies.

I really want to be hiki with lala.

I already am hiki by myself, having a cute girl to cuddle while watching chinese cartoons and playing video games would be all i want in my life.

Please help

Watch fluffy anime with head in lap and body hugging you from behind

She's really comfy

>Page 10

This is it. Everyday life with monster girls is dead. DEAD.


We have been slowing down over the past few weeks. That could be a good or a bad thing.



September had not chapter, and the typesetting of our translations is rather slow.

We are in lack of content.

Next 2 months however will have LOTS of contents with the OAD, possibly 2 new chapters + more translation, Nayaa doujin, and possibly more.

>page 10
>crabman is dying
>all those pruned threads we just had
when were you when munster's museum dies?

The same place I was when it started.
Sitting in bed.

The threads will die when there isn't ongoing content. Worse case scenario we go back to only having a thread when the chapter releases in raw, the translation gets dumped, and with the second season of Monster Musume a weekly thread.

You guys can't be this paranoid. There's nothing to discuss about.
I don't believe that we will have two chapters. Or, well, one translated chapter and one raw chapter. And we can't forget about the anime's booklet scans.

>Not laying

There's always the Muh threads phone poster. I don't think you're running out of threads soon.

The issue right now isn't the typesetting, it's the proofing

Comfy snek hugs

Zombina is the Superior Girl

It's Friday morning. Calm your tits

More important than that is the unique IPs. If there's less people posting the threads won't get bumped all day. So you might see things like daytime Cred Forums, when the thread is slower, or 4am Cred Forums, when Cred Forums is the slowest, let slip a thread and phone poster will make a thread when he notices there's not a thread up.

There's one chapter coming out in October (though it will be shorter due to Crab having some health problems) then the OAD and Vol 11 come out on November 12th then (presumably) another chapter comes out on November 19th.

Currently 46 is waiting on typesetting since we're still getting our new type-setter up to speed and university just started for some people.

I've got the OAD and Vol 11 coming in from amazon with same day shipping so with any luck I'll have it even earlier than when the stores normally open. Not sure what I'm going to do for it thread wise. I'll probably watch it first so I can enjoy it then watch it again and give a spoilered summery and some screenshots. I'll also have to take pictures of the Vol 11 omake pages. It's gonna be a busy day.

You can only do so much with only one hand free.

>some screenshots.
Yes, please. I'll be getting my copy 5-12 days after you so a preview would be appreciated.


Also yeah I'll put some screenshots up for sure then. If anything too crazy happens though I won't spoil it.

Thanks, TTF. You're the best.

That'll be great, cant wait.

I'm actually terribly worried about Crab right now. Seems like a lot of my favorite japanese celebs are getting sick, one of my favorite voice actors, Risa Taneda, caught something, and she had to step down from voicing and wont be coming back for any of her roles.

>Currently 46 is waiting on typesetting
I can't typeset it until it's been proofed. Unless it's already done and no one told me.


So SOON™ then?

Why is Miia so comfy?

She's a lovely girl that is built for hugs.

We're waiting on someone to give it a final once over, either fckyeah or Rauk I think. Not blaming u bby i lv u~


I want to stick my dick in the horse pussy.

TTF, stop being a fag and upload the raw video instead of sending screenshots.

We already have the problem to get a proper dub group to work on it, keep stuff for yourself wont help.

But if he stopped being a fag he would just become a tanktop

>Not blaming u bby i lv u~

I'm in Japan. I'm playing fast and loose with the law anyway. Some people JUST got busted and deported for uploading. Sorry I'm not gonna take the risk (however small) of being banned from the country that makes it possible for me to have a career.

Oh. That kind of SOON.

Well I'll take your word that 46 is better than 45 and worth the wait. Especially since 45 has been my favorite chapter.


>You will never eat soup (made by Miia) and then cuddle up with her on the couch, putting on a movie, and getting comfortable under the covers on a rainy day

It's funny how the best chapters are the ones who doesn't or almost doesn't any lewd

I love 46. It has some hilarious moments and my favorite version of Suu. Plus we get Kino dialogue and she's just absurdly cute. I really hope you guys like it.

No one cares about your future. Uploading that OAD is more important

The lewd stuff gets old aftef a while. Sometimes I just want comedy and character development.

Wall Suu was pretty great.

Meh. I can understand his position. His living in Japan takes a higher priority than our base need for more content. If you really want it then order it for yourself. I even got a link for you.

>His living in Japan takes a higher priority than our base need for more content
I disagree. I have a great need for more content, whereas TTF's needs are just medium sized

>Wall Suu was pretty great.
I like star eyed Suu. I have a weakness for oddly shaped eyes.

this guy gets me

Well, unless the lewds are from a character that never had anything before. And the only ones left are Manako, Yukio, Cici and maybe Smith

Bag Suu and Jar Suu are even better I think.

Here's some fuzz for ya

You know that you want to.

Poisoned Suu will always hold a special place in my heart. She tells it like it is and gives zero fucks.


She's just tripped out of her mind, being the best Jar Suu she can be. The best gelatinous cube/Shoggoth

I like all of Suu's forms. From Papi's arms Suu to Kaiju Suu and everything in between. Just the very fact she can take multiple forms is a reason I like her.

>throw the jar through a neighbour's window

Suu is pretty great but I just can't commit to her. Which is funny because before monmusu slimes were my go to monstergirl species.

For fucks sake, who the hell gets deported by uploading a fucking DVD. Do it encripted + password without names on any torrent tracker and send us the magnet link.

>Suu has been weaponized several times before

>ywn have delicious Large Breed recipe pancakes

Suu is not for everyone. She's my waifu but I can understand not fitting with her. It's a good thing there's so many great girls in Monster Musume. Everyone can find someone they like.

>crab will never achieve coolguy status by making her an actual character
life will never achieve worthwhile status by making her real

I hate the coast but I'd move there for a goofball shark mermaid.


Did the extra pages of John Smith get scanned ever or do we just have the cam pictures still?

What type of person would like each girl?

>It's a good thing there's so many great girls in Monster Musume. Everyone can find someone they like

What the hell are you doing in this thread? This thread is for waifu wars and shitposting girls who aren't your waifu.

Manlets would probably take a liking to Polt.

>Crab will never make the bike cop harem official

All girls are great.

Yes. Even horse pussy.

Instead of uploading the episode, livestream your dick's response to watching the episode and we can get a rough idea of the plot from that.

Mero Mom kind of sucks

I thought we had scans like a year back but I could be wrong. My memory is a bit fuzzy these days.

Ones that want a harem. I don't condone it because I'm a waifuist but I don't condemn it either. We're all different.

It can be but waifu worship is part of these threads. What do you think the catalyst for waifu wars usually is? It starts with waifu worship and goes downhill from there.

I'd like that just because mako and verafags would overtake the tarafags

Cathyl is awful.

Yeah. She's kinda shit. Mero makes up for it though by being extra not shit.

Mako and Vera seem like prime bully bait which makes them best.

>I thought we had scans a year back

If we do, they're certainly not on any of the doujin sites. And I think archive is doesn't cover that far any longer. Fug

Was hoping to see Rachnera in not angled quality.

I want to impregnate Draco and take responsibility

That's a colored version of a page that's been out since 2013. There are still unscanned MGR pages, but slimey assistant Not-Suu isn't one of them.

Not a bad idea, but seriously:

>Name the video raw XXXXXXXX. Compress it in 5 different encrypted parts.
>Encrypt each different part once again.
>Upload each different part i differe t places of internet (one in a public tracker, one in a throwaway google drive, one in a dropbox...)
>Give us they account names and passwords, so we can get them without making them public.
>Give us the decryption keys here a disposable mail service. Or via skype.
>We put all the pieces together in a place without a orwellian state.

Trust me, japan wont spent several thousnads of dollars trying to break 6 different decrption keys and getting warrants for several companies in other countries cause they have a small suspicion you uploaded this shit.

Yeah, I'm speaking of the last three pages that have spider, octopus and minotaur

>impregnating a boy


But what about being bullied by an aggressive dominant spooder?

What Crabman should do is go way back in time, and give BC a wolf-girl police-girl partner.

>ywn marry the tarantula girl who bullied you as a kid

that'd be nice, the cast is too crowded as is

Doesn't really need to add more characters. I would just like to see him acknowledge it somehow with an easter egg or maybe a single page featuring them.

I havea fragile ego, even playful bullying and harmless jokes at my expense can set me off.

Which is why I need someone that's either a complete sub or very easy to bully.

Maybe he has plans to the contrary.

To actually integrate them into the series? Or a spinoff? I was just thinking it would be nice seeing in the background of a scene or two bike cop wheeling around a shark in a wheelchair while being followed the rest.

That'd be near. Maybe S2 could have a few background shots showing him with progressively more and more homestays. He's always been there in S1 so it'd be a nice development.

>wheeling around a shark in a wheelchair

I don't know why but that made me extra sad.

>Series with Kimihito ends
>Ms. Smith starts dropping off more dangerous girls with Bike Cop
>His protection of the girls instills a sense of courage and righteousness in him like never before
>He becomes Mumen Rider

Mermaids can't walk. Mero uses a wheelchair. why does it being a shark make it worse?

I think it was the realization that it's something I'll never get to do

;_; fuck you

Just remember that your utilized imagination is better than reality.

And make it into an artform, learn how to draw.

If some random autist can turn something like Adventure time into a 3D game or another one can make a yandere simulator, you can make a 3D Monmusu game, user

>I would just like to see him acknowledge it somehow with an easter egg or maybe a single page featuring them.
>I was just thinking it would be nice seeing in the background of a scene or two bike cop wheeling around a shark in a wheelchair while being followed the rest.
>Maybe S2 could have a few background shots showing him with progressively more and more homestays.

He said back, "Thanks. This stuff's great." Looking for more than that is just trying to "mark" someone else's work, so it smells right to you. We get enough of that behavior in these threads, lets not export it.

Alright sorry you fucking wankstain

If Bike Cop Harem ever gets canonized, it's time to panic. Because it's the kind of thing Crab would save until he thinks the series is approaching its end.

Personally I don't think the derivative work will ever be used. We'll probably see the endcard girls used in a completely different way from the Bike Cop harem. Cici is a case in point.

>there's hope that Mero will introduce her cool but troublemaking shark mermaid friend

Whoops. Ignore that name. I was shitposting somewhere else and accidentally carried it over here.

what did Sherman do

Childhood friends that met on an underwater playground.

>time to panic

Nah. Like I said, background shit or easter egg of some sort. Think of what Bungie did with Halo, this is the best example I can think of off the top of my head

piss of a lot of southerners


I could accept that.

He shaved off Tara's fuzz

Never played Halo. The only thing I can think of where a fan meme was canonized is Derpy.


Essentially, Bungie liked the RT people's work so much they made them record a few lines as an easter egg you can find

>piss of a lot of southerners
Not to go too offtopic but I live in Atlanta and they're still pissed. Polite sage.


okay I need some context now for sure's_March_to_the_Sea

>implying user gets laid


my Civil War history isnt so good. I'm more interested in WW2.

they can hop arround in a short time tho

Best I can find, gents.
Search for khxuc in the archives.


>she still bullies you when people are around
>when you're both alone she's 200% snuggly

Holy shit. The actual translation for once.

Chubby Princess Tummy

she's really cute
whops, didn't realize about what that user wrote at the bottom

But Mero and Miia are fit

Not to mention one of the most level headed girls in the house.

I want to bust a nutt on Papi.

Would you complete this quest?

This logic never ceases to amaze me

>I'm going to beat the shit out of him then act surprised and ask if he's alright

Dude the entire mermaid race is a bit loopy bout the whole tragedy thing that's not healthy

absolutely not.

Don't go to jail, user.

Mero has gone overboard a total of once. Given the circumstances I'm willing to overlook it.

>Yes. Even horse pussy.
Shame on you, user. Cerea is shit-tier.

I want everything to be Daijoubu Cred Forums

>gone overboard


Yes. No more loli harpies.

Miia has toned abs, Mero is getting ready for winter cuddling.

Cerea is hot af. Don't be rude.

Both Miia and Mero need to use their waist and bellies to move, so they must have some nice abs

Only one who should be ashamed here is you for saving pudge in your system.

You feeling alright user?


>you cuddle her inside her heated pool
>she returns the cuddle with her arms and her pelvic fins
I'm not a merofag but I can get behind that

Pudge is best.

Hasn't she done it twice?

Fresh Meat!

>Lala just showed up, Dear Sir is gonna die so I might as well impregnate myself here
What was the other one?

She's got a strong startle reaction with that tail. Pretty strong tail too.
She socked Papi in the Ch 26 extra.

If I recall correctly, she almost drowns him in the chapter after Cereamom

yeah, but that was without realizing about it, all she wanted was to hear a "yes"
the previous one in Lala's chapter, that was on purpose

>Miia gets an extremely comfortable chair
>decides to share it with her friends
>They fucking ruin it

Yeah but that wasn't tragic. If anything that just shows that mermaids have potential to go full mother bear mode with their eggs.

Honestly the only two things I remember from the mom chapters are pic related and mero almost sacrificing herself to save Darling.

Cerea did mess it up, but she found a goo substitute while getting a replacement.

This image kills my sides every time. I just imagine being in the room watching this disaster unfold

>Miia wants to research the chair's effects on various species
>Recieves data
>Gets mad

Well what did she expect?

Cerea truly is worst girl

>He doesn't remember Cerea in a t-shirt

Papi a cute

well, looks like Cerea bought a new chair after the incident

How could a Mero-fag forget this?

I genuinely don't.

I'd be mad if someone broke my equipment

Honestly they were pretty forgettable for me. I may go back and read them again.

You know, as much as the girls fight, I like how Crab shows that they still care for one another


I just meant that logic with all the girls

They are one big happy family.

I legitimately like all the girls except Cerea

I forgot, why was spider encroaching on miia's bed while she slept?
Also, that wide eyed expression on panel 2 is CUTE

they do care for each other
but they still are rivals

Because spider is a bitch

Shot in the dark but wasn't she drawing/going to draw on her face?


I was gonna ask which girl winning would cause the most salt but I feel like I know the answer.

So what about the least? Miia?

I want more girls hugging.

Miia is probably the most "natural" winner since she has first girl powers. Thought i don't think crab is planning on having anyone win for a long long time.

Hug? Suu can hug.

Miia most definitely.
Hell, a lot of people would get salty if she didn't win in a nonharem ending

Mero sacrificing herself to save her dear sir isn't even from that arc. And forgetting ch 30 which has a big character development for Lala, Mero, Suu and Rachnee is unforgivable

Strip poker night at Kurusu's must be a blast.


In a world where magic or otherworldly beings exist there is no excuse for not going for the "clone the MC once for every girl" ending.

Mero tried to kill him for her tragedy fetish. Kimihito need to evict her.


>tried to kill him for her tragedy fetish

Wanted to have her eggs fertilized because all of them were convinced he was going to die. She just went a little overboard. I would 100% trust her with my life.

Guess I need to go back and reread then. A good deal of it is just a complete blank to me.

>While explaining the rules to Papi after every round, everyone else gets hypothermia and Cerea wins.


The consistent quality of your work, coupled with the sheer quantity of it, cries out for you to adopt a secure trip.

But which one is the real one? Are the clones exactly the same? what happens when they die? does Lala get to keep the darlings of the other 6 girls? How can they be sure they don't swap?

>tfw I would have been in jail starting the first chapter

Patience of no mortal man.

>Smith right over his crotch
what does it mean?

>Lala plays the long game and wins her own harem

Other girls BTFO

>their waifu doesn't wear a short skirt with kneesocks
fucking plebs

Now we know what kind of monster she is.

The law is cockblocking him from chapter one

There's fanart of Cerea in kneesocks, that's good enough.

A human

suddenly Papi bullying

I still think Mero, who isn't wearing panties, is checking out Papi's ass in that panel.

My absolute kryptonite right there.

Which is weird because Lala is my #3 and my #1 and #2 don't have legs.

>his girl isn't a big girl

She can't be best then. Inferior waifu.

The anatomical implications of her design make me unconfortable and thus I am unable to find this monster atractive

what if mine does?
and her accent is cuter

>be a legs man first and hips man second
>Miia as number one and Lala as number two
Strange how that works out

it's awesome
that's why I said that
Cici, Lala and Smith dicussing about who's got the best legs and making darling say something about it when?


that's even worse than bare ass cheeks

It is a bit of a mind fuck. I'd worry more about her eating me out of house and home, myself.

I tink papi's not too shabby on the leg department

Snek butt

What about this demonbirb?

I like papis cute tight birb butt.

but where is her brain? and where does that mouth connect to? and how is it articulated?

I've always thought Miia has the best body for some reason

I want to impregnate this zombie.

You aren't wrong


Snakes are seductive.

I'd say Lala has the best body after Cerea

Crab drawing Alice when?

She kinda needs to be alive for you to be able to do that

Why not, after all Ch. 43 starts with Miia reading a magazine with four of the DMM game girls, I don't think they're canon to the series.

Doesn't mean he can't try.

she has a in-built zettai ryouiki, I admit it
but her legs aren't soft to the touch (exept her thin thighs)

>big breasts without them being too big
>tight stomach
>abs and one of the few girls with actual defined muscle
>snek booty
>wide hips

>Why not

Because spergs


She hase awesome hips
but she doesn't have a nice pair of soft and warm legs

This user speaks the truth!

>abs and one of the few girls with actual defined muscle

Miia Christmas picture.png

How many other girls in this series have been given actual muscle on their bodies? Everyone is a hungry skeleton.

I wouldn't go as far as to call them abs, but one omake shows that her slithering keeps her stomach toned.

Are we counting the gluteus maximus?

>I would 100% trust her with my life.
Don't love the cuck fish. She'll force you to the waters and drown you.
>Horse pussy
>Big girl
Get out.

Delicious snek belly

Zombina's is better

Big enough for you?

Why try to force a competition out of everything you sperg?

I'll make a competition of the girls pecs. Good thing there are no winners

Shit, I never noticed her thighs were so big.

>Tight stomach

Those are family birthing hips. Not just for one child, but for many.

Zombina is the best, just the best.

> No pecs
What's the point then?

damn, those two bodies' hips were made for breeding

Reminder that's just a modified ribcage and Miia's hips are near the end of her tail.

Yep. Sadly there'rs not much Miia and Lala stuff out there.

We need more interactions between the girls outside the already stablished groups.
Specially Lala.

Non lewd pages are 5
Lewd pages are 11 or 12


What is Lala reading?

Oh lawdy

The Ryu book. The same one the manga is published in.

> Human
> Not male Dragon/Lizen

Comic Ryu it seems

Isn't that Monthly Comic Ryu?

>Dat Lala
>Dat thigh

Draco is cute! Cute!!!!
I want to marry Draco and buy her the best coats!

No one cares

>Not male Dragon/Lizen
/u/'d have to put it elsewhere, but a Draco and Liz smutfest would be worth attending.


How is malexfemale y/u/ri?

I need more quality porn of her
there's almost nothing

Did Lala get a breast reduction since her debut?

We need a /u/ version of Monster Girl Report where Draco fucks different species and gets large breed's urticating hair caught in her delicate bits, her tail nearly pulled off by a minotaur, frozen solid by a yuki-onna and so on.

She's apparently one of those girls who look smaller dressed than undesssed.

>frozen solid by a yuki-onna
Have you read Oglaf?

Draco - canonically female
Liz - likewise.
If you're going to use a head canon remember to place the muzzle at the base of your ear, then aim slightly back and down to make sure you take out the brain stem.

Assuming we don't get an "every girl wins" ending, how do you think Darling's relationship with the other girls would change?

Will they still be friends? Will they force the winning girl allow for an open relationship?

In the anime they made it even bigger in that scene, up to Rachne's size.
The nerd still got big knockers tho

> Wanting a male Dragon/Lizen fucking Draco
> Switching a male with Liz

How the winner reacts:
Miia - Drives off everyone else with whatever means are needed, legal or otherwise.
Papi - "Who do we sleep with tonight, husband?"
Cerea - "Whoever and whatever you might desire, Master."
Suu - "Just as planned."
Mero - "Now we can all suffer together."
Rachnera - "Who said anyone could leave?"
Lala - "We will spend eternity together, anyway, why not start practicing now?"

How can this girl have such a perfect body?

Rach would force Cerea to share Darling with her if Rach wins the Darlingbowl.

You just wanna take her head and run into the bathroom with it and force her to give you a blowjob.

Thats not perfect at all.

There's a point when too much ass, becomes way too much ass. Thats so out of proportion, its basically cartoony.

>no horse pussy

I disagree.

This is my fetish.


It's a body to die for, I'll give ya that..

I would like Lala a lot more if she was a centaur.

>no chuuni centaur Lala being embarrassed all the time

So, should we contact some anime sub group and try to convince them to do the OAD? Not many groups bother to keep up with those kind of releases.

Perfect breeding body with such birthing hips, ironically from an emissary of Death.
Reminder that after she get childrens, her hips will be wider and her tits bigger


>Lala basically has the body of a human
>"oooo head comes off, much monster"
I don't get she's not even all the monstrous, why does everyone lose their shit for her? She vanilla monster girl.

Some people are attracted to the color blue.


She's blue, magical and her head comes off.
You don't need a disgusting animal vagina to be considered a monster.

Why are you even in this thread?

>wrapping her tail around his arm
This gives me a boner in my heart

>that tail is still attached to her.

So you're saying she's cosplay tier. What a great monster.

>disgusting animal vagina

>posting in a monstergirl thread and hating on girls that are actually monstrous
You're no monstergirl lover. You don't belong here.

She's one of the scariest, along with Rachnee and Doppel, but not everybody loses their shit with her, she's not that popular.
Crabman had to give her blue skin, black schlera, golden iris and red pupils to make her more monstruous without making her more like the myth and losing her cuteness factor

But what if I'm not a fan of pancakes? Will she force me to eat them?

>if you're not attracted to animal vagina then you're not allowed to like monstergirls

What a great argument you've got there. As expected from a horsefag.

I will enjoy my Onis, Spiders, Ghosts, Sneks and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Honestly, I feel the same.

That said, there's something sweet and wholesome about her that I can't seem to overlook. Even vanilla is nice every now and then (especially if it's that pure white vanilla bean).

>the color scheme of a semen demon (black schlera, yellow eyes, blue skin)
>cute/pure personality but a rude body

Where else would it be- oh. Do newt tails grow back? I know Lizard tails being ripped off potentially kills them.

Large breed biscuits and gravy

Because she's the purest of the main girls and has shown so much less than the rest of the girls.
There's something in her attitude that makes me want to softly bully her with hugs and kisses

>Do newt tails grow back?
Yes, except the structure is made from cartilage instead of bone after the first tail.

Newts can even regrow bone.

A shame Draco's not a real newt.

Lala is ONLY good for breeding.

Is that like an American thing? I've never heard of it.

what happened?

Looked it up. You're right and I'm wrong. Sorry about that. I genuinely thought they regrow cartilage in place of bone.

I'll have you know, I am a Papifag, and think Lala is cosplay tier. Don't go shit flinging at Cereafags.

>Not a real newt
>Not a real dragon
>Not a real chest
She really lost on the genetic lottery, huh?

every since monster musume monmusu lovers on Cred Forums have become squemish and vanilla.

I think so, though the composition seems suspiciously British.

A mod being a fag

>ywn chop Tara's leg off to see if it grows back

Crushing Chocolate Chip Cookies and then frying them up in pan drippings as a scrambled mass of food is an old American tradition, user.

She won the my heart lottery!

Phone OP getting cocky and then getting his shit pushed in, you mean.

>Not real

It's anons who are the real losers

>Bully Tara
RIP in pieces, user.

>ywn see user get disembowelled by spooder

Yeah, the name is wrong to be British.

>there will never be an accident where Cerea chops off one of Rach's legs

Lala has already won.

I don't get it.
Why does this show make the guy the best girl?

Darling is pretty great. I just wish he had more masculine hobbies. What I wouldn't give to see him changing the oil of a 1200cc motorcycle.

Read the manga and be enlightened.

I was asking about Draco herself and not real life ones.

Secrets pages say that Liz's tail will grow back, but don't say either way about Draco's tail.


Read your own picture.

Mangapark has all the English translated ones without Mangahere's water mark.

also current group

Like I said, Lizard potentially can kill them. But that makes me wonder, does Draco turn into a girl with wings if her tail is taken off. Is it just a major secret because of not wanting to associate with lower class reptiles or because they're permanently left without a tail.

It comes off. Nothing about it growing back.

rawsenmanga has them up to 21st

>With a human body, human face save for nose and eyebrows, human tits, ass, legs, arms, and what looks to be minimal fur
>Furry features at most can be summed up as a buttplug, a hairband and a painted on nose

I'll never understand

so she's not a furry then

Cosplay tier girl. Unfortunately this is how most of Crab's girls are.

That would make him yet another Keiichi, who got castrated by magic.
this. Darling's just too perfect. Read the manga and you will understand.

Draco could fly, if she were willing to give up her tail to do it. I like it.

Her flying in the anime bothered me.

Lala's appeal is her chuunibyou.

Pst hey kids, wanna buy some drugs?

She could develop the chest muscles to fly through my special massage and protein supplement.

>try bullying her
>she just chokeslams you

Not the furry tsundere rapist. Why Crabman?