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more episodes to Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl’s phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn’t exist in this universe at all. She is the girl’s alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

maybe a girl gets a recipe book that lets her control what people do after they eat it.

then like a dumb girl she just tries to get a boy to fall in love with her but he always finds a way to not eat her food accidentally.

So I saw the screencaps of that guy who was a swordsman who just wanted a good fight stuck in a harem of girls who use magic and shit and I expanded on it slightly

So the villains would be an "evil council," of different factions, and as the good guys go around beating the shit out of this "evil council" one by one it turns out they were just bullshitting about being evil but were just pretending so the other evil guys would think they were evil and would help them

So basically, the evil council is full of nothing but reasonable people pretending to be evil so that the others think they are evil and so that this evil council will lend them aid.


Add like five more levels of convolutenedess and explain it while the knight is obviously not paying attention and doing something else.

this sounds like a weird anime version of that chick flick with the time machine mail box

Hero from fantasy world is transported into real life and tasked to fight SJW and soccer moms

alright, so the knight is hunting down this evil council because he dishonoured himself in battle by being late for some stupid reason and his lord orders him to bring down this council to atone for it. The knight isn't actually a soldier he's just some random guy who decided to go fight because he's a stay-at-home dad and his life was getting boring but decides to go along anyway because it might be interesting

the only reason his lord sent him against the evil council is he's actually in league with the only evil guy on the council who was sick of his "evil" compatriots finding excuses to not go along with his evil schemes and he thinks that if a guy from the lord's nation attacks them it'll cause them to get angry enough to attack the nation back

So the knight guy's going through and fucking each of the "evil" factions, finding out that they one by one are actually good guys, and they pledge themselves to him when he finds this out. He doesn't really give a shit, he's just doing what he's told cuz he thinks it'll be fun and he wants to get out of the house for a while because his bitch waife doesn't let him out much and he's enjoying the freedom while it lasts

>It's a parallel world
>OP doesn't post this shit thread anymore


Okay so imagine this. Ready?

A girl falls in love with a boy.

Go on. I'm listening

Gensokyo invited into the UN, is given a mandate to "save humanity from itself" by numerous high-powered gods.
The princess of darkness herself is put in charge.
Do nukes even stand a chance, vs. Danmaku?

i never realised how much i wanted this

>from fantasy world is transported into real life and tasked to fight SJW and soccer moms

would watch

Star Wars but set in 16th century Japan

MC is native of fantasy world trying to stop invasion of "isekai MCs" and send them back home.

The death dojo

MC is a typical high schooler that lives in a mirrored reality. In any anime where the mc lives in a figurative dream world, our MC has to destroy his timeline from the mirrored realm. A recent discovery discovered that each time one such anime is created, all the dream worlds tamper with the timelines in our mirrored realm.
So an MC that kills other MCs I guess

It's a character driven battle shounen with lots of heart pulls and tragedies that make the audience feel, but all the protagonists have ridiculous names like Turd Cutting Dildo Dong and Shitting Dick Tits.

So then when everyone's favorite heroine, Muddy Enema Blast, sacrifices herself in the second to last episode in order to save the others, the viewers will cry over a character named Muddy Enema Blast.

I realize that this is only tangentially similar but fantasy Bokurano already exists

A pulse-pounding yakuza series that is actually an adaption of the Kalevala

Generic Boy is part of a high school class. Or middle school class. It doesn't really matter which.

Suddenly, he and his class are teleported to a fantasy RPG dimension!
The god of that realm summoned them there for his entertainment!

All of the other students get normal classes, but Generic-kun is a weird, seemingly useless class, and he has shitty stats!

The class acts nice to him, but after staying in the world for a long time (10 minutes), they suddenly betray him!
They push into the infamous, inescapable 4 foot deep ditch! And a deadly, slightly-larger-than-normal rat is inside!
They laugh at his certain death! The god is also watching, and he's laughing too!

Through sweat, blood, sweat, tears, and sweat, Generic-kun manages to defeat the rat!
Through sheer luck, Generic-kun levels up and recieves a cheat ability!
"Switch Dimension".

The awkward tension is palpable as everyone stares blankly at each other.

The god pleads "Okay, I'm sorry, please wait, I don't remember making that skill, we can restar-"

BUT IT'S TOO LATE. Generic-kun has already fucked off to the Hawaii dimension.
He gets a permanent residence at a 5-star resort, which he pays for by pawning shit from other dimensions.

I would watch the heck out of that.

Story is a battle harem.
It is nothing but battles of harems VS harems.

Rate anime based on my light novel Cred Forums!

Female delinquent graduates high school 2 years after her senpai, the delinquent gang leader.

When she meets him again, he's become a hopeless otaku. Hilarity ensues as she tries to get him back on the path of delinquency.

Lucky Star but in Renaissance Italy

Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.



A boy wakes up in a fantasy world populated by elves. It turns out that all elves are actually women. However, the elfin lands are under threat by rampaging orcs from the north who swoop down and abduct the defenseless elves. The elves implore the boy to save them, as he's a legendary human, a mythical race that was foretold would appear to save the elves in their hour of need. He agrees to help, but isn't sure what he can do, since he's not a fighter. The elves tell the boy about the legendary Valkyrie armor, a suit of armor forged by the goddess herself to equip the human that will protect the elves, making him an invincible warrior. The boy agrees to search for the armor. However, when he finds it, he discovers it's designed for a woman. Unsure of what to do, since the armor wouldn't fit him, the boy touches it. At which point the armor glows and turns into a ball of energy that strikes him in the chest. He undergoes a magical girl transformation sequence and finds himself transformed into a girl wearing the armor. After figuring out how to change back, he goes on a quest to stop the orcs.
The orcs turn out to all be woman too.

I hate all of it except for the part where he only gets superpowers when he is a girl. Make a subplot where he genuinely falls in love with a man when he's a girl.

>Make a subplot where he genuinely falls in love with a man when he's a girl.
That'll be hard, considering there are no men.

When he activate the armor, it makes the copy of the MC, but girl version, with shared consciousness with MC.

As the boy started to use the armor more and more he began experiencing changes in his body, his voice became more high pitched and his body started to change. as he lost his masculinity he realized that the armor was siphoning it off to one of the female orcs. the female orc turned into a male and he finally was unable to revert to his male self. He figured the only way to turn himself back was by making the now male orc wear the armor, in order to do this he became closer to the orc, little did he know that he, now she, had fallen for him.

It's a (rom)comedy
An aspiring hero sets out to slay the legendary Minotaur lurking in the labyrinth below the castle, whom many other heroes have failed to kill.

Charging headlong into the danger, our hero finds the Minotaur and does battle with him but is bested by the Minotaur's pure strength. Before it lands the killing blow, it speaks.
The monster then gives our hero the opportunity to follow his trail of yarn back to the entrance of the labyrinth... However, in his recklessness, the hero never brought yarn with him in the first place.

At a loss, the hero wanders for days, getting hopelessly lost in the labyrinth. He eventually runs into the Minotaur... taking his bull-head costume off. The Minotaur is actually an extremely macho man of few words. Having pity, the Minotaur leads the hero deeper into the next floor of the labyrinth, where many of the peace-loving (and human-hating/fearing) monsters live. He vows to find a way to return to the surface as soon as he can, but ends up staying and slowly befriending the denizens of the labyrinth.

Deep subplot:
The Minotaur is actually the King who was cursed and banished by the Prime Minister in his court. While he wished for peaceful co-existence with the monsters, there were many who disagreed. Having banished the King, the PM ruled from the shadows, sending heroes to assassinate the King.

Hero - the MC. Naive, reckless. Poses as an Animated Armor in the monster sanctuary.
"Minotaur" - Extremely powerful physical fighter. While he carries a hammer, he uses it mainly for intimidation (and a chair). Sends heroes flying with his fists.
Medusa - Beautiful woman whose eyes are never shown.
Harpy - Energetic young monster who delivers supplies
Dullahan - Sees hero as an honorable friend and rival (as armored monsters)
Vampiress - NEET who takes an interest in Hero's "human" smell
Mage - clusmy aspiring hero who forgot to unravel her yarn. Disguises as a Witch.


A princess of a certain fantasy world transferred into our world by a deus ex machina. Since her world is ruled by magic, our world's technology terrifies her. With her high and mighty attitude, she immediately run into trouble by a gang of delinquents. Fortunately she got rescued by a local police officer. When he rescued her, he did something that was considered a "wedding proposal" in her world. She then stays with the police officer.

In the same time, a scientific institution detected an alien gate that opened somewhere near. They then meet with someone else from the princess's world; a hunter who was hired to kill her. The hunter defeated the institution's guards. Noticing the hunter has a purpose of being here, the institution decided to find the princess before the hunter does.

Hilarity ensues as the local police officer tries to protect the princess from all the threats and together they try to uncover the conspiracy behind the princess lineage.

>left to right

Kimochi warui

Isekai where the main character is the person who summons the guy from the other world. She is in some school or some shit and she needs to summon a familiar, which just so happens to be a guy from another world blah blah shennanigans ensue. The twist is that the guy is a cyborg.

I'm really tired.

MC wakes up in his room in the morning. He feels something weird next to him so he opens the covers and finds a kawaii girl. He gets startled and accidentally wakes her up. Embarrassing scene next and he gets kicked out of his home. Despite it being extremely early, he decides to go to school and rest at his desk. He gets to his shoe locker and notices his shoes are smaller. Someone must've pranked him. He steals someone else shoes and goes to his desk.

As the students start coming to class, he sees that he doesn't recognize them. Well, if he looks carefully maybe he does. They all stare at him and whisper to each other. That's when the kawaii girl shows up. She looks familiar also. She comes and asks him to get out of her desk and he does. He leaves the room confused and goes to the roof.

After classes end, the girl finds MC and they talk. Turns out they have the same name and everything except that he's not a girl which is why she looked familiar.

Something battle manga harem he fucks himself or rather the girl version of him and then he gets sent back to his own world where is was all a dream but no the girl is waiting for him in his room and she's pregnant and the child that will be born is foretold to be a being that can bend time and synchronize worlds together and that MC really needed was not friendship or money or power, but to have self esteem and to love himself.

Unable to confess, she is gifted by a deus ex machina with the ability to body swap with the boy.

this isnt even that good


Still the best billion-yen idea in these threads.

Here, generate some random shit, see what happens.

A normal vending machine is hit by a truck and dies. It gets isekai'd as a loli NEET in a medieval high fantasy setting. Hijinks ensue NATURE of ISEKAI etc.

You're no fun and everyone will just generate keitai anyway.

Akmed jihad's his suicide vest and gets isekai'd to a world where Islam rules all. As a woman.
Whenever he dies he has to start over until s/he loses virginity 52 times.

A guy builds a time machine and travels into the past to stop cell phones from being invented, because nothing good clearly ever came of them.

Any kind of anime with onii-chan-imouto incest.

It wasn't meant to kill off the fun or anything, it was supposed to spark some ideas in people, give them a jumping off point for content.

"Why Is My Isekai Adventure Just Summoning Chuuni Warriors From Other Worlds?"
An anime fanboy, but otherwise normal Japanese highschool student discovers he has a strange ability when he is confronted by a magical beast from another world. He summons to his aid... an otherwise normal looking schoolgirl, who proceeds to bust out a giant dragon of black lightning to obliterate the beast. As the boy talks to her, he soon realizes she's completely nuts; an utter chuunibyou case, she never had any powers before. But now, thanks to him summoning her to his world, she has magic abilities matching her delusions.

Over the course of the show he summons a combat harem of deluded crazy schoolgirls who inherit magical powers thanks to being summoned by him. The final battle with the summoner of the magical beasts reveals the truth the boy is secretly from another world, it's why he's being targeted. Season 2 will feature the boy and his harem returning to his home dimension and exploring it for his real parents.

Guy gets isekai'd to generic fantasy world. Girl gets reverse isekai'd in his world. They can """"somehow"""" communicate with each other and teach each other how to survive in their respective worlds. Lighthearted.

The year is 2013, strange new anomalies are appearing in the zone which teleport people to different locations. The government of Ukraine learns too late that dozens of these artifacts have already been sold off on the black market world wide. To recover the artifacts, they contract out to Stalkers promising a high reward for their assistance. Que standard highschool setting, what's her face the military otaku in her 3rd year of high school is walking home one night when she encounters stalker totally not strelok who changes her life forever.

The japanese gods decide to goof off during the period after Christmas. They start hijacking random people, and to banish them away from them, one has to win an argument which is nigh impossible against wise, omnipresent beings like that.
Some of them roll over and offer easy enough arguments so they can go back to their land, but a majority of the gods won't let go - they refuse to leave the bodies, even after winning arguments were made.

The Abrahamic God (known as just "God", "Allah", etc.) enters the stage.


An anime about a long-distance cyclist anime with superb direction (also visual direction) that makes you as tired as the cyclist when it wants to, and make you vicariously relish the feelings of eating food, drinking water, resting yourself, and going to bed after a whole day of cycling. Yes, it will be a bit "boring" as some people would call it here, but the goal isn't to entertain, but to drag you somewhere else and make you feel the atmosphere. I would like it if it was animated by KyoAni, but it won't be moe, but I really like their visual direction and directing in general. They can drag you into an entirely other world, without it feeling weird - and they never break your immersion.

What if you put a cute anime girl on a plane and it crashes but she has the power to rewind time. She goes back to the plane just taken off every time.

>turns out that she wouldn't died in every accident that has occured, and rewinding time only accumulates karma, which was causing them to occur in the first place.

MC dating his girlfriend, who is very attached and devoted to our MC, to the point it's gone beyond being cute and charming and where he starts wanting some time away from her.

He takes a trip out of town alone via train, where he meets another girl, and he ends up falling for her.

During the trip, he sees the first girl and realizes that she must've followed him. We see scenes of her madness and jealously growing, but never quite taking action until it all boils over and she attacks him with a knife, hospitalizing MC.

The MC wakes up and is asked about his suicide attempt. It's then revealed that MC was the yandere, and after girl 1 broke up with him, his fantasies that she was as madly in love with him as he was for her took over.

Madoka magicka sucked

>neckbeard "humor"

A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

EP 1:
EP 13:

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

Memes aside I like the tale.

c18 when

>No. 1 movie in Japan
>No. 1 anime on MAL

So this is meme magic. Not bad.

Sooner than you think.


See you on your next ban.

A random guy is browsing Cred Forums, and he encounters an interesting thread. "Whoever gets septs gets to try out my new time-travel machine". He replies jokingly without even looking how much posts remain, and what do you think? He gets them. He gradually sees replies made to his post; he feels a strong pain in the area around his forehead (like being hit hard with a hammer), his vision starts having random discolored spots in it, which are not quite negative, but rather dark orange, with a hint on negative. The vision starts blurring, in what feels like a minute to him, but a second in reality.

He hears a sharp ringing hiss; the kind you'd hear when turning on certain CRT TVs, and faints.

He wakes up in park somewhere in the States. The twin towers are in the distance, about half-way built. The MC looks around, and by the style of the buildings, and the general vibe makes the him assume that he's possibly in the middle of the 60s, but he isn't quite right. He realizes it's 1969 when he grabs a random science magazine which has the year and the month written on it with an oldish looking sci-fi-ish font, [JUL, 1969] in the left corner of the magazine. His body starts shaking like a leaf, and he has the grin of a madman of his face.

>"I really, really, really thank you.. user, for letting me see this live!"...thinks the astronomy otaku MC.
He goes to the nearest restaurant ASAP, and yells out "ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN!" seconds before Armstrong says it. The people are extremely annoyed by the way he barged in with that yell of his, but their expressions change to these of curiosity, because Armstrong utters that famous line seconds after that.


>all women
how do they reproduce tho

An ordinary Japanese man is run over by a truck. Goddess of another realm take pity on him and reincarnate him as a fantasy plantation owner with an ever loyal maid. Nothing says honest work like owning a farm. Buys a lot of sexy slaves of exotic fantasy races under the excuse that as a man of the superior modern mindset, he can provide a better life for them than anybody else. Read: he wants some cheap labor he can dick without consequence. Some token nods to the brutality that pervades the fantasy world go here as contrast. Get this stuff out of the way early. Anyway, MC's knowledge of concepts such as crop rotation, germ theory, cooking, bushido, dickering, and not being a total dick to your workers (but still not giving them freedom or paying them) are total game changers, and soon lead to a golden age of prosperity.

All is well until the evil demon nation (led by the sexy female devil) unexpectedly and without just cause attacks the surrounding area. MC valiantly defends his people/property and unlocks an amazing power of some sort in the process. Turns out the goddess chose MC all along as her champion to liberate the evil demon nation from itself, and he gets to play adventurer/conqueror in the process. Also his slave harem all turn out to be accomplished fighters too who are willing to follow him to the ends of the earth.

The story probably ends with the MC, now god-emperor of the known world, celebrating the coming of age of the next generation without Bad Things. But that's another story.

Also the maid was probably the goddess all along and also first girl.

MC's father is a meteorologist who travels to a new town to investigate unusual weather phenomena. On the first day of school, MC meets three enchanting girls, Tiffany Thunder, Tahlia Tsunami, and Theresa Tornado. He soon discovers that their emotions are linked to the weather and they are the cause of the odd weather. All three girls soon fall for MC and he has to balance the love triangle in order to avoid catastrophic weather.

In the climax, at the eye of the storm, Tornado has drowned in a flood caused by Tsunami's tears as a result of Thunder's actions.

MC realizes that he can bring Tornado back by shocking her to life, so he deliberately enrages Thunder so he gets struck by lightning while touching Tornado's chest in a makeshift defibrillation.

The death of MC makes their emotions go haywire simultaneously resulting in a timequake where they can reverse time, but they must pick between one of three timelines, one for each potential relationship.

I call it Tsunderestorm.

Those are some 4kids-tier names.

It's lampshading.

>how did you figure this out?
>the biggest clue was that I never met three girls all named after the weather in one class before

>Zero no tsukaima


Not that guy, but agreed; they could've been a wee-bit better.

>San Dahr
>Mitsu Nami
>Hata R'nedo

Well, I'm not Japanese. I literally just got the idea by fooling around with alliteration, which doesn't make a lot of sense, but what can you do. What are the Japanese words for those storms?

Set in a world where Gods blend into Human society and hide their insane powers by taking on the forms of average Joe's. When in these Human forms, they are basically like any other person, and their powers cannot activate until they enter their God form.

MC is walking around when he spots someone getting mugged in an alleyway. He rushes in to help, but the guy getting mugged is stabbed and the thieves run off. The MC goes to help the guy, but his injuries are too serious and he is slowly dying. However, this guy is also a God. He uses his last bit of strength to give MC all of his powers. Luckily for MC, this God's powers were one of the strongest and most based.

MC decides to make it his responsibility to fill the heir to this God's throne, and takes on the enemy of the Gods, the Titans (similar to Gaia from God of War,) colossal creatures who live in secrecy. However, after 100 years, the Titans have decided to declare war on the Gods, making their presence known and changing the world forever, forcing the Gods and our MC to use their powers.

Along the way, MC would fall for a qt Goddess, who originally hates him for not being able to save the God that gifted him his powers. She's a tsundere, so of they course they fall in love.

When is this going to destroy the meme barrier between reality like Cred Forums did with that airplane thing?

would watch desu

It kinda already did.

>crap, I fucked up; the last one should be Fujita R'nedo, so it will be bothreferencing the Fujita scale and contain "Tornado" within.

Well, neither am I. (hell, I'm not even a native english speaker) I just made up the names you saw, as well, making names out the weather phenomena themselves, Using the japanese words for these weather phenomena and incorporating them within the names will make them sound slightly less exotic to the japanese viewers.

>humans built robots to defend against aliens
>humans go extinct despite this due to their own failures
>robots remain
>Aliens find earth and try to take resources.
>have to battle AI

preferably done without mechs.

>Virtual Sky Lanterns

It was once tradition for people to create sky lanterns, sending their prayers along up towards the heavens and hoping their messages would be answered. An app available for augmented reality devices renovates this ancient tradition: personal handwritten requests are now contained in virtual sky lanterns, publicly released into the night sky.

People carrying AR devices, such as contact lenses, smartphones or glasses, can see these messages under the viewing options. The plot follows two individuals encountering each other in a city, competing to answer these sky lanterns.

One of the individuals is a young woman volunteering for the recognition. She desires to improve her karma profile, a popular online trend designed to record altruistic actions. The second character is a heartbroken young man answering the sky lanterns to cope with separation.

Discovering these motives fosters concern. The young woman sees the young man answering the sky lanterns as an excuse to neglect the losses he suffered. The young man sees the young woman as a lonely person using the sky lanterns in hopes of find meaning in her vacant life.

As the two characters work together for certain requests, they begin to understand each other, eventually leading them to answer one another’s sky lantern request: helping the young man accept separation and finding a purpose in life for the young woman.

Now with its own OP:
And ED:

Well I looked up the words and the pun is preserved in japanesr funnily enough, and a little more subtle to foreigners. Tornado is Tatsumaki, tsunami is tsunami obvs, and thunder is sanda.

But bringing an idea to life is different than an idea here. What would I do, write it in Japanese and publish it in Japan? I'm English, and for many reasons, it makes sense to write things in my own language.

We should've meme'd this to become a movie instead.


A comedy/ SOL anime taking place in the world's longest lasting traffic jam.
This traffic jam has been going on for decades before the anime begins.
There are shop cars / school cars etc.

Our MC is a poor little girl that recently "moved" into the traffic jam. Her parents ran a car repair-shop and decided to move into the traffic jam because their business wasn't going too well.
MC of course learned a lot from her parents and thus tries to help out other people in the jam.
(But maybe she is too clumsy and only adds useless things to the cars of others when she tries to help them)
The people she meets show her how everything works in the traffic jam and our MC makes all kinds of friends this way.

>Now with its own OP:
>And ED:

Going the Keit-ai route to success, eh?

Yes please.

Where are the cars going? is the traffic just stopped because of something in the road, or do all of the businesses and stuff still move just very slowly nowhere in particular?

inquiring minds want to know

The latter.
I didn't think of a reason though

Just have them go nowhere like that one story where people lived behind a wall so long they lost the concept of 'outside'. Until MC comes along and asks where they are going.

MC is an introverted, beta-looking weeb who was born in one of the few countries still having mandatory conscription. He gets conscripted as a frogman, somehow excelling and being sent to train as a commissioned officer. On his final diving mission before he is released from full-time service, he leads a recovery mission, only to stumble upon his entire family, drowned in the murky waters as victims of a boat sinking.

He starts hyperventilating due to the anguish and panic, but is saved by his nearest man. Upon surfacing, he is examined and discharged from the force due to the risk of PTSD with immediate effect. He also develops a lingering, albeit not crippling, apprehension towards water.

He moves to Japan for his university studies to get away from it all. He joins his university's diving club guess who was re-reading Grand Blue this week, which was floundering because of low interest, and declares himself a novice.

Cue beautiful dive scenes as MC has to actively combat his fear to function properly. Then, one of the real newbies gets his/her tube tangled and panics. Before the senpais can reach them, he expertly rectifies the issue based on instinct and passes the newbie his spare regulator.

This piques the interest of an experienced diver girl his age who moved from her seaside city to Tokyo. MC will occasionally display his badass side honed from his military training, such as beating up wannabe thugs with Krav Maga and getting police questioning, but evades all queries. A journey of healing and recovery without the histrionics of many PTSD characters and filled with club activities.

Think Grand Blue meets Genshiken with less zaniness and a bit more romantic progress.

That just made of think of Gridlock from Doctor Who.



Just don't let Shinkai touch it.

Is there an animal mascot?

Maybe go for last names like bolt or gust. Little subtler.

And there could be a yearbook scene

>MC flips through yearbook looking for weather names
>he points to Bolt.
>What does it mean? His friend or someone asks.
>it means whoever gave them their names knew about their power.

>Amano Hotaru
>Homura Umi
>Arashi Tsubasa

Yes and it is a tanuki.

Here's another one:

An anime set during the Mille Miglia. Think Redline except good and set in the pre-war era with beautiful cars. MC is an upstart mechanic who got disowned by his stuck-up aristocratic family, but becomes street-smart before the series starts. He meets a girl who turns out to be his childhood friend that tags along to be his tea lady and navigator. They fall in love gradually with each other.

MC with a love of history and an avid kendo practicioner travels back in time with no way to come back.

He travels to the day before the Battle of Okehazama, where Nobunaga is planning an attack against the invading Imagawa plan. However, there's a problem: it's wrong. Nobunaga and his generals are planning a full frontal attack, hoping to scare them into retreating.

The MC knows this is suicide, since Nobunaga's forces are outnumbered by 10 to 1.

MC tells how the attack should go, based on what he remembers from his books. Nobunaga is unimpressed and orders him to leave. MC convinces him to do so, offering to lead his army for him. Despite his misgivings, Nobunaga accedes.

The battle goes as well as you'd expect, however, history is forever altered: MC decides to take on Imagawa by himself. Imagawa survives the battle, and swears vengeance on the MC. Despite the failure to dispatch Imagawa, Nobunaga is impressed by the absolute victory that he makes the MC a general in his army.

What follows is a historical dramedy, with our MC trying to acclimate to life in the Sengoku era, while trying to keep history as close to reality as possible.

Also romantic hijinks with Tokuhime, or whatever. Gotta lift merchandise.

Honestly, I'd like to see an Anime based on the song "Inko" by Takada Kozue. It's hauntingly sad.

a squad of girls that can morph into sexy tanks and bombers and stuff

Russian timetravels to WWII. He's trapped inside bumblebee and must kill Hitler.

>Cred Forums arguing about wether enema-chan or turd-sama will win the mc bowl

funny how these threads very rarely have any images at all in them

Plots don't really images but here's an image of best girl

lmao ain't no one paying 7 bucks for an OELN, especially with that kind of art. Is that fucking chromatic aberration I'm seeing?

I like this. I want Mage to wear glasses to go with her dojikko.

cute girls do cute things

That kind of thread usually is the "Picture you'd make anime out of it" and become fantasy/sci-fi setting wallpaper dumping thread with occasional plot brainstorming.

nap time bump. post more stories while I slumber for my amusement later.

Generic isekai

I want a comedy with Yakuza.

So how about;
>Yakuza have media problems after anti-yakuza laws
>Son of Yakuza boss gets into showbiz to try and help make them popular
But I have a feeling that wouldn't have enough Yakuza shenanigans.

I'm not very good at this.

A harem anime where the main character is a humanized pizza, and he must choose between various topping girls.

>Pepper Onie is his childhood friend with big titties and nipples looking like her namesake
>Anne Chovie is the obligatory loli character who always smells like fish
>Belle Cap is the stoner girl
>Onions is an incredibly sentimental girl who cries all the time
>Sausage is the trap
>Oregano is the reverse trap, as everyone believes she's a guy named Gano
>Pineapple is a transfer student from Hawaii who is always abused because nobody likes her with Pizza. Her best friend is Ham, who is chubby
>The MC's best friends are Hamburger, Hot Dog, and Sandwich, who all have their own harems as well. For example, Hot Dog is a Chicago frankfurter who has a forbidden relationship with Ketchup

A sports manga based on professional wrestling. The twist is that it's all keyfabe and the MC, a strong-but-dimwitted newcomer, has no idea it's fake.

Instead of going through traditional training arcs, he instead must learn how to act and give the audience a show instead of a beatdown. Hilarity ensues as all of his fellow coworkers have completely different personalities outside of the ring.

>Comedy about new pop idol and his manager
>They're best friends. Manager is super serious. Pop Idol is complete ass hole, though pretend to be another annoying as fuck gay idol with all the frilly shit. And hates all idols in general.
>About Manager trying to keep a leash on his best friend and his ass holery so his "good boy" image doesn't break
>Ass hole is actually genius musician who just want to play good music

Sou Seiji? Ara ara~

A man falls in love with his car. His car is destroyed in a tragic accident, but a fairy takes pity and rebuilds the car into a robot schoolgirl that can turn into a motorcycle and gives the man the ability to assume a superhero identity. They fight crime. And aliens.

I would to see this as an anime. They get together in the end, right?

The world was devasted by a red muppet called THE GUARDIAN but sealed away by a HERO OF VIRTUE. 100 years later, MC Gary Stu goes to fantasy college to get a scholarship degree because his best dad ever(secret supervillain) forced him to, even though all he wanna do is have some fun and smoke weed everyday.

The Guardian gets reborn as a cute genius grill who attends the same college as MC. As her memory awakens, she finds out that MC's dad actually hid her ULTIMA weapon in MC bones to protect him and also hoping he would eventually use that weapon to become a demonlord.

Hilarity and hijinks ensures as the guardian tries to get into MC's bones, while MC justs wants chill and being a total loser deadbeat.

Produced by Urobutcher


There are people who actually report Keit-aiposting to mods?

I wish RF online adapted into anime because of how bad the game was a wasted potential.

In the Novus planet, the three races of Bellato, Cora/Corite, and Accretian all fighting over natural resources in said planet, especially the rare mineral Haloment. Currently Bellato working in alliance with Cora against Accretia, both seeing that the mechanical race isn't the bunch they can talk things out with. But lately an atmosphere of distrust also grows between Bellatean and Coritean.

The story follow Behammer, a Bellatean explorer who currently serve as army in Armor Riders division. From time to time, he and few other Bellatean secretly meet up with Qadasha, a Coritean princess who also take part in the war, and her men. Both realized it's only a matter of time before their race's alliance finally break up, thus they wish to end the war as soon as possible before it got worse. Yet, a small group of Bellatean including Behammer also start to make contact with Accretians, namely the small group led by Lothan 3rd. Finally those group of Accretians also made contact with Princess Qadasha's group.

In the midst of war, that small group consist of members of three warring races needs to find a way to end the war while being in danger of marked as turncoats because of the now forbidden alliance they built.

Those three mentioned character is the one appeared in the PV.


dubs and i'll sketch out whatever shitty idea you have
trips override

Would watch

>I can't believe my son is a crossdresser
>Pic related is the father.

A magical girl series. The girls are gay as fuck. The gayer they are, the more powerful they are.

reminds me of arata a bit

Posted this before, but kinda forgot about it afterwards, here's the general plot
>futuristic cyberpunk setting, corporations ruling the world and all that
>MC is military, war hero
>gets seriously fucked up on his last mission, barely alive
>military doesn't give 2 fucks, they abandon him
>private military company contacts him, saying they'll get him fixed as long as he works for them
>that's how he got his current gig as the "get shit done man" of a top private military company
>that was 4 years ago
>called back from overseas contract by boss because shit's going down back home
>clients of the company are being specifically targeted in terror attacks
>boss thinks it's professionals hired by rival company
>MC is assigned to take them out
>couple of failed operations where the leader of the gang gets away
>new plan is to set them up by decreasing the security of a crucial lab and ambush them there
>just before it's set in motion, boss receives a phonecall and tells MC to sit this one out
>MC doesn't
>confronts the gang leader only to see the guy looks exactly like the MC himself, only with robotic limbs

>he escapes during the confusion
>MC wants to know what the fuck is going on
>eventually it turns out that the clone was made by the company he works for
>MC goes on the hunt for the clone and his former boss
>showdown occurs, but the company's operatives are also trying to kill the clone
>clone takes advantage of MC's arrival and takes out the operatives, but is lethally injured
>in his dying breath he reveals that in fact, MC is the clone and the "bad guy" is the original
>4 years ago when he was nearly dead, he wasn't treated, he was cloned to make a super soldier army
>the first clone became our MC, with the others being inactive until the right time
>the real guy was left to die but he managed to survive, get mechanical limbs, etc.
>he was the good guy trying to stop the evil corporation all along
>existential crisis and all that while MC goes to find his old boss
>other clones have been awakened at this point
>but the clones have been inactive so far because they've been working on a way to have absolute control over them
>MC finally confronts his old boss
>clones can not be freed, they're pretty much superhuman killing machines
>only way to stop them is to activate a failsafe procedure, killing all the clones, including MC
>MC kills the bossman and activates the thingy, emotional ending and all that

MC is a loser otaku who believes he is genre savvy and can explot anime cliches and such to get his own harem and live the good life.
Watch as he fails at every attempt because the "real world" doesn't actually work like his animuh and he ends up looking like a retard.

yeah you post this every time and it's never good

I posted it once, months ago. If it's been posted again since then, it wasn't me.

i've seen it 3 or 4 times the past month

I'd watch it. Call it "Love Bites"

There was a Doctor Who episode about this.


Jurassic Park, but it's run by anime girls.

Posting until I get some fucking feedback:
A generic MC and a couple of his classmates get transported into a fantasy world, and go about doing heroic deeds, acquiring a cute harem and some other badass allies to travel along with them saving the world.
And then, 2 or 3 volumes in, MC and his first bro he allied with when he came over get drunk and fuck like animals. The morning after, the both realize what they have done, and worse yet, they both secretly really enjoyed it. They decide to try pretend it never happened.The rest of the series is the plot of saving the world plus some actual development for the MC's classmates and his "harem" while the MC and his new bro/crush try desperately to ignore the elephant in the room of their feelings for each other and keep it and all their romantic moments/lapses a secret from the rest of their party.

Make bro a reverse trap childhood friend.

You've gotten feedback for this before, I remember people telling you it sucked.

It sucks.

American tv show parody. Pawnstars spoof in one episode where washed up anime characters try to pawn shit from their adventures.

>I'd love to buy this deathnote, but the problem I have with it is when I let it go, I forget that I had it. I need to make a profit.

What if the dinosaurs ARE anime girls? Like girls with dinosaur tail, fangs or whatever.

Which bro, the one he fucks or the "bro" that gets teleported along with him and acts like that lecher you always see in harems?
Because I would seriously consider making the second a reverse trap.


They talk about KyoAni a lot for some reason.

Yeah, but it's just them in costumes.

I would like the plot to start with a young, charming pilot of a mecha. After that person is introduced the rest of the season follows the janitor that has to clean up the mecha. The janitor isn't particularly interesting or connected to the "MC". The second season is about the same but the main character is a secretary in the Japanese Administration of Mecha.

That sounds like an anime. I think you could make a manga based on that.

I would watch that. A guy going back in time to change small things. I would like him to stop the making of Star Wars or some other big movie.

Too real.

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

>beta fuckboy gets sent to an all girl big tit loli school
>hes a beta fuckboy
>theres a cat that turns into a sexy lady
>it has Cowboy Bebop tier "We're hip and with it!" names and imagery

anime of the year 2017


>Keit愛 OST


OP Full:
ED 1 Full:
ED 2 Full:

>Keit愛 TVアニメ

EP 1:
EP 13:

>Keit愛: 君の名は。


>are you sure the third one's contained?
>Yeah, unless they figure out how to open doors
>cut to scene of anime girls peering through the kitchen window
>handle starts to jiggle
>door bursts open and the anime girls have their hands/paws in attack mode


It's already a meme, so you don't need to post it anymore.

Keit-ai is already a manga. Stop posting it.

Holy shit

Not as much as MC does though. His tongue has many talents.