This guy named Gotou tells you that hes gonna kill you

This guy named Gotou tells you that hes gonna kill you

What now?

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Accept death and hope it's painless.

What about the parasite in your right hand, maybe if you work together and stab him with a rusty old pipe with cyanide to fuck up his parasite system on it you can beat him.

nah, I had a good run

Thank him politely.

Poke him with the closest thing available and watch him die from bacteria and think 'wow, that was anticlimactic'.

Stabing anyone with something covered in industrial garbage is gonna fuck them up.

Have you never watched/listened to/read war of the worlds.

He is my president, he can't kill me.

yeah but it's also probably not so good for the staber either

>Defending a shit ending because it's plausible

Drag him over to a bar/pub and buy the bastard a beer, then ask him what the fuck's up him, then drink more beers


Oh fuck. I guess I'm dead.

>Kill myself first so he can't kill me
Checkmate faggot

>What now?
i kill him twice as hard for i have studied the blade

Suck him off to death.

Only 5 parasytes? Pleb.

"Hmph. Believing you can kill me, Gotou? Pathetic."

*Draws legendary Katana Murasamanekokun, adjusts stance, tips fedora to face ground*

"I've trained for years...countless water bottles have fell by my hand. But I suppose you think you're stronger than a measly bottle, eh?"

*Aura surrounds me, lightning strikes*

"Well, I'm afraid..."

*Adjust fedora slightly to glare at him with one eye*

"You're wrong! So why don't you BACK THE FUCK OFF?!"

*Teleport to him, slice him in one thousand, eight hundred and seventy two pieces. I glare at as his remains attempt to remerge, and they die from my awesomeness*

"Tch. Too easy for someone of my caliber."

Pure autism right here

Make sure his given name is "Ten" and relax.

Wow user, who would've guessed?

fight like a little bitch while wailing like a kid at least I'll make a stand before I die

Fuck you, you have to give me at least 1 training montage before coming back to kick my ass

THen while he's confused, I'd tell his other parasites that they're already dead.