Danganronpa 3

Well Cred Forums did you rike it?

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I got a lot of people killed for no reason lmao

Surprisingly yes i did like hope arc.


>Chisa died without being cured of despair and went to hell with Junko for all eternity for actions she didn't have control over
>Chiaki died in pain and misery believing that her actions had no effect on anyone when she was really the most important player in the plot besides Junko and the bright future that awaited her friends
>Munakata lost his waifu
>Hajime has memories of his waifu dying twice (but his class came back to life)
>Miaya got literally nothing. No recognition, no screentime, and AI Chiaki, bless her electronic soul, even fucking stole Usami from her.
>Seiko died alone thinking that everyone had abandoned her
>Almost entire class of 77 comes back while the corpses of most of 78 are still in the lockers
>Juzo died thinking that it was entirely his fault that the world went to shit and that he deserved to be hated and abandoned by Munakata
>Both Junko and Mukuro got good ends (bad ends for us)

Anymore bad ends?

I always found it peculiar that SDR2 made it a point to tell you that Class 77 would get revived since they mentioned higher odds with Mikan waking up before the other comatose classmates.

Like that was the only thing Kodaku new he wanted in the future but had no idea how to describe how they all miraculously woke up.

Despair arc should of been 4 episodes

So Cred Forums have you forgiven best girl Mikan?



Who is the head of the 13th branch?

No. Now it's time to forget this shit series exists for a year until V3 comes out in the States and I'm roped back in.

Well at least for Chiaki, her wishes came true. She was able to see everyone again and Hajime remembered her. I wouldn't say she had a bad end.

I hated how fucking anime-y it was, happy ending for everyone, though I do understand why the episode was called hope

>Eh, it was cheaper than paying for workplace counseling seminars

Honestly, I'd have peferred Junko bullshitting her way back into existence over Kazue "COMPLEX MOTIVES" Tengan out of fucking nowhere.

Will she call makoto headmaster at the school and daddy at the bedroom?

Naegi got his waifu back, im fucking pleased.

>DR1 - 6 survivors
>DR2 - 15 survivors
>DR3 - 2 survivors



>Both Junko and Mukuro got good ends
Except Mukuro didn't enjoy getting killed by her sister and the Junko AI had a breakdown of being defeated outside of the parameters that would give her despair, with no doubt the same thing probably happening to her in the theater right now.

Yes, I actually did rike it

It probably would have worked better as simple flashbacks during the Future Arc.
Nobody fucking knows.

Tengan hates black people.

>About to post in the thread about kirigiri actually being dead while watching the ending scene
>She suddenly appears

I feel bad for Chisa, Miaya, Seiko and Chiaki. They all died for nothing.

Better question is how did Hajime know about BOOB ON THE MOLE

>while the corpses of most of 78 are still in the lockers
>surely necromancy exists
Im holding out for this outcome here

I didn't like Mikan, but she saved my favourite DR1 girl and my favourite DR2 girl started being nice to her, so I GUESS I should take it easy on her now.

Shit nigga, that's cute yo

How did Mukuro get a good end?
She was killed by his sister's betrayal. Then her corpse was mutilated.

I enjoyed the ride.

>Chiaki teased at being alive yet is actually dead
>Kirigiri is considered deader than dead until the literal very end of the anime where she comes back
True poetry.

>DR3 - 2 survivors
And it doesn't seem like one of those survivors will live for long.

Fuck you old man but you're meme worthy.


Nobody cares. They were probably off doing more productive things then getting in a killing game.

But it could've been a lot worse

At least we are finally free from the Hope's Peak Saga

Class 77's memories of Nanami recreated her bust

>history will repeat itself with the V5 anime
Enjoy V3 and V4 while you can.

>implying Makoto isn't the one calling Kirigiri mommy

Repostan because fuck it, might as well fully break my fellow chiakibros

>happy ending for everyone
Naegi is not everyone

Chiaki bros, how do you cope with remembering Real Chiaki's brutal death and last despairing moments?
It fills me with despair.

They aren't lovers you delusional shipperfag


Poor Munakatana, lost 2 of his bes buds.

You should, everyone should rejoice for this final episode! As for me, Chiaki might still be dead but I think she is happy somewhere knowing her friends are all safe.

The live stream thread reaction was even more hilarious

The blurays come with Director's Cuts, right?

The killing game held in the virtual reality world had 5 survivors, their physical versions never went through a killing game



Heil Monaka

Well, they both forgot about Kirigiri until the last second.

But according to AI Nanami, they all had the exact same impression of her and pretty much a Gestalt replica was not generated. So how?

Speaking of Chisa, did Class-77 even find out what happened to her?

>Ruruka died saddled with guilt and self-loathing over what she did to Yoi and Seiko to the point where the despair video made her fucking mutilate herself almost beyond the point of recognition
>Bandai did LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG and died scared and confused
>Gozu died stabbing himself in the eyes to rid himself of despair after promising to protect the hope that Naegi represented

Honestly, the FF got it pretty fucking rough.

I find it really fucking weird that Hiyoko is even thanking her cosidering Mikan just fucking killed her prior to this.
If anything this should just set them back to the fucking neutral.

I feel bad for Munakata, so I bought the Keychains where all three of them are featured. I put all three of them together on my car keys so they can get their happy ending.

Yeah that's pretty fucking convenient, isn't it?

She's the most character in the series, who gives a shit about her dead? She's eternal

Don't fucking reply to me delusional sayakafag


>Those body mutilations
At least they have something to remind themselves of when they're RoD. Like Komaeda's prosthetic hand, Mafiababy with his lost eye.



Play AA2.

>Ruruka died saddled with guilt and self-loathing over what she did to Yoi and Seiko to the point where the despair video made her fucking mutilate herself almost beyond the point of recognition
And then everyone forgot all about her.

Nup, they don't even mention her at all. She got shafted like Chiaki.

Do you know where can i download the DR mods?

>>Juzo died thinking that it was entirely his fault that the world went to shit and that he deserved to be hated and abandoned by Munakata
but in heaven he'll see that it wasn't his fault and that Munakata forgives him.

I still think he was cool but fuck him, if not for him Juzo and Seiko would still be alive

>returns, new and improved
>gets to talk with his ghost waifu while watching the sunrise on a boat with all his pals and the best track playing in the background

I could not have asked for a better end for my boy Hajime

the cutest. they deserved the ending they got.

Would you Ruru?

AI Nanami is eternal, real nanami had a gruesome death that i can't get of my mind.

That's nice to hear, user!

Parts of that doujin remind me of how disappointing it was not seeing Hinata reasserting he isn't Kamukura anymore.

I'm not even mad, im just impressed by your loyalty even in the face of loss.

It was so good, someone posted it earlier. One of the first posts was someone genuinely fucking angry kirigiri actually died right before the stream started.

Ruru deserved it.
Easily worst character.

Cap? Archive link?

I really don't know how to feel about this ending. Like yeah, I'm glad that Class 77 and Kirigiri are back and all, but it all feels so fucking underwhelming and anticlimactic after everything that happened. I suppose that's just the result of comparing the story of a 30+ hour game to a ~5 hour anime.

Make place for your new dictator

excuse me while I post the best Danganronpa amv

I like to imagine I have the funds and the skills to set Spike-Chunsoft's office on fire. I see myself just stabbing Kodaka's motionless corpse while the fire around engulfs us.

I don't even give a fuck if this post puts me on a list, I obviously don't have the means nor the intention to really pull this off. I'm just a mad man stricken with grief after his favorite chinese cartoon girlfriend got what probably could be considered to most hopeless, brutal, despair inducing fate in anime.

the one thing Tengan did right was getting her to kill herself

She was one of the more interesting members of the FF, imo. I thought for sure she was on her way to surviving with a redemption arc.

As long as she was useful to Junko, she's happy

Fucking Junko, man. And Monaca, for Miaya's part.

>tfw Chiaki had less characterization than the worst character in Danganronpa

Class 76 was the biggest waste. I wish they didn't get so much screentime just to get killed off. One of them should have survived.

I felt genuinly super depressed when the epilogue started playing and i realized she wasn't gonna show up. Then bam it gets you right when your down.

I will say though, immensely disappointed we didnt actually get to see naegi react in disbelief to her being alive. Like that could of been the most heartwarming shit.

He knows that Mitarai only knew him as Izuru. His goal was to talk Mitarai down so correcting him on his name wasn't nearly as important.

Did you already accept him as your new supreme leader?

Woah, slow down there Elliot Rodger. You should have known what you were getting into when they brought her back in the first place.



I mean worst as a person, not writing wise.


five bucks says he dies like a bitch, 4th case victim

Now that all is settle:


This shall be the ultimate poll to discover how is each girl now that the anime is over:


(novelfags and killerkillerfags are not welcome btw)

>Make 80% of cast new characters
>Kill all but one of them off


>Blacksmith got to fuck this

Most likely because there was a kissu, which Kodaka can't show unless he kills the characters immediately afterwards.

That's...gonna make for an awkward conversation

>Everyone: We should send a message to sensei!

>Mitarai:...yeeeah, about that...

Cue Class-77 going from eating meat on sticks to drowning their sorrows.

He's cool when he's fighting!

But yea, wasted potentials, man. Seiko and Juzo ;_;

Either Teruteru or Souda.

Goddamngrampa must pay for this.

Who ready for Kiibo here?

Actually 2 survived.

So hope won on an even playing field.

Now what for Izuru? Guys about to get real bored again on that island

I hope he's a legitimate bitch character. I don't want a cast where everyone gets along.

>Implying she didn't just give him disinterested handjobs once every couple months

Seiko easily one of the best characters.

They probably went to the beach together at one point.

Pick celes you fags, you know you wanna

>I don't want a cast where everyone gets along.

Half the cast of DR1 hated each other and people hate it.

Class 77 > Class 78

Oh i fucking wish there were a kiss scene, but nah i bet you they didnt actually become official till a little bit after DR3. Theres no way in hell they arent boning each other by the epilogue though.

If only she could be Hope's own bitch to counter Junko.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to more of a DR1-style "allies by circumstance" situation where everybody's more paranoid of eachother rather than DR2 where pretty much everybody got along until a motive popped up.

True that, Seikofriend.

Well the fanbase is shit and hates any character that isn't a goody two-shoes, so fuck them.


Well, her fate was sealed I agree. But did they really had to give her such a gruesome death? Couldn't they have gone with something goofy like always? I mean, jesus fuck user, did you see the way they killed her?

At most I'll just yell at Kirigiri fags on the internet, what else can I do?

>nagito meets naegi
>doesn't blow his load over naegi being the Ultimate Fucking Hope

I can easily see him setting up someone to murder someone else, so they both die and this faggot gets off scot free

Look, user.

Class 77 are million class murderers. They fucking committed genocide, brought misery and destruction to countless lives and fucking enjoyed every second of it.

I think they've reached a point in their lives where they've more or less learned to cope with themselves and forgive one another.

You don't get to bring hope's peak.



Kazuo "Pull the Trigger on Every Nigger" Tengan

Did you not see that passionate make out scene? Ruruka probably fucked his brains out. This girl was definitely freaky in bed. Did you not see her tongue technique?

At least he TOUCHED and HELD his hand. That's pretty fucking lewd for neetotachi like us.

It was pure shock value and you took it hook, line, and sinker. Like, of all things, the cliched "i don't want to die" thing as well? Really?

That's only because of the situation they were placed in. I guarantee if the roles were reversed, it would have basically the same result.

To be fair, he got carried away before he could start.

>How do I make sure Bandai dies within minutes of the killing game reveal
>Oh yeah Juzo's an autistic ape, I'll just give him a code of not seeing violence

Well no one else is. That video made pretty damn sure.

They have no one else but themselves. If they aren't gonna get along, then they really have no where else to go.

Rate my HOPE anons

His NG code might as well have been "breathing".

Ruruka's insecurity, self-loathing and INSANE trust issues probably translates to some amazing sex.

Throw a dynamite body into the mix and you're having a good time.

They're displaying Hopebot so prominently and centered everywhere that even I'm becoming convinced he's a main protagonist somehow.

>The Prison School is split into boys side and girls side like the funhouse in SDR2 Case 4
>during boy's side you play as Hopebot, girls' side as Kaede

post tier lists, I need a template

That fucking body. She was by far the hottest dangan yet.

But that was DR3, and look how many people ended up dying there.

Wait, so the DR2 class woke up from their comas and have their memories from the virtual world with their despair memories wiped? Or is this not the case? I don't understand.

Am I supposed to care what other people think? I'm just stating what I want. I'm not talking about which casts I LIKE, I'm talking about the story and atmosphere of the game. It's a murder mystery series, not a dating sim. A tense atmosphere and characters that are clearly hiding things are what I'm looking for.

>rules of nature
>it has to be this way
The songs are trying to tell us something.

>chiaki's death was a stepping stone to the greater hope of Kirigiri's survival

Seiko and Izayoi must've been real lucky


Honestly, his reaction felt like someone meeting somebody they'd looked up to for a really long time like a musician or pro sports player. It was cute.

>tfw you got accepted into Hopes Peak Academy because of affirmative action.

They have all of their memories. Including the despair ones.

how many theories were BTFO?

>the true culprit is in the ceiling
>there is another munakata
>wheelchair girl is chiaki
>plot twist is that this is an anime
>look at these throw fire extinguisher identically... same person

like these off the wall fan theories were any better


Pretty happy with this.

He's going to be more gung-ho about Hope than even Nagito was, and end up as the first victim

The rest of the game won't reference hope/despair once, and his antics will be put on the same tier as Teruteru's sex jokes

This was actually a really nice ending to a fairly terrible story
I'm not glad I started watching this, but I'm glad I stuck it out to the end

kek, I didn't notice how he froze up after touching makoto

Thanks to Izuru being SHSL Everything he woke them all up with all memories intact.

We've already seen Kaede talk to a few guys. Unless Kohacka is playing us again, i expect everything from this faggot.

>5 fingers and no thumb

He was about whip his dick out but Nidai had to carry him away
I'm sure that they'll meet again, hopefully in the OVA

To sexy for this world.

I want to rub my dick on her thighs jesus fuck


Doubt it, based off from that one screenshot i think he's the serious type.

>there is another munakata
But there was another Munakata.

>there is another munakata
But there was, he showed up right at the end. I wonder what happened to him?

That's the point. Although, DR3's game didn't have motives, trials, monokuma, announcements, or free time, so it's harder for me to see the comparison.

Hopeman is CUTE

>I wonder what happened to him
I don't know, but I hope he achieves happiness.

>when you wrap up the entirety of a 6 year old series with a 23 minute anime episode
I hope none of you actually likes this episode.

10/10 great taste fampai.

Why was the blood red in future and pink in despair?

Remember that since Mukuro wasn't in the theater, she went to heaven too.

Chisa is literally stuck in hell with Junko

>im going to fucking kill everyone so we can brainwash the remaining retards
>same thing could've been achieved just by telling mitarai to do his shit

what kind of a hack wrote this shit and thought it was good?

Did Munakata acquire a 「STAND」?


that's some great taste user

The main purpose of real Chiaki was to justify why Izuru decided to fuck around between hope/despair with the New World Program?

Future had a dark palette, so neon blood wouldn't match.

>Mikan that high
Soiled it.

>tfw even if he woke up from the coma he's gonna die early anyway due to his illness
I didn't signed up for this


I want to get stranded on Jabberwock island and meet Class 77.

Chiaki is actually alive and teleported away to save the world, because she was turned into the Ultimate being including Ultimate Schrödinger like Alucard

Just for the ketchup thing.

Come on hopebot, how are you ever going to be protagonist if you can't find that out?

>Alternate universe where Celes is a survivor
>Durign the final trial, she coolly tries to pretend as if she doesn't care about Junko's bullshit but begins to panic at the notion of the world being destroyed
>Naegi delivers a HOPE speech and something inside her changes
>She still remains an ice queen and insists she does everything for her own sake, but embraces HOPE and its role in accomplishing those dreams
>Escapes with the others and becomes a Branch Head of the FF, turning her Branch's headquarters into a medieval castle and making her subordinates dress like vampire butlers
>Still manages to get results and be successful despite her quirks
>Still acts like an ice queen and treats the other survivors coldly, but insists that they call her Taeko Yasuhiro and goes out of her way to assist/support them
>Arrives alongside Togami in DR3, allying her chuuni army with his

Yes, when looking at it objectively you're right. Her whole character was painstakingly handcrafted to create the ultimate waifubait for lonely virgins. Even her >死にたくない was telegraphed as fuck.

But I don't know man, I ate the whole thing, hook line and sinker and I would probably do it again and again, and again. Even if someone had spoiled me about her fate, I would probably feel the same. I'm that sad, lonely virgin Chiaki was made to pander to, and I can't help feeling like shit after this ending.

>Next to zero porn of her
That's true despair.

Keep it up my guys

Lucky indeed.

>Traveled to the moon
>Traveled to mars
>Will never ever travel to planet monica

Why even exist?



Reminder that Hell doesn't exist in Japan.

There is neither a Heaven nor a Hell in Shinto.

I'm so fucked up.

When she's not a slut she's actually pretty cute

Him and Nekomaru are dying as we speak. According to his doctors, Nekomaru shouldn't have more than 2 years left, and who knows when Nagito's luck decided to screw him over for the last time?

Side Hope gives me my goddess. I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE!

what happend to junko arms? and her eye? did mikan removed her uterus as well? did they reassemble junko or something?

Do you think he will ever wash his robotic hand again now that it has touched Naegi's?
Do you think he instantaneously ripped off his Junko arm once he woke up?

Komaeda can't die user, he has super jesus, the ultimate nurse and his retarded luck on his side.

Why is Mukuro in Heaven? Did God read Danganronpa IF and counts redemption in alternate universes?

Now that the dust had settled, can we all agree that Rurugirls had a god tier body and was one of the most fuckable dangans?

>Too pure for this shitty anime

Happy end!
[Spoiler]How is it now?[/spoiler]

>Thinking Komaeda will die due to bad genetics

He'll probably outlive the entire cast and have a cameo in V3

Gonna update my list after this Hope Arc.
But might wait until DRV3 comes out maybe

Red Herring

He probably used it one last time before he removed his Junkoarm.

Anyone else slightly disappointed he didn't become the final boss as Liquid Junko?

Still pretty bad.

>When she's not a slut

so never?

>(bad ends for us)
Speak for yourself. I was happy to see my girl Junko having fun in the afterlife.


ow I'm imagining Ruruka passionately riding Yoi's dick and locking fingers with him while she rains kisses down on him and keeps demanding that he tells her he loves her and that he never betrays her.

How could the DR3 Characters get shafted so hard?

>the only way to save him is to completely turn him into metal
>komaeda is kiibo

Wait, so Mikan was the 16th person?

Almost there. I'm really feeling it though

>sonia will never look at you the way she looks at kazuichi
And by that I mean like a piece of meat

>that smile

did.... did they fuck?

Did anyone notice that he cut his hair too?

No, I did not. Not at all. The only thing I wanted - literally, the only thing I wanted - didn't happen at all.

think about...
Usain Bolt as Ultimate tracker

You are right, Mikan is never cute.


but seriously fuck, why does DR2 majority get the happy end

I want Ibuki to be my druidess!

Is Mikan still in the top?

That's interesting to think about, i imagine he did remove the arm and freaked out hard, luckily Hinata and co were there for him.

Once he woke up he probaby still distrusted his classmates because he knew they were despairs, so i can't imagine how hard it was to give Nagito proper therapy


pretty good except for Mikan

The school is still boarded up. Who could be waiting for them. That was the beginning of roleplay. They fucked right then.

I wonder how Kirigiri is in bed, she probably rides Naegi cowgirl-style while he just sits there and blushes.

>Raging hard on
>In the mood to fap to some dangan sluts
>Literally no new material has been released in forever

I can't keep fapping to the same doujins, this ISN'T FUCKING FAIR.

>ibukifags were on suicide watch until HOPE arc
The anime was a mistake.

I wonder how people would have reacted if Bandai miraculously survived instead of Kirigiri.

You mean Mont Blanc.

They're going to...

Hypothetically speaking, would Nagito be down to fuck you if you somehow arrived at the island with tremendous luck?

No she didn't. Why do you people seriously believe the drivel Kodaka feeds you? AI Chiaki is not the same character.

I'm gonna be delusional and refuse that he's actually dying. As says, he has hajizuru shsl everything and maybe he cured his illness. He's also getting his own ova, he can't die yet r-right?
he's also too cute to die

This made me fall for Sonia-san.

A fluid druid?

You know who.


>Ruruka that low
Doing a good job user

nothing Hajimeme can't fix.

I've come to the conclusion that she's either an emotionally unavailable dead fish, a complete blushing sub or a motherly light dom.

She looks sad under that smile.

Me too. I couldn't even care a shit about her until that face. She's truly a fucking princess isn't she


They could always bring back chiaki as bait in future sequels for easy money

>He did good. I think I'm gonna peg him with the ten-incher tonight

user, that hasn't saved anyone before and you know it.

She's gonna get a novel just like kirigiri mark my words

I could see her as a cameo character in some Computer AI in V3 or something

Frontotemporal dementia doesn't really work that way. but won't be too surprised if he does live. it is danganronpa

>Not falling for Sonia in DR2

She seemed to be having a pretty great time in the theatre. AI Junko was a different person, though, just like AI Chiaki, so that defeat probably didn't bother IRLC Junko who got her despair even in death.

Basically Junko never got any fucking comeuppance at all.

Why is this guy so based?

Nothing wrong. about 7/10

This guy gets it

You have no room to talk if you have Akane in your top 10

>all the deaths in dr2 were pointless

She knows her prince Hajime only has Chiaki in mind now. Which is sad.

He's Hajime.

I can't help it anons, i liked her timid and submisive personality, she's one of the hottest dangan ronpas and i just cannot argue with my boner.

Being the Ultimate Waifubait, you think they're not gonna abuse that?

I thought anime confirmed he had cancer

Embrace the despair, user. Let it be the key that frees you from the prison of hope that Danganronpa has kept you trapped in. I can safely say I feel a little bit better now that I've done it - it's given me access to hope I hadn't been able to see previously.

I'm not looking back at V3 and I highly suggest you do the same. You will definitely benefit from this. There are other girls just like her who also suffer tragic deaths that have more meaning put into them, that don't just senselessly trample over a message set by the previous game (create your own future when you're doomed to die in misery unless a miracle happens? good luck with that) and also treat them with dignity instead of a gore-buster ending, followed up by repeated mocking in the finale.

>hey mitarai, make a hope video and broadcast it to the world
>okay, well, I'm just going to kill our top leadership and myself in a convoluted scheme that was probably years in the making and utilize our enemy's most horrible weapon against our own people to drive them insane
>I also knew that there was a traitor in our midst and deliberately strung them along in our foundation despite her being a gigantic security risk and potentially compromising our second in command. But she's going to die in my convoluted scheme several years after I find this out, so who the fuck cares
>also, that guy that is currently taking care of your former classmates and represents their only hope of reversing their brainwashing? he's collateral damage, along with his dumb waifu and that brown slut

>well, since you put it that way, okay


The Hajimemes

You know, they're going to spend their whole lives on that Island. Sonia might cave and let Soda at least get to first base.

>Original Anime Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World (Blu-ray) – Nagito Komaeda, who experienced death in the program. What kind of world did he see? How did he wake up? An original, single episode story that continues from the Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy anime.

so this is be before kibou-hen?

He's literally a meme.

So when's the Nagito ova supposed to come out?

Maybe he acquired some of Naegi's luck when he touched his hand and that cured his dementia

He has both

I might be in the minority but I really hated his self loathing "wahh why am I a normie" reserve course personality before becoming Izuru

It's bundled with V3, so January 12th

>implying I care about Pepsi

Don't do this to me, user

post your faces when the hope episode was actually Mitarai's hopewashing and a fake ending

just realized
bottom left is fuyuhiko
that's why his eye's gone in hope arc

Mikan will most likely definitely keep her spot there.
Love her too much

Hmm I wonder

She could act as proxy for chiaki for sex,hajime could easily imagine chiaki while fucking sonia

It's alright Chiakifag, your waifu will come back in the Hope a-

Mikan and Izuru are with him and they probably have all of Seiko's pharmaceutical research, so yeah considered him good as healed

Shes gone m8. We just need to accept it.

What expression is that supposed to be, confident approval?

So basically komaeda going through theraphy, the episode. I can't wait.

>Have an entire foundation set up
>It's not perfect but hey what is
>Decide to risk throwing it all away to have some faggot broadcast a brainwashing video
>The same faggot who shut it off after sternly being told "Stop"

Tengan my man. What the fuck.

It's too bad because I actually really liked him at first. An older man actually being a part of the cast was interesting. I guess old people have to be evil though.

Dead fish sex is great

A ball-gripping, prostate-fingering mistress of male-milking is fine too

Naegi will be the Jin of V3. Mark my words.

who is the bottom pic? izuru doesn't seem the type to just go fuck things because nothing interest him in the slightest. so who is it?

Imagine the last second of the finale zooming out, revealing Naegi lying on the floor alone with the brainwashed eyes.

BEST GIRL POLL (dont forget to shill this)


So Ruruka would do anything in bed?

>not his persona
One fucking job kodaka

>Hajime and Sonia have sex
>They both shout Chiaki's name when cumming.
I never know I wanted this.

Oh fug.

is any of the previous cast going to have children?

Master Chief = Hajime
Cortana = AI Chiaki


So where was this supposed to fit in again?

Where's that tetris meme

A girl like Ruruka would give a bomb-ass blowjob that'd make you cum your own spirit entirely because she thinks you'll leave/betry her if she doesn't make it worth your while.

Oh no, don't worry, I'm already well at that point. I'm just letting myself fade away from these threads slowly but surely.

>4th case victim
>anyone but Gonta

The dumpster

It wasn't, kodaka just wanted you to read it because the manga wasn't popular enough and needed to increase the sales rates

>That venom Komaeda
>That Gundham
>That impostor munakata
loved every second


Will his execution involve being gased to death?

Too lazy to edit the rest in there. I spent an autistic amount of time on that list generator and I made my decisions based off of
>are they a better character than the other one
>do I know them better
>would I creampie them
But none at the same time.

He isn't that stupid nor naive. Besides, he has Kirigiri by his side to prevent him from committing that kind of mistakes.

Confirmed one made by Sonia and Hajime.

I'm sure you're too stupid and meme-obsessed to get this, but I was already referring to Hope Arc when I said 'finale'. What a joke of an episode.

Are Chiakifags on suicide watch again?

>Mirai-hen will never be a simulation or anime
>promising youths blossoming with passion and potential were cut down arbitrarily to coerce a guy who didn't go through what the whole scheme was created to make him do


Probably somewhere in 2.5 if later chapters don't start referencing Future or Hope events.

stupid hat

It was so fucking bad. Before the Hope episode I would have accepted Future as mediocre and Despair as bad, but the conclusion was just so forced and half-assed it left a bad taste in my mouth. Kodaka is a hack. So much wasted potential it's mind-boggling. I would have even preferred Junko reviving via bullshit Despair magic than what we got.

>sonia and hajime

i don't think the people can take the NTR

fuck off

Yeah, this, pretty much. I was fine with AI Chiaki's death. It really sucked but she had a nice senoff. Real Chiaki, on the other hand, got no such luxury. Not even in the finale to Hope.

I am truly so very tired.

Soon I will be at rest.

herro guize, prease buy Danganronpa v3-2

But they are meant to be together. It's not NTR.

Just shut up already.

They always were.

>Sonia and Hajime.
Sonia and Soda*

>poison effects were slowed
>a quarter of kirigiri's face was fucked from it
>comes out unscathed after Mikan and Seiko's miracle magic

>theres chiaki in it coz lolhackweneedmoneypls

Go fuck yourself

>Kirigiri came back and Munakata doesn't even get Juzo, let alone his waifu
>Betrayed by his boss
>Probably not a single person left he considers a friend

It's not fucking fair.

I didn't even like Munakata that much as a character, but he didn't deserve that shit while le hope crew gets to be happy.



was the significance of the army of monokumas under some cliff/island at the beginning of future?

>I want to steal her hat and fuck and prison style.

Maybe after I put you through an ironic execution.

Sonia repeats over and over how much she doesn't like Souda at all. It's time to move on.

>implying Pepsi's sperms can penetrate Sonia's eggs.

Now now Chiakifags, no need to be rude. Not my fault Kodaka pulled a JUST on your waifu.

Hell Munakata was barely involved in this episode. He basically got five seconds of "you're the hero now whatever fuck this I'm out".

What scene from the chapter you loved besides the RoD appearing to save the day?

I personally liked the part when Togami said he gave Naegi half their troops to help him reach Mitarai and then you see him running in the frontline with those mentioned troops, hopelet has certainly grow up a lot and he no longer looks like a beta in my eyes.

While I find Chiakifags annoying, I do admit it's a little disappointing that Junko taunted her about "No Miracles" and she was 100% correct. No miracles happened. She died a horrible death.

I'd want Chiaki to survive just to shit on Junko a little more. I really thought Future would be all about putting Junko/Despair in the ground for good, but really it was all about and Old Senile Madman and a Spineless Animator Faggot.

Megumi Toyoguchi (Junko) (age 38) revealed she's pregnant, and has been married since a few years ago.


I love Juzo

desu, the fact that he has no one else to turn to is his fucking fault for going full autism on hope

Ever since despair episode 10

>All that candy she must eat

Her jaw muscles must be powerful



junko has been married for a few years and is currently pregnant

Hajime + Sonia = Pianist
Hajime + Mikan = School Teacher
Hajime + Souda = Robot
Hajime + Nagito = ???

We've come a long way.

Not buying it until confirmation of magician girl living and brown meme girl dying.

>chiaki fans this aggressive
I'm glad that fatty died twice.

Someday we'll be fine user, we'll be able to overcome this despair and shine in the name of hope...

what a slut

>Hajime + Nagito = ???
you know the answer

Fatass imposter is the only redeeming class 77 member with Mahiru following close behind

Yeah they're pretty cute. They can have their happy ending in my eyes.

Junko ruined Chisa and basically sent her to hell. Chiaki got killed cause of Chisa and Junko, and Miaya got no screentime and existed so Monaca could exist.

Pretty horseshit.

He literally killed his best friend with a sword. He deserves to spend the rest of his life being a wanderer. He can reunite with his waifu and husbando in the afterlife after repenting.

>V3 won't happen if someone cut Hajime's dick.

For what?

He was a bro going into DR3 and he's an even bigger bro coming out of it

I wish I could hug him and bury my head in his soft, warm belly while he protectively and comfortingly wraps his arms around me.

I hate how this is like coming out of the closet for nips. Way worse actually.

VA confirmed used goods like Junko

But she acknowledged him, they probably bonded on the island while waiting for everyone to wake up

Holy shit, Nidai's dick is HUGE.

My bad. Pulled out a bit late that night

>sonia and gundham*

soda never had a chance

It begins.

She's probably really kinky too. She'll suck on a lollipop just to turn you on and stroke your cock while nobody is looking. She'll put a gobstopper in her mouth just to use it as a bead to message your dick. She'll go full femdom.

I love him so much that I want to marry him. Honestly, he was one of the few characters that got development and I loved every second of it

DR things to be looking forward to now.
- The CD dramas that comes with the BDs
- Kirigiri VN (Bds)
-40 min director’s cut scenes
-Hopeman OVA
Something else?


Nips are fucked up and they're gonna go extinct because they literally won't have sex with each other like pandas.

Why did he decide to go back to impersonating Togami.

Knowing this hack, he's gonna find a way to force in the old cast somehow and Junko will yet again be the mastermind at the end. And they'll also find a way to give Chiaki a body so every single disgusting waifufag will be happy.

>dying in front of the Ultimate Plot Device
>doesn't get saved

>death by poison with no relevant talents near her to save her
>just kidding, she just happened to have some Cure W

Sasuga, Kodaka

Nothing to apologize for, one of the best characters ever since DR2

>Hajime + Souda = Robot

Carnival Phantasm like series

I'm kidding, but I wish

It's his guise as RoD, now that they declare that they are RoD again, better get the disguise that fits.

Because the Imposter wants nothing more than for his existence to be recognised and Togami had, in his own words, "the most absolute existence he had ever seen"

Fuck you, Junko is pure.

I was gonna make a comment about how they're being so calm about having a ticking timebomb of insanity like hopeman with them, but then I remembered Naegi is friends with a literal serial killer.


>"I have memory functions, you know. I’ll deal with your discrimination later."
Is he gonna be a snarky, easily annoyed robot?

I have mixed feelings about Monokuma's screen time. He didn't do anything at all really, but the new VA isn't as good. The bastard has his charms though, and I think they should've found a way to implement him better. Some sort of banter would of been fun.

But Syo is easier to control than Komaeda.

>used goods

false. her hole is still pure, her uterus is outside her body and no longer hers.

You know she may not be dead. After all, she may have return to death which is why we never saw her ghost at the end of Kibou.

>>It's not fucking fair
why u defend munakata? You are literally dumb. He killed his husbando and his waifu is RoD and willingly killed herself.


Junko is a whore just like her VA.

Does she have cds I can smash?

Smelly siscon, please stop assaulting Hope Manlet

For what? I always thought he was based.

Hajime + Chiaki = Never

The anime did her no justice. She jobbed so fucking hard

And she was so cool in zero and gaiden

Because hopeman is not a crazy despair filled hope addict, he's just a crazy hope addict now, he honestly seems relatively harmless probably due to therapy with Hajizuru

now that I think about it, it would been fun to see Data from Star Trek participate in one of these killing games

Kaede is just robophobic.

Just go smash anything Black Lagoon related.

I always liked him back in SDR2. Even though he died early he's better than 90% of the cast.

Men are no longer making as much money as they used to make and even just getting a job is no longer guaranteed. Women have higher standards than they've ever had before.

It's no wonder they're not getting married and having kids when your life is stressful as fuck. 2D is the superior option.

class 77 becoming wandering pirates with their ship like one piece while souda upgrades their ship.gundham as a navigator,teruteru providing food

Twogami > Togami

I-I'm not crying


I can't imagine Junko ever having sex. Human beings are largely just insects to be crushed beneath her heel or pawns to be manipulate and disposed of for her. I don't really see her ever willingly debasing herself by having sex with one of them.

And even if she did develop feelings for someone else, she'd just have a sociopathic autistic shitfit and not know how to process them like with Matsuda.

You mean IF?

So, all these dead bodies in all the games and anime... How does Monokuma dispose of them?

You brought this on yourself user.

>Aoi never used her swimming talent


What was even point of the "it's underwater" twist if not for that? jesus christ Kodaka

Killer Killer's ending?


Let them rot obviously.

YES! You ever been with a girl like Ruruka?

>This amazing body went to waste
Fucking pissed

I want to marry impostor!!

replay the game.

Lockers or just leaves them as is

>new ship

he just put them in the morgue in DR1 \
DR2 they got deleted
DR3 monokuma didn't exist and the Director dude was dead so no one bothered

Anyone else feel like we didn't get to know the characters of DR3 at all?

At least in the games, you have some free events to know more about them, but in this anime there's no such thing. Just who the fuck was that black guy with Kuguryu's voice? Why was a masked wrestler in the Future Foundation? Why was Seiko so awkward? Kizakura seemed to have a really great backstory with Kirigiri's parents, but we didn't see that much. Why was Ruruka so fucking crazy? Why did Izayoi even stay with her? Just who the fuck was Gekkogahara's real personality?

It feels like they just threw random shit because "whatever, we'll kill them all, make it crazy!".

More like a threesome.

>Junko AI had a breakdown

Looking back I think Ai Junko would never become the avatar of despair, she sounded just tired of the despair bullshit at the end.

She was given the mission to bring despair, and because of her nature as a AI she had to follow, but I dont think she had the same talent as Junko, which means the world was not boring to her, and she could come to actually love the real world if only she was free of the despair legacy.

>a quarter of kirigiri's face was fucked from it
>comes out unscathed after Mikan and Seiko's miracle magic

To be fair, her face still being kinda fucked up is probably part of the reason we don't see more than her feet at first, and with the level of bullshit technology they clearly have in that world, it's not too much of a stretch to think that what damage that was done by the poison could have been fixed during the timeskip.

terrible ship. anime-kun doesn't deserve her

All it takes is someone complaining about the soda they got from the convenience store being too warm, to cause him to go and blow it up to give them hope.

Did Tengan's plan also involve killing Miaya and setting up Monaca as the Gekkobot?

What the shit.

>chiakis body never buried

The swimming talent was just kinda Kohacku's way of justifying how she's able to run around with Naegi on her back and not really break a sweat.

She's a swimmer therefore she must be able to be good at fighting and must be a super athlete essentially

Why do people love picking on Chiakifriends? We've suffered enough already. I'm even willing to fork over some shekels to Kodaka to rework Hope arc. It would of been great to see Junko watch in despair that she got the last laughs!

Ruruka's the kind of girl who'd switch roles depending on how she feels.

When she's all insecure about the notion of you leaving her and feels like she needs to rock your world to keep you at her side, she's on top and it's all about giving you the bet sex of your life and doing kinky, experimental shit that no other girl could.

When she's on a secure swing and she feels vulnerable, she's a marshmallow sub who'll do anything you say so long as you promise to stay with her forever.

>was the significance of the army of monokumas under some cliff/island at the beginning of future?
i.... uh..... huh


This is why I hate anime so much, specially 13 episodes ones, there's literally nothing to show

I'm pretty sure that's the same ship they left the island on

You bettee make a post each time one of those is launched, i want to find out if naegi and kirigiri fuged and hold hands

>The character who was literally a blank slate turned out to be the most based man alive

How did that happen?

He's so fucking perfect, I don't want him to die.

Wait a minute, what illness?

I don't remember that being mentioned anywhere.

Now that it's all over, what the fuck was Ruruka's problem?

We didn't. I hope Kodaka doesn't just abandon them and we get some side-material with them. I for one would like some Class 74 side material complete with that Chisa did Post Zetsubou-hen and Pre-Mirai-hen

Um, excuse me, Mr Tengen?

Goddamn that Chiaki is doing it for me.

Play his FTE.

In my opinion, he will survive. He's an Ultimate Cyborg, so he has no weakness like Robo Nidai, he should be literally indestructible, and honestly if I were in a killing game I'd never even dream to kill him

Also, don't forget.

>all of 77th class got revived aside from nanami
>she died twice in the most brutal way
>kirigiri also came back

When you're born with little in the way of human kindness, you either mirror the cruelty of your surroundings or learn to appreciate and share every little bit of human kindness you do experience.

How do you feel about the fact that the Nurse killed Chiaki but Saved Kirigiri?

Memes aside why is Kodaka called a hack?

they were short-lived red herrings
they existed just to be suspects until they died

Better question: Who the fuck was piloting that helicopter that tried to kill AfroBro?

Both arcs and the final episode were random dumb shit. Questioning it is folly and will just make you angry.

that bitch Seiko wouldn't eat her candy

>mfw IbukixImpostor can actually happen now

Anime-kun deserves both

Who did the Monokuma voice for the DR3 killing game? Somebody had to record those messages, after all. Was it Chisa?

Equivalent Exchange.

Does not work on gay men in love.

We don't know, but it's freaking good imo

What was EVERYONE'S problem?

Seriously, just what the fuck was going on? 13 episodes and I don't understand shit about the characters.


fuck no. its either junko or that the new green haired girl prodigy

Look at the final twists of all the series he's made.

It's pretty obvious that she was insecure as fuck

I hate how everyone acts like he's gonna die.

He has the greatest luck in the world, and it was proven to not just be simulated in VR.

Even if there's a below 1% chance of him surviving, his ultimate bullshit will pull through.

Tengan, of course

Lots of ridiculous plot contrivances.

Where the fuck is Alter Ego

He saved two main game and now he's not even here

Yes, but why? There's no backstory to her at all.

Because you're easy targets. why does kodaka hate chiaki so?

Mikan was always shit, so nothing has changed.

He would've done that again by cancelling the Hope anime broadcast, but SHSL Everything showed up

If it was Monaca, that explains why she knew the entirety of what the deal was, NG Codes and all. The idea of Tengan approaching her and asking this little Despair girl to do some VA work for him is bizarre though

Did you watch DR3? 24 episodes of shitty writing.

You should be happy that your waifu stayed dead, frankly. Kirigiri's revival was insulting and really poorly done.

I know you're not supposed to take anything in DR seriously, but at least you used to be able to take death seriously (for characters that weren't Junko). Hell, it was the whole premise of the games. But in DR3 characters get fake deaths left and right. It's the worst kind of cheesy half-assed drama.

What happened to Monaca?

Some traumatic shit must have happened in her childhood to give her such severe trust/abandonment issues.

I'm talking "daddy's cummies" level shit.

because do you really want a shitty ass happy ending with no consequences? it ruins the whole thing

freezing floating corpse in space

Why were they suddenly allowed to say Gundam's name now?

He turned straight for a few second though.

Missed opportunity.

I loved the ending

>why is Kodaka called a hack?
Start with DR1, then play 2 and UDG, after that you can watch DR3. Now get out before you get spoiled.

The nurse wasn't herself for one and she was for the other.

>Monaca's corpse doesn't decompose

At least it's not "gentle" levels of bad. Right?

I want to know more about Gozu. I want to know what Wrestleman saw when he was killing himself.

were they not allowed before?

he also has really bad luck user

You think daddy betrayed Ruruka chan?

not bad considered she is 18

>because do you really want a shitty ass happy ending with no consequences?
but isn't that what happened?

DR1 had a shit final twist and the victims were better characters than the survivors.
DR2 ended on a literal "it was all a simulation" twist followed by the cast getting hijacked by DR1's cast.
DR3 has so much dumb shit I don't even know where to begin. I just can't.

I can totally see Kotoko growing up to be just like Ruruka.

Maybe she did get gentled.

can i learn japanese starting from zero by january 12

How bad you must be at sex to traumatize a loli like that.

She became Cars.

Is that pic from Lost?
I can easily recognize that horrible special effect

Massive insecurity issues.

She was scouted as the greatest sweets maker in the whole world and still felt the need to ask her friend to drug them up to ensure her victory in a winning competition.

Sabotages her friendship with Seiko because Seiko won't eat her sweets, which she feels is a lack of trust on her part, despite Seiko being unable to consume regular food because of her sickly constitution.

Fucking KILLS HER BOYFRIEND to make sure she won't be betrayed despite having no evidence that he's the attacker.

Girl has issues, yo.


It seems her panties are wet.

You don't get like that unless someone you truly, deeply trusted fucks you over in a major way.

We might have another "gentle" on our hands.

Whats the deal with Monaca?

Is she really just chilling in space now, thats it?

When I look at it, Monokuma is one fuckign aesthetic design. The hope side is pleasing to look at, the despair side is pleasing to look at, I end up staring at that gif for like 20 seconds just mesmerized.

never go full retard

Well, you know it's COMPLEX






I don't think I can ever live with the fact that she's just a ghost in the machine now. She deserves a happy ending too.

Truly a fate millions of times worse than death.

That was EXACTLY what happened. It's ridiculous how easy the final conflict was to resolve.

>tfw Ruruka is so attached to Izayoi because he protected her from her father being "gentle".

>in the end Weedman was literally just there for fanservice/comedic relief
>16th participant never explained
>Hope Arc was disgustingly cheesy and a fucking horrible ending to the Hope's Peak story
>77th class resurrected with no negative repercussions
>Hinata was the only person that changed after the events of SDR2
>Kirigiri fucking asspulled back to life by a random comment in the last 2 minutes of the episode
>Naegi and Hinata don't say a fucking word to each other
>Komaeda doesn't have any catharsis with Naegi, both being SHSL Lucky Students
>Monaca is up in space, either sidelined permanently or set up to become the obvious V3 mastermind
This anime made me realize just how horribly written this entire series really is.

I'm starting another thread now that we got 500 and to get some aspie hate

One thing I don't get about the ending is why is it so happy.

The whole world is in the exact same state as ever. NOTHING has changed. They were back to the same place they were back in DR2, with the Remnants not being a threat, Junko dead and Naegi doing stuff. Why the fuck is everyone so happy? Did the whole world just stop killing itself for no reason whatsoever?

In fact, it should be even more of a fucked up place now that the FF has about 9 members less.

What are they gonna do when they're forced to watch their Kyosuke get married and father a some swordlets to repopulate earth?

What the fuck was the point of this character?

You can argue he needed to die to show the characters the forbidden actions were real, but why didn't he appear ever again in other anime?

We know literally nothing about him, even bullman got more attention.

The fact they actually went to the trouble to design a character that would only be on screen for a good 10 minutes blows my mind.

At least Kotoko knows she can rely on Toko-neechan and Komaru-neechan to help her when she needs it. She also has a better relationship with the other WoH than Ruruka had with Seiko.

I think it's an issue of quantity rather than quality.

Just don't consider DR3 canon and the 3 games are masterpieces

Somebody edit this with Kodaka's face and send it to him.

real final conflict was munakata v. naegi
everything else was fluff

The end felt kinda asspulled, but everybody is alive, I'm happy and I will miss those threads.
Thanks Cred Forumsnons, the anime wasnt really great but you all made it worth of watching it.

Chisa and Juzo will vomit in the theatre.

Fuck off retard.

Honestly, Ruruka's one of the things that pisses me off the most about DR3. It feels like they got right to the point of making her a truly complex and interesting character and then just said fuck it, killed her off and went home.

I don't. It's being weighing me down heavy and I think it's gotten worse now that I know that she was shafted out of a happy ending.

welcome to Danganronpa my friend. now get out before you're spoiled

Have a Great and Good Gozu.

>they never did anything with Komaru's ghost powers showing up near the end of UDG
>junko didn't come back and posses Cumaru and inflict ultimate despair on Naegi using his sister's body
>it was just some old guy with complex motives
Man, talk about an asspull they didn't capitalize on.

My headcanon is that in Side: Despair when Kamakura saw her and cried, he _did_ manage to save her "life", but only as a digital being/machine support. Similar to Mechamaru I guess? Except real because he's super talent or whatever.

So the Chiaki AI in the game was just a computerized version of the same conscious as Alive!Chiaki, who, after Hajime went super edge and left the simulation, got "transfered" into him and is now a living part of him.

So through some weird meme tulpa shit, she still exists and its the same Chiaki, but only to Hajime.

they probably forgot about that
or it might have been someone who thought he was behind the killing game, after all he was the only one outside

Maybe Tengan asked the computer girl to provide the voice work and tech stuff, not realizing he was feeding his plan to Monaca?

I really really really hope that V3 is the reset it claims to be and it's not just a ruse. DR3 ruined the plot, it can't be salvaged.

Well, how else do you think Gekkobot had a tablet with information about all the participants and their NG codes inside her? How do you think Monokuma was able to interact with Gekkobot's computer when everything else with him was prerecorded? Who do you think killed all of those guards by twisting their heads around like Miaya's was and stashed the bodies in the ladies' restroom? Who do you think moved everybody after they were knocked out by the gas?

But no one outside the building knew about the killing game.

Asking questions about DR3 will just lead you to despair. Let it go and move on.

So basically Side Future sucked balls? No shit given how the anime screwed itself from Episode 2 of Future Side onwards for the most part.

Glad I thought that Side Despair was better. The ending of Side Despair was much better than Side Future.

>everybody is alive

Except all the good characters, and IRL Chiaki.

> the 3 games are masterpieces
I wouldn't go that far.

Chiaki is literally Jesus of danganronpa. I don't think she died for nothing.

it's set in the future, same universe
I'm kinda bummed

Dude! Black guy with girly voice! LMAO!

Or something like that. He was there just to die, really. Prove that Forbidden Actions were a thing.

There's the issue, though. It is canon.

In retrospect, almost all of the characters (with the exception of Hinata, Komaeda, and Monaca) are actually horribly written. They are essentially just caricatures that have traits that relate to a comedy gimmick or a plot device. Take Sonia, Souda, and Gundam for example. The dynamic between the three characters is literally all the depth there is to the characters. That's fucking it. Even Naegi is terribly written.

What about:
the second game is a masterpiece
the other two are fine

>junko didn't come back and posses Cumaru and inflict ultimate despair on Naegi using his sister's body
That sounds pretty damn hot, doujins when?

Literally every character in DR has a reason to exist, and a character beyond what is shown in the games with FTEs, the new anime, and novels.

Bandai literally was created just to die, even the first victims in the games had some importance after their death.

He just dies, and is never referenced again.

not him, but I'd say 2 is a masterpiece
1 is good
everything else related to the series is bad

There's no hope

>Class 77 not good
>Is able to use the internet

The characters are all adults in Future, they are still kids in Despair.

You can however play their FTE and discover something on them.
We know that Sonia loves cute animals and has strange interests, and these are shown frequently in the game for example

Never because that idea is pretty far off field at this point.

Side Despair was great, until they pulled the massive brainwashing on the 77th class.

I was told Junko got them Despair one by one, and I got that shit? Not to mention it was a prequel about them, but we barely got to see them doing something. The show was mostly about Chisa, Junko and Izuru, in the end.

Even after a whole season, we know as much about their school year as we know about the 78th class'. Also, Fuyuhiko's sister died and it was completely irrelevant.

It was helluva ride, my dudes. Thank you all for being here all this time.

Time constraints killed him, sadly
it's one of the reasons a SDR2 anime likely would've been shitty

Voice changer, like in DR1.

He was diagnosed with super-cancer or something right before he was admitted to Hope's Peak. Doctors gave him about six months to live.

It's been probably about three or four years now since that, he'll be okay.

Samefag, don't know why it sent this post without the other part.
What I mean is: DR3 characters suck, if we had FTE it would be much better

how is the second game a masterpiece?

plot twist was obvious from the very start
doesn't have that enclosed shut in from the outside feel
repeat mastermind

it was good but masterpiece? uhh...

More like Side Despair was promising until Junko showed up and Side Future was always just a wild ride of memes, edginess and laughs that ended in pure, uncut fanservice.

I'm so glad this shit series is over. Surely V3 will be good with a clean slate right?

Maybe, but FTEs still contribute only a superficial amount of detail to the characters, with a couple exceptions.

>Cure W theory was real

What a hack.

Chihiro's father was an adult on DR:AE and he got pink blood during his death

Maybe if you saw spoilers. You could probably see something was off around chap 3 at best.

It'll just fall into the same traps of bad writing.

Why does she look so sad compared to everyone else?

>Side Despair was great, until they pulled the massive brainwashing on the 77th class.

But Naegi said that that the people were brainwashed by Junko Enoshima in the DR2 final trail. Not manipulated, brainwashed

>I was told Junko got them Despair one by one, and I got that shit? Not to mention it was a prequel about them, but we barely got to see them doing something. The show was mostly about Chisa, Junko and Izuru, in the end.

This anime clearly needed 24 episodes, not the 11 we got. That would not have glossed over them so badly if that were the case.

>Also, Fuyuhiko's sister died and it was completely irrelevant

Again, 24 episodes would have fleshed this out more than the 11 we got.

Pic related is the exact moment Despair Side went downhill.

It went from the promise of getting more backstory for Class 77 and watching them individually fall into Despair to THE JUNKO ENOSHIM SHOW featuring Class 77

Too bad it took us 24 episodes to actually get him

Because she -literally- didn't do anything, while everyone else was saving the world.

Saionji also did nothing.

it's got really good trials
the island was comfy, a nice contrast to the school from dr1
more good characters than 1
learned from 1's mistakes

I'd put it up there with VLR, AA1, Layton 3, and Ghost Trick.


There were some giveaways.
>video game themed music
>pixel artifacts in Hinata's vision as soon as he wakes up
>highly fantastical elements such as an escalator extending from a distant mountain carved into Monokumas and the presence of Monobeasts

how many evanescence amvs sprung up from this episode?

So him waking up before all the others confirmed?

>Implyng that the VR was the biggest plot twist in DR2

>plot twist was obvious from the very start
This is a meme, you can't discover it just with a fucking cow
>doesn't have that enclosed shut in from the outside feel
Well I must agree here, even though it's repeatedly shown that they cannot escape and are really trapped there. But that's not the main focus of the games.
>repeat mastermind
Derp, well okay.

What did the W stand for?

I agree with you but forget it. Some people here are so dense that they actually thought the NWP was a twist.

Cure Waifu

>repeat mastermind
Izuru was the mastermind.

It was obvious that they were in a simulation with how fantastical it was. That's not the twist though.


I still don't know how did she make a new drug. Was it before or after chasing candybitch for 3 episodes before killing herself?

The more I think about that ending, the more my head hurts.

If we go by Japan's typical naming, "Daburu" (double), like in Kamen Raider and Nyaruko.

I personally was half-fake spoiled on DR2. I knew it was a simulation from the start, but I was told that the characters were all avatars being controlled by comatose characters from the first game. In retrospect, that's fucking retarded, but I was looking for a reason to believe that the characters I liked weren't actually dead.

>It was obvious that they were in a simulation with how fantastical it was.
Not really considering how DR1 had the butter,Ishimaru SSJ and Alter ego.

>mfw when you think mechs and giant monokuma mountain is a dead giveaway but then the next game that comes out has mechs and a giant monokuma robot that's beaten with a megaphone and a taser

I actually thought 1 was a sim and was disappointed when it wasn't

>tfw DR2 it's one of the few games I played spoilered-free
Feels good man. Good thing I suddently decided to play the second game without looking around

And then DR3 made that all irrelevant by being even more ridiculous in the "real world".

>a giant monokuma robot that's beaten with a megaphone and a taser with the power of friendship

>Advertise Zetubou-hen as being an anime about Class 77 and how they fell into despair
>A few episodes in, it becomes about Junko Enoshima and Class 77 basically become supporting characters with one line an episode each if they're lucky

What the hell is with that gif.

It DID start with a computer screen loading important shit, but you forget that pretty fast and pass it off as the game being Danganronpa

DR was ridiculous since DR1.
Did you guys really forget about and a model literally destroy the world.

>Plot twist was obvious.
Nah, it was about chapter 2 end where it got more obvious. Especially since the Despair disease kicked in

>doesn't have that enclosed shut in from the outside feel

That was kind of the point. Trying to get the LOST vibe without the unanswered questions bullshit.

>repeat mastermind
Technically 2 masterminds (Junko and Izuru), but that was about the time where I was saying "Okay, now don't do this again a 3rd time". Instead we got dumb ass Old Man trying to make Ryota heel turn "Pants-On-The-Head-Retarded" Lelouch style.

It is good,but definitely not a masterpiece. It's a masterpiece compared to the shit that was Future Side though. JESUS, this needed to be a game's length in order to be much better.

I got spoiled a little by AI Chiaki "your waifu isn't even real in her own universe" Gundham "Did nothing wrong" memes

Cure Whites. It's why it didn't help Bandai. He wasn't white enough.

my only spoiler was that Komaeda was an utter madman and that was vague enough that I didn't really see just how mad he was going to get coming

>mfw I genuinely thought Togami had just gotten really fat somehow and was taking charge because he had already been in a killing game and wasn't going to go through that bullshit again

fair point.

they should of made monokuma mountain a real thing though. so many things were fantastical and stupid (shitting so hard it destroys concrete) that it would be very fitting that something like a "ultimate vandal" or "graffiti artists" does something absurd and huge for the sake of despair.

Doesn't it stand for Wonder?

>Hajime gets to live with god powers with every talent stored in his mind while retaining his original personality

I think this is the most bullshit out of everything. Literal gary stu.

>mfw I genuinely thought Togami had just gotten really fat somehow and was taking charge because he had already been in a killing game and wasn't going to go through that bullshit again
Exactly my toughts.
Also, I tought Nagito was Naegi when he gave them the password, 11037

i fucking hate the simulation part of the game. it literally ruins all deaths.

>they're dead :(
>oh wait they're not technically dead just the mind
>junko affirms that they can't be revive with more sciency shit
>well okay, but its still all fake though.

all it does it gives you dumb feeling that everyone is going to be A-OK at the end. and guess what? they literally just did that with this fucking episode. so fucking dumb.

He's wearing a cup

And everyone in the world hates him as a result, that seems fair.

Monaca probably just saw my sides shooting through space.

> Hated by the entire world
> Waifu killed twice
> Gary stu

But his reason to die died before he even knew he cared. At least Naegi got a right kick up the rear about Kyoko thanks to her very near death.

What good is all the powers in the world if your waifu is dead?

move the fuck on like everyone else in the ending? he'll find a new waifu.

Fuck you, Metal Slime

>He didn't become the Super High School Necromancer
What a joke.

1. The world hates the Hajime and the 77th Class. They threw themselves under the bus.

2. His powers didn't exactly bring back the dead (Chiaki bland edition and Superior AI are still gone).

3. I don't think he has the same kind of access that Izuru Kamakura does. His eyes are mismatched showing he only has half the power of Izuru Kamakura.

>new waifu

Love doesn't play nice like that. Just ask Naegi between halfway through the episode and when Kyoko showed back up.

The world has gone to shit, the island doesn't seem that bad.
He can just plug in the NWP again and revisit AI Chiaki

But they can't make hope babies and never have family board game night!

Didn't a cow transform into a chicken during the goddamn prologue? I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be a massive secret.

Can someone post that picture of Mikan asking if you're fucking niggering her?


Can he? Because AI Chiaki won't be able to interact with him outside of the computer. They will be cut off forever since one is human and the other is just 1's and 0's

Has anyone ever brought up how the Ultimate Imposter could easily NTR anyone?

>tfw he's slamming Peko on the side and she doesn't even know

Gotcha covered

Imposter is probably the broest dude in the entire series. If he did something like that he'd be nice enough to play both sides.

That could easily have been an illusion. Magicians exist and can easily turn something into something else with misdirection.

Monomi was just an electronic magician. It wasn't until the Despair Disease stuff kicked in where the plot twist became more obvious.

thanks friend

Is V3 set in the same universe as the rest of the series, or is it suppose to be a new one?

Why was Monaca even fucking there

>Naegi and Kyoko will never invite over their family friends the SHSL Gamer and SHSL Everything and/or have playdates for their hopelets with each other.
This makes me sadder than it should.

New one.
Unless Kodhacka...

I think Peko would be perceptive enough to notice if her Young Master tripled in weight and grew a foot taller

red herring.

you have to put her in because so that the audience can eliminate her as a suspect when figuring out who was the mastermind

It's a new virtual reality.

Now that the ride is over, I think I can safely say that I'm not a DR fan. I bought the first game on impulse in 2014 and liked it a lot more than I expected to, but I feel like it works better as a standalone story than as an overarching series. I feel like each new entry has made the story worse and worse, and 3 was the final nail in the coffin.

I'll still probably play V3 because it's supposedly completely new, but I won't be surprised if that's just a ruse. I do like that it seems to have gone back to the atmosphere of the first game, which was the main thing that I liked about it.

Kohacka forgot that the 76th class's story wasn't enough filler so he threw in monaca

>Munakata just fucks off
>To do who knows what

same. in the future where the children of the protagonists is participating in the new killing game

Why wouldn't best girl be there?

To close her story arc. Too bad they didn't do the same for the rest of the Warriors of Hope.

Yeah, I expected to see him in the end, with that Class 74 photo flashback.
Instead he disappeared. Maybe he returned home to Nanako chan.


>but I feel like it works better as a standalone story than as an overarching series.

same here. i don't like how the keep revealing the outside world. it ruins the mystery

There is nowhere on this island to go to, he'll be killing himself in solitude

Play some Dragon Quest

>Class 77 alive
>Nagito saving Naegi
>Hinata has one red eye, one regular
>Imposter Munakata
>Souda getting some well earned recognition
>Mitarai finally getting to be with his classmates
>based Mikan saving Kirigiri
Fucking perfect


Reminder that she got away with everything and received no punishment.

>I should have never left Inaba

>where are you going munakata
>you know where

>peko and fuyuhiko together again

how could you forget the most lovable pair

>start series with 80% new characters
>kill almost all of them off

>can't bring myself to replay DR2 because i know all the deaths are pointless
Why Kodaka


Post character playstyles and move sets. This shit will/better happen

>generic fighting game just be milked like persona

jesus christ no.

>make 2 new series that are 90% filler
>still manage to retroactively ruin the previous games
V3 will be better r-right?

>no alternative endings

it was doomed from the start

>and the presence of Monobeasts
And then AE came along and fucked up the world building some more with literal mechs.

Shut the fuck up and enjoy your happy hope filled ending
Regards, Kodaka

How could you beat Chiaki or Izuru?

same reason that Dan from street fighter is allowed in the fight roster

He should have been the principal, makes way more sense.

You know what.

I feel this way too

with the brainwashing it's so much easier to forget that happened and pretend Junko actually manipulated these people into despair. But everyone waking up and being totally a-ok and fine? It's so hard for me to get over that.

fuck this show it was a mistake.

>3. I don't think he has the same kind of access that Izuru Kamakura does. His eyes are mismatched showing he only has half the power of Izuru Kamakura.

More like he is both.