Is it over

is it over
is that all we get?

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Well, this is the closest thing to a Re:zero thread that I see here.
The translations I've seen of that scene mention Rem smelling at something, and her warning doesn't seem to be based on his looks. I'd say it's unclear whether or not Al stinks, but I'm assuming he does.

I'm still holding out hope for a EoE type OVA which completely shits all over the source material and turns the series in to a masterpiece.

I dont know but subaru is a huge fucktard, he's one of the MC's i hate because he's dumb af
>Rem literally truly loves him
>he's friendzoned by emilia
>hurr durr i love emilia

Is this what angels look like Cred Forums?

i'd take Rem over all the girls in Re:zero. But apparently Cred Forums is divided between Rem and Felix


It's simple. You can't produce offspring with Felix.

I know. That's why i'd take Rem. Even Emilia is trash, also i think Rem is the only character with good development in the whole series.

I had to actively try remembering what I spent the past 25 Sundays watching. very weak finale and nothing before that stood out all that much in 25 episodes

>nothing stood out

Implying puny human sperm is enough to fertalize superior oni eggs

It hurts that Rigel and Spica will never exist.

>very weak finale
That's why they were supposed to keep it in. It's almost funny, but one of the most well known scenes isn't even one from the anime. It turns the cheesy fairy tale ending on its head

That'd have been one hell of an ending.

Felix is a meme. Nobody is split. Rem is the easily the most popular girl, and Emilia is probably second.

Subaru is better than Felix
Prove me wrong
>Pro tip: You can't

Why is there no love for Ram?

I think White Fox kinda pussied out because they weren't sure if it'd sell well enough to warrant a second season.

clown cock

But that's why I love her. She just wants to serve her goshujin-sama

Because she's not in a coma.

Why do you want her with Toyota if dude is a horrible human bean?

That's what makes her happy. It's like her sister and Clownman.

wait...didn't they imply that Roswaal was homo?

They're pretty cute together, aren't they?

Thanks user. I've finally managed to be spoiled about what happens to Rem. Just don't tell me why.

How bad is Roswaaldo-sama?


If you want to know why, we've already got the epilogue chapters out there in the wild.
He's changed genders before, so his sexuality is probably rather flexible.

Watched all the way to Episode 18, I got more then I bargained for.

>that scene where he makes an ass of himself in front of everyone

Subaru should learn to shut his fucking mouth more often, jesus.

Mitsubishi isn't a terrible human bean, just flawed like all the rest of us.

The funny thing is that when I first saw the scene where he consults Ram about what she has observed of Subaru's character I was like "oh cool, one of the girls isn't being brought into the harem's fold!". And Roz seemed kinda neat, I liked his silliness and how he apparently had a relationship with Ram.
What a naïve dumbass I was.

I gotta give them credit.

The way the first season ended is perfect: a good note that they can trash not even three minutes into the first episode of the second season.

Please notice my work

All the anime-only Remfags would be devastated on the spot.

>Remfags are obnoxious
>Finally watch Re Zero
>Am now a Remfag myself
What have I done? Please forgive me Remfags for calling you guys faggots. I have seen the light.

Even more perfect.

They'll be as depressed or moreso than Subaru having to live with full life consequences.

Now go listen to "Wishing".

>What a naïve dumbass I was.
Why, what happened then? I don't think I'll ever finish this show but I'm curious

Good for you. Now go read the epilogue chapters.
You're here right in time. Thanks for shoving all of the different translators' works in here.

Does she have a chance? With how popular she is there is hope r-right?

How am I supposed to deal with the fact that I'll never have a Rem in my life? Drinking, suicide?

A chance at what? Getting Subaru to love her?

Or do you mean, waking up?

I want Rem to savage on me during sex and make faces like this while she crushes all of my bones

Both. A bit more on the love though!lANklIoZ!cKySIxX9a3zU4oeMiC3DCcljT4llBxPFP7sCHXR-wKk
Short n' talky.

Remember what her interrogation method supposedly is? I believe it was beating you down until you're on the brink of death, but keeping you alive with her healing magic.

I assume that's the direction you're aiming at?
She gets his love in the WN and LN, to the point where Subaru doesn't feel he can place Emilia above her.

Thanks. Fucking picked up

You know what they say, a romance shines brightest when faced with impossibility and hardship.


But freaking WRX STI is a fucktard. Why would someone take another girl over Rem? that's the only thing that annoys me on Re:zero

Well there was some Witch fuckery to be involved or at least lightly implied throughout the chapters. The fact that Echidna calls Emilia the "Daughter of the Witch" isn't too pleasant either.

On the downside, he still loves Emilia at the same time. Ram's old joke turned out to be true to him all along. He doesn't want to choose between them, so he's aiming for both.

He'll regret it someday.

The only thing that keeps me from killing myself is knowing that there aren't second chances or an afterlife, only nothingness.

Also a bit of hope something will change, but that's me being naive, really.


>AU chapters with Subaru starting a family with Rem
>Interviews confirm that he would marry a girl like Rem if he didn't get isekai'd

My bullshit theory is that Subaru and Emilia are half or full siblings and his dad is Flugel who flugel'd Satella which is why the witch is so obsessed with him. Either that or time travel fuckery and Subaru actually is Flugel.

This character expressed more emotion in 2 minutes than Emilia did the whole show.

Eh. Killing yourself isn't all it's cracked up to be. Especially when it turns out that you just return b

You are going to love this then

>Just like Subaru, Emilia looked over at the sleeping Rem, and narrowed her eyes. Emilia's lips quivered, and after a moment of hesitation,
>Emilia: “You love her, don't you?”
>Subaru: “Love her, love her a lot. I love her as much as I love you, Emilia-tan.”
>Before he had even noticed it, Rem's existence had come to occupy a relatively oversized portion of Subaru's heart.
>Emilia: “Even though you said you love me.”
>Subaru: “Just saying, I do love Rem back, but it's Rem's love for me that's crazy. Completely head over heels, it's an utter mystery.”
>Arms crossed, Subaru inevitably had to have some doubts about all that uncompensated love proffered to him. Did he really have enough merit to him for a girl as well-done as Rem to love him so much?
>Even now he had to wonder it. That said, he was simultaneously thinking that he'd have to become a man who matched up to that merit.


>Ever since they exchanged this promise, Subaru had decided once in for all that: in this world, in this universe, the only person Natsuki Subaru could hope to show his weak side to was Rem, and only in front of Rem.

>Even if she knew about Subaru’s weakness, if he could just combine it with Rem’s faith that she would give in response to his efforts to be strong in front of her, Subaru could live on without hiding the truth that he was weak. He could not show it in front of Emilia; he could not show it in front of Beatrice; he could not show it in front of anyone else. Subaru could only show this weak side of him-the side of him that believed he had to be strong no matter what-to Rem and only Rem.

There is love for Ram. There is no love fore Roswaal. Plus being reminded of Ram makes people angry because she hasn't left that literal wifebeater.

Seriously, what the does Ram see in that guy? Was she dicked so hard that she became addicted to his cock or something? Did she get hentai logic'd?

Why do people hate Emilia?


She's obviously better wife material for Subaru than anyone else.

Is Emilia so bad she's on the road to getting btfo by a comatose girl?

A lot of things, and a lot of implied other things. Plus she gets one of the longest stick in the series other than Priscillia and her development leaves many people questioning.

>Subaru: “Love her, love her a lot. I love her as much as I love you, Emilia-tan.”

Retconned to "love differently" in LN9 or something to that effect.

Remove the japanese face and she's a 10/10

I like long legs but those are too thin for their length.

>Seriously, what the does Ram see in that guy? Was she dicked so hard that she became addicted to his cock or something? Did she get hentai logic'd?
It's just because Rem ceased existing.
There were two things in Ram's mind: Rem and Roswaal, and thanks to Ley only Ziggy Stardust remains now.

Its funny because he basically describes her like someone describes his wife.

>[Subaru: Because the girl that loves me, the girl that I love back, the girl that affectionately provides me love—-the girl that is harder on me more than any other person in the world, the girl that doesn’t let me off easily, that girl is the real Rem!]

This is from arc 4 user, not arc 3. The LN only just wrapped up arc 3.

Because she just stands there doing nothing... she is just pretty and that's all, she never saved subaru or anything.

Give her some tits and she's a 10/10.

You know I wouldn't mind if Ram loved Rosewaal if there was SOMETHING redeemable about that asshole. But there is nothing, literally nothing to grasp onto.


Money and power maybe? Bitches love that shit...

You don't. Rem represents how people can start from zero anytime they want. You can be a better person, too, user.

or perhaps you'd like this more

The LN isn't at Arc 4 yet, and this particular conversation is in Arc 4. We'll see how it goes.
>Its funny because he basically describes her like someone describes his wife.
Well, I'm more pointing out that there's that Q&A saying Subaru would have married a girl like Rem if he wasn't isekai'd, as well as the Natsuki Rem AU.
>Q: If Subaru grew up without ever going to the other world, would he live on without having an occupation? What would happen to Subaru if he went through “a life in a different world starting from no occupation” sort of thing? Specifically speaking, if he were to be middle-aged man with views of a high school student that tried to rush into the different world, he would probably fall into nothing but despair, huh.
>A: Nope. If he never went to the other world he would get scolded by Kenichi(his father) around the time he’d graduated high school and would withdraw from being a hikkimori. Kenichi would then support Subaru by rehabilitating him in his workplace. After about 2 years, he would enter university, graduate as a loner, become a working adult, and with stability of those reasonably essential qualities, he would honestly be living life as a full-fledged member of society, and then he would cling on to a kouhai with such a heart that-a Rem kind of heart-she would find his incompetence cute. They would have a normal marriage, and then he would live a suitably happy life until he died. There’s no way his dad would continue to be that irresponsible towards his son, you know?
Rem is pretty much written as an ideal wife for him, which makes her ball and chain quite the fitting weapon.


Fighting fate is always going to keep the crowd going user.

Sorry user, I'm not into benis.

Well shit, my bad then. I guess we'll see what happens to that conversation in the arc 4 rewrite.

>I love Emilia.

Pretty sure she just warned SUbaru to be careful but when Al started seeing Satella as well, I'm assuming Rem also smelled the witch on him.

Thank you user.

Keep doing god's work my brother

Someone please tell me how to start the novels? i found the first 3 on amazon, but im confused because there's vol1 and vol1 A day in the capital. and some things like that.

A-am I gay for liking what I'm seeing?

I find it seriously fishy that he would cheer for Emilia this hard yet his writing and Q&As don't reflect that.

Same face, still qt tho, I give her a 9.5/10

nou ga

Stockholm Syndrome does things to you

Maybe one of those crazy theories about Emilia is true and Rem will win.

>giving a shit for liking a qt trap
user, go for it, you are not gay maybe Bi and thats like normal now and you know it. There are like a shitton of "genders" and shit so...

No one can wear Emilia's outfit as good as her's
Prove me wrong
>Pro tip you can't

Regulus can


I'm fine with the open sexuality shit but only faggots use "..."
Get off my board

Not sure what you're seeing, when I search for Re:Zero on Amazon US I get Yen Press' first two LN translations (vol 2 = preorder) and some manga links but none with that title.

If you're looking for English translations and don't want to wait literally years for Yen Press, you're better off reading fan translations of the WN.

I'd point you at:
>anime end to end of arc 3:
>arc 4, first 23 chapters:!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg

I don't blame White Fox for pussying out on the ending, it would have been a shitstorm on all fronts.

Blame it on Tappei (the author) for being a hack and practically killing her off because he's a faggot who loves his generic elf waifu.

Oni girls make the world go round.
Though I'm not sure my libido could keep up with her stamina and strength, but I guess that's what makes it better.

Emilia is more of a princess, rather than a wife. There's a different appeal to it.
Speaking of Fortuna, is there any word on Sirius's hair color? We already know Pandora can undo death and brainwash

Satella was good during the first 2 arcs. She could fight, showed concerned for commoners , inspired subaru to be a better car and comforted him when necessary. Too bad she is now the candidate everyone wants to bully.

Don't compare that insignificant little half-elf to the Witch of Envy, destroyer of worlds.

I bet he doesn't like men, only Ferris, and that's because he looks like a qt girl


>inspired subaru to be a better car and comforted him when necessary

But... That's Rem.

Plus she didn't inspire Subaru to become a better person, Rem did. During the entirety of arc 4 Subaru himself constantly admits that.

Not to mention it was Subaru who was comforting Emilia, with the exception of the lap pillow scene.

I get this.

>Even now he had to wonder it. That said, he was simultaneously thinking that he'd have to become a man who matched up to that merit.
>He doesn't believe he is a man worthy of Rem so he is constantly trying to find ways to improve himself as to become someone who is.

Subaru is starting to become one of my favorite types of MCs

Strength you say?

Is Re:Zero actually good? The animation style looks so generic it hurts my eyes.

Its alright.

The far right is Volume 1 of the LN while the one next to it is Volume 2
The other ones are Volumes 1 and 2 of the Arc 1 manga


Now, now she did save Subaru a couple of times. Just not to the degree any other character has though.

I still don't get why Regulus turns everything he touches into confetti.

he saved them from the demon kkk right? subaru gets his dick sucked for less

The fact it looks generic is what lulled many into a false sense of security.

Its a pretty wild ride.

>he saved them from the demon kkk right?

Yeah, no. He was the one responsible for destroying Oni village. Also guess what? He has his own Witch Cult Gospel.

I would fuck her so hard until either my dick falls off or she cuts it off

i want more Elsa

Roswaal wasn't responsible, he just didn't intervene so he could snatch Ram and Rem.

He doesn't have a gospel, he has something similar, all were created by Echidna and are lesser versions of her Authority of Greed that lets her read the equivalent of that world's Akashic Record.

>Roswaal was responsible for destroying oni village and cutting off Rams horn
>He is fucking the Ram made to kidnap his firstborn child so he can posses it because he is a body-snatcher trying to create the perfect body
>Literally an abusive boyfriend
>At one point gets mad at Ram and nearly kills her with his own hands

No. Fuck that guy.

>all were created by Echidna and are lesser versions of her Authority of Greed that lets her read the equivalent of that world's Akashic Record.

So basically a Witch Cult Gospel, Echidna version.

>Roswaal wasn't responsible, he just didn't intervene so he could snatch Ram and Rem.

That's still a real dick move though.

>He doesn't have a gospel

It basically was a Gospel except one for worshiping the Witch of Greed

Season 2 when?

Not something that brights for its characters development or coherence at all but it's fun. Just enjoy the ride.

What's your tolerance for irony? Because half the message of this series is "your average isekai neet protag wouldn't last a day in a fantasy world, they'd have to be immortal *and* a time traveller in order to get fucking anything done."

The gospels and Roswaal's book are basically all shitty censored Akashicpedias -- not inherently evil. But yes, they do indicate a link between Roswaal and the witch cult, as Echidna was once his sensei.

Note that Beatrice was also created by Echidna, and has a very limited, possibly dysfunctional, book of her own.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the fucking clown and Echidna. But could Roswaal have stopped the attack on the oni village even if he wanted?

>But could Roswaal have stopped the attack on the oni village even if he wanted?
Power level rankings say yes.

What I enjoy the most is how differently he behaves around Rem compared to Emilia.

When it comes to Emilia he is always trying to sound witty, alpha, energetic and generally always trying to impress. But when he is around Rem he becomes a more private, mature, vulnerable and philosophical.

To be honest I would enjoy being exposed to more of the Subaru he shows only to Rem.

Roswaal is as strong as Puck so he probably would have been able to.

Sasuga nee-sama

She crosses the line from ironically bad isekai magic female protag to unironically bad isekai magic female protag.

She's in dire need of her own Episode 18.

>Subaru: “I couldn't bear the thought of you touching my Rem with your money-grubby fingers. ...Honestly, sorry.”
>Otto: “That's not something someone who's honestly sorry would say! And if I'm to add, don't you think that's a pretty rich line coming from someone who only just called a different woman 'my'!?”


>[Subaru: Reveal yourself, you fraud. ——–Don’t you dare fuck with me with the FACE OF MY REM! Don’t you dare fuck with me with the VOICE OF MY REMMMM!]

Oh my, looks like Subaru is starting to slip with his wording.

How greedy of you Subaru

Do we know who in the witch cult attacked the oni village specifically? I can't find it on the wiki or with searching.

Nope. Its a big mystery.

Emilia has no chance

Now the real question is, do you think Subaru in arc 6 is now a man worthy of a girl such as Rem?

There are a couple of theories running around.

But most of them are based around Al being angry that Rem is alive and that there should only be one Oni that exists.


>Typhon: “Are you a baddie—or not a baddie. Which?”
>Subaru: “Every human is a creature of sin, for which living cannot proceed devoid of victims. Thus, we may have become criminals upon the very instant of our conception in this world. But even so, people live. They are aware that although it produces victims, they cannot acquire things of worth without creating those victims... or such kind of philosophical banter feels pointless with a little girl but, is that what you mean?”

Man, those elections are a joke. It should be down to Crush-sama, jew loli and maybe just maybe Emilia. But I get the horrible feeling Felt will win and send humanity into space colonization.

Makes me wonder, is Subaru in a different universe or on a different planet?

>Crusch: The soul determines the value of its own existence. For myself, and for others as well, to live with the Soul’s fullest radiance, unashamed, is the way we should live

Crusch is the best candidate, no contest.

Why the fuck does he sound like a retard almost all the time when is can pull this kind of shit off?

>But I get the horrible feeling Felt will win and send humanity into space colonization.

And thats a bad thing because?

He is lowkey endorsing Felt the hardest I think.

There's a few times where Subaru speaks in super polite language that throw me the fuck off whenever I see them because it is so weird.

Arc 3 really changed him

>An incredible heat scorches through Subaru's gut. He puts his hand to his chest as he whines, his gait tottering as he stumbles. This agony is absolutely nothing ordinary. Stomach aches or whatever couldn't even hope to compare to this mysterious pain, himself drooling in the face of it. Unable to stay standing, he falls to his knees and immediately collapses onto his side.
>Echidna: “Ahh, looks like it's finally taking effect.”
>Says Echidna as she looks down at Subaru, her eyes cold. She slowly walks over to the anguishing Subaru, bends down, gets her face in close, and brushes away his bangs as his mouth flaps open and closed.
>Echidna: “When a witch invites you for tea, you mustn't simply put anything presented in your mouth. —Maybe this'll be a lesson for you?”
>Subaru: “Yo, u... did, y... poison...”
>Echidna: “Surely I didn't. Didn't I say? What you drank was my body fluids. A piece of a witch, a being that differs fundamentally from humans. That's what you drank in.”
>Subaru now realises that he took the word 'bodily fluids' far too lightly before. And now he was writhing in agony for it. His eyes open wide, Subaru glares at Echidna. That friendly demeanour of hers from up until now is completely gone. Just, what the hell was her motive he—
>Echidna: “I'd like you not to misunderstand. It isn't that I did this while holding any hostility or malice toward you. In fact, I regard your existence very favourably. That I made you drink a part of me, was also due to that.”

What the fuck did she makes him drink?!

Is there anywhere I can read the whole rem coma scene thing?


Knock yourself out.


>Part 4: [A fewhour from now]
10 hours passed
I appreciate his work, but could he at least not give us false expectations?

Witch genes

Natsuki Household


She's here

Why is he so fucking buff

I understand Roswaal now.

Its close

where is this from?

Kek that absolute duo poster on the wall. Subaru has shit taste.

waifu2x'd for clown fapping pleasure

So that he can protect Priscilla.

Is every male in the natsuki family a fucking clone? Rigel has the stupid bangs too. Is it genetic?

I call dibs

Clown's already had dibs for 400 years

Friendly reminder that Crusch-san is the closest thing in the series to a developed female and the natural choice of every non-degenerate.


Just watch it, it's entertaining for sure.

i bet that if you married that feminist cunt she would lock you in a room alone for the rest of your life, only to unlock you for public relations and producing heirs (will never have sex with you again after having 2-4 children, sex consists of her indifferently riding you until you finish and then leaving the room without uttering a word).

So are LN discussions allowed on Cred Forums or not?
These recent Rule Generals are fucking confusing

Rules, rules, rules.
It'd be much easier to open new boards instead.


Fuck the rules, if thread is good it's fine, even if it's on grey area


So they go back in Subaru's world later in the LN?

What the fuck is this?

Subaru, you're a massive faggot. DROPPED.

Pretty sure that's fanart, the character glyphs above Emilia don't look Japanese. Chinese maybe?

Holy shit, Tappei wasn't kidding when he said he'd shorten Arc 4 for the LN.

who is this?



What if Subaru's dad is Al

So he really does go back or what?

It's Echidna's trials.

>He's changed genders before
So what you're trying to say is that Roswaal is literally gender fluid?

>tfw you was Echidna-fag until you saw illustrations with her

Also, source please.

So who was the witch? It never explained that.

Those were just on the official Re:Zero Twitter feed:

Why the fuck retarded newcancer posts these type of trash?

Animation? Translation? Manga adaptation?

Muh fugging diccckkk



Why is echidna so cute


Seriously? She looks like shit, fanarts was way better.

Apparently her body inside of the dream realm is different from the real one deep inside sanctuary.

I wonder if she choose to look like Emilia on purpose.

What do you mean shit? She's depicted nicely. Black eyes, white long hair, pale skin.


Even Konosuba got an OVA and a second season!!!

Episode 26

How much semen of the clown has Ram inside?

Feels good to be a lifelong Echidnafag.

Call me the disciple of greed now

Enough to end hunger in Africa.

Why is Rem so pure maiden when Ram is a slut?

>implaing Rem don't want to do lewd things with Subaru

Wanting to have a happy family isn't slutty

She looks exactly like Emilia

She wanted to remove her panties in front of him.

But Rem is consensual.

That's needed for having a happy family

Just suck her horn and she'll become putty in your arms.

She doesn't have emilia's weird eyes, instead she got that beautiful black pearl eyes

I think it's on purpose, the body you see is the body she uses inside of the dream. Her real body is different.

But that's one of the many reasons why I like Rem so much.

Ramza...what did you get?

With a man who loves another woman.

Subaru doesn't know what he wants

I'd bite her contract in a heartbeat

But he loved both equally at that scene, and arguably loves Rem more in the current arc.

Not when she was alive.
Rem made moves on a man she knows that loves another woman.

In this world which will someday fall to ruin, hopes and dreams don't matter at all. Because you're asleep within your heart, you'll never wake. But feel with those hands the future that can't be changed--even if you sacrifice a life that will someday burn out for the perfect dream.

He's still rather dilligent, at least.
Makes my brain tremble, DESS.

Dunno, but I would fuck her.

I'd drink all her fluids.

What happened to Nissan in Arc 6?

The primary problem with LNs and manga over anime is that the communities that translate those are very half assed. You can find hundreds, maybe thousands, of manga series that are unfinished translations and with LNs it's even worse with most not even getting a translation without an anime and even then they will die off eventually too. Anime is largely the only real impetus that gives manga and LNs fanbases in the west.

Maybe Ram wants happy family too.

She became a car

She knew that he loves her too.

She has my vote.

Witch Pussy Juice.

Damn, both of his parents really have delinquent eyes. I'm so glad Oni genes were strong enough to give Spica Rem's eyes.

E-echidna-sama! I will kiiiiilll an Oni village for youuuuu!

>To be honest I would enjoy being exposed to more of the Subaru he shows only to Rem.
Honestly, I think that's one of the reasons I prefer Rem. I actually like Subaru himself better when he's with Rem, and usually find him kind of obnoxious when he's with Emilia.

I bet Rem just styled Rigel's hair that way because Subaru has them, and Toyota has them because he liked how they looked on his dad.

Re:Zero no Koro ni?

Yeah, pretty much. He's doing it all for Echidna, but he's been a she before.

Nigger, Rem is super lewd, she just never had a husbando to drop her lewd on.

subaru likes silvered haired girls

Don't be ridiculous.

Not true.
She is a slut, just accept it.


Get out of here with that garbage.

Huh. She's basically a Randian.
That line is almost right out of the Fountainhead.

Maybe she loves him?

>Rem made moves on a man she knows that loves another woman.
I won't even argue with this at all. Rem has never been very innocent at all, and was obviously trying to seduce him for quite some time. She's a man-stealing skank, even if she's focused on a single target.

I fapped to that doujin
>Literal Semen Demon

Satella is the witch.

All those silver haired main girls on his walls. I am starting to understand Honda.

>That ishikei Rem porn
Literally perfect

Barusu Barusu Barusu

Except for the stalking and sneaking in kisses while he's asleep.

Well, I've got other news for you. Remember this one?

And the roofies.
They made another, and this time with a happier ending.

Fuck you buddy.

I haven't read that one, no. But that page you posted is adorable.

>They made another, and this time with a happier ending.

Have I been rused?

Hey. Let me get to the point first before you start throwing around strong language.

You are slightly forgiven, but only a little.

You decide.

>tfw finally I like a girl who is so popular more than the main girl that she gets more doujins and is the girl most prefers Subaru to pick
Feels good to be on the winning side for once. Rem's popularity is insane

Fuck off Roswaal, you literal wifebeater.

I'm glad that Nakajima Yuka still can draw quality vanilla.

I feel like its a bit weird to not consider Rem a main girl, even Subaru does. Its like a legitimate love triangle.

>winning side
But he loves Emilia

They're both on winning side.

Until one of them becomes Satan anyway.

I think I got a short relapse of Katawa Dick now.



Why did Subaru have such a garbo phone? Isn't it the current year in RE: Zero?

animefag here, do we even know if there will be a second season of the anime?

haven't read any of the source material yet, but if s2 is doubtful/decades away i may as well

Everyone on Cred Forums is a fucking degenerate and you know it

MAYBE in 2018.

I want to FUCK Echidna.

Close enough.

man... that's a long time

>or I suppose i could forget about it and watch any of the other like 100 things in my queue that i haven't gotten around to yet

Soonest would be 2018 sometime, but they don't have material to adapt so there's really no point in announcing anything so soon.

So is that Echidna's actual body? Or has he hopped so much that she looks completely different to who she initially was?

its different from her original body because of the trial

I like how Subaru has tons of pictures of white haired anime girls in his room. Seems suspicious

What is even the trail

Hmm those muscles look familiar

facing his past pretty much go to earth and talk to his mom and dad

forget about about ramremelia
betelgeuse is still bestgirl

Has the same leg hair too wtf

What if he has a single picture of a blue haired anime girl on his drawer next to bed?
>Room is covered in silver haired anime girls
>But the anime girl closest to his bed is some blue haired one from an old series

Look by his chair. He has a blue haired figurine

That looks more black than blue to me. Still...
>Looks like a maid

So she possesses some random girl in Subaru's class?

It's not like Subaru's dad single guy on the Earth who have leg hair.

>Asterisk and Absoulte Duo
so Subaru likes generic harems

We already knew he had shit taste.
It's more like a dream or vision.

Official art confirms there's no fixing Subaru's shit taste in everything.

Delet this right now buddy


Also, I added a Non-H layer to the list. I don't even know why I'm keeping track of this, but I'm going to keep expanding this forever.

>Sleeping next to Rem
The softness would be heavenly.

Nobody can't beat the Oni pussy.

Novelfags, is my spouse still pure and without love interest?

she likes subaru

Subaru is her big brother at best. So yes.

She's Subaru's daughter. But no romantic love interest.

Where can i find it then? :)

I don't think it's scanned yet.

Can I get the top pic without the shitty graphics edit?

>Echidna: "So I was watching you take your trial."
>Subaru: "Did I pass?"
>Echidna: "The Asterisk War and Absolute Duo? Fuck no you didn't, you little shit."
>Subaru: "What?"
>Echidna: "No one... no human... understands skipping work and school for ... that."
>Subaru: "But they were fun."
>Echidna: "Fun? FUN?"
>Satella: "Return by Death revoked. I can't support resurrecting cancer."
>Echidna: "Get the fuck out of my tomb, your shit taste is desecrating it."

This one right?


Its hard typing with one hand
Don't lie to the man. I don't keep up with every single obscure Re:Zero doujin for nothing. I may not have started the doujin list, but I'm sure as hell going to finish it. That's every Re:Zero doujin in existence on that list, with the exception of about two and three or four other ones which haven't had their covers finished.

It's the WN past its peak where bits of the author got through into the story and onto the MC.

Thanks burothar i only need to learn chinese and im ready to fap

Honestly I like that mock website character design page better. Anyone have the image on that?

The guy usually uploads the japanese version the next day.

remember echdina in that school outfit isn't her real form so what she really looks like in official art is not revealed

Alright ill wait.. thanks again :)
Why japan is still censoring everything? I never knew why -,-

You try so hard

>is it over
what do you mean? the LN ended?

i'm not following it yet, so, sorry if my question is too obvious

i think he is talking about the anime

I want to be in this board without thinking how perfect would this life be with Rem
Why the fuck did i watch this show? i just want to forget... i want to forget her so i can keep living like before
Please user, you know how to fix this... right?

>how perfect would this life be with Rem
you're not subaru, so she'll never be that nice with you.

You can forget her when you can, but that doesn't mean she'll ever forget you

You also need to go listen to "Wishing".

Jesus Subaru's dad is fucking buff



Subaru himself is kind of buff.



I have listened to Wishing... and its painful...
It is as if i feel the pain of a unrequited love by myself
I want to re-start my memories before i watched this show

>They made another, and this time with a happier ending.

She's such a greedy witch, she claimed my kokoro

Subaru's dad has got to be Al

There is no fucking way he isn't.


Why doesn't Subaru just Level up up up Level up Level up?

It's "Live it up"

Because it's not Danmachi.

And then she pulls out the morning star for shit to get kinky.

Al has been in the world for longer than Subaru has been alive.

Who else is supporting a harem ending?

Now you listen here buddy if I want it to be Level up for the sole reason of shitposting here than it fucking is Level up.

Because he's playing fantasy megaman instead of an RPG.

Do you think toyota deserves an harem?

Most definitely. He went through a lot of suffering for them after all.

> And then she pulls out the morning star for shit to get kinky.
Looks like their neighbor in the bad mood.

Good. Now you suffer with the rest of us because she's never waking up.

By the time the series ends he would have suffered more than enough to deserve a happy ending.

Actually looking at it again, that seems right. They didn't know what they were messing with.

>because she's never waking up.

Would Rem kill me if I throw a paper ball at Toyota?

C'mon user you know she will wake up. You know how sleeping beauty/Snow white goes.

Would Rem like me if I became friends with Subaru?

He's a woman and is just using Ram and Rem, he was the one responsible for her village getting BTFO


She's probably better off asleep though. Almost nothing good is going to happen to her when she wakes up, besides seeing memeboy again I guess.

Still better chemistry with Subaru though. They even made cutting each other's hair entertaining. Literally.

He was originally male, he just swaps bodies, sometimes to a woman.

>He's a woman
No, he is not.

I don't think so, even if it was mean spirited bullying. She'd take it as an excuse to "heal" Mitsubishi from the "injury" the paper ball left.

Apparently someone said that Tappei's new tweets are something like reducing arc 4's length by a margin, like at least 20%.

Apparently he'll remove the pointless stuff, since apparently he wrote an update and immediately forgot what he wrote in the next one.

>Almost nothing good is going to happen to her when she wakes up

>Absolute Duo
>All of those Silver-Haired Heroines

Tappei what are you implying here?

>They make cutting each other's hair entertaining
That's kawaii as fuck.

>Implying Emilia would be down for that

Don't we all user

Don't we all.

Thanks now I want to bully Subaru with little things so Rem gets angry and Subaru has to tell her it's okay.

So, Emilia can go and fuck yourself.

It was.

I cant wait for all the other witches official illustrations they should appear in volume 11 right?

Camilla only shows up after she appears before Subaru as Rem.

So what threesome are you planning? Pretty sure Ram is only down for the clown.

then when would the other witches appear?

Are Subaru and Rem just doomed to not be together? Why are both of them getting so much shit from Tappei? First her coma and now Emilia's visions.

Is this what happens to characters that try to defy their own fate?

Unless you're stronger than him, even physical abuse wouldn't get you injured by Oni because Subaru's buff enough to turn it back on a regular human bully.
You'd have to be stronger than Subaru to get her involved punching your face in.

You know what fuck the Witch of Gluttony. What kind of retard thinks it's a good idea to let fucking man eating beasts that can erase your existence loose upon the world.

If Emilia don't want to do a threesome, there can't be a threesome.

she is pretty autistic out of all the witches

A romance shines brightest when faced with tragedy and hardship user.

I don't know. Part of me is hoping that all of this leads up to some major healing in the end. Emilia might have too much plot baggage to get out of this unscathed, but maybe Rem can pull through somehow.

I dont want to hurt him. Just friendly bullying so that he doesnt mind but Rem gets annoyed. Also I think I could take a 17 year old manlet. Atleast pre timeskip.

She just wanted an excuse to make a big beast because it's more satisfying to eat once taken down, she doesn't care how the beast hunts or kills.


I wish they would start the EX novel manga already

Friendly bullying won't get you in trouble with Rem. Even she bullies Honda from time to time.

Kill yourself.

Everyone loves bullying Honda. Even fucking Otto bullies Honda.

You make it sound like its a bad thing


Friendly reminder that Ferris will not join with Honda to go on a quest to defeat the Witch Cult and restore Crusch's memories.

I've never heard of such a theory. Enlighten me, please.

Holy shit, what if someone kicks him in the dick?

I want Toyota to get really close to people in certian timelines so he can have a ton of material to bully people with because they previously trusted him with their personal secrets and stuff.

Red herrings user. Tappei loves his red herrings.

Yeah, that's maybe what I think. If the characters can sort of break the story, it means that Red Oni (Emilia) will end up having to make some sacrifice of herself and Blue Oni (Rem) will gain something without sacrificing herself.

I know and it fucking hurts. I want them to be bros while killing cultists.

She would have to suck the poison out.

Like it would have been a great opportunity for Ferris to develop as a character.

Basically when Subaru was sharing the Red Oni That Cried story with Ram, and she explained the characters as The Red Oni who only has others sacrifice themselves for him and the Blue Oni who revels in self-sacrifice on the surface it might appear to fit her and Rem, and Rem certainly does fit the Blue Oni. However, the Red Oni is far more suited to Emilia with her role in the story, especially arc 3 basically being 'princess in need of saving who does nothing to help.' Add to that that the Red Oni wishes to be friends with the humans, but according to Ram is foolish for not tearing off his own horns himself and instead having to rely on the sacrifice of the Blue Oni to do it, which fits Emilia much, much better.

I think what you really want is anger Rem by proxy. You'd be better off calling Subaru shit to her face and with full intent. He doesn't even need to be there.

Echidna's route now unlocked?

Let's hope Tappei does it later

I hadn't thought of it that way. Sasuga user, sometimes you guys say something that makes sense

This, there are plenty of ways to actually piss her off, just start talking shit about her husbando or Ram.

I have a good feeling that somewhere down the line Ferris will come to and help Subaru. Maybe memory wiped Crusch will say something to him that will make him be like "Oh shit" or something.

Its too long for me to explain so
It stems a lot further in after these posts but you get the general idea.

Or he goes full asshole mode and kills Subaru

I'm not sure how direct the parallels will end up being, since Rem and Emilia aren't exactly close like the Red and Blue Oni are, and it would also seems really weak to just follow the story straight after telling it so early, but the characters are likely correct.

Also the following conversation about which would Subaru rather be friends with and he chooses both, so Ram calls him a foolish adulterer that will pay for that one day. That also fits Emilia and Rem better and will probably actually cause a conflict at some point.

>I was the user who make the first 3 row
Well i don't know what to feel

>I love Crush so much
>There is way to maybe save her
>No way I'm going why would I?

Ferris a shit.

If Subaru would work on improving his relationships with others he could avoid a lot of drama. He's just a little too linear at times and that gets him in trouble.

Unless something is effecting him directly he won't do something about it.

Subaru is the father-figure to Beatrice so. Many a daughteru moments with her.

He's jaded, he doesn't think its possible, at least not the way offered. He gives Wilhelm shit for fairytale thinking, and would rather keep what Crusch he has and restore her the slow way, than risk her in a possibly futile fight against the Witch Cult.

Not saying he still isn't kind of a shit though.

You what? Felix is the one with a stick up his ass, Subaru did plenty.

It's just that if it involves Crusch he is biased as shit.

Tappei did say the ending was made first before the beginning or something like that.

That can change though. Him developing the rest of the story may make him change his mind about the ending along the way.


Waiting animation/translation/manga adaptation.

Day 1

Well yes, its not a matter of him having this planned out, its a matter of not making the parallel really direct. Given that he's subverted a number of things so far, and played with expectations, I think its more likely he included the story as a basic reference and then will give Subaru's take on how it will play out.

I like to think of Subaru as Shepard from Mass Effect in this regard.

If you want that loyalty bonus and survive the suicide mission, you gotta do those rounds.

As someone who doesn't watch that much anime what are the names of the waifus on his wall and what anime are they from?

He went full War Hero again.

Sorry, but and any Remfag qho thinks like you is retard. Rem's development isn't even special or deep and there with longer and better stories like Wilhelm, Emilia, Betty, Garfiel and Crusch. You truly are cancer to series.

Garf's was kinda stupid, it's literally mommy, issues and retarded choices. Emilia has mysteries around her, but she hardly developed so far.

I do agree that Wilhelm and Betty's is pretty great though.

Simple, she gets in the way of delusional Remfags headcanon.



I bet Echidna choose to look like that, to get on good terms with Subaru more easily.

>better stories like Emilia
Great bait.

here's your ram and rem for tonight

How abouttrying to grow up? No wonder Rem is such waifubait for spregs like you.

Where are the Truth Of Zero Chapter 17 raws?

AUs are cancer of novels

>Emiliacancer trying to ruin thread again
Oh wow.

His dad looks based as fuck

Reminder that Emshittia is garbage.

Why does the witches pull off the sexy silver haired look so much better than Emilia?


>Those tones muscles
>That rugged face
>Them glasses

Absolute badass

Gee Ram, how come your mom lets you have two horns?

You know about as much about Emilia as do Rem by Arc 4 since her backstory isn't much and her development is all about Subaru. She's entirely striaghtforward and not much else. Emilia has parts of her past that can be exoanded further particularly regarding her parents, Satella and Pandora.

I like the Sirius = Fortuna theories. Get our boy Pete back in the game.

By generally not looking like a deer in the headlights 99% of the time.

Toyota's taste in women is shit.

kirin is like second worst girl. Only slightly better than the redhead.

There no baiting though. Rem is more or less done with her only role left being emotional anchor and baby factory for Subaru. Meanwhile Subaru and Emilia still have plenty of growth oppouinties thanks to all their plot ties.

emilia does nothing that deserves hate, why does everyone direct hate to her just because they're precious rem got such response from subaru after her confession.
by the way, subaru did the right thing

At least the babies are adorable.

And feisty. Rigel is also best bully magnet.

>By generally not looking like a deer in the headlights 99% of the time.

Except she doesn't at all? Go look at all her LN images, she pretty confident 90% of them.

Not him but I'm sorry but I don't see anyone actively bashing Emilia here. Most of them are just light jabs and inside jokes.

Even Rem is getting a fair or more shit here so I don't see what you are complaining so adamantly about.

>return b
What does this mean?

because she deserved better than a blunt rejection(that part I'm okay with) followed him rubbing his love for Emilia into her face before shamelessly asking her to help him bang his hafu elfu waifu.

EX novel manga starts in few months

>Color illustrations are out

i just noticed it.. subaru has shit taste

[Citation required]

Subaru should be the biggest fucking cheater in the world and entrust his heart to Satella for using the greed authority. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to have it and since she's always with him the effect would never be out of range.

Go watch the anime much? Subaru literally picks rabbit as her spirit animal because she looks lonely and confused 99% of the time.

>All of those silver-haired heroines on his walls

Subaru really wants to be a hero of one doesn't he?

>Meanwhile Subaru and Emilia still have plenty of growth oppouinties thanks to all their plot ties.
>talking about actual development
>still have plenty of growth oppouinties

But instead became the hero of a blue-haired one. WHAT A TWIST.

doesn't justify hate for emilia

No but it justifies people hate for Subaru.

He's talking about his dislike of the rejection. Not Emilia.

May I ask why you are so offended?

Its Senator Armstrong

where the fuck to continue after finishing the anime? i was hyped to continue on the manga after ep25, only to find out that it is behind.

novel or webnovel? what chapter? will i miss content if i don't read them from the beggining?

First you read this

and then continue here

not the one you replied to but i thank you aswell.

but thats already vol 3. What with previous 2? I heard that anime skipped quite a lot things from web novel, so I would like to start from beginning

Not sure what all you'll miss, since translations for neither the WN or LN are very far into the start of the story. Translations are mostly continuing from where the anime left off.

Trying to stir shit as an anti-remfag, best to just ignore it.

Vol means Arc here

Arc 3 beginning has been translated here

>Felix is a meme.

Not to me he isn't.


Not for me either

i want to rape subaru

Where the fuck are the Ferris/Crusch doujins?

Would you let your 400 year old waifu touch your heart?

Raws where?

where do you guys to go read the manga TLs?

I google it

please use this image instead from now on


Who will be Fourier's inevitable VA?

I say Rikiya Koyama

When Regulus emanates spite
He yammers with virulent might
By soiling his wives
Does his Princeship survive
To slay all infringing his rights

good work user

Oh Rem, what a scamp.

Rem is filthy waifubait

Your face is filthy waifubait.

Fuck you. Rem best girl.

Rem is the most memest waifu I have ever seen.

You have at most 8 replies left, shitposters. Use them wisely.

I want Subaru to hang out with his bros

Good series

Nah, then it just starts auto-saging, he can get in a lot more shitposts if he wasn't so slothful.

Say something nice about Emilia


Cute elf babbies

Shitposter-kun needs more diligence, DESS!

Her eyes are pretty cool

I bet Toyota and Emilia's kid would be as cute as Spica.

New thread

Huh, I never noticed that her pupils turn white when she gets horny. Doesn't she need those to see?

Shes cute

You can't see with white pupils?

Pupils are black because they are absorbing light so that you can fucking see. White pupils would indicate that they're reflecting all the light that hits them, preventing it from reaching the rods and cones your eyes use to see.

Emilia's green pupils probably don't do her any favors either, or Betty's pink butterfly pupils. But its all magic so I'm probably overthinking this.