Girls und Panzer, GuP and /ak/

Is this a coup?

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Daily reminder that Darjeeling is best commander and she's also my wife

I'm so disappointed to have to say this! Saori fucks OLD men for money! I saw it with my eyes! I'm disgusted of her for doing that! Her vagina is probably ruined by ugly old perverts! Who would date or even MARRY someone like that! Someone HAS to make her STOP doing this! I hope she feels ashamed of herself for doing such of a ugly thing! I want her to stop doing this as fast as possible!


Don't post Erika images with your shitty bullies you fuckin' loser.


Kill me und Panzer

I would have thought Nonna would be more pleased.

Try to stop me, cunt

While your statement isn't even true, that's a pretty mean thing to say, dude. What has my wife ever done to you?

Meanwhile, here's a Nonna render.

I'll ask one more time but can anyone translate these three comics?


But who is Agiri?


You trying to intentionally give Erikafags a bad rap?

Quit your senseless babbling.

Are you really asking?


I'll take your word for it! Nice job, as usual.

Thanks mate.

Does anyone know how to photoshop ryona marks onto guppies?

Of course it would be the sonar ninja.

Oh my. What is going on here? Good job, nonetheless.

Simple. By How dare you, jerk.

I love you renderfag!

A Japanese girl pretending to be Russian with the body of a child


Darjeeling is my wife!

I thought you'd like it!

I can do these, but I'm not going to be able to magic away the watermark, is that okay?

>Jekyll and Hyde

Am I missing something here?

What is Anchovy doing?

I didn't see the watermark. Lemme search for a better version

getting ready for the BBC

Damn. Seems to be on every version.
Oh well, it looks like it can be fixed on Darjee.

As for Kay... that leg's gonna have to go. She should be glad it's all she lost in that ammo rack accident.

I love it! I'm just a stupid and I'm not sure what she's dressed up as.

Can I get a render of this?

I wanna fuck these slags

Darjeeling is Hyde to Kay's Jekyll.

The Darj will be no problem, I might be able to do something with the Kay, we'll see.

I don't know what she's dressed up as either, I assume it's for some festival.



>Mako comes out unharmed just to watch her friends die
Being Mako is suffering.

Momo does tend to get the weird costumes. I bet she's fun around Halloween.

are we going to have another multi thread autistic argument about how a panzer iii wouldn't brew up in the pattern depicted from a hit there?

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

Would you honestly not prefer learning a thing or two about tank engineering over waifuposting?

I do enjoy my waifuposting but I definitely prefer to actually talk about tanks, even if it gets a little autistic at times.

We can start with the fact that isn't a Panzer III.

Do you own any cool Erwin things around your home?

I just realized that I'm a kayfag but my only figures are Anchovy and Yukari.

I'm a bad husband.


No, I have roommates and I have no money. If I had money I would probably have something small.


>Tries to bully with the file name
>Just winded up posting a cute gif of Saori

What was your end game?

Spoils of victory!

I'm friends with Geshiko!

>Erikaputos trying to bully Sawreehfag
>They don't know he's impervious to it

The only thing you're achieving is no Erika renders. I want Erika renders, fuck you Argie faggots.

I don't think it's Erikaputos. I think it's the same guy/ guys who pretended to be Momofags a while back. They wanna get people mad at the wrong -fags for some reason.

reminder that all -fags are idiots

Ok, Ducefag.

How many days has it been since Momofag died again?

Son, we noticed that you spend all your time on your computer, and you don't get out much, so we've been talking, and well, we decided to buy you a prostitute. Have fun!

Wait, who is this cutie again?

Here's your Kay, I just chopped it above the ankle, if that's cool. I'll do your darj now.

I'll still do Erika renders eventually, don't worry. I know it's just one guy trying to bully. He does it to every girl.

Almost thought that was chubby Darjeeling. Not that I mind a healthy Darj.


>not recognizing Geshiko

But mom, that's my milk dispenser for my tea.

Saori is unbullyable! She oozes confidence!

This image was obviously taken before she met Sawreehfag

she isn't real though

Is Saorifag also a seal?

Oh this is her. Didn't know she had a name. I wish I knew her seiyuu, her voice is cute.

>Didn't know she had a name

So what? It's her own body, you shitlord.

And your Darj.

Do you actually want a render of the tonk or is this just a shitty THATpost?

Both. And I would like the whole box.

Thanks for the blondes.

Goddamn the blondes in this show are so delicious.

You could do that in paint with about 5 seconds

Judging by the fact that it's the shooped version, it's a shitty THAT post.

Please can someone translate these. I even asked in the /wsr/ and nothing happened

Here you go.

All done, enjoy!


Tastefully played, Sawreehfag.


>The Rabbits were cheering Momo on to get a kill

That's really cute. Never noticed that.

They must be pretty bad if translators are just ignoring them

Commander Nishizumi!

Please open it!
Everyone's waiting you know!

Looking at the doujins that are and aren't translated, I'd say it's hardly any predictor of quality.

is image the best girl?


Saki awakes.

So good, it's not surprisign you'd confuse her for best girl.

She is not the breast girl, she is the ass girl.

Actually got spooked. I don't like horror in my innocent tank show.

That's precious user, who's your favorite GuP?

Well, Assam is best tea.


Assam is quite nice, but I honestly prefer Pekoe out of all the namesake teas.

Sorry Darj.

I want to confess to Kay.

Guys, I'm turning into a Mikkofag. I mean, I still like Kay and Yukari more but the more I look at Mikko the more I'm starting to like her a lot. She doesn't even talk much. I feel shallow. Someone help.

That's not important! Just post more things so it gets buried!

Rewatch the series/movie and do a character sort.

You're so cute, Momofag.

user pls, if you wanted a Mikko dump you could've just aked.

>do a character sort.
I'll never do that because I refuse to have anyone be last place.

There's a tie option. Everyone can be a winner.


Having it be Kay = Yukari > Mikko > everyone else tied doesn't make a compelling list.

You can have tied groups it's not last if it's like 10+ characters now is it?

You're just making lazy excuses to not spend the time sorting, aren't you?

I hate this!

I love all girls, and I'm so autistic that I just don't wanna have any group of girls be last because I imagine they'd be really sad if they saw my list.

Also list posting and image dumping is cancer.

List posting is fun, user! Opinions are meant to be shared!

You don't have to save the image, just confirm it with yourself, goddamn don't be such a little fucking bitch.

I fucking knew it.

close the hand

Fine fine.

>1 Yukari and Kay
>3 Miho, Maho, Rosehip and Mikko
>7 Anchovy
>8 Azusa, Shiho, Nishi
>11 Saori, Mako, Noriko, Oryou, Anzu, Darjeeling, Katyusha, Alice, Mika, Aki
>21 Yuuki, Sodoko, Orange Pekoa, Assam, Alisa, Naomi, Nonna, Klara, Carpaccio, Pepperoni, Fukuda
>32 Everyone else that isn't a guy

Oh. Welp. That was harder than I thought.

Hush, you!

I would never harm an innocent little 'Chovy.



[insert Maho(u) pun here]

Assam's probably my favorite overall, but I do quite like Darjeeling as well. (I used to drink a lot of Earl Grey as well, but lately it seems to screw up my stomach.) Assam's nice and strong, while Darjeeling is all light and flowery and shit. Really just depends on my mood. Been meaning to get some more high-end Chinese black teas, but I can't find them anywhere around here.

In any case, I drink far too much tea for being an American....


I must agree, the malty flavour of Assam is quite fantastic. Have you ever had Rose Hip? It's really sweet, it's a nice break from your regular teas and a great replacement for soft drink and shit. Give it a shot if you haven't already.

I thought I had a picture with some Rose Hip but I don't, here's a Pekoe instead.

Sorry, I just had a hunch as soon as you avoided answering the question.





I want to touch that tongue.

With my tongue also.

I'm that transparent, huh?

And there's nothing wrong with the term 'spooked'!

>Classy-ish short haired tomboy vampire

Naomi can make anything work.

Are there Halloween versions of the Student Council?


Just the fact you got spooked, it's funny.

None yet.



Da-dang is Emiracle of the universe.

Why are the Brit girls so much better than all the others. GuP needs a spinoff just about them.

It's late here and it's very dark. I get spooked easily. Seeing cute girls killed/ hurt/ covered in blood ect. makes me uneasy.

Da-dang it all.

The mystery is solved! She's dressed up as Kagami Mochi. It's a Japanese New Years things.

This is your mom for today.

I'm more of a Shiho kind of guy.


I want to create Meho.

We don't speak of Meho around these parts.

What about Moho?

Absolutely not.

>before miho
>after miho

She learnt well.


"No user, you're MY wife..."

but user
Those people get paid in imagine money

Too late, she already heard you.

How do you guys think Meho would look like?

Same hair style as her sisters but with dark black hair.

That's alright.

You too?
I've imagined her with dark black hair and constant bored look.


Can you please render this Miho?
I need her for spookedposting.

So like Saki?

Nah. While Saki is usually looking in the distance and communicate with Elder Gods, Meho is just a definition of low energy.

Duce pays old men for sex.


So like Mako?

Kill yourself my man.

Wrong, she has sex with old men for fun[/spoiler

Are we Sakiposting now?

Look to the skies.

Is that what Saki calls her panties?

That's carol of the old ones, you idiot.

Ah, so 'The skies' is what Saki calls it when she's wearing nopan?

I don't like your line of questioning.

>Saori fucks OLD men for money! I
>ever getting laid
Unless you mean she's the one paying old men for a fuck, this statement is debunked from the get go.

>Saori never getting laid
>Who is Sawreehfag

user pls

>Implying that she doesn't have Sawreehfag as a boyfriend
>Implying that they dont' fuck at least once a day

Saori doesn't need to pay old men for anything, she has a healthy and intimate relationship with me.

Duce drinks old men semen for breakfast.

Even Saori has standards, user.

Are you an old man?

Stop the bullying right FUCKING now!

Erikaputo here, I can do renders
Next time please watch your tone
Now what do you want?

I'm gonna bully more anons, Miho! You're gonna have to punish me to teach me a lesson!

Look for yourself, she's locked in the Nishizumi manor basement

You needn't worry user, I'm too (love)drunk to feel their words!

Miho is very dangerous user, don't encourage her.

How about you bully Anons that can actually be bullied then? Like anyone that isn't Sawreehfag, Katyusha and Ducefags make good targets.

>people providing content getting involved in -fag dramas
Oh boy
I hope tls don't get dragged in

A coup you say?

Don't encourage bullying.

Erdogan pls

There's no fag dramas though, what are you talking about?

Erwinfags are fags of peace.

I want to go to the local swimming pool with Sodoko and fuck her in the changing room.

They'll be fine.
Just minor flesh wounds, nothing Oarais doc can't solve.

Good for you lad, but you know, as a Mihofag I feel like I have to protect Miho's friends.
And Saori is one of Miho's best friends. In her company she can almost feel like a normal person.

Is Roseship actually a speedfreek?


Yes. To the extreme she doesn't wipe her asshole because it's a waste of time

Do what your heart tells you user, just letting you know it doesn't bother me.

>Best fags
>Good fags:
Fags who do things (discussion, tl, content)
>Who? fags:
>Okay fags:
A proclamation of love once a thread
>Shit fags:
My waifu > your waifu
>Shitter fags:
>Shittest fags
THAT, Kaydar

>>Shittest fags
>THAT, Kaydar
My nigga.

But i only bully with love

Good list (not counting the first position)

No you bully because you're a shit. Unless you're that one Anzufag.

Fuck Kaydar man, /u/ exists for that shit.

Well you get it


I've always liked you Kayfags.
You're a good lot.

That's one sexy I-Go.

Well, I like yuri a bit, but Kaydar just hurts my feelings.


Sometimes I wonder how those schools are paying for such massive amount of gasoline they use

Look at Anzio, they didn't have enough even for practice

I want to befriend Mika.


You are after the lolis, right?

I want to plant my seven seeds inside of Shizuka!

I could befriend them too.

Kuromorimine, the coloring book!
Kuromorimine, the lunch box!
Kuromorimine, the breakfast cereal!
Kuromorimine, the flame thrower!

In Oorai Momo gets the funds

Gasoline is probably their smallest expense. With how reckless they get even with practice the repairs are probably worse and whatever they're using to move the ship, nuclear or otherwise, is probably at the top of the list

I want to marry Mika

why is the tank floating in the lower pic?

It's not floating, the track marks belong to Maho's Tiger which is towing it
If anything the tank on the upper pic is floating. That sequence was awkwardly animated

>why is the tank floating in the lower pic?
>It's not floating, the track marks belong to Maho's Tiger which is towing it
Actually I wouldn't be surprised if the tank is suspended off the ground by wheeled trolleys underneath. The tracks were already taken out and you really can't tow a vehicle without its tracks even if it was otherwise undamaged. Not unless we are talking about Christie Suspension anyway.



>can't tow a vehicle without its tracks
Not true, the weight of the tank sits on the roadwheels all the time, tracks or not, if they're intact and the tracks are gone, they're simply resting on the ground instead of the tracks. The only downsides would be that it sinks in soft terrain and you have no braking.



I really want to kiss Nonna, right on the lips.


Stop dumb duceposter







It's time.

For what?

For Ducefag to stop.

>not "the weak should fear the strong"
get on my level user

To join the Saki cult.

Anyone got a translation for this?


is there an uncensored one?

>you have no braking.
nor traction, for that matter
Some tracked vehicles DO have an auxilary brake for the roadwheels to facilitate trackless towing of a recovered vehicle. I have no idea if the pz IV did have it.


Arisu ribs



Naomi-san, don't you use make up and stuff?

..Me, not really

Let's do it then~


You're rather late aren't you, Nao....

I'm back


It's Naomi

Even the voice changed!?

Naomi still looks like a boy though

>Momofag comes home to this everyday

How can other fags even compete?

It's not so special, I can set the image as my wallpaper too.


Excuse you?


As an Anzufag, i get her two sex toys for free

What kind of monster does something like this?

>/u/ exists for that

>half of these threads has been siscon shit and yukari pairings since the dawn of time


Finally, she can not borrow anymore


True, but dammit, Naomi, both before and after her make-up does things to my dick

So the yukarifags are /u/trash, what a shame

Why would I want to compete when I come home to this everyday?


That huh should be an eh~ but it works I guess

But I'd untie her when she will ask.

Look, an loser.

A Brit girls is elegant and doesn't show her underwear so easy like that

what's canon in raburabu is the whole show is yurishit


They are Nihonjin user-san.

I am Fagfag AMA

Someone needs to typeset the crying Erika a few threads back

Latest Rabu Rabu 4-koma Web Edition:

What are they saying?

Do not bully the Erika.

Why are girls being rear naked choked so arousing?

I can and I will, a fierce retribution for the sins of her fags.

Just guessing, she talks nonsense and isn't aware the radio is on?

Erika is for being bullied by Nishizumis!

But Maho is the only one allowed to bully her. (a bit)

And Mika is the only one allowed to bully Maho a bit

During Mike Testing

The radio tuning is complete

It's free time until the others come then


pinpon panpo~m

This is a notice from Takebi Saori

Presently, I'm taking applications for a Lovely Boyfriend~
just kidding

Maybe I should start taking applications too~?

do your best~

FIght! Takebe Senpai!

-It was live?


Damn, why Yuuki always had to look slutty?

"Were you spying on us user? you must be punished, take off your clothes..."

Maybe I should start taking applications too~?

Yuuki pls

It's "gathering intel".

>Presently, I'm taking applications for a Lovely Boyfriend~
>just kidding

And it wouldn't be until a few days later, that Saori would meet the love of her life, Sawreehfag.

It's on Gel since last week.

Anime about vietnam when?

"Then it looks like you're now our prisoner, looks like we will have to use Anzu to get some information our of you....."


That's hot.

But you already posted it

Thank you for the translation.

You wonder why?

>Girls und Pattons: shitty ass jungles

My nigger

GuP is for autistics faggots

Is this translated?

>interview involves night long sex marathons so Yuuki can figure out if the applicant has enough stamina

In the scale from 0 to Miho how much pain Anzu can inflict upon my body?

There's just something sexy about this uniform that I don't find in your standard gym uniform and bloomers.

Yoshika a shit

How about Ruski?

Dele this, Yuuki is pure

I want to do lewd things with this cake


>saori can fly now
Is this what you call power of love?

Thank you, Anons. When I come back to check the thread and see replies like these it's a highlight of my day.

I know there are sea lions, but are there air seals?

Yes, thanks to modern technology.

Poor and lucky souls

Now this is someone even more boring than Miho

Translate it chinks.

I'm going to assume this is porn because I cannot stop now.



Chiyo would not be happy about that

Is Rumi gonna impart her loli-kidnapping skills to Mika?

Just some good old "recon"

Are they gonna storm Pravda?

Have a lewd Alice, I'm going to bed now.

If you have any requests just leave them here, I'll check tomorrow morning. Oyasumi, /ak/.


I meant for renders, not translation. Sorry dude.


Pure whore for old man semen you mean.

>90 min
So this is part 15 of her first AV shot?

Old men are for Momo, Yuuki fucks all the bunnies' oniichan

AV Trilogy "The Rabbit", directed by Peter Jackson.

>the Gangbang of the Five Armies

>Wake up
>See this

What do?

>Wake up
That would require you to actually sleep first


>Hana hoarding all the food


well played

I think Maho isn't telling us about something...

Erika is a Wehraboo and just want to pretend their actual Nazis.


>ywn be kidnapped by Alice
>ywn be used as a breeding stud for the Shimada family

Why live?

That's rather cute.

>That's rather lewd.


What did she mean by this?

Hamburger means hamburger

I dont understand why the tl didnt use "commander" for 隊長 there

You won't be breeding stud for Shimada.
You'll die slow and agonizing death stuffed in Boko suit.
Miho taught Alice well.

It's more natural-sounding in English, not that I'm saying it's my preferred translation.

but people have been tling Erika's taichou as commander for forever

Translations can and are done by people not familiar with the series in question. Again, I don't approve, but you can understand the reason behind it.

For those that prefer 'Commander'

隊長 is commander and its even more awkward to translate it as sir which would've been サー

However it's also for the concept of "a commander" rather than a set rank, like "Captain" or "Commander". Which lead to a weird part in GATE translations, when they were translating it as "captain" to mean "A leader of a group of ground forces", and the MC assumed they meant "The one holding the rank of a Company Commander".

So, culturally, "sir" is just fine, and typesets better. Even if it's the wrong gender, but that also works with Erika wanting to be under Maho in lots of ways involving gender interactions and blah blah blah.

Everyone except me have shit taste.

Say that again motherfucker

Everyone except me have shit taste.

Karina wouldn't appreciate such rude comments.

>but that also works with Erika wanting to be under Maho in lots of ways involving gender interactions and blah blah blah

I may get you wrong, but i'm rather sure Erika still sees Maho as a girl / woman.

SEAL: Sea AIR and Land, duh


We already have Da-Nang

Definitely not arguing that, but more along the lines of "sir" being a more masculine/powerful/military-related term of respect than ma'am. Sort of how Integra is always Sir Integra and not Dame Integra.

I'd watch it.

>AK47 and not STG44
Why even draw?


The AK is an actually good weapon.


Because Miho is not a wehraboo.

>Implying that the StG44 wasn't a good weapon.

>open topped


looks a bit like a Borgward Wanze.

Thought the same thing. Similar concept, at least.

Something like that should show up in Ribbon warrior, as open vehicles are obviously OK (Anzio used one).
If Erika REALLY wants retribution on Shizuka, she could bring a Renault UE with a 38cm incendiary Wurfrahmen rocket device.

>implying it'll do anything to Shizuka's reactive armor Te-Ke

The great thing about Tankathlon is that you aren't restricted to WW2 tech, but Erika is too much of a wehraboo to not use WW2 tech.

Jesus Christ that is a eally sexy picture
The tank is nice too

What did Anzio use? It's been a while since I last read Ribbon Warrior, so I don't remember.

It wouldn't need to penetrate, the explosion blast of those rockets would be sufficient to simply sent that Te-Ke flying.

Also, you can't really blame Erika, it was Maho who agreed to the match and gave her the tanks.

L33 tankette with a massive AT rifle mounted on it (which required the hatch to be left open to be crewed).

That's actually cool.

But tankathlon isn't regulated, is it? From what I remember, it was the unofficial (grey area, maybe?) alternative.

It was over engineered, overcomplicated, and basically had all the hallmarks of German design. Fascinating as a piece of history, but the AK pattern beats it like a rented red-headed step-mule in terms of sheer elegance and being designed for the situation at hand.

best driver

St. Gloria evo VI without Rosehip on it...

Wait a second
Didn't the senshado federation give the shells to the schools? are they stealing ammo or using real ammo?

Despite it's faults, it was still the first (combat effective) of it's kind. It set the basic standards of what a weapon of that kind should be, and it was effective enough to result in the change of small arms tactics. It wasn't without it flaws, but for it's period, it was simply unparalleled.

Is the AK a better gun? Definitely. However, don't forget that the soviets had plenty of Mkb 42's and StG 44's to analize before they even started developing the AK. Hell, they brought in german engineers to teach them on how to stamp the receivers, because their first attempt was a failure and they had to wait for about a decade until they could finally produce those, under the name of AKM.

I don't remember anything being said about the source of the shells, but my guess is that they buy them normally in senshado stores.

You know, when you have a sports club at school they have their club gear but nothing stops you from going to the store and buying some on your own. And senshado is just another sport in GuPverse.

>slavboos talking about shit they don't understand
Don't you have a farm to work in or a factory where to lose an arm?

I want to cuddle with Oryou

Same as you can buy federation-regulated footballs, they can buy federation-regulated Panzergrenate 39

Oreo a cute and soft.

Wew lad

Sir is fairly gender neutral, actually. Masculine in nature, rather than gender. Militant organizations often prefer it regardless of sex. You know, "Sir, yes sir".
My mother would always get extremely angry if I ever called her ma'am because that's a word for respect, not authority. And she hated the British 'mum' for some reason.

That being said, it is true that sir is just sort of pulled out of air there. 隊長 doesn't translate well to that whatsoever.

Why are Finns so adorable?

Friday marathon is a go!
Get in!
More info in this thread;

Would you take them home and love them?

>tfw still at work
How long will it last?

I would do more than just that.

The Finns and Pravda should be good friends like Eila and Sanya.

I just want to awkwardly cuddle with Assam while drinking tea and watching Bridge on the River Kwai.

They love their waifu the most
They have the best bromance

Truly men to look up to. except one's a drunk and the other a crybaby.

But she's Japanese
Are you Anglo m8?

Over 5 more hours.

Do you think the St. Gloriana girls enjoy watching top gear? Who are their favourite presenters respectively?


Me on the right

Ich liebe Erika

Erika is best Boko cosplayer.

Darj - Clarkson/May
Pekoe - Hammond
Assam - May
Rosehip - Clarkson, full stop.

Rosehip has taken to gently bumping her Crusader into the back of Darjeeling's Churchill whenever they stop.

I want to spawn a batch of Kaylings!

I want to see my cum leaking out of Oryou

>Anyone liking Hamster

>not liking best boy

It's funny. They're quite similar to their own girls.

Not that Saori us a drunk, but she seems like the type if girl who'd like to drink here and there


Don't talk shit about my husbando

I feel like the stig would be rosehips favourite

>Not liking Hammond

I think it's probably:
Darj - Clarkson
Pekoe - Hammond
Assam - May
Rosehip - The Stig

Art of the other girls in Maginot gear when?

Which girl would you like to harvest her organs?


Mika, give her a taste of her own medicine

mako because no one would miss her

none, wtf is wrong with you

Momo, her organs would be worth a lot more than her entire character, although it isn't a big achievment.


these threads have gone too far


Excuse me now?

Because a single shadow shade is already too much for 2d ... oh wait this is GuP. They CGed half the anime.

True, but i doubt that Yuzu forcing people doing naked ankou dances make them better.

Which girl would you give back their organs if you found out someone harvested them?

All of them bar Mika


No Oryou is complete without cream filling

Which school do you think has the most yuri going on?

I think its got to be st. gloriana's, i mean the whole tea garden thing oozes yuri


Sounds about right to me
Maybe Anzio
Chi-Ha-Tan and KMM are right out of the door

You can't convince me it's not Anzio.

thats the one with the most straight sex though

Hey user's, how would you favourite guppie react if she was sitting on your lap, and she felt your dick getting hard?

>come home from a hard day of work
>Orange Pekoe with a hot cup of tea ready
>she's been watching comfy documentaries while waiting for you to arrive


What Miho is telling Erika?

Lewd things.

Probably be gung ho for a bit of rumpy pumpy

Holy fuck, I'm in desperate need of sleep.

Good night user's


Reminder to report and ignore shitposting.

If Kuro is the Enclave who's the brotherhood?



Ooarai a shit, maybe followers of the apocalypse tier

Erika seems to enjoy her new job.

>you will never be a proud enclave soldier and cleanse and wasteland from muties
>you will never be a prime normie who is "force" to breed prime normies with Erika




I actually really like some of the science documentaries he's done

>"oh look darling, a ww2 one"

What is the worst crack pairing?


Why is Rin about to punch holes in her shirt?



She's excited for what comes next

Whatever school Shizuka goes to

None of them, of course.

I want to fill Oryou's womb with my seed and fertilize her eggs

I'm just going to post a picture of my wife
I don't mean to offend anyone please no bully

Alisa seems interested to know why there's a box marked "THE ORANGE" sitting in the middle of their locker room.

the lack of Noriko with the pussy tag on Danbooru is disturbing


Everyone should feel free to post their waifu without fear of bullying. Remove bullies.



post your waifu then

Nein. I fear the bullies.

Except the momofag, he deserves all the bullying

Now this is a crack pairing.

What with those girls?


I don't think we should completely remove bullying, otherwise we would be like those kids whose parents don't let them out, susceptible to diseases, sheltered.
Environmental pressures from bullies also encourage change
Bullying allows progress and prevents stagnation

Momofag doesn't do anything wrong. I can't bully the guy in good concious.

Who would you rather fuck? Meho, Moho or Muho?

Somewhat true. But it's not fun when no one is allowed to share an opinion. But then again, to expect that here is a bit foolish.


Did they run through a minefield together?

Tell me the most sick, twisted, and depraved thing you would do to this little girl.


Lookin' a little sluggish there, duce

have sexual relationships with her

Rape her Boko dolls while she watches

I would run through a minefield with them

I wish we had more Metal Slug GuP stuff

hold hands

Dress up as a giant Boko, leave myself in her room, and leave myself to the mercy of her imagination


I want to become a father.

Es hora boludos

Post Erika

You're going to adopt her?

Erika comes from a terrible country

The artist can't draw his favorite girls together?

she can always come to Argentina with me

I know some german colonies in the jungle

Guys just in case if the Cred Forums closes where do we regroup?


there was an /ak/ thread there


If that happens I'll see you all in hell

Then we'll expel you when we rebuild our Moth... site again.

Godspeed to our taiwaneese puppet board I guess

If you had a daughter with your favorite garupan, and had to name it, what name would you choose?

If I had a daughter with Mako I'd call her Reiko.

Fuck I just reminded that hot wheels lost his virginity and I'm still at virgin at 20 yo

Isn't he super rich?




Riri is a cute name. I like it.

What if Cred Forums closes forever on it's anniversary tomorrow?

>hot wheels

Maybe Ume or Nashi. Something fruit related.




Aika or Fuyumi. I'd have to think of more though because I'd have more than a few children with Saori.

I'd name my kids with Kay George, Abraham, Franklin Delano, John Fitzgerald, and Barack.

you made me remind her

I miss you grandma

>not glorious Kar98k

Matilda if a girl, Winston if a boy, although the first one will be called Valentine regardless of sex


Yukari. Because this answer will cause the most butthurt.