Is it my imagination or is there something odd about Mechazawa?

Is it my imagination or is there something odd about Mechazawa?

I have no idea of what you're talking about. Mechazawa is completely normal.

No, there's definitely something off about him.

Sorry man, but I think it's your imagination. There's nothing odd about him.

He's not wearing his pants.

Now that you mention it. It seems that he has lost a button on his shirt.

You know...

I'm feeling something too - his definitely feels off. He's too cold, both his personality, and to the touch! He's like a r-robo-

Hey, a cold-blooded guy like him could become our banchou!

Mechazawa's eyes seem a bit yellowish, hopefully he's ok.

Whoa dude... you should be more considerate of Mechazawa's feelings.



I wasn't going to say anything, but now I feel like it's been hyped up too much not to.

Mechazawa -- Your uniform is missing a button!

Woah man Mechazawa has really dry skin.You shouldn't pick on a guy just for his imperfections.

That's fucking rude. When you insult Mechazawa, you insult all of us.

Now that's just crazy. Mechazawa is NOT a robot.




dub or sub?

Do you have to ask?

What are you talking about? This post makes no sense. How could he possibly be a robot?

What the fuck bro?

While we're at it, do you think there's something odd about Nano too?

She's just wound up a bit too tight.

She and Mechazawa would make a good couple.

You know user, you really should have taken Mechazawa's feelings into consideration when you made this post. Can't you just see he's a normal guy? I'm sure you made him feel really bad about himself by saying this, and you should apologize. Besides, how could a robot possibly attend a school?

Yeah, I don't know why, but I think she doesn't have a mom. That's kinda sad.

>he doesn't know girls who can pre-frost cakes inside their butt

Well it seems he is quite thin.

He should eat more. He is in his growing Phase after all.

Just look at that pale skin. He needs more iron in his diet.

He needs some meat on his arms


Mechazawa is voiced by based Norio Wakamoto. Do you really have to ask?



Wearing pants is kind of a personal preference, I wouldn't say there's something off because he chooses not to.

This fact alone makes me feel sorry for the dub fags. Wakamoto is GOAT

there something cute about Mechazawa's brother

Don't know what you're talking about, seems like a ordinary high school kid


Manga or Anime?

He's a degenerate delinquent

Yes, but half the Greco-Roman wrestling team do that!

Do you think he could fix my CD player? He seems like the kind of guy who would be good with machines.

I fucking hate you.

This Looks like his middle button is lost

His collar might be a little crooked, but I wouldn't say that makes him odd. If anything, it makes hm even cooler.

He is a bit strong for somebody with a normal body like that, but no; I don't see anything else. What are you trying to say, OP?

Normal-looking body.

She is a robot made by Hakase. She said so herself.


I never heard someone named "Mecha" before, what do you think it means?

Large torso but extremely thin arms. He's suffering from ostreopsis, I'm sure of it.

He's a foreigner

>hurr durr I'm only pretending to be retarded
OMG we totally don't know he's a robot because that's how it is in the anime, lol jk so funnay meme

His name is Shinichi

HEY HEY HEY! You gotta lotta nerve comin' in this thread and tryin' to start shit! I oughta kick your ass!

He's like a machine, I tell you.
I've seen him fight, he's hard as metal.

I agree.

When I first started exercising, I wasn't eating enough to maintain my weight.

Mechazawa needs to chug some protein shakes.

>protein shakes

Disgusting. He should be eating protein-rich foods instead.

I think you've been watching to many Chinese cartoons user.

chuu2 are so embarrassing, "this one's a robot, this guys an alien"

just stop

>Mechazawa is a robot
Is this some new meme or something? I guess i'm completely out of the loop? Is this something someone made up based on his mannerism? From my experience Mechazawa is a very sensual and emotional person. Mechazawa really don't need this kind of attention seeing as he got a little brother to take care of and it's downright disrespectful towards him.

One of his buttons fell off.

Look user, I know Mechazawa can be cold at times but that doesn't mean you have to go around spreading rumors like that.

What will you do next? Assume that he's good with machines?

That was rude, dude.

Perhaps all those anons claiming Mechazawa to be a robot think that he posts on /r9k/.

But I don't know if they're not confusing him with someone else.

doke doke doke

the show got the gag so right I'm convinced he isn't actually a robot and that's just the POV messing us up.

Jokes aside, I think we can all agree that Mechazawa is a really cool guy

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I only ever read the manga which ran a while a longer.
How does the anime end?

Nonsense, why would a confident guy like Mechazawa browse /r9k/?

That's racist! How can you be so insensitive, man?

He is fast.

They walk into the sunshine, Freddy in his horse, the alien, with Maeda, Kamiyama and Hayashida.



We've been doing this for 50 years.

That's insane! He's a robot?! You've been watching too much chinese cartoons user.

Quads confirm.



You know guys, sometimes my faith is shaken in this board but I'm glad to see you are all true blue friends to Mechazawa. He would be proud to know all his pals are sticking up for him like this.

This is fine and all, but this really doesn't answer the true question : what's this guy's name?

It isn't Omaeda?

Racist? No, it isn't racist, it's species-ist! Even, EVEN if we suppose he was indeed a robot, so what? Robots are cool as hell. I would like a robot Mechazawa just as much - as somebody already cool, him turning into a robot would be the epitome of coolness.

Lucky Hocto

a robot? Nah, he's just an ordinary high school kid