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Movie 3 Confession is out now avalible at your local sources.

Applimon premires October 2nd.

No bully the angels please.

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I tried thinking about it.

First off, the 02 kids clearly exist in this universe. The Chosen clearly recognize Ken, and according to Himekawa, they've all gone missing.

So then, why haven't the Chosen noticed that they've gone missing? This implies that they don't keep regular contact, which further implies that they don't live in Odaiba anymore. However, the fact that they don't seem to keep regular contact at all seems a little odd. Why weren't they contacted when Digimon started appearing in the real world again? More importantly, why wasn't Daisuke contacted when Ken resurfaced as the Kaiser again?

Did something happen that would cause the original Chosen to write off the 02 kids for this incident?

angels are cute, CUTE

they are pure, PURE

I'm somehow super hype for Appmon. A lot of the Appmon designs really feel like what you'd get if Digimon had been invented in the year 2016, but are surprisingly faithful to that old aesthetic also. Plus the anime looks pretty cool, after reading interviews with the straff they seem to be going an interesting direction with it. It sucks we only get a new Digimon TV anime once every four or five years, and I'm honestly thankful to have one going again.

For a spin-off it's clear they are putting a lot of effort and care with it. My main worry is if the story will be actually good and the characters engaging.

Xross wars may have taken a dump in the setting but it was really good regardless.

Just from that one PV they showed with all the characters introducing themselves I like some of the dynamics set up between the humans and their buddy Appmon. With Rei and Hackmon working against the protagonists along with Leviathan, there should be some momentum for the plot.

Stuff like the chibi ancientwisemon make me really hopeful of appmon, specially since it may mean we can get some form of the warrior ten in something animated.

When is my nigga Daisuke gonna show up and steal the show with his Gary Stu-ness

I still wonder if old Digimon will ever be included in Appmon. It would certainly be a cool direction to have them go to the Digital World eventually but after we've seen 140+ new Appmon already from the games I think the show definitely won't run out of characters to feature.

What's the difference between Pokemon and Digimon?
Pokemon is supported by Nintendo
Digimon is supported by Bandai

Honestly Digimon has a much larger room for business success, but fucking Bandai man

Well, that depends a lot of which old digimon they are. Stuff like cyclomon? cause if his cameo in CS tell us anything is that bandai still knows their old mons

There are three broad possible reasons why the original Chosen never saw fit to contact them:
1) Because they're unable to
2) Because they're unwilling to
3) Because they see no reason to

Each possibility presents a problem If they're unable to get in touch, I would imagine that they'd react with more alarm. If they're unwilling to get in touch, then we've yet to see a hint of an explanation as to why. And if they see no reason to get in touch, then that opens up a whole new can of worms.

There's also Himekawa. Why is she in possession of Ken's D-3? How did she obtain it? Why did not one see fit to question her about it?

Either the writers and director really are that impossibly incompetent, or something really fishy is going on.

at 0:10 ''super missile barrage''

There are some cute easter eggs to the older shows in some of the Appmon designs.


Never he's dead.

So I'm pretty sure the only reason Metalgreymon bumped up to Wargreymon even after being infected was because Metalgreymon is too fucking big

Herculeskabuterimon couldn't have done the group hug/push all those niggas back scene if Metalgreymon was there

Could have been worse. It could have been Garudamon.



>implying Eri and Rei won't be Appmon's OTP

Posting Appmon art and/or models



He's got a little bit of Mazinger in him



Notice the date?










Thank you user. Post more please.
Right now in digimon tri it is summer. So what date is at the end of movie 3? August 1st ?


Think about what day is significant to this franchise





Missed this guy




He's our hero

Gonna take pollution down to zero

He's our powers magnified and he's fighting on the planet's siiiide




He has Pac-Man nipples


I wasn't ready for all that suffering.
Holy fucking shit.


He sure looks familiar





He's a wallpaper





This is the last one I can do

Sorry everyone

>October 2nd
Appmon starts tonight / 1st October though.

I only watched the first anime, I started the 2nd but it was shit.
Should I continue? Or can I drop it? If so, which series or film should I watch next?

Is frontier's first half better than adventure's first half?

>Patamon asking Takeru to mercy kill him
jesus christ

Most useless girl ever.

They know the fans hate 02, but they just haven't retconned it out of existence, so it is this wish-wash of the kids being there but being utterly ignored.

Its just a mess, just like the rest of Tri.

Adventure is okay, Tamers is great, do watch that.
You better be watching the sub

well, fairymon was utter shit but zephyrmon at least did something.

This movie was too fucking much.
They just killed all the digimon companions in one fell swoop, that's fucking insane.
>inb4 they didn't die
The memories, knowledge and personalities they forged over the course of many years and adventures are gone. Those characters are to all effects and purposes dead, even if their bodies were recreated.

>still the only main Digimon to lose its first fight in its respective series
As if you couldn't make Izumi any shitter than she is.

Still better than Miyako though.

And it's all that bitch's fault. Thanks, Meiko.

I was expecting Patamon to die, maybe in a heroic way, and I was like meh, he already went through that once, not a big deal.
Wasn't ready for that climax at all. They literally found a fate worse than death for the Digimon.

Isn't that something that should have happened in the first or second movie?

Like, they should have shown you what the kids are up to now, what their problems are and like foreshadow the danger and then immediately fuck things up so we can have a depressing episode where the kids mope around before they get their shit together again to fuck the evil up

you can blame determination for that, although reunion is also a bit guilty

>this caused no casualties

First movie was for nostalgia and introducing the new characters, second movie was about (some) character development and fun, yes, fun, just to contrast with the massive amounts of suffering they were going to introduce in the third one.
That shit hits hard because the tone of the series wasn't this fucked up until the second movie's end.

Well it's technically the Japanese equivalent of a G-rating.

tell that to 02, not to mention adventure:


Standards have changed. Parents are even less forgiving than ever.

you sure? Xros wars was the first time there was visible blood on screen. I'm guessing the reasoning was more along the lines of not spoiling the nostalgia with harsh real consequences.

There have never been harsh, real consequences. Aside from Leomon dying. This is Digimon. What the hell were you expecting?

>There have never been harsh, real consequences
Until now, that is.

Not even now. No one human has died. Aside from that what's-his-name from 02, who wasn't even really human anymore, mind you, no one human has ever died in Digimon.

Well, except in flashbacks, anyway. For some reason, flashbacks are apparently okay. I don't really know why, though.

Well we can't expect every show to be Tamers and have the villains kill off plenty of people in the real world, but other than Frontier and Xros digimon series are pretty good at real world consequences.

>No one human has died
So what? Digimon are relevant characters too and just as much person as any human.
You asked for harsh consequences, not human deaths, and we had a nice nice fill of harsh consequences with this movie.

No human died in Tamers either.

I was responding to the guy complaining about the lack of casualties despite all the destruction.

>Oikawa wasn't really human

He showed us humans turn into butterflies (hell the lyrics to butterfly almost describe his character) in the real world when they died in the digital world though.

I also certainly didn't hear adventure claiming absolutely no one died during venom vamdemon's rampage in Odaiba.

Oh they did. Pic related tried to attack the D-Reaper and was chopped into bits mid air for it's trouble, while the comanding officer watched in terror.

I'll first try with the dub since the French one isn't that bad.

Did you see a corpse?

>the kaiser was Gennai
why tho

The french one is based on the English one, which is shit, changes parts of the plot and severely fucks with the characters on top of utterly butchering the music and atmosphere.

Just watch the sub, if you have to watch a dub, go with the german one.

"These digidestined are making me feel a little batty"

Yeah the English dub chops and changes stuff, but their puns are on point. Watch dub for the laughs, sub for the story.

Wait, was I supposed to laugh at that? I've literally never laughed at a single joke from the dub.

If you want corpses, you have .Tamers is tasteful about it's violence and turned them into smoke, but you can see the scene in episode 43 at the 12 minute mark. There are also other moments with individual soldiers being targeted, or like the deadly car accidents 19 minutes 30 seconds into battle of adventurers.

That woman wasn't necessarily dead.

By that logic, there's no guarantee that people didn't die in tri, either.

if she wasn't dead, the second one that hit the ground head first certainly was.

except we have the newcast explicitely telling us there were absolutely no casualties what so ever, and taichi's entire dilemma is about people that might be killed in the fight, not that they already did.

It's a children's cartoon. People take that kind of damage all the time with minimal repercussions.

Well, there are moments of outright plot armor, but digimon has a thing for realism when it comes to humans, which is why I'm fine if they make it ambigous.

If you want realism, all the kids should be dead. The idea that they survived everything they've been through until now, even with powerful monsters at their side, is ludicrous at best and outright impossible at worst.

In that case I'll go for the sub

>In the beginning,
>there was Demiurge, the soulless creator,
>the true form of the world, known as Idea,
>and the shapeless chaotic souls made up the whole of the universe.
>Demiurge was not aware of the existence that created it,
>nor was it aware of the existence of the soul,
>nor was it even aware of Idea.
>The world which it had created was but a shadow of the true world.

>All were born from within the scorching heat.
>Those which create and those which destroy,
>co-existing, yet mutually opposed,
>together created the whole of existence,
>and thus returned to the heat from whence they came.

If we assume that the egg shown at the beginning of the first film is the "origins" of the Digital World, then this may imply that the world was flawed from the very beginning. The corruption may not be something that can be erased simply through rebooting it, it may have been something that was always there. The only way to truly get rid of it may be to erase the Digital World and all Digimon altogether.

This absolute fate may be what the Chosen Children will be forced to fight against.

The distortions and infections may be the Digital World simply falling apart at the seams. The flaws of the Digital World may even be reaching the real world.

Based on how there seems to be a "reality VS ideal" theme going on, the ultimate choice for the Chosen Children given to them by Homeostasis may be whether to delete the Digital World in order to at least all the Real World a chance at survival, even if that means all information technology will be lost, or to try to save it while risking their own world at the same time.

>we have the newcast explicitely telling us there were absolutely no casualties what so ever
>mib control all the information and can even reboot the digiworld
Yeah, I'm sure no one died :^)

I know. Just to make an example, in machinedramon's FIRST episode he tracks down izzy, tai, kari and their partners and nukes them from point blank range, yet we are supposed to believe they survived that and that the only thing that happened was them falling to the underground.

No wonder he became millenniumon

That wasn't a nuke, he carpet bombed the area and they had already escaped underground. There is a difference.

>Hikari getting her panties wet for (mature)Takeru
>it's his fault all their digimons died
What a player.

Different strokes for different folks. I'm sorry the dub was a disappuntment for you, but when the options of subs are out there, it doesn't really matter.

>it's his fault all their digimons died
No, it's Mei's fault

It's just that the humor is all really simple and generic. It's hard to laugh at it. It's like laughing at a knock-knock joke. No one laughs at knock-knock jokes.

I never laughed at the Japanese script either, mind you.

Meiko didn't have a loving brother willing to listen to her problems, nor did she know the extent of Koushiros's programming magick.

She is the one who knew that the infection comes from Meicoomon and told absolutely no one. The entirety of the Digimon were already infected and there was no assurance that Koushiro's plan was even gonna work.

This could have been avoided had Mei said her Digimon pretty much assuredly infected all of them and was the source of it.

>No wonder he became millenniumon
Because he was in love with a boy?

I miss the type of drawing and animtion used in Adventure-Frontier. Shame it will never come back

Summary of third movie, please?

literally standing in front of them.

>meimei hangs out with Agumon&co all the time
>none of them show signs of infection
>maybe partnered digimon are immune to the virus
>Himetotallynotevilkawa told her that it's gonna be okay and she believed her

>The entirety of the Digimon were already infected and there was no assurance that Koushiro's plan was even gonna work.
And how is doing nothing gonna to stop the infection? Do you also believe that sitting on your ass instead of trying to stop the rampaging digimon is gonna fix the problem, Taichi?

Takeru is a retard, and so is Hikari for liking him.


She was admiring how grown up he had become. Big difference. Then he proved her wrong by acting like a wimp when he found out Patamon was infected.

No, Agumon was admitting how grown up Taichi had become. Hikari had to change panties after returning home.

That's an insult to Leomon who actually died.

and will be reborn like he always does.


>Applimon premires October 2nd.
I thought it starting in about 7 hours.

Happy Joe is best Joe.

He failed his exams tho. Why is he so dumb if all he does is study?

not just him

Because he isn't as smart as he wants to be.

Probably trying out for something he really isn't good at, but it could simply be that he has trouble focusing on things.

>spends every single day studying
>has trouble focusing on things
That's not how it works.

This. He must be borderline retarded.

Jou is trying to get into a high rated medical college. That's really fucking hard in Japan and Jou is not a talented individual, he's a devoted one so he works twice as hard to achieve his goals.

dunno, it have happened to zone off in the middle of studying and thus don't retain anything. If he feels under a lot of pressure it's easy to not be able to really focus on things no matter how long you're at it, because your mind is busy thinking on how everything is gonna go wrong.

But i do understand that what he is trying for is not really easy.

>tfw Mimi was my first waifu

Jou is actually attempting to achieve a very hard goal. Naturally Jou is a C+ kinda student that gets As but has to bust his ass for those grades. Not only is he not book smart he's kinda a doofus, but he is determined to become a doctor. So in his graduating year of highschool he is breaking his back to keep good grades, deal with this stressful period in his life, AND preparing for a once a year test that's extremely rigorous and he can't take it again. You then compound this with how Jou is not aiming for ANY medical college, he's going for a prestigious one so he has the best resources available to him.

Considering all this and the insane pressure of getting into college, residually medical ones, in Japan for a talentless guy you really can see just how amazing a hard worker he is. Add in the fact that he is doing all this and somehow managed to balance a girlfriend into it? Jou is kinda amazing despite being such a doofus.

That's why Jou got the crest of sincerity, he puts his full effort into everything he does and tries to live a life with no regrets.

>Eri is self-assured and has a strong personality but she is also a very friendly girl. However, she is weak to loneliness and has a side of her that cries easily.
She actually does sound like the perfect victim for the Leomon syndrome. Make it so that she hates being lonely due to parental abandonment and you have the perfect angst arc.

Uh, doesn't Applimon air today?

Yeah, in like 6 hours.

What fusion partner does Dosukomon get to become this lionlike?

Yep at 7:00 AM japan time, so in 5~6 hours.


Shit, really? The oni guy? I didn't expect him to be relevant, that's kinda cool.

What station?

TV Tokyo

Thanks. Looking forward to it a lot.

Look more like a wolf to me.

There should be a recolor of this called Samefamon

>tfw you'll never have a digimon paatonaa

The only partner I need against other-planar monsters is a gun

And suffer through this?

Just live in the Digital World until you die.

DELET ! ! !

Best decision

You think they'd be mad if you fapped over them? Like, if you won the partner draw and scored an Angewomon?

>ywn be Mimi's husbando

They're too innocent to understand the concept anyway, so no. I want a Gabumon anyway.

It would depend on their personality


>ywn be based like koushiro and tentomon

>implying that they don't

>That utterly sad, bittersweet ending
It stung, because non of the Tamers kids deserved it and you actually cared about the characters.

But then the audio drama and hearing Ruki just break down crying was too much, it just ripped right into my soul.

They even had the meaning of memories explained to them.

I know that feeling.

Unless you have too much money to count, you cannot keep up with her.

That's because their partners are shitty tamers. Only Tailmon knew and understood the concept of memories because she isn't a sheltered child.

Don't worry she will become good friends with MC and TN e YouTuber


They flanderized the shit out of the Digimon in Tri, especially Agumon. He was a bit thick, but he never struggled to understand simply concepts or was so obsessed with food.


I kinda like this shitty CGI better than the ones from tri.


True. Even I know the chosen digimon arn't stupid. A little innocent but once explaining a certain concept to them, they will quickly understand to an extent.

this movie had such an odd feeling to it

>He was a bit thick, but he never struggled to understand simply concepts or was so obsessed with food.
I really don't get why they've done that with Agumon.




Which Digimon series had the best written DIGIMON personalities?


Either Tamers or Xros.


Tamers will win in the writing category every single time.


It was directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi, his stuff usually has an odd feeling to it.


Xros Wars, hands down.


Tamers and Xros.

Tamers and Xros are the only seasons in which the Digimon feel like more than an extension of their tamers' personalities other than a few exceptions like Adventure's Tailmon or 02's Wormmon.


renamon evolution too?



>dat cute ruki at the end

Will we ever see Sora in her tennis uniform? Tri needs more miniskirts.


Does she even play it still?

Tamers will always win anything involving writing quality.

Impmon and his whole faustian storyarc works extremely well and goes far beyond anything that is done in any other season.

The main cast's partners also are pretty damn good, except for Terriermon who's just there to play off on Jian.

damn i dont even remember this


that's in the dub, in the sub he has quite a bit more subtelty to his character.


I have seen the sub multiple times, never got much character development wise from him

>except for Terriermon
Oh, come on, he was better than that retard Guilmon, that angsty Renamon and the jobber Impmon.
Lopmon was second close, but she was too late into the game and had no important impact in the plot.


>mfw your digimon partner evolves into some ugly green robot with the face of a bear

>hating robots

Guilmon goes from stupid babby to straight up wanting to execute beelzemon for his crimes

Renamon goes from uncaring cold blooded power hungering monster to devoted and empathetic guardian

Impmon is full on Faust

I don't mind cool robots. But that looks like Mazinger only much worse.

essentially he was like a brother to jen, it's what better fits, one more member to his big family. He shines mostly when dealing with suichon.

Also forgot this funny face.

My point is that these characters have progress in their personality, i never saw any in terriermon

Terriermon was already perfect.

I think the Savers' Digimon personalities are underrated

Lalamon is also the gayest Digimon partner

That would be Savemon

Forgot the pic

Racemon wants you to do your part to stop white oppression

>implying you wouldn't be gay for yoshino if you were lalamon

Well obviously. I'm just saying, after the fight with Ivan, there's no denying Lalamon is as straight as a bendy straw.

Yoshino loving is for Masaru, though

Looks like a cross between Shoutmon and Gallantmon/Dukemon crimson mode.

I was going to say that yoshino was for /ss/ with ikuto but chika already grabbed him

Is Zephyrmon or Shutumon?

It'd be a shame if she didn't. Everyone needs a pastime.
Taichi - sports
Yamato - music
Koushiro - computers
Joe - crying about his studies
Takeru - two timing hoes?
Sora - used to be tennis
Mimi - being as annoying as possible
Hikari - photography I guess?

>Is Zephyrmon or Shutumon
Shutumon, dub names are always incorrect

Yoshino and Ikuto don't have much interaction

>3 hours until Appmon starts and Crunchy announced Tiger Mask instead
I wonder if they won't be simulcasting Appmon.

Where do non-partnered Omegamon come from? Random Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon meeting in the wild and just choosing to fuse?

Didn't this thing always run out of ammo? What do wild ones do when that happens?

Forbidden love between 2 males.

>The memories, knowledge and personalities they forged over the course of many years and adventures are gone. Those characters are to all effects and purposes dead, even if their bodies were recreated.
I mean, you know that they will eventually get them back due to the power of love and friendship right?


>That's why Jou got the crest of sincerity, he puts his full effort into everything he does and tries to live a life with no regrets.
First of all, Jou's crest in the dub is the Crest of Reliability

Second of all, his actual crest is that of Honesty


God I hope so, they have every other series on there including releasing Tri.

If I biomerged into a fucking mecha I wouldn't be complaining.

I'm banking on the light of the digivices.

What if they evolve into something different or end up being attached to the wrong chosen child? Would you be able to forgive and take your digimon back if she did that?

They don't have Savers

Well neither of those things are gonna happen

Savers' rights are weird cuz Disney unfortunately

what would be the crest of meimei?

The crest of Gomenasai!

How do you know that?


>God tier
Brave Heart
Break Up
One Vision
The Last Element
Tagiru Chikara

>Good tier
With the Will
Evolution & DigiXros

>shit tier
Beat it
X4B The Guardian
Legend Xros Wars
Sora Mau Yusha! X5

the crest of forgiveness? not bad at all

Well besides Hououmon being on the poster of Movie 4, I don't see any sort of benefit to that in the storyline and especially merchandise department that already advertises the forms we know. In fact, just this being an Adventure anniversary story indicates that they won't evolve into something different.

Also, Savers did this too and that Koromon didn't evolve into something else

I want to see Leomon's rookie form in tri.

How much you wanna bet she's gonna have the crest of miracles

>crest of miracles
because that's already been given away in zero two

Xros Wars had so many songs a bunch of them were throwback garbage.

>legend xros wars

Pleb detected

>a bunch of them were throwback garbage.
What does that even mean?

First of all it's "Beat Hit"

Second of all
>Shit tier
>X4B The Guardian
>Sora Mau Yusha! X5
No, eat a dick

only when she control her emotions...dat would be a miracle

Seijitsu means honesty in actions and sincerity, sincerity means honesty in your actions. There is a reason why always since it was translated by anyone, that isn't the retard known as Saban, it's always called sincerity.

Except for Positron's 02 subs, which translated 誠実 to the other possible translation: Faith.

Is Yamato the most good looking character to date?

Kiriha before he grew his hair and started looking like a glam rock star from the 80's.

An Omegamon's birth is supposed to be a miraculous occurrence. So I when a WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are in a desperate situation and the strength of their courage and friendship is at max, a miracle will occur and they fuse into Omegamon.

so is anyone gonna be streaming Applimonsters?

Touma is basically an all around more attractive version of Yamato.

Meh haircut. He looks like a nerdy version of Yamato.

The crest of darkness.

Only Daisuke should get dibs to that one.

Yamato's haircut is basically the same circa Tri

also he's a scientist and a doctor, so he's like Yamato with actual prospects




The only thing he has going for him is his gaijin look. Yamato is anything but striking in terms of appearance. One thing's for certain though, the dude has the most punchable face known to mankind.

>Mimi - being as annoying as possible
You could have said "being Mimi" and it wouldn't be any different.

Yamato becomes an astronaut and gets to be the first human to walk on Marsfeels like I'm writing a fucking fanfic
So he probably becomes a scientist/pilot/whatever.

Now do Weathermon's eyes

Touma traveled to another dimension, saved the planet, and won the Nobel Peace prize for curing his sister's Anime Disease

so I guess they're more or less equal.


Wh-what if they never become the same again?

The form is not very good for this. Would have to do some photoshop editin on it, but im too lazy.

So whats the verdict on the next Season? Is there a trailer?

>tailmon forgetting all the bad shit that happened to her
How is that a bad thing?

Appmon starts in an hour- anyone got a stream link?

Can't tell if you're talking about her shitty upbringing and losing Wizardmon or this.

Dunno. There was a very short trailer a month ago:


5 million years in paint

Who is going to stream it, to begin with?

>dat decline in box office numbers

The 2nd movie nearly managed to rake in that much on the first day. It seems the movies are going to head for a spiral downwards here on out, at least till the final movie gets released anyway. Guess they couldn't sustain ticket sales on nostalgia forever. Go figure.


So what if Omegamon's upgrade is turning into a cute girl?

No idea. Might be advisable to just hold on to a TV Tokyo stream for now if you can't wait for it get subbed.


Meiko is cute.

How would you feel if one of the other kids, besides Taichi or Yamato, had a breakthrough moment and was able to push their Digimon beyond just their Ultimate(Mega)?

Who should it be?

Probably won't happen.

literally anyone BUT Takeru

>Rosemon and Hououmon combine into Izanamimon

Do you mean like to Ultra/Super Ultimate?

Hikari and Takeru together.


Please no

Literally no reason why it isn't a good idea, or rather the obvious choice.

Hikari and Takeru have been the source of so much god damn fan wank over the years the idea of them doing anything like that together is brain poison to me

Takeru doesn't deserve it.

Meiko. At least then it will be out of my mind that she's not in fact an insignificant character for not appearing in the epilogue. Plus anyone who gets to have that honour would probably get some kind of resentment and I feel her character is already disliked enough as it is to tolerate the heat that comes with that executive decision.

Ew, gross.

>Vaccine and Data become a Virus
I don't think so Tim

He is best boy, of course he deserves it.

Why would a fairy and a Japanese phoenix combine to form a Japanese creator/mortality deity?

I didn't say anything about what type it'd be

why would a digimon based on Izanami be a virus?

It's fan wank for a reason, the source material does nothing to shut it down and cultivates the hell out of it.

She does nothing but whine

Takeru is boring and his digimon is useful against only one kind of enemy

I'd be okay with that if it's done well and the other kids aren't made to look unnecessary in comparison to them. It should be Mimi. The kids are facing an abnormally strong mon. Taichi and Yamato consider going to Omegamon, but that's interrupted by Mimi where she has a moment where she goes "limit break" Mimi for a minute like she did in Adventure (with the trashcans and the poop), and Rosemon goes Burst Mode for a short time and wrecks their adversary.

Because land of the dead and sends out monsters after her former mate.

Daisuke and Ken.

flowers represent birth and creation, and Hououmon can heal and revive

also it'd be a parallel to another Omegamon-alike Digimon, Susanoomon

That would be amazing.

I wouldn't want that desu

Rosemon Burst Mode is Yoshino's. Let her have that so her partner has an identity of her own. Give this Rosemon a different power up.

Takeru is a paladin and Hikari is Jesus, of course they deserve to each other.

Well, in the end, all the Digimon are just gonna become components to power up Omegamon, I'm guessing.

But other than wings where would you bit the bits of them?

it'll be like Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode. He gets some glowing wings and most of his highlights turn gold.

I don't think it'd be anything that simple. Omegamon is a very important Digimon for Bamco after all, so they'd probably take care in designing any upgrades for it.

Omegamon is, more than anything, powered by two Crests, Courage and Friendship. So I guess a further upgrade for it would be to imbue with the power of all the Crests. Like, its current power might be considered incomplete as it is.

dude, their most recent variations on it are "paint it black" and "switch the arms' weapons around"

There is the "starve it to death one

which just turns into the latter one

TV Tokyo stream: mov3 dot co/en/tvtokyo/

Appmon starting at the hour.

Nah. Edginess aside, I feel that Omegamon Alter-B is a far better design than Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode. It's not as if they just repainted it and threw it out as it was. I'm sure it went through countless redesigns before the final version was decided on.

For extra appmon hype

like what? the only differences I can see are the arms switched around and his toes being glowing red

Have you actually seen it? There are all sorts of minor differences. It's not as if it's just Omegamon Zwart with reversed arms.

Which Appmon girl looks the cutest so fra?



I didn't realize. The CGI model wasn't so clear on that.

The CG model was pretty clear. You probably just didn't look that closely.

It's Coordemon.

My favorite is puppet girl.


It's starting.

Wow, the OP is super hype.

OP sounds good.

I like the op.

fucking lag'd


I like the OP

Okay, the OP is real good.

I can't watch it at the moment.


I saw the OP on a different stream without lag, the animation looks pretty hype.


shouldn't appmon have its own thread?


Way better stream if you have good connection: mokodojo.net/MKTW.swf?src=

It's Digimon.

>two different Digimon anime franchises going on at the same time
A new era.


HerakleKabuterimon as armor maybe?

Haru is a qt.

do you have a link to the screen caps?

He should get a different colored shirt. Red doesn't look good on him.


That OST

green X blonde?

Haru looking close to being takato 2.0

Haru's voice is way more feminine than I was hoping it would be like, it'll take a long while for me to get used to it.

Also, I gotta say, shit like attacking with text messages is the kinda dumb shit I can get behind.

>that midriff
Porn when?

>inb4 brave heart

Haru is Shinji tier

Wataru Takagi's voice on the Applidrive kills me

I have no idea what the fuck is going on. But I like it.

>that eri smugness
We're onto a winner here, boys.

>The damage was psychological all along
Did I just watch a fight against literal shitposters

I didn't expect that...

If you close your eyes while Haru and Gatchmon are talking, I guarantee you'll only see girls. Nothing new for anime or Digimon, but they're not even trying here.

He's really channelling the faggot-type MCs of old as opposed to the usual Digimon ones, hopefully with some development Haru'll be more fun to watch.

Have Wargreymon or Omegamon ever used the shield

So just like Takato at the start.

I was worried but if you ignore them saying "Appmon" all the time this is essentially just Digimon. Pretty good if I do say so.

Who else was evil?

Is Haru the most androgynous mc ever? I didn't know anything about this beforehand and I thought he was a girl with a crush on another girl or something until he said "boku".

>a Digimon season with an ED

It's been so long.

WarGreymon has. Omegamon doesn't really need to.

Pretty much. I'm hoping this series turns out good, I don't actually dislike a single thing so far which can only be a good thing.

The ending hints Digital World adventures at some point?

subs when?

Also, do we know if any old Digimon will eventually appear, or is this the B/W of Digimon?

Inb4 yanhomo.

This is so battle network I love it

Just the soccer kid who looked possessed and Haru was also being watched by some other Appmon throughout the episode.

There is no digital world only AR world which will likely have those areas

Girls use boku, too, though.

Seems like it. Would make sense, Ultimate grade Appmon look too big for regular old Appmon battles.

And yeah, looks like soccer kid and Navimon are paired together. We'll see DoGatchmon next episode, I think.

It's called Appworld.

>subs when?
No simulcast so probably never.

>Haru is mine and no one else's.
>Only I may fuck his boipussy.

This is more like the difference between a Gundam series and a series about Gunpla.

only in anime and for aggressive ones

Eri will be hot-blooded character of the season. Until Oujamon dies.

Then she will turn even more hot blooded

And then she will become the Jeri?

Not before her loneliness comes into play.

I don't think I got this episode, but was the finisher basically just how is cyberbullying real just close your eyes what the actual fuck

Well, that was disappointing.

i still smell mimi

How so I thought it was great.

It was a shitposting digimon and you can beat it by not taking the bait. Digimon brings the best advice.

It was decent, the battle wasn't the best but the battle next week looks better with the missile spam from Navimon.

I really liked it, seems on track to be really good.

that was a fucking text spam

Idol Eri in the OP

Eri's a Mimi/Nene hybrid.

Assuming the soccer kid has been mind control, presumably by Leviathan in some way, This open up some real mind fuckery for the kids in the future.

>manly idol not cuteshit


Shitposter awareness the anime

that's the blonde

>Important character with no Appmon
>MC has crush on her
She's fucked.

What kind of chocolate would you make for your Onii-chan?

akari 2.0 imminent

no love for the edgy lord?

One of the most evil looking Ultimates has Mind Control powers.

>that outfit

The big twist won't be that he's being controlled, but that he's Charismon's partner and that's why he's so popular..

Bottom left of that image.

blue kid?

Holy shit, almost all of the Appmon designs do not look good. I hope they don't actually count as Digimon and don't appear again in the franchise as a whole.

On that note, is it just me or have they been pretending Frontier and Xros didn't exist at all, lately? There isn't a single Digimon that originated from them in any of the PSP/3DS/Vita/PS4 games, besides a single instance of Agnimon.

Some of the Xros Digimon are in Next 0rder and the Dogatchmon is Shoutmon inspired.


They're showing the first episode at the bottom. Skip to 1:50 for the OP.

On that note, is it just me or have they been pretending Frontier and Xros didn't exist at all, lately? There isn't a single Digimon that originated from them in any of the PSP/3DS/Vita/PS4 games, besides a single instance of Agnimon.
It's more like they are hard to include since neither of them include a traditional digimon evolutionary line.

Rei. He's left of Ai and diagonally left of Gatchmon.

Frontier and Xros can't really be used with the other Digimon due to
>no levels

They're not in the games likely because they don't "work" the same way as normal Digimon when it comes to evolution, this is especially true for the Digimon in Xros Wars.

and susanoomon, although that got demoted to an Ultimate/Mega despite being super ultimate from the start.

It's none of those. Hybrid Digimon don't really follow the same development cycle as other Digimon. Remember, Digimon stages aren't strictly a measure of power, but rather the stage of development they're at. I mean, yeah, things normally get stronger as they get older and it's only natural that an adult would be stronger than a child, but the point is they're still stages of development.

Hybrid Digimon don't actually evolve and enter different development. Instead, they imbue themselves with the powers of the Ancient Spirits. So Susanoomon was never an "Ultimate" or "Super Ultimate", because that's really technically nothing more than a developmental stage.

Frontier and Xros Wars 'mons do show up in card games, though.

Although, that probably has to do with Digimon games being low budget endeavors and Bamco slowly making new 3d models.

that's how it was listed in wikimon, which if I'm not mistaken bases itself on the cards. Although now looking at the cards it seems Susanoomon was an ultimate all along. Regardless, he came with levels just like the ancient warriors did.

I don't think super ultimate was ever a thing. They've always just been called ultimate.

Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode

Is there a way to see the ratings, like what they did for tales of zestiria the x?

Demon Super Ultimate

Only if they stream it in Nico. Otherwise, the best way to see how it's doing is the Bandai earnings release they do every six months.

It''s not the ratings of this show that'll see how long this show lasts, this is a merchandise selling show, and there's a fuckton of Appmon merchandise they're trying to sell.

Both listed just as Ultimate everywhere else.


Shit is already sold out in many online stores

Really? I haven't kept up with it. Would be nice if it got popular.

They never measure on the first day, they measure the weekend. So it's actually doing better than ketsui.

Even this month´s vjump is sold out it came with an appmon chip and appmon card, in the same online stores the issues of the rest of this year are still on stock

"Super Ultimate" is really just a convenient term that was made up to describe something that really shouldn't exist.

A Digimon's development cycle goes from Baby I to Perfect. Perfect is the peak of their development cycle, where they reach their highest and most complete form. Ultimate is when they go above and beyond their physical limitations and become something far, far greater than their peers. Usually, this takes either centuries of constant battle and survival, or a highly powerful catalyst (usually some kid with a Digivice). Ultimate is already supposed to be truly exceptional. Super Ultimate is a fancy term for when an Ultimate gains yet another even higher form beyond even that.

From Baby I to Adult, it's like a beetle larvae going through its normal development cycle and eventually becoming a full-grown beetle. Perfect is when the beetle attaches cyborg enhancements to itself or trains so hard that it's stronger than every other beetle. Ultimate is when that beetle which has trained or modified itself to its very limits somehow goes even further beyond and becomes a legendary super beetle, sporting an exoskeleton made of pure titanium with a jewel-encrusted horn, and strength, speed and stamina that goes far beyond what a creature of is stature should have, the intelligence of a vertebrate. A beetle which can no longer be described as a mere "beetle". And then Super Ultimate is when that beetle just stops being a beetle altogether. The concepts of "developmental cycle" and "self-improvement" no longer have any meaning. The beetle has broken free of the chains of reality and has obtained a miracle. "Adult"? "Age"? These things no longer have any meaning to it. It is now a singular existence, a wholly unique entity, something which can no longer be defined by logic or numbers.

Hybrid Digimon are none of those things. They're basically exactly what they're supposed to be.

Why is Omegamon not a Super Ultimate then?

what I'm telling you is that the hybrids are the human spirit, the beast spirit, the combined spit, emperor greymon and magna garurumon.

Susanoomon isn't a hybrid, his type isn't variable (it's vaccine) and he isn't "ultimate-class" but ultimate..

Nowadays if you can't reach Ultimate Level you fucking suck.

It's a Super Ultimate in Cyber Sleuth and -next 0rder-.

Also, one of the databooks describe Omegamon X-Antibody as "the only X-Antibody Digimon evolved from a Super Ultimate".

It's not. I told you, "Ultimate" is really just a stage of development. Susanoomon doesn't develop from anything. It's just the combined powers of all the Ancient Spirits. A human goes from infant, child, adolescent, adult. This is its natural stage of development. And if that human is modified into a superhuman cyborg by a secret organization, then that would basically be Perfect. And if that cyborg achieves an ultimate form at around episode 30-something-ish, then that's Ultimate.

Susanoomon doesn't really "develop" from anything. Nothing grows up to become Susanoomon. That's why it's not an Ultimate. It's like calling a tank an "adult". It's a tank. It was never a child to begin with.

Did the term Super Ultimate ever come up outside V-tamer?
Every single "Super Ultimate" Digimon is just considered ultimate in every game and cards they appear on.

>It's not

It appeared in some databooks as well as Cyber Sleuth and -next 0rder-.

>When your Whamon just evolves into a bigger Whamon

Shame that Magnamon can't evolve into a higher level of itself, from Adult all the way to Ultimate.

I think the final power-up for Omegamon will be fusing with Alphamon

Now I want to see this evil thing in digimon tri. This thing looks cool.

good to see it without lag

It's a world eater. It destroys the boundaries between dimensions and devours entire worlds.

So surprisingly, it might actually be fitting for tri.

>Frontier and Xros didn't exist at all, lately?
You are being too generous, everything that is not Adventure, 02, Tamers or some important group like the Royal Knights, are destined to be forgotten into oblivion.
Hell, even in 02, the armor digimons are pretty much ignored, as well.

The most beautiful with the most careful wrapping of course.

The gun looks dumb.

Will 10/1 be Appmon's 8/1?


Appmon OP in LQ, it's nice: youtube.com/watch?v=-6pOy2No3Rw

any way to rip the ep from the site?

MERAMERA is miles better

Man it feels so fucking weird having a weekly Digimon series with an actual ED song/animation again.
Last time we had that was Savers and that was 10 years ago.

This is actually really good but are thry doing the matrix Tamers thing? Is that this series gimmick?

Wrong link

Felt more like they were copying the DigiQuartz from Hunters.

GeoGreymon, Lalamon and Gaomon's evolution lines appeared in almost all video games since their inception, so there's that.

>tfw WarGreymon is actually more useful than Omegamon or ShineGreymon in Cyber Sleuth

Sasuga Dramon Killers.

Well no I meant the whole Digimon and Human fusion thing from Tamers. It looks like that's in this series too?


>Yujin's VA is TADA BANRI
This changes fucking everything

Oh God no.

I wonder if this will be subbed in some languages except English.

So let me get this straight, the digital sea is where Appmon come from and is where Leviathan is attacking forcing Appmon into the upper level which is that place Haru visits. This place has some sort of attribute which allows Appmon to interact with the real world in a pseudo-direct way. Does this mean as the series goes on and Leviathan advances it will start affecting the world directly? D-reaper 2.0?

Who is who?

mexicans are likely already making taco subs

You know, I forgive you for not knowing the name of some secondary character who doesn't even get his own 'mon in the OP or the ED, but how can you not know TADA BANRI?

Because I couldnt care less about Cred Forums memes
I only go into threads about anime Im watching

Hoping for some badass Eri moments.

Please take your garbage taste else where

She may be the early rival or Lancer type character. I'm sure she will do fairly well.

Ultra, or Super Ultimate, Digimon are not just in Cyber Sleuth, they're in Next Order and Linkz.

Being used in both Next Order and Linkz following CS shows that they're going to be using the level officially, moving forward.

Digital sea sounds a lot like the quantum sea shit from Tri. Part 3.

>Taichi Dark Evolves Agumon up to Mugendramon by accident
>He somehow ends up accidentally initiating a Gattai with Alphamon and/or Jesmon that leads to Omegamon Alter-B wrecking shit everywhere

So she's Yuzu before Yuzu lost relevance.

>before Yuzu lost relevance.
How can you lose something you never had?

>no insert song shilling in any of the promotional material
>episode 1 airs and it's the first Digimon series ever to not have an insert song play on the first episode
S-Should I worry?
Did the death of Kouji Wada also signal the death of insert songs?

Probably saving the song for Dogatchmon who's still gone for another week or two. Plus Eri's an idol, she'll probably have some songs too.

Who gives a shit about 02 characters?

They're probably saving any insert songs for the Super Appmon. And the main singer of Digimon songs wasn't Wada, it was Ayumi Miyazaki. Wada sang the OPs.

Wada had a part in all of XW's inserts except Blazing Blue Flare and Dark Knight.

Oh, and Hunters' inserts which were all pretty much just Psychic Lover.

Isnt that good

Frontier is funny and the characters built a better bound because the fought together.

>death of Kouji Wada

Are there going to be subs of Appmon? Or will we have to wait until it gets dubbed?

Xros Wars was different and switched up. Wada only sung inserts in that, and Hunters was while Wada was on hiatus due to his cancer ;_; so that's why he didn't do any of those songs.

Yuzu had a full git gud arc and was the one learning plot shit for half of standard arc before Zappa Gou left the show.

Im late to the party but
>Not instantly going mega instead of champion
>Getting their asses handed to them by some piece of shit furry bait
What the fuck

I'd rather put up with them than watch Meiko OC donut steal gomenasai


So the MC of appmonsters has already been ntr'd?

I wish Wargreymon would dice that bitch up already.

She looks a lot more hot-blooded than Yuzu ever did.

Yeah, they still have plenty of time to debut insert songs.

Wargreymon is a tree hugger now.

It didn't want to hurt Meicrackmon. Didn't you notice how Greymon was only ever trying to restrain it without hurting it too badly?

>Ignoring the biggest conflict of the series is about taking responsibility for collateral damage

It's pretty sad that it turns out most of the fanbase is dumber than they claim the writers and/or characters are.

>Takeru is a retard, and so is Hikari for liking him.
Are the anti-shippers here? As bas as the shippers.

I know that.

>Crunchyroll announcing one last Simulcast today, it's a big one

I wonder how are they gonna pace the evolutions in this series.
Adventure's first Ultimate was in 40/54, 02 was in 39/50, Tamers in 34 (35 for Dukemon)/51, Frontier's Hyper Spirits were I think 35/54 and Savers just dropped all 3 main Ultimates in 29/48

The longest a main character's evolution into an Adult (or an equivalent) has taken is like, 11(I think?) episodes for Vritramon, while at the same time, Savers just gave Masaru his perfect permanently 13 episodes in. Tamers debuted MegaloGrowlmon on 14, but Takato didn't get permanent access to it until 20.

And that stopped him from evolving how? hkabuterimon managed to not kill them just fine

I don't expect to see God Appmon before the 40's.

Wasn't OmegaShoutmon an Ultimate?
I don't remember

OmegaShoutmon was a super evolution, which usually equals Perfect, still, it took 30 episodes for it to happen.
I didn't take XW into consideration at all because trying to gauge levels in it is a mess.

Evolutionary levels didn't really mean shit in Xros Wars though, they were all over the place.

I was thinking "I bet that Yuuji guy is gonna turn evil or something, honestly they're getting along way too well for a first episode...HOLY SHIT I WAS RIGHT"

>was in 40/54,
No, wait, I have no idea why I wrote 40, it was on 38.

>Digimon series with an ED

Kouji Wada only sang the inserts in Xros Wars

Dogatchmon has been promoted everywhere and you can see his Third form in the video game, so that's at least half the series at minimum

God seems like it's going to be a big thing since it doesn't even get sillhouette

Yeah but it was like, what, five or six different inserts?

Damn, I'm actually pretty hyped for this series now

>Kouji Wada only sang the inserts in Xros Wars
He did With the Will for Frontier.
Granted, The Last Element was Miyazaki again, but it counts.

>open a portal in the middle of the city
>no one give a shit

New thread.

That's because he's just that based, for one, and two, a Mega like HerakleKabuterimon was necessary to hold back Meicrackmon, Angewoman, and WarGreymon.

MetalGreymon is all that one really need to contain a Meicrackmon, but Taichi and co. don't know that. They have no idea Meicoomon was an Adult and Meicrackmon is a Perfect. It was too late by the time MetalGreymon came out.


Who am I kidding, Saban is gonna get it and ruin it