Gakkou Gurashi

user are you still crying?
1 year since came out this anime,Right?
Do you want the 2 season?

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I like to see Megu Nee resurrect!!

I must protect all the lolis!!

It was just straight downhill after the first episode.

Fuck the anime
Vol 50 just came out 2 days ago.
With ever Vol, Yurri face becomes more and more despair

>For a better world!!

I'm crying how shitty manga has become.

Hopefully once they leave the university it'll get better.

I'm thinking the same is like a Mother seeing her kids dying again and again


First Shovel needs to die/zombiefied along with the rest of those Uni fucks. Like really they want me to feel bad for them, but all they is fuck up harder and harder

She'll be fine though,right ;_;


I must protect all the lolis
Also Megu Nee

Read the manga with this:

Megu Nee best teacher!!

I hope Kurumi is fine also

Shes all but confirmed dead at this point

Anyone still have long haired yuki edit from last episode ?

How know it!!


>anime was fucking terrible
>manga is getting worse with every chapter
I'd rather forget this shit even existed.


It getting "better" as in something is FINALLY going to happen

>He honestly thinks Shovel isn't going to die
user, please

Anyone ? It's from when last episode airing, her hair is long like megu nee.

>Entire next chapter is Miki being held down and sensually raped

How would you react?

I wish, I don't like her

Kurumi is a strong Girl!!

>Kurumi is a DEAD Girl!!

No thanks to s2.

I read the manga after I finished the manga and the story goes to shit. Just a generic zombie story.

If he dont like she , he'll kill her
What is the point?


Hey user Megu Nee will resurrect soon


Was spoiled in a comment section in episode 3. Still mad

So this is over

Shovel has had death flags for more than 2 vols now. She going to be dead soon

Kurumi needs one of those

I liked the anime better than the manga.

>Mad Otaku!!
The expert is talking

why are ロシア人 so cute and wifeable?

Both is actually a masterpiece

I still love Rii.

University arc has taken far too long though.

Cuz is my Waifu


>For Megu Nee and Eternal Glory
So is beginning!!

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The first episode was 10/10 but the rest was just shit. And the manga is now slowly turning to shit too.

How it should have ended.

I legitimately thought Ruu was real and not just Rii pulling a Yuki but with her sister instead of teacher.

Fuck garterbelt-chan, if they still had the gun a lot of this shit could have been avoided, i hope she gets raped.

I want to see more of her cute butt

Hell yeah, can't wait for more of The Dog Show.

Truly worse girl

>draw a child
>call it a college student

>never watched the anime
>read summary off some shitty website
>dog who gets used in three fucking pages of the manga gets turned into a main character and important plot device
>doggo screentime over schizo-chan killing a zombie
>4th girl since episode 1 because fuck you

Just fuck my adaptation up senpai.

Is it worth watching?

First episode is great, but it goes downhill from there

Oh well, it's not like i have anything else to

Also probably a stupid question but i didn't understood why the plane crashed or how, one page he was fine then he looks at the drawing and jihads the parking lot, was it just to spite them in a nitroplus kind of way?

I think it was meant to imply that the vaccine was only a temp solution for zombie-ism because of the way his hand starts to spaz out

Ruu is sexy.



We don't need S2, we need a reboot.


It's way past the point now.
How many shows got a reboot?

Indeed, Miki is worst girl.

Undeveloped little girl!

This faggot wants a trap

What would you cry about?

I found nothing sad in this show at all.

I like the manga and thought the anime was fine. Could've used less dog. Liked how the anime mad Megu nee's death a big twist even if its obvious. Kurumi the best. She's going to be a super zombie friend that helps the girls fight zombies and they'll have to stitch her up and shit till her body falls apart.

>anime was terrible
>deel never came back

Who's this slut?

Remember Half Life when you fight the helicopter ...well is the same but with Kurumi

Is nice know it

The expert is in the Thread

What did she mean by this?

Best episode ever


More pls!!

Now we talking

Shovel a best.

I don't get it

>I don't get it
If you read the manga maybe


Needed more subtext. Gay girls in zombie apocalypse would've been fun

Don't stop posting

Do you even play
DeadRising 4 The resurrection of Megu Nee



what a shit thread

How do you miss all the clues that is wasn't a person?

Was Kerry down by the adaption. Liked the manga at first until the whole college arc started and have slowly been forgetting to download chapters when they come out.


Was let down*

What are you going on about? Also nice crop job faggot.


Am I the only one seeing random hats on images ?

What a shit comment!

Shut it down

How many chapters do I have to wait my waifu get something good to happen to her?

I want my Rii to be happy.

oh another new show. Looks like some cute comfy CGDCT show. Perfect

I'm enjoying this so far. The MC is a cutie. So I guess this is gonna be about the club and their different activities. Cute. There doesn't seem to be much focus on the actual schoolwork and so on. Good. I just want my cute SoL and WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THIS NO ERHGTAYTEAHHTERAT WHAT THE FUCK JUSTAWERG WHATGEWRGREWN ONOHSNGTERDOTBERHTBN

We all do.
I feel more bad for the Shovel lover

why is Rii so perfect.


Because everything

>You look just like an actress!

*AV Actress

Having this lewd of a body is criminal!

But she return with her little sister
You know

He know what is a trauma

But they got separated

I feel bad for every loli in Gakkou Gurashi


>tfw you will never be the ruged survivor whose masculinity will make all GGs pussies wet as a waterfalll

I forget that


killing me inside

Save me

Why is the art so great?

>Rii is going mental
>Shovel is turning
>Yuki is seeing Megu-nee again
>Mika is just a bitch
Things are looking bad for the Gurashi bunch. How long do I gotta wait before something happy happens

Is called CLIMAX homie

How long until they have to mercy kill Yuki?

Resurrect Megu Nee Now!

She's been decapitated
She aint coming back

>there are people right here RIGHT NOW that think thia retarded slut is best girl
How can you faggots can live with yourself with such shit taste? Is a pair of tits all that's needed for you shitter like a character?

Miki did nothing wrong, she's trying her best to keep those literal retardeds together

Why do you keep shitposting like this every single thread?

>post objectively correct statement
Also I've not been posting much lately

There's nothing wrong with fucking a stuffed animal.

>pair of AWESOME tits
>pair of AWESOME legs
>pair of AWESOME thighs

And dont forget the hair and her moles and her mom-like character.

The fact that the anime didn't have the thigh nibbling or show that one pivotal moment where Yuki's delusions are finally completely shattered and she's forced to accept their situation fully ruins the show.

Rii is proof that age of consent is just numbers

Rii's going to fuck it all up and cause someone to die while she goes full retard and looks for Ruu.

>reason for her being best girl:
>her body
Nice taste faggot. I bet you like stella too

Because suppossedly famous 2hu doujin artist.

>Draw a boy
>Name him ***-kun
>Call him a girl

Why is this allowed.

Those are straws of evangelion

>Rii is loved because of her Onee-san/Mom character

How is reading comprehension for you?

Go away, before Rii-san will go DayZ on you with an Enfield grabbed from the nearest museum.

Slavs are cute.

For more than half the manga, Rii carried the girls. The only reason why any of them are alive is because of her. She earned R&R.

This user have a bait and a trap in a single comment

Only one of those have a penis

>lose clubhouse
>goes from being a crutch to being a burden

A depraved boy who wears garters around school.

>oh yeah her mom too
You sure have your priorities straight. Also she lost her likable traits since ruu,
Now she's just very damaged goods

Happy moms day!!

I like Kurumi's cute, perky and ice cold tits.

All is a illusion nobody died and we have a happy ending.

She's been like a mom to the group and while everyone is getting better and "better" she becoming more useless because they don't rely on her more. She's been using Yuki as a crutch from the beginning, so when Yuki stop needing her too, she lost it. That's why Ruu exist. She couldn't mother the group so she needed to make one up to keep her "sane"
I honestly believe that doesn't even have a real sister, but made it up for her story.

>not noticing the color of their drinks

>Red Drinks are for the dead.

>Rii's fork is pointing at Ruu, not the cake.

>Yuki's Curry gets cold because she's lusting over Rii's cake (caring for Rii)

>Kurumi is sucking Mii's glass dry


Kurumi´s stroggification confirmed
>Quake 5 The return of Megu Nee

No, she's still mature and motherly, it's just that she's like that to a delusion.

Fuck off, I still want to marry Rii and make her raise my children.

And somehow that makes her shit?

So any troubled character is shit now? Are you going to call Shovel shit too once she turns into a zombie and they have to put her down? Did you call Yuki shit when she was still delusional?

>everyone but Yuki has something red on them
Again, it's more proof that Yuki's going to be the sole survivor at the end. It's just like how for whatever reason, Yuki has a different color uniform than the rest of them.

I never said she was shit, she my favorite character.
I'm just explain why she is how she is/

I'm OK with this.

The FBI and ISIS is watching

Sorry, it was meant for , I thought you were the same guy.

>Rii is 18
God Bless

>Instant delete
user WTF!!

>Rii hating shitposter did it again
Seriously, why do we keep falling for his bait.

Yuki was in a delusion, she's literally escaping reality. Neglecting your group because they don't depend on you anymore and being up to risk everything for a doll makes her shit

I actually like the Uni Arc.

Go fite me.

So is legal hmm...

الله يبارك Rii ل

Really makes me think

No, she's literally coping with the situation the same way as Yuki, with delusions, only that now it contrasts with her previously level headed behavior.

She has problems like everyone else, she's not shit.

It's a lawless world there anyway
I mean what's stopping you from inappropriately touching Yuki.

She is also 18

So how did Takato or whatever is his name got infected? What about the crossbow boy?

Well it's not like you can immediately rape anyone that's over 18

absolutely perverted young man.

Shovel is risking everyone by being a zombie.
Yuki risked everyone before with her delusions.
Miki risks everyone when she acts like a bitch to other people.

Everyone in the cast has issues, you just hate Rii for some mysterious reason, and insist on shitposting about her.

Probably that long haired guy Miki talks to.

I'm thinking his prego gf did it


Would you?

Help, Miki is turning me gay!

You can get the figure. It has a great ass.

Back to /x/

Yuki always knew she was making shit up, and even though she was a burden she did her best to keep morale up. The girls already sayed that they didn't knew if they would be able to keep up if it wasn't for her. Rii in other hand is straightforwardly escaping reality, in a way wsy higher that yuki ever was. Yuki was not very useful but had an important role, rii abandoned hers and is willing to risk the entire group for a doll

user ,you're in Cred Forums


She's the only one that can survive giving birth to triplets!


Megu Nee and kei

I'm kind of afraid what they'd do to a S2 considering how off S1 was with the dog. Might as well bring back the original twist while we're at it.

In her mind it's not a doll, so saying "she's doing it for a doll" makes it sound like some petty act on her part.

So your whole problem is that a character has mental issues? In a manga where most characters have had some kind of issue? You're a fucking hypocrite.

You're basically saying you can't tolerate Rii being anything else than a perfect mother for the team or otherwise she's shit. That she can't be delusional or have any issues that stop her from doing her previously established role, otherwise she's a burden and turns into a bad character.

You're a fucking idiot.

Will you call Shovel shit once she endangers the party?
Did you call Yuki shit when she was delusional?

Prove it user Prove it!!


This troll

I wonder how many boys wanted to breed with Rii before the apocalypse.

She's at fault for the waste of tissues in the entire school!

I'd settle for Yuki if Rii remains out of my reach

Yours wishes are orders

That's ok, cute submissive pets are my thing

She should've been made to leave! Distractions are lowering the boy's grade.

He is not a troll. Yuri has developed a mental illness. Unless you believe she has made this whole thing up, because she is an attention whore or something.

You're completely missing the point.
1. Her sister suddenly started existing when she couldn't handle it anymore and broke. She wasn't a bad character at all before, but her deadly necessity of have someone depending on her made her lose really a loy of points. Hell she even made up a sister. If she had one she/would have sayed something about it like the other sayed about their relatives.
2. Abandoning your role? Fine. Getting broken? Also fine. Giving preferential treatment to a delusion and risking people? not fine
3. Mocking shovel for risking the party for something beyond her control? Really? Also as i sayed before yuki always knew she was making shit up, when she needed to act she dropped her act and sayed goobye to megunee. And in her delusional phase she had a important role keeping up the morale.
Also she never really endangered the group

Shovel is daijobu
She'll turn out to just be a carrier. Author doesn't have the balls.

I so want a S2, no matter how shit and how much more doge.

post more exhibition images


If that were me i bet i'd suck on Rii's massive titties and cum deep inside her, maybe hatefuck Miki, beat the shit out of her and shove Yuki in a closet before getting beheaded by shovel-chan for being such a faggot.

>tfw you'll never rest your head on Rii's soft thighs

>Are you still crying
Never did
>Do you want a season 2
No, it should have ended when they left the school and been a cliff hanger. I was not impressed with the manga after they left.




>shove Yuki in a closet
>not shoving Yuki in a closet with you and raping her while her friends are looking for her
>not turning Yuki into your sex slave behind her friends' backs over the course of weeks while you help out
>not eventually getting Yuki pregnant and then taking responsibility and working twice as hard to carve a new home for you, Yuki, your kid, and Yuki's friends

You'd be missing out
Yuki's the smallest so she's the tightest!

Best teach

>putting your dick in crazy
>>>>>>>actually keeping schizo-chan as a wife instead of the good ole rape-murder reserved for girls like her

Damn she's real high on the eroticute meter

Not anymore she isn't.

Nope. The craziness is coming back

At the least use her as a reuseable tenga; they're of limited quantities after z day.

what if saika did hormone therapy, survived a zombie apocalypse and got a free sex change, breast surgery and idol career as reward

>lewd Miki
Shit user, I really didn't need this boner right now.

Best teacher aver user...EVER!!

Flat as a boy!

I like your taste!

you guys think megunee died a virgin

those clothes, behaviour, she's the same kind of retarded as yuki and everyone see's her like a small hyperactive dog rather than a girl

Resurrect Menu Nee and Rape her God damn it

I'd fuck a dog then.

user no pls noooo!!

I want to hug Miki. I want to fugg Miki. I want to be Miki. I love Miki.

Roger Roger

You can be my Miki, user
You can even share my bed!


Only if we take turns at being top and bottom.
Miki a qt

I can pay for that!!!

>Giving preferential treatment to a delusion and risking people? not fine
> Mocking shovel for risking the party for something beyond her control?
You're the one missing the point.
The delusions are as out of her control as Shovel's zombification is, that's what you're not really understanding here.

>Also as i sayed before yuki always knew she was making shit up, when she needed to act she dropped her act and sayed goobye to megunee.
That would make her even worse than everyone else, because it means that she went and acted dangerously on purpose, something Rii and Kurumi aren't doing. I firmly believe Yuki didn't consciously know about her delusions.

You're acting like Rii is delusional because she wants to, but she's mentally sick, that's not something voluntary you goddamn idiot. She's still the same mature, motherly girl, but now she's broken, she just needs her friends to help her now.

The only troll here is the guy acting like Rii is shit just because she's delusional.


I want to fuck the shit out of Madoka~


I really really want to hear more of Yuki's squeaky little voice.

Anthology scans fucking when?


I should have pre ordered.

Are dangerously short skirts against the club rules?

Good thing she is the president.

upskirt shot where?

I have some diamos user

This is hot as fuck.

I would watch it.



Is she again that Sexy YUKI again
I must rape and care her

Luckily for her she's a fictional drawing and you'll never lay your dirty hands on her