Now that the dust has settled, what is the best Walküre's song and why is it Axia?

Now that the dust has settled, what is the best Walküre's song and why is it Axia?

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They had songs?

Best song is Ikenai Borderline. Axia just makes me sad.


rip ;___;

That's not how you spell Onyanoko Girl

Neo stream

Aside from Ai Oboete Imasuka, i say Bokura no Senjou

Fuck off Messer go fight jelly Keith or something


>Koi Halation the War didn't play during the infiltration of Ragna
>Ikenai Borderline didn't play when Mikumo regained her senses


Axia and Ichido Dake.

>they didn't have Freyja do a solo of DYRL for the final episode

Windniggers were a mistake.

>tried to execute POW under questionable circumstances
>the show still tries to shill them as the good guys

>Freyja never covered Seiken Heikou

The Miragefags going insane over it would have been hilarious

I can't believe that I like Brera more than any of the Windies

Is Pink Monsoon the lewdest Macross song?

Best songs are Neostream and Giraffe Blues.

She sang it in episode 23 and some of them be like
>She sing Ranka's song, loser confirmed!!!

Messer, please.

Vote for it!

Doesnt really matter, Kawamori ruined it.

Frontier had better music overall.

I don't feel like going back through the series, did Ikenai Borderline play at all beyond the first episode?


There was that time they went to that cat(?) planet. I think it was around episode 6.

Episode 8 and 13.

With how horrible the reception to Delta is everywhere, do you anons think Satelite will bother making a continuation to fix this mess?

I just finished watching the final episode and all I can say is....that's it? Really? Pretty big letdown. A lot of wasted potential.

Depends on CD sales.
Honestly, I think one or two movies could really fix Delta, since its biggest issue is that the second half was majorly decompressed

That's not Love! Thunder Grow though

I don't think good pacing could save that atrocity of an ending. The ideas are just bad.


Yeah, first half was so great and second half is a big disappoint. Now looking forward to the novel.


Good pacing can fix a lot of the issues though, such as the lack of action and stakes due to a small cast who all have plot armor, the drawing out of obvious answers, characters arcs that got stretched into nothing, and endless KAZE YO KAZE YO KAZE YO.

If even AGE got a recompilation OVA, maybe Delta will too, with even less of a budget.
What is CG even good for.

Frontier had better coordination since everything was done by one person.

Still my favorite as well. That and Neo Stream.

I can still hear that catchy episode preview bgm from Frontier, among others. Delta's OST is just forgettable.

Best song : Absolute 5
Best singer : Kaname

This is the problem of making something for autists, they are never happy and will call it shit.

Are you trying to say it isn't shit?

>4:22-4:40 of DYRL
Fuck I really want a mikumo solo. Junna killed it

it isn't, only autists flip out just like with TRY and EVOL

Giraffe Blues
God Bless

Ichidake and Ikenai Borderline, duh.

Here's a Reina version.

So where is this megaroad went to black hole thing? I have watched SDF, DYRL, and the 2012 flashback but none of them show it. Am I missing something?

Love! Thunder Glow is really growing on me.
That or Absolute 5.

Though after listening to Hear the Universe again, it sure is catchy.

Jesus Christ, just started listening to the Walkure Trap songs.
Why the fuck didn't they use any of these songs?

Lore says they just went missing, off the grid

Apparently in delta they came back. And where they came from you dont need mouths to sing

The Girigiris

So no love for Koi! Halation THE WAR?
I find it comfy as fuck, like a comfy ad jingle

i think delta was better than 7 and frontier

Personally I loved

Ikenai Borderline
Hametsu no Junjou
Bokura no Senjou
God Bless You
Giraffe Blues
The wind blows without prior notice

Even though a lot of people are bitching, I'd love Delta movies. I'm not ready to let go of Freyja just yet.

Forgot to add Rune Pika. That's my jam. I listen to it every morning when I shower.

Koi Halation THE WAR got me to watch Delta but Axia is still my favourite song.

Frontier just had so many more songs.
Just checking my frontier folder, the first album has 22 songs compared to Deltas 12

They use all of them aside from DYRL. Maybe you should turn up the damn volume.

Okay, why didn't they use them more?

JUNNA is the only good thing to come out of this shitshow.

JUNNA is shit though. Cant wait for her to be irrelevant.

Her solo version of Giraffe Blues and Hametsu no Junjou is shit.

I don't remember Absolute 5 or Hear the Universe but I get too into Macross to usually remember much from the episodes.

Absolute 5 was when makina got shot. Hear the universe was in that one concert when makina slutting up.

superior mashup

YouTube Version:


That's...that's actually really good.


Unbreak my heart = Giraffe Blues


what if its a girl?

Yes. And that one person was Yoko Kanno.

Can you post that pregnancy copypasta PNG, please? I have earlier versions of that, but the one you posted is so clean and smooth.~

If it's a girl...Sieggy Immelmann-Wion

here you go


Ok Cred Forums, let's do it again: - Macross Delta Songs Vs Macross Frontier Songs (Movie's included).
Choose carefuly and wisely (reasons included because you'll be asking why).

1.- Koi! Halation The War (Album Ver.) Vs Welcome To My FanClub's Night!
Songs used as Opening for a concert.

2.- Ichido Dake no Koi Nara Vs Lion
OP vs OP (last time it was Ichido Vs Triangler).

3.- Jiritikku Beginner Vs Giragira Summer
Similar type of songs: Cheerful, forgettable and girly songs.

4.- Fukakuteisei Cosmic Movement Vs Seikan Hiko
Similar type of songs: Happy, good tune, can make you dance, move or sing.

5.- Bokura no Senjo Vs Obelisk
Hype songs used in action scenes.

6.- Neo Stream Vs Get it on ~Kosoku Climax
No special reason. They were songs I had left.

7.- Axia ~Daisuki de Daikirai Vs Hokago Overflow
Songs used in an action scene for one special person until one got killed and the other shot down.

8.- Giraffe Blues ~Mikumo Solo Vs Shinku no Diamond Crevasse
Ballad Vs Ballad (This time I wanted to separate the songs cause of the lack of ballads in Delta)

9.- Giraffe Blues ~Freyja Solo Vs Ao no Ether
Ballad Vs Ballad.

10.- Walküre Attack! Vs Iteza?Gogo Kuji.Don't be late
Hype songs used in action scenes.

11.- Rune ga Pikatto Hikarittara Vs Niji iro Kuma Kuma
Main Freyja Song Vs Main Ranka Movie Song.

12.- Ikenai Borderline Vs Universal Bunny
Similar songs: hype vibe, lewd/sexy lyrics, amazing tune and both are representative for their respective character.

13.- Absolute 5 Vs Infinity #7
Hype songs that can be used in similar scenes.

14.- Zettai Reido T Novatick Vs Sayonara no Tsubasa
Representative songs for the show's 2nd part/2nd movie.

15.- Onyanoko Girl Vs Pink Monsoon
Similar type of songs: electropop and can be used in similar scenes.

16.- Love! Thunder Grow Vs Northern Cross
Similar type songs: the most rockish song in Delta and one of the most rockish in Frontier.

17.- Silent Hacker Vs Koi wa Dogfight
Similar type of songs: electropop and can be used in action scenes.

18.- Hametsu no Junjo (Mikumo solo) Vs Kindan no Elixir
No special reason. I wanted to match Junjo with one of Sheryl's songs and Kindan was one left.

19.- Hear The Universe Vs What 'bout my [email protected]
Similar type of songs: Cheerful, Good tune, can make you dance or move and can be used in similar scenes

20.- Walküre no Birthday Song Vs Ninjin loves you yeah!
1 minute song Vs 1 minute song:

21.- Namidame Bakuhatsu On Vs Triangler (fight on stage)
No special reason. They were left

22.- God Bless You Vs Hoshi Kira
Freyja Ballad Song Vs Ranka Ballad Song (Plus they were used as ED)

23.- Kaze wa Yokoku Naku Fuku Vs Yosei
No special reason, but I guess it's: Another Kind of Ballad Vs. Another Kind of Ballad, because they can be categorized as ballads, but they're different from Giraffe Blues, God Bless You, Hoshi Kira or Diamond Crevasse.

24.- Ai Oboete Imasuka (Walküre Ver.) Vs Ai Oboete Imasuka (Deculture Edition)
Explanation is unnecessary.

25.- Hoshi no Uta Vs Aimo O.C.
'Alien' Song Vs 'Alien' Song

1. Delta
2. Frontier
3. Delta
4. Frontier
5. Frontier
6. Delta
7. Frontier
8. Frontier
9. Delta
10. Delta
11. Delta
12. Delta
13. Frontier
14. Delta
15. Delta
16. Frontier
17. Frontier
18. Frontier
19. Frontier
20. Delta
21. Frontier
22. Delta
23. Delta
24. Frontier
25. Frontier

You are a mistake.

Ichido, Ikenai, Bokura, Love! Thunder Grow and Kaze wa Yokoku (Duet ver. cause Freyja solo is utterly shit)

Today is Minoringo's birthday!!

>1.-Koi! Halation The War (Album Ver.)
I have more impression with its debut.


>3.- Jiritikku Beginner
DOKIDOKIDOKI is fun to sing along.

>4.- Fukakuteisei Cosmic Movement

>5.- Bokura no Senjo
I have more with its debut, again. But it kinda overused though.

>6.- Neo Stream
Muh drum sound.

>7.- Axia ~Daisuki de Daikirai
I love Kiyonon's singing.
>dat spoil
You fuck.

>9.- Giraffe Blues ~Freyja Solo
I have more impression with its debut, again and again.

>10.- Iteza?Gogo Kuji.Don't be late

>11.- Rune ga Pikatto Hikarittara
WOWOWOW>open Ranka

>12.- Ikenai Borderline
I have more impression with its debut, again, again and again.

>13.- Absolute 5
No reason just like it better.

>14.Sayonara no Tsubasa
It's sad to say this but Zetti Reido is kinda irrelevant to the final battle.

>15.-Pink Monsoon
Teddyloid used too much auto tune, it hurt my ear.

>16.-Northern Cross
Dareka kuukyo no rinkaku wo sotto nadete kurenai kaaaaa

>18.- Hametsu no Junjo (Mikumo solo)

>19.-What 'bout my [email protected]
Dem hospital scene.

>20.-Ninjin loves you yeah!
Cute CM song.

>21.- Namidame Bakuhatsu

>22.- God Bless You
Freyja let Hayate touch her clit, intimate moment as fuck.

>23.- Kaze wa Yokoku Naku Fuku

>24.-Ai Oboete Imasuka (Deculture Edition)
Shalalala is a shit.

>25.- Hoshi no Uta
I don't know the lyric but it was hype as fuck.

Well, look like I'm a Walkurefag.

1)Koi! Halation The War
3)Giragira Summer
4)Fukakuteisei Cosmic Movement
5) Bokura no Senjo
6)Get it on ~Kosoku Climax
7) Axia ~Daisuki de Daikirai
8)Shinku no Diamond Crevasse
9)Giraffe Blues ~Freyja Solo
10)Iteza?Gogo Kuji.Don't be late
11)Rune ga Pikatto Hikarittara
12)Universal Bunny
13)Infinity #7
14)Sayonara no Tsubasa
15)Pink Monsoon
16)Northern Cross
17)Koi wa Dogfight
18)Hametsu no Junjo (Mikumo solo)
19)What 'bout my [email protected]
20)Walküre no Birthday Song
21)Namidame Bakuhatsu On
22)God Bless You
24)Tie if not then Ai Oboete Imasuka (Walküre Ver.)
25)Hoshi no Uta

13 Frontier songs and 12 Delta songs

Forgot to count.

Giraffe Blues could have been better, but her version of Hametsu no Junjou is FAR superior than the normal ver.
Or you're being faddy cause MUH HOINA or you're just trolling.

>Freyja solo is utterly shit
her voice has the most character in walkure

1- Welcome To My FanClub's Night!
2- Lion
3- Giragira Summer
4- Fukakuteisei Cosmic Movement
5- Obelisk
6- Neo Stream
7- Axia (Holy Shit! That 'Luck' for Kaname and Ranka)
8- Shinku no Diamond Crevasse
9- Tie (Musically, Giraffe but I find Ether's lyrics very very lovely. Can't choose)
10- Iteza Gogo Kuji.Don't be late
11- Niji iro Kuma Kuma
12- Ikenai Borderline
13- Absolute 5
14- Sayonara no Tsubasa (Hands down. Sayonara it's the best Frontier song, but Zettai Reido it's not the best of Delta)
15- Pink Monsoon (May'n >>>>>>>>>>>> Shit = Makina's Voice. I don't get why that VA was casted when can't sing a shit).
16- Northern Cross (and I'm sorry for this cause Thunder Grow is a really good song)
17- Both are shit but I'll have: Silent Hacker
18- Hametsu no Junjo (Mikumo solo)
19- What 'bout my [email protected]
20- Walküre no Birthday Song
21- Triangler (I don't like that much this song, but I like it better than Kaname's song)
22- Hoshi Kira
23- Tie (I reeeaaally like both)
24- Ai Oboete Imasuka (Deculture Edition)
25- Hoshi no Uta

Frontier = 14
Delta = 9
Didn't count ties.

Thank you!!


Both of those shows are pretty bad though

I just watched it and this is exactly what I thought.

I'm already at a thousand play count on Ikenai Borderline and i just realized
>4:43 = 283s* ~ 1000 = 283000/86400 = ~3 days of Ikenai Borderline

1. Welcome To My FanClub's Night!
2. Lion
3. Giragira Summer
4. Seikan Hikou
5. Obelisk
6. Get it on ~Kosoku Climax
7. Hokago Overflow
8. Shinku no Diamond Crevasse
9. Ao no Ether
10. Iteza?Gogo Kuji.Don't be late.
11. Rune ga Pikatto Hikarittara
12. Universal bunny
13. Infinity #7
14. Sayonara no Tsubasa
15. Pink Monsoon
16. Northern Cross
17. Koi wa Dogfight
18. Hametsu no Junjo (walkure ver.) Mikumo's ver is bad
19. What bout my star
20. Ninjin loves you yeah!
21. Triangler
22. God Bless You
23. Kaze wa Yokoku Naku Fuku
24. Ai Oboete Imasuka
25. Aimo O.C. (preferably 'susume frontier' ver)


>hoshi no uta
what song is this

Frontier = 22, Delta = 3, forgot to count.


The star song from episode 26.

I might be the only one who likes that song but it was still better than most of the stuff we got from Delta.

Hi five! I also like Aimo though. I believe we are the albino buffalos here.

Still mad that we didn't get a proper medley that interwove Mikumo's Song of the Stars/DYRL, Walkure's Ichido Dake, and Heinz's Song of the Wind. Each of them singing in order and unconnected is a lot less interesting or impressive than, say, the bit in Nyan Nyan Service Medley where Sheryl and Ranka interweave Lion and DYRL.

>no aidoru Heinz-sama

That would be Ikenai Borderline.

Delta has better songs in average, but Frontier's has higher peak of top songs.

rip user

I think he already kill himself after episode 16.

>idol shit has only gotten worse and worse in macross
>i fucking hate idol shit

I couldn't even finish the first episode of this shit.

3 albino buffalos.
I don't understand the hate for Aimo. Is it because it was overused along the show?

I should rewatch it, but how many times was Aimo OC used? I only remember two.

>Event Horizon
mein neger

>I don't understand the hate for Aimo.
Maybe because it's Ranka's song?

Maybe, but personally >Power > Character and Freyja VA can't compare with JUNNA in that aspect, but her voice is nice, very pleasant to listen to. That's why she's the second best voice in Walkure (and she's over Ranka by K.O.)

Well, I was expecting a Walkure Macross Medley, with songs from all previous shows.
and probably I will have children and get divorced before that happening

natural evolution of the series.
It was inevitable after they introduced song power levels in 7

>Macross Medley, with songs from all previous shows.
I want this.

i like clarity more. I'll agree she beats ranka's va though

Delta's problems had nothing to do with the idol aspect

>she beats ranka's va
Only if she's in a duet with JUNNA. Otherwise, Megumi is still better.

This user gets it

Frontier was just better overall full stop. It wasn't just the music.

1. F
2. F
3. F
4. F
5. Δ
6. Δ
7. Tie
8. F
9. F
10. Δ
11. F
12. Δ
13. Δ
14. F
15. F
16. Δ
17. F
18. Δ Kindan is a better song but for this track I prefer Junna's vocals over May'n
19. F Walkure would take this if Minorin's singing was a bit better
20. Δ
21. F
22. F
23. F
24. F Was quite disappointed in the Walkure version to be honest
25. F

It's undeniable that Frontier had better music but I really love Delta as well.

Mirage was very mistreated so nothing matters much after that.

Discarded series.

Megumi was awful in the beginning.
She got better with time and training.
Minori will surpass Megumi with time and training.

All this shit taste, frontier only had: Aimo (all versions except Sheryl one), Lion, Ranka's DYRL and Ranka's carrot song. The rest was but of cluster fuck horse shit. Even Symphogear has better tracks.

I simple can not comprehend how you think the other songs where good? they fuck are you people on, get of your nostalgia ride. Also overall (and I am saying this who got into Macross recently and has watching everything about by the time delta ended):

7=DYRL> Plus > Delta > Frontier > Zero

Anything besides this and you simply have horrible taste.

You're awfully and totally wrong and You know it.

Is this the new Macross thread? Why did it have such a shitty ended? Most relevant stuff wasn't addressed and they just tried to swipe it under the rug with a "flying towards the horizon" scene. It was insulting.

> frontier only had: Ranka's carrot song.
Your reply lost all its value.

>Anything besides this and you simply have horrible taste.

I always felt that Giraffe Blues sounded really close to this in the intro of both songs

Delta had the worst ending of the entire franchise.
Yes! Worse than Zero. Yes!
Everything was so fucking rushed and they didn't gave a proper solution to the main conflict.
I demand a OVA or something to get a proper epilogue.