What do you all think of this anime, Cred Forums?

I just finished watching it and I have to say it's definitely one of my all time favorites. I even teared up a few times while watching.

If you like it you will probably like the manga a lot more. It starts to change from chapter 32 or so.

Some minor shortcomings that don't overshadow how good the rest of it is. One of my toppers. Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to actually discuss it on Cred Forums.

Wasted potential all the way through.

Why do you say that?

first 3 episodes were god tier, then all went to shit.

Also, kys retard, your tastes are shit.

Im just glad Kayo didn't get murdered thrice

>Also, kys retard, your tastes are shit.

good argument my dude

It was a good anime, but not great. The second half of the series was just too convenient and neat, especially the resolution.

>mfw people use the english name
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Yeah, cause Boku dake ga Inai Machi really rolls off the tongue.

The last 3 episodes were fucking terrible and pretty much killed the anime, the manga has a way better conclusion.


>It was a good anime, but not great. The second half of the series was just too convenient and neat, especially the resolution.

>Wasted potential all the way through.

Agreed. It could've been legendary but was only average after all.

It had some good moments, but the ending felt off.

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It is a solid 5/10 kind of show, neither good or bad. It is an interesting story no doubt, just that it is not told very well. It is a mystery how a flat-line unoffensive show like this still manages to create the ongoing caustic shit-flinging from both sides.

Ending is trash.
Still a better time slip story than re:zero.


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What did you tear up?

it was a good and an enjoyable watch

Pretty good, if I had to give it a score it would be 7 or 8. A couple episodes fell flat and I wasn't a fan of the "I'm in a coma so my GF cucked me" part, but it resolved nicely in the end and MC is probably better off for it. Didn't hold my interest enough to pick up the manga.

It was good.

But the setting and Satoru's power was a total waste of a plot device and was just like the most convenient thing ever and really showed how poor the writing was sometimes.

Really good until the ending.

Everyone just felt sorry for sensei when he was just a fucking weirdo.

Neat in the past, but once present is involved again it turns to shit. The writing is terrible all the way, though. CHOCHOLATE DIVORCE

the main character just got fucked, like he tried to save her but he just got cucked then got the other girl who had no character development

>One of my favourites
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you spell it bokumachi idiot

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